Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Final Debate; An Assessment

Well, we've had our last debate.  We'll not see any more post debate pundits spinning their respective party lines.  One of the first thing I noticed was that Obama made it clear he was coming in with gloves on, ready for the Chicago thuggery that is his style when feeling threatened...and those poll numbers certainly have Obama's campaign running scared.

Mitt Romney tonight countered with a calm and serene air, totally in charge of his personal political philosophy.  He looked Presidential and far above the pettiness and demagoguery that Obama personified.  And Romney won during two critical points; his reminder to Americans of when Obama stood in the halls of the Egyptian Parliament and telling Muslims that they were special and Americans were not exceptional.  Romney derided Obama's "apology tour" and pointed out that the tour did nothing more than showing the Muslim world that we were weak apologists.  This gave Iran the notion that it was perfectly okay to advance their nuclear program.

The second "conversation changer" was Romney's reminder of our massive and growing trillion dollar plus debt to China which hinders our ability to bring China to task for copyright piracy and currency manipulation.

The Obama campaign, as they did during the last debate, are already declaring victory over a "bon mot" about bayonets.  This seems to be the Obama campaign's fatal flaw; they seem to believe that a few "gotcha" comments represent a winning agenda.  As we have seen from the last Presidential debate, as well as the Vice Presidential debate, Americans are not buying the sparkling repartee.  People are hurting far too much to any longer be enraptured by "golden tones and golden promises".  This was evidenced by the CNN polling after the debate; 80% said Obama attacked more, 46% said he won the debate, and yet more people said they'd vote for Romney after watching the debate.  Time will tell but the last two debates have done nothing.  Perhaps it's because we've heard Obama's pat speech 1,655 times?

Bayonets and Battleships; let's see how that plays out in Norfolk, Virginia.  And let's see if Obama's defense of his "apology tour" plays well in Ohio.


Ken said...

Now, just pray every day until election day that the American electorate has become more enlightened and miraculously more educated and will vote for the best man. That's Romney just in case somebody still doesn't know!

Please, let's do like the Iraqis and put up a 94% of those who can did and of those who did let's see at least 80% vote the conservative ticket and send this evil scourge that has been strangling our country for what feels like the last hundred years packin' off to the hell they belong in!!

(because I like reading this column)


A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I'm really heartened by the post debate sentiments expressed so far...looks like Obama's thuggery last night did him no good.
It's just so ironic, (and I can't get over it) that Americans, having heard that socialist SOB make the same speech for four years, have finally heard enough and have stopped listening to him.
The trend seems to keep moving Romney's way and I'm beginning to believe that we can overthrow the socialist two weeks from today.