Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics Without A Liberal Filter

The first Presidential debate for this political season was so much more than Romney defeating The Anointed One with facts.  It was Mitt Romney's first opportunity to address the American people without the filter of the liberal media obscuring his message.  Just the other day MSNBC was caught doctoring a video to try and make Romney look bad.  For those who didn't see it, the video was of a Romney campaign rally outside Dayton, Ohio.  As the crowd shouted "Romney", "Romney", Romney shouted "Romney-Ryan" to give credit to his running mate, Paul Ryan.  When MSNBC got a hold of the video, they cut out the sound, then tried to make it appear the crowd was shouting for Ryan instead of Romney.  Joe and Mika and the circle of liberals on Morning Joe were giggling and despairing of Romney's ineptitude.  After MSNBC got busted for altering a political video they quickly covered it up.

But this is not anything new.  Never in our history have we seen the liberal media inject their own liberal biases into a political campaign.  ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS, the lame stream media, have all fallen to their knees to worship Obama and spend hour after hour promoting him.  They run his campaign clips for free on their shows.  They cover up Obama's mistakes and blow up and exaggerate any Romney miscue.

So it was refreshing in the first debate to see Romney have a chance to make his case to the American people without the massive liberal filters that opt to destroy the lies and misconceptions that the Obama camp thrives on.

After the debates were over all the networks ran their usual polls.  What those opinion polls found were hundreds of thousands Americans amazed by the professional competence of Mitt Romney and the miserable flailings of The Anointed One.  67% of viewers in those polls said Romney wiped the floor with Barack Obama as Obama garnered only 24% support.

How much better off would we all be without an invasive liberal media telling us what to think.  How much more knowledgeable would the average American voter be if we could simply get the straight facts and not the liberal notions of a biased liberal press.

I believe we need more than three debates.  By the time the liberal media have a week or two to spin these debate results in their favor they'll have Obama winning the thing!  These debates seem to be the only opportunity the American people are going to have to hear the truth!

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Unknown said...

I would discard the term "liberal" and call them what they are, Bolshevik Communists.

Unknown said...

I would discard the term "liberal" and call them what they are, Bolshevik Communists.