Monday, January 30, 2017



On Friday, California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla,  declared the way has been cleared for a California proposition that will approve the secession of California from the Union.  The proposition, to be called Yes California, if approved by voters in 2018, would result in California going it alone.

Proponents of the measure argue that America is too "red" for them, that rest of America does not represent their values...on open borders, on climate change, on abortion, or on free market capitalism.

Let me say forthwith that I approve "Calexit".  Imagine America never again having to bow down to the dictates of that ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  Imagine national elections where 30 million socialists are scrubbed from the voting rolls, or having two less liberal senators and a few hundred outright communist Congressmen and women.

Recent state wide polling indicates that at least a third of Californians would vote to secede.  Again I applaud!  Yes, while America will lose some serious federal dollars from the leftist state, California should realize they'll lose a bit themselves.  Let's begin with Colorado River water.  There'll be no more of that, and since the state relies on the Colorado for half of the populace's water supply I hope they've got lots of Perrier stocked up!   And with the water now flowing to California we can always turn Nevada and Arizona into gardens of Eden....producing the fruits and veggies that California once provided.

And consider other matters.  Will California pay for the millions of tax-paying citizens who choose to leave that state?  Will they pay fair market value to the working taxpayer for their homes?  And who pays the bills when tax-paying "American loyalists" flee the state?  Can California afford to lose all those American defense plants?  And can California go it alone, without federal dollars, or emergency relief, when the next big quake hits?  And, best of all, is California ready to start paying Trump's 20% import tax for everything they sell to America?

I'm sure America would be happy as a clam to have California succeed in seceding!  Oh yes, we'd have to beef up our ports in New Orleans.  And since 20 of the 30 million illegal Mexicans are in California we could solve the brunt of our immigration problem in one fell swoop....we just build that border on the eastern edge of the Sierras, and put "detour" signs on the rest of the border..with an arrow pointing toward San Diego!

What might he "New California" be called?  Well, as I've suggested here many, many times...we'd just call it "Mexifornia" and let whoever remains in the state live in the same state of poverty as their neighbors to the south!  And I'm sure Trump would even make them pay for the wall!

Hail Secession!  Hail Mexifornia!  To tell you the truth you've never been much of an American state for along while now.

Friday, January 27, 2017

"Lettuce Lessons"


Well, Georgie Soros, and Barry, and Hillary, and a healthy contingent of Hollywood are further up in arms as Trump issued an executive order.  Trump just told the Department of Homeland Security to dig around in the bottom of their piggy bank and find some funds to start building the wall.

Trump also issued fair warning to America's sanctuary cities that he plans to pull the federal tit from those municipals who choose to harbor illegals.

So, on one of the message boards this morning some sad liberal resurrected the old "head of lettuce" argument.  "Do you really want to pay $2  bucks a head for lettuce?", he cried.  

And my answer is "yes, I do".  First of all, let's dispense with the fallacy that illegals are only here to pick our fruits and veggies.  More than half of our construction workers come from the pool of illegal workers....driving down the salaries of American workers who might actually be earning a living wage without illegal exploitation.  The latest figures show that 75% of illegals are working in non farm jobs.

Secondly, let's face it; that head of lettuce is costing us a lot more than a buck a head.  That .99 cent lettuce is costing us the $13 billion a year in Child Tax Credits the IRS issues to illegal aliens each year.  And, all the while we're paying for cheap labor we're paying the medical bills for birth anchor babies in the children's wards, for WIC benefits when they walk out, for honest to goodness welfare checks in that anchor baby's name, and in the emergency wards when the anchor baby hits his teen years, is shot by a fellow gang member,  and ends up on the front steps of our Hospital Emergency Entrances.

That .99 cent lettuce costs us more in automobile insurance premiums as car theft and hit and run drivers send our rates soaring.  It costs us more to hire more police, to build more prisons, and our property tax rates soar so that we can build more schools to educate more illegal kids....and ignore our own...forcing them to stand by in the classroom while the teacher gets the non English speaking kids up to snuff before she can move on to reading, writing and arithmetic.

Don't be fooled by that tired old .99 cent lettuce analogy, America.  It's costing us a hell of a lot more than .99 cents.

Please send the illegals home and charge me $2.00 for that lettuce.  I'll gladly pay it...and consider it a bargain.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Breaking News! Oprah's On A Diet!


Attention America; Oprah Winfrey is on another diet. If you're over 30 you're likely not surprised. We've watched Oprah as she lost enough fat to fill a beer barrel (and, god help us, Oprah once trotted out that barrel of fat on her show back in the 80's) going from 300 pounds to 120, then back again. She's gone from running marathons to long periods where she sat on her throne and ate tons of chocolate malomars. She's gone through a small brigade of personal chefs, who lived with her, cooked her healthy meals, and slapped Micky D's triple quarter pounders with cheese out of her hands.

Oprah has hired ex Nazi Death Camp guards as personal trainers who have whipped her into shape, until Oprah dismissed them and sent them back to Dusseldorf with a lifetime pension.

It's not just diets with Oprah. She's used her massive wealth to explore a hundred lifestyles, from Yogisim to Dr. Phil. When Oprah was still doing her talk show she used these lifestyle fetishes as fodder for her shows and, to keep her viewers enchanted Oprah would stage her once a year "Oprah's Favorite Things" show, trotting out luxury goods that the average Jane could never afford, then jawboning the makers of these goods to pass out freebies to the studio audience.

Forget Barbie. Oprah has been the icon of choice for American women for three decades now. These women form a cult that follow Oprah's every move, worshipping, in this case, the "golden cow".

Let's get back to Oprah's diets. Her latest fetish is the Weight Watchers program. Ironically, Oprah was dragged kicking and screaming into the the world of Weight Watchers by a bad investment. A couple of years ago Oprah bought a ten percent stake in the corporation that owns Weight Watchers. The company had been experiencing lower revenue streams as America embraced Fitbits and Gym memberships, and the stock tumbled from $50 to $8 bucks a share. Oprah saw an opportunity. She knew that, as soon as it became known that Oprah was buying in, her cult would snap up Weight Watcher shares and send the stock soaring, scoring Oprah some serious capital gains.

Alas, after the excitement died down, the stock price tumbled again. Then, last fall, Oprah decided she needed to invest some personal commitment to the program. She hired another chef, had him come up with some recipes, brought in her ghost writer, and published still another diet book.

In a two pronged attack Oprah started showing up on Rachel Ray, and The Today Show, grabbing the wooden spoons, and whipping up a kale salad right before your eyes. Oprah then began releasing those Weight Watcher commercials. In them she's walking her dogs, performing yoga moves, and just generally demonstrating how orgasmically happy Weight Watchers will make you. At the end of these commercials Oprah looks into the camera, then issues on of those operatic trills that she's employed to praise everything from false eye lashes to Italian walking pumps.

Personally, I think Oprah ought to give up on pimping diets. Her credibility wilts with every eventual ballooning and she's doing American women no good by encouraging yo-yo dieting.

Instead, Oprah should hawk makeup. Anyone who's seen her before her makeup woman comes in knows that makeup can do wonders for those "visually challenged".

If, after reading this, you've concluded that I don't much care for Oprah, you'd be right. Her charity does not impress me; as a percentage of income, I give far more to charity than Oprah. As a person I see Oprah as a billionaire flighty woman who has never come to terms with who she is. But, the one thing that finally caused me to "flip the channel" on Oprah has been her orgasmic gushing over Obama and his liberal minions and her massive fail to call attention to the Black Urban Thuggery that plagues our inner cities, being all too willing to condemn the "honkies" for America's woes.

Last year, before she became enthralled with her latest diet trend she said "America will never be a good country until the elderly Whites are finally dead". That quote alone speaks volumes about where here heart is....and her heart will never be as big as her ass.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Dear Deplorables


Dear Deplorables,

I thought you looked beautiful out there today. I saw you wearing the Make America Great Again caps, and John Deere hats, and the caps of your local little league team.......and thought you all looked regal.

Many of you have bussed here, from Des Moines, from Wichita, from The Valley of The Three Wolves, from an Indiana farm town, and maybe even from the small town in California where I grew up.

And the message you brought with you today is not about the Presidency, or Congress, or the Eight Supreme Court judges who sit up there on that marbled balcony. Your message is "you forgot about us....and, in November, we reminded you that we're out here.

We live in small towns, where there are more churches than fast food joints. Our biggest retail store is probably a True Value...if we're lucky. And we, in those 10,000 small American towns, know little about how to master the 50 transgendered monikers we are expected to know. Nor do we understand how our Commander in Chief could abandon our own in Benghazi, or why he hosted Ramadan dinners for Muslims while castigating American Christians for not wishing to fund the wholesale murder of millions of babies. And, overtime a trade deal was signed, we wondered how our leaders could willingly surrender our jobs to folks in countries where neither fair labor practices or EPA regulations exist.

And, for our failings to understand why we were forgotten, we were labelled "deplorable". And when we called for the enforcement of our immigration laws we were called "racists".

But, today, we stand under the gray clouds, here on the Capitol Mall, and our victory is not the victory of Donald Trump. Instead, our victory is bringing the message from across this land, a message that says "we will not be forgotten". We will "not go gentle into that good night", but will "rage, rage...against the dying of the light".

God Bless America, you deplorables...for ill or good, you have sent out a warning shot...that you will not be forgotten.

Friday, January 20, 2017

"History Deja Vu"


No student of history should be surprised to see these "Dimocrats" boycotting our nation's lawful transfer of Presidential power.  First of all, let's remember that honoring our Constitution and the rule of law have taken a tremendous hit during the Obama reign.  How can we forget how Obama savaged "contract law" when he forced banks not to foreclose on the housing deadbeats.  Or doesn't anyone remember Fast and Furious, when Obama armed the Mexican drug cartels at war with U.S. immigration officers?  Or Obama's reverential treatment of rioting and burning by urban thugs, and denigrating our law enforcement officers.  Or his many Executive Orders that circumvented Congress and raped the Constitution.

So it should come as no surprise that Hollywood and most of the Democratic Party has refused to accept the American people's decision to change parties.  Yes, we've seen it before.  Those generals who said they'd refuse to support Trump are not the first.  Let's look at General of The Potomac, General George B. McClelland.

George McClelland  was a napoleonic little 5 foot five inch squirt whom Lincoln picked to lead the Union Army into war.  Problem was Georgie was an inherent coward.  Georgie spent months and months, building up the Army of the Potomac from the northern states, drilling them, feeding them well, but never wanting to use them.  After months of Lincoln's prodding him, at one time sending McClellan a message stating "if you don't intend to use those hundreds of thousands of soldiers, I'd like to borrow them for awhile".  McClellan, in a snit, did move his massive army south, into Virginia.  However, each time Georgie saw a gray coat, he's swear he was outnumbered two or three to one, and refuse to engage.  (In truth, the ratio was exactly the opposite, the Blue overwhelmingly outnumbering the gray).

As we all know McClellan was finally canned, and Lincoln would run through several generals, until 1864, when U.S. Grant came along and began to give ole Bobby Lee all he could handle.  However, McClellan wasn't done.  In 1864 Little George ran for President for the Democrats, dead sure that he would defeat Lincoln.  McClellan ran on a peace ticket, urging an end to the war, still another Democrat seeking to compromise principle for political power.

Ironically, it would be the Union Army who would re-elect Lincoln.  The boys in blue overwhelmingly supported Lincoln, rejecting their old general, not wanting to sacrifice four years of hard fighting.  They stood with Lincoln and with their cause.

That has been the style of the Democrats since Harry Truman left office.  Their principles float on the winds of popular opinion and their steadfastness against tradition, or law, or the principles defined in the Constitution mean nothing to them.  They are as weightless as a feather, with only the liberal mainstream media giving them any sense of credibility.

Last November the American people spoke.  Americans said it's time for some "tough love", some parental guidance, and that election sent the "Demorats" into long and nasty tantrum that they've not given up on some two months later.

I remain skeptical of this new President.  I will wait and see how he does.  And I will pray for his success, because his success means America's success.  And, on Inauguration Day, I will honor again the peaceful transfer of power.  And the Demorats and their ilk can go straight to hell as far as I'm  concerned.  They have not been real Americans for decades now.

We who care about America can only pray for our new President.  And I'll ask you to remember old Georgie there...who called our greatest President an "ignorant baboon".  Alas, I take one look at those who are boycotting the Inauguration and have to believe they are the baboons.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Inauguration 216 Years Ago


A Note About A Presidential Inaugural 216 Years Ago

When America elected her first President they really puzzled over how they might address their first Chief of State. Half of the Congress, wanting to stay as far away from another "King", simply suggested "Mr. President". Vice President John Adams had more grandiose titles in mind. He was shouted down and derided by those seeking a humbler moniker for our first President.

When Adams assumed the office he embraced the pomp and circumstance, relishing the opportunity to be regarded as "royalty".

So, when Thomas Jefferson, America's first Democratic Republican, won the Presidency in the 1800 election, Adams was so angered that he left town, refusing to even attend Jefferson's inauguration.

On Inauguration Day, the 4th of March, 1801, Jefferson chose to forego all the pomp and fancy doings. Residing at a boarding house just south of the Capital, Jefferson refused to ride in Adams silver studded fancy carriage. (He later sold that carriage and team of horses and turned the money over to the Treasury). Instead, Jefferson walked from his boarding house to the Capital. Those in attendance at Jefferson's inaugural said that old Tom spoke so quietly they had to strain to hear Jefferson's address. That first Jefferson inaugural address would be the last one he would deliver in person. Thereafter, Jefferson simply sent a copy of his speech to the Congress and, remarkably it would be many, many years before succeeding Presidents would personally delivery their inaugural address in person.

Jefferson had been outraged that Adams had been so pompous and "king-like", so enamored of the British way of doing things.
Once ensconsed in the White House, Jefferson was said to routinely meet visitors in robe and house slippers, hair askew, no more silk finery, no more royal custom. Folks invited to dinner were seated "first come-first serve", the commoner as entitled to a preferred seat as an ambassador. In fact, the British Ambassador to America filed a formal protest when he felt he was not accorded proper respect at one of Jefferson's dinners. With apologies for a little vulgarity, Jefferson "did not give a shit". He wanted to restore the American Republic to the people.

For the next eight years Jefferson did just that. He unwound many of Adams' federal power grabs, returned power to the states, submitted balanced budgets, then retired to his beloved Monticello.

In the 216 years hence, the Presidency has again assumed too much pomp and circumstance, the lives of Presidents and Congressmen as far away from the life of working Americans as one could get.

Still, we have to thank Thomas Jefferson for much more than just the Declaration of Independence. We must thank him for showing his countrymen that one can still be President without assuming the cloak of "royalty".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

That 2nd Civil War...Do you hear the drums?


War; First an Essay, Then A Test:

"Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it." During the Civil War's Wilderness Campaign North and South fought literally chest to chest, the men in the first row of battle firing point blank at the enemy right in front of them. Fighting was in such close quarters than the men in rows 2 to five behind, loaded the weapons, then passed them to the front for firing. Men fell, then were trampled repeatedly into the mud and blood, a literal burying of the dead even as they fell. Some corpses were shot so many times they became just bits of flesh, no longer recognizable as a human being.

During that two day campaign out near Spotsylvania Courthouse more than 4,000 men died, with 20,000 wounded. The battle was notable not so much because of the body count. Instead, it was General Lee's first clash with U.S. Grant. For the first time in the war Lee would meet an opponent that was not afraid of the body count, and the first indication that Grant would stick to Lee like glue, no more northern retreats to catch a breath, but a duel to the death...of men, or war...whichever came first.

There would be bloodier battles; only a month later Grant would send 7,000 of his men to their death in less than an hour at Cold Harbor. Shiloh will always echo with sadness. And, at Gettysburg, Lee would regret that last charge for the rest of his short life.

I wonder how many Americans realize how close we now are to a second Civil War. I've written that it's coming for a few years now. Conditions for war began brewing a couple of decades ago....when the "Fifth Column" of Urban Black Thuggery began to grow, when the "armies of the night", the radical factions, indoctrinated by the "general staff" of those thousands of liberal university professors, began to denigrate the national values that most of us held sacred. In the last eight years those liberal armies, nurtured by a President who absolutely hates those national values, and promoted by a Hollywood that worships ethical failures and abhors heroism, the level of liberal philosophies have risen to silliness. We now have 50 different labels for human gender and we honor those who went through a decade of drug rehab than our soldiers in the field. We now have millions of the liberal ilk who campaign to deny the heritage of our founding fathers, those same ilk judging men from two hundred years ago by the social standards of the 21st Century. And it was that same liberal ilk who destroyed the nuclear family, who, adopting a "it takes a village" child raising psychology, who now make it more likely that a parent goes to jail for corporal punishment, and even more likely that their offspring will join them there once they get old enough to be tried as an adult.

I'll stop the "laundry listing" here. There are a thousand serious national issues that are contributing to the "rise and fall of the American empire"...probably the biggest villain being a fellow named Earl Warren, but that's enough for now.

I think we can all agree that the breeches are there. Americans are even now choosing up sides, and doing it with great enthusiasm. You might not see it here in your Facebook circle, but you certainly see it play out on America's streets. The winds of war are picking up speed every year.

And, in this tender new year, as we get ready to change Presidents, there are those who hang their hopes on Trump. I don't. First, I'm not sure I want Trump carrying the banner for me, second, I don't think he has either the chops or the skills to right the American ship.

I will fully admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching these precious liberals getting their panties in a bunch over Trump. It's been fun, truly. But Trump will never be the devil the liberals wish to portray him as, nor the savior that conservatives are wishing for.

So, let's get down to brass tacks. Here's your exam:

1) Do you believe there is sufficient hate built up to ignite a 2nd Civil War?

2) If the answer to 1 is "yes", you need to understand that there are two main characters in every war. 1) The Crusaders or Zealots who'll fight tooth and nail to win. 2) The "summer soldiers"...those on both sides who talk a great game, then flee to Canada, or get a college deferment, or as in America's first two wars, hire someone to take your place in the firing line. As I look around I see the divisions, I see the hate, but I'm just not sure how many of these "keyboard commandos", who type a great game on a message board, are willing to enter the fray.

3) For those who've never been in a war, here's a few primary questions you can answer to test your own commitment to this next Civil War.

A) Would you have any qualms about being the one to ignite the nest of satchel charges that bring down Rockefeller Center, that bastion of media liberalism that poisons the airwaves? Would you take delight in watching Mika and Rachel and "Piss down my leg Matthews" flying out of the tenth story window?

B) And just how sad would you be if the body parts of the"prime of Hollywood" went soaring into the skies above the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion?"

C) Could you stomach being in the first brigade of Army troops who deployed into the urban rottenness of Baltimore, or South Central Los Angeles, or Philadelphia, or the South Side of Chicago and began mowing down anyone carrying a weapon and wearing do rag?

There are bizarre vagaries of war. In that first Civil War, North and South often traded goods, or swapped songs after the sun went down, then rose from their trenches and killed each other at sunrise. Could you, today, walk up to Meryl Streep and say "loved you in 'Kramer vs Kramer'" just before you bayoneted her to death?

These are the kinds of questions Americans need to be asking themselves these days. The rift is growing, folks. There exists arrogance on both ends of the political spectrum and, in so many instances, there really is no room for compromise.

We have already reached the point where literally every American institution is under assault, or is now dead. The nuclear family is on a death watch. Christianity is under assault by both the Muslim right and the American left. The left is making war on our law enforcement officers, our politicians are corrupt, and Obama has tried mightily to destroy the American military during his reign.

These institutions will eventually either be destroyed, or restored, and what lives and dies will ultimately depend on whose willing to fight for them. These issues will not be solved by a Donald Trump tweet, nor by the Hollywood elites, nor by a Congress more interested in staying in power than the well being of our nation.

Many of you will not have read this far. For those of you who did, you need to start some self assessments. Sadly, in this 2nd Civil War, there will be no room on the'll have to choose which side you're on and fight to the death for the causes you can best live with.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Minimum Wage Refugees


For 58 years a non-profit corporation called Epi-Hab has been employing the handicapped, folks with palsies, epilepsy and other handicapped conditions, folks who are unable to get employment in the mainstream labor force.

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Moving and Grooving"


I have to admit I got a kick out of reading this news clip, and seeing this pic in the news the other day. Apparently there were two moving companies at work; one for the Obama's moving out, one for Trump's stuff, moving in.

I understand The National Inquirer paid ten thousand bucks to one of the furniture haulers to give that gossip rag the inside scoop on the moving process.

Let's just call him "Harold" so we don't get him in trouble.

Harold says he was sent upstairs to the First Family's living quarters. When he got up there his first job was moving out a big Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine. Then, when he went back up, Barry shoved a big box of books into his arms, and said "be careful with these". As Harold trudged down the stairs he noticed the book titles for the first time. There was a copy of the Koran, titled in gold leaf. And a large volume by Karl Marx called "Das Capital", several books by Barry's communist mentor, Saul Alinsky and half a dozen copies of Barry's own "Dreams of My Father", which were autographed and dedicated to himself.

On the next run up the stairs Harold was asked to push a rather large cart full of mirrors, one each for Malia, Sasha and Michelle, and two dozen for Barry.

As Harold pushed the cart through the servants exit he noticed the guy moving in Trump's stuff. The Trump guy was hauling in an equal number of mirrors, one for Melania and two dozen, framed in gold gilt, for The Donald. (Apparently Presidents need lots of mirrors!)

When Harold went back up the living quarters he was asked to haul a rather large carton of clothes, apparently belonging to Barry. There were half a dozen White Sox jerseys, a White Sox jacket, and half a dozen pair of girly men jeans.

Again Harold ran into a Trump mover. The Trump guy was hauling in a huge crate of colorful ties, in gold, blue and red, the carton labelled "Made In Mexico".

After the last load was in the truck, Harold knocked off for lunch. He pulled out his ham and cheese sandwich, popped the top on a can of Pepsi, then sat on the back loading ramp and watched the Trump movers hauling in furniture. The item being carried in was one of those fancy rich man's beds. But this one was a bit different....this one was a canopy bed but, instead of a frilly cover, a large gold gilt framed mirror was mounted on one side of the top of the bed, making Harold speculate just which side of the bed The Donald slept on.

The National Inquirer promises to publish Part II of the story soon and will have it on supermarket shelves by Friday. I can't wait!