Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Media Tells Voters "Stay Home"; Obama Won

Come November 6th folks, if you're a Romney supporter, you don't need to go out and vote.  The liberal media has just declared Obama the winner of the 2012 Presidential election.  I just finished reading a state by state analysis done by the New York Times and they give Obama a 80 to 20 advantage over Mitt Romney.


The liberal media are even now, weeks before the election, patting themselves on the back, convinced that they've done more than enough to assure their "anointed one's" re-election.  Softball Obama interviews, adoring Obama praise, and Romney smears have been deemed sufficient to advance the liberal cause.

It's ironic that most of the polling is done now by the same people that bring you your news.  So, if 80 percent of all members of the media are liberal, as they admit, it is not hard to construct your polling questions to achieve a favorable result for the liberally anointed Obama.

And the media is assured that they have delivered the proper ratio of Obama praise and Romney smears that they have brainwashed the voters to vote as the liberal media deems they should.  Oh sure, last week's debate shook them up a bit.  Obama was so god-awful that they were angry beyond reason.  But, given a few days, the liberal media has managed to convince Americans that they weren't hearing common sense from Romney, but were, instead, hearing the sage pronouncements of an all knowing, all wise Obama.  Putting it bluntly, the media have now convinced you that Obama won that debate.

So, my fellow voters, don't bother to watch the rest of the debates.  Don't bother to listen to another Romney or Ryan speech, don't bother to consider each candidate's position; you'll damn well think...and vote the way the liberal pundits say you will..or else!

Just as the Great Wizard told Dorothy not to pay attention to that little fellow behind the curtain, you need not think for yourself, or vote your own position....just listen to the commands of "The Great Oz" and vote Obama or don't vote at all.


Ken said...

Well if that's the case, I bet our next president is a republican. After that last debate it would be mighty stupid to assume obama would win. That's funny, I would say, keep it up MSM! They may have gone just a wee bit too far this time, what do you think.

I just saw a very uplifting video that maybe makes our future look a little brighter, have a look at it


Anonymous said...

nice try you people think you are so smart anyone with a brain can see how manipulative this whole thing is. oooohhhhh double reverse psychology