Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My White Hot Hate For Liberals


The other day on Face Book I got into a political debate with someone.  We were "semi-civilly" swapping support points when the lady uttered a "trigger" phrase that angered me beyond all reason. That phrase was advising a conservative friend to "leave the country if he didn't like how things were going here".  That phrase reminded me of those "my country right or wrong" folks back in the 70's who told Vietnam war protesters to leave if they didn't like it here.  

Now I had little admiration for how anti-war protesters were conducting their campaign but I hated hearing those conservatives telling political protesters to leave; that pre-supposes that folks only have the right to protest when enough of the majority agree with you.  I rejected it then and I reject it now.

But the real "truth" found in my little debate spat on FB the other day was not so much the character of our debate, but the white hot hate I was able to muster up against a liberal opponent.

Good lord, I have always thought that I could argue a point in a totally rational, and non-emotional way.  Sadly, I've found that's no longer true.  I've identified now this white hot liberal hate that just bubbles below the surface these days.  When I sought an answer as to why I found that it's the oppressiveness of the new liberalism that I can no longer take.

It's the constant "in your face" liberalism espoused by Obama and Holder and Reid and Pelosi and Wasserman Schultz as they tell you how to think about gays, abortion, the role of big government in your lives, what to eat, what to smoke, what to drink and how to think.  

And, when you fail to get with the liberal agenda you are deemed a red neck, religious narrow-minded racist.  It is the new liberalism that just keeps pecking at you, giving you a headache, and refusing to give you rest and peace of mind.

Back in more civilized times liberals and conservatives knew who each other were and, at least on "main street", afforded us the freedom to go our own particular ways.  We conservatives could just determine not to have a political discussion with our liberal friends, just to maintain civility between each other.    That is no longer possible.  The arrogance of liberals these days demand that you fall in line with them; if you choose not to do so they will demonize you beyond all reason.

Thus, the white-hot hate liberals now generate, at least in me.  I have to tell you that if Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Dick Durbin and Wasserman Schultz and Holder and Napolitano were lined up in front of a firing squad, God help me, I'd throw a block party and get drunk for the first time in a decade.  Such is the anger, such is the feeling of oppressiveness I'm feeling from these liberal tyrants.

During the Bush years I was so disgusted by his foolish Middle East Wars that I began turning off the TV when I saw his visage appear;  I just could not tolerate hearing from "the decider" anymore.  But I didn't feel that massive sense of oppressiveness during the Bush years.  I didn't feel like government was closing in on me as I feel under Obama and his minions.  

I know I'm not alone.  That's the general sense those in the Tea Party have.  And I suspect there are tens of millions just like me.  This is no longer a war of political ideas but a war to preserve our right to protest, our right to express what our values are and our right to disagree without being demonized.

Most of us just want to be left alone to lead our lives in a manner we personally choose.  We are not being afforded that basic freedom and the cauldron is bubbling with a white hot hate.  Who knows what happens when that cauldron boils over but it's not gonna be pretty.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Are You Ready For 25% Unemployment?


Keep your resume updated boys and girls!  Looks like employment in America is going to be a hard road to hoe in the coming years.  We just saw the GDP numbers come out on Friday and economists were bemoaning the sluggish 2.5% Economic Growth Rate.  Last quarter it was worse; less than half a percent in growth.

Now I'm not an expert here so I have to go with formulas that all economists accept.  One of those truisms is that, just to accommodate new workers entering the work force, America must have a minimum of 4% sustained growth quarter after quarter.

Wow!  That got me to thinking; what in the world are we going to do with the new people just entering the work force?  Mostly young folks, armed with high school or college degrees.  What will they do?  And how many are there?

So I googled the phone number of the local business journal here in Phoenix, called them and asked if I might speak with someone on the business staff,  preferably someone with a degree in Economics.  I was fortunate to get a nice young fella with a Masters Degree in Economics on the horn.  I asked him outright if he had seen this morning's GDP numbers.  He said he had.  I then asked if those numbers gave him cause for concern about our economy.  He said it did.  I then asked if he had any idea what the average was for new workers entering the work force per year.  He said he'd have to get back to me...so I gave him my phone number and awaited his call.

About a half hour later, true to his word, my economist called me back and said that we are currently experiencing 125,000 a month entering the work force.  Said that number ebbs and flows based on graduation dates and so forth.   I thanked him profusely for taking the time to educate me and hung up.

Then I began extrapolating those numbers over a years time.  In essence, we've got roughly 1.7 million spanking new workers entering the work force each year.  And if we require 4% GDP growth in order to give these folks a job, and if we're falling between 50 and 75% short of those goals each quarter,  what are all these poor folks doing as they await a job so they can pay taxes, pay back their student loans, pay for their spanking new Obamacare medical premiums and set out on a life of their very own?

Based on the hard numbers I garnered it seems Paul Ryan was right; we really do have millions of college graduates who've moved back in with Mom and Dad, and living in the basement!  Again, based on the numbers, and the GDP shortfalls over the past five years, not only do we have older people giving up on seeking employment, we've got about ten million young people living in some bizarre Twilight Zone unemployment world!  And I can now believe that our "real" unemployment rate is closer to 15% than the 8% numbers the Bureau of Labor Statistics are kicking out each month!

Then I had another thought; what are we going to do about those 10,000 G.I.'s coming home from Afghanistan each month?  And what are the remaining 150,000 going to do when we pull out of Afghanistan next year?

And then I had the final nightmare of a question.  What will Americans do for jobs when we grant amnesty, citizenship and the right to live and work here for some 20 million illegal Mexicans?  What will the unemployment rate be then?  And how badly will American wages be suppressed with everyone trying to find a job and willing to take any salary just to get a job?

That prompted me to call back to the nice business journal economist.  He sounded like he was having lunch at his desk as he was chomping on something when I posed the question as to what were we going to do with millions of new Mexican American citizens seeking employment.  He sounded a bit exasperated and uttered "bingo...the $64,000 dollar question!"  I wanted to ask him one more question but didn't want to press my luck and get another smart ass response.

The other question I wanted to ask was not in his area of expertise anyway.  That question was, "if we can't provide jobs for our own people, our young people coming out of high school and college, and our young vets coming home from Afghanistan, why in hell is our President and Congress so hell bent on bringing some 20 million illegal Mexicans into an already miserable economy that can't even sustain what we have now?"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"East Is East...West is West"


"East is East..and West is West..and never the twain shall meet"

Eleven years ago, having returned home from living and working in the Middle East for a decade, I sat watching TV and seeing American troops invade Iraq.  I turned to my wife and said "what the hell is Bush doing?"  We were already well into the quagmire of Afghanistan and were now "doubling down" by invading Iraq!  

A decade of living in the region had proven to me that you can't democratize a Muslim culture.  I knew Bush had access to diplomats who surely told him the same thing.  So why were we getting so deeply involved?  Why were we not just going after the Taliban and Al Quada, doing a quick hit, then getting the hell out?  Ten years later we finally left Iraq, after spending a trillion dollars and sacrificing American lives and Iraq is as troublesome as it was before we went in.  They pal around with Iran and have no special gratitude for America.  The same tired story in Afghanistan.  More lives and more national treasure, and only to prop up a corrupt Muslim regime.

After a decade, did we learn anything from Iraq and Afghanistan?  No!  Two years ago I cautioned all those wild eyed optimists that the "Arab Spring" would prove to be no more than one fanatic Muslim regime trading places with another.  The Muslim Brotherhood runs Egypt and they can continue to kill Christians and burn their churches.  As more right wing regimes fell like dominoes in the Middle East they are simply replaced by fanatics from another place.

So now we have Republicans and Democrats alike just itching to get involved in Syria.  And weak-kneed Obama foolishly drew a "red line" in Syria as well, saying if the brutal regime in power began using chemical weapons, then we'd have to intervene.  


I was about to offer Obama kudos for setting a timetable to get out of Afghanistan and for his forbearance in staying out of the Syrian mess.  Alas, the war drums from Congress got to Obama and he just had to "draw a red line".  

The idiocy of our Middle East foreign policy is beyond me!  We learned a hard lesson in Vietnam, then forgot it when we invaded Iraq and occupied Afghanistan.  Now we've had eleven consecutive years of Middle East messes and we just seem to want to wade even deeper into them!

The latest saber rattling coming from the White House and Congress is coming at a time when they've cut next year's military pay raise to 1%.  They've decimated the Defense budget, with 50% cuts to current spending over the next ten years.  The VA hospitals can't take care of our injured veterans and they want to kill and maim even more of them?  Enough!

Am I advocating that we forfeit our responsibilities as a super power?  No, of course not.  But we need to set priorities.  Two of our priorities ought to be taking out North Korea's nuclear capability in order to put a stop to their exporting that technology to radical regimes who are bound to get one and use it against us.  We should have taken out Iran's nuclear facilities years ago.  And we ought to pre-position troops, supplies and equipment in the area (as we already do), in order to execute quick strikes against those who threaten us...but we should pledge never to occupy a Muslim nation ever again!

We can't democratize Muslim cultures where their religion overrides every other societal factor.  And we can't afford it!  We can't keep borrowing money from China to give foreign aid to these countries, or fight their wars for them!  

My God!  It doesn't take a genius to know that, at a time when you're shortchanging our military, when you're executing massive cuts to the poor and aged in America, you don't then turn around and reward Muslims who hate us with great passion!

One of the most striking insights I gained while living in the Middle East was the wide expanse between the Muslim and Non-Muslim.  More than a dozen times I was told that Muslims, any and all Muslims, no matter what their political or social differences,  would always have a vital connection that no westerner could come between.   We need to learn that lesson, let Muslims settle their differences, no matter how brutal the outcome.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Welfare Breeds Hate


Folks, I'm going to tell you something today that you probably already know,  don't wish to admit, and certainly don't want me reminding you of it.  Blacks hate us!

Now, I don't know about you but I've never owned slaves, have always judged someone by their character and not their race, and have kicked in my fair share of taxes that funded support programs for Blacks.  So, until today, I have always been somewhat perplexed about why we "honkies" are hated by the Black world.  

I'm convinced now that Blacks are pissed because we give so many of them a welfare check and a Food Stamp card, and Section 8 housing, and preferential quotas for employment and minority scholarships, and WIC, and taxpayer funded urban renewal programs...the list goes on and on!  Face it!  Blacks don't want White Devils giving them things!

A couple of years ago I ran the numbers on the costs of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Programs since their inception in 1965.  That's when all these programs started.  In the late 90's the New York Times reported that federal and state expenditures for welfare and the antipoverty programs totaled more than 75 trillion state and federal dollars.  I then looked at Health and Human Services numbers that reported that Blacks, who make up 12 percent of the population, command 47 cents of every welfare dollar.  

Folks, that's about half of every tax dollar accrued over the last 48 years!  And Blacks hate us for it!  And they may have good cause!  I invite you to run the numbers on two parent Black families from 1965 to the present.  In 1965 two parent Black families were comparable to their White counter parts; around 75% of Black families had both parents at home.  Today two parent White families are about 70% while less than 30 percent of Black families have both parents in the home!  We did that to Blacks!  It's called Social Engineering and Liberal embrace it!

So the only conclusion I can come to is that welfare breeds hate against Whites and we're just gonna have to stop giving Blacks welfare if we ever hope to make friends with them!  Hell, look at the facts!  Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are millionaires, make their fortunes from Black hate and don't give Blacks a dime...and the Blacks love them!  Charlie Rangel, senior Congressman from Harlem, and, until recently, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, got busted for $10 million dollars in tax fraud, has never opened his wallet for a Black cause, and is worshipped in Harlem where he gets re-elected year after year!  Jessie Jackson Jr. just got busted this past year for spending over $700,000 dollars of his district's campaign donations for furs and furniture and Michael Jackson souvenirs...and Blacks screamed White discrimination when he was finally busted and sent to prison.  Even The Anointed One, Barack Obama, has a brother over in Kenya living in a grass hut, Barack won't send him a dime, and he's worshipped by Black America!  

And how about all those billionaire rap artists?  You see them riding in limousines, dining at the finest restaurants, wearing ruby ear-buds in their ears, and don't give a cent to those dudes who buy their records.  Last year Beyonce and her main squeeze spent a million dollars for a private birthing suite while millions of Blacks live in poverty...and the Blacks love them!  You ever seen Michael Jordan passing out shoes on the south side of Chicago?  Blacks worship him!

Folks, we wanna be loved too!  So we've just got to put a stop to these trillion dollar welfare and social service programs.  All it does it make them hate us.

Hey, if we don't stop all this government charity it's gonna get worse!  Can you imagine the range of hate 20 million illegals Mexicans are gonna lay on us after we give them amnesty, citizenship, and a front row seat to our welfare programs?  We're not gonna survive THAT hate!

And then, to cap it all off, we learned this week , that those two Boston Bomber boys, and their families were on Welfare too!  In less than a decade that Welfare aid generated so much hate that they decided they needed to blow up innocent people in an effort to show their contempt of our welfare assistance.

Yep.  Welfare breeds hate...it's damned expensive as it eats up more than half of all government revenue, and all it does is prevent those who receive it from showering their love and appreciation for us!  In the immortal words of Barney Fife "let's nip it in the bud...nip it in the bud!"

It seems neglect just might be a beautiful thing!

P.S.  And if worse comes to worse, and they still hate us when we stop giving them welfare, what have we lost?  And we'll have gained a trillion dollars a year to pay off our massive federal debt!  Winner, Winner!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Interview With Thomas Jefferson, Part III


Lost In America:  We now begin Part III, and the last session of my interview with the third President of The United States, the principal author of our Declaration of Independence and a founding father who most consider to be the wisest and most talented of the original founders.

Mr. President, welcome again.  Since I know you have advised that this will be your last interview session with us I am going to be parsimonious with my questions to allow you the time and latitude to address what we have been eager to learn from you; your sage advice on how to maintain, and prosper from, the political and social foundation you and our other founding fathers laid out more than two hundred years ago.

TJ:  First of all, I want to thank you all for honoring me by indicating your interest in my opinions of your America, mine no longer.  Having anticipated your question, I have given a great deal of thought to what I might say to you that might be of benefit as you struggle to develop and maintain a society and political system that works best for you, just as we did over 230 years ago in old Philadelphia.

I would first say that, while I am not a rigidly religious man (the critics of my time deemed me atheist; an unfair charge),  I do believe that a society must maintain a firm sense of morality.  Let us, for the sake of the non-believers, call it cosmic karma; an unknown force that tends to value and reward those societies that honor productivity, hard work, good humor, decency to his fellow man, compliance with both the laws of nature and the laws of a responsible government, and a strong acceptance in the belief that freedom cannot be expected to be granted, but must be earned over and over again.  I believe America must regain that "karma", that of the creator's blessing, if she is ever to be restored to past greatness!

I truly believe that the reason America, and Americans, prospered was because we gained favor by our creator by making an honest effort to charter a system of government that abounded in valuing the individual citizen.  Once we secured our independence from Britain, we founding brothers sat down and discussed, and believed in the idea that we could begin a new nation, unlike any that ever existed on earth.  Accordingly, we studied those republican and democratic principles espoused by Locke and Rousseau, and others and carved out our founding documents that invested the power of state in the people.  Because of that effort, our creator blessed this country with the bounty of farm and forest and mineral deposits.... but the greatest bounty of all was the industriousness of the American citizenry.  Further to our blessings were the waves and waves of immigrants who had heard of the American dream and came to partake!

As I see it, America today is drowning in miasma of moral ambivalence.  While she still houses the productive, the brilliant, the innovators and the believers in American tradition, their numbers are rapidly dwindling as your government wields an ever increasing iron fist toward those who opt not to live under the umbrella of government dependence.  Based on what I see you are rapidly reaching the point where those who profit from government largess (largess taken from you!) will soon be the voting majority.  Should that happen there is little hope to avoid the socialist oppression that now, and has always plagued Europe.

How might America shed the yolk of big government oppression?  How shall America re-ignite the spark of innovation and productivity that she once enjoyed?  How might you re-gain the country that served as the envy of the world for two centuries?

You must first involve your citizenry.  You must galvanize a "Tea Party" so massive as to overwhelm the nay sayers and the false accusers.  I have little doubt that if you raise the percentage of voter participation of those eligible to vote to 75% of the electorate, vice the less than 50% now, America could succeed in throwing out the tyrants and the politicians and elect "statesmen"; an elected who would vote what's best for America, and not what's best for the next election cycle!  I hear the empty moans of those who preach compromise in Washington; I say no compromise to any efforts to maintain the status quo.  It has not worked economically or politically or socially for thirty plus years!  Throw out all the old boys that, espouse the principles of responsive government, then reach across the congressional aisles with a nod and a wink and go out to be wined and dined by the special interests who feed their campaign chests!

Secondly, "make immorality pay for itself"; do not reward it, do not subsidize it, do not condone it!  Oh, I'm not talking about some of the moral rants against gay marriage or religious mandates or dictating how one should live or what they shall believe in.  I'm talking about this!:

1) Say to an unmarried man or woman who chooses to have kids they can't afford that, here to fore, the government will no longer subsidize their bad decisions.  No more free medical, no more free dental, no free day care, no more child tax credits that reward breeding.

2) Say to an alien invader.  We will enforce our immigration laws.  We will no longer listen to the moans and groans of the pseudo destitute.  We will punish those employers who hire you and we will seek you out and imprison you for a period not of your liking, and not merely deport you so that you may invade again.

3) Amend the 14th Amendment to clarify who is really an American citizen.  Say to those who invade simply to breed an anchor baby, you are illegal and so is your child.  Deal with the past laxity of enforcement for those children already here by granting them citizenship only if they volunteer to serve in our armed forces or our peace corp.  If they feel no obligation of citizen service tell them to seek their future elsewhere!

4) Eliminate the IRS.  Eliminate the corrupt income tax which unfairly favors the very  rich and the very poor and pseudo poor.  Implement a national sales tax (food excepted)  which catches all in their web; all those who hide and shelter income.  If you can afford a big screen tv, an IPOD or a gaming system, or a new car you can afford to pay some taxes.  This method also insures every citizen, having contributed even a minimal amount,  will now care about how government spends their taxes!

5) Continue your care for the elderly and disabled but stop paying the medical bills and old age pensions to millionaires and billionaires; they do not need it...and America can't afford it!

6) Establish a Government Audit Administration (GAA).  This agency will employ auditors who are compensated only by their achievements in identifying government waste in all government programs.  Offer generous bonuses to these auditors who uncover fraud, waste and abuse, and give them the authority to halt spending immediately and prosecute offenders when they find fraud, waste and abuse.

7)  Hold Congress responsible for any court decision to be deemed not in compliance with our Constitutional principles.  When court decisions are employed to "legislate", forward those court decisions so that Congress can override those decisions through the legislative process.

8) Decentralize the administration of federal programs.  Fund and transfer management of social welfare programs to the states so that a level of government "closer to the ground" can more efficiently manage dispensation and more quickly adapt to changing economic conditions.

9) Eliminate the federal Department of Education.  Most school funds already come from state and local districts and they should have a greater say in managing their school systems; they should not have to bow to the autocracy of bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

10) Finally, force Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment that mandates balancing of the federal budget.  Send the amendment to the states for ratification immediately!

TJ:  I have listed ten suggestions that I believe America needs to implement.  They are not all encompassing...but you have an idea of the kind of actions I would promote were I still holding Presidential office.  I have espoused my philosophy regarding the absolute necessity of maintaining a societal morality.  What you Americans choose to do will be dependent on the level of your concern.  God's blessings to you and God bless America.

Lost In America:  Thank you, Mr. President.

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson:

"To cultivate peace and maintain commerce and navigation in all their lawful enterprises; to foster our fisheries and nurseries of navigation and for the nurture of man, and protect the manufactures adapted to our circumstances; to preserve the faith of the nation by an exact discharge of its debts and contracts, expend the public money with the same care and economy we would practise with our own, and impose on our citizens no unnecessary burden; to keep in all things within the pale of our constitutional powers, and cherish the federal union as the only rock of safety--these, fellow citizens, are the landmarks by which we are to guide ourselves in all our proceedings. By continuing to make these our rule of action, we shall endear to our countrymen the true principles of their constitution, and promote a union of sentiment and of action equally auspicious to their happiness and safety." --Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Annual Message, 1802. ME 3:348

"May [our Declaration of Independence] be to the world, what I believe it will be (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all), the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government... All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man." --Thomas Jefferson to Roger C. Weightman, 1826. ME 16:181

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Interview With Thomas Jefferson, Part II

Jefferson Interview, Part II
Lost In America:  Mr. President, thank you again for granting us this interview.  I trust you had a good night's sleep.

TJ:  Alas, we who have passed to greener pastures no longer enjoy the luxury of mortal sleep.  Instead I spent the latest hours in having a look at your 21st century America.

Lost In America:  May I ask what your impressions are after some 200 years away?

TJ:  I will remind you again of what I spoke of yesterday;  America belongs to the current generation, no longer to mine.   We who came before have no hold nor ownership of your generation.  Having said that, I must say that I am both elated and heartbroken in the America of your century.  Firstly, I marveled at America's capacity to produce grains and foodstuffs sufficient to feed the world!   The technology you have employed and the remarkable gains you have made in agricultural research is beyond me.  Hi-bred corn that yields a hundred times what we could produce from a single field, pest resistant species of crops, farm machinery that has made harvesting your crops a hundred fold less manpower intensive than in my day.  Next, I attended seminars at your research hospitals; the advancement in surgery techniques and in modern medicine are the stuff of dreams!

Yet, your attribution of yesterday regarding our maintaining the institution of slavery led me to tour the "ghettos" of Chicago and New York and Baltimore.  I must confess I was both saddened and angered by what I saw.  In a very few hours I witnessed mob robberies, street war, drug selling and even murder in those environs.  I saw negro youth wearing expensive sports shoes and leather jackets in the streets, then retreating to filthy hovels of residence in great disrepair.  As a student of history I wondered what their spiritual leader, the Dr. King, would have said of them were he alive today.  Would he too be heartbroken that they so readily assume to role of "false martyr" in order to garner favorable treatment and a government check and seem to have such a miserly interest in taking advantage of their freedoms to better themselves?  I witnessed two preachers of hate inciting them to anger toward the white race while failing to condemn their immoral and violent behavior.  It was sad indeed.

Lost In America:  Mr. President, we seem to have a plethora of false gods these days, particularly within our political ranks.  I'm quite curious about your feelings with regard to both of our two major political parties claiming you as their sage?  How do you feel about that?

TJ:  To that I must say "a plague on both of their houses".  It is unconscionable that big government democrats could ever claim me as their "spiritual leader".  Anyone who has read of me would know that I had grave misgivings about the creeping tentacles of government into the lives of the citizen.  I would remind you that, following the Washington years, the first vestiges of the political party systems began to appear.  Adams and Hamilton and their ilk believed in a large and powerful central government.  They began to deem themselves as Federalists and to us, the Whigs, these Federalists seemed all to similar to the King George monarchy.  Having read of later developments, I have learned that those old big government Federalists evolved into your modern day democratic party, a party too willing to dictate what is ethical and moral, which is to say no ethics and no morals,  and far too hungry for political power to care where our nation is headed!  In my wanderings last night I stopped by the Capitol to review the Congressional Record.  I noted that, while the House has passed yearly budgets the Senate has a failed to do so for three years in succession!  How is it possible that such legislative sloth can occur?

And frankly, the Whigs, or Republicans, as you call them, are too much made from the same cloth as the Democrats.  They too, preach against big government, but are as guilty as the Democrats in affecting huge revenue accruals to sponsor and support massive ineffectual programs that are rife with waste and corruption.  Were I forced to make a bad choice between the two parties I would most certainly identify as a Republican for they are making at least minimal effort to stem the tide of government growth.

Were your Congressman Paul not such a wild eyed advocate of legalizing cannabis and all other drugs I would more closely identify with his political philosophies.  He has the right ideas about curbing the runaway spending, returning to the gold system, deploying our military only when a real threat to our nation's security is involved,  and prying the invading hands of big government from our lives.  Alas, I fear America is far too conventional and far too wed to their own special interests to ever elect a Congressman Paul as President.

Lost In America:  Thank you for that candid assessment of our political system, Mr. President.  I assume you are not favorably impressed by either the President or Congress.  What say  you about the Supreme Court, our third arm of the government?

TJ:  The very question you pose reveals a startling ignorance, if I may say so.  Had you read anything of my Presidency you would know that my cousin, Justice John Marshall,  was the U.S. Supreme Court's Chief Justice.  I held the notion that the Supreme Court wielded far too much power in our tri-part system of government.  All one needs is a case read of Marbury versus Madison to see how abusive the rulings of a Supreme Court can be.  My warnings on this 200 years ago may be prophetic as I have seen all manner of perversions be protected under the auspices of liberal court rulings.  Again, I would remind you that I recommended that the U.S. Constitution be rewritten every 20 years to reflect evolving societies.  Were that the case our Republic would not need the iron hand of nine men to determine the fate of a societal disagreement.  I have read the court history of your last 75 years and I am appalled by the courts distorted interpretations of our original Constitution.  I say update your Constitution, have it ratified by the individual states, and live by the dictates of the citizen vote!

Lost In America:  You have been highly critical of all three branches of government.  Having great respect for your wisdom, with your extensive knowledge of modern political philosophies, with your firm grasp of the democratic principles advanced by Locke and Rousseau, I would be greatly interested in what you believe America should do improve our social and political systems.  In our next session I believe we may all benefit by hearing your thoughts on this.

TJ:  Very well, fellow citizen...I look forward to our next session.  Good Day.


Monday, April 22, 2013

The Supreme Power of Denial


Most folks have at least one foot in the real world.  So, they can at least claim to have a tentative grip on reality.  That one foot does wonders, and works for most.  Except politicians and government bureaucrats.  

I may be wrong but it seems to me that, these days, our government masters are assuming a whole new strategy in developing an "otherworld view" on almost any issue.  If I could just offer a few examples.

When folks question the security of our southern border President Obama and Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano claim the border has never been more secure.  And what do they base their opinion on?  They have caught fewer illegal crossing the border during the past four years.


My first question is "who's to say that our Border Patrol are not just taking the lead from their political leaders and have become more lax in running down the invaders?  Even the Border Patrol's own union leaders have complained about their frustration that, when they catch them, Obama and Janet and Holder direct that they be let go!  Now if I'm busting my ass in plus 100 degree heat running down a swift young Mexican, how hard and far will I pursue the little bastard knowing that, when captured, he's going to get three hots and a cot and released?  

And, in the last three or four years how many of our Border Patrol has gotten busted for taking bribes to look the other way while drug cartels ferry their wares over the border?  I've read of dozens of these government busts and how many more are never caught?  So, if our Border Patrol is increasingly "on the take" shouldn't we question the validity of the numbers of illegals caught?

So, we can look at the illegal immigration numbers in two ways; we can look around our cities and see even more illegal hit and runs,  more home invasions, more drop houses, an increase in the availability of illegal drugs, an increase in anchor baby births, a corresponding increase in the number of illegals applying for welfare and WIC benefits...or we can deny all of those things and say "the border has never been more secure.

Ah, the power of denial!

Okay, let's leave the border for a moment.

About a month ago one of Obama's lackeys at CBS asked the President about the massive $17 trillion dollar debt.  Remember what Obama said? (After all it did make the headlines, even in the liberal press).  Obama boldly stated that we have no debt problem!

Wow!  It takes quite a detour from reality to proclaim we don't have a debt problem.  What manner of six foot invisible rabbit is following Obama around and what is he whispering in the Anointed One's ears?

Ah, the convenience of denial!

But perhaps the grandest and greatest execution of denial has been the Democratic Senate's failure to publish a budget for four consecutive years!  Never been done before.  And during that time they spent $7 trillion dollars more than they took in from revenues!  I gotta tell you, when you can write checks, to buy anything you want, and never have to balance that checkbook, and never have to look at your spending totals, that's the ultimate in denial.  It is luxury denial on steroids!

The rest of us, those of us with at least one foot in the real world, sit here astounded!  Astounded that liberals can get away with this "denial strategy"; that they continue to get re-elected and have their "denial strategy" validated by the liberal left.  

Sadly, every dream comes to an end.  When all of our cities are infested with armies of illegals, when they are all uninhabitable, when America is as corrupt and poverty stricken as Mexico, then illegal immigration can no longer be denied.

And, with respect to the currently orgasmic federal spending levels, the Fed will sometime have to stop printing funny money, and our Chinese bankers will come and demand we pay our debts, and then even the "dreamers" will face a sad reality, and denial will no longer be a viable political strategy.

And it will then be far too late to do anything about any of it.

Sad, Damned Sad.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Battlefield, Vietnam - The Great Beer Strike of 1969"

Good morning loyal readers,

During the summer of 1969 I was half way through my first tour in Vietnam.  Unlike, veterans during World War II and the Korean War, Vietnam troops had some luxuries that we felt was our due for putting up with bungi sticks and barbed wire and 100 degree heat accompanied by 90 degree humidity. 

Cigarettes in the Base Exchange (BX) were ten cents per pack, beer was $2.40 cents per 24-can case, the same price as a case of Pepsi or Coke.  Since we paid no excise taxes, a quart of gin, or rum or vodka was $1.10.  But the benefits didn't stop there.  Unlike the poor G.I.'s in the Middle East, thanks to the patriotic support of the American beer companies (or..maybe they just wanted to cultivate our beer habit early), all of the beer companies shipped enough free beer to Vietnam to provide a daily ration of two cans of beer per day, per troop.  We thought this expression of charity was about as good as life got.  While we loved the Red Cross Donut Dollies and the little red Christmas bag with toothbrush and disposable razor from the Red Cross, the free beer was tops with us.

The way distribution went was the First Sergeant would take receipt of our free beer, store it in the unit "day hootch", then throw a 24-hour party one day each month out in an open area of our compound.  As troops came off of their duty, they were free to "beer up".  We also used beer as barter for steaks from "questionable sources" and often had beer and steak cook-outs.  We even rented Saigon bars for a day to host our parties (hostesses extra)  by trading "mama san" six or eight cases of beer to close down the bar to the public for our parties.

Then, one sad day in the summer of '69 the Great American Beer Strike started in the states.  I can't remember if it was union distributors or workers at the breweries themselves but the effects were the same:  a huge plunge in unit morale.  A Budweiser or a Miller or a Pabst Blue Ribbon could not be found anywhere "in-country".  We were all devastated and took our revenge with copious amounts of rum and cokes and vodka-sevens.  But of course, you always crave what you can't have..and we missed our cold beers. 

Then, a few weeks later, two beer company executives stood proudly, saluted the flag, and vowed to somehow get "beer to the troops".  Those two companies were Schlitz and Carling Black Label!  Alas, while we were deeply appreciative of these two beer companies, many missed their Bud and their Pabst.  I'm sad to admit that the efforts of these two fine beer companies did not satisfy the palates of the Bud and Pabst drinkers.  Since we Air Force troops considered ourselves of superior intelligence to the Army pukes we took our massive Schlitz and Carling Black Label rations and traded it to Army mess halls for steaks and other goodies.  We knew the Army troops were bigger beer drinkers and far more desperate for "portable potions".   If I remember correctly we were even able to trade beer for a couple of jeeps.

I can't recall when the beer strike ended but, when it did, the folks at Bud and Pabst expedited our beer rations and we were soon basking in premium suds once again.  For months afterwards one could go to the BX and find pallet after pallet of rusty cans of Carling and Schlitz; it got so bad the BX started discounting it to clear out the backlog.  Some of the more budget conscious guys even bought it because it was so cheap.  What's a rusty can and flat hops when you could get it for half price?

I would hope that somewhere, on some military installation, someone thought enough of Joseph Schlitz and the Carling company to construct a plaque in their honor.  If one exists it would most likely be on an army base. I'm not a big beer drinker these days.  But the next time I'm in an Officers Club I'm going to belly up to the bar and order a Schlitz.  It's the least I can do.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Obama To ICE; "Let My People Go"


Barack Obama, often championed by liberals as a new modern day savior, has now been annointed with another moniker.   To illegal Mexican invaders he is the new Moses.  If there were any doubts that "Moses Obama's Amnesty/Open Borders policy is encouraging further invasion, that was cleared up this week.  When captured here by the Border Patrol border crossers  simply pronounce that Obama shall free them!  Don't take my word for it.  Here's a quote from a Brooks County, Texas illegal immigrant captured yesterday:

"It seems even illegal immigrants seeking to cross over the U.S.-Mexico border are following the current immigration debate. Linda Vickers, who owns a ranch in Brooks County, Texas, told WOAI that she witnessed one man being arrested on her ranch and that he told the border agent Obama would let him go.
"The Border Patrol agent was loading one man up, and he told the officer in Spanish, 'Obama's gonna let me go'," Vickers said.
Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents report that some immigrants will even ask, "Where do I go for my amnesty?" while they are surrendering."

Yep, it's happening folks!  Encouraged by Obama's army of liberal open borders advocates, augmented by a several million illegals given amnesty in the 80's, a massive new illegal invasion is underway as America and her leaders have surrendered all control of our nation's borders.  

You know that "12 million illegals" number that government has been handing out for the last decade?  Don't be surprised if the number of illegals actually  here is closer to 30 million!  And with millions more of them packing their bags down in Mexico, hitching up a back pack full of pot to finance their trip, and hitting the trails across our southern border, we can expect another ten million or so of them within the next few months, all demanding amnesty, citizenship, and a place at the social welfare trough!

All because Democrats love government power more than they love our country!  Instant Democrats! (As if that were a good thing these days).  But Obama "Moses" has spoken.  Instead of the Red Sea, he will open up the desert so that his new "constituents" can cross at will. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Making Lemons From Lemonade


Let's say that I want to open a lemonade stand.   Having some career experience in business, I first write out a business plan.  I  go out and find a supply source, perhaps a local fruit co-op, or a local citrus farmer that is willing to sell me lemons at a viable price.    I take some of those lemons into my kitchen and I run twenty or thirty batches of lemons through their paces until I've come up with a recipe that I think will sell well.    I measure out how many glasses of lemonade a single pitcher will yield.  I then decide on a reasonable price that will attract customers, yet still provide me a reasonable profit.   I choose my target market and select a location with heavy foot traffic.  

I contract with my suppliers, the lease holder of my retail site, go to Costco and buy sugar and cups and plastic spoons in bulk.  Then I go down to city hall and procure a business license.

I set up my lemonade stand and find all of my hard work in research and development has paid off.  I attract so many customers I find it hard to keep up.  The little novelty ice cubes and the touch of lime juice with just a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon has made my product unique and desirable.

As the weeks go by, as the business booms, I realize I'm going to have to expand and hire some workers.  And I've already got my eye on two other locations where my business will thrive.  

Then one morning I arrive to open my lemonade stand and find that there's another lemonade stand just setting up across the road from me.  They've rolled in with a luxury food truck, where the side opens to form a long marble counter and workers are setting up bar stools along the counter.  I wander over to say hello and to do a little reconnoitering of my new competitor.  The owner of this new lemonade stand says he received a tip from his favorite politician that a lemonade stand would do very well.  The politician greased the skids and expedited a business license, brought a commercial vehicle dealer on board to contract for the food truck, greased the skids to get the Department of Agriculture to donate lemons "at cost" and contracted with the local Teamsters Union to deliver the water and lemons.  A dozen union members from the Food Workers Union were being dispatched to run the operation.

So I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I ask my competitor how he had such luck to get all of the government help.  He smiled and said he had contributed to the politicians last election campaign, as had the Teamsters and the Food Workers Union.  My new competitor then said he'd be undercutting my lemonade prices by 50%.  Since I knew the profit price points for a glass of lemonade I asked just how he planned to do that and make a profit.  He smiled and said he was assured of not taking a business loss because his favorite politician had a arranged a $200,000 dollar business grant and extremely favorable loan rates if more was needed.

Well, soon I was watching my lemonade competitor draw away the customers I had courted.  In a matter of weeks I was forced to settle my outstanding contracts, close my lemonade business and absorb my business losses.  I would not hire any American workers, nor pay taxes to support my community.

Two months later my lemonade competitor also closed his lemonade business.  Even after raising his prices after my demise, he couldn't afford to pay unionized Teamsters and Food Workers $25 bucks an hour and yield a lemonade profit as well as footing the high lease costs of his luxury food truck.

I lost.  The government backed lemonade vendor lost, and the public lost, no longer able to enjoy the crisp cool taste of lemonade.

Last year Presidential Candidate, and successful businessman Mitt Romney tried to explain why government backed solar companies will result in less solar, not more.  But America these days have a lot of kool-aid drinkers who chose to believe the politician, not the businessman.  After all, free markets are evil and Big Government is their savior.

And, to date, there are over 50 Green Energy companies, backed by billions in government loans and preferential regulating oversight, who have gone bankrupt.  Big Government, but really the tax payer lost  billions of dollars.  Free market solar companies will no longer risk their capital to build out the industry because they fear having to compete with Big Government.  Thus Big Government lost, private business lost, the American worker lost, and America lost the grand opportunity to have  clean safe and green energy sources at a reasonable price.

Making lemons from lemonade.  Sigh.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taking Obama's Cue; I Present My Budget

Since I was sitting down last night to finish off my taxes, I decided to just go ahead and prepare a new family budget.  And this time, instead of using the same old boring budget parameters I've always used I decided to model my personal budget on the federal budget that President Obama sent to Congress yesterday.  I figure the President has a dozen Harvard MBA's and half a dozen economists on his staff so he must know what he's doing.   So, in keeping with Obama's financial principles, I prepared my personal budget.

Now, the President's Chief Economic Advisor has said projected taxes and fees will bring in $2.5 trillion dollars for the federal government.  However, our President sees the need to fund $3.77 trillion dollars in programs in order to keep everybody happy.

I make about $30,000 a year...and I'm not happy.  So, to make me happy, I plan to take a few vacations this year.  I think I'll spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii, bask in the sun down in the Bahamas for two weeks, and when snow season is upon us, I'm planning a trip to Vail for a little skiing and swooshing and hot toddies.  I'm also going to play more golf.

In addition to added vacation time, I plan to upgrade my menu; I've pretty well exhausted all the hamburger recipes that were ever written.  So, I'm hankering for steak and lobster.  And since I haven't dined out for months (and that was at McDonald's) I plan to hit the culinary circuit a lot more.

And really, how can I be seen in these same tired outfits all the time, I think both my friends and I would enjoy seeing me in clothing that came into style this decade!

I've had a cavity for months and pray each night that it doesn't degrade to a root canal anytime soon so I think I'm going to go ahead and splurge and get the damn thing filled!  

Well, all of this costs money!  But I figure I'm okay if I just stick to the guiding budget parameters of those Harvard trained tax and budget experts who hang around the White House!

So, here's my plan.  I have totalled all my personal "revenue streams" and have come up with working capital of $30,000 dollars per year.  

Then I sat down and estimated the costs for my many vacations, my golf dues, my projected grocery bills, a pretty solid projection of fine dining costs, have estimated what it's going to cost me for a couple of new outfits at Men's Warehouse ("I'll be glad I did") and I figure I can't get by without spending at least $49,000 per year.

Yes, I know my spending exceeds my income by $19,000 dollars.  But just this week I heard Obama's Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, give a speech to his European counterparts, and he was urging them to emulate the U.S. and institute "deficit spending".  And that's what I plan to do!  It's good for the economy and it's good for me and it is championed by the smartest money man in Obama's cabinet!  Guess I'll just tell Uncle Sam that I won't be paying all my taxes due this year and use those funds to supplement my spending plans.

Whoops!  I just took a sip of hot coffee and irritated the hell out of that tooth cavity!  Looks like I'm going to go "root canal" on that booger.  No problem.  I'll just revise my personal spending up a little more.  When it comes to stimulating the economy, I'm all for it!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Cop, The Homeless Man & New Shoes


Most of us read the heart touching story about the homeless man in Manhattan, sitting on the sidewalk, without shoes.  A New York City cop approached him, talk to him, saw a need, then walked into a nearby shoe store and bought the homeless man a pair of hundred dollar boots.

We all read the story misty-eyed, championed the heart of a tough NYC cop, and rendered sympathy for a fellow living in the streets.

Then, as with so many things these days, a hard reality crowded out the humanistic; we learned that the so called homeless man is not homeless or shoeless.  Seems the guy has been gaming American "good hearts" for years.  He has a house in the Bronx, owns thirty pairs of shoes and, according to his pastor/mentor has gamed the system for as much as $1,000 dollars a day.  

As if it could not get more slimy we learned that Mr. Homeless man wanted a cut of the ad profits when the pic went viral on U-Tube.  It wasn't enough that he's gamed thousands of good people over his ten years of panhandling, it was not enough that he took an expensive pair of shoes from a cop that most probably has far fewer shoes, it wasn't enough that a pic that might have brought attention to the plight of the homeless; no he wanted "a piece of the action".

Why are we always surprised by these stories.  We have bred a class of people who feed off our taxpayer supported poverty programs, then feed off the tender hearts of those they can game "face to face".  And they do so without guilt and with a real sense of entitlement.

I donate regularly to two charities; childhood cancer and the Humane Society.  Mostly because children and dogs do not have the capacity to deceive.  And somehow, when a movie star walks out on a telethon stage and asks me to "give till it hurts" it just doesn't touch my heart when I know that the movie star's got a home on Lake Como in Italy and a palatial estate in Beverly Hills.

And the merciless parasite with 30 pairs of shoes, and a plastic bag full of cash is no better.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why This "poor boy" Defends The Rich


When I hear the cries of "tax the rich" from Obama or Pelosi or Reid, or the Occupy Crowd, or just liberals in general they fall on deaf ears.   I'm often asked by my liberal friends why I'm so dead set against raising taxes even more on the rich.  

And unlike so many of the liberal philosophies, raising taxes on the rich almost makes sense!  It is true that the rich can afford to pay more, and they can do so with little personal pain.  So why would a guy like me, who makes less than $30k a year defend these rich bastards?

First of all, to me, it's a matter of fairness.  I truly believe that every American should have to have "skin in the game" by paying at least some taxes, if only $10 dollars a year!  The current status quo is perilous!  We have the top 20 percent of income earners now paying 80 percent of all taxes.  And, conversely, we have nearly fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes at all.  Any time you can show me fifty percent of anybody who are not participating in something, you've got fifty percent who could care less about how things unfold.  

Politicians today will simply not get a grip on our deficit because a good fifty percent of America are not paying taxes and place no political pressure on the pols to fix it!  In fact, most of those fifty percent "nonparticipants" are on the receiving end of some lush government program and it is not in their interest to put the "gravy train" at risk!

Another reason I'll choose the side of the rich over government is because Big Government has shown absolutely no interest in eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in government programs.  We spend more than twice as much as any other developed nation on education, and have some of the most ignorant kids in the world.  Half of them can't read at the 12th grade level at graduation and can't balance a check book.  We spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Presidential and Vice Presidential travel, forking over half a million dollars for one night's stay in a Paris hotel room and far more when Obama climbs into Air Force One.  

We have career Welfare Queens who spend their entire lives on welfare.  We have people swapping their food stamp cards for drugs and cash.  We have GSA staging conventions in Vegas and dining on $5 dollar muffins and $25 dollar shrimp cocktails.  We have the Russian Mafia gaming Medicare for billions in fraudulent medical claims.  We're buying mobility scooters for old people, many of who don't need them, while funding penis pumps for the same crowd.  We broadcast Food Stamp promos into Mexico so that illegals know how to sign up when they cross the border illegally.  We fund the birth of anchor babies, then sign them up for WIC, food stamps, welfare and Medicaid.  Need I go on?

So, while government continues to waste our tax dollars, while Obama and Biden dish out half a million of our tax dollars for a single night in a luxury hotel, while Michelle and girls are vacationing in the Bahamas and at Colorado ski resorts on the taxpayer's dime, I'll continue to defend what rich people have earned and tell Washington to start budgeting like the rest of us.

Finally, let's not forget this:  when Big Government gets their nose under the tent you have total chaos.  Just as the first income tax affected only the rich in the beginning it didn't take long to creep down to the middle class and working poor.  

So, yeah...Mr. and Mrs. Liberal, this poor boy will continue to defend the rich.  Washington already has far too much money to spend and it has corrupted both our society and our institutions.

Monday, April 8, 2013

"America's Death; Really, What's The Big Deal?"


America is in critical condition these days.  My best guess is that she has a decade or two left.  Certainly no more.  And no, it's not Barack Obama's fault.  He's just sucking the last of life from America's corpse.

And really, we shouldn't be surprised!  The fresh breeze of democracy blew ever so briefly in ancient Greece.  Even mighty Rome, who claimed dominance over the known world, from the White Cliffs of Dover to the slums of Delhi, lasted five hundred years or so.  What makes America so special?  What special claim does she have on history?  Do the golden tones of a politician, who pimps the "greatness" of America make it so?  How empty do the words "a new American century" sound to those who can't find work, have no hope that their children will be properly educated, have no sense that they live in freedom and safety?  How can we have faith when all faith is lost in all our national institutions, whether they be government, or church leadership, or schools, in the basic common sense of our people, or in honoring what is legal or illegal or what is morally right and wrong?

So, really, let's stop pretending that our nation is not on death's doorstep.  Half of the unemployed can't find work and the other half don't want to work.  China and India produce more math and science scholars than we do.  Half of our children graduate high school these days and among those who do, half of those can't read and write at adult levels.  

The American discussion is dominated by minority Blacks who represent 12 percent of the populace but command 50 percent of of every welfare dollar and over a third of every preferential placement in our schools and government hiring.  Some fifty years after the Great Society programs were enacted, some sixty years since voter rights laws were passed, and after some $75 trillion dollars has been spent to raise the posture of the American Black, they continue to cry "victimhood" and accuse Whitey of trying to keep them in the back of the bus.  It's good strategy!  Pout and cry and their liberal masters will give them even more!  Or at least preserve the gravy train for a few more years.  

Some 20 million illegal Mexicans have crossed our borders, invaded our communities to live off the hugely profitable life of the criminal element, suck the life from our social safety net, then arrogantly parade down our "main streets" to demand amnesty and a seat at the table.  

Sadly, there is no room these days for the "silent majority".  The spoils go to those who scream "victim" the loudest.

Mighty Rome crumbled from corruption within...America is no different.  

The America dream died when politicians discovered they could buy power with government largess. The Great Society programs created three generations of "poverty and race "victims, thus decimating the American work ethic while draining our national treasury. Liberal courts have walked hand in hand with Big Government politicians to destroy what was left.

It's now time for America to "put her affairs in order".  Write the will, arrange for a proper burial, document the "do not resuscitate" orders and send her on to her just rewards.  Hey, 230 years wasn't so bad, was it?  

Oh, and one final request.  Bury Lady Liberty beneath Freedom Hall in Philadelphia.  That's only fitting.  It's where our founding fathers declared our independence from the monarchical corruption of a warring, tired European empire, where sloth and greed were favored and indifference to human rights and personal freedom reigned supreme.

Rest in Peace.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Post Mortem; America At War With Herself

Part 5, The Entitlement Series Concludes

In parts 1 through 4 of my essays on the Entitlement Class I identified the segments of American society that are poised to destroy us.  All of them have two things in common; they are arrogant and they possess an intense sense of entitlement.  Those two traits have led America down the road to destruction.

Did anyone notice that I did not include politicians?  That was intentional.  Politicians, while arrogant, and often feel entitled, are simply the mirror image of us; it is the electorate, us,  that keeps them in office and it is the electorate who must shoulder the blame for their political failings.  At any point in time, had America decided to flow to the voting booths in numbers greater than an apathetic 50% of eligible voters, we could have steered our country back to the path which gained us prominence.

Now, we have most probably reached the Post Mortem stage where only a violent 2nd Civil War will restore America to her former glory.    Why do I say that?  Well, first of all, we see the first seeds of a Socialist State as more than half of America, afraid to lose a government check, re-electing a radical socialist who has done more to destroy our nation than any President in our history.  America will ignore his failings and give him carte blanche to become "emperor" during a second term of czars and Presidential edicts and selectively enforcing our nation's laws.

So, it appears that the other half of America, the "producers" are slow to wake up to the impending disaster. When that productive half of America finally does wake up, when all the Obama fees and taxes and edicts and regulations are finally in place, the producers will revolt.  But it will be too late to get to the voting booth.  It will be too late to avoid the squeeze of the working man by the massive entitlement class, with entitlements that are already set in stone.  And when all the ills associated with trying to fund and manage a United Socialist States of America, these frustrated Americans cry "no more Mr. Nice Guy.

A read of my earlier blogs "A Second Civil War" and "Obama Re-Election Means a 2nd Civil War" details how I perceive the war evolving, the participants, the players, the time lines.

Barring a miracle, barring a creator who blessed us for creating a true Republic, intervening come November 2014, America is in for a violent Civil War...and sooner than you think.

How many of you are arrogant enough to believe that it can't happen here?  Well, all I can offer are the USSR breakup, Kosovo, the entire Middle East, the Indian and China revolutions, Greece and Spain, all in recent history.  If you believe we're immune from revolution think again.  America is slowly dying and there will come a time when the half of us believe in some sense of morality, and in the rule of law, will take to the streets.

I believe liberals have written a Post Mortem for the America we knew.  Sadly, to retrieve that American Republic we'll have to fight and suffer for it.  America had one last chance to avoid this tribulation.  That chance came last November 6th.  Perhaps there is one small chance to turn the tide.  If enough of Obama's health care ills are visited on enough Americans, if we continue to suffer from massive unemployment, and if Americans finally begin to feel the effect of higher taxes in their lives, they just might revolt in November 2014 and send liberals in Congress and their "entitlement classes" packing....and stop one Socialist Son of Bitch from reaching his socialist goals.

If we fail to resolve this at the ballot box it will surely be resolved in the streets.  And that won't be pretty.  America is at war with herself these days.  And the bad guys are winning.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medicaid Queens

Medicaid Queens, Part 3 of the Entitlement Series

This past weekend the Arizona Republic ran an investigative report on taxpayer support for Arizona births.   It seems that Arizona taxpayers paid out over $200 million dollars to foot the cost for over 53% of all births in the state of Arizona.

The report further stated that other states, far more lenient with Medicaid, spent even more.  Keep in mind that only two years ago Arizona was some $800 million in the hole.  Our legislature was forced to cut back on spending for AHCCS, the Arizona Health program tied to the federal Medicaid program.  And still, even after raising the sales tax, selling our government buildings, including the capitol building, we are still spending over $200 million dollars a year to support folks who clearly can't afford babies!  In 2010 an amazing 65% of these breeders are unmarried women and it was apparently even higher before we ran out of money to fund everyone's sex life!  !  Isn't it wonderful that we can pay for a woman to have a very active sex life?

Isn't it ironic that old folks get banged on pretty good for their Medicare costs, yet able bodied young people are breeding like rats and costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicaid and not a word is said.  After all, they're "entitled".    While old people paid into Medicare their entire working lives, and still must pay a monthly premium, plus doctor and hospital co-pays, these able bodied breeders get Medicaid absolutely free, no premium expected and not even a co-pay is asked.

Does anyone remember a couple of decades ago when couples were forced to plan for, and budget for an addition the family?  How in hell did we get to the point where taxpayers have to pay for irresponsible breeding?  And, of course, we know the costs of this breeding goes far beyond paying the hospital bill for a maternity ward.  We must fund the Women and Infant's Nutrition program (WIC), as the little rug rats mature we'll be paying for state funded day care, state funded pre-school, we must give them free medical and dental under the Medicaid program, we must give that family Food Stamps, then we must educate them so that they can read at the 5th grade level when they graduate from high school!

Again, it is the sense of ultimate entitlement, it is that government "cradle to grave" caring that encourages these breeders, these leeches that feed off of the taxpayer.   Americans once had shame if they had to take any kind of charity, but these people feel entitled to all of these costly and generous government benefits.  And should you ever threaten to take it away these leeches will moan and scream, call you heartless and demand even more!

Finally, if these breeders are really good breeders, and if they fail to take their government provided birth control pills they can breed half a dozen kids and be granted a huge IRS bonus check in the form of Child Tax Credits!  Imagine that!  If you wish to breed six kids the IRS will send you a $15,000 dollar check every April!.....and you need not even be a working tax payer to receive that nice gob of lottery cash!  And why not?  After all, they're entitled!


Sad.  Damned Sad.