Monday, April 30, 2018

Good For The Gander?


Tommy Brokaw is angry.  In his Friday morning, 4AM letter he bemoans the fact that a female co-worker has charged him with sexual assault.  Brokaw tearfully opined that fifty years of good work and citizenry went down the drain from his own personal "character assassin".    

Well, isn't that special!  I'm sorry but I have ask Tommy where he was when small armies of men were brought down by character asassination, supposedly happening decades and half centuries from when hey allegedly occurred.  Where was Tom's offerings of "reasonable doubt" when charges were made against his media competitors?  

Alas, Tom was safely on the sidelines, secretly grinning...even joining in on the tar and feathering.  I remember channel skimming early one morning last fall and finding Tom Brokaw on Morning Joe, castigating the many male brutes who had savaged so many in the "Me Too" movement.

Now it's Tom's turn in the ring.  No doubt this stag too will be taken down......shuffled off to the wings, and never heard from again.  That is the nature of the beast these days.  No matter how long ago, no matter how little proof is offered, a woman can now simply make the charge and take down any male of their choosing..proof be damned.

So do I feel sorry for ol' Tommy?  Nope.  I might have had he extended the courtesy of waiting for proof before his own piling on.  

I have only one question for my dear readers.  Don't you find that there seems to be a preponderance of wacky women making these charges?  And don't you find it bizarre that so many of them waited for ages to proffer them?  Even more bizarre; don't you think it's rather strange that the general public eats this up with a big spoon and believes every word, no matter how lacking in credibility the Me Too victims have?  

Go back and read my blog essay "In 50 years we'll all be chicks".  Recent events have made the inevitability of what I wrote unquestionable.  But I will admit that the process of the pending male holocaust is now accelerating.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Scenes I'd Like To See


Seems that our cultural elites and politicians are always issuing edicts about how our society is supposed to be managed.  And, really, anyone with a rational mind can see the hypocricy of their words with every uttering.  So I've come up with a few scenes I'd like to see and these liberal elites live up to their own arrogant edicts.

Yesterday, in front of a wacky crowd who chose to honor Colin Kaepernick, the guest of honor said America has got to stop the "legal lynchings of Black and Brown people."  How interesting.  I'd like to see Kaepernick venture into Chicago's south side at midnight.  (And you don't get to call the police for help).

I'd like to see Jerry Brown and Nasty Pelosi bar hopping in South Central Los Angeles.

I'd like to see Chucky Schumer walk into a blue collar worker's living room and explain why the blue collar worker's $2,000 a year tax cut was a bad idea.

Would enjoy seeing Barack Hussein Obama seeking out Emergency Room care at midnight at any ER hospital in America.

I really would have enjoyed seeing Donald Trump and Joe Biden duking it out, as they said they would if ever given the chance.

Next April I would love watching Diane Feinberg's tax preparers handing over to her her IRS Form 1040, absent the federal write-offs for mortgage interest and property tax on her and her banker husband's multiple mansions.

I would dearly love to see highly ethical, well spoken Vice President Mike Pence assume the Presidency by this Christmas.  I'd tell The Donald thanks for the Supreme Court nomination, thanks for the tax cut, thanks for curbing Chinese cyber theft, but we really need to win in 2020 and it ain't happening with you.

I would greatly enjoy seeing every talking head in the liberal mainstream media get a healthy dose of electric shock every time they censored or twisted the news to advance their own personal political biases.

I would love to see NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center come crumbling to the ground, their entire liberal news staff coming right down with all the glass, brick and mortar....and finally give Chris good reason to pee down his trouser leg.

Monday, April 9, 2018

For Pensioners Feeling A Heavier Burden


That national debt clock is wrong.  Our national debt is now $21.4 trillion dollars.......and counting.
As I was researching information for my earlier post I came across a fact that I had never really considered.  For years I have lamented that China holds so much of our debt, as does Japan, as does South Korea, as does other foreign powers who hold a total of $6 trillion of our debt, China and Japan our biggest clients with 20 percent each of debt owned by foreigners.

However, imagine my surprise to find that another group of Americans are holding more of of our national debt than all of the other foreign countries combined.  It seems that our Social Security recipients are owed $6.6 trillion of that debt.  Yep, the oldsters like me who have found pension raises hard to come by in the last decade, after paying in to the program for more than half a century.

Despite the long term worries over the viability of Social Security, the Social Security Trust Fund has been taking in more revenue than paid out for decades.  Where once that trust fund was sacred, not to be touched by politicians, the Democratic Congress, in 1965, led willingly down the periled path by President Lyndon Johnson, opted to start confiscating our Social Security Trust Fund dollars and sticking them in the General Fund, that giant monetary piƱata that politicians use to buy votes with government gravy.

If the Social Security Trust Fund had never been touched there would never have been any danger of it every going broke.  Alas, the government looted that fund in two ways.  First, they kept the lid on cost of living increases, allowing inflation to slowly eat away at a pensioner's buying power, which allowed Uncle Sam to issue I.O.U.s to be paid back with falsely inflated dollars.  Secondly, they simply recorded that Social Security tax revenue as an accounting entry, then shuffled our retirement dollars into the general fund, to pay for any number of frivolous programs...from studying the sex life of the common housefly, to paying out $15 billion dollars annually in Child Tax Credits to illegal aliens.

So, stand proud seniors!  Stand proud young folks who hope Social Security will be there for you when you are ready to retire!  Consider this, all; When you combine the $6 trillion plus America owes its foreign bankers, with the nearly $7 trillion it owes everyone who pays into social security, you have nearly $14 trillion of that $21.4 trillion in debt all accounted for!  The big banks, the Social Media moguls who own Amazon and Facebook, the big corporations, even Warrant Buffett, all own less of our government debt than the collective citizenry of retired pensioners and hard working blue collar stiffs!

And while American cannot realistically screw their foreign bankers, you can be absolutely sure they'll employ cost of living tricks and phony audit entries to make sure they never have to pay us back.

Any questions, class?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Neither A Debtor or Borrower Be?


For those wondering why China is not cashing in their U.S. Treasuries, given the onslaught of our mutual trade war, well, actually the Chinese have been paring their U.S. bond holdings for several years now.  As one can see by the chart, while Japan's share of our debt has kept relatively steady, China has been selling our treasuries for quite awhile now.  Early in the decade China held as much as $2 trillion of our debt.  As of the end of 2016 we can see that China has been net sellers of our debt.  

So if China is not happy with Trump's tariffs why have they not sold off their remaining holdings?  Well, they really can't.  Any mass selling by China and you'll see the value of U.S. currency decline versus the Chinese Renminbi...and that would only make Chinese exports more costly in a world where the dollar remains the world's currency.

We simply don't know how this tariff war will work out.  While Wall Street is quaking in their $500 dollar loafers, folks on Main Street, at least the working stiff, is happy that someone is finally fighting for their jobs.  Past tariff implementations have been unsuccessful.  Bush tried it in 2006, then caved and cancelled them in less than 18 months as politics raised its ugly head.  We don't know how stiff-backed Trump will be.  China clearly has the political advantage since, in less than 18 months, Trump will be trying to win re-election while President Xi just solidified himself as kind of a "President For Life" that dictators often do.

Let us see, boys and girls.  Those first U.S. tariffs were relatively small, as was China's.  Trump has now upped the ante on some $50 billion in Chinese goods so we can expect China to retaliate.  Those in the know say Trump is just exercising his "art of the deal" tactics with these tariffs.  They say the tariffs are meant to shake China by her big shoulders and force her finally to come to the bargaining table with some serious intent to play fair.

Let's hope Trump wins this one.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Seeds Of Lawlessness Spells Our Doom


The Democrats' Recent History of Lawlessness Will Come Back To Haunt Them

This morning brought news that Oregon's governor will refuse President Trump if that state's National Guard is called out to help monitor the border. This is just one of a long string of liberals who've chosen to violate our nation's laws.

In California we've seen the Governor throw out the welcome mat for Mexican illegals, even as he knows border crossings are illegal.. Governor Moonbeam also led the fight to implement a law that makes it a crime for law abiding Californians to report illegals within their community. The Mayor of Oakland actually warned illegals to flee in the face of an impending ICE roundup.

In Baltimore the Black mayor actually took the side of arsonists and rioters. In half a hundred cities across America municipal leaders have chosen not just to ignore immigration laws, but to openly flaunt them, providing succor and shelter to those are here illegally. A hundred universities now offer reduced or free tuition to illegal aliens, then hike tuition rates to citizen students to pay for their largesse.

This blatant violation of our laws has its roots in Barack Hussein Obama's first term. It was BHO himself who ordered banks to ignore contract law and force lenders into lowering interest rates on bad home loans and, in many cases, prevented them from foreclosing on homes more than a year in arrears. And BHO brought the full weight of the mighty federal government to force them to comply.

It was Obama who cheer the Fergueson and Baltimore rioters as they burned and maimed and killed, calling them "his sons". It was Obama who attended the funerals of thugs, and ignored attending the funerals of police officers and military heroes.

It was Obama who chose to violate the Constitution of the United States and grant amnesty to those here illegally, having readily admitted in earlier times that he had no Constitutional authority to do so.

So, the seeds of lawlessness were planted under Obama, and continue now wherever Democrats are in charge. Why do they play such a dangerous game? Because they believe their political philosophies triumph over the rule of law. When Democrats can't get their way via the ballot box, they'll do so by making a laughing stock of the law, or find succor in the army of liberal judges who violate the rule of law from the bench.

And, whether Trump wins the next Presidency, or a Democrat wins, the seeds of lawlessness have been planted and politicians from both parties will suffer. Those seeds of lawlessness have gone "full crop" now. And they are everywhere within the populace.....from those who despise the police, to those who consider our soldiers useless mercenaries.

Two things will happen as this plague of lawlessness grows to full fruition. The seeds the Democrats planted will soon come back to haunt them when it is their turn to govern. Having grown innumerable pockets of society who believe they are free to do what they want, they will soon encounter a nation that is ungovernable. And I would not be a bit surprised if the millions of us law abiding folks soon decide that we too shall ignore the laws we find we don't agree with. Pay taxes? Why should we? Let em try and catch me first! I can easily think of a good dozen laws that I don't much care about. Contract law? Didn't Obama already show that we need not be bound by contracts? Why should I comply with directives that say I need a Driver's License to drive, or a license for my pets, or even buy car insurance?

And if I want to burn down a Planned Parenthood center, or a local government Democratic Headquarters, why should the matches and gasoline not come out? And if I want to stop funding public schools, or food stamps, or pay that portion of my taxes that go to freeloaders, why should I not withhold that portion of my taxes that go toward things I don't believe in?

Mark my word, folks. These seeds of lawlessness have now been planted. And we're all in trouble. The social mandates necessary for an orderly society have now been compromised. Whether contract law, civil law, or criminal law, all have been proven they can be largely ignored by huge pockets of America these days.

America is beset with numerous problems these days...from the disintegration of the nuclear family, to parental failure, to liberal indoctrination in the failing school system, to a crippling $21 trillion dollar national debt. Many of those are solvable. But no solution is possible as long as the plague of lawlessness grows within our midst.

To all the "youngers" in my FB circle that typically just scroll past my "Paul Revere" warnings, well, I feel a bit sorry for you. I won't be around to see armageddon in full blossom, but you will. And it is that "scrolling past" that shall seal your fates.

Sad. Damned Sad.