Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blacks To Dems: "Please Stop Helping Us"


In the summer of 1865, as America was still licking her wounds over Lincoln's assassination, the North was giving serious considerations about what this country would do with those tens of millions of Blacks they had just fought a war to free from slavery.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Statesmanship And The Little Rock 9


The Supreme Court ruling had been clear.  "Separate But Equal" was anything but equal, and the right to an education, regardless of skin color, would never be realized until our nation's schools were integrated.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impeachment Fervor Growing


If anyone pays attention, there are always clear signals of how political events are unfolding.  Well, we got some pretty solid clues this past week about Obama's strategy for implementing illegal amnesty and we got the first insights on how the Anointed One plans to defend himself from those illegal actions.  And, finally, we got a pretty good look at how Americans feel about Obama these days.

First, the Obama mouth pieces announced this week that, unless Congress acts to amnesty 30 million illegals, he'll issue an Executive Order to do so sometime in late summer.    Less than 24 hours later Obama's defense team announced that they are expecting Congress to bring impeachment proceedings against this rogue President...and that they are indeed building a case for his defense.

Finally, on Friday CNN released a poll they conducted this week on whether Obama should be impeached now!  Though he won't be, I found that poll to be severely damaging to Obama.  Though over all, some 37 percent approved an Obama impeachment, when you dig into the numbers it looks even worse for him.  For example, a not so surprising 75% of Republicans want Obama impeached.  What was surprising was that some 45% of Independents also urged impeachment.  Of course only 15% or so of Democrats were in favor of Obama's impeachment.    When you consider Democrats are lemmings by nature, when you look at the 95% Black support for anyone who is Black, the overall numbers seem rather impressive.  The lemmings bring down the overall pro-impeachment voices severely so when 40% are in favor of Presidential impeachment, that't pretty damn impressive.

And it may be getting worse for Obama.  I must have read a dozen news stories this week that showed both Republicans and Democrats are staging protests across the country against the recent invasion of tens of thousands of illegals.  It seems Democrats don't mind Obama's little amnesty games until it begins to affect them directly.  These days Obama is doling out little armies of illegal Central and South Americans all across the country...often not even bothering to let state governors know that they're coming.

So, fearful of disease and the social burdens these illegals present to each community affected, Democrats are joining Republicans in say a loud "no" to illegals in their communities.

Don't be surprised if Obama's support deteriorates further.  I've already voiced my opinion on this.  As of right now I say impeach the bastard for consistently breaching the delicate balance between the three pillars of our Republic.  BUT!  If Obama does indeed take action to grant any form of amnesty to these 30 million illegal invaders then I say, forget impeachment; take the bastard out!  Yeah, assassinate the bastard.  I can't or won't do it myself but I'll be praying that someone climbs a tree on the 14th green of Washington National Golf Course and puts one powerful bullet through this Socialist bastard's brain.  Sorry if you think that's harsh but we're in a war for the soul of America and the last dying gasp of an effort to uphold the rule of law.

If Obama or his Justice Department show no respect for the rule of law, why should I?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Beans And Bullets


There's this place over in Rifle, Colorado (yes, it's true!) that has an eatery called "Shooter's Grill".  They specialize in American and Tex Mex fare...and the 2nd Amendment.  All the waitresses are packing heat, several of them "gunslinger style" with their hog leg tied firmly at mid thigh.  As in Arizona, it is perfectly legal to open carry any kind of gun you fancy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fallen Angel


He was something of a devil, with an angel's voice.  He could take any one's song and make it his.  And his voice would transport the listener to heaven...for three minutes or so.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Obama's "I Know You're Hiding Something Tax"


We were sitting at the kitchen table when I lowered the morning paper an inch and told my wife about Obama's impending "I know you're hiding something tax."  The Anointed One, assuming all capitalists are cheats, is considering imposing a 3% tax on both pension and ordinary income in order to capture taxes on wealth greedy Americans are hiding somewhere around the home.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bill Clinton Has An Erection Lasting More Than Four Hours


For six years I've read that the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other.  I've even heard it from liberal rags like The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and The Hill.  The Clintons and Obamas have had to do this kabuki dance with razor sharp knives, trying mightily not to clash in order to save their political ambitions.

Then, this week we learned that Slick Willie actually hated Obama so much for stealing Hillary's 2008 throne that he threw his allegiance to John McCain.  In his book "Clinton Inc" Daniel Halper writes about the long term enmity between the Clintons and Obama.  Halper writes that Bill Clinton initiated a series of calls to John McCain telling him how to defeat Barry.  McCain confirms the calls, relates that Clinton gave him campaign advice, but stops short of furnishing the details.  And these calls to McCain came even as Clinton was campaigning for Barack in the latter stages of the effort he felt he had to make to keep Hillary's prospects viable with the liberal left and the Blacks.  Clinton was hoping like hell that McCain would win, which would open the door for Hillary in 2012.  

What brought on all this hate for Obama?  Well, it all started in the North Carolina primary campaign in 2008 when Barack Obama played the race card for the first time...but this time it was against the Clintons.  Bill was so incensed by this he is quoted by friends as saying at the time "I hate that man...I hate that man more than any other man on earth!"  You see, Clinton has spent more than 20 years simpering to the Blacks, lamenting that he "felt their pain"....and Clinton was worshipped by Blacks!  That is, until Barack came along and tens of millions of Blacks said "ain't no matter...your skin is white and we'll go Black every time, no matter how much we loved you before."  

The other Clinton expose that came out this month was Edward Klein's "Blood Feud" which also dishes the dirt on the Clinton-Obama battle for the heart of libtards everywhere.  

So what is Bill doing lately?  Well, according to the latest Secret Service book expose, Bill has another bimbo who gives him what Hillary won't.  This from the New York Post:  

(the post) got its hands on portions of a new book by Ronald Kessler called "The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents." The book describes the strict protocols agents follow when Energizer visits the Clinton's Chappaqua home while Hillary is away.
Kessler writes that Energizer sometimes arrives just minutes after Hillary leaves the home. The author quoted one Secret Service supervisor who said, "You don't stop her, you don't approach her, you just let her go in."
Hillary's Secret Service detail lets Bill's detail know when she is returning to the home so that there is time to get Energizer out the door and remove any evidence that she had been there, according to the book.
A Secret Service agent described the alleged mistress as wearing revealing clothing and having "enhanced" breasts. The agents also described the buxom blonde as friendly, saying she sometimes brought them cookies.
In the book, agents describe Hillary as being rude towards the Secret Service. "Agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment," Kessler wrote.
It wouldn't be the first rumored affair for Bill. The Daily Mail notes that Clinton previously admitted to having an affair with model and actress Gennifer Flowers.
Other alleged mistresses include Dolly Kyle Browning and Elizbeth Ward Gracen, a former Miss America who claimed she had a one-night Stand with Clinton.
The Clinton's private lives and scandals past and present have come under new scrutiny as the 2016 presidential election looms closer. Hillary Clinton is widely speculated to be a leading Democratic candidate, though she has not officially announced a plan to run for office.

You see, Bill Clinton has a new lease on life.  No more need for Viagra cause Bill is thrilled that Obama's Presidency is spinning out of control.  This will give he and Hillary space to distance themselves from a man whom he hates with a passion.  

And how does Hillary feel about all this?  Well, lets look at what she confided to her friends after leaving office:    
   "The thing with Obama is he can't be bothered, he's got his hands missing from the tiller half the time.  That's the story of the Obama Presidency - no hand on the fucking tiller".  She then went on to say "And you can't trust the motherfucker...he's treated Bill and I shabbily.  And we're angry....we tried to strike a deal with him..we supported him".....

That's all folks!  Just know that Bill won't be calling a doctor for that four hour plus erection; he's happy as hell these days!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

News N Notes, 7/14

Good morning dear reader,

I come across news stuff all the time that probably doesn't warrant a full blog essay, but they are interesting none the less.  So sometimes I just put them altogether in a blog and smack "news n notes" on it.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Ridiculously Easy Obama Win


That $3.7 billion blank check that Obama has asked Congress to approve is in real jeopardy.  You remember this one.  Obama wants $3.7 billion to feed, house and medicate some 90,000 of the most recent border invaders.  Obama says he needs it  to hire immigration judges in order to hurry up and send those invaders home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Pic Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hillary "What Difference Does It Make" Clinton
Diane "Gunner" Feinstein
Maxine "Muddy" Waters
Moochelle "Brown Rice and Broccoli"Obama
Elizabeth Warren, Native American

You have to pass it to know what's in it Pelosi
"Call Me Senator, General".."I don't like "ma'am"
"They is two Vietnams"

Debbie "Wasserman Test" Schultz
Oprah, sans her $1 million a year makeup artist

Barney Frank..oops!

Where do I sign up for the war on THESE Women.  Proof positive that "ugly goes straight to the bone".  Seriously, I've come to believe that these women are downright evil, that they are so rotten "inside" that all that ugliness begins to ooze out and transform them into she-monsters.

Lacking truth and even a small measure of principle, these women rely on lies to assume and stay in power.  War on Women means you aren't willing to fund their sex life and pay for their abortions.  That it's perfectly alright for 75% of Black women to breed horde after horde of violent and destructive thugs.

We've got an Arizona State University Associate Professor here in Phoenix that we pay her $300,000 dollars a year to teach women to hate men.
                                                           Breanne Fahs

Her name is Breanne Fahs.  She believes that our society will never be admirable until the entire male  population has been exterminated.  She has a doctorate in "Gender Studies" and encourages her female students to fore go makeup and grow a huge bush of underarm hair as a visible protest against males who lust after the feminine "type-cast".    A full nest of underarm hair gets the female an 'A' in her class.  For some odd reason, there are males in her class (gay?).  To earn an 'A' from Ms. Fahs her male students must agree to shave off all their body hair from the neck down.
Google it yourself folks...I can't make this kind of crap up!

Ugly...Damned Ugly

Monday, July 21, 2014

'Nawlins Idiocy


I was channel surfing Saturday afternoon, looking for something of redeemable value on the boob tube.  So I scanned through the three C-Span channels and the three Public Television channels and all I could find was programs about White men persecuting the hell out of Native Americans, Illegal Alien Invaders and the exhausting 150 year old Black slavery story.  

Not finding anything better I zeroed in on a program so ridiculously stupid that it amused me greatly. It was about Black folks down in New Orleans.  The program ran two parallel themes; one was a Black man trying like hell to win a mayoral election against Mitch Landrieu.  The other story was about Black disdain with some radical new rules in order to occupy a spanking new public housing project.  

The Mayoral story was blatantly racist...and all the racism was coming from Blacks.  On the heels of the massive Ray Nagin corruption, a young Black man was sailing against a strong and nasty wind; it seems every time a Black gets in charge of the city it just goes to hell.  So here's a young Black man trying to get elected and he opts to play that old race card to the max.  He goes into the Black churches and he begins conducting one of those old time country Black revival meetings.  He's shucking and he's jiving and he's literally climbing the walls of church vestments to show how high above political corruption he wants to get.  He tells the church goers that old devil Whitey is not the answer to their problems and they've just got to vote for him to reap the manna of government gravy.

Then, quite unusually, a small core of Black voters begin to emerge in support of White boy Mitch Landrieu.  Blame it on a failure of the school system, but somehow these Blacks are just gagging on Ray Nagin's massive corruption that they'll even vote for a White boy if he can make the trains run on time again!  Well, need I tell you how these Landrieu supporters were demonized?  "Uncle Toms!", cried the multitudes!  Well, that line of story ended before they announced who won the Mayor's race.  I had to google it and find that Whitey won and those 500 buses in the city yard are now gassed up and ready to be used if another Katrina comes along!  I don't know if New Orleans is any better off but the political points were certainly interesting!

The second story line was bizarre.  The government had built a revolutionary new public housing project.  If I recall the project was called Lifestyle Manor or something equally high "falutin".  This new housing project required that residents either be disabled or have a job to move in.  Residents could not have a crime record, nor could their children.  Maintenance rules were to be strictly followed or eviction would follow.  The government then announced this beautiful new housing, with attractive yards, community centers and activity clubs.  They then encouraged the residents of surrounding Black ghettos to move in to these sparkling new homes.  Well, a good number of the ghetto dwellers visited, and did drive-bys and thought the homes were very, very nice.

Then the prospective dwellers were read the rules for the new project.  Oh my lord!  You would have thought daddy government was asking them to give up an arm or a leg!  "How be you asking us to have a job?"  "How be you gittin in my binness and tellin me who ah can bring in my home "wid" me?"  "Little Terrell, he been busted by the fuzz three times cause he be hangin out in the hood and you be telling me he can't come lib with me?"  "Who be tellin me I has to mow da lawn and trim the bushes?"  "Ya'll go ahead and make dem rules but I ain't gonna leave my place and move in here!"  "I'd rather live in the dump I got than live here where you be tellin me how I gonna live my life!"

Again, the program ended without telling the fate of the new Lifestyle Manor housing project.  I googled it and could not find out if they relaxed the rules or if New Orleans Blacks got religion and told old Terrell to hit the road.   The program ended with a host of indignant Black women with behinds wider than a Buick cussing their way down the street.

'Nawlins Idiocy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Need A Paid Mouthpiece?


Check your wallet folks!  Any money missing?  Well, don't count on it staying that way!  We all know America is a laboratory for innovative business models and Amplify'D is a brand spanking new company that is bound and determined to meet a need!  And that need is "personal lobbying".  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

And Justice For None?

A couple of notes:  Not that all of my regular readers notice, but on Friday I surged past 400,000 page views.  Why is that notable?  Because it took nearly three years to hit 200,000.  The next 100,000 took about six months, but this last 100,000 came in a little over two months!  That was a huge surge in readership!  

Second Note:  Frankly, I was a bit pissed that only 30 or so of you read my blog on Operation Wetback.  I did a little extra research on that one and found the facts to be fascinating!  Especially, that the whole operation was spurred by a demand for Operation Wetback by the Mexican government!  I had no idea that was the case and found that amazing!  And only 30 of you Yahoos read it!  Yeah!  Sometimes I do get a little pissed that the blogs I think are great go "under noticed" Well, that's my fault, not yours.  :)

You probably all read about it.  A small town in Nebraska held a 4th of July parade and one of the floats was an outhouse labelled Obama's Presidential Library.  Standing in front of it was a paper mache figure that folks might or might not associate with The Anointed One.  If you look at a close up it resembles Obama not a fact it was modeled after the guy who designed the float.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Dollar For His Thoughts

I was up and about early this morning.  Drove down to Walmart for an oil change on my minivan.  After I had signed up for service and turned over my keys, I walked out the back service door, not wanting to walk around the store in 7AM air-conditioning.  So I went out and parked myself on the bench outside.  

Sitting there was a guy about my age, wearing an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball hat and wearing dirty jeans and a camouflage army shirt; not the desert cammies that our boys wear today but the old jungle fatigue shirt we wore in Vietnam.  The guy was smoking an unfiltered Camel cigarette, allowing it to rest on his lower lip, the smoke billowing up into eyes still crusted from sleep, cigarette ash dropping in flakes onto his brownish gray beard.

He ventured a few glances my way, then asked if I could spare a dollar.  I took out my wallet and fished out a buck and handed it to him.  He didn't offer any thanks, just nonchalantly assumed the dollar was somehow his due.  Somehow his apparent homelessness was "dues paid" for anyone willing to offer him money.

I've seen more than one homeless guy donning old military garb to elicit sympathy and a greater payout from stiffs willing to donate.  So, still a little irritated that he hadn't thanked me for the dollar, I ask him where he was stationed in Vietnam.  "Chu Lai and Khe Sanh" he said and told me enough about it to convince me that he had been there, done that.

We then shared some experiences in common, Bier 33 and jungle heat and how we felt when we first arrived in country.  That kind of set him off and all of a sudden he wasn't talking to me anymore.  He was looking out on the parking lot where cars were waiting to be serviced...but he wasn't really looking at them anymore either.  Instead, he had that "thousand mile stare" that I've seen in some Vietnam vets before.

And he started jabbering.  A bit ill at ease, I may have slid a couple of inches farther down the bench away from him.  I was ready to write him off as just another one of those drugged out old vets who  never really "came home" and, thus, have never found a home.

He kept saying "god-damn it, they never lets us forget!"..."never let us forget".  "Forget what?", I said.  For the first time he turned and really looked at me.  What I saw in his eyes was someone lost and frightened, then he said it again.  "They never let us forget!".  

He turned away and lit another Camel and resumed that "thousand mile stare".  He then said "they never told us!"..."they never told us!".  I looked at him curiously and he turned to me again and said "They never told us what war really is!"  "They never told us that the war never goes away...and they never told us, god-damn it, that those faces come back to you in your dreams, and the older you get the more often the dreams come...the more often those young faces of people you killed come back to haunt you in your old age."

"It never matters where I'm sleeping..whether I've got a bed for the night, or a park bench, those god-damn faces come back and haunt me in my dreams...I can hear them moving through the brush, and all of a sudden I wake up at I'm at "port arms" and I'm  killing them all over again!".  "Aint' nobody gonna whisper "sweet dreams" to me cause there ain't no sweet dreams anymore!"  He then dropped his head and a few tears fell into his lap and he fell into silence.

I sat there and looked away and felt like an intruder.  I looked down at my arms and saw chill bumps moving up and down my arms.  I couldn't look at him again, nor did he turn to me again.  Instead, he hiked his feet upon the bench and laid down, a small bag pillowing his head.  He closed his eyes...intent on some early morning sleep, I guess.

I rose from the bench and stumbled into the store and retrieved my keys and walked out to my car.  Before I drove away I looked back at the old fella on the bench.  He was still lying there, eyes closed, but with lids dancing as he played out another of those nightmare dreams.

As I drove home I thought about what he had said.  He's right of course.  The politicians sent us to war.  The military turned us into fighting machines.  But they don't tell you how to deal with the aftermath, with the dreams that haunt, the nightmares that return in spades at an age when all one longs for is peace.  They never told him that the ghosts of those he killed, the ones with faces as youthful as his own, will come back for an encore just when you're trying your damnedest to forget.

A dollar for his thoughts...and I got far more than I bargained for.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Air Victims; 295 + 1


Today, as we heard the horrible news of Malaysian Air Shoot Down.  It brought back memories of 1983 when the Russians shot down the passenger liner Korean Air Lines 007.  That night President Reagan went on national television to address the nation.  In heart felt words Reagan honored the dead, including our fellow Americans, then set the stage for world wide condemnation of the Soviet Empire.  

In September 2011, George W. Bush stood in the ashes of the World Trade Center and shouted through that bullhorn that the terrorist would soon hear from us.

On Wednesday afternoon military intelligence officials and the CIA briefed Obama that they had detected at least one BUK surface to air Soviet missile system that was moved from Russian into the Ukraine.  Apparently Barack was unphased.  No worldwide warning went out nor were our allies notified.

Instead, this morning Obama boarded Air Force One to fly to Delaware to make a speech about how nasty Republicans are.  While airborne he learned of the Malaysian Air shoot down.  The State Department called and advised him that Americans were on board that plane.  Upon arrival Obama did that "swing ape" descent from Air Force One, was driven to his speech event, climbed up on the stage and spent exactly 30 seconds by saying "we may have had a tragedy this morning".   He then spent the next hour castigating Republicans for giving him only $15 billion for roads and bridges and spoke of how nasty Republicans are for blocking everything he wants to do.

Obama then climbed down from the stage, shook hands with local officials and said "I'm hungry, let's go get a burger".  The photo op had been planned for days and neither the burnt corpses of Americans nor the other innocents could ruin Obama's appetite for both a photo op and a hamburger.

So there's another victim, apart from the Malaysian disaster; it is us.  We no longer have a leader with even the smallest measure of stature.  We no longer have a President who has a sense of time and place, or what a silly photo op might offer in the way of hurt, of American citizens, and certainly not for the families of those Americans who died in that horror.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

The Stunning Irony of "Operation Wetback"


If you were to ever attend a university level course on the history of American immigration you would probably hear that federal government brownshirts rounded up a whole passel of Mexicans and deported them.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Fastest Route To A Mexican's Heart


I don't believe we've ever had a more compassionate President than Barack Obama.  Why?  Well I just learned that the Obama administration has hired hundreds of "food stamp counsellors" to show up at Mexican consulates throughout the U.S. and conduct seminars on how those here illegally can sign up for the U.S. Food Stamp Program.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Satan Reigns?


Honest to God, I haven't believed in the existence of Satan for more than 30 years...since I came to the conclusion that Satan is no more than something organized religions held over our heads to get us to fall in line.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Flushing Billions


Last week the Associated Press published their annual report on government waste fraud and abuse. I found it quite illuminating.   After reading what our taxpayer money is being wasted on, I was amazed by how easy it would be to stop the waste and fraud if someone really cared enough.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Neutering The Jive Clown"


I don't believe I've ever seen an entire political party so inept at articulating a political philosophy like the current crop of Republicans.  With the exception of Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio, Republicans are a bunch of tongue-tied idiots.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Frisco's "Empty Garage" Syndrome


I still can't get over San Francisco's recent implementation of Municipal Code 603 which stipulates that municipal citizens are here to fore forbidden to store anything in their garage except for their car, preferably a Prius.   Okay, folks.  You think I made this up.  Well first of all, I've seen libtard laws implemented lately that I could not have possibly have dreamed up.  Never the less, I'm posting a link because if I don't some libtard is gonna come along and read this and accuse me of lying.

Violators are subject to a $500 dollar fine if the garage police catch you storing Christmas decorations, your winter clothing, that 100 pound dog food bag, or even that can of Turtle Wax you use to keep that Prius looking like new!

Yes, I know the police can't seem to run down illegal Mexicans who rape 84 year old women but they've got to find someone they can punish, right?

Frankly, I'm a little worried about where that San Francisco Socialist City Council go next.  Will they worm their way into the laundry room and punish you for not using eco-friendly laundry soap.  Will you get busted for using those Downy laundry softeners that don't break down in the landfill quickly?

How about the kitchen?  Will you get fined if all your kitchen appliances are not Energy Star certified?  Will they ban waffle irons, toasters, microwaves, or garbage disposals?  Will they force you to start a compost pile with your egg shells and coffee grounds?  Will they limit small appliances to one juicer and a brown rice dispenser?

I'm sure they're already on your toilet like stink on...well you know.  Those toilets better be low flow and if you're caught with a box of flush wipes you go to prison for two years, minimum.  

How about the living room, or family room.  Are you harboring one of those big box televisions from the 80's?  You better not be!  And just what are you watching on that television?  If an inspector pushes the "on" button is he likely to find the last channel watched was Fox News?  

Don't worry about the bedroom.  The powers that be in San Francisco are fairly lax in that regard; if your love life revolves around an amorous German Shepherd, or a donkey, or a wooly sheep, well that's okay...the government doesn't belong in the bedroom!

But you damn sure better not be storing a lawn mower in your garage!  And it better not be a gas one or they'll tack on an extra year or two of prison time.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Ancient Draft Dodgers


Chuck Huey is a 73 year old gent who lives over in Kingston, Pennsylvania.  No fool he, Chuck knows that even though we no longer have the draft young men who turn 18 are required by law to sign up with the U.S. Selective Service System.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

EEOC Strikes Again!


Wisconsin Plastics is a manufacturing conglomerate up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The company represents one of those "last man standing" manufacturers who still remain loyal to the American worker, having opted to stay home and not flee America's shores.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Barack Supports "Human-Horse" Marriage Rights Group


President Obama took time out during his visit to Denver on Tuesday to attend a "human-horse" marriage rights rally in downtown Denver.  Obama shook hooves and hands with hundreds who were protesting Colorado's law that makes it illegal for a human to marry a horse.

Obamacare And Your Credit Card


Good morning, dear readers.  
You know that letter you get once a year from your credit card issuer? ...the one with all the fine print about how they share your credit info?  Well, you might want to read it closely the next time it shows up in your mailbox.  (Keep in mind that, unless you opt out, banks and credit card issuers are free to share your credit behavior, and even sell it to other agencies.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wanted; Dead or Alive: Barack Hussein Obama


Spurred by Obama's royal edict to arbitrarily declare some two million illegal Mexicans "instant citizens" tens of thousands of illegal teens have crashed the border, hoping to get in on "microwave amnesty".  The "dreamers" now number in the millions as families as far away as 1800 miles, down in Central America are now dumping their "spermal refuse" on America's shores.  It's just more of those "unintended consequences" that a man-child unsuitable for leadership has wrought on our nation.

So last week America tired of seeing our borders overrun.  America was angered when Obama asked Congress to give him $1.4 billion to feed, educate and medicate even more potential "dreamers" and their anchor baby offal.  And they took it out on the nearest politician available...and they ousted the House Majority Leader who was a hair's breath away from cutting a grand amnesty bill with Obama.

America is getting damned tired of having an outlaw for President; trading terrorists for army deserters, circumventing Congress and the Constitution with his Executive Orders, refusing to enforce our immigration laws and declaring himself arbiter of all national concerns.

As bad as it has been, it promises to get worse.  Barack Obama has already promised that, if Congress won't give him authority to legalize 30 million illegal invaders, he'll do it himself.  He'll issue still another "emperor's edict" and utilize the full force of the military and the justice department to enforce his "own laws".

Well, folks, if that happens, if Obama declares America an open welcome mat for illegals already here, if his actions prompt tens of millions more to breech our border, it's time to brand Obama the outlaw that he is ....and take him out by any means necessary.  Whether Obama likes it or not, the Congress is the people's house, they are elected to do our bidding, and they won't approve amnesty because America does not want it.  No amount of executive orders will change that.

If our President does not want to respect and obey our laws there's no reason in the world for us to obey them either.   Impeach the bastard....and if that doesn't work, well, we know what to do with outlaws.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Holiday "Thug-ology"


For those of you good people who occupied yourselves with parades and fireworks and picnics, here's a little recap of what the American minority underbelly, those cretins who failed to absorb even a smidgen of American goodness, those thugs who could have been Obama's son, were up to.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The Late Great State of California"

Note:  The following information sounds too good to be true.  I invite anyone to google any of this to confirm it was indeed the case.  I should know, I grew up there.

In 1960 a California student could expect to graduate from the finest school system in the nation.  California students regularly produced the highest SAT scores in the nation.  After graduation from high school a California student could expect to attend any of the state universities free of charge; no tuition was charged.  A student was expected to pay only a small enrollment fee and for his books. 

The wealth of California during this time was astounding.  When gauged by economic wealth, the state of California was wealthier than almost every other nation, actually ranking as the 5th largest "nation" in the world.   The state boasted of having the busiest international harbors in the world, ranked number 1 in agriculture and not only fed the United States but much of the world.  The bountiful California economy was a leader in mining, oil, pork and beef production and tourism.  Hollywood ginned out the largest percentage of the world's entertainment and California was known throughout the world as the Golden State for good reason.

The great San Joaquin valley was a pristine green bowl of bounty.  Lovely grape vineyards and orchards of peach and almonds and citrus could be seen in quilted pattern from any height.  A Californian could, in a single day, ski at Mineral King, surf in the Pacific Ocean, and camp under a canopy of Redwoods in lush National Forests.

What happened?

Well, to begin with, California in the 1960's had a total of 9 million residents, the large majority of which were hard working legal residents.  Today, California has 35 million residents and fully a third of them are illegal.  The "new" California immigrant comes flowing across the border in anticipation of receiving very generous state and federal benefits.  Many of those who have come bring with them their Mexican criminal past, their drug runners and the ilk who will invade your home and rob you, steal your car and worse, your identity.    Feeling no "investment" in their new home illegals have no qualms about trashing the streets with worn out sofas, fast food wrappers, discarded tires, old oil and the various and sundry refuse of a life without merit.  Illegal Mexicans have brought diseases to California that haven't been seen in the U.S for fifty years!

Remember those pristine National Forests and State Parks?  Now the State Park Service and National Park Service must warn visitors from travelling in the parks; they have now been havens for Mexican pot growers who have infested the parks with growers, guns and the willingness to harm anyone who threatens their pot farms.

Remember those beautiful valley farming cites like Stockton, Merced, Modesto, Sanger, Fresno, Tulare and Bakersfield?  Just this week the EPA declared these cities to be the nastiest in the United States with air not fit for humans.  These cities are now overrun with illegals who bring with them the pestilence of polio, tuberculosis, hooping cough and a dozen other diseases that were once gone from the U.S. populace.  They further brought the pestilence of "hit and run" uninsured drivers, burglary, robbery, rape, murder and a natural affinity for birthing multiple anchor babies, which gains them a toe hold into the welfare, WIC, Social Security SSI, Earned Income Credits, Child Tax Credits, Food Banks, Food Stamps, court mandated free medical care and court mandated education for every illegal child. 

Los Angeles has, in 15 short years, turned into Mexico City North, plagued with budget shortages, explosive crime rates and a populace that is loyal only to the Mexican flag.

The California state budget has bordered on bankruptcy for fifteen years as the golden state has now become the "brown-out" state, running annual deficits fully 25 percent higher than their revenues.  The K-12 education system is a swamp of inefficiency and bogged down with criminal youth who have little interest in learning English, much less anything else.  Tuition is still very low if you are non-productive and  on the government tit, but if you work for a living, forget it.  You won't be able to afford the sky high tuition rates.

To accommodate the rising costs of supporting the illegal invasion, California began raising taxes and fees in the late 1970's.  The first migration of the state by the "working class" was upward into Oregon.  As the quality of life in California began to decline, state working class residents began the continual migration to Nevada, Arizona and Texas.  The trend continues; California continues to see a drop in revenue growth as the producers continue to migrate out.  Even Silicon Valley companies are fleeing to Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona.  Intel just announced a massive expansion of their chip-making plant in Phoenix.

Liberal Democrats have been in control of  the Statehouse in Sacramento for thirty years now.  They have managed to preside over a state crippled by greedy unions and piggish state bureaucrats who have no other interest but maintaining the status quo.  Their answer to California's problems has been an unending flow of tax hikes to finance their union and state employees and a "legalized through past amnesty" Hispanic power base who promote and indeed cheer the illegal invasion.

There exists a significant group of people who love to talk about the possibility that a mythical "Atlantis" existed; a land of wealth and prosperity and an educated citizenry!  One need not go that far back in time.  California was that "Atlantis" not that long ago.

Sadly, for those who still remember, it is heartbreaking to see what the "Late Great State of California" has become.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Illegals Turning Our Hometowns Into Cesspools"


The following headline and news extract for the Selma (California) Enterprise appeared on this week's edition of my old hometown paper.  Note all of the little neighboring cities are also suffering from the explosive crime rate.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Providence Of The American Dream

"Providence";  blessed and ordained by a Deity, by God.    I've written unendingly about my deep and sincere belief that America was created, America developed, America flourished, all under the eyes of a watchful and approving creator.

Think about our world history.  The dark ages ebb, The Renaissance blossoms.  New age social philosophers like Locke, Rousseau, John Stewart Mill, all writing of a potential societal Utopia based on equality of opportunity and the recognition that individual freedom, and God given rights, reign supreme, far above the whims of monarchs and dictators.