Sunday, August 31, 2014

Toeing The Liberal Line..or Else!

These days you can have all the personal rights you long as you toe the liberal line and embrace the liberal agenda.  Go against them and the liberal brownshirts will punish you severely.  There is no longer room for alternative points of view.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Shoe Is On Neither Foot

                                                       The shoe is on neither foot

I've been wearing Dearfoam house slippers for 30 years.  I have to replace them every ten years or so.  So, for my birthday, my wife went to Walmart and bought me a pair of Dearfoam slippers to replace my ten year old now raggedy version.  When presented with my present I smiled and kissed my wife, saw that they were Dearfoams and never even bothered to slip my feet in confident of the quality.

So a few days later I pulled the Dearfoam slippers out of the bag, slipped my feet into them, and was hugely shocked at shoes that are only fit to be worn by a clown in the circus.  The tops of the shoes are made of some corduroy type material, with a plastic sole sewn into the bottom part of the shoe.  But the plastic insert is so loose within the bottom cloth confines that it sends anyone walking in them into a drunken crawl.  "Squish, Squish", goes the plastic as it roams around down there like a small sail boat in a roaring sea.  I sat down and took the slippers off.  After walking no more than 20 feet on a carpeted floor it was evident that the thin bottom material would soon tear away and expose the plastic sole.  The shoes were simply beyond horrible; impossible to walk on with the plastic sole shifting with every step and the quality was absolutely terrible.

"What happened?", I wondered.  Three decades and three pair of Dearfoams and now this?  Well, you know by now my curiosity will just not leave this alone.  So I went to Amazon and began reading customer reviews and read of similar problems with Dearfoams.   Some Dearfoam models did receive favorable reviews but so many were reporting just what I had experienced.

So I ventured further.  I googled RG Barry, the company that has made house slippers since 1945.  Sure enough, I found a glowing business report that said RG Barry, in 2004, facing increased competition, and not being able to squeeze enough into their corporate bottom line, had began making their Dearfoams offshore, in Mexico and China...and the good old American workers who had been making quality Dearfoams for 59 years were now out of work....and Americans once again must wear bad quality for the sake of corporate greed....and pay more taxes to support all those unemployed RG Barry workers.

The glowing business article mentioned that RG Barry was just named "shoe supplier of the quarter" by Walmart.  Well whoop de do....mine went back to the return desk at Walmart so next quarter is in jeopardy.  

Well, it's back to the ten year old American made sheepskin Dearfoams that my granddaughter bought me for Christmas back in 2004.  The wool is pretty much gone inside and they are tattered and stained, but at least when I put them on I'm not stumbling like a drunken sailor on cheap plastic inserts.


Friday, August 29, 2014

The Carlin-Friend Peace Conference


All of you regular readers know that Jerry is our "token liberal", or at least he once branded himself as such.  It's hard to tell because I'm certainly not a liberal and we often find ourselves agreeing much of the time.  Oh, sometimes Jerry will drop a bit of the snide in the comments block, and I'll snide him right back, but I suspect we'd be good neighbors to one another.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

When I Realized Arizona Was "Home"

The Arizona Republic has been running a series of letters from folks relating when they first realized Arizona was "home".  I was tempted to write one and send it in but I'm afraid they probably wouldn't publish it.

You see, for me, moving to Arizona was fleeing from California, my boyhood home, and a state that I once dearly loved.  I was living in North County, San Diego and we loved the area very much.  We bought a beautiful Spanish style home on a quarter acre in a quiet, sedate and mature lawns, friendly neighbors and a quietude that is rare these days.  Folks parked their cars in the garage, leaving the streets luxuriously wide and the sidewalks ideal for our morning walks.  

Then the influx of millions of illegal Mexicans began taking its toll on our neighborhood.  The first "multiple family household" moved in a couple of blocks away.  Then we began seeing more and more cars parked up on the front lawn, heard the distant din of loud mariachi music disturbing our quiet nights, and condoms and bags of fast food garbage began appearing in the gutters.  At last it was our turn as our good neighbors just across the street sold out and a Mexican tribe moved in.  Soon the grass had been torn out to make room for three cars and the tribe began throwing Mariachi parties that ran late into the night.  One of the clever fellows had mounted 3 foot speakers in his garage and when he cranked up the music the foundation of our house would rumble and cry.  I spent hours on the phone with the Sheriff's Office, calling in noise complaints.  The Sheriff would respond, issue a warning, then, as soon as he departed the music would crank up again.

Along with that, the two nearby cities, San Marcos and Escondido became ground zero for Mexican gangs and soon crime was rampant and the graffiti flowed freely.

So I set out on a road trip to Arizona, first to Tucson, then Phoenix.  I might have chosen Tucson for our next home had it not been for that city hosting a week of the most violent lightening and thunder storms this state had seen in years.  After a few days there I drove north to Phoenix.  Arriving in the city right at the height of the commuter rush I still marveled that, in contrast to Los Angeles or San Diego, the traffic actually "moved!".  

Only by accident did I find Sun City.  I got lost looking for another area of town and wound up in this quiet little haven that was surrounded by much busier and frantic locales.  I was immediately impressed.  There were no cars parked on the streets, no grease stained driveways, no stereos blasting from auto or home and it reminded me so much of the quiet and orderliness of an Air Force Base that I was immediately enchanted,   Within a month I bought a home and established my residency in Arizona.

The first thing I noticed was that my Driver's License was good for many years and the cost to license a vehicle was about $700 dollars less than in California.   And when I picked up the local paper I read of a part time state legislature that got paid $24,000 dollars a year and met for only a few months to draw up a budget that matched state revenue, then they all went home to their regular jobs.  And, because it is Republican controlled, they make sure they try to stay out of the citizen's business and tax him as little as possible.

Still, for the first couple of years, I felt like Arizona was something I had to "settle for" did not have the lovely beaches and park greenery of the Golden State.  Then, little by little, I began to fall in love.  I took at day trip down to Bisbee and was charmed by their Bed and Breakfast culture.  While there I ventured farther out and was left speechless and nearly blinded by miles and miles of desert wildflowers.  One Sunday morning my wife and I drove into Prescott, the old territorial capitol, and found hundreds of locals gathered in the park at city center.  Local artists and artisans from Jerome were displaying colorful Southwest paintings and earthenware and folks wandered in and out of the local shops, or breakfasting on outdoor patios in quaint little sidewalk cafes.


 On other day trips I drove out to Apache Junction and watched in amusement as prospectors set off to find The Lost Dutchman Mine and become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

And I found the San Francisco Peaks up north to be every bit as beautiful, and far less congested than California's Lake Tahoe.  


But it was the little things closer to home that finally brought me to a real love of Arizona.  I finally realized I was home when I began to appreciate the beauty of Prickly Pear Cactus blossoms, and colorful Yellow Bells and Orange Bells and Lantana that asked for little water in return for spectacular beauty in your own back yard.  I enjoyed sitting out on my back patio, a cup of coffee in hand, and watching the pidgins and doves and quail wandering about my yard and bathing in the water that pools beneath my citrus trees.  And when I looked up to the skies I was rewarded with powder blue skies and cotton ball clouds, and, in the winter, massive flights of ducks in aerial caravan, en route to their refuge to the south.  


I've lived in the winter havens of both San Diego and Hawaii and Arizona winters are about as pleasurable as one can find anywhere.  Yes, the summers are blazing hot and they drive away some two million snowbirds back to their homes in Minnesota and North Dakota and the Mid-West, but those of us who stay are blessed with star-studded night skies so clear that you can reach out and grab a handful of stars in one fell swoop.  And every week or two in the summer months God sends us a monsoon storm that blesses us with soothing rains, a 20 degree drop in the temperature and the scent of fresh linen as the Creosote opens up and sends their heavenly scents all across the valley.      


And when our day is done we can walk out into the back yard, take a seat, and witness some of the most spectacular sunsets one can ever hope to see.  And I am "home".

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burger King; Having It Their Way


I really like National Public Radio....and I like Public Television too.  They are the only source I've found that is willing to spend the time to discuss an issue in detail.  Yes, I know that 90 percent of the time they are championing liberal causes, but at least they are talking about it!

So, as most of you know Burger King is planning to leave the U.S. for Canada.  The King is telling Prince Obama that he's had enough of America's 35% corporate tax rate and find Canada's 15% tax rates far more friendly for the corporate bottom line.

So yesterday NPR spent a good 15 minutes talking about Burger King's imminent departure.  Except at no time were the moderators giving credence to Burger King's corporate position.  Instead they chewed on the numbers, lamenting the fact that a Burger King move to Canada simply illustrated the current state of corporate greed.

For instance, while Burger King will still pay a 35%corporate taxes for all U.S. operations, they will  pay only a 15% tax rate on their international operations, including Canada.  Further, Burger King corporate can now loan money to their U.S. based partners, allowing their American brothers to write interest expense off of their U.S. taxes, even as they record that interest income in Canada and pay a mere 15% on all the extra moo la.

Well, our liberal hosts on NPR were up in arms about this.  While they never discussed the inequity of the tax disparity between U.S. 35% corporate taxes and the 15% that every other industrialized nation is charging their corporate residents, they were burned over Burger King desertion of Obama's tax greedy America.

You could almost hear the NPR hand wringing over this development.  Our NPR masters were speculating on how many Americans would turn away from Burger King and not buy the Whopper!
At this, I began laughing out loud.  

Earth to NPR; liberals don't buy Whoppers!  Liberals eat Chipotle Mexican Grill and wash it down with $7 dollar Starbucks lattes!   Again, Earth to NPR; the average America Joe could give a shit less where Burger King corporate long as they can still buy Whoppers, 2 for $5!

But at least NPR was talking about it!

P.S.  I owned ten shares of Jack in The Box stock for quite awhile.  About five years ago I saw a Jack in the Box restaurant going up right next door to an In N Out Burger franchise....couldn't believe my eyes!  I hurried home and immediately put in a sell order on my Jack in the Box stock!  I figured that if Jack Corporate, and their franchise owners were stupid enough to think a microwave hamburg could go head to head with a hamburger fresh off the grill, then Jack was in big trouble.  I was right...that Jack in the Box franchise went belly up....Starbucks came in and took over the building, slapped some brown paint on the outside and installed a Starbucks logo...and they're doing good business.

Getting  back to Burger King.  The Obama Administration, upon hearing of Burger King's move to Canada, again threatened to punish American companies who weren't patriotic enough to pay 35% corporate tax rates while paying for Obamacare for their hundreds of thousands of employees.  Well, Burger King corporate issued a statement that directly slammed Obama.  Already pissed off by Obama's attempt to make them pay $10.10 an hour for Burger King franchise employees on military bases, the gist of their press release was "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP US FROM MOVING, GO AHEAD.... MAKE OUR DAY!"

When will that socialist ever learn?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Milk Toast Congress


On September 9th, 2009, Barack Obama deigned to ride down Pennsylvania Avenue and address a joint session of Congress.  When Obama began speaking of the glory of Obamacare Congressman Joe Wilson, from South Carolina, shouted out "liar."  

Well, the bloodless bureaucrats that now dwell in Congress demanded an apology.  Senator Juan McCain lamented that Wilson's shout-out was such a breach in protocol that he was ashamed to be of the same political party.  Harry Reid was aghast, spittle flowing from his mouth, that someone had criticized the "anointed one."  Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Test Schultz got the vapors.

A week later Congressman Wilson was forced to apologize or face being forced out of Congress.  Evan after Wilson issued an apology Congress forced a censure vote against Wilson.

Our Congress was not always so meek and mild.  There was a time when a man's honor was something to fight for....a time when our leaders felt so strongly about their political views that they were willing to fight for them.

In 1798 Congressman Roger Griswold, Democrat, from Connecticut, called Vermont Congressman Matthew Lyon, Republican, a scoundrel.   A physical melee broke out and it was quite awhile before the fist fight could be quelled.  The hostilities lingered and a few weeks later Lyon spit in Griswold's face which led to Griswold beating Congressman Lyon about the face and head.  

The debate over slavery had lingered for years before the Civil War erupted into all out war.  In 1850 Senator Thomas Benton, a fervent anti-slavery advocate verbally attacked his fellow Democrat, Senator Henry Foote, from Mississippi.  Foote promptly extracted a pistol from his jacket and pointed it at Benton with the full intention of shooting him dead.  Thankfully, fellow Senators jumped Foote before he could fire and the Senate adjourned to affect a "cooling off period."

In 1856 Congressman Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner unconscious with his cane.  Sumner had castigated Brooks and called his slave holding constituents "pimps" for holding slaves.  Sumner was beaten so badly that he would miss three years of his Senate term while recuperating from the severe beating.  Southern newspapers made Brooks a hero and Brooks continued in his fiery behavior throughout his term.  Finally, angered by Brooks beyond reason, Congressman Anson Burlingame, from Massachusetts, challenged Brooks to a duel on the floor of the House.  The duel never took place because Brooks heard that Burlingame was a "crack shot" and, no fool he, never showed up for the duel.

In the wake of the Sumner beating Congressman Laurence Keitt, Sumner's "second" in the Sumner brawl (he prevented anyone to come to Sumner's aid) was accosted on the House floor by Congressman Galusha Grow, Republican from Pennsylvania.  Grow called Keitt a "slave driver" after which Keitt grabbed Grow by the throat and began choking him.  On this occasion more than 50 members of the House joined in the fray, each of them hell bent on beating the hell out of "the enemy."  During the scuffle someone grabbed Congressman William Barksdale's lush head of hair and it proved to be a fine wig, leaving Barksdale's bald pate for everyone to see.  Well, the sight of Barksdale's bald head struck most of the combatants as extremely funny and the ensuing roar of laughter by all present brought the brawl to its conclusion.

Finally, lest we attribute this legislative madness to old dead men, we should remember that Senator  Zell Miller, Democrat from Georgia, beginning to gag on his party's descent into unreasoning liberalism, chose to give a keynote speech in support of George W. Bush back in 2000.  Well, the Democrats were up in arms about this "traitor" and they trotted out their "media boy", MSNBC's Chris Matthews to do a "hit piece" interview of Miller during the convention coverage.  As soon as Miller came on air Mathews began that "machine gun interrogation of Miller, not allowing him to answer a question before he moved on to another.  All of a sudden Senator Miller yelled "shut up!" to Mathews....and then Miller said "I wish we still had duels...cause I'd damn sure challenge you to a duel about now!"  And, for the first time in years, Chris Mathews had nothing to say.

Milk toast was once what you fed toothless people.  You made a piece of toast, poured warm milk over it, the better for the old toothless wretch to get it down his gullet.  Sadly, that is the diet of today's Congress.  There are no bold actions to reduce the deficit, or fight federal fraud, waste and abuse, to represent their constituents with a sense of principle, or even to pass a budget if they don't feel like it.

And now, some five years later, we know old Joe Wilson was right...Obama was a "liar."

Sad.  Damned Sad. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Immigrant Nation


You can like America.  You can be glad you live here.  And you can love America.  But I don't think you can fully appreciate America unless you were forced to live away from her, or if you came here from somewhere else.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Obama Dealt Bad Hand; Plays Them Badly


Obama's political enemies are taking great delight these days in watching the world blow up.  From Egypt to Libya to Syria to Iraq, the Middle East is an unholy mess.  But, let's offer a modicum of fairness here....Obama inherited a hell of a mess, made worse by his absolute leadership failures abroad and at home.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Coffee And Sex"

A Golden Oldie From My First Year of Blogging:
Good morning steady reader!

Okay, the news just came out Saturday that coffee and sex can trigger heart attacks and strokes.  Researchers weren't clear on whether these cataclysmic events occurred when patients were drinking coffee while having sex or if coffee and sex in moderation also contributed to what old Fred Sanford would call "the big one". 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr. Pak


I was just reading something the actor Richard Dreyfus said about American exceptionalism.  Dreyfus, whose politics swings from liberal to conservative, depending on the issue, was taking angry exception of Obama's consistent statements that America is no more exceptional than any other nation.  Dreyfus rightly argues that, not only did America invent the system that promotes individual freedoms, but that we have done more to free millions around the world that any nation in history.

That got me to thinking about the Marshall Plan when, for five years, we spent fully a third of our entire Gross Domestic Product to rebuild Europe after World War II.  Or how production engineers cited our re-building Japan (the aggressor) following World War II for the massive manufacturing advantage Japan has enjoyed over the years.  They were beating us on trade using the newer factories America built for them, while our own aging manufacturing facilities couldn't compete!

And I even thought about a war for freedom we didn't win...but didn't lose; South Korea.  Don't know how many of you know this but South Korea is consistently in the top ten top producing nations in the world.  It wasn't always so.

I remember my first one year tour to South Korea back in 1975.  I was stationed at an air base in the southern part of the country.  The little town outside the base offered the chance when off duty to go down and have a Korean meal or to shop for oriental trinkets to send home as souvenirs to family and friends.  In 1975 the Korean home consisted of some rudimentary furniture, a very small refrigerator and one of those little camp-like kerosene one burner stoves to cook on.  Only the very rich owned a car; transportation was by bus or some dinky little blue taxis made by an obscure auto company called "Hyundai".  

On my second tour to Korea, in 1983 the country was dramatically different.  Even average folks had a modern stove, a full size refrigerator and even washers and dryers were becoming common.  Where once Korean farmers had used 'night soil' (human excrement) to fertilize their crops, modern farms now stood using the latest and best agricultural innovations.  From the middle of the country, all the way north to the capitol at Seoul, green houses dotted the countryside and provided fresh vegetables and flowers in winter for the South Korean consumer.  Although mass transportation was still the preferred method for getting around, Koreans also owned automobiles to take them out to the country or on vacation in the south.

On that second tour I had already been commissioned as an officer and enjoyed the privilege of living off base.  I rented a small apartment just a few steps from the air base's main gate.  Each night when I got off work I would walk down a little lane that featured boutique shops on both sides and I soon got on speaking terms with all the shopkeepers along that lane.  One particular shop was owned by a young Korean man, no more than 30 years old, named Mr. Pak.  He sold mink blankets and intricately designed silk quilts.  I ended up frequenting his store often as I outfitted my own bed with a warm mink blanket and a quilt to ward off the cold winter nights.  I also bought blankets and quilts and sent them home to family as gifts.  

I got to know Mr. Pak quite well and he would often invite me in for coffee or tea as I passed by his shop for home.  We learned about each other's family.  I learned his ambition was to become well established in his business so that he could take a bride and start a family.  He certainly worked hard enough for it as he operated his shop from 8 in the morning until 10 at night!  But that was the case for most Koreans; they are extremely hard working and always ambitious!  

When I left South Korea in 1984, I was assigned to a position at Pacific Air Force headquarters, working in support of our bases in Asia.  So I ended up returning on inspection tours to Korea time and again.  On one visit late in 1985 I ventured off base and dropped by to see Mr. Pak.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had bought out the business next door and had expanded his store.  Smiling at seeing me, he pounded me on the shoulder and laughed and insisted I come in the shop for tea.  As we sat down at a small table, Mr. Pak called out to someone in the back room.  Soon out came a lovely young Korean girl whom he introduced as his wife.  Tagging along beside her was a little boy about one year old.  I was so happy to see that Mr. Pak had realized his dreams.

A dream that surely would not have happened if tens of thousands of Americans had not sacrificed their lives on Pork Chop Hill or on the beaches of Inchon.  Quite exceptional people, these Americans.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The "Nag-Mobile"


How many of you are old enough to remember that ancient TV show called "My Mother The Car?"
It has been deemed the worst TV show in the history of television.  The premise was this fella's mom comes back reincarnated as a 1928 Porter touring sedan...he finds her on a used car lot and brings her home where she will set out to nag him to death over his obviously unsatisfactory lifestyle.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"We Be Shootin' Our Own!"


Didn't get much comment, or much review of my blog yesterday.  That's was a pretty brutal condemnation of the "monkey class"...those thugs that dwell in the ghetto and feed off of evil and cruelty.  I don't apologize a fact I'm doubling down today.

Ferguson, Missouri is still a mess.  City, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement haven't come up with a solution to end the violence.  And they won't, because like much of America, they look at these thugs, then look the other way, quaking in their boots that they might be called racist for calling a spade a spade.

And this is part of the problem; as long as we give these hooligans a welfare check, hold them to no standard of human behavior, and best of all for them, ignore their savagery, the savagery will continue.  

How many of those thugs give one grain of shit about the death of Michael Brown?  None.  In fact, had the cop not brought the thug down,  a fellow thug would have gunned him down in the street at some later date....and no one would give a damn.  One only needs to look at the two or three dozen Black on Black murders on Chicago's south side every weekend to see how little Barry or Al or Jessie care about thug death.  You have never seen Eric Holder showing up in Chicago asking for a "bonus autopsy" or a federal investigation!   The Black motto is "We Be Shootin Our Own!...honky, even in a cop uniform got no right!"

And those 60 IQ thugs are so stupid, and their lust for looting and violence so massive, that they can't even pretend to care, to be a "sympathetic victim".  And White America looks on, open mouthed, aghast at a dozen thugs looting an innocent business person, then turn the channel to watch Glee or NCIS, and bingo!..the problem goes away for them.

I guess one small sliver of good is that these thugs are at least partially "policing themselves" as they gun each other down by the thousands year in and year out.  Maybe that's why so few speak long as they're killing each other they're leaving us alone.

The thugs don't want to see me be "dictator for a month".  I'd "martial law" the hell out of every ghetto in America and I wouldn't put up with this crap for a single night.  Deploy the military, call out the national guard and gun down these sub human bastards until blood is running in the streets.  There's not enough prison to house them all and we'd be far better off.  

Sorry if I again offend your sensibilities but I'm damn tired of fifty years of coddling and ass-kissing and providing excuses for this Black savagery.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



When something like the Michael Brown shooting occurs I get so angry and so flummoxed that I can't write rationally or logically....thus the long delay in having anything to say about this.

Consider that, on the night Michael Brown was shot by a White policeman, 26 Blacks were killed by Blacks on the South Side of Chicago.  That brings the total for the year well over 500 Black kids shot on the Southside.  Not one Black reporter, not one White reporter, not one race baiter was on hand to lament the weekly Chicago massacre.  Not one.  Not Barry, Not Al, Not Jessie.

And the plague of Black crime is not limited to Chicago.  Baltimore and Newark and Philadelphia and Atlanta and Los Angeles, all killing zones, all rife with Black thug violence of the worst kind.
And the race baiters and the Black crusaders are no where to be found.

And Blacks are equal opportunity killers!  Yes, while they do kill each other in outsized numbers, if a White is crazy enough to venture into their hood, they'll kill him as well.  And when they are not killing they are playing the knockout game with 6 month pregnant women and 70 something old people and mob robbing 7-11's.

Well, it's Monday morning and I just watched the news conference on the Michael Brown autopsy.  A couple of hours prior the coroner had given an interview and stated that his findings do not support the idea that Michael Brown was walking away, but was in fact charging the officer.  Later, before an audience he became more tentative and said his findings could reach no conclusion on that matter.

So, post news conference, I click on Yahoo News and the headline reads "Coroners Findings Confirm Michael Brown was surrendering."  Huh?  Did we watch the same news conference?, thought I.  Cause it sure didn't support the Black witnesses testimony!

And, of course we again saw Obama take the side of the thug over the police, didn't we!  Same old divisive man-child.  I guess we should expect that since Obama is half "sub-human", isn't he.

Yes, I said "sub-human."  We are rapidly approaching the time when we stop playing this politically correct game and call these people what they are; mindless, illiterate, racist, unthinking monkeys who just didn't progress to the human stages as many Blacks many chose to go to the dark side. 

And yes, we do have hard working and law abiding Blacks but most of them haven't completed the jump to full human status either.  With the exception of Dr. Ben Carson and our friend Trevor and a few others, most of the law abiding Blacks, the morally straight Blacks, still refuse to speak up en masse and condemn this Black circus of monkeys who are playing a huge role in dragging America down.  You name it, the Blacks are champs:  75% one parent households, 12% of the populace sucking up 43% of welfare benefits, 50% illiteracy rates, 50% of the prison name it, these self styled "victims" win the gold ribbon!

And if you want to be mad at someone, be angry, be very angry at our founding fathers who brought Blacks in to do cheap labor...and for the past 50 years we've paid a huge price for that cheap labor.  

I wrote about this before.  Give these people their own state.  (except California which we need to cede to Mexico).  Let this subset of sub-human Blacks have their own state.  Let them elect Al Sharpton, President, and Jessie Jackon, VP, and tell them they're free to run it however they like....without a dime of federal dollars.

Let's see who they whine to and about then.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Detroit; The First American Communist Metropolis?


Last week a humanitarian delegation from the United Nations (you heard me right) marched into Detroit and demanded that water service be restored for some 20,000 Detroiters who had their water service cut off for not paying their water bill.  

It seems the UN intervention was prompted by several "call to action" groups, including the NAACP,  who have formed in Detroit demanding the right to get something else for nothing.  Here's the problem.  Once, long ago, when Detroit's Black municipal leadership deemed the once private water service too greedy they more or less "nationalized" it....seized it and began running the water service themselves.  Well, like everything else in Detroit, they didn't do a very good job.  They paid their meter readers $50 dollars an hour and granted full retirement at 20 years, and if the water was a bit stinky, and if the water pipe maintenance wasn't quite up to snuff, well at least the city workers were happy.

Well today, Detroit's municipal water service is $6 billion dollars in debt.  And because bankruptcy rules will no longer let its Black citizens "run a tab", they were forced to cut off service to over 20,000 residents who were more than 60 days behind in paying their water bill...and this after federal subsidies were already affording lower water rates than anywhere else in the state!

You see, there's not much left from the welfare check after paying for your drugs and your booze and the gas you need to drive around the city killing White people and burglarizing abandoned homes!  It's tragic!  So the water bill becomes the last thing you worry about, right?

Well the city tried their best.  Even as they were cutting off water service to deadbeat homes, they were still running water trucks throughout the city and staging water bottle distribution as well.
But that wasn't good enough for the National Association for The Advancement of Colored,  water is a right!  And who better to enforce those rights than the United Nations!

So the UN negotiators met with the City of Detroit negotiators and they came up with a temporary halt to the water shut-offs...until August 25th.  The city is even holding a "Water Fair" on the 23rd of August where folks can come in, enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs and, yes, bottle water, as they sit down with city accountants and settle up their past due water bills.

You know, when I think of Detroit these days, I think of one of those National Geographic films, where a pack of hyenas bring down a gazelle and begin ripping at the carcass and feeding off of it.  For more than 70 years Detroit's Blacks and Detroit's unions fed off the most vibrant industry this nation ever had; the auto industry.  At one time Detroit was selling 90% of all the cars in the world.
Then the unions got lazy and bogged down in union worker restrictions and they got greedy and line workers wanted to be paid like business executives, and the city both supported that greed and demanded a huge chunk of that industrial prosperity until, finally, the last "gazelle" was hunted down and killed.

So the auto companies moved to Mexico and Spain and Canada and Tennessee and South Carolina and Alabama and China and Detroit is the biggest urban ghetto on the face of the earth.

And this week the NAACP and the liberal/communist groups in Detroit proved they haven't learned a thing...from bankruptcy, from urban decay, from massively failing schools, from rampant crime, from ethnic hate (yeah, Whitey hate.)    Instead of standing up with pride and paying what they rightly owe, they turn to the god-awful United Nations who can certainly teach them a thing or two about communism and socialism.

You know, if you look at the map, Detroit is right up there, not far from our northern border.  Perhaps we can cede that hell hole to the UN and let them set up some kind of "communist protectorate" like Cuba or Venezuela.  I don't think I'd mind that one bit.  And could they please take Chicago with them?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chinese Takeout That Will "Take You Out"


Good Morning, dear reader

You've no doubt been reading the scandalous headlines about the Chinese clomping rotten meat into the good stuff, then sending it along to be served in Chinese KFC, Starbucks and McDonald's franchises.

This is not the first time the Chinese have been busted.  Remember all those American doggie deaths from contaminated dog food and treats?  Remember all the dead babies from contaminated Chinese baby formula?  Not long ago we learned that one shrimp farmer also ran a chicken farm.  Seems he "fed" his shrimp by washing the chicken excrement down the hill into his shrimp pond, the better to cultivate fat and juicy shrimp.  

Well, let me tell you, I'm not a bit surprised nor shocked by the latest headlines.  I've seen enough of Chinese business ethics to be extremely cautious. 

My first encounter with Chinese hooliganism occurred right in my little home town in California.  A Chinese businessman showed up in our town and delighted the townsfolk by opening a Chinese buffet restaurant.  Well, our unsophisticated folks flocked to the place.   It became the place to go if you wanted some chow mien or orange chicken or egg drop soup.  For ten years this Chinese gentleman raked in the money.  Then, sadly, a health department inspection found our Chinese gentleman herding alley cats into the back door of the kitchen and serving them up on the buffet line. My little community emitted a big collective gag and shut the guy down permanently.  

Only recently my wife went back home to Vietnam for a visit.  During her morning trips to the fruit and veggie market she found herself being led away from the fruits and veggies being imported from China.  While the Vietnamese have never been that discriminating about their food, they certainly had problems with the Chinese stuff.  My wife said the Chinese fruit and veggies were inedible.  She said the fruit was so soaked with pesticides that the first inch or so layer of pulp tasted like it had been soaked in kerosene overnight.  At last word there was a huge boycott of Chinese food by the Vietnamese consumer.

So, I'm not surprised at all about these latest food scandals, nor should anyone else be.  While the Chinese have always been the entrepreneurial type, they've never been burdened with a set of ethics.

Chicken nuggets, anyone?  How about a quarter pounder with sleaze?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Standing Tall"


In 1968 a young Roger Ferland was getting ready to enter law school.  Then the military came calling and, before he knew it, he was plucked down into the jungles of Vietnam.  All he was allowed to take with him was three minutes of memories of a girl named Sandy, whom he had fallen madly in love with in a microwave instant.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Grumpy America


Last week, before Congress wrapped up their three day work week and headed off for a 5-week vacation, our pols were stunned to see a poll that says 76% of Americans believe we are on the wrong track.  The poll, of Republicans, Democrats and Independents all, said an equal percentage believe their children will not have a life as good as they had it.  

Well, everyone in Washington was flummoxed!  Barack Obama is still pulling in $2 million a year from his books.  Joe Biden gets to fly Air Force 2 to wing home to Delaware, less than 200 miles from D.C.  As a Senator he used to take taxpayer subsidized Amtrak home every night but now even that is below his standing.  And when Barack or Joe or Michelle travel they stay in $500,000 dollar per night hotel suites.  

John McCain, married to a beer heiress, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and owns something like seven homes.  Jay Rockefeller is Jay Rockefeller.  Nancy Pelosi is married to a wealthy investment banker, as is Diane Feinstein and Maxine Waters.  John Kerry married a pickle widow and  is now a billionaire.  Harry Reid made his millions in a shady "favorable legislation for part of the action" Vegas real estate deals.  Caroline Kennedy, our Ambassador to Japan, could buy downtown Tokyo if she wished.  And, until three years ago when they got busted, Senators and Congressmen for years were legally able to trade on insider stock trading based on legislation they were passing...and many of them became rich beyond their wildest dreams.

And Hollywood is doing well.  Clooney and Bullock are making $20 million per film and Speilberg and the Hollywood elite even more.  And Hollywood knows even less about American hurt....German Shepherds and a small army of body guards keep them well sheltered in their obscenely expensive Bel Air and Beverly Hills mansions.

So all the Capitol boys and girls were just amazed at how unhappy Americans are.  They see unemployment at 6.2% and ignore the fact that millions of Americans are working two jobs, or have left the work force altogether, thus skewing employment numbers.  And no one knows how critically American wages are depressed by illegal Mexicans working for cash, or even how many American jobs are taken by illegals.  And it's been seven years since Americans have seen any increase in their buying power.  According to Yahoo Finance Editor Rick Newman 84% of U.S. counties have seen serious inflation eating away at their buying power, made worse by stagnant wages.   

The same Wall Street Journal/NBC poll says 60% of Americans believe America is in serious decline.  The average net worth of the American family peaked in 2007 and has declined by 40% since Obama took office.  Home ownership has declined, and then on Friday, the American Banking Association says that 31% of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

And it's not just financial.  The world is aflame as America has retreated from a position of leadership.  Russia is now our foe, China can now buy and sell us, the Middle East is nothing but chaos and just this week United Nations officials marched into Detroit and demanded the local water company provide free water service to deadbeats because it's a human right....and no one in our government told those U.N. mafioso's to screw themselves.

So Congress goes on vacation for five weeks.  Joe will board Air Force 2 and fly to Delaware.  Barack and family are already packing their swim suits and summer reads, headed for a couple of weeks at Martha's Vinyard where at least part of family time will be spent planning their three week vacation in Hawaii come Christmas time.  

Virtually all of our political leadership will return home and retreat to their gated communities, then venture out for carefully selected audiences for campaign rallies and stand on the podium and bluster about either how good we're doing or how bad we're doing...and not a damn one of them even has a clue about how bad America is hurting.

And all the pols will offer when they return in September are a couple of aspirin and a band aid.

And they wonder why we're a little grumpy.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Watch Your Step


If you were to step off of your porch this morning, and find a loose board on the bottom step that sent you tumbling head first on to the walk, would you be more careful the next time you step down from that porch?

You surely would.  In fact, you'd probably grab a hammer at the first opportunity and nail that bad boy down.  That's called "history"'ve experienced something, learned from it, and you strive not to repeat it.  Doing so can be painful.

Well, I was watching another one of those late night talk shows and they were again doing their "man on the street" bits.  You surely know's where they ask questions like "who's the Vice President?", "name the three branches of government"...and inevitably the majority of those street dead heads can't provide the correct answer.

And why not?  They aren't being taught civics or history, at least not many teachers are anymore.  Nor math or science or geology, or biology for that matter.  I frankly don't know when the school system collapsed.  I suspect it happened in the 80's though because I see a hell of a lot of 40 and 50 somethings walking around in total ignorance.  

Back to history.  Historian David McCullough says it's a crime that schools are no longer teaching history.  I agree.  Knowing history gives us a sense of where we came from, it instills some degree of pride in our country's many achievements.  But most importantly, it warns us of that loose board on the bottom step.  To ignore history is certainly to repeat our mistakes and places our nation in grave peril.

Before Newsweek went left wing radical, and then belly up, they ran a poll on just what Americans knew about their own country.  The results were chilling.

30% of Americans could not tell you what occurred on 9/11.  60% couldn't identify the Vice President of the United States.  Another 60% could not tell you how our Constitution came to be and nearly that many could not tell you what the Bill of Rights was all about.  Several identified one of the first ten amendments as guaranteeing free health care.  73% couldn't tell you why we fought the cold war and six percent could not identify the date we celebrate Independence Day.  Only 17% could identify Iraq and Afghanistan on a map....and those that could were probably our troops who've been there.   Sadly, only 38% of Americans could pass the basic citizenship know the questions:  "Who was the first President?"  "How many branches of government?", etc.  

By contrast, 75% of Europeans know their country's history.   A similar poll in Britain indicates the British know more about American history than Americans.

Watch your step folks...that last one is a doozy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hearts of Stone


Yesterday I wrote a personal tribute to Robin Williams.  While I had many good-hearted people who were equally saddened by Robin's death, I was shocked and hurt that some of you chose to brand Robin a coward, owning not an ounce of compassion for someone who was battling his demons..and lost.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Robin's Song"


...from a book of ornithology:  "during the day a robin will chirp in the most joyous of song...then when evening comes he sings a lament that will break your heart."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Muslim Warring


Anyone old enough to be around during the Gulf War surely remembers Saddam's elite Republican Guard surrendering en masse out there in the desert.  And why not?  After weeks of allied bombing and pin point tank strikes, Saddam's forces were, to say the least, a bit shaken.  (These are same supposedly mighty brutes who slaughtered millions over Saddam's tenure).  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Man-Child For Armageddon"


How many of you caught the news of the Russian nuclear capable bombers flying just 50 miles off the California coast on Monday last?  Our Air Force sent up two F-22's to monitor their activity.  Two of them headed back toward Russia and two of them swung north and skirted Alaskan airspace.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Death of Testosterone


Note to Readers:  I just had to revive this one.  Last week we learned that men have evolved into cuddly teddy bears because of a steady decline in testosterone levels over the last 50,000 years.  A study published this week in Current Anthology reports on a study at the University of Utah where scientists study ancient skulls, some 50,000 years apart and were able to discern a dramatic drop in testosterone in modern man.  

And I believe we've actually reached crisis stage on this, aided by libtard women hell bent on squeezing the last drop of manhood from the modern male.  I think we are worse off for it.  Now I'm waiting for them to study ancient and modern female skulls to see if today's woman man-eaters aren't developing higher levels of testosterones...and just when they will begin to have their testicles drop into a rapidly evolving ball sac.  Sad.

Men today are so damn gay, even when they're not.   Chalk that up to the death of testosterone in the American male.  Testosterone in American men began a slow and steady decline beginning about 1985, coincident with the explosive rise in the feminist movement.    Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem wrote volumes on how all women are beautiful and all men are pigs, made fortunes doing it, turned a sizable number of women into lesbians, straight men into gays, and sounded the death knell for male masculinity.

Now, operating under the assumption that all women are beautiful and all men are pigs, the social modelers said something has to be done about this, lest this sexual war result in the extinction of the species.  (Men were still needed back then; now there are so many sperm banks and doctors who can whip up a DNA cocktail, even the male penis is no longer needed.  In fact, m'lady can now just walk into an adult store and buy one in a variety of colors, veined or not, that vibrates or plunges, or spurts, according to the lady's wishes.)  

But back in the mid-eighties women had to tame these pigs in order to perpetuate the birth rate.  So they came up with their version of the ideal man;  he owned a penis but he had to demonstrate his feminine side to win her heart...or her bed.  He had to learn to diaper (changing and washing), clean house, do laundry, wash windows, handle her "delicates" gently, fold and put them in their proper drawer, and still assume his "manly" duties like yard work, washing the car, and fixing things that were broken.

Men, being the creatures of the flesh that they are, readily succumbed to these manipulations in order to secure a readily available sexual partner.  Achieving success in this manner only encouraged women to advance the feminization of men even further.  By the mid-nineties women began urging their males to buy sissy perfumes and colognes and skin moisturizers, get pedicures and manicures and have their eyebrows tweaked.

Soon male hair anywhere except on the head was verboten.  Soon the new age "Amazon Women" had their males getting Brazilian waxes and whole body waxes, ridding the male of chest, leg, arm, or penis hair, and soon all of America's penises were as bald as newborns and their bodies were as smooth as their female spouses.

After women had succeeded in domesticating the American male, after they had removed all traces of masculine features, they began working on his mind.  Pretty soon, it was no longer fashionable for men to stand up to a fight, speak roughly in beer halls and he had to develop a liking for alternative lifestyles, no matter how perverse.

Today there is no further need for male testosterone.  The Metro Sexual, with his fancy cosmetics, his chartreuse silk panties, his love for the most perverted of his fellow man, his acquiescence to corrupt politicians (liberals only please), his "hissy fits" supplanting the need to punch someone in the face, and his being all too willing to cry through a chick flick, or following a Pelosi speech, his partnership with "amazon woman" to stamp out McDonald kiddie meals, promote cross-dressing at work, ignore urban Black brutality by labeling it victimization, ban violence from pro football (there really is a crusade to force pro football to convert to little flags hanging about the waist), and close down breakfast cafes that emit the smell of frying bacon, has no need for testosterone.

And now, just in the last few years, "amazon women", lacking exposure to testosterone in any form, and fully charged up with a full bank of the woman hormone, felt a need, an itch to be scratched.  "Amazon Woman" craved some "slap and tickle", a little foray into the world of S&M, and male domination.  Their male spouses no longer capable of producing it, 'Amazon Woman" turned to "" and downloaded "50 Shades of Gray" and other books about swashbuckling pirates who had no qualms about tearing at her bodice and having their way with her.

Now "Amazon Woman" gives "" her business and reads of pirates and men with whips and chains all through the night....while hubby is making dinner and doing the laundry...and shaving his legs.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, August 8, 2014

"King Coal"

Over the weekend I was watching a video of a coal miner testifying at an EPA hearing attendant to the fella's coal mine being shut down.  The EPA holds those hearings...not because they want to, but because they have to.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Highway of Death


Yesterday I was out running errands and listening to NPR.  The show was featuring a Business Week writer who had done a feature story on Mexican drug cartels.  When he mentioned that over 5,600 remains have been found along the south Texas oil pipelines that got my attention and I did a little digging for you.  Here's what I learned from reading several different sources on this problem....still another problem that I knew absolutely nothing about.  And yes, still more sad and frightening stories from our neighbors to the south.

There are thousands of miles of oil pipelines snaking their way from south Texas oil fields north to the state's heartland.  These many "pipeline highways" run across private ranch land.  So one day last week a rancher was riding back to the house and saw her German Shepherds playing with what she thought was a soccer ball.  When she approached closer she was aghast to see her dogs were playing with a human head...what was left of a red headed woman who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Still The Economy, Stupid


Good Morning Dear Readers,

Do you ever get the feeling that the world you live in is somehow vastly different that the world our government tells you you're living in?  Well, I'm not an economics expert but here's some of the observations I've made.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Loopy Lois"


From:  Lois Lerner
            Director, Exempt Organizations Unit, Internal Revenue Service

Memo To:  All Staff Members

Subject:  Assholes and Crazies

Okay,'ve all seen the applications for tax exempt status from those radical conservative groups advocating for flag respect, support for the military, patriotism, bolstering PTA attendance, public school reform, reduction of street crime, smaller government, et al.  

You know what to do with those applications; toss in the waste basket right along with your video game cases and Starbucks latte cups.  

Don't pity those assholes for a give an inch, they'll take a mile, and pretty soon they'll end up in charge and they'll be telling you no more four day work weeks and no more video game playing and no more annual conventions in Vegas.  

As you all know, President Obama has our back on this.  I've been up to the White House 36 times this year and he's given us our marching orders.  Delay and persecute anyone who espouses free markets, small government and personal liberties, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

I don't need to tell you that this is all hush-hush...confidential, "need to know" only stuff.  If you, by chance, get a Congressional inquiry on the tax exempt denials and delays, just stonewall the hell out of them...they've got spines as soft as 20 minute spaghetti so don't sweat the Re-Thugs.

By the way, you folks are moving quickly enough on applications for our "friends" know who they are...."Women for The Advancement of Free Birth Control and Abortions United", "The African American Electioneering Swinging Baton Club", "The Charlie Rangel Fan Club", "The Sacred Church of Al Sharpton", "The Cap and Trade Tax Em Till It Really Hurts Association".  And let's not forget our Hispanic Friends.  Let's get moving on fast tracking exemption for "Hispanics Por La Causa" and the "Hispanic Association For The Advancement of Social Security Pensions For Those Who Never Paid In".  And Pedro from "La Raza" called..he's says you guys are slow in getting him an exemption for Mexican sourced Peso donations which should not be counted against their monetary cap.

Okay, gang, let's get cracking on those exemptions for our liberal friends.  As for those assholes and crazies out in Middle America, I've directed maintenance to double their wastebasket collections for the next few months.  I know you'll all be busy tossing those conservative applications in good ole File 13!

Hope and Change Folks!



Monday, August 4, 2014

Executive Orders -2017


Dateline Washington D.C. (AP)
22 January, 2017

Newly elected Republican President ______________   ______________ today announced a series of Executive Orders that substantially transforms the federal government's programs.  In a sweeping 5 count Executive Order bombardment, the President ordered dramatic changes to how the government does business.

Executive Order number 1 directs Health and Human Services to institute a complete halt to Obamacare.  Hospitals, medical clinics and physicians were advised they would not be reimbursed for anyone covered under the Obamacare program.  The President said he would instruct Congress to come up with a more efficient, less costly program that wouldn't bankrupt the treasury and would put health care decisions back between the doctor and his patient.  Meantime, the country would operate under health care laws in place before the Obamacare implementation.

Congressional Democrats were up in arms about this Executive Order and promised to begin impeachment proceedings immediately.  However, Senator Harry Reid's legal defense team has counseled him against taking any impeachment action against the President, citing the Democratic party's previous support for Barack Hussain Obama's many Executive Orders that have now set precedent for all future Executive Branch behavior.  Staff attorneys said Obama set the stage for bigger and bigger Presidential power grabs that have now made the office of the President the single most powerful position on earth.  

Executive Order number 2 has ordered the total elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the elimination of 56 Presidential Czar positions.

Executive Order number 3 orders the elimination of the IRS.  IRS staffing will be cut by 90%.  Ten percent of the IRS work force, (if they can find ten percent who are nonpolitical and committed to the nation's service) will stay on board to collect the Fair Tax (see Executive Order number 4) a consumption tax that will replace the corrupt and inefficient income tax system.  

Executive Order number 4 ends the nearly century old income tax system.  Advised by the Government Accounting Office that the old income tax system was fraught with waste, fraud and abuse, to such an extent that at least $300 billion dollars in tax receipts are lost each year to tax fraud and underreporting, non reporting of income.  The new Fair Tax Act will replace the old system and tax every product and service at the register.

Executive Order number 5 prohibits Congressional lobbying, and with the Fair Tax, eliminates all corporate tax write-offs, making the K Street lobbyists unnecessary and obsolete.

The White House is reporting that they have 31 more Executive Orders in work and no longer need the advise and consent support from Congress.

It is this reporter's understanding that Senators Harry Reid and  Chuck Schumer, along with House Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Steny Hoyer and Debbie Wasserman Schultz were meeting with the President this afternoon.  White House sources have revealed the meeting with the new President did not go well.  It seems the President told the delegation that if they were so concerned about an equitable power balance between the three branches of government they would have stood up in opposition to Obama's running roughshod over the Constitution.  

The President then issued an informal executive order...he ordered the Secret Service to throw this bunch out on the street on their ass.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Civil Rights At Mickey D's?


Good Morning Dear Reader,

Those wonderful folks who assemble your Big Mac are out in force again.  They are now equating that $15.00 dollar per hour minimum wage with the civil rights movement of the 60's.  Oh, they are an oppressed bunch, these societal losers who thought actually getting an education was silly!  They feel shackled by the current minimum wage which varies from $7.25 to $12.00 an hour depending on who's running their state house.  They work and they toil for slave wages behind an air conditioned counter and forced to take jobs that educated Americans worked for a time but have actually gone on to adult occupations and don't need anymore.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Diss" Function


Okay, now I'm getting really scared.  I fear the Republicans are doing it all over again....showing both an inability to articulate a political philosophy, while simultaneously allowing the same old air heads to spout nonsense.  And, because of it, Republicans are going to fall on their ass again come November and fail to easily win control of the Senate.  Read the damn numbers, Republicans!  You got Landrieu on the run in Louisiana, you're got a great chance in North Carolina and Alaska and Arkansas and even Colorado!  

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Starbucks Generation in Apocalyptica


I started thinking about Breanne Fahs, one of the heroines of last week's  blogs, the quarter million a year ASU professor who advocates for the extermination of the male species.  I was just wondering how Ms. Fahs would fare in a post apocalyptic world.