Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paula Deen Died For Your Sins


More than five years ago one of my first blogs was a lighthearted satire about Paula Deen and her nearly orgasmic delight in the use of butter. I was never a big fan of Paula; I just didn't understand how her millions of fans could buy that southern mush mouth humor that emanated from her kitchen. However, at no time did I ever wish Paula Deen harm.

So this morning I'm cruising through my Google news feed and I come across a Paula Deen news feature from some liberal site called. A.V. com. The site has taken very short video clips of Paula Deen on one of those more obscure shopping networks, freeze framed the videos, then did everything they could to make Paula Deen look as ridiculous as they could.

I was not shocked by that...liberals will go to any length to portray their "enemies" in a bad light. However, what was most disturbing were the 52 comments from the site's "liberal groupies" who were utterly hateful and vile and vulgar....every one of them.

Folks, this is the mind set of the socialist-liberal crowd today. These liberals really are the new "brownshirts"...human demons not unlike those German Fascists that we had to defeat to save the world 75 years ago.

Instead of Jews, (although these new brownshirts, led by Obama, have taken a real dislike for Israel), today's brownshirts inflict their bile on anyone who have ever, ever said anything that was "politically incorrect" (read whatever they don't agree with).

These liberal brownshirts are a totally new phenomenon, folks. These aren't your granddaddy's liberals, who smoked some grass, sang peace songs, and protested war. These are people who wish to whip you into submission...whose aims are to fashion a society where everyone falls in line with the socialist agenda. And they are as full of bile and hate as anyone who has ever walked the earth.

These people are absolutely without grace or the capacity for forgiveness. Just look about you in the last five years. Look at how many people of note; celebrities, authors, business people, TV personalities, who have erred and uttered some politically incorrect thing..and were then eviscerated by the brownshirts. And no one is exempt from having their lives destroyed by these people!

Fascism, from either the right, or the left, is a horrible, horrible thing to witness. And we are drowning in it! Oppose illegal immigration and you're a racist! Want to keep the girl's restroom sacrosanct for your little're a homophobe! Oppose Obama and you may as well utter the word "nigger" cause you're racist through and through.

Folks, I have said repeatedly that there's a 2nd Civil War coming. My timeline for when it comes may have been off, but I do believe it's coming...perhaps after my lifetime, but it will be here for my children. i believe the "well living", "well-meaning" "God-fearing", "hard-working" people in America will some day rise up, lock and load, and hit the streets to clean up this "liberal brownshirt" mess that is making it very hard to live and love freely, while maintaining the right to express a personal opinion without being subject to character assassination and personal destruction.

I do not embrace Donald Trump or Paula Deen as our "freedom mascots"...we don't need either of them to understand that our rights to express our own opinions are under massive attack by a vile, vicious, violent minority of liberal socialists brownshirts that threaten the very concept of freedom.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Barack "Barney Fife" Obama


A few weeks ago Barack Obama jumped in Air Force One, flew over to London, and lectured the Brits about staying in the European Union...or else!  Obama said "if you drop out you're going to end up in the back of the que (line).

Friday, June 24, 2016

Democrats "Gunning" To Take Your 2nd Amendment Away


How many of you have actually read H.R. 236, the Democratic measure before the House that calls for great gun controls?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

H.R. 236 sounds so benign...."insure gun sales are not allowed for anyone on the terrorists list."  Sounds reasonable, right?  Google it folks....the Democrats are not just talking about the few thousands of Muslims with ties to extremist groups.  Or even a few home grown radicals.  The Democrats want to deny guns to just about anyone whose ever voiced displeasure with our government masters...and there are millions of us out here!  My blogs alone would keep me from owning a gun!  

Let's look further.  H.R. 236 would deny gun ownership to folks under 25 who have ever committed an act of violence, school yard brawls or sibling fights included!  

H.R. 236 denies guns to anyone whose been accused of stalking.  While that sounds okay, there are 50 different state laws on stalking, all of them different.  If Bobby, a senior in high school, suffering a childhood crush, follows Peggy Sue home from school, Peggy might call the cops and Bobby's got himself a police record.  In some Eastern states "stalking" can constitute a soulful stare across the classroom.  

H.R. 236 says that same "Bobby", if he is lucky enough to score a bottle of booze, and shares it with his buddies is "gun ineligible".

H.R. 236 also makes it a crime to transport a weapon across state lines...reciprocal agreements between states would henceforth be null and void.  

But the big, big problem I have with H.R. 236 is that it gets the nose of our government masters under the tent.  And once they get that nose in our tent, they'll continue to expand the power of government to restrict your gun rights.

You might find it fascinating that Republicans actually supported many of the essentials of expanded gun control legislation!  For example, they too want to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.  And their proposal would give the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI expanded powers to seize weapons and affect an arrest of anyone whose currently on the terrorists list, as well as those who come later!  (You didn't see that in the mainstream media, did you?)

Folks, whether it is the Democrats failing to see a connection between welfare payouts and excessive child breeding, or abortion as a form of birth control, or the grand denial that gun control laws don't work (except for the law-abiding), the Dems are not only "freedom deniers"...they are so totally ignorant of how the world works!

So, the Dems are having their little "sit-in" on the floor of the U.S. House.  Their parents, following the nostrums of Dr. Spock, spared the rod, spoiled the child, are now throwing a tantrum on the floor of the people's house.

Screw the "time-outs"...time to go out, pick a good ole tree switch, and put a whuppin on em.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Flowers BEFORE The Grave


Pardon me, but this is gonna be a bit "contemplate your naval" stuff....but if I can't share my thoughts with my friends, who can I share them with?

I was watching C-Span's Book TV this morning. I love that channel as they air author interviews all weekend.

So, this morning, Book TV had Author/Journalist Sebastion Junger on. He was discussing his recent book; "Tribe; On Homecoming And Belonging". (You may remember Junger's "The Perfect Storm" from the book and movie of the same name). He is equally known for his reporting from the war zone in Afghanistan.

This morning Junger was discussing Tribe...its central theme that, when soldiers are in war they bond so closely, disregarding race, or social and economic class, or politics. The fog of war softens those walls that humans routinely build between themselves and others, and allows them to form very strong human connections.

I know that to be true, and have written about my own personal relationships from Vietnam.

Sadly, the very bonding, the dissolution of personal walls in time of war, makes it difficult for our soldiers when they return to a fractured society. Junger has interviewed hundreds of war vets and finds that, at least part of the PTSD problems are not just from the savagery of war, but the supreme failure to adjust to our societal fractures.

And those soldiers longed to escape from societal fractures and be back in the war where the walls tumble and hearts are in symphony....even in the cacophony of bombs exploding.

Though not discussed, I suspect that many of us suffer from that same sort of mild despair, even in our civilian careers. When we leave the world of "work" our blood pressure and stress might be less, but there are times when one misses "being in the arena".

And that same sense of disconnect can come after sickness as well. Junger cites a heart-breaking story about a woman who battled breast cancer. And as she waged war against death, her family rallied around her, spent acres of time with her...time to tell her she was respected and loved and valued. The woman beat the cancer, but told Junger she wished she was sick again.....for, upon her recovery, everyone of her family members assumed the benign neglect that we are all, at times, guilty of.

Junger's work made me think, as all good writing does. It would seem we all, whether adorned in olive green, or hospital gown, yearn for flowers, not on our grave, but while we are still alive to enjoy them.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Obama's Legacy; The One Tenth of One Percent


Has anyone else noticed that, of all our major problems, and among all the hundreds of millions of American citizens, Obama has chosen to concentrate on the one tenth of one percent of the freaks in our culture? I mean, seriously, with all our many problems, Barry has spent his time giving early prison release to drug pushers, freeing terrorists from Guantanamo, squashing religion military services, recruiting gays and transgenders for the military, granting amnesty for illegal invaders, cuddling up to Muslims, circumventing the Constitution by Executive Order, demanding $15 per hour for burger flippers and rewarding sloth at every turn with his Food Stamp and liberal welfare programs,

And yet, both Bernie and Hillary say he's done a fine job! Did anyone read the news this morning that reported 67% of Americans couldn't cope with a thousand dollar emergency? That they'd have to borrow the money to fix a broken dishwasher?

Is anyone paying attention to a miserable 2% GDP growth rate? Or the lack of jobs? Or the 7 year long housing slump?

Americans are suffering from Islamic terrorism, an economy staggering and on its knees, $2 trillion dollars in Student Loan debt, $20 trillion dollars national debt, the American profile in shambles with every one of our allies, and the prospect that our grandchildren will live far worse than we did. And, under a Black President, race relations in this country is the worst it has been in 75 years!

And Obama is worried about the one tenth of one percent of folks who are "gender-confused!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day


Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Those are the four days of the year when, here in Sun City, the community becomes a beehive of young families visiting. 
On those days you are most likely to see grandkids out and about; biking, riding scooters down sidewalks, splashing in backyard pools, and sons and daughters home to visit the "old folks."
So this morning, at 5:00 AM, I went out for a short walk...the only time of day when the intense heat makes a walk even possible.
As I turned the corner on Snead, and began walking north, I saw a man pushing his father in a wheel chair, the two out for an early morning stroll on Father's Day.
I soon overtook the two. As I passed by, the younger man was telling his Dad about something that happened to him at work.
As I continued on my walk I couldn't help but think how the dimension of "time" has changed the roles the two men have played. Once, decades ago, the one in the wheel chair had stood behind a five year old's first bike, hung on to the back of a banana seat and guided the little guy as he pedaled down the street. At some point the father had let go of the bike, and stood in pride at his young son took that first handle bar wobbling ride on his own.
And, some years later, the now wheel chair bound father must have sat in the passenger seat as the son sat behind the steering wheel and clumsily goosed the gas pedal as the two set off for that first driving lesson. 
And then, far sooner than he would have liked, the father would stand in the driveway and sadly wave goodbye as his son set off for college, or to war....his reluctance to let him go as profound as that long ago day when he first let go of the bike seat.
So, this morning, on Father's Day, that "little boy" has come back home. It is he who now stands behind his dad...lovingly "paying back" ...and as reluctant to "let go" as his dad was on that long ago first bike ride.
Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump Is Not Wrong; He Just Doesn't Know How To Say It


Well, last week Donald Trump got in trouble again, accusing a Latino judge of being biased because he's "Latino"....the thought being that, because The Donald wants to build a wall, the Latino judge might look unfavorably upon him as he presides over Trump's "Trump U" trial.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Migrant Migraines


I just read a news article that had me laughing out loud. Seems that homeowners in Oregon are defacing "Home For Sale" signs up there. Oregonians are enraged by the huge influx of Californians to that state, bringing with them their deep love for illegal Mexicans and Socialist views on minimum wage and transgender bathrooms.

To those Oregonians; I have news for you; "it's too late." The first mass migration of Californians to Oregon occurred in the 1970's. Those transplanted Californians turned both Oregon and Washington into "Liberalland" long ago.

Oregonians, you may take comfort that you are not alone. The news item reports that, in the last year, 665,000 Californians moved to either Oregon, Washington, Nevada or Arizona. Not to worry though...that 655,000 were easily replaced by illegal Mexican transplants who've had the "Welcome" mat layer out for them by none other than Governor Moonbeam.

And, isn't it ironic that, once those new California transplants get to their new state, they immediately begin lobbying for laws and practices that destroyed California for the Middle Class in the first place! One only need look at how conservative Washington state and Oregon were 30 years ago to see how relatively quickly those Californians can "soil their new diaper". Washington and Oregon are now "illegal invader loving", "transgender worshipping", big government spending, gun grabbing, clones of the California philosophy.

So far, here in Arizona, we've held those California turds at bay. Our legislature meets only three months a year, get paid $24,000 a year (versus Sacramento's year round $150,000 plus per diem legislature that exists to write more legislation and coddle freaks) and our statehouse continues to keep taxes low, allow you to exercise your 2nd Amendment, and generally try to stay out of your personal life.

I fear for Arizona. Yes, we're more hearty here. We haven't been lazing around in a marijuana stupor as California migrants hi-jacked us as happened in Washington and Oregon....but you can never be too careful.

Hey Oregonians! Sorry man, but you should have fought harder back in the 70''s too late now!

Passing The Crown


A shock to no one, President Barack Hussein Obama held a news conference last week and announced he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Obama made history as he endorsed the first Presidential candidate in American history facing criminal indictment for trading State Department favors for Clinton Cash and for selling out America by allowing Russian and Chinese hackers access to top secret information.

Prior to the announcement, Obama met with Bernie Sanders and promised "The Bern" that Hillary will expand Obama's Socialist policies, to include far more government control over the free markets and lots of free stuff to the millions seeking a seat on the government gravy train.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Obama, while initially planning not to endorse a candidate until after the Democratic convention, felt that endorsing Clinton now was essential in order to blunt the FBI's investigation and place further pressure on the Justice Department to quash any future criminal indictments against Clinton.

Political analysts yesterday said Obama's early endorsement should pave the way for his own Justice Department's move to pull a "Fast and Furious" suppression of evidence against Clinton. Speculation is that, by September, the Justice Department will declare an end to the Clinton investigation and clear her of in wrong-doing in trading weapons deals with foreign countries in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation as well as issuing a declaration that Clinton's use of a Radio Shack computer server did no long term damage to national security.

Word came out yesterday that Obama spent an hour polishing up his Emperor's crown so that it can be presented to Hillary backstage at the DNC Convention in August.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Black Hats, White Hats, Political Correctness, Oh My!


The News reporting of the Orlando nightclub massacre this past Sunday morning was ultimately reflective of our dysfunctional so many ways.   I first heard about it Sunday morning as I woke up at 4:30, flipped on the TV, and watched CNN.  In the first reports 20 were dead with dozens more wounded.  

I watched CNN for 15 minutes and did not once hear the word "Islamic Terrorism" once.  Then, I switched over to Fox News and that channel was declaring the incident a terrorist attack.  My very first thought was one of disgust....that oh so politically correct CNN had decided not to characterize the attacks an act of terror...even as both local, state, and federal agencies has declared the incident a terrorist attack!  So, again, we learn that political correctness overshadows even our need to know the facts...if nothing else to keep us safer!

Our liberal politicians and main stream liberal media wonks have embraced political correctness as their religion.  We saw this a few years ago as illegal Mexican invaders became "undocumented immigrants".  The latest trend are the "transgendered confused".   And now, in an effort to not to offend Muslims, neither our President, nor the main stream media are willing to call a spade a spade...even when denial threatens the safety of every American!

I really long for the days when Americans were brave enough to "declare the facts"...when it was so much easier to tell the Black Hats from The White hats...when we were not politically correct cowards deathly afraid to tell the truth, no matter who the hell it offended.

Maybe CNN and MSNBC and NBC and CBS will come around and actually report the news someday...but don't hold your breath.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Blindside


Millions of Americans have cast their lot with Hillary Clinton.  Millions have voted for Bernie Sanders.  Both have promised to expand Obama's crusade to transition America into a socialist state.

I have no answers to this, folks.  Anyone with a rational mind should be able to look at Cuba, or Russia, or, of late, Venezuela to see that Socialism doesn't work.  

Both the Democratic politicians and their followers seem to be blind...stone cold what socialism does for a society and an economy.

Even as I write this, Venezuelans are standing in long lines, just for the remote promise that they might get half a pound of beef, or a roll of toilet paper.    Anyone up on their history?  Venezuela use to be a prosperous of cattle and oil and tourism!  Everyone thinks Saudi Arabia has all the oil.  Well, look it up, folks; Venezuela holds the world's largest oil reserves!  And they were once one of the largest exporters of coffee and cocoa!

Then along came Hugo Chavez, and he promised that, if elected, he'd nationalize industry, seize the wealth of the rich, and no one in Venezuela would ever have to work again!

How did that turn out?  Just look at that pic above, or the thousands of images online.  Folks are starving, folks are dying of disease, folks are miserable...and all in a land with so many natural resources...but, alas, no entrepreneurs!

Yet American youth are just eating up everything that Hillary and Bernie says!  It used to be a politician only needed to utter "a chicken in every pot!".  Now if you don't promise free I-Phones and $15 dollar burger flipper wages, and free college for everyone, you ain't nothing!  

Our illiterate, badly educated but well socialist indoctrinated youth have gotten into harness,  strapped on the blinders and are pulling the liberal plow.  How sad for them.  How sad for our country.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Obama's Presidency; "Smoke and Mirrors"


Friday's jobs report indicates that, among some 350 million Americans, America generated a paltry 38,000 jobs in May.  Worse still, both March and April previously reported job creations were revised down by hundreds of thousands.  Wall Street was shocked.  The Fed was shocked.  Barry went out for a weekend of golf, cause everything's cool....the Unemployment rate declined from 5.3% to 4.7%.  How the hell did that happen?

The real truth is in the Labor Participation Rate.  Again, hundreds of thousands of Americans, boosted by Food Stamps, Child Tax Credits, and Welfare, gave up looking for a job.  And, when Americans stop looking for a job, under Obama's regime, they are considered "fully employed" and are no longer counted as unemployed.

Ain't it great, folks!  When things are lousy, as Americans circles down the drain, our government masters can convince us that everything is just fine.  Whether it was the "JV TEAM ISIS", or the Iran Nuclear Deal that allowed Iran to continue their nuclear program, or Obama's wonderful "Arab Spring", hey, it's all good if Emperor Obama says it is!

Never mind that the average American income has been declining 2% a year since Obama assumed the Presidency.  Never mind that we are now 20 trillion dollars in debt.  Forget about the world turmoil, or race relations as bad as they've ever been, or the explosion in illegal invaders now being subsidized by the American taxpayer....Obama and Hillary says it's good, so it is!  

38,000 measly little jobs, most probably part time positions, with the vast majority of that piddly little number probably reflecting an increase in burger flippers as the fast food chains' "real deals" and 6 PM pancakes have saved us from economic decline.

Be sure and vote Hillary, folks!  She says she'll continue Obama's agenda.  Then you too can be a couch potato and deemed "fully employed".

Sad.  Damned Sad

Monday, June 6, 2016

"Bullying Donald Trump...A Sure Fire Way To Lose"


God help me, I have begun to feel sorry for Donald Trump.  As my readers know, I despise the guy.  But no one likes to see anyone bullied.  (We learned that as early as grade school)  This past week the liberal mainstream media, and liberal elites, have gone in full attack mode on The Donald.  And the more they do it, the more I am tempted to swallow my bile and vote for the bastard.

First we saw the coordinated attack on Trump by an organization that purports to be a "veterans group".  VoteVets.Org is comprised of a group of liberals, some of them vets, some of them just Republican haters.  So, last week VoteVets mounted a lying campaign about Trump's donations to veterans groups.  Sadly, as you dig into it, you find John Kerry and Bob Kerry, a couple of retired generals, and a whole bunch of liberals whose soul purpose of their 503B existence is to elect Democrats.  It seems that 99 percent of the money they raised went not to vets, but to Democratic election campaigns.

That pissed me off royally!

Then came the liberal mainstream networks, spending 90 percent of their coverage on any dirt they could dig up on Trump, while almost never mentioning revelations about the State Department's Inspector General report on Killary's email server, deleted emails, and the ever-growing FBI investigation of Killary's evil doings.

Then the Washington Post and New York Times swept the Hillary investigation off their front be replaced by hit pieces on Trump and his Trump University debacles.

Alas, instead of allowing Trump to "hoist his own petard", and fail himself, the liberals across the broad political spectrum are ganging up on Trump.  So fearful of the Trump-Clinton tight poll numbers, the press, the Democratic politicians (including Emperor Barry) have stepped in to try and right the ship.    How stupid they all are; the more they gang up on Trump, the more the American people see the unfairness of it all and begin to move over to Trump's corner.

It's too early to see how it all pans out, but if the libtards were smart they'd stick with promising free healthcare to illegals, free college for the masses, and a food stamp card in everyone's wallet.

Sadly, the Dems are stupid, and that stupidity, combined with a candidate who's an habitual liar, and corrupt and crooked as they come, just might cost them an election.

Friday, June 3, 2016

"Flags of Our Fathers"


Lisa Gomez, of Phoenix,  loves our nation's flag.  Her father served in the army and her son is currently serving as a U.S. Marine.  So, while at a flea market a couple of months ago, she bought an American flag.  When she got the flag home she discovered a small card within the folded flag, indicating this flag was a burial flag for Donald Peigh, who served in World War II in 1942 and 1943.

Lisa said when she saw that card she knew she couldn't keep belonged to someone's family.  So, she went online and tried for weeks to find Donald Peigh's family.  All she knew was that Donald Peigh was born in Hamlet, Indiana.
So she turned to the local CBS television station for help.  The station was able to learn that Donald Peigh was buried right here in the Scottsdale.  

So, yesterday, on Memorial Day, Lisa Gomez carried that flag to Donald Peigh's grave site.  She thought she'd pay honor to this man, a veteran whose name was tucked into this folded burial flag.

When Lisa finally located Donald Peigh's grave site she was surprised to find a young woman standing there.  When she approached, and asked the young lady laying flowers on the grave if she was a relative, she met Donald Peigh's daughter, Patti, who was paying holiday respects to her father.

Lisa, holding that still folded flag, extended her hands and presented the flag to Patti, saying "this belongs to you", then told how it had come into her possession.

Patti Peigh was stunned.  For eighteen years, since that flag once rested atop a veteran's coffin, the family had looked for their father's burial flag.  

Lisa and Patti stood at Donald Peigh's grave and, for the first time in many years, only happy tears flowed and fell on the grave.  Patti said she knew her dad was smiling down from heaven....happy to see two ladies from military families coming together in a rare moment of happiness for a holiday most often marked by grief.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The VA; Just Disneyland?


Last week the VA's new director, Robert McDonald, in an attempt to deflect further criticism of the VA's treatment of veterans, dared to proclaim that sick veterans need to just shut their mouths and wait in line for treatment, just like the kids at Disneyland wait for a ride.

Folks, the VA is not going to change until YOU force it to change, until YOU demand better treatment of our veterans.

Yes, veterans are still dying while waiting for treatment.  Yes, the VA continues to find sickness and diseases that they can declare "not combat related."  Yes, veterans are still dying through VA neglect, and, yes, the VA bureaucrats are still getting their annual bonuses, even as they administer abysmal treatment in our nation's VA hospitals.

None of this is's been going on for fifty years.  Oh sure, every few years someone focuses a little attention of the VA mess, it grabs a few headlines, citizens are outraged, and our government masters throw a little temporary money to the program, then cut funding as soon as no one is watching.

We will not end these VA horrors until America finally begins to recognize the true costs of war....not just the cost of bullets and tanks and airplanes...but the human costs of every war we've chosen to wage.

No, our vets cannot be equated to a kid waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland...war is not Disneyland.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.