Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Capital Gains Taxes Remain at 15%

One may argue about whether President Obama is trying to start class warfare with his condemnation of the current Capital Gains tax rates.  Republicans charge him with class warfare while Obama says the rates need to be raised to 30 percent for "billionaires and millionaires".  When one hears Obama's cry for economic justice it certainly sounds reasonable doesn't it.

However, if one looks at what Obama has actually been willing to put on paper, one finds that he is for raising the capital gains tax for anyone who makes over $200,000 dollars.  Here's the problem with that proposal.  Many married professional couples make $200,000 dollars per year, but that doesn't make them millionaires!  Many of Obama's "millionaires" are paying $12,000 a year for health care, hold a $300,000 dollars mortgage and have debts that keep them constantly on the treadmill of earnings just to churn out enough to support a middle class household.  And while $200,000 per year might be considered a healthy income in Iowa, ask those folks in Chicago or Detroit or New York how they're managing with a 60% federal, state and city tax rate!

Even those facts are beside the point with regard to capital gains taxes.  The basic question one must ask is "should capital gains be taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income?"

Can we find no better example than Obama's Buffett rule?  The President loves to cry out the inequality of billionaire Warren Buffett's secretary paying a higher rate on her earned income than he does on his capital gains.

Has anyone stopped to think that Warren earns income solely from capital gains?  And what are capital gains?  That is when Warren puts his own money at risk in order to earn a return on that money.  While Warren places his money at risk, his secretary does not.  Her salary comes to her each month and is guaranteed.  She puts nothing at risk and is taxed accordingly.

Now we know old Warren makes out like a bandit.  He earns tens of millions.  He also pays millions in taxes while his secretary pays a thousand or two.  So who's paying more?  The IRS figures clearly show that folks like Warren represent only 1 percent of the American populace.  However, they pay 50% of all taxes!

The most absurd aspect of capital gain taxation is that, in almost all cases, any money available to invest has already been taxed at a rate of whatever tax rate the taxpayer was in when earning that money.  So really, Big Government is taxing you twice on the same money!  And they want more?

Okay, I still don't feel sorry for Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or any other billionaire who pays big taxes.
But, let's go back to Obama's actual proposal:  He wants to double the tax on capital gains for anyone making over $200,000 per year!  Under Obama's proposal he wants to tax folks who start a small business and put their money at risk.  Do you know what happens when you put the squeeze on people who are risking their money?  They'll stop risking it!  And when they stop risking it we'll see the economy tank even worse than it has to date.  Job creation dries up, businesses fold, and the government, rather than realizing more tax revenue actually experience a net loss as they must pay out unemployment insurance for all those laid off small business workers!  Think that's not significant?  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce figures show small business employs 70% of all American workers!

So folks, next time you hear Obama playing the class warfare card, put your mind to work and figure out what he is really proposing!  Obama has never held a job, does not understand how the economy functions, thus his actions have deepened and extended this recession.  Consequently, Obama is now forced to play the class warfare card in order to get re-elected!  He dare not run on his miserable record.

Finally, folks, let's look at what the non-partisan Office of Management and Budget said about the federal budget.  The OMB says if we taxed all the billionaires at 100 percent of their earnings, if we literally confiscated everything they make, it would pay only 8% of the annual federal budget, roughly 53 days of government spending!

You check it out and You Decide if you want Obama running this economy for another four years!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

San Francisco; Requiem For A Grand Lady

The earliest writings I've read about San Francisco was from the diary of a 16th century priest who traversed California south to north in the company of Spanish soldiers.  Upon climbing the rise of a hill he looked down, gazed upon San Francisco Bay and had his breath taken away by its natural beauty.

I first saw San Francisco in 1961.  We drove up to see a Giants-Cubs game in old Candlestick Park.  The summer sun tried mightily to burn off the fog that afternoon as I watched Willie M. and Willie M. drive baseballs over the left and right field fences.  San Francisco was still a brawny, brawling town back then, broad shouldered and toughened by seaman and dock workers and union organizers.  Herb Caen's column told us what was happening on her both gentle and mean streets.  The great lady survived earthquake and fire and emerged even stronger.  Rod Mckuen would romanticize the Great Lady with lovely odes to Stanyan Street and Sausalito and love in a lovely place.

The next time I visited the great city on the hill was in 1967, the "summer of love".  A few hundred thousand young people descended on San Francisco and camped out around Haight Ashbury.  They brought their drugs with them and squatted in the park and listened to The Dead and Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape, Big Brother and Canned Heat, and Janis, all before they went "Hollywood".  The Hippies would stay, vegetating for another decade in a drug induced euphoria and feeding off the dregs of "the straights".

Later would come the gay, then subculture, drawn by the permissiveness of hippiedom and progressivism.  All manner of perversion was championed and the modern day Gomorrah still thrives, intravenously feeding off the beauty of the grand city.  Even today, if you rise early enough, you can climb a near vertical street, find a hash house for a coffee, then stand and look out on the lovely bay.  Or you can score a baguette and java in Ghiradelli Square and watch the early morning fisherman setting out for the day's catch.

But the Grand Dame is no more.  Her beauty fades in mid morning as old hippies and street urchins emerge from the hovels of card board boxes, from the sidewalks and from the parks and begin their day accosting and begging for "spare change".  It is a city where you're free to light up a joint but will be persecuted and fined if you dare put a Marlboro between your lips.  It is a city peopled with pale and willowy figures who quake at the thought of ingesting a Big Mac and legislate that Happy Meals are evil.

The Grand Dame is now a sanctuary for an illegal Mexican sub class that revels in peddling drugs, stealing citizen I.D., hit and run drivers, home invasions, stealing Beamers and luxuriating in a "cash only", "tax free" underground economy.

San Francisco was once a lovely, lovely lady.  She once captured the hearts of sailors and soldiers bound for Tarawa or Okinawa or Manila.  She entranced the world traveller who marveled at her natural beauty and the gentle hospitality of her people.  The lady now is just an old street whore, her cheeks rouged to disguise the cracks and lines of past indiscretions and the grand bloatings from so long partaking of "the golden calf".

The once Grand Lady will live on a bit longer, feeding off her once grand legacy...but she stands on shaky ground, no longer supported by the blue collar dock worker, no longer riding upon the broad shoulders of those who worked the fishing nets.   She now lives on in ill repute, is beginning to smell just a bit as those around her embrace a cradle to grave socialism that promises to destroy them.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Myths and Facts


Myth:  Mitt Romney is a rich guy who doesn't relate to the working man and is somehow taking money from you.  The 1% are evil and if they were punished somehow your life would be better.

Fact:  Mitt Romney and the 1 percenters have never stuck their hand in your pocket and taken money out of your wallet.  Any connection you have had with a 1 percenter has been a mutual decision in the open market.  They did not force you to sign a mortgage agreement or compel you to buy an overvalued home you couldn't afford.  (Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were ordered to give out questionable mortgages to folks who couldn't afford them, all because the House and Senate Banking Committee ordered them to.)

Fact:  The average unionized federal worker makes $125,000 dollars a year in pay and benefits, do not pay into Social Security and have a generous retirement program.  They take lush vacations to Las Vegas and Orlando and Miami and dine on $20.00 muffins and $5 dollar shrimp on your dime.  They take money out of your pocket by force.

Fact:  Unionized state workers make between $100,000 to $350,000 dollars per year in pay and benefits and are paid for by state income taxes you pay on your $45,000 dollar per year salary.  They have excellent medical benefits that you pay for while you may have no medical plan at all.  They take money out of your pocket by force.

Fact:  Cops and Fireman are essential to our communities...and are well paid for it.  Cops and Fireman are paid between $100,000 to $200,000 dollars a year in pay and benefits.  Those salaries are paid for by your property taxes which keep rising even as your home values decline.  They take money from you by force.

Fact:  The government at city, state and federal levels have no interest in saving your tax dollars.  They do not care about fraud, waste and abuse and are only embarrassed when a story such as the GSA boondoggles are made public.  They take money from you by force.

Myth:  The government at all levels is there to serve the people and they are well aware, and grateful to you for their employment.

Fact:  I have never walked into a city, state, or federal government office and been welcomed.  The bureaucrat who is forced to deal with me seems bothered that he has to do so.  I stand in long lines at DMV, I am confronted by exasperated rudeness at city hall if I dare go there to retrieve a form or lodge a complaint.  The Social Security Office will greet you as if you are the plague.  If they deign to sign you up for your pension they act like it is their money they are giving away.  Please take the time to consider that fact:  How many times have you walked into a government office and had a $125,000 government worker treat you as well as the waitress at Chili's, who makes ten bucks an hour?

Myth:  Politicians lament the poor educational performance of our children and say more money is needed for schools and teachers.

Fact:  For every teacher in the Department of Education there are ten bureaucrats above he or her, who draw higher salaries than he or her, and have little to do with teaching our kids.

Myth:  Poor educational performance is caused by teachers having to teach to 20 kids in the classroom; the Department of Education says the ideal is a 15 to 1 ratio.

Fact:  The ratio in the 1960's was one teacher to 30 students and the 60's kids scored higher on every achievement test.

Myth:  Politicians, from the President on down, are making an honest effort to improve American education.

Fact:  You will never hear a Democratic politician blame the parents.  75% of all Black families are single parent households.  Blacks do most poorly in school = the two factors are never connected.  PTA participation in the 1960's was nearly unanimous; today very few parents participate.   You will never hear a Democratic politician demand the firing of bad teachers;  Democrats rely on the Teachers Unions to get re-elected.

Myth:  All teachers really care about making sure your kids are learning.

Fact:  Teacher's unions are willing to go on strike to insure their contracts do not hold them accountable for student performance.   Teachers will go on strike to make sure no one can fire bad teachers.

Myth:  We are not allocating enough money for education

Fact:  The United States pays out more money per student for their education than all other nations.  India and China, third world countries two decades ago, educate their children at one tenth the cost of the U.S. and their students are outperforming American kids by a wide margin.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"A Party-Hearty Grandpa?"

I've been writing for two years about my concerns of Barack Obama and the Democrats' excessive government spending and the accrual of a huge $16 trillion dollar national debt.  Every day I read of some new expensive government program going in effect to cater to those who might support Barack and the Dems come election time.  I've seen the majority of Americans now embracing a government dependent mentality and gearing up to give Obama another four years.

When I criticize the government's aiding and abetting illegal immigration by ignoring our immigration laws and granting benefits to illegals I am called a racist.  After all, even the few Americans that know we mailed out $11 billion dollars in Child Tax Credits to illegals filing W7/INIT tax returns seem to have little concern about it!   When I complain about waste, fraud and abuse in our welfare and medicare programs I've been called heartless.

When I write of my fears of big government tentacles invading every facet of our personal lives I've been called a Tea Bagger.

Lately, I've been digging deeper into the demographics of the polls and find that about two thirds of those 18-29 are planning on voting for Obama.  That graphic has sent me to thinking deeper about this. If America's youth has no problem with running up a huge bill for those young folks to pay at later date, if they are willing to pay taxes to fund the interest on that trillion dollars of treasuries owned by China, why the hell should I care anymore?

I'm 64 years old.  Given my current health I probably have five or six years left, if that.  So, if our young people are not worried about America's future, if they're willing to give Obama a green light for at least four more years of annual trillion dollar deficits, why am I wasting my time worrying about it either?  If my grandchildren are too stupid to know the hazards of these free-spending policies, or if they don't care, hey, let's all have a big party and celebrate!

In keeping with that philosophy I may just adopt that same economic policy in my personal life.  Right now I have very little debt and my house still has a tiny bit of equity in it.  But, to maintain my sound financial status, I've had to live pretty tightly over the last several years.  I clip food coupons and turn my thermostat up in the summer, fore go vacations, buy generic brands, clean my own house, do my own yard work and fix what I can myself.  Why in hell am I doing this?

Here's what I'm thinking about.  I think I'm going to open a joint credit card account with my grand children's name on it as well.  With that credit card I think I'll go out and buy some expensive art deco furniture.  My 60's era house could use remodeling too.  Perhaps I can install Rosewood kitchen cabinets and have an "all stainless" kitchen put in.  When the house is done I think I'll book a cruise to Hawaii and charge it to my grandchild's credit card.  Instead of hamburger why the hell am I not eating filet mignon and drinking Krug champagne?   I'm even thinking of using that card and buying season tickets to the Cardinals and Diamondback games.  I wonder if there are any luxury box seats available.

Yes, I can live like a king and enjoy the last few years of my life....then let those credit card folks come after my grandchildren!  What the hell!  How is that any different than what Obama is doing?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney; Gaffe Or Truth Telling?

Oh my!  The liberals are bawling, throwing tantrums and stomping their feet over Mitt Romney's statement about the huge contingent of government tit-suckers.  How sad.  What's new?  You have wide swaths of America, government union workers, career welfare queens, food stamp armies, and in the last decade, millions of Mexican anchor babies firmly sucking on the government tit.  There are huge Black populations that declare themselves victims at birth, opt for a gang in lieu of school, and sit back and wait for Uncle Sugar to send them the goodies.  Can we ever forget that welfare mom with 17 kids that says America owes her?  Nine million Americans have somehow managed to get themselves declared disabled.  That 9 million figure is now four times the 50 year average.  What the hell are these people doing that is so dangerous that ends up quadrupling the Social Security disability rate?

Did Romney piss some of these people off?  Good!  Frankly, it's the first time I've heard a politician call out these tit-suckers for who they are!  Though he may be wrong on the percentages of "victims" there are certainly far too many of these folks who are just a huge drag on American society.  I have no problem with helping the aged and the truly disabled.  I also don't have a problem giving a year's worth of unemployment benefits to the jobless.... but liberals gave these people three years of a free ride on the gravy train!  WTF?

And guess what?  Mitt Romney is not going to lose a single vote over his remarks.  Again he was right!   The Obama tit suckers were never going to vote for him anyway, so, if he pissed you off, well, we really don't give a damn.  Romney may very well get more votes after his comments because productive America agrees with him!  Americans are damned sick and tired of a cradle to grave welfare life;  a life of government gimmies that we have to borrow from China to pay for.  When are the liberals going to learn that there just ain't no more money?

Hey, libs...psst..Obama can't deliver them either for very long.  We've had our debt rating lowered once already and the ratings agencies are getting ready to downgrade our debt once again if someone doesn't stop the runaway spending!  Yes, the Anointed One can whisper in your ear, say soothing words, but as much as he'd like to, he doesn't own the world's money supply.

Liberals, you heard the truth...and you didn't like it.  If you think that's painful just wait until that long, long gravy train comes to a screeching halt!  That's pain!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Reagan Diaries

Last night I went on Amazon, bought and downloaded The Reagan Diaries to my Kindle E-Reader.  I started reading and literally couldn't put it down.  Doug Brinkley, a liberal historian, edited the diaries and even he was full of praise for this compilation of event documentation during Ronald Reagan's presidency.  Brinkley says only four Presidents have ever been so faithful in recording the daily experiences of their time in the White House.  The thoroughness of Reagan's writings prove to be the real worth one finds with the diaries.  Not only do you get a real sense of Reagan's humanity, but you are a witness to history; the Beirut bombings, tensions in the Middle East, the restoration of a military posture that brought down the Soviet Union, the Nuclear Agreements with the USSR, the budget and tax cuts that created 30 million jobs, reduced inflation from 20 percent a year to 4 percent a year and spurred the creation of Home Depot, Walmart, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple and dozens of other companies.

Before I offer my own comments about the diaries I have to readily admit I've always been a great admirer of Reagan and his legacy.  As one often remembers historically important moments, I can still remember the day Reagan was elected.  I was still in the Air Force, an Air Force that had half of its aircraft fleet grounded due to lack of spare parts.  President Carter, in a bizarre move to reduce defense costs, had vetoed an 800 million dollar spare parts purchase.  Our jet mechanics were working twelve hour days cannibalizing parts from downed aircraft just to keep half of our fleet in the air.  This made no sense to Air Force troops on the front line since we spent far more than the costs of parts acquisitions just to maintain minimum levels of mission readiness.  Within a month of Reagan's election he approved those parts purchases and brought Air Force mission readiness to the highest levels we had experienced in four years.  More importantly, rather than ignoring our military, Reagan again glorified military service.   Most folks don't know it, but it was Reagan who restored the tradition of returning military salutes as he descended the stairs of Air Force One.  Carter felt no need to do so.

One of the most striking things one sees when reading the diaries is the political climate that Reagan created just through force of his character and personality.  It seems incredible in today's warring political climate that Reagan was able to garner support from so many Democrats in the House and Senate.  The first indication that something remarkable was happening with Reagan was his ability to win over so many Democrats in that first Presidential Election.  Even more remarkable was the support Reagan got from labor unions, Independents and traditional Democratic voters.

Once elected, Reagan writes in his diaries that he was bound and determined to work with Democrats as much as possible.  And he was successful.  His diaries record his grand friendship, and political battles with Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neil.  President Obama may wish to read these diaries.  Unlike Obama, who rarely deigned to meet with Congress on both sides of the aisle, Reagan hosted his Democratic opponents in the White House almost on a daily basis, trying to reach consensus on legislation that might move our country forward.  When he wasn't having Congress to dinner, he was on the phone daily with Democrats and Republicans alike.

Not unlike today, Reagan had to battle those on the Far Right and those on the Far Left.  Many of his more conservative colleagues wanted no part of negotiating with the Soviet Union.  Yet, as Reagan writes in his diaries, he believed that face to face meetings with Soviet leaders were essential for finding the common ground of humanity with those leaders.  And Reagan was proven to be right; he was able to negotiate reductions in nuclear weapons, resolve world conflict, and by the end of his Presidency, witness the dissolution of the Soviet empire.

The diaries provide meaningful personal insights into Reagan, the man, as well.  He records his feelings and thoughts immediately after the assassination attempt and documents the events in the weeks and months of his recovery.  His words record his feelings about the great love of his life, Nancy.  Most remarkable, in all the daily diary entries during Reagan's eight years in the White House, one finds a man who loved his country deeply; he speaks of lumps in the throat and chills down the spine in moments of patriotic pride.  In one entry Reagan remarks how especially lovely is our National Anthem when it is played in some foreign land.

I would challenge all Democrats and all Republicans and all Independents who still claim the ability to read something with an objective eye to read these diaries.  You'll find yourself wistful for a time when a man and a country were fitted so well for their times.  You'll find yourself longing for a time when the  perpetual optimism and love of country that one President possessed in such quantities that he could embrace and win over his political opponents by sharing a personal experience, tell a funny joke, share an after work glass of scotch and humanize an otherwise contentious political relationship.  Reagan could never demonize his opponents because he recognized the essential good in every human being.

These diaries speak of a love affair between a President and America, and Americans.  In the quiet of evening in the Oval Office,  Reagan read the letters Americans sent him.  He wrote a child who complained about having to clean his room.  He personally called a Nevadan who accused an Irish Reagan of not knowing "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" and recited the entire poem over the phone.  He wrote personal checks to see a Social Security pensioner through the month, then called her and chided her for not cashing his check, instead framing it and hanging it on her wall.  He sent a second check to her and told her to please cash the second one.  He was chided by staff for sending hundreds of personal checks to tide someone over.

A warning to readers of the Reagan Diaries:  If you're a Democrat you just might find yourself admiring a Republican.  If you're a Republican you'll find yourself loving someone who can no longer reciprocate that love and admiration.  And if you're one of those Americans who despairs for the future of America, you'll long for someone like Ronald Reagan, with his abounding optimism, to come along and tell us things are going to be okay; that it's "morning in America" again.

Monday, September 17, 2012

An Obama 2013 Recipe Guide

Everyone is predicting that Barack Obama is destined to defeat Mitt Romney and win a second term.  If Obama is indeed re-elected he has pledged to push through the programs he was unable to get passed in his first term.  No doubt, if Congress does not go along with Obama's Cap and Trade bill, he'll issue an edict and have his energy czar carry it out without Congressional approval.  Anyone remember that one?  This is the one that exacts a huge energy tax on all industry and effectively triples your electric bill by imposing a huge tax on coal, the source of most of our current electric power.  Also, as Obama legalizes the remaining 28 million illegal Mexicans it won't be long until American unemployment will be hovering at around 20 percent.  And since Obama's Fed Chief has pledged to print an additional $40 billion dollars per month next year you can expect inflation to come roaring in.  So, you're going to have to carefully manage your food dollar folks.

To get you through the hard times I've pulled out my family recipes from the Carter Years, when we had 18% mortgage rates and 20 percent annual inflation rates.  Here's a few recipes that are dirt cheap and will keep your belly full as you wait/look for a job.

                                      Purina Alpo "Rover" Hash

Open a 16 ounce can of Alpo Classic Chunky Dog Food
Separate the contents of can into two portions (set aside the other half for a later meal)
Dump the Alpo into a sauce pan and heat on low heat
Peel and dice four Russet potatoes
Peel and dice one yellow onion
In a Shallow skillet saute the potatoes and onions until brown
Add the 8 oz. of Alpo Classic Chunky to the skillet and continue browning until crisp at the edges

The Rover Hash is now ready to plate:  serves four
                                               Rack of Spam

Open a can of pig snouts, er...Spam.
Slice entire contents of can into narrow slices
Drape slices over a roasting rack
Baste Spam slices with two tablespoons of a good generic grape jelly
Roast spam slices for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven
Remove rack and array Spam slices on a meat tray
In a separate serving plate, pile slices of "half-off" date expired white bread
Allow family to garnish bread with mustard, ketchup or relish.

Makes 8 white bread Spam sandwiches
If your financial situation gets so dire that you can afford neither Alpo nor Spam, then you can always resort to:  Pound Puppy Hot Dogs.  The dog pound is overcrowded these days and that's a plus for you!
Finally, I have a feeling that many of those who make the same mistake and re-elect Obama will be eating crow...:)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

"The 'Chaos Theory' of Liberal Politics"


Que the Twilight Zone music.  Open up your Funk and Wagnals.  Look up the definition of "obfuscation".  Oh, never mind, I'll define it here for you.

"Obfuscation":  1. To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand: "A great effort was made . . . to obscure or obfuscate the truth" (Robert Conquest).
2. To render indistinct or dim; darken: The fog obfuscated the shore.

It would now seem that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime, and the entire liberal electorate,  have now succeeded in being able to re-direct the national conversation on any issue toward the demonization of anyone who clings to moral or constitutional principles.

Let us take, for example, the uproar over the mandatory funding of contraceptives in both private and government health care plans.

Most of the Catholic leadership, and some 2,000 American Protestant church groups are balking at Obama's "government overstep" and intervention in mandating that organizations that are morally opposed to contraception, especially "morning after abortions", must provide free contraception to any woman who wants it.

In addition to church groups who oppose this mandate, just about 65% percent of all Americans oppose it as well, not based on their personal opinion about birth control, but instead based on Obama's consistent violation of our constitutional rights not to have to publicly fund with our tax dollars programs which we do not support.

Now, here's the crux of the problem.  Instead of our being able to hold a national conversation about "public funding", the liberals have been adept at turning the conversation into a emotional argument in which the liberals contend that those who oppose the mandate are 1) trying to dictate to women 2) intruding into the personal lives of women 3) trying to dictate to women how they will conduct their sexual lives.

And the liberals are winning!

How?  Well, the way liberal always win.  Create false assumptions!  Create emotional chaos!  Obfuscate!
Render the message to mean something else!

Go back and read the statements of all those who oppose the birth control mandates!  Not one conservative (even Rush Limbaugh!) has said women should not be free to take birth control.  Not one conservative in Congress has said women can't take birth control!  Those opposed are only saying we shouldn't be compelled to publicly fund it!

As with almost any liberal social issue, the Democrat's strategy is to create such chaos that sound thinking is difficult to achieve.  Obfuscate!  Obscure the real issue to such an extent that the argument is no longer a moral issue, or a constitutional issue, but instead is an issue of the opposition "bullying" those who have come to the public trough for more and more of the government tit.  

And, no matter what the issue, the left has succeeded in muddying the waters.  Illegal Immigration?  If you oppose illegal immigration and the upholding of our immigration laws, you are "racist".  If you oppose the fraud in our social service programs you are "heartless".  If you are paying taxes and you wish those other 52% that are paying no taxes would ante up a little themselves, you are part of the "1 per centers".  

Chaos and Obfuscation.  It's destroying our nation and too damn many people are being reemed and don't even know how it's happening.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bernanke's "Monopoly" Game

Well, yesterday we learned from Federal Reserve Chief Bernanke that he plans to pump another $40 billion dollars a month into the U.S. economy to try and ease that horrendous 8.2 percent unemployment rate and make an effort to boost this stagnant economy.  The Wall Street guys call this QE3...the 3 designating the 3rd Fed effort to stimulate the American economy by printing more worthless dollars.

Bernanke feels safe in doing this since the new America has so little knowledge about how economies work.  A $16 trillion dollar deficit is just too huge for most Americans to comprehend and those who witnessed Jimmy Carter's 20 percent annual inflation rate and 18 percent home mortgage rates are mostly dying off; younger folks are so enraptured with Obama they wouldn't believe it happened anyway.  Even those with a modicum of knowledge of the economy just can't perceive having two thirds of your assets eaten up by inflation and experiencing a severe reduction in their dollar's buying power.

Since our banker, China, has already issued warnings that the U.S. will quit their reckless printing of money or they'll cash in their $1 trillion dollars worth of bonds and send America crashing to the depths of depression, don't expect Bernanke's latest announcement to go over well.

In the past century dozens of Banana Republics have recklessly printed money in a vain effort to save their economy.  It always fails.  The most recent industrialized country to do so was the Wehrmacht Republic of Germany in the 1930's  The Germans did exactly what Bernanke is doing and the Mark became so worthless that folks had to push a wheel barrow full of them to the market to buy a single loaf of bread.

My old Paul Samuelson's Econ 101 textbook tells me that, for every economic action, there is a reaction, and without fail the result of printing money has always been runaway inflation.

What is even more puzzling is the denseness of the liberal mind;  we all know American businesses are sitting on $2 trillion dollars in cash and simply won't invest it as long as they have the promise of more taxes and more regulations being dumped on them by Obama and a Democratic Congress.  This economy will not rebound until both small and big business have some degree of certainty over taxes and regulation.

Some have speculated that Bernanke's QE3 is spurred by his desire to support Barack Obama.  This is a job saving measure as Romney has already stated that, if he's elected, Bernanke will be out of a job.
I don't know if that's true but it surely shows that Bernanke himself is not buying Obama's optimism about this economy.  Were the economy doing as well as Obama alleges there would be no need for a third massive printing of soon to be worthless greenbacks.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama; MIddle East Apologist Extraordinaire

When Barack Obama made that speech to the Egyptian Parliament soon after taking office I knew America was in trouble.  It was that speech in which Obama said America is no more special than any other country.  He chose to ignore our saving the world twice and feeding and medicating the world for much of the last century. Never mind that no other country in world history has been as valiant in defense of freedom nor as compassionate than the American people.

When Obama and cohorts changed the name of the "war on terror" to "overseas contingency operations" I knew we were in deeper trouble.

When Obama and Hillary and Nancy and Harry began experiencing collective orgasms over the "Arab Spring"last year I knew they were wrong.  Having worked in the Middle East for ten years I knew those wide eyed dreamers in the Obama administration would find the only consequence of instability would just be more instability.  While Obama, like Bush, dreamed of democracy, I saw a continent of Muslims who cling to the severe dictates of the Koran, and democracy has no place in those societies.  The best we've ever been able to hope for in the Middle East is a benign Muslim dictatorship.

On several occasions I warned of these naive and unreasonable hopes for democracy and tolerance in the Middle East  (links below).  Ironically, the only place you'll find democracy in that region is in Israel, whose Prime Minister Obama will not meet with, and with our only ally in the region for which Obama holds disdain.
"Foreign Entanglements"...May 2011

"Doom To Repeat"..15 Feb 2011

"Obama's Arab Spring"..Feb, 2012

"Israel's Fight For Survival" ...May 2011

Yesterday Egyptian militants stormed our embassy there and burned our flag.  In Libya, Islamic militants stormed our embassy and murdered our Ambassador and three other Americans.  And Obama issued an apology to the apology that America still tolerates free speech.

After Obama found out about the assault on our embassies, rather than manning the situation room in the White House, he flew off to Vegas to garner a few more votes.  Not until the American people rose in anger did Obama see the need to trot out Hillary, then follow up with one of his pat speeches on "tough foreign policy".  Even then he provided an out for militant Muslims by saying we can't judge Muslims based on the action of  a "few".   Pardon me, but I saw many more than a "few" Muslims doing the dirty deeds.

The last time we had a Middle East apologist in the White House he carried the name of Jimmy Carter and he lost 49 of the 50 states in the 1980 Presidential election to Ronald Reagan.  Twenty minutes after being sworn in Reagan called the Iranian militants and said "you've got one hour to free the hostages or we'll bomb you into the stone age" less than two hours the hostages were on a plane home.

God help us, we need that kind of courage and backbone again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Snark And Whine Crowd


Fellow Conservatives:  I have a homework assignment for you.  You're not going to like it, but you need to complete it to fully understand how badly the "snark and whine" crowds have poisoned our culture.  Okay, here it is:

Go to MSNBC and start watching and listening.  Start with beady-eyed, "uncle tom conservative", Joe Scarborough, "Morning Joe".  Listen to Joe Scarborough talk about his glory days as a Congressman from Northern Florida.  Listen to him exaggerating his own role in the Reagan Revolution.  Listen as he snuggles up to Mika and slams the Republican party for not signing on to Obama's spending spree.  Listen to Mika emit arrogant sighs at anything conservative.  Watch the parade of liberal whiners and snarkers belittle the Tea Party, and any conservative thought.  Watch slime boy Donny Deutsch suck up to Mika by glorifying liberal women.  After fifteen minutes you can switch channels because, in the two or three hours of "Joe", you're going to just hear the same snarky things over and over.

Take a break and come back in a couple of hours and watch a little of Andrea (Angria) Mitchell.  She's the main squeeze of ancient Allen Greenspan, who while head of Fed, presided over the housing bubble and runaway greenback printing.  Angria will spend a good hour bloviating on the heartlessness of Republicans.  She'll bring up Sarah Palin half a dozen times, she'll call Ann Romney a rich bitch, then move on to castigate South Carolina Republican Governor Nicki Hailey for busting the corrupt unions in her state.

Following Angria Mitchell, you have the Black girl, don't know her name.  She's one of those anointed Blacks that sucked in a whole slew of minority scholarships to get a Masters Degree in "Snark".  This morning she was attacking Ann Romney's speech at the RNC convention last night.  Called Ann a silly little homemaker "standing by her man" and thus, irrelevant, in the public political arena.  She'll feature a Black Hollywood movie star and laugh as he expresses the wish that the entire contingent of Republicans should have been drowned in a flood ravaged Tampa.

Before you gag, take a break.  Come back for the ED show.  (not about erectile disfunction; instead it's a big fat blathering idiot who spends an hour spewing hate for Mitt Romney.  Loves to call him "Mitts".

Following Ed, you have Rachel Maddow to endure.  She's the champion of snark.  Two weeks ago she and Chris Matthews "covered" the RNC convention.  If you were watching MSNBC coverage you didn't get to hear the convention speakers.  Chris and Rachel were doing a "hate fest" and they made quite a pair.  Not an objective observation during the whole show.  And somehow, MSNBC camera crews couldn't bring themselves to cover the Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and American Indians in the audience.  When I turned over to C-Spasn I saw a veritable rainbow of ethnicity at the RNC convention, yet MSNBC provided "cover" for the anointed one by not shining a camera on them.

After manly Rachel you'll get to see and hear Larry O'Donnell do his thing; he calls his show "The Last Word", fitting, except that he always get the last word and that word is always "hateful snark".

The MSNBC audience?  It is those liberals you see on the street every day.  They speak in a whining tone, turn every one syllable word into two, every two syllable word into three.  They have sucked on the government tit for so long the shape of their mouth seems to have formed a "permanent pout".
They do not believe in God because Government is their God.  They are generous with your tax dollars but not their own, for they pay none.  They are "Brown Shirts" that will not tolerate an opposing opinion; those who do hold opposing views are called "knuckle draggers", "T-Baggers" or "Racists".

Here's the national anthem of the snark and whine crowd:  (to the tune of America)

My Country Tis of Thee
Sweet Land, Everything is Free
Of thee I whine

Land Where The Welfare Rolls
Just Keeps On, Grows and Grows
High In The Air, My Nose
We Thrive On Woe

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It!


If the nightmare of annual trillion dollar deficits is not enough to get you out to vote, if the continuation of four more years of divisive class warfare doesn't phase you, if you didn't take Obama seriously when he told the Russians he could be more "flexible" with them after he has no more elections to win, if you don't mind paying the bills for a growing welfare and food stamp army, if you want to see 30 million illegal Mexicans made citizens, and further burdening our social service support net, if you don't care that Obama has circumvented the constitution by selecting "czars" to run the economy, if you don't mind Obama issuing "royal edicts" in place of congressional law, then by all means stay home and don't go out and vote.

You're not crazy about Mitt Romney?  Stay home!  The Republican team is not conservative or liberal enough for you?  Then don't bother to vote.

But let me at least point out one further nightmare that WILL occur during Obama's second term.  Take a look at those nine folks up there at the top.  That's the folks on the U.S. Supreme Court.  As of now the conservative/liberal breakdown on the court is four liberals and four conservatives....and one Chief Justice that doesn't know what he is.  Now, I want you to google their ages.  Three of the Conservative court members are in their 70's and 80's.

Now try to get a grasp on this.  It is very likely that Barack Obama will be appointing two or three more Supreme Court Judges if he is re-elected.  Can you think of an easier way for Obama to succeed in establishing the U.S. Union of Socialist Republics than packing the court with liberal fanatics?

Here's Obama's first pick for the court:

That's right; Attorney General Eric Holder.  The same man that called whites "racist cowards".  The same man that is suing a couple of dozen states for trying to enforce immigration laws.  The same man that has lawsuits pending against the states for trying to enforce Voter ID laws.  The same Eric Holder than gave Mexican drug cartels weapons with which to kill our border patrol folks.

Obama's Next Pick:
Yeah, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Chief who says Mexicans aren't invading and she fears the American Tea Party more than illegal Mexicans.

So, if you can't warm up to Romney, if you made other plans for Tuesday, November 6h, good luck with your next four years!

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Osama's Dead, GM's Alive!"..So What?

Vice President Joe Biden's new favorite mantra is "Osama's Dead, GM's Alive!".  Let's examine the value of those two concepts.

First of all, neither Joe nor The Anointed One had anything to do with capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden.  That was done by Seal Team Six as they travelled 10,000 miles and put their lives on the line while Barack and Joe were sipping latte's in the Situation Room.   Secondly, there's not a Commander in Chief (yes, even Jimmy Carter) that would not have given the "go" on the Bin Laden raid.  Nothing special move along folks.   Okay, that's settled.

Secondly, there are no less than a cool million radical Islamists just sitting there in the Middle East waiting to fill Bin Laden's shoes.  Bush had it right; while it would have been nice to get Bin Laden, there's a huge army of radical Muslims who are willing to step in for the prize of those 99 virgins!  So, nice to get Bin Laden...but Obama didn't do it and neither did crazy Joe.

Thirdly, the only thing Obama did for General Motors was to violate contract law and award part of the company to the United Auto Workers Union who put tens of millions of dollars to get Obama elected.  Had contract law and finance laws been adhered to, GM, one of America's largest corporations, would have gone through an organized bankruptcy.  During that process U.S. Bankruptcy courts assess the corporations assets, defines their liabilities, then gives corporate governance to negotiate with their labor unions, their parts suppliers and their debt holders.  Nothing new here either; organized corporate bankruptcy happens every day in U.S. business.

Instead, the Anointed One saw his grand opportunity to impose a bit of socialism, while concurrently rewarding union labor for their money and their votes.  Obama stepped in and awarded a big hunk of the company to the unions and charged them not one single dime for that ownership.  Obama then told GM bondholders to get lost.

Sadly, because Obama intervened, GM has been operating marginally over the last three years.  The markets do not have confidence in GM and their stock price remains in the tank, so much so that, as the government has tried to sell shares they own, they have had to pull back from selling those shares at depressed prices.  Last week Obama's favorite toy electric car, the Chevy Volt, shut down production because Americans don't want the damn things.   As a result General Motors owes the American taxpayer $37 billion dollars with little prospect that it can be paid back.  In fact last week Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified that taxpayers are destined to lose at least $30 billion dollars on this deal.  Note:  Look for that government GM stock sale right after the election because Obama won't tolerate having that $30 billion dollar loss in newspaper headlines as he's trying to score four more years.

Ya know all those major banks that Obama and Joe demonized?  They have all paid back their loans, with big interest, garnering huge returns for the government!

Well, I guess old Joe Biden will keep yelling "Osama's dead, GM's alive"....just as long as he can continue duping those ignorant enough to believe it.

Sad, Damned Sad.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Are Liberals Just Kids That Never Grew Up?"

A few days ago I read some witticism that said in effect that "before you're 20 you're a liberal, by the time you're 40 you've become a conservative.  While I believe that's true that wouldn't explain the 20 to 30 percent of Americans who are liberal. 

Before having read that witticism I've often thought that liberals really are like "kids" and conservatives are the "parents".  If governmental performance is any indication that would certainly seem to be true.  Liberals seem to love to spend but always want the "parents" to pay for it.  Liberals want everyone to love them and be dependent on them without ever seeing the consequences of people not taking responsibility for their own actions.  Liberals, like kids, always have an excuse for unacceptable behavior.  Drug abusers are always "victims".  Criminals, whether they be murderers, thieves, gang members are "victims of their environment", thus assuming that man has no control over his own behavior. 

Liberals do not believe in the death penalty for murderers but have no problem murdering a fetus because they can't "see it". 

Liberals, like kids, can rarely see the long term consequences of an action.  For example, liberals continually fail to see the moral wrong of illegal invasion.  Liberals further advocate still another amnesty while failing to see that amnesty always provides incentive for more invasion.  Once an amnesty is granted, illegals invade and wait for the next amnesty.

Kids have no problems taking money from Mom and Dad but give little thought to how hard these parents must work to earn this money.  Liberals believe in over-taxing the working man and have no concept of how hard it is to earn that money.  Liberals do not take one moment to try and understand how hard a businessman worked, and how much he risked, to start a business; a liberal is only concerned with redistributing the fruits of those efforts and handing it out to those who refuse to work that hard.

Kids dream great dreams of what they will become but, until they reach the minimum level of maturity, take no steps that will lead them to those lofty heights.  Liberals believe that you should be granted a lofty and profitable position just by nature of one's minority status. 

While one child goes to school regularly, pays attention in class and does their homework, liberals believe those who refuse to attend to their school responsibilities should be pitied and even rewarded for their lack of effort.

Some child will cry when he loses in any sort of competition while another child will have been taught that life is a competition and requires effort to succeed.  Liberals believe that every one's a winner regardless of the degree of effort made toward that effort.

While liberals thrive in the world of music and Hollywood and in Art communities, in government they rarely do.  Every once in awhile conservatives stumble and we end up electing a liberal every twenty years or so.  Then we go through a period of extreme pain, send the liberal into disgraced retirement...then go about the business of cleaning up their mess.

November, 2012 cannot come soon enough.  Obama, the "man-child" has made quite a mess which must be cleaned up quickly.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Acute Barackobama Acoustic Syndrome

Well, I just got back from my doctor's office.  She did a complete workup on me, and after exhaustive tests, I've learned that I have Acute Barackobama Acoustic Syndrome.  The disease is characterized by a autonomic "filtering out" of the spoken word whenever our President begins a speech.  My doc says this syndrome has become all too common and that she's seeing more and more patients with the same problem.  She related that the Center For Disease Control out of Atlanta has issued health alerts, saying that Acute Barackobama Acoustic Syndrome is a rapidly spreading epidemic as they have identified millions of Americans suffering from the same condition.

The only thing doctors know about the disease at the moment is that, after the President's 1,509th public address, promising more government benefits, more regulations, more taxes and fees, more national debt and more justifications for high unemployment and a stagnant economy, Americans in the millions are experiencing an "automatic shutdown" of the auditory nerves in the brain.

Patients report that their hearing seems to be fine until a "news alert" banner appears at the bottom of their TV screen and a still shot of the White House Rose Garden comes into view.  Then, just as the President steps out those glass doors of the West Wing and steps up to the podium, their auditory systems seemed to activate a "mute" button somewhere in the brain.

It is then that the patient must rely solely on his or her sense of sight to take in the address.  Patients can clearly see their President, chin held high, with head swivelling to accommodate both left and right teleprompters, but are unable to hear the words anymore.  Researchers at John Hopkins University Research Hospital are exploring the possibility that patients suffering from ABAS may be more prone to auditory shutdowns when a message to the brain has been transmitted over a set number of times.  They theorize that perhaps hearing the same message over 1,000 times may be triggering some form of defense mechanism meant to preserve one's sanity.

John Hopkins doctors say they are discovering some remarkable symptoms that seem common during the initial onset of the disease; for example many patients find themselves hearing normally until the words "hope" or "change" are uttered.  Those two terms seem to result in an auditory shutdown, only to have normal hearing restored when the two words are no longer heard.

The CDC is advising physicians to watch their patients closely for the early warning signs of ABAS.  They advise doctors to counsel patients to be watchful for situations that may trigger an ABAS attack.  Some examples include seeing a blue banner with the slogan "Forward" may be an early warning.  Others include still shots of the White House Rose Garden, a TV "news alert" of an impending  State of The Union Address, a figure bounding down the stairs of Air Force One, arms held high and windmilling as the figure double teams down the airplane steps, or any public event where the participants are eagerly awaiting another Presidential Edict, the announcement of another government program or a bestowing of another government benefit.

The Center for Disease Control says they will not be able to issue any more definitive information about Acute Barackobama Acoustic Syndrome until November, at which time they hope to have more information about this dreaded epidemic.  Until then we can only hope that a cure for this disease is found soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Morally Bankrupt Democratic Party

Wasn't it Sun Tsu who said "know your enemy?".  Well, this week I tried mightily to watch at least part of the Democratic National Convention.  It was hard to watch.  In fact, I find it hard to believe that anyone with a functional brain and even a trace of a sense of morality could find anything of value in a silly, idol worshipping cult of moral degenerates.

This week we had the liberals accusing Mitt Romney of murdering a steel workers wife because a company he owned six years before dropped medical coverage for her working husband.  (Turned out she had her own healthcare policy from elsewhere and let it lapse).  Then, on the first night of their convention the Dems trot out a whole "bells and whistles" honoring of Ted Kennedy who really did kill a woman when a midnight rendezvous with a young aide turned nightmarish when Teddy, in a drunken stupor, drove off a Chappaquiddick pier, then swam away, leaving the young girl to drown in his car.  He then went home to sleep it off and didn't call the police until twelve hours later.

This week we had silver headed, smooth talking Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton give the nomination speech for The Anointed One.  Yeah, this is the same guy that raped a young campaign worker in a Little Rock hotel room, the same guy that used an Arkansas state trooper to procure a hundred different women for him to bed, the same guy who carried on a long term affair with Gennifer Flowers, the same one who paid millions to silence Paula, the same one who used White House intern Monica Lewinski for a little oral sex relief in the Oval Office, the same guy stripped of his law license for lying to a grand jury and the same one who pardoned Mark Rich, who funneled millions into Clinton's campaign coffers.  My god, you talk about a war on women?  Bill Clinton was the Commander in Chief of the war on women!

And yet, here was Slick Willie up on the podium, mouthing homilies of victories and accomplishments for which the only credit he deserves is to be President when Americans sent those Contract with America Republicans to Congress in 1994 to rein in big spending Bill Clinton.  A President that disgraced the highest office in the land, only the second to be impeached in our entire 235 year history.

And here were the Democratic delegates oohing and ahhing and having collective orgasms over a man totally without a moral bone in his body.  They roared and they laughed and they cheered as Slick Willie twisted truths and pronounced lies...and made them all so lovely and real.

In that same audience we had Charlie Rangel, convicted of tax fraud, Al Sharpton, convicted of tax fraud, Maxine Waters, nailed for tying to steer federal dollars to her banker husband.

Also gracing the Democrat's stage was Sandra Flucke, a 30 year old law student who's only claim to fame was wanting taxpayers to pay for her birth control pills.

Then we had the Mayor of bankrupt, crime ridden, illegal alien-infested Los Angeles, as the "stage manager".  Did anyone see his efforts to get "God" and "Jerusalem" back into the party platform?  I was reminded of the scene in Ten Commandments when Moses returns with the commandments only to find the mob worshipping the golden calf....the good mayor, lacking the moral authority of a Moses, was tongue tied and uncomfortable as the liberal mob shouted down his efforts to get "God" back into the platform.  A party chairman finally had to come out and ram it down the crowd's throat cause The Anointed One read the polls and saw his numbers plunge.  So "God" is back in the platform...until after the election is over.

Folks, I tried my best to take these people seriously but, frankly, all I saw this week was a bunch of criminals, perverts and an immoral orgasmic mob of people worshiping the golden calf of more "give me", more adultery, more atheism, more illegal amnesty and more wasteful government spending.

Sad, Damned Sad.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liberals And The Electro Magnetic Grid!

Scientists at Georgia Tech were confronted with a rare and puzzling phenomenon last night about 9PM Eastern Time.  It seems their monitoring devices that track the world Electro Magnetic Grid were belching out alarms and their meters were fluctuating wildly.  Was Sun Spot activity responsible?  Solar monitors rushed to their telescopes to assess the situation and found no unusual sun spot activity.  Hmm.

In the mean time cable and satellite radio and television providers began to receive a huge influx of calls from customers complaining of problems with their radio and television reception.  One engineer was quick to note that the problem seemed to be confined to the Southeast and the problem was especially problematic in the area immediately in the vicinity of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Sound engineers noted a strong "keening" sound emanating from the convention hall.  A sound truck was quickly dispatched to the scene and engineers noted an interminable whining emitting from the convention center itself.

Sound engineers soon had sensitive sound monitors deployed around the convention floor.  Here's what they heard : Sad and mournful moans emanating from an audience of thousands as the convention speaker demonized big business as the cause of their financial misery,  conservative Republicans for having the audacity to say they don't wish to pay for free birth control for all, and Tea Party advocates that kept trying to force them to look at a debt clock.

Instead, the Democrats chose to accuse Romney of being responsible for the cancer death of a woman, a spouse to a worker at a steel mill Romney didn't own, while, on the same night, honored Ted Kennedy, who really did kill a woman in a drunken stupor at Chappaquiddick; drove her off a bridge and swam away, leaving her to drown in his car.  Kennedy was so heroic he went home and slept off his drunken stupor, then called the police twelve hours later.  Ah, the Dems agony and their ecstasy...and endless keening and whining.

Speaker after speaker advocated for the right to love and marry anyone and thousands of bestiality enthusiasts cheered, hoping that, soon, perhaps very soon, marriage between their German Shepherd or Elsie the Cow may soon be the law of the land.  The strange keening sound intensified as a bus load of illegal Mexicans , riding the "Undocubus", honked the horn and thrust Mexican flags out the windows as the shouts of "Viva Amnesty" rang out strong and true all over the parking lot.

Then, at exactly 10PM Eastern time the keening and whining reached a crescendo as Michelle Obama began speaking at the podium.  She spoke in worshipful tones of The Anointed One.  As she recounted the "hard times" Barack had to endure during a twelve year career as "professional student", living under the confines of minority scholarships, federal education grants and federal student loan checks and having to choose between buying his morning latte or a small baggie of cocaine to get him through his Harvard inspired "American Under Marxism" class.  As Michelle recited Barack's woes in attending an exclusive private high school in Hawaii on a minority tuition-free scholarship the crowd began to moan in commiseration for Obama's ordeal.  The whole recitation was to show that The Anointed One was one of them, one of those disaffected poor squirming beneath the jack boots of the "one percent".  As Michelle concluded her speech her final soaring oratory sent the crowd of thousands into one huge collective liberal orgasm that shook the walls of the building and sent the sound engineers scrambling to record that monstrous keening and whining that sent the electro magnetic grid into aural chaos.

Soon after the convention night ended the grid returned to normal.  However, the FCC released a news bulletin this morning, warning citizens in the Southeast that their radio and television reception may be problematic between the hours of 7PM to 10PM for the next two nights.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Long Goodbye

To some, sixty days is an eon.  To others, just a blip in time.  No matter, in 60 days or so this blog will likely end.  The date just happens to coincide with the next Presidential election, and, if Barack Obama wins, this blog will end also.  Should the American people decide that they want to go in the direction our President is taking them I'll accept it and understand that our country's adherence to moral law, contract law and Constitutional law is no longer something our country's citizens value any longer.  Maybe the majority of Americans truly believe that laws are no longer necessary, or that we can pick and choose those which we want to enforce, or obey.

With an Obama win I will also be convinced that Americans no longer care about a "national morality" nor the belief that those who work hard, play by the rules, and give something back are to be admired, but instead, are to be considered silly chumps.  An Obama win will mean Americans no longer consider the integrity of our borders is meaningful; that those who violate our immigration laws are more highly valued than the 5 million immigration applicants waiting patiently in line.  An Obama triumph will signify to me that a $16 trillion dollar national debt (and annual trillion dollar deficits) are of little concern.

I guess what will most break my heart will be that Americans chose the soaring but meaningless oratory of a community organizer weighs larger than those families who testified to the life long love and kindness Mitt Romney extended to so many in his church and in his community.  While someone in Chicago organizes efforts to funnel more federal money to a violent ghetto, Mitt Romney was drawing up wills and pronouncing the eulogy for a 14 year old boy, or he and Ann were taking in kids while their parents sat with their loved ones in a hospital ward.  While Barack Obama was seeking a "new reality" on pot and cocaine Mitt Romney was working with families who were suffering the ills of a drug-addicted child.

But my reason for ending this blog goes deeper than that.  Each morning I wrote an essay on a variety of topics that I thought might stimulate you to think,  or words and thoughts that might touch your heart.   I have now written over 500 of these essays over the past 20 months with the heartfelt hope that you might read my words, pass them on to ten other folks, thus exponentially growing my readership to a level that might be meaningful.  I believed that my words would, like a stone tossed into the water, ripple out to greater distances and to an ever-increasing world of readers who might rally strongly to the crusade to restore an America where hard work and moral responsibility are rewarded, to an America where her citizens recognized their responsibilities as citizens and spoke up strongly for right...and against what is wrong.

My goal, when I started this blog, was to achieve a readership of at least 1,000 readers a day.  I have failed.  There are simply too few who read my blog, or take the time to stop and leave a comment, or to have recommended it to others.  To the few who have done so, I thank you.

Perhaps there are too many blogs and too few readers.  Perhaps there are too few left to care about the path we are on now.  Maybe my ideas are just too old-fashioned and no longer relevant to the America of today.

To those who dropped by for a visit I say, "folks, I tried".  I think my favorite quote of all time was the one Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense some two hundred and thirty years ago.  Paine was speaking of tyranny; the tyranny of a British monarchial tyrant who presumed to know what is good for us; leaving us to obey...or die.  Now the tyranny is even more perilous for it is the tyranny of those who take, those who refuse to give something back to their country, but choose instead, to take what one can, before it's all gone.

THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated

So...I'm not ready to leave just yet.  I've mounted my humpbacked steed, stood in the stirrups, sounded the trumpet, and am now looking back over my shoulder, back toward the shelter of tree line, hoping to see Americans who still care emerge and join me for the charge up the hill.  So far, all I've seen are a few stragglers who show up to see the aging Don Quixote flailing at windmills, his ear cocked in hopes that reinforcements are on the way.

Alas, I hear no rumblings nor the thunder of oncoming chargers and am left to contemplate my own abandonment of the battlefield.  My joints ache and these old eyes dim a little more each day.

But I'll tighten my hold on the reins, unsheaf my rusty sword, and wait just a bit's the honorable thing to do.  Until my blog ends on November 6th,  I'll call this time of waiting "the long goodbye".

Note:  After I cease to write any new blog articles, the 500 plus articles will still be available for viewing.  Also, beginning today I will no longer be posting links to my blog essays on Facebook or Twitter or Craig's List.  Those who want to continue reading will have to sign up by email if they wish to continue reading any new blog essays.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Write! Stop The Invasion Now!

My blog today is to spur you to write or email your Congressman today!  If you are too lazy, or too busy to care about the invasion of our country by illegal Mexicans and aren't willing to send an email or a letter to Washington, leave now!  If you aren't willing to hit the "Share" button over to the right of this text, leave now!

Who's at fault for this illegal invasion?  Us!  Hispanics, who are only 20% of the American populace, will march up and down our cities and demand rights they aren't entitled to.  They do this while the 70% who, in opinion polls, always say they oppose illegal immigration sit on their asses and let this go on!

If everyone of you reading this has the courage to hit that frickin "share" button, if every person who reads this takes five minutes to google "your" congressman and send him an email saying you want illegals deported and you want the border sealed, it will get done!  All we need to do is scream louder than that 20% Hispanic crowd who are , apparently, not real Americans, for so many of them champion the invasion of our country.  I say Take Our Country Back!  You can do it in a week if enough of you will quit cowering in the shadows!  Speak up!

I don't need to tell you about the $300 billion a year illegals cost us!  You see it every day in the Welfare offices, you see it in the Emergency Rooms, you see it in the crime reports, you see it in our budget expenditures, you see it in the trashed communities, you see it in the Hit and Run reports, the vehicle theft reports, the criminal gang reports, the plundering of our food banks, the explosive rise in ID theft, the suppressing of American wages through the illegal hiring of illegal aliens!

God damn it...write that letter or email right after you stop reading this!  Share this letter with every one you know...make it go viral on the internet!  Tell the "Dreamers" the only permanent fix for them is to serve four years in our armed forces or an equivalent term in a nationally recognized community service!  It's not our fault they came...put the blame on their criminally illegal parents!  Quit pandering to these people!  Send out the word to Mexico that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Tell Congress to cut all aid to Mexico until they stop sending their human dregs for us to manage!  Tell them we will no longer permit their "wink, wink" encouragement to migrate to us, just to ease their own budget burdens!

Tell Congress "no more amnesty, ever!"  We tried that and it only encouraged further invasion, as illegals believe they will eventually get citizenship.  Tell them it ain't never gonna happen again, ever!

Tell Congress to start action immediately to begin amending the 14th amendment to preclude illegals dropping their anchor babies here and having to call them American born citizens!  This amendment is being abused and it needs to stop now!

Tell Congress to budget $50 billion dollars for buses and drivers and begin the roundup!  Deport them now!  To hell with the courts, get em on the bus and back to Mexico and let the liberal judges lecture us "after the fact!" President Eisenhower did it in the early 50's before we began to be ruled by liberal courts. Then tell INS they can start bringing "legal" immigrants in, those that have been waiting patiently for five or ten years to immigrate!  Tell Congress the rule of law is back in force!

If you don't want to write Congress yourself, just send them a copy of this letter and say you fully endorse these sentiments and you will hold him or her accountable for action now!

Get it done people!  Stop being cowards, stop your laziness, stop the apathy, stop this invasion!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sheriff Joe 1 Obama 0

At 5PM Mountain Standard Time, 8PM Eastern time yesterday, a Friday before the Democratic National Convention, President Obama and his Attorney General Eric (Hate Whitey) Holder dropped the Hispanic Discrimination case against Arizona and Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpao.  They tried to time the announcement so as to give themselves as little embarrassment as possible.

After nearly a year of harassing Sheriff Joe in an effort to win Hispanic votes, after a year of combing through the Sheriff's records, after a year of interviewing illegal Hispanics, after a year of filing one bogus charge after another, after a year of combing through the law books trying to find Joe guilty of something, the Justice Department finally gave up....and crawled silently away on a quiet Washington evening.

Sheriff Joe is guilty of one thing; enforcing the law.  The liberals across America hate him.  California transplants who now bring their liberal biases to Arizona hate and despise the guy.  The ultra liberal Gannett Corporation which owns the local Arizona Republic newspaper can't stand Joe.  For years The Republic has taken an Open Borders/Amnesty stance on illegal immigration.  That same paper will censor Hispanic crime news in a heartbeat if it furthers their Amnesty editorial stance.

Through it all, 79 year old Joe Arpao just keeps enforcing the law.  He's conducted crime sweeps throughout the county and when illegal Mexicans get caught in his web they are turned over for deportation to ICE.  Joe has also raided county businesses who hire illegals using fake or stolen ID, or businesses who intentionally hired illegals, ignoring our state's mandatory E-Verify laws.

There are others who hate Sheriff Joe.  For instance, parents who coddled and spoiled their kids and let them set off on a life of crime, hate Joe.  You see Sheriff Joe loves to save the taxpayer dollar.  Part of his county jail facility is comprised of big open tents without air conditioning.  Joe says if our troops in the Middle East can shoulder a 60 pound pack and work in 100 degree temperatures then his prisoners can certainly lay on a cot in a tent without the luxury of air conditioning.  He also dresses all his prisoners in pink underwear; this is to show them that being a thug does not make them tough.  Joe feeds each prisoner on a dollar day; he feeds them baloney sandwiches and openly brags that the Sheriff canines eat better than Maricopa county prisoners.  A few years ago Joe gave them Kool-Aid with their baloney sandwiches and when the prisoners complained about Kool Aid every day Joe took away the Kool-Aid and told them to drink water.  Joe believes that, if you make doing time in his facility uncomfortable, his prisoners will be just a little less likely to go out and commit another crime when they're released, at least in this county. It must be true because repeat offenders have often pleaded to more serious offenses and opted for state prison in lieu of ending up in Joe's tent city.

Unlike most jail and prison facilities Joe doesn't furnish gyms and big screen televisions for criminals.  Unlike most counties and states that spend an average of $43,000 a year to feed, medicate and incarcerate our criminal element, Joe believes a criminal should have plenty of time to contemplate his criminal past and should do so at as little cost to the taxpayer as possible.

Joe doesn't know what's going to happen now.  Although his name has been cleared, Obama's edict that ICE will no longer accept illegals for deportation from city, county or state law enforcement agencies, the Mexican criminal has a green light to continue running his drug cartel operations in America.  They can continue their human smuggling operations and they can continue to steal cars and have them over the border within two hours of lifting them.  Joe is in for some tough times since Obama and Holder have tied his hands in enforcing our immigration laws.  Even ICE agents are upset as they've been told to let any Mexican, of any age go, even if he's got a criminal record, just by uttering the words "I'm a Dreamer".

Yes, those who love to coddle criminals, those who champion illegal amnesty hate Sheriff Joe.  And yet, Joe has won every Maricopa County Sheriff's election for over 20 years.  And every election he wins 70 to 80% of our votes.  Barack Obama only wishes he had that kind of support.