Friday, June 28, 2019

Se Habla Espanol?


Caught snippets of the Democratic debate Wednesday night. (Keep your enemies close). Thought I could no longer be surprised by anything the Democrats say.......but I was wrong.

I was stunned to learn that more than half of last night's thundering herd were for open borders, the elimination of ICE, instant citizenship for all invaders, and a little federal infrastructure money to build bridges and escalators so that Hondurans, Guatemalans and Mexicans might find it easier to get here. All were in favor of treating illegal immigrant children better than our own native born kids.

Three of the candidates went all "dial 2 for Spanish" on us, speaking in Spanish so that California illegals know who to vote for. When Raul Castro began rolling his "r's" Corey Booker immediately began summoning his Spanish I high school lessons and joined in.

And, as ten or so Gringos stood silent, O'Rourke, Raul Castro and Corey Booker participated in a few exclusive snit fits over which of their home places had the best Taco/Enchilada/Rice and Beans combo.....all three of them advocating for the complete elimination of all immigration laws. And I kept waiting for the moderators to follow up when "The Three Amigos" proposed flooding Central America with American money to stave off the immigration crisis. Kept wondering which corrupt dictator they'd trust with our billions in charity. Neither Chuck nor Rachael bothered to ask.

The rest of the debate was pretty mundane. Liz "Pochahantas" Warren was for the federal government taking over everything, including private commerce. And the candidates, when asked about our greatest security threat, cited plastic grocery bags, Israel and Donald Trump as our greatest enemies.

For those who didn't bother to watch, there really was no debate. No one really challenged anyone else, no matter how wild the premise, and Lester The Molester, Chuck and Rachael kind of just sat in their moderator chairs, hands knuckled under chins, casting adoring eyes on the gaggle of Democratic candidates.

On Thursday the second contingent of candidates will hit the stage. Given that debate candidates will be given only one minute to speak, I'm trying to imagine Grandpa Joe Biden stepping up his speech cadence to pimp the 8 years of triumphs of the Obama regime.....that mad Arab Spring when the Middle East exploded, eight years of puny 1 percent economic growth rates, lines in the sands declared, then forgotten, and the hijacking of a third of the American economy with Obamacare.


Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Only Place Failure Is Rewarded


A Conversation In The Colgate-Palmolive Human Resource Office:

HR: "Clint, we've reviewed your job performance over the past twelve months. As West Coast Marketing Manager we've seen your sales decline by 30 percent. Do you have anything to say on your behalf?"

Clint: "Sorry, I have no excuse for this".

HR: "Well, we're sorry too, Clint. Accordingly, we're gonna have to raise your pay 30 percent."

Is the above dialogue preposterous? Well consider the current education system. Teachers have gone totally political and have taken to the streets to demand higher salaries...even as student performance, as measured by national merit tests, are taking a nose dive.

That reality hit home this morning as I read that Arizona students are failing miserably. The recent National Merit test scores in English and Math are atrocious. Seems only 32 percent of Arizona kids can pass a test appropriate for their grade level.

These failures come two years after Arizona teachers took to the streets, staged school walkouts, and won themselves a 20 percent hike in both teacher pay and allocations to the classroom.

In no other area of commerce is failure rewarded with such largesse!

Sad. Damned Sad.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Help Please!


Need help please! Liberal press decries father and daughter drowning as they try to illegally enter the U.S. via the Rio Grande.
Democrats and mainstream media blame Trump and U.S immigration program.
I need to understand how this drowning is President Trump's fault. Did he ask them to come here? Or encourage them, as the Democrats do? Is Trump responsible for the existence of a river at the border?
Does the father bear any responsibility for putting his child in harm's way?
The world is so upside down I'm looking for Chile to be at the north pole and Canada chilling out south of the equator. Madness!
Note: The Democratic led House passed an immigrant relief bill this morning that would foot the bill to put immigrants up at four star hotels and provides no money to pay ICE salaries. Brilliant.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Carnival Barkers

Note:  Yesterday one of the blog readers instigated a personal attack regarding another's comments.  (He knows who he is.)  In the future I will delete comments from anyone who chooses to get personal.   A feisty discussion is fine....attacking others is not.

This week the 25 (count em...25!) Democratic candidates for President will take to a South Carolina stage and try to "out-give" each other.....promising supporters a sweet life, where everything is free..and a natural born "right".
I have a theory about this year's plentitude of candidates. I think it comes down to the poverty of character all 25 of these people suffer from. This field is rife with minor characters, from municipal mayors to congressmen and senators who have, to date, nothing to show for their time on earth. Consequently, every Tom, Dick and Harriet rightly feel that they are just as bad as their fellow candidates and deserve a shot at the brass ring.
This week's debates, spread over two nights to accommodate an unending parade of government benefit promisers, will be limited to MSNBC and CNN, the latter media toad added only at the last minute when Democratic party leaders felt that limiting debates to their biggest media toady was too elitist.
Let me spare you from wasting your time watching. As is always the case (but even more so this year), Democrats will promise to punish the top 2 percent of earners (who already pay 37 percent of all taxes) by hiking taxes on the hated rich in order to grant government benefits that, in previous years, would be considered pure fantasy. And, no, it doesn't matter that more than 60 percent of all Americans now pay no taxes at all. That's not good enough......America now must have "income redistribution."
So the "Carnival Barkers" will be out in full force this week. Like the Carney you might have seen at the county fair, they'll be hawking hoochy-kootchie dream boats inside the tent...when in fact all that exists in the tent are snagglej-toothed old hags.
But, as P.T. Barnum once said, "there's a sucker born every minute"...and the Democratic party is populated by suckers who'll buy into the notion that you can tax the wealthy into submission and extract from their coffins free healthcare, free college tuition, a doubling of Social Security pensions, slavery reparations, elimination of $2 trillion in student loan debt, free all day kindergarten, free healthcare for 30 million Hispanic "guests" and a $32 trillion dollar environmental revolution that won't increase the deficit a single penny.
"So step right up, ladies and gents, pull the lever and get free admission to the "Garden of Eden" show where everything is wonderful and everything is free".
I guess what I hate most about Democrats is the disdain that they have for us as a people. They believe we are all ignorant and inept and totally incapable of caring for ourselves. They are an insult to every thinking man and woman. And I guess that's why it takes 25 of em to "carney bark" all that they'll do for us

Monday, June 24, 2019

I Suffer From PTSD


I would first like to thank "the old reliables" who responded to my last post.  Your comments were thoughtful and clearly supported by your personal beliefs.  Alas, I would remind my readers that, during the last election, it came down to the very last before I pulled the lever and voted for Trump.  I pretty much despised the guy, my distaste for Trump exceeded only by my hatred of the corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Next time around I'm just not sure I can swallow that bitter pill, no matter the threat from the Left.  I may have to vote Libertarian and let the rest of you sort it all out.

While channel surfing on Sunday morning I came across former Reagan staffer, Peggy Noonan, characterizing the Trump era.  She equated Trump's Presidency with that staunch plate spinner on the old Ed Sullivan show.  That guy would spin six plates on sticks, then work furiously to keep them all spinning.  Noonan said Trump's performance has caused many of his former supporters to exhaust themselves in the Trump "Harem Scarum" school of leadership.

That best describes my own feelings.  I am suffering from "President Trump Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I am tired of his lies and gross exaggerations.  I'm tired of his making every single national issue a referendum on himself.  But most of all I'm tired of his gross failures in bringing solutions to a whole host of problems, made even more problematic by his hateful Tweets and dialogues.  I could suffer Trump as long as he was successful.  Tragically his massive ego and ungoverned blatherings make it almost impossible to succeed now......from his Jekyl-Hyde non-response to Iran's aggression, to his poisoning the legal well where jurists have to sift through Trump's spewing of ethnic hatred before issuing  a verdict.  For example, the Supreme Court is now wrestling with the issue of the Census Bureau asking the citizenship question on the next census.  While the majority of the court seem to want to follow judicial precedent (that question has been on many previous census forms), at least some of the Supremes are concerned that Trump is using the question to ethnically intimidate.  Had Trump kept his mouth shut the citizenship question would never have been an issue.  We see many other immigration issues coming before the court, with Trump's hateful spewings taking precedent over the legal issue at hand.

Finally, as I wrote last week, I believe Trump's usefulness to true conservatives has passed.  His signing of budget programs without his wall money was indicative of his own weaknesses.  Same thing when he signed the disaster relief bill without wall if that southern invasion does not constitute disaster also.  Then, this week, as our military was set to rain thunder on Iran's missile launch sites, Trump calls off the attack....and for the lamest excuse....that he didn't want to be responsible for 150 deaths.

Hey Donnie, that happens to be a Commander In Chief's highest responsibility.  If you can't bring yourself to kill a few Iranians, step down and let Mike Pence take the helm.

So, sorry to my Trump supporting friends.  Trump's "maverickism"  has run its course and I am suffering from PTSD.  Pray for me.  Pray for all of us conservatives who are exhausted by Trump's "plate spinning".

Friday, June 21, 2019

So Long Donnie


In my last post about Trump I pretty much washed him out of what's left of my hair. The only way I've been able to cheer Trump is by concluding that he was better than Hillary. And I could cheer him only if I saw him as a tool for what I wanted to see get done....not as someone I could admire.

I have never been in the "Trump is a wonderful President" camp. His morals place him somewhere beneath a snake's belly and he has, at times, made me fearful of his mental health.

His failure to fight for the wall, and against excessive spending, and this morning's last minute cancellation of a well earned "tit for tat" against Iran shows me he is coming apart at the seams.

So I'm pretty much done with Trump. I'm tired of his shenanigans, his demeaning of great men who served him, his disdain for everything that doesn't make him look good. And I'm exhausted by his empty headed blathering falsehoods and exaggerations. He's always been a clown..but at least he was "my clown"....shaking up the old Washington hands and appointing judges I could live with.

Now I don't much care if Ruthie Ginsberg survives or not. One more Supreme Court judge is not worth the grand embarrassment this President has become.

I suspect there are many like me..........scared to death of the social commies the Left is offering....yet without the heart to support Bozo The Clown for another four years.

Trump's greatest incompetence has been as an administrator. Some three years after taking office half of his administrative staff positions remain vacant. And even his cabinet plays a game of musical chairs. With respect to illegal immigration his ICE team gather up the invading illegals, bus them to the nearest municipal bus station, then release them into the general populace. Then, Trump announces he's about to round up millions of those same people and deport them. It's a schitzophrenic circus side show straight out of a Rod Serling story.

And I feel about the same way about the Republican party. They still fund Obamacare as if Barry was still occupying the Oval Office. They spend like drunken sailors, running up annual trillion dollar deficits, just as Obama did. They are nearly as sympathetic to illegal immigration as the Dems are. So, really, what the hell's the difference?

As to who takes the helm in January, 2021, who the hell knows? And does it really matter? If the Dems want to up the tax on the top 2 percent, or top ten percent, who the hell cares? When's the last time Silicon Valley billionaires, or Wall Street hedge fund managers did something for you? And though it goes against the grain, if Dems want to tax the super rich and give it to the lazy and unproductive, well I say what's new about that?

Bottom line: I've pretty much given up on trying to restore the American ethics that once made us great. Both parties have shown they are not up to that task. So horde the toilet paper and get ready for America to become the next Venezuela....with rolling blackouts and socialist dictators managing the bread lines.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hey Davey? How ya like America now?


This last March Boston Red Sox great David Ortiz recommended that the Red Sox not attend a White House celebration of their World Series victory. Ortiz stated that President Trump's immigration policies were hateful and insulting to his native Dominican Republic.

Ortiz is now in a Boston hospital, fighting for his life and after being gunned down in his native country. Well isn't that strange! Could it be that President Trump is right in not wanting still more South and Central American thugs in our country? Does it take four bullets in the back to convince David Ortiz that we've got our share of thugs already and don't need more like the ilk that gunned him down?

And while I'm on the Dominican Republic, let me just say that any of you aspiring travelers can probably get a "$10 dollar per night room at any of the DP's many resorts..........that is if you're up for viral sicknesses and mysterious deaths.

Dominican Republic? No thanks. Think I'll stay right here and cheer on our President as he wages a war on the southern invasion.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Again, It's Trump


Note:  Pardon my unannounced absence.  A family medical emergency and other matters have me other wise occupied of late.

In recent days I've felt like talking politics about as much as I'd like to be wallowing in a tub of shit. However, I find it remarkable that, again, Trump is representing our best interests, while Democrats and Republicans and American businesses skewer him.

Nothing except losing money will force Mexico to stop aiding and abetting the mass migration from their own nation as well as Honduras and Guatemala.

Will Trump stick to his guns on the Mexico tariffs? Hell, I don't know. But here's a few things I do know:

1) Business does not like the tariffs....and businesses love illegal immigration. It affords them a cheap labor force, allows them to snub their nose toward paying a decent wage to American citizens, and gives them more consumers to purchase their goods and services. And businesses do not care how large the social burdens, or how high the crime rates soar. Their financial bottom line and obscene profits are all they care about.

2) Democrats do not care about illegal immigration because they believe that illegal immigration gives them a wider voting base. They have shown time and again that they are willing to defy immigration laws in order to achieve that goal.

3) Republicans are against the tariffs because it's bad for business and it is business that fills the coffers of their campaign war chests.

4) Many more Americans do not care about illegal immigration as long as they have cheap tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. Nor are they smart enough to realize that property and auto crime has driven their insurance rates skyward, and that their kids aren't getting an education because the teachers are too busy teaching English as a second language to teach their Joan and Johnny to read and write.

So, again, who is looking out for you?'s President Trump. And if he wishes to achieve his goal of stopping the invasion he'll have to do two things.........continue ramping up those tariffs to his already stated goal of 25 percent.....and not relent until Mexico stems the tide and American businesses begin using a mandatory E-Verify system, to insure businesses only hire Americans.

Only then will we cure the "brown cancer" that is quickly strangling us to death.