Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Your Next First Lady


When Hillary Clinton was campaigning down in North Carolina back in 2008, the campaign hit a snag when reporters got wind of hubby Bill being caught a a hotel room with still another political bimbo.  Hillary was said to have told her confidantes "Bill's got two big problems...he can't keep his dick in his pants and he's a liar.  The former is a curse and the latter has been a blessing".  

I don't think I could better characterize the "Bill and Hillary Show".  When Bill was occupying the Oval Office it was Hillary who lusted after that kind of power.  Bill, meanwhile, had a problem with having such a lack of privacy that precluded his two-decade long "bimbo hunt".  So small were the pickings that Bill first tried to induce sex from a recent widow of one of his staffers.  When that failed Teflon Bill had to resort to exploiting 18 year old White House Interns.

So, it's going to be interesting when Hillary captures the Presidency and Bill becomes First Lady.  Every modern First Lady has adopted a cause to promote.   Nancy Reagan worked to keep kids off of drugs.  For Laura Bush it was literacy.  Michelle Obama has embraced childhood nutrition.  So what's Bill to do?

While Hillary is emasculating her male staffers, and answering that 3AM emergency call from some overseas American embassy, what shall Bill do to keep out of trouble?  Might he work to prevent early teen pregnancy?  Can you just see Bill traveling around to American classrooms and demonstrating how to use a condom...with or without the banana?

I don't know if that would be a good project for Bill.  I remember a survey someone ran a few years ago during the George W. Bush Presidency.  The survey asked parents who, between Bill and George, who they would most trust to baby sit their kids.  It was no surprise that over 90 percent of Republicans chose George Bush to babysit.  What was surprising was that over 80 percent of Democrats chose George over Bill.  So, Bill...please consider something else to champion; you seem to have little credibility on sex education.

Maybe Bill can assume responsibility for supervising the White House Interns...oh wait...perhaps not.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Bullying Tactic By Dysfunctional California


California has become a mad rat chasing its own tail.  Totally dysfunctional, with soaring unemployment, huge annual budget deficits, rife with crime, and over-run with illegals representing ten percent of the population of Mexico, the state never the less continues to legislate from Peter Panville.

The 40 year dominance of liberal Democrats in the California Statehouse has proposed and passed all manner of laws that punishes anyone who dares to hold traditional American values and rewards the strangest of alternative lifestyles.  

The latest assault on Main Street America is California Senate Bill 323, the Youth Equality Act.  It proposes to remove tax exempt status of the Boy Scouts of America because, to date, the BSA has delayed their decision on whether or not to admit openly gay youth to the organization.  It seems the Boy Scouts are caught between a rock and a hard place; since "gangsta America", "video game America" don't have time for camping or fishing or learning community service activities, the churches have largely taken on sponsorships of Scout troops.  Churches now account for 70% of all Scout sponsorship, and since their religion precludes the blessing of homosexuality, they pressure the Scouts to maintain their century old values.

And so, rather than the LGBT community just establishing their own gay scouting community, opening up membership to gays, lesbians, cross dressers and sado-masochists, liberals prefer to invade the "realm of the straights" and put them in their place.

And no greater advocates do the LGBT community have than the wild eyed liberals in Sacramento who stay in session 365 days a year, pulling in those $150,000 a year salaries and a thousand per day per diem bennies.   

And so, as city after city in California declares bankruptcy, as street crime soars to epidemic proportions, as half of the their state burns with uncontrolled wild fires, as more and more of their agricultural land is invaded by pot growers, as California eats up 50 percent of all federal welfare dollars, as businesses flee to other states from oppressive regulation, sky high utility rates and the highest business taxes in the nation, the legislature seems to have time only to bully boy scouts and working blue collar folks.

Last year the Hotel Workers Union , dominated by illegal Mexican hotel maids, complained that flat sheets in hotel rooms were harder to make and caused back problems, the California legislature passed a law that mandated hotels and motels use only fitted bottom sheets, even though the hotel business folks said fitted bottom sheets could not work with their linen press machinery and the costs of transition might force them to leave the state.    The bill passed.

Two years ago the Sacramento wackos passed a law that mandated breaks every four hours and vacation pay and disability benefits for the family babysitter.

Two years ago Sacramento passed a law that allows cross dressers to bring their bustiers and foam bras and nylon net stockings with high heels to work.  The legislature made it a crime for employers to discriminate against those who wish to show up for work in their cross dressing attire.

Five years ago several municipalities in California passed laws that mandated Home Depot build shelters and provide picnic tables and rest areas for illegal Mexicans who populate the parking lots in search of day labor.

A decade long war has raged all over the state of California to wipe out all religious displays at Christmas.  Scores of California cities are now on "Jesus Lockdown" as crosses and the image of an infant Jesus has proven to be deplorable to the secular and atheistic.

The Boy Scouts of America are just the latest target for these liberal wackos.  Will the last sane person leaving California please turn off the lights?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"One-Upping" Attorney General Eric Holder


Two weeks ago Obama's Black Attorney General Eric Holder said he's not happy that 50% of federal prisoners are Black.  Accordingly, Holder plans to just let em out before their sentences are up.  And he's directed federal district attorneys across the nation to go easy on Black thugs; he advises them to work with the network of liberal judges and ask for shorter sentences for those who make their living selling or using drugs, or robbery and so on.

I agree with Holder.  At $44,000 per year of taxpayer money to feed, educate, medicate and keep entertained a federal prisoner we just can't afford that anymore.  However, I have a far different solution for reducing prison over-crowding.

Before I propose specifics, let me digress a bit and talk about how Saudi Arabia keeps their crime rate to near nonexistent and has no problem with over-crowded prisons.  Having lived and worked in Saudi for ten years, I'm not suggesting that Saudi Arabia has an ideal society...but I do suggest that they have the right idea about dealing with crime.

I remember one morning several years ago in Riyadh.  I had driven down to my local Safeway store and was doing my week's grocery shopping.  After going through my shopping list I wheeled my cart up to checkout only to find I had lost my wallet.  I was prepared to profusely apologize to the grocery clerk for their having to re-stock my cart.   Instead the clerk waived off my apology, consulted with the store manager, handed me the grocery receipt and told me to take my groceries home and bring the money next week.  I could not believe that level of trust existed in these modern times.  

Happily, three days later, my wallet was returned to me by my residential compound manager; someone had found my wallet downtown and had driven a good ten miles out to my compound to return it, no questions asked, no reward expected.  The entire contents of my wallet was intact, including over $300 dollars in cash.  

How does Saudi Arabia maintain a nation of honest citizens?  They do so by doling out strict punishment; punishment that a San Francisco liberal would find barbaric.

In Saudi, all rapes, murders and drug possession are automatic death sentences.  On any Friday the citizens of Jeddah or Riyadh are welcome to come to the public square where these criminals, after a surprisingly indulgent trial system, are public beheaded.   Nothing like seeing a head rolling down Main Street to make folks think twice about committing a serious crime.

Saudis handle theft a bit more tolerantly.  On the first offense of theft the offender is sent to jail.  If the prisoner is to eat well while there his family must bring food to him.  If the family does not bring food the prisoner is given either a wheat or rice based gruel that will allow him to survive but not to fatten him up.  The second offense of theft will result in having your right hand cut off at the wrist.  If a criminal is still not rehabilitated he gets a one way trip to the public square and a very sharp sword.

So, let's get back to those overcrowded American prisons.  I propose we imprison far fewer of our criminal element.  I would amend the punishment a bit from that which exists in Saudi Arabia.  I would maintain the automatic death penalty for anyone who murders, rapes or sells crystal meth, cocaine or heroin.   For other drug offenses, for both pushers and users, I would impose prison sentences but would set up effective programs designed to rehabilitate those suffering from drug addiction.

I would also impose life sentences (without parole) for anyone who uses a gun to commit armed robbery.  Un-armed robbery and other theft crimes would be punished according to the criminal past of the person, again with intent to rehabilitate the criminal.

My prison reduction program would be far more efficient than Eric Holder's.  Simply letting miscreants out of prison early is merely a political ploy to reduce those sky-high Black prisoner percentages.  Holder's own Justice Department statistics show that, within three years, two thirds of prisoners released are back in prison so Holder is really only proposing a revolving door system of prisoner return at more costs to the taxpayers.

Instead, my system will send those hard core criminals to the grave where they belong.  No further need to build those fancy big screen television viewing rooms for prisoner entertainment, no more need to build fancy gyms so the criminals can "beef up" with weight training so that they can inflict more damage to their victims.  

Both Holder's "let em out early" programs, and mine, will cut the prison population in half.  I suggest mine is are more effective and will make America a safe place to live once again.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Obama Won't Say At The Lincoln Memorial


Today Barack Obama will limo over to the Lincoln Memorial to deliver a speech in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.  In his speech Obama will reluctantly admit that progress has been made since that speech, then he'll begin hammering "The Great Whitey" for not giving out more "federal gravy" for welfare, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, and more preferential quotas for education and employment.  He will bemoan "Whitey's" sin of a 30% Black employment rate, and, totally ignoring a month long rash of Blacks beating Whites to death across our nation, he'll shame Whites for clicking door locks when Black hoodies cross the street.

Here's some of the things you won't hear Obama say in his speech:

1) Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, and Martin Luther King were Republicans

2)  Before the Democrats' Great Society Programs, when Martin Luther King still lived, Black unemployment rates were the same as Whites because the government still expected Blacks to work for a living and didn't subsidize a "gangsta" lifestyle and three generations of Black "victimhood".

3)  Before the Great Society Programs there was no reward for reckless breeding, no "bonus" for birthing welfare babies,  two parent Black families stood at 75%, the same as White families.  Now, in an era when Uncle Sugar has agreed to be "daddy" and provide over $4,000 dollars a month in federal and state aid, only 25% of Blacks have a father in the home.

4)  Obama will mourn the deceased thugster Trayvon Martin but will not mention the 9 month old White baby gunned down in her stroller by Black thugs, nor the Black thugs in Oklahoma who gunned down 19 year old Chris Lane, nor the 99 year old beaten to death by a Black thug, nor the two Black thugs who beat to death 89 year old Delbert Belton in Spokane, Washington.

5)  While Martin Luther King, a Christian minister, spoke of the value of family and Christian values, Obama will not mention that King would have abhorred the government's championing of "alternative lifestyles", abortion on demand, and forcing churches to fund the murdering of the unborn.  No one at the Memorial today will say the MLK would be marching in Washington in opposition to the government's assault on religious organizations.

6)  Obama will not mention that Martin Luther King, who promoted peace above all else, would be delivering a fire and brimstone lecture to his Black brethren who have committed rape, robbery and tens of thousands of murders since he last walked the earth.  

7) Barack Obama, being a cocaine user and purveyor himself will not mention that MLK would be shocked to learn that our President and millions of Blacks have profited by making a highly profitable market of food stamps for drugs in all of Americas Black ghettos.

8) Finally, Obama will not mention that Dr. King would be furious that, now given access to public education, including tens of thousands of charter schools, that Blacks can't read or write at the fifth grade level when they finish high school and that more than 50% of all Blacks drop out of school before graduating, because robber and drug pushing is more profitable.

If Reverend King were alive today, he would damn sure chase Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton...and yes, Barack Obama out of the temple, turning tables over along the way.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bio Profile Of Your Next President; Hillary


Since America is now populated by millions of liberal Kool-Aid drinkers there is a very good chance that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.  The Democratic party has already raised tens of millions of dollars to make sure that happens.

Also, to Hillary's advantage, both CNN and NBC are preparing adoring documentaries so the liberal mainstream media are doing their part to elect their next in line liberal icon.  I kind of knew that was going to be the case when I read that they would cover Hillary from 1998 to the present.  Of course that would insure none of the early Hillary "dirt" is exposed to American voters.

For those of you who didn't live under the Clinton years, here's a few of Hillary's "accomplishments" during those years:

1) While  Arkansas First Lady Hillary was serving as an attorney for the Rose Law firm she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to use her First Lady office to steer state legal business to the Rose Law firm.

2) In exchange for Governor Bubba's approval of several loose and lax option trading state tax legislation, Hillary was allowed to invest in cattle futures with an option trading company.  Hillary plunked down $1,000 dollars and was paid $100,000 dollars in profits.

3) After Teflon Bill won the Presidency Hillary came to the White House and fired the entire Travel Office staff en masse.  (Travelgate) She replaced them with a travel agency that had handled Hillary and Bill's political travels, who were owed millions of dollars.  This debt was forgiven after they were  awarded the White House travel business.

4)  After years of Bill's affairs with other women, Hillary finally took revenge by having an affair with Arkansas pal and fellow attorney Vince Foster.    Hillary ordered Bill to hire Foster to his staff and bring him to Washington.  Sadly, due to the high visibility of the White House the affair could no longer be consummated.  Foster was remorseful and, in the dead of night, walked over to Lafayette Park and committed suicide.  Hillary's immediate "tender" response was to seal off Foster's office until she could retrieve her love letters and other paperwork regarding her dirty deeds with the Rose Law firm, the options trading, and involvement in the Whitewater development that bankrupted thousands of Arkansans.  They were found two years later in Hillary's office.

And, lest you think her testimony to Congress on the Benghazi scandal ("what difference does it make, their dead") is the nastiest thing she's ever said, here's a recap of quotes attributed to Hillary by those who knew her best; White House insiders, the Secret Service, the FBI and Arkansas State troopers who drove Hillary and Bill around:

"Where is the G*damn f**king flag! I want the G*damn f**king flag up every morning at f**king sunrise." Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book "Inside the White House" by Ronald Kessler, p.244.

"F**k off! It's enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I'm not going to talk to you too! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut." Hillary to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with "Good Morning." From the book "America Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p.90.

"If you want to remain on this detail, get your f**king ass over here and grab those bags!" Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book "The First Partner" p.259.

"Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k back away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!?" Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail . From the book "Unlimited Access" by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p.139.

"Where's the miserable c**k sucker!" Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Klein, p.5.

"You f**king idiot." Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book "Crossfire" p.84.

"Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back!" Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One. From the book "Dereliction of Duty" p.71-72.

"Come on Bill, put your d**k up! You can't f**k her here!!" Hillary to Governor Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book "Inside the White House" by Ronald Kessler, p.243.

So, for those of you who still have an objective and analytical mind, you might want to consider "character" when you enter that voting booth in 2016.  The last time you failed to do so you elected Barack Obama.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Why Couldn't Washington Plant His Own Damned Cotton!


I've become so disgusted by Blacks wearing blinders on whenever their own do evil , while actually "inventing evil" to spur Whitey to kiss his ass more passionately and forgive the fact that they are a huge drag on American society.  For those Blacks who have discarded the decades long "Black whine" and got an education, work hard and are law abiding; I can't even give you a pass because you won't speak out against the millions of Blacks always looking for a government check and a free pass on living like a civilized person.  So, I've begun taking a quite cynical view about three hundred years of Black history.  So, here goes:

If 21st Century Americans are just a might pissed that our founding fathers imported all of those Africans to work their plantations you would certainly be justified.  Man!  Who ever thought of that idea ought to win idiot of the century award!  Hellfire, look at what the African slave trade has cost us over the last three centuries!  If we totaled up what America has spent on these people, and their ancestors, (who still refuse to integrate, calling themselves African-Americans) we could properly calculate that we paid those slaves something like $25,000 dollars an hour to pick our cotton!  Think that's far fetched?  Consider this:

In 1999 the New York Times calculated that President Johnson's Great Society Programs cost the taxpayer over $70 trillion dollars between 1965 and 1999.  And how much more have we spent since then?  And since Blacks, with only 12% of the population, command 43 percent of every welfare dollar, you can clearly see we've put out for Blacks well over $50 trillion dollars in welfare, medicaid, food stamps, Section 8 housing and educational grants since that fateful year of 1965.  

Then, after all that money spent..and wasted...we then have to incarcerate the 50% of all prisoners who just happen to be Black, at an average cost of $44,000 dollars per year!

Then, sadly, the bill is still not paid!  We have to pay for all the property damage Blacks commit, all the hospital bills for the victims of rape and armed robbery, not to mention the billions in retail losses brought on by Black thievery!

Unfortunately, the bill for this cheap 18th century labor will never be paid off.  The long line of ancestors, especially those born during the last thirty years, use slavery as their chief race card, even though they've been riding the great government gravy train for over four decades!  These present day Africans wouldn't know a cotton bough from a gravy bowl!  

So it is perfectly okay to be a little pissed at our founding fathers.  They really loused it up for us!  We can thank them for a huge annual tax bill and for the scores of Black ghettos where it is unsafe to walk the streets!

Some of you less schooled in history may not know that we also imported tens of thousands of white slaves!  They were called indentured servants.  Many of them worked far harder in America's industrial cities than those slow moving and plodding African cotton pickers in the South.  And not a damned one of the White races dragged along the moniker of Irish American, Latvian American, German American when given the chance to become a citizen.  They didn't carry on a two century long whine about something that happened six generations before they were born!  

Let's marked "PAID IN FULL" to this god-damned bill!  No more welfare, no more food stamps, no more $2500 per month Section 8 housing vouchers, no more preferential treatment for jobs and college scholarships.   Let's tell these modern day "Africans" to shit or get off the pot.  Get an education, get a job, stand on your own two feet, stop the whining  and get on with your own lives....America has paid that bill in full!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delbert Belton Died For Your Sins


This week tens of thousands of Blacks will hold a "whine-in" on the capitol mall.  They'll be using Martin Luther King (Of the Republican Party) as an excuse to tromp around Washington and cry that the great Whitey is just not giving them enough.  These Blacks, unlike working Blue Collar America, have the time on their hands to stage these "cry-ins" because most of them don't hold a job, and, armed with a welfare check and food stamps they'll show up in droves demanding more employment and educational preference quotas, more food stamp and welfare money, and an accelerated prison release of their thug fathers and sons.   They'll insist that five rounds of probation are simply not enough before their thug sons are sent to prison for rape, assault and armed robbery.  They'll carry signs with pictures of Thugster Icon Trayvon Martin.  

There will be plenty of collective white guilt driven white liberals who are on hand, tongues extended to be inserted in food stamp padded Black anus in order to show solidarity with three generations of government tit-suckers.

Tax cheats Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton will be at the podium preaching white hate and Jew hating Jessie Jackson will be there too. 

And as these Ebony Black cry babies wander around the capitol mall, leaving food stamp purchased fast food bags and slurpee cups in their wake, more and more of White America will write this mob off as just what it is; a gathering of loud mouth, vulgar Blacks demanding more Obama provided free cell phones and blaming Whitey that little Hassan or Cassandra can't read or write.  

White America this week will be turning a kinder eye to a young 19 year old college student named Chris Lane who, while out jogging, was gunned down by a passel of Black thugs who attributed their murderous rampage on "being bored".   White America will be mourning the 9 month old baby down in Atlanta, gunned down in her stroller when Black thugs were angered that the White mother had no money to give them.  

White America will be mourning 89 year old World War II vet Delbert Belton who was waiting in his car up in Washington state for his friend to arrive, so that they might share a beer and a game of pool.  His life ended on a late summer night last week when two Black thugs beat him to death, just for laughs.

Delbert Belton died for your sins, America; the sin of coddling three generations of Blacks by allowing them to pull the race card every time you came up short in feeding, medicating, educating and incarcerating them, all on the public dole.  

Barack Obama carries more than his share of that sin, as he plays the race card to win voter support and always takes the coward's way out whenever a Black begins screaming and whining.  

So this week Blacks will be taking the name of Martin Luther King in vain, as they cry for a justice they don't deserve, as they demand more government booty and even greater coddling.  

Alas, America is finally waking up to the slimy Black game and are turning their eyes and ears away from these "Black group whines".  Instead, we are angered beyond belief at the plague of Black violence as we mourn the White innocents guilty only of being in the presence of Black thugs.  Rather than buying into the Black victim hood, Americans are beginning to arm themselves, readying themselves for a second Civil War which Blacks seem to want.  

Blacks:  Be careful what you ask for.  America is patient and forgiving....but there is a time when we've seen and heard enough...and we've seen more than enough of Black violence and the phony Black victim hood.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's Some Wealth I'd "Re-Distribute"



Some of our most liberal politicians are also some of the wealthiest Americans.  I would ask the liberals and Wall Street Occupiers this:  If the very champions of your ideology, redistributing the wealth, are also some of the most wealthy, why are you not demanding they put their money where their mouths are?  Why do they insist on bleeding the working taxpayer who, depending where they live, are not getting wealthy on $200,000!  How is it that your liberal champions chant the mantra of taxing the rich, but their own wealth never diminishes and they are always able to avoid the tax burden that we working stiffs face?

Liberals; your King is Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.  His $7 billion dollars in wealth makes Mitt Romney and his $200 million look like a pauper.   Have not heard a single liberal ask to see Bloomberg's tax returns or why he can't give some of the wealth away to the "poor".

Next is your prince, long time Massachusetts Senator and 2004 liberal darling Presidential candidate, John Kerry.  Kerry married the widow of the Heinz food magnate and enriched himself to the tune of $3 billion dollars.  Not only will Kerry not reduce the price of your pickles and relish and ketchup to help see you through the hard times, but he ain't given up any of his fortune to you liberal "poor".

How about the Kennedy Family Trust?  Firm estimates are not available but financial folks say the trust is valued well over a billion dollars.  If Teddy was so concerned about American poverty why didn't he leave a few hundred million to you when he passed?

The Queen of Liberals is Nancy Pelosi.  She weeps for the poor, embraces illegal immigration and rants daily about rich hard-hearted Republicans.  Know what she's worth?  $58,000,000 dollars.  Yeah, $58 million big ones...and you ain't getting a dime of it!  Part of her fortune was gained as a member of Congress.  Last year she was nailed for insider trading based on her knowledge of upcoming legislation and two years ago she and her husband Paul, the investment banker (yeah, Wall Street!), invested millions in a company called Clean Energy Corporation, just before Pelsoi led the House in voting generous government tax credits to that company!  On Thursday, Pelosi crucified Romney for not releasing his tax returns but when asked if she would show hers, she refused!  Good old Nancy:  "Let Them Eat Cake!"

How about Democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein?  Yep, also married to a banker!  She and hubby are one of the wealthiest families in the Golden State and she ain't given it away either!

Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, made his millions through a secret real estate deal with one of his casino buddies and local Las Vegas real estate magnate.  Reid, in exchange for favorable legislation in the Senate was given a slice of a huge real estate deal which netted Harry millions!  He's still got it!

Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth more than a $100,000,000 dollars!  They at least gained their wealth semi-legally through books sales and speaking fees.  And they still have their $100,000,000!  Didn't give it away to the "poor" they ask to adore them!

Far down the list is Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  She's been in Congress forever and maintains her office by decrying the rich Republicans who keep her welfare electorate down.  Also married to a banker, Waters made a desperate effort to reach the lofty heights of wealth that Nancy and Diane enjoy.  To do so, she tried to put pressure on TARP officials to loan her banker hubby billions of dollars.  She got busted and, after an investigation by the House Ethics Committee was censured for her actions...but not thrown out!

Ahh!  How about another champion of the lost and displaced Black welfare weenies, Congressman Charlie Rangel!  The IRS busted him for hiding over $10 million dollars in taxable income through a Bahama real estate shell game (yeah, old Charlie had foreign bank accounts!)  Charlie faced a House Ethics investigation and received a severe slap on the hand.  No matter, Rangel's Harlem Welfare Queens have re-elected him twice now since the scandal became public!

And my heart bleeds for the poor, but Reverend Al Sharpton.  Good old Al tried to pass his income through his faux church and got busted by the IRS also.  He pleads poverty and still owes millions in back taxes and fines to the IRS.

Even your fearless leader, the Anointed One, became an instant multi-millionaire by writing a couple of works of adoration fiction...and he's still got that money!

Liberals!  Are you really that frickin stupid?  What kind of Kool-Aid must one drink to swallow the bull crap that your liberal champions hand you?  Are you so dumb that you can't figure out that these people are just using you to gain and maintain power?  Can your vote be bought for a small welfare check and chocolate covered lies?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tammy Jameson Fouch - Matriarch

A couple of years ago I was privileged to be Facebook friended by my cousin Ralph's daughter.  Her name is Tammy Jameson Fouch.  I have met her one time but have come to know her through her thoughtful, endearing and inspiring posts on Facebook.  So, I might easily be accused of over-reach in saying how much I admire her and her lovely family...and to attest that, if America is ever to reclaim our past glory, she'll have to have alot more families like Tammy's.  

The definition of "matriarch" is "a woman who rules her family for a generation or more".  Now, there are no hard and fast rules on "ruling" may be with an iron hand, through fear, or it may be with a velvet glove, through love.  In Tammy's case it is pure love.

Now, I'm not saying her husband Kenny is not an equal partner in the family decisions.  I believe he is...any successful marriage requires a healthy give and take..and compromise.  No, Tammy's matriarchal strength seems not to lie in "bossing people" but in loving them to an extent that the only rational decision a family member can make is to do what pleases and makes mom and wife proud.  One does not attain that level of influence by "preaching"...but by setting an example for excellence that, not to achieve it, might disappoint her....or fail to live up to her own high expectations of your efforts.  My mom had that quality and she could inspire me just by the way she conducted herself in good times and in bad.

Now, one look at Tammy's family and all you see are a handsome husband and beautiful kids...beautiful inside and out it would seem, still capable of blushing red at a complement or in shame with something they shouldn't have done.  They say that the capability to blush indicates a conscience in good repair.  But good looks do not mean virtue, else we would all turn to Hollywood for our "wholesome" fix.  It is the way Tammy and her family live their lives that are so worthy of emulation.

Through the vicarious visuals of Facebook, we see the Fouch family out to school football games, community rodeos, hay rides, pumpkin picking, fishing and camping at the lake, all events immortalized in the enduring Facebook posts that note and reflect the joy of a family outing.  Even a night out for fast food is worthy of pics of smiling faces, shining with joy.

And, lest one think, this family devotes themselves solely with familial fun, one need only turn to the pics and postings of the family serving meals at a Ronald McDonald House, to families who have sick children in the hospital.  The family is active in their church and take great pride in their religion and their church.  As someone less enamored of organized religion, I am more impressed that every member of that family never fails to attribute good fortune and happiness to their benevolent God, whether it was simply a restful camp out or the joyful return of the family cat.

Oh, but the charm and loveliness of this family cannot be framed with the antiseptic and unlikely branding as the "perfect family", the charm comes from reading the many postings about the frustrations of daily life; flat tires, cracked windshields, a burned supper, or even the catastrophe of tornadoes leaving a community in ruin.  No, the nobility shines in this family by the way they handle both success and failure and the every day trials on daily life.

America, these are the kinds of families America once had in abundance; the honoring of family, of their church, of commitment to the community they live in, of the importance of education, both at home and in school.  We need a "re-birthing" of these kind of families.  Thanks to the Fouch Matriarch, this family lives joyfully on a sound foundation of love and mutual respect.

I believe it was early on in our "Facebook Friendship" that Tammy touched my heart most deeply.  She spoke clearly and honestly about a youthful mistake, the kind that occur in millions of families all the time.  But Tammy seemed to stand tall with pride, having admitted her mistake with humility, but prideful that she had worked hard to overcome that mistake and beamed with pride at the results of that transformational experience.  I remember "gulping" a little hard, throat constricted and eyes a mist, when reading that wonderful proclamation of a life redeemed.  

And now that matriarch of one family, in one small community in Oklahoma shines brightest, and, like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, offers solace and safety to families seeking shelter from a stormy and uncertain world.

Obama Picks On Kids


You can always tell when the latest economic news is bad.  As soon as a morning headline trumpets more job losses Barack Obama takes off on a bus tour, hell bent on demonizing Republicans who refuse to let him spend another trillion dollars on bankrupt solar companies.

But it's not just that Obama is on the road with still another speaking's "where" Obama goes.  He always heads out to college campuses.  Did you ever wonder why?  It's very simple.  College kids are still young and impressionable, haven't had to face the task of meeting a payroll or even paying taxes.  You may have noticed that Obama never wanders into "blue collar land".  He'll speak to high school and college students and carefully scrubbed liberal audiences...but he dare not venture where people are actually working for a living and paying taxes and those enormous Obamacare premiums!  

And being a "man-child" himself, having never held a real job, Obama likes to hang around children who he can mesmerize with his professorial manner.  And like Michael Jackson, Obama is a child molester, leading them to believe that big government is the answer for all the world's ills, that one can have something for nothing if only the wealthy would pay more.

On this particular tour, this week, Obama is attacking the high costs of college tuition.  When I read that I had to laugh.  Obama attacking the price of tuition is like mom and pop giving you the money for a gallon of ice cream, then complaining when you get sick from eating it.   The federal government has thrown trillions of dollars into the Student Loan program and does damn little to audit the results.  Fraud, waste and abuse is rampant in the Student Loan program and the trillions involved have fueled the explosive rise in college tuition.

And since Obama doesn't have a clue about the basics of economics he has the audacity to go out and attempt to jaw-bone down the price of a college degree.  Obama was once a pusher and purveyor of drugs and, as President, he has been a pusher and purveyor of wasteful student loan payouts that economists now say is our next national financial crisis...a trillion dollars in student loan debt that can't be paid....cause Obama can't create the jobs those same students need to have to pay it back!

Last week one of those statistics bureaus announced that 30 percent of college graduates have moved back home to live with Mom and Dad.  They can't find a job and their average student loan debt is $80,000!

None of that affects Barack Obama as he strolls into one college auditorium after another, fires up the teleprompter and begins demonizing those who demand fiscal sanity.  And those poor kids, having never worked or paid taxes, fall for "the anointed one's" golden words without dissent.

Just as a child molester gets turned on about little kids, Obama strokes his ego with lies and distortion.  Mr. President, quit picking on our kids!

Sad.  Damned sad.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Ebonics 'N The Queen's English


I can think of no clearer evidence of the failure of the American school system to educate our 
Black urban youth than to compare how Blacks in other countries speak the English language.  The other night I was watching the BBC News Hour and they were conducting on the street interviews about the recent British government's hikes of the nation's student tuition.    When they stopped to interview a young Black man in London he spoke eloquently, articulately and you would have thought he was an Oxford scholar.  It turns out he's recently out of high school and works in a flower shop.

That same command of the English language can be seen even among young folks from Africa who've been given the opportunity to finish high school.

Compare that to the Ebonics muttered on the street corners of New York, Detroit, Baltimore, South side Chicago or South Central Los Angeles.  You'll be lucky to pick the meaning from every third word, if at all.  This despite the fact that we spend more than twice the money as Britain to finance a high school education and ten times more than Africa!


Perhaps even more frustrating is the difference in attitudes between American Black youth and those in other lands.  Sadly, if you're not "gangsta" you won't survive very long in the urban jungle, a fact that contributes to the mush mouth language spoken there.  And just as sadly, both their language and their attitudes creates a cultural chasm that can't be breached;  a chasm so vast that American Black youth are the last to be hired despite fifty years of government mandated minority employment quotas.

In "Dreams of My Father" Barack Obama boasts that the key to his success in a white world was to simply learn how to speak properly and behave in a manner that was not threatening to White America.
Too bad he could not or would not pass those lessons on to America's Black youth.  He's had more than enough time to serve as role model and spiritual guru to Black youth.

Instead, Obama opts to play the race card whenever he can; he sees it as good politics as he turns one ethnic group against another, all in the name of securing 94% Black voting blocks.  It seems not to matter that as he "wins", America's Black youth continue to live in a gangsta world of 30 percent unemployment, graduate from high school as total illiterates and carry a large fake ethnic chip on their shoulder.

Sad...but that's "wassup".

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Germ Warfare; Sudden Death Overtime

Bacteriologists have warned us for three decades now that we are cleaning ourselves to death.  Death by soap suds and inoculations.  They have warned us repeatedly that we are slowly destroying our own immune system, all in a quest to be "healthy and happy".

Now, everybody who paid attention during that 8th grade Science class surely remembers that human beings need exposure to a wide array of contagions in order for our body to become exposed to them, then go about the process of building immunity to them.

But, aside from those cretins who go the bathroom and emerge without washing their hands, most of us are in trouble in this regard.  We eat organic, we own a utility shelf laden with twenty or thirty anti-bacterials that are supposed to keep us healthy but, in fact, often do the opposite.  We wage germ warfare in our kitchen by destroying not only deadly e-coli, but many other forms of bacteria that we need exposure to in order for our body to prepare a specific defense against them.  

Perhaps, worse, we tend to ignore the harmful effects of all these synthetic chemicals as we ingest "unnatural" chemicals which are concocted to destroy bacteria that are beneficial for the build up of the immune system.  

Now, no one is arguing that we ought to regress a century and live in disease ridden hovels, or consume poorly processed food.  Our health experts assert that a rise in the standards of cleanliness is as responsible for our living longer as are the rapid progress we achieved in advanced medicines and medical techniques. 

However, as in everything else in life, we probably have gone too far in achieving "squeaky cleanliness".  Hell, in every phase of our lives we have gone overboard, much to the extent that many of us are willing to play a little "freedom roulette" in lieu of the massive and oppressive controls Big government is exerting into our every day lives.

Witness the silliness of removing snack machines from the schools, mandating calorie count signs at fast food restaurants, imposing "premium punishment" in our healthcare policies, according to what Big Government deems an inappropriate lifestyle.  Make smokers social pariahs, limit soda cups to 16 ounces, persecute expectant mothers if they indulge in a glass of wine at dinner.  Hell, the ultimate lifestyle Nazi, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, has just mandated that landlords expend millions to re-model their stair wells so that NYC high rise denizens can climb 20 sets of stairs to reach their abode, thus enhancing their aroebic fitness!

Americans of the liberal ilk have even taken on hard science!  Even as they ally themselves with science to disprove the existence of God, they readily fight against Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest.  Liberals absolutely adore the concept of losing, of failure.  They coddle the lazy and unproductive and set them out to graze on the liberal plantation of keeps them in power!  

And, to ease, the pain or embarrassment of losing in competition, liberals have embraced the mandatory trophy or blue ribbon as a reward for failure.  These liberal lords have taken losing and failure to new heights of absurdity, where they choose to punish those who succeed and reward failure with the greatest of generosity...simply another form of "inoculation" that ultimately leads to death of the soul, if not the body.

These pesky bacteriologists have theorized that, were 21st century man "time-machined" back a hundred years that we'd be dead within a week, so weakened is our current immune system.  I would agree with that and would be willing to take that a step further; our ancestors worked twelve hours a day six days a week, ate bacon and eggs and butter and biscuits for breakfast, consumed cholesterol strewn meat by the kilo at every meal, and worked it all off by moon rise.  And if you didn't work you didn't eat!

Our current generation, a large contingent of which are fed from the government gravy train, could not have survived in an era where if you didn't work you didn't eat, nor could they have tolerated those hard ass 19th century Americans who yielded no ground nor accepted tears of our current crop of folks would have died, and died quickly.....with the cleanest corpses in the entire history of man.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Free Press; Here's My 1,532 Cents


Before Democratic Senator-Libtards Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin retreated to their respective bankrupt states (California and Illinois) for the Congressional August recess they were working on a federal shield law.  The federal shield law, designed to protect Constitutional free press rights, was originally written to protect reporters from revealing their sources.   That's all to the good; with the current liberal mainstream media fawning over Obama and his Socialist pals it is more important than ever that the press be empowered to expose government lies and corruption.  

The problem is that Feinstein and Durbin want to limit freedom of the press to "real reporters".  As members of the current liberal elite "ruling class" they are far from enamored with the many bloggers who are breaking news stories or "spreading the word" on government overreach and corruption.  It seems that far too many bloggers these days are conservatives who are fomenting revolution and hailing the fall of "big government".  Both Feinstein and Durbin see these bloggers as a threat the seven year reign of liberal elites who propose to tell you what to eat and drink, how to live and how to think and accuse the "rebel's" of being racists and anarchists.  

These liberal brownshirt tactics are not new, folks.  It was just two years ago when Obama directed the Federal Communication Commission to find some way to shut down all those pesky conservative radio talk shows.  Liberals, having failed with their own liberal radio talk show efforts, felt threatened by Middle America's embracing conservative talk and rejecting the Al Frankens of this country.

So, getting back to Feinstein and Durbin and their versions of the federal shield law.  When asked how our "masters" would decide whose a journalist and whose not, both offered that it would be folks who were getting paid for their printed efforts.  

WHEW!  I guess I'm safe because, in the 30 month existence of my blog, I've earned $15.32 cents (or 1,532 cents) through my ad commissions.  That sum paid for a 3-pound can of Kirkland coffee at Costco and fueled my caffeine habit while writing this blog.

If any of you choose to question the value of bloggers I would only offer this to you:  How many of you were aware that the "ruling elite" like Feinstein and Durbin were working diligently to quash the free exchange of information in this country?   How many of you were aware that your elected officials were working hard to determine who shall be favored to write about our national issues?  My blog gets a few hundred readers a day, tiny by the standards of The Daily Caller or The Daily Beast...but large if I have informed even half a dozen of our citizens of government efforts to control what you hear and read.  And I believe there are thousands of other bloggers who won't be silenced by government elites telling us just who the "press" is.

I don't drink any of those fancy six dollar cups of Starbucks coffee.  The Kirkland coffee paid for by my readers is reward enough.  I feel like I've earned my 1,532 cents.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cold Hard Religions & The Failure To Connect


When reading my hometown paper this week I came upon the Obituary Section and read that one of my old high school teachers has passed on.  I knew "Mr. B." fairly well, and remember him as something of a cold fish, a hard ass teacher with a streak of the anal retentive in him.  I don't believe I ever saw him smile and I don't ever remember when he wasn't defending the hard and fast mandates of "the rule", never granting exceptions for human foibles.  In reading the Obit, I learned that Mr. B. retired to a second career as a preacher.  That got me to thinking about some hard facts about religion and why churches so often miss the opportunity to connect with young people while they are still impressionable, while one might touch these young souls and move them toward a life of meaning and productivity.  And why teachers often succeed in doing this with far greater success than preachers.

I saw that Mr. B. had retired from teaching and turned to preaching in one of those "brimstone and hell fire" churches that insists that all humans, absent the grace of repentance, absent from the rite of baptism, and absent the word of God, are bound for the hot embers of hell.  How fitting.  Mr. B. had already began to practice that cold and hard treatment of his fellows while teaching the basics of General Business to high schoolers.  

And how sad that Mr. B. couldn't summon up compassion and understanding for young impressionable students who are more than capable of being inspired toward being better human beings.  I think back on those handful of teachers in my life, teachers who made a difference, who inspired me to a love for life long learning, who, through their own dedication, left lasting positive impressions still relevant half a century later.

If our church leaders were only that capable!   And please understand, I'm not condemning all churches or all organized religions!  I'm speaking of those churches who must remind you daily just how filthy is your soul, how corrupted is your heart, those churches that always assume the worst of the human condition, and fail to see the beauty our creator instilled in all of us!  Sadly, too many of these churches reap just what they sow!  They produce flocks who, through fear of condemnation, show up every Sunday, revel in the rants, the fire and brimstone blatherings, then return home to embrace a hate for anyone who won't march in their own personal versions of a salvation band!

It is true that some churches and some preachers teach the tenants of love and forgiveness, who reach out to the homeless, to those who've strayed too far from a platform of simple human decency, who offer comfort and solace to the sick and sick-hearted.  Bless them!  Those that offer a "Sunday shelter" from the savagery of everyday life, who exist to establish a circle of love for their parishioners are to be praised and commended.

Yet, too many churches today espouse a hard, cruel road to heaven, who condemn other churches whose beliefs differ from their own, who breed hate for others who prefer a more secular but still loving lifestyle.  I believe that's so sad because they alienate as many people as they "collect".  

So, I sit here this morning, reading the obituary of a long ago teacher, a teacher who failed to make a connection with me, who believed in the "straight and narrow", who was not inclined to round up the "lost sheep" as Jesus himself might have done.  Instead, it was the more secular teachers who dwell fondly in my heart, who reached out to me and touched my heart through their benevolence toward their fellow men.  

I guess I've learned that hell fire and brimstone may work for a small child, or an adult with less intellect, less capable of personal reflection...but it's not a strong sale for those of us who spend a lifetime contemplating the nature of our inner souls.  

Rest in Peace, Mr. B.  Perhaps, having passed over, you will have finally learned that our creator is far more compassionate and far more accepting than anything you might have dreamed of.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oprah, Unmasked


Have you ever seen any woman who benefits more from makeup than Oprah Winfrey?  And, occasionally, when Oprah's full court press aides experience a slip up, we sometimes see "the real Oprah behind the make-up and the kindly words for the White world that made her rich.

We saw the real Oprah unmasked twice this week.  The first was her statements last week compared the thug Treyvon Martin's murder with that of Emmit Till.  By trying to make the Treyvon Martin incident a civil rights issue, Oprah did what Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Barry did; ignore Martin's history of theft, assault and general thuggery and make him a martyr for Black victimhood.  And like her Sharpton and Jackson co-conspirators, she totally fails to mention, and condemn the plague of Black violence throughout this nation.

The second incident thankfully occurred in Switzerland.  It seems poor Oprah was offended, racially offended, because some oaf in a luxury goods store dared to tell her she couldn't afford a $38,000 purse.  She automatically assumed that the snub was because she was Black.  Not once did she consider that she may have been dressed down that morning, or more frightening, might not have been wearing her public mask, that two hour make-up session needed for Oprah to appear even remotely "not ugly".  

It seems to me the real "ugliness" of the purse incident was that Oprah, in buying her 207th $38,000 dollar purse she clearly displays the shallowness of her so called charitable spirit.  How many Blacks in the ghetto could receive personal tutoring had Oprah decided to donate her million dollar stash of luxury purses toward bettering the Black community.  Oprah gets far too much credit for her charitable ways than anyone I know.  How many of you have seen one of those "Oprah's Favorite Things" shows?  Oprah's audience gushes and cries every time Oprah rolls out the next favorite luxury item she collects...and she then takes credit for her audience receiving "one of each" as human greed rules the day on those shows.  Now try to remember, who's actually giving all those gifts out to audience members!...yeah, it's the company that makes the product, not Oprah!

Oprah is a multi-billionaire.  She got all that loot by pretending to be a good buddy to 150 million White women.  She owns hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate, in Santa Barbara, in Chicago and in the Bahamas.   She donates about one percent of her income to charity and is hailed as a heroine of good will.  I donate that same percent of my income and am just "joe schmoe" who no one remembers.

Like Obama, with his multi millions, and Beyonce with her hundreds of millions, Oprah with her billions talks a great game about helping Black America when, in truth, they are hanging with the richest folks on earth and could not give a whit about poverty stricken Blacks.  Like her makeup, which covers a natural born ugliness, Oprah's ugliness of soul is paid for by a great publicity department....even as she pretends to care for those in real need.

Lights...!!!! Makeup!!!!!!!!!! quickly!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama's War With American Citizens


Okay, two Obamacare reports came out this week that have me totally nonplussed.  I'm going to need to have a Democrat explain them both to me because, as they stand, they seem to be clear proof that Obama indeed hates American citizens, loves illegal Mexicans, and seems to have opened a new front on the war against American citizens.

The first report was issued by the IRS Commissioner and the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Both agencies have jointly announced that any charity hospital operating within the United States will face severe penalties if they dare offer free health care to American citizens.  The IRS has declared that they have been directed to withdraw 501 tax exempt protections of charity hospitals who dare to offer free medical care to the indigent American citizen.  This was confirmed by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who cited the reason; the government fears that, if Americans are given any form of free health care they are unlikely to sign up and pay Obamacare premiums.

At the same time, a separate report shows that Obama has set aside $500 million dollars in Obamacare funding to build some 200 free medical clinics in communities where the population is largely made up of illegal Hispanics! The government is taking the position that, since illegals won't be eligible for Obamacare, they need to have their medical needs paid for by taxpayers.  This is madness! 

The IRS/HHS report specifies that over 60% of our nation's hospitals are designated as "non profit", or charity hospitals!  Punishing these hospitals with fines and the withdrawal of tax exemptions places a tremendous burden on both the hospitals themselves as well as poor working class Americans.

One of the biggest casualties of this war on American citizens will be St. Jude's Children Cancer Research hospital.  St. Jude's was established by beloved entertainer Danny Thomas some fifty years ago and solicits charity donations so that no American family has to be turned away for lack of funds to treat their children's cancer.  This grand institution has not only treated tens of thousands of kids, but have also achieved great strides in cancer treatments through the research arm of the hospital.    Under latest Obamacare directives they will no longer be able to provide these services!

So yeah, I'm going to need an explanation from one of you Obamanites.  I'm going to need you to explain why Obama is waging war against American citizens while concurrently providing free medical care to illegal Mexicans.

Anyone care to explain this to me?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eric Holder And Black Fantasia


Black Supremacist and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is not happy that 50% of all prison inmates are Black.  Just as he and Barry and Al and Jessie chose to deny Treyvon Martin's thug past, Holder wants to overlook the Black plague of violence and cut Black thugs still another break.  Accordingly, on Monday, this supposedly Attorney General of all the people, has decided that penalties for felony crime is just too darn harsh and has ordered that prison doors be swung open so that these Black thugs can once again freely assault, maim and murder the general populace.

Holder's argument is that we're just too darn harsh in handing out prison sentences.  But what we're really seeing here is Holder trying to pare down that 50% Black prisoner rate.

And, in granting more lenient sentencing, Holder and his socialist pals, opt to deny even his own justice department statistics.  To wit, liberal judges now so dominate the court system that a criminal will have violated the law more than five times before he ever sees the inside of a prison.  Crime after crime has to occur, and probation after probation will have been given, before an urban Black thug is finally sentenced to prison.  Five penalty free crimes!

And, as to prison return rates, Holder's own Justice Department shows that an astounding 68% of all prisoners released will be back in prison within three years of release!  Here's an extract from the 
Department of Justice's own statistics:

Recidivism is measured by criminal acts that resulted in the rearrest, reconviction, or return to prison with or without a new sentence during a three-year period following the prisoner's release.
Summary findings
  • During 2007, a total of 1,180,469 persons on parole were at-risk of reincarceration.  This includes persons under parole supervision on January 1 or those entering parole during the year. Of these parolees, about 16% were returned to incarceration in 2007.
  • Among nearly 300,000 prisoners released in 15 states in 1994, 67.5% were rearrested within 3 years. A study of prisoners released in 1983 estimated 62.5%.
  • Of the 272,111 persons released from prisons in 15 states in 1994, an estimated 67.5% were rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years, 46.9% were reconvicted, and 25.4% resentenced to prison for a new crime.
  • These offenders had accumulated 4.1 million arrest charges before their most recent imprisonment and another 744,000 charges within 3 years of release.
  • Released prisoners with the highest rearrest rates were robbers (70.2%), burglars (74.0%), larcenists (74.6%), motor vehicle thieves (78.8%), those in prison for possessing or selling stolen property (77.4%), and those in prison for possessing, using, or selling illegal weapons (70.2%).
  • Within 3 years, 2.5% of released rapists were arrested for another rape, and 1.2% of those who had served time for homicide were arrested for homicide.
Folks if you don't believe Holder's actions are just pure politics, if you don't believe this Black Supremacist has absolutely no regard for the safety of the public, you're fooling yourselves.  This latest "free pass" to Black thuggery by Barack Obama's corrupted socialist regime is going to result in more assaults, more rapes and more murders as Holder has opened up the floodgates to more criminal activity.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nightmare On Main Street


I've been spending more time watching the boob tube this week, just trying to get through this long hot summer.   Taking advantage of my Amazon Prime membership, I've been catching up on TV shows that I've missed during the last six or seven years.  Surprisingly, I've been especially drawn to those apocalyptic shows where the world has essentially ended and the survivors are pretty much on their own, no longer having big government for their succor.  I'm finding these shows far less scary than real life today as our nanny government intervenes more oppressively into our personal lives.

The first series I dialed up was Under The Dome.  Having read the book, I found the series to be totally alien to Stephen King's original novel.  Never the less, I'm enjoying watching people learn to cope without the aid and abetting of big government.  As in real life, we see the good people battling the bad guys, and doing so on a level playing field...there are no government quotas and no Barack Obama showing up on the fringes of the dome to make still another speech, to demonize free market forces or to promise what he obviously can't deliver.  

Having exhausted the available Under the Dome episodes, I continued to boycott "scary real life" by avoiding the news programs and moved on to watching Falling Skies.  This series involves the invasion of earth by some fairly scary looking aliens who, as their first order of business, wipe out 90 percent of the world's population.  Falling Skies is intriguing because the survivors liken themselves to our own revolutionary world founding fathers who are desperately trying to survive and mount some manner of credible defense against a large, unfeeling force of aliens who wish to dominate every phase of those lives who fall under their control.  (Sound familiar, America?)  These "survivors" who are trying mightily to restore America to her previous glory would no doubt have alot in common with the Tea Party folks of today.  

Having devoured Season 1 and 2 of Falling Skies, I have now cruised through the first ten episodes of Jericho.  This series focuses on the town of Jericho, Kansas, whose residents seemed to have survived a massive nuclear holocaust.  It was interesting to see Jericho's residents go first through the "withdrawal" of the government tit...just waiting for someone to come and rescue them.  First there is great fear as this little pocket of America is flailing about, lips pooched, and seeking out the government tit which, for the price of half of their annual income, always promised to "take care of them".  Now these lost souls must learn to take care of themselves.  It is heartening to see the residents of Jericho begin, once again, to stand up like men, fore go trying to lean on a government behemoth for their succor, and plow ahead with plans to feed, educate, medicate and defend hearkens back to a time when for two hundred years Americans dared to do just that.  In Jericho, we witness human courage, we rejoice at the whiners being shouted down and shamed, and we honor those who are bravely standing up for the public good.  How refreshing!

And so, I've been watching as those dome folks deal with mysterious forces, and witnessed gory and bloody battles under Falling Skies and the poor folks in Jericho trying to survive nuclear annihilation....and am comforted by all of it...simply because our oppressive "big government" is at last destroyed,. leaving man to battle less threatening forces like evil and slimy aliens.   Having foregone the national news programs for less "scary" matters, my blood pressure has gone down and my resting pulse rates have returned to normal.

I hear Obama plans to make his 577th speech from the Rose Garden....I won't be tuning in.  Instead, I'll probably catch a couple of more episodes of Jericho.  I find the nightmares of Falling Skies and Jericho far more comforting than today's headlines.

Monday, August 5, 2013

"This Town"; Dishing D.C. Dirt

I just finished reading "This Town", by Mark Leivbovich.  I urge you to read it.  It's a down and dirty expose on what is coming down in Washington D.C. these days.  Oh sure, you knew just how dirty and corrupt our politicians are but you probably just had the vague notion that most politicians who go there, even those with good intentions, almost always become corrupted by the "good ole boy system that thrives most productively in our nation's capital.

"This Town" tells you how it's done, who the "players" are, defines the pecking order, then goes about revealing just how shallow and superficial our national leaders really are.

Leibovich does it so damn well, and in such a humorous vein, that he'll have you laughing and crying, sometimes both at the same time.

One wonderfully oily scene that reflects the utter soullessness of the Washington elite is presented at Tim Russert's funeral.  Though Russert was a beloved newscaster, one of the few who skewed both left and right when deserved,  the politicians who attended the funeral made a sham of it, foregoing any pretense of either mourning or celebrating Russert's life; instead they used the occasion to swap business cards and schmooze with the greats and no so greats in attendance.  I won't give away any more details but, suffice it to say, you'll be thoroughly enraptured by the callous disregard for the dead and utterly astounded by the superficiality of the political elite; it's literally like staring down a rattlesnake just before he strikes.

Leibovich lends credibility to the book by freely admitting he's one of those Washington insiders himself.  Leibovich worked nine years for the Washington Post before he moved to the New York 
Times as their chief political correspondent.  He's noted for writing political profiles of Washington's biggest names and he's brought a wealth of political dirt to satisfy the greediest of political groupies.

Having worked for the Post and the Times you might suspect that Leibovich might be hardest on 
Republicans...and you'd be wrong.  He stated in a recent interview that much of the silliness in the book comes at the hands of Democrats who have held power in D.C. since winning control of Congress in 2006.

As a conservative, after reading this book, my admiration for those Tea Party folks in Congress knows no bounds.  Those 70 or 80 folks who brought a zeal for reform to the capitol, and have thus far stuck to their guns, seems an almost impossible task as Leibovich describes the means and manner of corruption in the capitol.  Most of our leaders are either millionaires and billionaires and are as detached from Main Stream America as anyone can get and still live here.

After reading this book you'll never again watch the Sunday morning talk shows and ever again believe a word uttered by pundit or politician.  And speaking of pundits, you'll delight in learning just how vacuous and simple minded are the folks who moderate political discussion or who bring you the "so-called news"

After reading this book you'll cry at weddings, laugh at funerals...and think twenty car pile-ups are hilarious.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alex Rodriguez; Storefront Dummy


Back in the 80's Billy Crystal used to do a very funny gig while impersonating Fernando Llamas.  For those who might not recognize the name, Llamas was one of those South American "pretty boys" that MGM brought in during the late 40's.  These were handsome young latins meant to serve as eye candy for fluttering American women.  Llamas seemed especially vein about his looks, thus served Billy Crystal well as fodder for goofy "looks over health" blatherings.  As Crystal would interview his Hollywood buddies he would always inject the line "it is better to look good than to feel good"..and the audience would howl.

Strangely, and perhaps far more sadly, is that Alex Rodriguez seemed to bring that same empty vanity to life in his personal life, as well as with his baseball career.  Go back and watch videos of Rodriguez stepping up to the plate.  In his tight designer uniform, made to fit well by his designer steroids, Rodriguez seemed as stiff as, well, a rod!  He always seemed to be "striking a pose", evidently uncaring about what inning it was, who was on base or even who they were playing.  You see neither the tension of a player badly wanting a hit, or to win the game, nor the devil may care laxness of of a Nick Swisher.  No, you just saw Alex the robot, nearly stiff, stuck in his own idea of the "classic pose"...almost like it is better to look good while striking out than it is to pull a liner to the opposite field and scramble out of the box in search of a single.  The same was true when Rodriguez took the field; it seemed that he could not bring himself to dive for a screaming line drive to third if doing so spoiled that stiff robotic pose.

So tomorrow, as a minimum, Alex Rodriguez will be suspended at least a year and a half.  Banned from baseball for being so greedy that he could not be happy with his god-given baseball skills, but had to lust for more.  It wasn't enough that, without the roids, he would have batted 300 and knocked 40 home runs a year, no, he had to own all those wonderful century old offensive records and command the idolization of baseball fans everywhere....and he wasn't willing to wait over an extended career to achieve it...he wanted everything and he wanted it now.  And so, like may of his peers in the steroid era, Alex cheated and cheated again.

He thought it would go on forever....the roids, the romances with Hollywood starlets, the sexual liaisons with Madonna, old enough to be his mother, and he cared not a whit for his team mates, the fans, or even the heat of the game itself, except as they documented his juiced statistics.  

Even before Rodriquez got busted for steroids those New York fans were already writing him off as a prima donna in fool's clothing.  They had just seen too many playoff games where Alex was a no-show, who seemed to love that $27.5 million annual salary far more than the glory of a championship trophy.  Wasn't it just last year when Rodriguez, his steroid battered body failing him still again, was batting below the Mendoza line, his team was losing still again, and Alex could be seen smirking and flirting with women in the stands.  

So, it appears now Alex will spend the next eighteen months posing in front of a mirror...and the posing may be his last as he would be 40 years old before his suspension is complete, an old man in baseball years.  

But even that doesn't matter to baseball fans.  They have become sickened by these steroidal prima-donnas who placed their own interests above that of their team, and of baseball.   Fans and baseball traditionalists have already written off all of those career statistics and have imposed a lifetime ban from the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Instead, like Bonds and Sosa and McGuire, Rodriguez has already been enshrined in the hall of shame....the numbers as much fiction as a Harry Potter novel.

Sadly, Alex neither looks good nor feels good this morning.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"American Exceptionalism"

Good Morning Folks,

During President Obama's first year in office he toured the capitals of Europe and the Middle East and consistently gave essentially the same speech.  His message to the world's nations was that America is not "Exceptional".  Oh sure, he said it in an indirect way by saying, and I quote "America is exceptional but then so are all other countries".  He angered millions of Americans who have sacrificed both blood and treasure in giving aid and sustenance to the world's needy, many times when no one else would.

As a student of history I am well aware of America's failings.  I make no excuses for them.  The institution of slavery will forever be a dark mark on our history.   And it took a century after 7 million Americans died fighting each other before African Americans began to achieve an equality in our society.  In the 19th century America for a period of time justified westward expansion by formulating a policy of "Manifest Destiny", a rationalization that any territory conquered and developed would find its people better off under the umbrella of protection of the constitution. 

By the 1880's America had enough of war and conflict.  We viewed the constant bickering and conflict in Europe and Asia as an abomination and wished to steer a neutral course.  In doing so America husbanded the resources of her people and the natural resources God granted us to become the world's foremost economic power. 

Not until the very end of the first World War were we dragged, kicking and screaming, into a world conflict that required decisive action.  As soon as that nastiness ended America once again raised the curtain of neutrality and were sickened by the unfolding events that led us again into World War II; this time to deploy our forces across the globe to stop the tyrannical murder of 50 million people. 

What we did in those two wars was to essentially win the peace!  What have we done since?  We fought a cold war against the Soviets that resulted in the liberation of a dozen countries and a hundred million of the world's citizens!  Following WWII we didn't leave Europe to waddle in misery.  Is there anyone who remembers...or has studied history know that, for five post war years, we spent fully ten percent of our entire Gross National Product to rebuild Europe?    Does anyone remember what we did in post-war Japan?  After Japan viciously attacked us on December 7th, after Japan raped and murdered millions of Koreans, Chinese, Filipino's, Malaysians, Vietnamese and Americans, America spent tens of billions more to re-build Japan! 

After resurrecting the conquered nations of Europe and Japan what did we do?  Did we claim them in the name of victory?  Hell, no!  We went back home and left them to 60 years of post war prosperity!  For the last 75 years how many world-wide famines has America responded to with aid workers and hundreds of billions of dollars in food and medical and other assistance?

Now, I ask you President Obama!  Who else stepped up to the plate?  How many of those other "exceptional countries" that you refer to stepped up for the betterment of his fellow man?  Did you take a single history course during that Harvard legal education? 

Mr. President, when you punish our allies and reward our enemies, when you condemn the very businesses that turned our nation into an economic powerhouse, when you reward the sick, lame and lazy and punish the "producers", is it anyone wonder that you have angered a huge contingent of the American people?

But nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than when you demean the achievements of this nation by proclaiming "everyone's exceptional" and America is just like everyone else!  Your words and your actions give credence to the rapidly developing idea that you are indeed an "America hater".