Monday, January 1, 2018

"On Saying Goodbye"


Today I will end my thrice weekly blog essays. It is a good time to put them to rest as it will mark "Just Common Sense"....'s seventh anniversary. Over those seven years I penned nearly 1,800 essays....about societal and political matters, yet many of them just talking about family.

I like to think that those essays, and the thousands of posts have served as a way to make it easier to say goodbye to my readers, my family and my friends. Having professed my admiration and love to all those who have touched my heart in some manner, it also makes it a little easier when I slough off this mortal coil. Unlike those less fortunate, I have had the chance to say what's in my heart throughout these seven seasons. And I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to do so. It was only a few years ago when cancer struck, and when I asked my own doctor about my prognosis, she simply looked at the floor and voiced her wishes that cancer like I had offered better chances.

And yet the big guy upstairs is a powerful force. He gave me more years......years in which to write about what's my heart and head, years to say goodbye with grace.

When one gets to be my age we are a little like the sugar maple; green and hearty in our "spring", then in autumn flourishing in colorful splendor, then, in late winter, pouring forth the sweet sap....the perfect marriage of sun and frost.

Fear not, dear reader. Like a distant uncle, I might pop in now and then, when I feel I have something important to say, but no more on schedule. And when I do, I'll send the invitation in your mail box, as I have done for seven years.

So, have a fine life people. And may your fortunes never force you to ever again hear "sad....damned sad."

Goodbye for now.