Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear God


Dear God,

I know I'm not the "turn the other cheek" kind of guy, and I know I'm not on your prime dinner list, but if you could see your way to hearing me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Things Go Better With Koch


Radical liberal Lawrence O'Donnell has spent most of five years spewing hate toward the Koch brothers and their donations to conservative political causes.  Using his MSNBC show "The Last Word", O'Donnell has ripped the Kochs while totally ignoring the liberal billionaire big spenders in his own party.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Late Evening Reflection


He just couldn't sleep this evening.  His mind was a war as cataclysmic events seemed to be falling on his head like a hard rain.  He got out of bed, donned a robe,  and left the family quarters, descending the dimly lit stairs, then walking out on to the south lawn.  The secret service stepped out on the porch and offered a "good evening, Mr. President", then stood like sentries on the two opposing pillars just behind Barack Obama.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Obamacare Decimates Economy


How many of you are following the financial news?  Did you see that the feds had to revise the 1st quarter GDP numbers from up 3% to -2.9%? Barack Obama trotting down the steps of the White House back portico, arms swinging, to mount his little backyard podium and boast of a vibrant economy?  Nope, seeing how the news was bad, seeing how the news was pretty damn catastrophic, all we heard from the White House was Obama's mouthpiece press secretary blaming the poor economic performance on the weather.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Farmer's Markets "Cornering" The Market


My tomato crop has been lousy this year.  In the six weeks since the first yellow bloom I've harvested two pitiful "early girls".    So, since I'm a huge fan of fresh tomatoes, and fresh eggs, I began searching out the local farmer's markets.  

Death On Some Future Evening


We stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and looked back.  The sky was ablaze with the lights of a thousand campfires and we anguished as one revolutionary light after another was snuffed out like a field of dying stars.  Only a couple of dozen of us left here.  We wondered how many were left elsewhere.

It didn't matter.  There were simply too few of us left...too few who still believed in the words carved on cold stone on the wall behind us..."a government for the people, and by the people" was no longer a creed to live by.  The moonlight bathed old Abe's face and we could almost see a tear running down that ravaged face, for freedom had indeed "perished from the earth".  

How well we knew that as we stopped to catch our breath... as we fled from those Socialist Masters hell bent on our destruction.  We had already decided that we would sweep across the Potomac and make our last stand amidst the thousands of graves at Arlington, brothers in arms who had fought for freedom and glory in earlier times.

As we forged the river we again looked back and witnessed the federal forces in hot pursuit.  They wielded iron and steel; a mighty Lucifer's hammer employed to swat the pitiful few of us who refused to submit.

We felt no fear, for we knew this mighty army had not defeated us.  We were beaten by a nation plagued with citizen apathy, a nation that had forgotten all the old well told lessons.  A nation that had failed to learn from the failures of the Greeks and even the mighty Roman Empire that once ruled the world for 500 years.

We were now a nation ruled by socialist dictatorship and massively peopled by 3rd world invading barbarians, our once great wealth spent, our people now sickened by ancient diseases that we had once conquered, our once proud heritage washed down ten thousand gutters on ten thousand streets in ten thousand once thriving American cities.  God!  How many times were the trumpets sounded in warning over a score of years?  How many rallies to awaken the sleepers were quashed by the oppressive iron fist of our Socialist Masters, intolerant of opposing thought.  How many times were the people subjected to the induced coma of the lotus ambrosia of "income inequality", "immigration reform",  "Arab Springs," or "it takes a village-ism" or "MeToo (but not you?)

 We mocked our God, outlawed him in every public square, all the while preaching the tolerance of radical left.  We filled the hands of our young with technological wonders and filled their heads with the glory of social liberalism and the need to conform and comply...and the demonization of ambition, productivity, or the profit motive.    No room for science or math or open dialogue, just the secular worship for a government that will take care of them from cradle to grave.

Like that Christmas night so long ago, when Washington and his rag tag men crossed over the Delaware, we now emerge on the far shore of the Potomac and turn south again toward Arlington.  It is there where we will take our last stand.  We hear the roar and rumble, the vast power of the state, getting closer and closer...and we are not afraid.  Our fear and loathing came long ago when we cried out in silent scream as we tried mightily to rouse a sleeping citizenry.  The fear of death for a valiant cause is not death at all.

So riddle us, we pitiful few, with 5.56mm of steel officialdom...drag our bodies to be heaped in some dark and secret place....but know that our spirits will lie here betwixt alabaster rows of those who also once believed in the American Dream....and we shall again be "free."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Income Inequality Swings Both Ways


Note to readers:    The page view count for this month is easily going to top 50,000 page views, a full 29,000 over my previous monthly high (last month) of 21,300.  However the vast majority of the page views came from three blog essays which went viral.  However, of my 57 followers, I'm only getting 20 page views a day, a mere third.  This clearly indicates I have saturated my readers with too many of these blogs.  So, effective 1 July I'm going on hiatus.  I think I can be more productive working on some short stories now in draft.  The break might be a week or two, or longer, depending on national events.  Just wanted to let everyone know why this blog won't be showing up in  your mail box for awhile. 

The problem with doing anything about income inequality these days is that the problem is so damn complex.  Unfortunately, politics being what they are, no one is willing to meet somewhere in the middle to formulate a solution.  And there is a middle, and it need not require anyone to compromise their principles in order to achieve a solution.

Conservatives will tell you that income inequality is simply the watchword for liberal socialism.  Liberals will tell you income inequality is simply the "fat cats" getting more than their share and demanding the "fat" be redistributed....but they only want that to be done by the government...with the accompanying favor they might enjoy at the ballot box by making that happen.

The problem is that income inequality exists on both ends of the economic spectrum.  In America today it is entirely possible that a family on welfare fares far better than a similar family where both adults are holding down jobs.  Free Medicaid, generous food stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers, free school lunches, low income utilities assistance and a welfare check gives a huge leg up for those existing on the public dole over those families whose combined income disqualifies them, or they elect not to take freebies because of a personal sense of pride.  That too is income inequality.  So why can't we create an incentive to work by providing more help to the working poor and requiring those not working but drawing a check, to train for a job, and even provide supplemental benefits after a welfare candidate begins work?  If someone on welfare takes a job, today they lose all their medicaid benefits and perhaps their food stamp support as well...why not provide an incentive to get off the public dole by helping them along until they can develop a work ethic and begin to help themselves? And let's put a time limit on benefits for anyone who is capable of working!

And by same token, the government should help those who are really trying to make it but can't because their paychecks are simply not enough to support a family.  Instead, the Democrats want to dole it out in wasteful programs that are infested with waste, fraud and abuse.  And the Republicans aren't much better; they want to dole it out in earned income credits and child tax credits.  First of all, I would like the IRS to stop being another form of welfare, and, secondly, I want the child tax credit to stop being an incentive for folks to breed children that they can't afford to support!

  Instead, let's challenge our government to put in place incentives for folks to get out and work.  Make welfare "workfare" and train those on welfare to work as teacher's aides, hospice workers, hospital orderlies, meals on wheels delivery drivers, school crossing guards, and yes, even community organizers. As for middle class working families, let's start helping them by eliminating the marriage penalty for tax status reporting.

Lets begin "matching programs" for low income workers.  Eliminate Obamacare and begin matching one for one every dollar a worker puts into a health savings account that can be withdrawn tax free to meet medical needs.  Instead of "no doc" and "low down payment home loans" lets reward middle class borrowers with a 5% match on anyone who pays more than 30% down on a home loan, having real skin in the game and being less likely to miss their mortgage payments.  Assess a 5% tax on anyone who doesn't honor the deal to recoup the taxpayer loss.  Let's expand the role of the Small Business Administration and free up federal money to encourage small business development.  Let's quit giving free breakfast and lunch to illegal aliens and knock off 25% off the price of a school lunch for American kids of working families.  Same thing with college tuition; quit giving "in state" or free tuition to illegal aliens and use that money to bring down the costs of college for American kids.  The liberal courts have been hell on cities and states trying to cease giving benefits to illegal aliens but not one court has ordered schools to give free lunches or cheap tuition to illegal aliens!

But we need to do something about the explosion in CEO pay as well.  As the chart above illustrates, in 1982 the ratio of CEO pay to the average pay of an employee in the company he heads was 42:1.  That ratio has blossomed to the current ratio of 354:1.  Folks, this is Cleopatra and milk bath stuff..this is obscene!

But what do we do about it?  As conservatives, the last thing we want is to have the government get involved in confiscating wealth.  If forced to choose, I'll choose the CEO pay obscenity over the obscenity of government waste, fraud and abuse, and the government's use of confiscated wealth to both encourage citizen sloth and vote buying. 

The ideal solution would be for shareholders to become more active at those shareholder meetings and stop this CEO pay madness.  Or perhaps the Tea Party and the Occupiers ought to get together and lead protest marches on the front steps of the CEO of General Electric and IBM.   Though both factions seek different goals they would do well to form a united front to stem the wave of corporate excess.  We really don't need government to step in and confiscate even more than the 70% share of all taxes that the wealthy already pay.  But this greed will remain a problem until social pressures are imposed upon these greed merchants.  We've got to stop this "bottom line thinking" where every corporation is laying off American workers and exporting jobs just to add .32 cents a share to the profit report!

I wholeheartedly agree with Barack Obama's stated desire to reward companies who bring jobs back home...but the problem is he just makes speeches that demonize business generally and doesn't work the problem with real leadership.  Both parties in Congress are largely bought and paid for by the K Street lobbyists and that's where Obama should be pointing a finger.  We need to throw out the corrupt on Capitol Hill and implement programs that support the American worker...and that corruption includes Barack Obama who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk...seeing as he has so much of his political supporters from business cronies.  Each time Obama goes out and demonizes business the fat cats just sit back and smile...they know Obama will never exert the leadership necessary to clean house.

I just scanned a list of the CEO pay for 2012.  In many instances CEO pay doubled and tripled into eight digit madness while the company they headed actually showed business declines.  When CEO pay is no longer tied to performance we know something is wrong.

It's too bad that our politicians can only see our national issues in black and white and stop clinging to hard and fast ideologies.   At least in the instance of income inequality the answer can only be found in those shades of gray.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if big government stopped streaming money to win political influence? And wouldn't it be wonderful if both sides were honest enough to admit there's income inequality on both ends of the financial spectrum...and deal with the fixes that are completely solvable if anyone was willing to be honest and upfront about what is wrong with this country?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Academic Mind Control


Back in March Andrew Lampart, a high school student at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut was doing research for an upcoming school debate on gun control.  When he tried to access the National Rifle Association home page he found his school Internet had blocked access to NRA.  However, Andrew found all sites that promoted gun control were wide open.  This made the kid a bit suspicious so he decided to do a little digging.

Suspecting some political hi-jinks, Andrew went to the home page for the Republican Party and found it blocked while the home page for the Democratic party was open.  He then tried religion.  The home page for Pope Francis was blocked as were all religious organizations who opposed abortion but Planned Parenthood and Pro Choice America were as wide open as a streetwalker's legs.

Well, all of this irked old Andrew quite a bit; he seemed to be one of those mavericks that fell through the crack when the world of academia established their own system of "ethernet water boarding".  He went right over the school principal's head and took this issue to the Board of Education.   After his complaint went unanswered Andrew took it to the press.

The board, pressed by reporters, stated they were stunned!  We don't know if they were stunned that some eleven years of liberal academic mind control had failed to properly indoctrinate Andrew, or if they were really concerned that the school was guilty of a vile and offensive violation of 1st Amendment rights.  They promised to "look into it".  To date, nothing has changed.

Now the saddest part of this little tale is that none of us are surprised by this.  Those liberal socialists are smart cookies and conservatives and traditionalists are just not properly built for systemic propagandizing; they are free thinkers and just naturally assume everyone else is.  

Not true.   The liberal socialists have cleverly infiltrated the very institution capable of shaping a mindset; get em early and hammer home the liberal agenda whenever possible.  Demonize the founding fathers as corrupted white men, demonize anyone who ever met a payroll, have teachers sing the praises of Barack Obama and have the kids write anthems about Obama's glory.  

Keep at it.  Right through their college years.  Offer classes on the brilliance and purity of purpose of Malcolm X, Che Guevara, the Black Panther movement, the Weather Underground.  Breed ethnic hate and demonize anyone who believes in a divine god.  Make sure professors award a "C" grade to anyone daring enough to present a thesis on the Reagan economy and give an "A" grade to anyone who champions a liberal icon.

Just to make sure the mind control holds, tell the students that listening to an opposing point of view is traitorous and foment opposition to conservative graduation speeches, or for that matter, anyone who has not embraced the Obama doctrines.

Once you have produced a fully formed liberal socialist automaton send him/her out into the adult world.  Refresh their indoctrination with an occasional dose of the "Kool Aid" and you have yourself a ready made political following.  

Sorry're young so it is inevitable that, soon, they will drill down in your head, find that logic gene and extract it post haste.  You might want to read "1984", Andrew...but then that's probably been banned from your school library.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Obama In Assassin's Crosshairs?


Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I cannot stand Barack Hussein Obama.  But, frankly, I fear for Obama's life....I'm afraid that these last few months of just horrible Presidential leadership has spawned a whole new group of potential assassins.  I will tell you why that would be a terrible thing, but first let's look at those who might be thinking long and hard about putting Obama in the ground.

First we have the "usual suspects"; those wing nuts who just can't stand seeing a "negro" in the oval office.  The Secret Service has done a damn fine job of finding and arresting some dozen Obama assassination plots during his six years in office.  But I fear Obama's negligence at protecting our borders and a perceived failure in the Middle East may spark a blossoming of even more of these kinds of folks.

Second, the attitude of the militia types are hardening.  I'm afraid that a number of these folks see the only way to save this country is to blow Obama's brains out.  They, rightly or wrongly, see Obama as one who is trying to create a "one world order" as he pacifies our enemies and sits by as hundreds of thousands of illegal Hispanics join the millions already here and are reluctant to leave.  

But there's a new breed of international forces who would like nothing more than to see Obama taken out.  Three countries that come to mind are Israel, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Israel feels like an orphan child as Obama's policies have worked toward isolating them in the world community.  While they don't have unlimited money resources they have always shown a great capacity for executing stealthy maneuverings to improve their security posture.  That raid on Sadaam Hussein's nuclear facilities in the 80's was accomplished without American support or even America's blessing.  And now Israel sees Obama cuddling up to Iran, the nation that Israel deems as their greatest safety threat. One good Mossad agent could resolve Israel's problem.

But the most imminent threat might come from two of our middle east allies, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,  who possess the massive wealth that makes them capable of sourcing and funding an Obama assassination.   If you think that's far fetched consider the geography folks.  Kuwait lies just at the foot of those ISIS maniacs running roughshod over Iraq and Kuwait sees both their government and their oil fields in peril should ISIS decide to expand their Muslim caliphate by invasion...they would surely take Kuwait in a day or two, just as Saddam did in '89.  

The exact same threat exists for well funded Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis have taken a good look at Obama's "non-work" in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and a nuclear capable Iran.  The Saudis are desperate for the old fashioned American controlled stability of the old days.  Since Obama first flirted with Muslim fanatics in his first days in office the Saudis have been very nervous.  The Saudis now know, should Iran launch a few nuclear missiles, or should the ISIS come flowing across their northern border, Obama will not come to their defense as George H.W. Bush did with Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  The oil rich Saudis will not sit on this problem for long.  Even now they may be weighing all their options..and if a bullet to Obama's head can solve their problem, well that's an option worth considering.  The Saudis also know Obama's $10 dollar a gallon gas will cost them millions of barrels on yearly oil sales to gas hungry America.  

Having laid out the sources of the threat, here's why I believe an Obama assassination is a terrible idea.  

All one needs to do is look at the Kennedy assassination to see what martyrdom can do.  When John Kennedy was killed in Dallas Lyndon Johnson rode that Kennedy martyrdom to pass those War on Poverty programs that bred three generations of welfare queens and has cost us more than $70 trillion dollars in state and federal dollars to keep those programs funded.  

Look for that same martyrdom should Obama eat a bullet.  Joe and Harry and Nasty Nancy would be crying crocodile tears in the halls of Congress, beseeching a sympathetic America to go "all socialist" on every federal program in existence....just to honor a man-child who should never have been President.  And if you think liberals scream "racist" now, just imagine how bad it would be with Obama dead.  In honor of Barack Hussein Obama we might even just pull our border patrol off the border and declare America a "free zone" to any and all of Latin America who might want to come in.

No, we don't need Obama to eat a bullet.  What we need is to elect enough Congressional men and women with the guts to impeach this power hungry socialist bastard.  There are more than enough charges that warrant an impeachment  Let's not send him to the grave...let's send the bastard to prison.  We might even send him to the same prison where all those Illinois governors have gone...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Grand Political Sidestepping


Hillary Clinton's spanking new 200-page, $30 dollar book was released two weeks ago.  When I first saw the title, "Hard Choices", I thought it would be about Bill Clinton's bimbo romp...instead it's about what Hillary "would have done" had she defeated Obama six years ago.

Well, Hillary has been hitting the book promotion trail, with stops on all the major networks as well as a Costco store in northern Virginia.  During all those interviews Hillary has given us real insights into the plight of living in the world of politics.

Hillary says that, back in 2000 she and Bill were $12 million in debt and barely able to scrape together the $2 million dollar down payments on two mansions while funding daughter Chelsea's college tuition.  Most of that $12 million of debt was to settle lawsuits with Clinton bimbo's  Paula and Jennifer and to pay his law team who managed to keep him out of prison for lying to a federal grand jury.

Hillary praised Bill for working very hard on his speaking tour.  She said Bill talked himself hoarse while making $200,000 dollars per speech he gave for the next four years.  Thankfully Bill was able to rope in $100 million dollars in those four years....after all there was a lot to talk about; how he single handedly reformed welfare, created the internet boom, supervised Al Gore while he was inventing the internet.  Bill also explained away Monica Lewinski and Mogadishu and why he didn't attack that Osama Bin Laden terrorist camp.

Hillary was busy herself; she did several interviews explaining why they made off with the White House silver and how she parlayed $1,000 dollars into $100,000 investing in cattle futures and how she found the travel gate documents in her parlor two years after Congress subpoenaed them.

Tireless, Hillary wrote a book about village child raising and how she dealt with spousal infidelity and insisted that she could bake cookies with the best of them...if she wanted to.

But what has kept Hillary on the front pages these days has been her interviews on the book tour.  She distanced herself from Barack Obama by saying Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Behghazi and the Afghanistan mess would not have happened had she been President.  She even criticized Barack for that whispering promise to Putin that if would hold off on the Ukraine invasion until after the 2012 election he'd give him free rein to invade Eastern Europe any time he wished.

Yes, there were some rough patches; NPR attacked her for not being honest about her previous opposition to gay marriage.  Dianne Sawyer asked her how the American people should think about her plea of poverty while buying two mansions and how Hillary's gripe about income inequality squares with Bill and Hillary's tax exempt fortune of $150 million dollars.  And while Hillary tried mightily to stick to that anti-muslim video being the cause for the Benghazi attack, recent revelations pretty much dispute that theory.

Ah...the privilege of being out of office, free of blame, and erasing all those failures with a political etch and sketch!  Per Hillary, the Arab Spring would have been successful, she would have neutered Putin, gas prices would be a buck a gallon, Hillarycare would give everyone healthcare for nothing and every American would have a chicken in every pot and a BMW in every driveway.

Hillary is looking more and more like Charles Durning, that fictional side-stepping governor in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Politically Correct Patent Protection


Note to my readers:  Last year many of you sent donations to Jerry and Betty Craddock whose home burned to the ground and they were left with nothing.  So many of you helped these people who have themselves been life helpers to others all their lives.  

Well I'm happy to report that Jerry and Betty will be moving back into their re-built home on the 29th of June.  If any of you are in the Oklahoma City area at that time you are all invited to their housewarming....just let me know and I'll get you the address.  I have watched Jerry and Betty's rebuilding progress with joy...I saw pics of when Jerry and friends began laying the foundation several months ago.  Now the rebuilding is finished and they can get on with their lives.  They can never recover all the family photos and mementos and personal possessions but they can begin now to make new ones.

Bless all of you who were involved, who donated, who prayed for these two when they were at their lowest.  As Jerry always says, they are "gooder than gooder".

The U.S. Patent Office confiscated the Washington Redskins football team's 80 year old patent for the team's name.   The media is unable to confirm if this was ordered via "executive order" from Barack Hussein Obama, and are unlikely to since the patent office have also lost their emails between their office and the White House.

Last year a group of politically correct liberals ran a national poll among native Americans.  They expected to use the results of that poll to make a move to quash the Redskins' use of that name.  The poll was quickly buried when the results showed 90% of native Americans were not offended by the football team's name.

This does present a scary precedent.  We already have a President who issues "emperor edicts" as if he really were one, and we have the EPA holding power over your electric bill through their war on coal.  And now we have a nondescript, formerly rather mundane agency patent office which has been given the power to withdraw patent rights when they deem that patent to be offensive to liberal sensitivities.

What might we expect next?  Will the Miami Dolphins logo disappear in the wake of a Greenpeace lawsuit?  How about the New York Giants?.....will small statured folks bring suit against a team that glorifies large people?  With the dwindling tiger population worldwide will the Detroit Tigers be a name of the past?

And how about other areas of American life?  Will a certain subset of the population sue the candy company that makes Snickers with the belief that they are being laughed at?  Will Microsoft patents be withdrawn on the basis that a significant number of Americans "don't do windows?"  Will the iconic Coke patent be withdrawn because it is jointly employed to describe both a sugary soft drink and cocaine?  

How about "Lazy Boy?"...surely that one will go because it connotes the image of one who's living on the public dole?  Sony Walkman has to go cause it denigrates the handicapped.  The Pillsbury Doughboy has to go because he's an insult to the obese.  Goodyear has to go because most liberals have never had a good year in their entire life.

Folks, this is bigger than whether a team name is offensive...this is a clear violation of contract law as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution!  We've seen Obama ride roughshod over contract law on many occasions and here's another one.  The sanctity of contract law has been the cornerstone of every prosperous civilization since it was codified in England in the 16th century and incorporated in our own laws.  When contract law is no longer honored you can expect only chaos and lawlessness.

For example, did you know that the patent law's withdrawel of that patent now makes it legal for any bozo who wants to, to come along and produce Washington Redskins T-shirts and other team equipment and sell their wares without penalty?  How about you?  Would you want to invest a fortune in a business that is selling patented product and have that patent withdrawn just because someone might be offended?

This can easily be settled in the free marketplace.  Anyone who is offended by a patented logo is free to promote a boycott...and if even ten percent of the market joins you that will cause a business to think twice about an offensive patent...but to have the government do it is tyrannical as well as unconstitutional.

God, how I wish this was funny...but it is so, so sad.

Jerry/Betty house pics

Friday, June 20, 2014

Washington Quashes Mutiny

                                             Newburgh Hall, Newburgh, New York

Note:  One of my grand pleasures is the reading of history.  I read with an open mind and try to stay away from any history where the author allows his personal politics to be injected into his reporting.  I enjoy learning the history of the "whole person", flaws and all.  One of my greatest joys has been my recent study of our first President.  Too many liberal historians these days want to write a history of Washington and spend half of the book talking about his ownership of slaves and nothing of his sacrifice and bravery nor, as President,  of his constant awareness of history as he sets the honorable precedents that so many will follow throughout our history.  Sadly, even the better educated among the baby boomers know a "cartoon" George Washington, who never cut down a cherry tree but perhaps never really did tell a lie.

I neither want to see history candy-coated nor do I want to see political assassination from a historian.    Having read of Washington's tactical military failures, knowing that he owned more than his share of pride, knowing that he owned slaves.....and, finally, believing that he and his closest advisor, Alexander Hamilton were wrong about the potential for government oppression when federal power triumphs the power of the individual states, I still believe George Washington was a magnificent leader; perhaps the only leader that could have succeeded in nourishing the first few years of a Democratic Republic.

Just recently I read of a rather admirable gesture Washington made to Blacks who both fought in the war as well as some 6,000 Blacks who fled their owners and sought sanctuary with the British.  It seems, during the war, the British tried to foment a slave revolt by promising free passage to Britain if they came over to the side of the Brits.  Once the war was over, the Brits, having lost, saw no need to keep their promise.  Those 6,000 Blacks were left to forage for themselves as the Brits had forsaken them. Washington, knowing these Blacks would some day be returned to their owners, and most likely be severely punished for running away,  called a meeting with the British command and reprimanded them for failing to keep their promise to these Blacks.  He headed a delegation that eventually persuaded the  Brits to honor their promise....this in complete opposition to the slaves' former owners.  Washington himself oversaw the Blacks safe boarding on British ships as they sailed off to freedom.

What Washington did for the 3,000 or so Blacks who served under him in the Revolutionary War took even greater courage.  After the war was over several thousand slave owners came north, intent on reclaiming their "property".  Washington refused to allow them to be returned to slavery and issued a "protective writ" and allowed them to remain in the north as free men.

Perhaps most poignant for this old military vet was Washington's speech to his troops at Newburgh Hall in Newburgh, New York in March 1783.  On the 10th of March a poster was being circulated calling for a military mutiny to force the Continental Congress to pay the troops their back pay.  They felt desperate, unable to support their families, and felt unappreciated by those who were living far better than them.  The poster called for a meeting on how to affect the mutiny.  Washington, in an attempt to head this off, called his own meeting.

While acknowledging that the aggrieved had several valid points, Washington knew a mutiny would be the worst possible solution.  So Washington stepped up to the podium to address the troops.  His first query:  "Are you willing to leave your wives, your children and your property unprotected and defenseless in the face of the British Army?"  "Could they "sully the glory" they had won on the battlefield and act as a mob in demand of their pay?"  Washington then promised to continue his own fight to get them their pay.  He also said to them "Have I not been beside you every step of the way during this long and hard ordeal?  Have my actions not demonstrated my caring and respect for all your efforts?"

Washington then began to read a letter from a Congressman who supported the troops and promised to work as hard as he could to get them their pay.  The letter was written in letters so small Washington had difficulty reading it.  He pulled from his jacket a pair of reading spectacles; the first time his men had seen him wear them.  "Gentlemen, you must pardon me, I have grown gray in your service and now find myself going blind"......

With that simple declarative the troops began to cry, remembering the times Washington used his own dwindling estate to feed them, how he froze with them at Valley Forge, how he rallied them with extreme courage when the battle was going against them, so many times at the front shouting "onward men!".  

The mutiny was over.  The flowery speeches by Congressmen on the floor of the Congress had not moved them, nor had their many promises.  One man, one pair of spectacles, and one sentence stopped a mutiny in its tracks.  

God, where will we ever find leaders like that again.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Obama Turns To Military For "Rescue"


According to a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll this week Barack Hussein Obama has lost the hearts and minds of the American people.  His Benghazi coverup, his impotency as Russian invaded the Ukraine, and his trading 5 high level terrorists for an army invader seems to have done him in.  The new poll shows only 30% of his most ardent liberal supporters favored the Bergdahl trade.  More telling, 59% of America now believes Obama simply doesn't have the capacity to lead.  

Well, just coincidently, Obama is basking today in the capture of one of the terrorists who attacked and killed four Americans in Benghazi.   Even that is suspect.  This terrorist dude had been interviewed by no less than a dozen western journalists in Libya and he had never hidden out to avoid arrest.  Anyone looking for the dude could have found him at his neighborhood shwarma stand wolfing down a goat and mayo shwarma and sipping was just that Obama seemed to have no overriding motivation to arrest him!

Well it became time for an arrest to get that Bergdahl trade off the front pages...just as the Bergdahl trade had been executed to get the VA scandal off the front pages!

You see, when a President gets in real trouble with the American people, he puts on his Commander in Chief hat and likes to use the military to get him out of it, the military being one of the last American institutions that can still scare up support and admiration from the American people.

For those far too young to remember, let me call up another President who tried to use the military to save his bacon, even after abusing them unmercifully for four years.  That President was Jimmy Carter.  Carter had decimated the defense budget.  Being in the military at the time I can still recall when $800 million dollars would have funded the spare parts budget that would have brought our military to acceptable operational efficiency.  In the Air Force we had half of our planes grounded due to the lack of spare parts.  Our aircraft mechanics spent all of their time cannibalizing aircraft, taking parts off of one aircraft to get another one operational.  Millions of man hours went into this effort and could have been avoided if Carter had approved funding for spare parts.  The Army had similar problems with their helicopter program and their tank shortage was so dire we couldn't have fought a third world country and expect to win the day.

So when Carter's poll numbers were in the tank, when gas prices were soaring and old folks were dying because they couldn't afford to cool or heat their homes, when all of America laughed at Carter's "American Malaise" speech, and when American hostages were being held in Iran by militants for months, Carter finally put on his Commander in Chief hat and ordered the Iranian hostage rescue.  Sadly, those ill equipped and badly maintained helicopters crashed in the desert outside Tehran and there was no rescue...."for lack of a shoe, the horse was lost."

Well, fortunately for Obama, the massive troop cuts Obama ordered haven't yet taken effect (and won't be felt until Obama' is out of office, along with the 'real' costs of Obamacare).  So Barack ordered the capture, finally, of one of the Benghazi terrorists and the troops executed the order and succeeded in their mission.  They didn't stop to think about how much Obama hates them, they didn't stop to worry that if they got hurt the VA wouldn't give them proper care...they just went out and did what the military always does; obey the orders of the Commander in Chief.  It didn't matter that Obama denies them hot meals in the field, or that he denies them the personal right to openly declare a belief in a divine God, or that he's trying to implement a "designer military, a politically correct military" more in keeping with Obama's own core socialist beliefs...they just went out and did their duty.

So Obama succeed in getting the Bergdahl mess off of the front pages...he rode the backs of the military to do it, but what the hell does that matter, huh?  And to make his Iraqi mess a bit less messy, Obama has ordered a grand total of 275 troops to deploy to Baghdad.  Those two companies of troops can't hope to hold off a million radical ISIS terrorists but, hey, it looks good it in the papers, right?

And if any of those 275 brave men and women were to get hurt, hey just put them on a secret appointment list and hope they die before you need to treat them.  Did any of you think that "rescue thing" worked both ways?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Lois


From:  Dearel Friend
            Just Common Sense-Lost In America @
            Phoenix, Arizona 85351

Subject:  Tax Dispute/Email Data Losses

To:  Ms.Lois Lerner
       Ex Director of Tax Exemptions, Internal Revenue Service

Dear Ms. Lerner,

This letter brings promising news concerning the Internal Revenue Service's tragic loss of your email account.   You may be happy to hear that I have saved all emails which you and I exchanged during the period of 2011 through 2013.

Though I don't expect you to remember me,  I wrote you a letter in early 2011 asking you to declare any blog donations and/or advertising revenue I receive to be declared tax exempt since I am a one-man political organization with the organizational mission to promote transparency in government.  

If you will pull up my 2011 and 2012 tax returns you will see that I declared $13.47 in advertising income through my Amazon Associates Program.  Whenever a reader clicks on an Amazon ad and opts to purchase any item at Amazon I receive a 1% commission on the sale.  As you know, I applied for a 527 Tax Exempt Political Organization Account and was denied by the IRS agent who reviewed my account.  Not one to give up easy, I again applied for 527 status in 2012 and was again denied on 2012 blog income of $14.33 .  

It was at that time that I wrote you and asked you to review IRS procedures for declaring a political organization as tax exempt.  Your response was quite terse as you refused to accept my one man organization for tax exempt political status.  Further, you commented that you had read several of my blog entries and found them to be, in your words "not politically correct".  

My second letter to you protested your characterization of my blog as politically incorrect; I said then that, while it may have not been PC, it was certainly accurate and correct with the facts.  I also said that I was beginning to suspect the taint of politics within the IRS organization, which, if true, was a blatant violation of constitution protections.

Your follow up letter (all of these via email by the way), accused me of being a member of the Tea Party or, at minimum a potential candidate for one of those Idaho militia organizations.  You then warned me that you were turning all of my tax returns over to Eric Holder at the Justice Department and asked him to investigate "certain and specific" income reporting over the last seven years.

I sent you a follow up email letter stating that the only thing I knew about Idaho was that they produce great potatoes and paper products.  I further stated that Eric was more than welcome to investigate my lifestyle as it pertains to income and deduction tax reporting.  As to the $13.47 of blog income in 2011 I used those funds to buy a 3-pound can of Kirkland Coffee at Costco which fueled my late night blog writing.  The $14.33 taken in from 2012 went toward paying part of the local sales tax on my Apple I-Mac purchase after my last PC crashed.  

The last letter I received was from the Justice Department.  They said you had referred them to me and that they were going to pass my address to a Mexican drug cartel anxious to do them favors in appreciation for a recent automatic weapon exchange.  Justice also promised to deploy billy club-wielding Black thugs to my local voting station here in Sun City if I did not cease and desist from bugging you about being granted 527 status.

You may not know, but I wrote you again back around Christmas of 2013.  I don't know if you got it because I never heard back from you.  That was about the time you were pleading the 5th before a Congressional committee.   You may as well know that I again applied for 527 status in 2013.  I had high hopes of getting it since President Obama said only the Cincinnati office was "dirty" and this time I sent my application to your Fresno, California IRS center.  

Well, yesterday I got a letter back from the Fresno IRS; they denied my 527 application and accused me of fleeing California to Arizona for the sole purpose of California state tax avoidance.  They also stated that, since I have blog readers in the state of California I'm required to pay a California sales tax on that blog income.  I sent them the entire $3.37 I made from my blog in 2013 and am hoping that makes them happy.

Please let IRS know that I have at least some of the IRS correspondence that was lost.  If any of these emails can help get at the truth of the IRS charges on politics persecution, please let me know and I'll forward it to them post haste.

Yours sincerely, 

Dearel Friend
527 wanna be

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"And Then They Came For You"

For one hundred years after we fought the Civil War, a century after over 600,000 soldiers died in a cause to proclaim that a man cannot enslave another, Blacks were beaten, abused, hung by the neck in trees, buried in oil barrels at the bottom of a river, denied the right to vote, forced to endure separate bathrooms and water fountains, denied their place at a drug store soda fountain counter, America turned a deaf ear and looked away as folks were denied their personal liberties.  You see, they weren't Black...and no one was coming for them.

In the 1940's Adolph Hitler exterminated 7 million Jews.  Americans knew about it within the first year, after a million had already been sent to the ovens, and after Himler was turning out lamp shades made out of human Jewish skin.  And America turned away and denied it was happening, even as a boatload of refugees docked on our shores, told of the ongoing Holocaust and were turned away from our shores, denied refuge from the most vile of human tragedies.  But you weren't Jewish...and no one was coming for you.

In the early 1950's anyone who had, rightly or not, believed that Karl Marx might have written a truth or two in "Das Capital",  anyone who had attended a communist gathering between 1930 and 1950, were hauled before a Congressional committee and crucified on the cross of a demigod named McCarthy.  But, because you hadn't attended, and you weren't a Communist, you turned your head as thousands of Americans were blacklisted and denied employment because they had once read a commie pamphlet in some American reading room.  After all, no one was coming for you.

And when big government outlawed smoking everywhere except your home and your car, when they banned it on beaches and city parks and even on city sidewalks you didn't raise your voice because you weren't a smoker...and they weren't coming for you.

And when big government was allowed to force you to buy a service, as with Obamacare, as the Supreme Court allowed the government to change their Obamacare argument from a fee base mandate to a tax, you didn't say much because you didn't understand the complexities of it, so you rolled over and called the only ones fighting this assault on our Constitutional liberties "TEA-BAGGERS".  And since you were getting care for free, or since government was giving you a subsidy to pay for yours, you said to hell with all those who had to pay higher premiums to pay for yours...and, after all, no one was coming after you.

So a couple of weeks ago the World Obesity Federation And Consumers International, an adjunct organization feeding off the United Nations, met to set new rules and new taxes on foods that make you fat.  Well attended by Obama's army of "czars" the two organizations are working toward making world governments impose strict new guidelines on the amount of sugar and salt in our food products.  They also want the industrialized nations to impose heavy taxes on fast foods and sugary drinks and snacks.  (Michelle Obama seems to be leading the way as she has worked to impose brown rice and broccoli lunches in our public schools.)  Finally, like those black lung pictures on cigarette packs, both the WOF and CI are demanding that pictures of obese people and pictures of diabetes driven foot and leg amputations be prominently shown on fast food wrappers and bags. That way, when you accede to paying an exorbitant "punitive tax" for that hamburger and fries, you'll know why you're paying it!

Both organizations are driven toward extending the lives of the world's that they can be transformed into automatons at the beck and call of some national and world bureaucrat.  No doubt, citizen apathy toward the protection of personal liberties (including the right to die sick) will result in drone monitoring of every conceivable human behavior and we'll all learn exactly what's expected of us.

And there will be no one left to they finally come for you.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Are We Now A Criminal Nation?


So yesterday I'm on my way to Colonel Sanders.  I've got NPR (National Public Radio) going in the car.  And, damned if it's not a sob story about Americans with a criminal record who can't accompany their child on a school field trip, get a barber or beauty license, or even call a game of bingo because of past transgressions.

Then the moderator said there are 69 million Americans with a criminal record!  69 million!  Are you kidding me?  I've been tromping around for more than half a century and have never even had a speeding ticket!  And we've got 69 million people who've done jail time?  In the words of Mr. Barone; "holy crap!".

I couldn't leave this alone.  So I picked up my chicken, went back home, fired up the computer and googled American demographics while chewing on a chicken leg, extra crispy.  So I find out that there are now approximately 315 million Americans.  Of that number, 80 million are children.  Another 40 million are old goats like me, over 65 years old.  And yeah, you guessed it; I subtracted that 120 million children and geezers and I come up with 175 million of you deviants!  Now folks, that comes out to a just horrible stat!  More than one in three of you own a criminal record!  One in three!    Think about it!  Three of you are hanging about the counter at Starbucks and at least one of you has done time!  Nine or ten of you are sitting in the doctor's office waiting room and at least a trio of you could swap jail experiences about dropping your soap bar in the communal shower!  And I don't even want to think about how high that ratio soars in a Walmart check out line!

Okay, I know that's a bit hyperbolic; many of you escaped with probation, or time served or some such thing.  Still; 69 million?

But, take heart folks!  The NPR program offered the cheery news that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are not only working to affect early release of millions of career criminals, but the Justice czar is also formulating a plan to expunge the criminal records of tens of millions of Americans so that they can aspire to achieve political office, employ straight razors to shave you, hook you up to an I.V., attend a showing of Harry Potter with little Johnny at Disneyworld...and yes, call B-29 at the local bingo parlor.

69 million?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Obamacare; Now It's Personal!


Good morning readers,

I've written unendingly about the inefficiencies of Obamacare.  And we've all read nightmare stories about the impact this has had on people who've needed care and had the system fail them.  To now, for most of us, the Obamacare fiasco has just been an ugly abstract thing.  That changed for me, and I hope for you, as of yesterday.

One of our blog "regulars" emailed me yesterday.  He's a recently retired Boeing engineer up in Washington state.  He's one of the good guys, hard working with a deep love for his family.   Sadly, I learned that his wife has cancer.  She's been undergoing weekly chemotherapy, taking a drug called Velcade which seems to be effective in beating back the cancer.

Two weeks ago Greg took his wife in for chemotherapy only to be told by the hospital that they could no longer treat his wife.  Seems the Washington state health exchange doesn't have him in their system, even as they have been accepting his health premium payments for several months.

That weekly Velcade chemo treatment costs more than $5,000 dollars a pop.  Obviously, Greg can't afford that.  Few could.  So his wife is at home and quickly fading.  Greg has been spending every waking moment writing and calling anyone that might help.    He's bugged the Washington health exchange enough to have earned two "reconciliation tickets" but the bureaucracy is grinding exceedingly slow at a time when immediacy is critical if his wife is to survive.

As I understand it, the problem seems to have developed as Greg transitioned from his employer paid health program to the state exchange.  And ironically, the Washington healthcare exchange seems to have evolved into their own particular "death panel" as no human being in that system seems willing to intervene, recognize that Greg signed up and is actively paying his health care premiums, yet his wife is being denied that critical chemotherapy that will save her life.

Folks, we all know that we are too small and powerless to do anything to fix this tragedy.  Perhaps we CAN do something come next November.  But for now, you might send prayers or positive vibes Greg's way.  

Greg reads this blog every day so if you choose to make comments, please be kind.  Let's all hope and pray for the best.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday To An "American" Beauty

She was born in the middle of a rubber plantation, as her parents were fleeing south toward Saigon, away from the last minute savagery of occupying Japanese, angry that they had lost the war.  When her mother went into labor her father ran to the nearest village to bring a mid-wife to deliver her...and it never got any easier....

Fast forward two decades...

November 4th, 1971.  He gave her the window seat on that military contract flight, headed for America.  She looked out the window and, no doubt, with an ache in her heart, said good bye to her mother country, never knowing if she'd ever see it again.

She was born into poverty, and married into poverty.  Even so, she was a little shocked by his mom's modest old home when he first escorted her up the sagging porch to enter a door with peeling and fading paint.  Americans were supposed to be so much better off, after all!

The next morning they would shop for clothes in Kmart, then hit the road en route to the next base assignment.  Upon arrival, they found still another old house to reside in, something they might afford on a $200 dollar per month Staff Sergeant's salary.  Two bedrooms, one bath and a sinking foundation.

A kindness from strangers would bring the donation of an old bed and an old couch and a dining table.  The rest of the furnishings would come from thrift shops and the Salvation Army store.  During those first few months finances were so bad they often walked down to the city park and stole toilet paper from the public restrooms and carried them home.  Once, without a cent to buy bread, they spotted a quarter in the bottom of the heating grate, took the lid off and retrieved the precious quarter for morning toast.

She had never sewed before but she longed to see her children better she went down and bought the cheapest material she could find, but not knowing about sewing patterns, she came home and disassembled their outgrown children's clothing stitch by stitch and laid the pieces out on the floor.  She would then overlay the outgrown clothes over the new yards of material and cut each piece a little larger, then stitch the pieces together using an old Singer sewing machine her mother-in-law had loaned her.   One morning a neighbor came to visit, smiled at her naivete and took her down to a yard goods store and introduced her to the novel idea that one could actually buy an appropriate sized pattern and make anything you wanted to.   She laughed with delight that night at the supper table as she joyfully told her husband of this wonderful thing.

For the next 20 years she would sew most of the children's school clothes, make holiday dresses and Sunday school suits and summer frocks for her children.  

She would improve her English reading skills by reading uplifting stories in the Reader's Digest, and when she was ready to become "American" she would attend classes at night; to learn the history of our country and how to conjugate "to be".  She would pass her GED exam with flying colors and become a genuine, certified high school graduate.  Then she would march into the American consulate and ace her citizenship test and raise her right hand and swear allegiance to her adopted country.

She would achieve all this, even as she faced the heart break of long distant mourning, the death of a brother, then another brother, then her father, and later her mother, and another sister.  Even so, this new American had not forgotten her family and her country, even after the Communist takeover when she was cut off from correspondence with them and denied a chance to come home and visit.  She would call on her Catholic upbringing to see her through all these travails and she'd take the kids to Sunday mass each week, hoping that the church would someday give them a sense of peace and comfort in their own lives.  To this day when she does her nightly prayers she rises to a sitting position in bed; one does not lie prone when talking to the lord....that's disrespectful.

One night after saying her prayers she laid back down and we began softly sharing our worries and concerns of the day.  When her husband lamented missing out on an advancement opportunity she offered this in the way of comfort and encouragement:  "We are like kites...sometimes we soar and sometimes we sway and dip and come perilously close to crashing....but we have to remember that it is God who holds our kite strings and it is He who lifts us to soar on His time, not ours.  

And she would continue to care and worry about the family back home.  She found she was allowed to mail a two pound "care" box back home to Vietnam.  So each month, she would find a little box and pack it with clothes that she had made, perhaps a bottle of vitamins, or aspirin, or a partial bottle of antibiotics, then take them to Catholic Relief, to be sent home to Vietnam....any thing to help her family who were suffering under a communist regime.

She would be challenged in her new homeland herself.  She would follow her husband from base to base and make each new house a home.  When he left so many times for years at a time she would be parent and counsellor and bread winning partner and lay at night in bed, worrying about how the kids were doing in school, and how to pay the electric bill, and how to be strong enough to care about a husband thousands of miles away and the kids in the next room.

And when she was given even a little breathing room, some space to stretch her wings, she would set out on another life adventure.  Determined to be productive, and have a life of merit, she enrolled in a cosmetology course.  Her husband was awed as he would come down for a drink of water in the middle of the night and find her studying chemistry and PH balances and chemical reactions to various solutions and formulas wondrous and strange.

And she graduated with honors and began work as a beautician.  When she was ready she opened her own business and worked 12 hour days making that business successful.  

These days she's more sedate.  Her lovely black locks comes from a bottle.  But she is still lovely, looks ten years less than the "68" reflected on her birth certificate, can still squat to pull the weeds from her garden, or bend down to embrace a grand child.   She's still sufficiently lithe but, thankfully, weighs a bit more than the 86 pounds of petite waif who left her homeland and  accompanied her husband to his.

I suppose you could say she's one of those immigrant success stories.  She's learned, she's worked, she's paid her taxes, she votes and she honors our laws and our age old traditions.


So Happy Birthday, "American Beauty".


Friday, June 13, 2014

"An Apple A Day"...


How many of you know that Apple is an Irish corporation?  Yep, the largest capitalization company in America (it volleys back and forth with Exxon) takes residence in Ireland.  While Apple boasts of their headquarters in Cupertino, California that's not where they keep their money.  Why?, you ask.

Well Ireland taxes Apple's earnings at 10%, just as they do for any company that agrees to manufacture in that country.  The U.S. corporate tax rate is 35%, and while they do grab their share of Apple's $60 billion in U.S. based revenue, Apple keeps their tens of  billions in cash in Irish banks and shelters their bigger world wide income from U.S. taxes.

And get this:  A month ago Apple, despite having hundreds of billions of dollars in cash, took out a $12 billion dollar loan to finance some of their recent acquisitions.  Why did they borrow that $12 billon?  Why did it make sense to Apple?  Because if Apple were to bring their cash back to the U.S., they would pay that 35% corporate tax on it!  So, as prime borrowers, they floated a loan at 3% and left their money over in Ireland!  Asset savings?: 32%!  Well why the hell not, huh?  Get out your calculator and figure out 35% of $12 billion!

And don't you dare tell these companies that if they don't like U.S. corporate tax rates to pack their bags....cause they can..and they will!  Our American based manufacturing companies simply cannot compete globally if they have to pay 20% higher taxes than their foreign competitors!  That's why they move so much of their operations overseas!  

Apple has said repeatedly that they would love to have all their manufacturing in America.  The late Steve Jobs rather rudely told Obama that during a corporate dinner in Silicon Valley a few years ago. He asked Obama why his administration was not willing to bring the U.S. corporate tax rate in alignment with the rest of the industrialized world, the average being 15%, even in Socialist Europe.
Obama had no answer and the next day showed up at UC Berkley to give a speech demonizing big business and "fat cats".

Take the second largest company in America; Exxon.  They too generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, and they too park or shelter most of their money overseas!  Exxon realized $32 billion dollars in profits last year.

And this is just the two biggest companies, folks!  IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Caterpillar, the list goes the thousands, companies who all have the best trained tax lawyers in the world, head and shoulders smarter than government tax lawyers!

Now try to imagine the liberal politicians in Washington gaining, oh say 20 points on their IQ and being able to figure out that, if we lower the corporate tax rate we can do a lot of good things for America and her citizens.  We will realize more than a one hundred percent gain in corporate taxes, we will create jobs for millions of Americans, who will also pay higher income taxes and generate even more federal revenue!  In creating those jobs, and in generating all that new revenue, we will be able to pay out less in government benefits in the form of unemployment, food stamps and welfare!

But let's put all this in language liberals like best!  A 15% corporate tax on just Apple and Exxon worldwide income would pay for the entire cost of the federal food stamp program!  Caterpillar taxes on their global income alone would pay for our annual expenditures to repair our roads and bridges!  And if that doesn't grab you, how about this?...Forbes just reported that American companies have parked over $2 trillion dollars, LEGALLY, overseas.  These are not secret Swiss bank accounts, simply profits generated by American enterprise.
Would anyone like to take a guess on what 2 trillion dollars would do if infused into the American economy?

So why won't liberal politicians vote for a 15 percent corporate tax?  Because, folks, it won't win them votes from their liberal constituencies!  And it might cost them votes!

There is a small ray of hope...for a very small part of corporate tax reform.  The Democrats, and yes, Harry Reid, so desperate for more federal program money, is considering giving a one-time tax holiday to bring back that 2 trillion dollars parked overseas.  A proposal is being considered at this time.  That will not bring down the corporate tax rate, it will not create any new jobs and it will not bring American companies from claiming domicile in Ireland or Spain or the United Kingdom or Germany.  It is simply the first small gesture of recognition that we are driving American companies, with their wealth and their jobs, too damn far from American shores.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Barack Obama Needs


Note:  I am very proud to tell you that my blog on Burger King fleeing military bases because of Obama's $10.10 minimum wage mandate went viral with over 12,000 page views in a month and over 15,000 re-prints in newspapers and other publication across this nation.  Citizen anger was enough to spur Congress to pressure the Labor Department to grant an exemption to franchises doing business on military bases.  Well, they've done so.  The Military Times has announced that franchises can submit form E98 to get the wage exemption.  I was unmercifully attacked by liberals and called a liar about this issue.  My email was inundated with hate mail from Obamanites.  Well,  I'd do it all over again, and will, if I have to.  For now at least our troops can still enjoy a Whopper or a Big Mac.

Now, for today's blog:

When Presidential leadership has been called for during the Obama Presidency, whether in domestic affairs, or in foreign affairs, Barack Obama has sounded retreat.  Do I need to laundry list them still again?  Allowing Reid and Pelosi to draw up the wasteful and ineffective stimulus plan, or surrendering the Obamacare plan, again to Nancy and Harry, or trotting out Joe Biden to lead the way on gay marriage and gays serving openly in the military, or Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or the IRS scandal, or the secret and unlawful wiretapping of journalists?  The latest was Obama's blaming the terrorist trade on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  Hagel put a stop to that in his Congressional testimony yesterday, saying the order came directly from the White House.

No where has Obama's cowardice been more destructive than his efforts to secularize and socialize our military and to act in ways contrary to military tradition.  And no where has this destruction been more telling than his trade of violent Muslim terrorists for an army deserter who openly declared his disdain for the military and his hate for America (between the Reverend Wright and Sergeant Bergdahl and Bill Ayres, the University Bomber and co-author of his book, Obama seems strangely drawn to folks who hate America...including those Guantanamo terrorists!)

Could it be because Obama has never faced life's difficulties?  Could it be his pampered upbringing, with scholarships to an exclusive tuition supported high school?  Or his minority scholarships and free Pell grants so that he could hang with the liberals at Columbia and the good ole boys at Harvard?  Could it be that all that pampering sheltered him from ever having to take a "real" leadership position?

 It might be too late for Obama.  Then, perhaps not.  At least as far as understanding why our military tradition must be maintained if we are to remain a world leader.  Here's what Barack Hussein Obama really needs:

He needs to be taken down to Fort Hood and be run through army basic training.  His arrogance and sense of self will surely result in a good old "blanket party".  For those unfamiliar with the term, when a grunt doesn't want to act as a member of a team, when his behavior or attitude is driving down the morale of the unit, the guys get together, wrap that rogue in a blanket, then proceed to beat the hell out him.   After a few good blanket parties, believe me, Barack will get the message.

Then, the unit grunts can take Barack out bowling, or to a good strip joint and get him good and drunk, or get him out of those sissy jeans and onto a baseball field and make him play "short field".

A few hours of shining boots, or ironing his own fatigues, and squaring up his BVD's in his foot locker, and latrine duty, would do Barack good.  

Then get him out on the obstacle course and give him that 50 foot rope to climb, or rappel down from a conning tower, then send him crawling beneath barbed wire fences with live fire two feet above his head, with no secret service in sight,  make him clean the barrel of an M-60 or assemble and disassemble his assigned weapon for a few hours, and let him stand guard duty for a few shifts.  

Send him out for tens days of maneuvers where he will march with 60 pound pack on his back for ten miles (about the length of two rounds of golf) and let him dine on cold Meals Ready To Eat (MRE'S)
in those attractive brown pouches.  Ask him to rate the powdered eggs and simulated turkey bacon breakfast.

When he's done all that, cut orders for Afghanistan, or sentry duty at the Korean DMZ, or guard duty at a pre-postioned ammo dump in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Let him go on leave long enough to say goodbye to Michelle and kids and advise him to leave behind his last will and testament because you just never know.

Give Obama all this, all that he needs, and he just might become a leader.  Fat chance.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tea Party Castrates Cantor


Debbie "Wasserman Test" Schultz and the liberal left love to giggle over the Tea Party.  Well, yesterday some folks down in Virginia just sent a powerful message to RINO apologists like Eric Cantor...they elected a Tea Party candidate who has pledged to fight like hell against amnesty for illegals and a little budget discipline.  And if you don't think defeating the House Majority Leader ain't a big deal, you're dreaming.

Back in January Congressman Cantor hosted a plush little get together to plot Republican strategy for 2014 and beyond.  He said we need to put these Tea Party folks in their place...and we need to work with the President to pass immigration reform.  So he and House Speaker John Boehner held all kinds of closed door meetings and were working hard to pass a pathway to citizenship for 30 million illegal invaders.

Well, at least a small pocket of American voters yesterday said they don't think that's such a great idea...that we need to care about American jobs and American borders.  That we need to put a stop to home invasions and anchor babies and wage suppression and welfare for illegal aliens and explosive Hispanic crime.

No matter what happens in the next few months, no matter how many Tea Party candidates win or lose, you can drive a nail in the coffin of immigration reform this year.  Those RINO congressmen, including Paul Ryan and John Boehner, have gotten a strong message.  Pass amnesty at your own peril.

So who defeated the establishment?  A humble economics professor who can  add two and two and knows where are borders are located.  Cantor spent more than $5 million dollars while Dave Brat spent $122,000.  He had nothing going for him except the truth and "the right."

As you know, I've written often that I believe the Tea Party is simply the front line troops, the small rag tag army that fights hardest for America, just as that first Tea Party did 250 years ago and just as Washington's rag tag army defeated the mightiest army on earth!  

And no matter how much the liberals giggle, no matter how hard they try to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of right wing nuts, I believe the Tea Party represents our best hope for the restoration of America.

I hope Dave Brat goes to Washington and acts like a "brat."  I hope he throws a tantrum along with the other 86 Tea Party members of Congress every time Obama asks for a trillion dollars in deficit spending and every time Harry Reid calls for amnesty for those invaders who are destroying us.

Viva the "Brat!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Vegas Tragedy; First Skirmishes In The Second Civil War


The tragedy that occurred on Sunday in Las Vegas, committed by a couple of right wing nut jobs,  was, like the Clive Bundy fiasco, simply another skirmish among many in the initial stages of America's  impending 2nd Civil War.

I refuse to regurgitate everything I wrote about this earlier; for those of you who have not read my blog essays on the coming 2nd Civil War, I urge you to use the search block here and call up "2nd Civil War" to read what I have said about it previously.  

Suffice it to say that the scenario I predicted, as the 2nd Civil War begins in the earliest stages, will come from the 'fringe elements" from both left and right; those people who, through blind ignorance, can find no way to mentally resolve national change that goes against their own personal moral grain.  So the right wing fringe acts illogically and the left wing fringe pushes back in a similarly illogical way.

Then, as these two fringe elements begin to war with each other, as their numbers swell to sufficient proportion to inflict cultural chaos, a search for resolution begins by larger and larger numbers to support or oppose a national solution.  It is at this point when the broader citizenry begin to take sides and further expands the cultural divisions.  Soon there is enough hostility on both sides and the warring factions set the pot to boiling.  

Still think this can't happen?  Well, first, I urge you to read my scenario in full.  Secondly, there is ample historical precedent for my theory.  You might study the case of John Adams and his cousin Samuel.  John Adams proved to be the most fiery proponent of independence from Britain.  But he didn't start out that way.  If you've studied your history it was cousin Samuel who was the wild eyed firebrand who just ached to wage war with authority, who fomented rebellion in the streets of Boston. And it was Thomas Paine, whose missal Common Sense that lit a fire in the revolutionaries.  In 1774 and 1775 there were far more colonists in favor of mediation than those who lusted for a violent solution.

Find that same evolution of rebellion in the first stages of the Civil War, of the American Labor Movement, of the Socialist movement in the early 20th century, of rabid anti-communism of the McCarthy era....these movements all began with hot-headed firebrands that led the way.

So am I assigning some measure of heroism to these Sunday morning Las Vegas murderers?  Am I championing that Bundy Brigade that drew anti-government militia out there in the Nevada desert?
Of course not...I'm just telling it like it is...that this nation is on a path to Civil War...a war that is inevitable with divisive leaders like Obama and the liberal ilk who propose to inject the heavy hand of government into every phase of your life, who mock those who still espouse a belief in traditional values, taught to us by The Greatest Generation...values that we are not willing to surrender to political and cultural "correctness".

Until we again have a leader who seeks to unite us, who preaches respect for opposing points of view, who champions personal liberty above political ambition, who values principle, hard work, individual achievement, the sanctity of our borders, who honors our Constitution, who judges us by character and not the color of our white skin, then we will remain perilously close to the edge of civil war.

So get used to it, folks.  Get used to increased savagery.  Get used to more militia activity, and right and left wing hate and violence.  And if you wish to assure that a 2nd Civil War comes about, just keep sitting on your apathetic ass when election time comes around.  These differences can be settled peacefully at the ballot box, or violently in the streets of America.