Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama; Little Man Behind The Curtain


Barack Obama got elected by never letting us in on who he really is.  Like the mousy little man behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz, Barack was able to project himself as a powerful, transformational leader who, like the Wizard, could solve all of your problems.

By establishing iron-clad legal sealings of all of his college records, Obama felt free to re-invent himself, to create a character that might appeal to the masses, and in doing so, he stole the healing words of Lincoln and made them his own, while hiding the 20 years of blindly following his American hating Reverend Wright.

It takes a unique person to accomplish this "sleight of hand" conversion from Black Socialist radical to everyone's token Black Teddy Bear, lovable, harmless....just the ticket for those with collective White guilt to elect a Black man to the Presidency.  

After winning election Barry lifted the veil just a bit.  He set off to the Middle East to tell Muslims that America was no more special than any other nation.  To support this thesis he had to totally ignore America's fight for democracy over the past 90 years.  He had to ignore America's efforts to free, feed and medicate the world for much of the century.  Instead, he pandered to Muslims by denying Islamic Jihad and rejoicing in "the rich Muslim culture".  

In return for selling America down the tubes Barry was given the Nobel Peace Prize just three months after being elected, and before he had done anything to earn the award.  Europeans were just happy to see a President willing to trade American prestige for a little idol worship.

So last week Obama attempted a repeat of the massive hero worship he solicited while speaking at the Brandenburg Gate, just as he had done four years ago.   Sadly, only 4,000 Europeans showed up.  Contrast that to four years ago when Barry was able to draw a crowd of 200,000 worshipers, eager to see America's Stepin Fetchit of politics.  This time around the smallish crowd yawned and slept through Obama's speech.

These kinds of slights are a big problem for Obama, a man of monstrous ego.  Keep in mind that it was only a year or so ago when Obama placed himself in the top four Presidents of all time, more than worthy of a place on Mount Rushmore.  The Brandenburg Gate fiasco came just weeks after Americans began peeking behind the curtain and discovering the mousy little man with a bag of political dirty tricks; IRS abuses, media and telephone wiretaps and wounded by the fatal flaw to take responsibility for anything that happened on his watch.  Behind that curtain we find both the little man and all of his leadership failures, to include frozen panic when the Benghazi mess occurred.

As planned, most Americans are just now experiencing the Obama agony of Obamacare, soaring tax increases, runaway spending, perpetually high unemployment and an economy sputtering along more than four years after Barry spent a trillion dollars in an attempt to revive it with government giveaways.

Sadly, the curtain flew open too late.  Now we must endure another four years with a little man who has no clue how to lead, is still ignorant about how to fix the economy, and, with foreign policy, has utterly failed to translate his pandering of Muslims to achieve even a small semblance of peace.  

America is, at last, tired of Obama's speeches, tired of his shuffling the blame to everyone but himself, tired of his exorbitant spending on vacations, tired of his teleprompters, his "program czars"...America is just tired.

Like those Germans at the Brandenburg Gate last week, America has begun to ignore Barack Obama.  That's bad for America for America is desperate for leadership.  And it is equally bad for a man with an ego so monstrous that he must have an unending supply of love and adoration to exist.  That adoration ended when the curtains were pulled back and we finally learned what a small "man-child" Barry really is.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blacks; Welfare..Where They Belong?


In light of the all the many reports lately, of how Blacks have abused the power of their office, perhaps I've been wrong all along.  Perhaps we need to farm them all out to pasture, keep them uneducated, inarticulate and give them a welfare check to support their drug habit, and hope they have a short life span.

We've all read of the tax fraud of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Jessie Jackson Jr. is getting ready to go into prison, alongside his wife, for commandeering $750,000 dollars in campaign funds to finance luxury vacations, buy real estate and furnish their homes.  The Black Mississippi Congressman who stole millions from public campaign funds and hid the cash in his freezer at least showed a bit of imagination.  Blacks are overrepresented in every crime statistic, whether blue collar or white collar.

Then, in Detroit, we have some 25 years of Black Mayors who all went to prison for stealing and misusing public funds, so much so that the city of Detroit is now $15 billion in debt and lawyering up for the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history.  

But it's not just the public stealing....when Blacks get a little power they begin to exercise discrimination against the White race.  Just today we read of a Black North Carolina state commissioner who openly stated she would not hire white males.   Were this blatant defiance of equal opportunity laws initiated by a White it would be all over the evening news tonight.  Don't count on it with a Black doing the dirty stuff; they are a protected race in the media with a cowardice so pronounced they won't speak out against the most despicable of Black wrong doing.  Besides, look at any Black official across the land; he's always surrounded by a mafia of Blacks without a hint of vanilla to break up the tone.

So maybe Blacks just aren't capable of practicing equal opportunity.  Maybe all the urban crime is just a by product of the Black culture!  And when they practice White collar crime it gets damn expensive to fix!  Again, look at Detroit!.  

Maybe we expected too much of Blacks when we created all of those equal opportunity laws fifty years ago.  Maybe those Southern racists were right!  Perhaps Blacks really are a gene pool or two away from knowing how to act fairly, humanely, and within the confines of the law.

Maybe the Dems were right all along.  Keep em dumb, keep em drug addicted, keep em breeding to replenish those who are gunned down each week in the ghetto, give em a welfare check and keep em dependent on liberal Whity on the plantation.

If this theory is correct, if Blacks do more damage when put in power, just imagine how much more damage our "demi-black President could do if he were 100% Black!  That's scary!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Notes On American Madness


If you don't want to open the above link let me just recount the story.  A Black thug breaks into a house occupied by a stay at home white mom and her three year old daughter.  Without any provocation at all the Black begins beating the woman maliciously, with a violence that is incomprehensible.  

You won't have seen this story because it did not run a thousand times over the airwaves because the mainstream media do not want to portray the national Black plague of violence that exists throughout America these days.  

It is ironic that the only time Paula Deen used the word "nigger" was after being robbed by a Black thug while working at a bank.  Even more ironic, the White housewife beaten nearly to death in the above video would most likely receive massive condemnation should she, in a fit of anger after the beating, utter the word "nigger" in describing her attacker.  These two events occurred in the same week, yet Paula Deen is crucified in the press while the Black Thug doesn't even make the headlines.

We saw the same thing during the Trayvon Martin shooting.  In the same week that Trayvon Martin was killed by a "White Hispanic" (with all the expected hell raising by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and Barack praising Martin as his "would be" son.) three Black thugs broke into a home in Oklahoma City, killed a 93 year old WWII vet and raped his 89 year old wife.  The brutal incident did not make the national headlines.  Three "Trayvon Martin" revenge beatings occurred in the same week, in Kansas, in Georgia and at the University of Mississippi.  Then, down in Florida an entire Black school took the day off to mob rob White owned businesses and you didn't hear a peep of condemnation from Obama, Sharpton or Jackson.

Our country is now so fucked up, so perverted, so fearful of not being politically correct that they allow the thugs, both criminal and societal, rule the day and dominate the national discussion.

To date this week we've seen a dozen of Paula Deen's commercial business partners desert her in a fit of cowardice; lest their sense of political correctness affect their business profits.  Walmart is the newest one to announce that they are throwing Paula under the bus.  Walmart...yeah, that Walmart, the one store that each year reports a "trampling death" in a Black neighborhood when Walmart announces a holiday sale on TV's or a gaming system.

American Madness..and no one in the media, or in a leadership position will speak up.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Divorce, America Style


One thing we can all take heart about is that, with the Supreme court sanctioning gay marriage yesterday, might we finally hear a little less whining and keening about gays being crucified?  Will these gay liberals finally shut up and assume accountability for their own mistakes or will they find something else to gripe about?  When Gays join the "great unwashed" crowd perhaps they'll finally stand on their own, and not bask under a rainbow of societal persecution.

After all, with America's current 50% divorce rate, we are likely to see Gays match the casual dismissives of the wedding vowels of traditional marriage.  And an additional advantage is that, unless Gays really go crazy with adoptions, the taxpayer won't have to bear the burden of supporting the "breeding mistakes" that so many conventional marriages wreak on the taxpaying public.  I would have advocated for gay marriage decades ago if it meant we could rid ourselves of three generations of welfare queens who own a collection of birth certificates so vast they could form their own football team.  If they were all gay we'd have far less to pay out to those ten-children, drug-infested families who bask in the urban shadows of Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

I suspect the shine will come off many of these gay "Joans and Johns of Arc" who portray themselves as shining examples of love and devotion, all painfully persecuted for their preferences for same sex couplings.  We'll see that all these so-called devoted "couples" stray with about the same frequency as their "straight" compatriots, endure the same cawing spouses as do traditional marriages, and will argue over the TV remote with about the same frequency as conventional couples.

We can then judge character not by what they professed to believe but how they act in their daily lives. When we see one Gay trying to beat his spouse out of her/his part of the pension, when we see Gays in court fighting over the wording of a pre-nuptial agreement, when we see them fighting over who keeps the house, the car...or the sex sling we'll see the true content of Gay character.

So far, the Gays are happy.  The lawyers are happy.  The Honeymoon resorts are happy.  The bureaucrats in Washington are happy because they'll be gearing up to create a hundred different federal offices to manage all things Gay....and those $150,000 dollar a year federal bureaucrat jobs are plush, baby!

A couple of years ago the LGBT community wanted the producers of Sesame Street to announce that Bert and Ernie were gay.  Gays believed that such treasured icons as Bert and Ernie would promote their cause.  That is no longer needed; the liberal element of the Supremes did that for them today in one fell swoop.  Let's just see who lives happily every all the other fairy tales.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Court Rules! Sheep Next!


As expected, this morning the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, thus ruling that society no longer has the right to designate institutions they choose to honor and legalize.  Basically, now it's "anything goes".  Today's ruling opens the doors for all those oppressed people who believe marriage between humans, dogs, and yes even sheep are perfectly normal.


I spoke with a Sheepherder named Ahmad from Northern California just after the Supremes released their decision.  He was absolutely joyous.  He's lived with Sally Sheep for years in a relationship that American society has here to fore perceived as sinful and perverted.  Ahmad is convinced that today's decision opens the flood gates to human-sheep marriage in the very near future.  Ahmad says he loves Sally Sheep immensely; she never complains of headaches when he is amorous, does not go out on expensive mall shopping trips, has no avidity for diamond rings and other expensive treatments, and only requires one clipping of her lovely curls once per year.

This ruling today brought joy to all those who embrace human-other species marriage.  One equestrian from Southern California, let's call her Ms Jones, was elated.  She and her horse have enjoyed an intimate relationship for years, Ms Jones claiming her stud more "prominent" than any man.  After this morning's ruling the two plan to build a stable and settle down, anticipate a Supreme Court ruling that will sanction their relationship quite soon.

On the New York Stock Exchange shares of crib makers, baby food producers, children's clothes and toymakers plunged as investors anticipated lower national birth rates over the coming years.

This was offset by rising commodity prices for lamb and a surge in prices for companies involved in producing sheep shears, bridles, saddles and reins.


Supreme Court Strikes Back Against Black Voter Fraud


The Supreme Court batted 500 this week.  In baseball, that's a damn good average.  In life, the Supremes came up short.  

The first decision ruled that it's about time to end the minority preferential quotas for education.  Since first implemented thousands of White kids have been turned away from college admission in favor of a minority student with poorer grades, less community involvement, and fewer favorable peer reviews.
But, rather than issuing a broad and sweeping decision to put a stop to this practice, they simply referred the case back to a lower court judge who is to decide the fate of White students suffering from reverse discrimination at the University of Texas.  

In the wake of Monday's limited decision the Supremes effectively punted on this issue and left better qualified White students out in the cold.

The second decision involved the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  A good thing in 1965, Section 5 evolved into a tool for Blacks to achieve the reverse of voter equality; it has essentially become a tool for Black voting districts to commit massive Black voter fraud using such practices as barring state voting auditors
from monitoring the accuracy of votes in predominantly Black voting districts.  

Perhaps the Supremes had taken a good look at massive voter fraud in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Birmingham during last November's election.  Incredibly, Obama had scored more votes than the total of eligible voters in the voter district.  Most onerous, but apparently not embarrassing for Blacks, was the 115% of the vote Obama received in Black voter districts in Philadelphia.  

Or perhaps it was the image of Black Panthers, wielding billy clubs, intimidating Whites from entering polling centers in Black districts.  Under Section 5, it was the Federal government's responsibility to supervise fair elections, yet Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, chose not to prosecute these Black thugs, and in fact, covered up the investigation.

Maybe the folks on the court were taken aback by the Blacks who travelled about to seven states and cast a vote for Obama in all 7 states.  

What the court essentially said is that the Federal government, under Section 5, had been given extraordinary power over state voting laws and had done a damn poor job of it.  John Roberts himself wrote the decision and castigated Congress over their failure to heed an earlier Supreme Court warning that Section 5 was being abused and needed greater Congressional oversight.

While the Supreme Court probably didn't know how many dead people voted in the last election but, having sensed a hint of the "rotten", threw out Section 5, essentially telling Blacks voter equality laws were not meant to be used to commit voter fraud.

The Supremes come to bat one more time this week; they'll rule on California's Proposition 8 which bans gay marriage in California.  They will essentially decide if a community remains free to set institutional standards, in this case whether Americans are still free to declare marriage as that between a man and a woman...or whether a small minority will determine community standards.  My money is on those who are able to scream discrimination the loudest as that seems to be the key to success these days.

Yesterday, in response to the Supreme Court decision on Section 5, the liberals immediately posted pics on the internet of the Supreme Court; the five conservatives had Ku Klux Klan sheets superimposed over their faces, proving once again that liberal viciousness knows no bounds.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama's Cap and Trade Bill Next!


Well kiddies, are you ready to start paying triple rates for your heating and cooling needs?  Well, ya better get ready.  Even before the ink is dry on Obama's legalization of 30 million illegal Mexicans, he's already off on another wild-eyed quest that he couldn't achieve in his first term.  

It's called the American Clean Energy and Security Act and Obama's off to Georgetown University Tuesday morning to give a "kick-off" speech to get this Cap and Trade bill passed.  In keeping with his Chicago politics tradition, he's already got all his Czars deployed and ready to circumvent Congress and the Constitution and ram still another socialist mandate down America's collective throat.  

Might this be the time for you to take ten minutes and learn a little about what Cap and Trade is all about?  Here's some of the basics:

America still gets nearly 80 percent of her energy from coal-based product.  Remember all those hundreds of billions Obama gave to Solar companies?  They are simply an asterisk (*) in this line of words.  We get some from Nuclear Power plants but we haven't built a new nuke plant for over fifty years.  And we still get a little from hydroelectric despite the tree huggers campaigns to save some species of fresh water smelt.

No it is King coal that powers most of your local utility plants; those "bad guys" that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Well, guess what?  Even before his first term, in a rare occurrence of honesty, Obama promised to bankrupt every coal company in America.  He hates coal.

So, fittingly, here's how the Cap and Trade bill will work.  Obama is demanding that every coal fired plant will have a very expensive "hydrocarbon capturing" system poste haste.  And if they fail to do so he'll shut them down. Obama will also order his energy Czars to implement a punitive tax on every company in America that uses coal-based energy to produce their service or product.    Finally, Obama intends to levy oppressive punitive taxes on your local utility.

These initiatives will accomplish the following:

1) Every product manufactured in America will carry a higher price as punitive federal energy taxes are passed on to the consumer.  Expect inflation to soar into the stratosphere as the price of everything you buy either doubles or triples in price.

2) Currently, your utility companies operate on 3 or 4% operating margins.  There is no way they can afford to pay Obama's punitive taxes so those utility taxes will be passed on to you through your utility bills.  Economists are projecting your electric bill to triple under Cap and Trade.

What about Obama's favorite ploy to bribe support for his program?  How does he get Jeffrey Imelt from General Electric to go along?  How will Obama get support from the Black Enterprise Institute?  How will The Anointed One "buy" enough support?  How will he get his army of liberal, welfare check troops to support him?  Why of course, promising that you, the taxpayer, will pay for energy for the "poor".  And:

Waivers, baby!  Just like those thousands of waivers he granted to bribe support for Obamacare passage.  

Don't like it?  Lump it!...that's Chicago politics, baby!  Between your 500% increased in Obamacare premiums, and your new taxes to pay for energy for "the poor", you're not gonna be able to afford to pay that 300 percent rise in your own utilities bills!

Hey, YOU voted for him...or YOU stayed home last November.  Live with it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen, Black Victimhood & Political Correctness


I'm not a big fan of Paula Deen.  (Read one of my first blogs "Buttering Up Paula Deen")  But I'm an advocate for fairness and I deplore Food Network's weak-kneed kow towing to the ever smothering political correctness that pervades our society today.  

So I went to Food Network's Face Book page and told them I'd go ahead and boycott Food Network just as swiftly as they cut the knees off of Paula for something she said two decades ago.  

 And lo and behold I began to get responses to my post from those whiney "victimhood Blacks" calling me a racist for supporting Paula.  And of course I responded.  I asked these victimhood Blacks to please show me a Face Book post where they had opposed the violent and racist language spewed out by Blacks 24/7 on every urban street corner, every five minutes on Black Entertainment Television or in one of those Black thug music videos that glorify killing Whitey and policeman.  

I ask them to provide a post where they opposed these huge Black "mob-robs" that occur in convenience stores across America every day.  I asked them to give me an example where they stood up in opposition to 20 murders a week in South Side Chicago.

The response from these whiney Black "victims?"  One of them said "oh god, you are just as bad as Paula and I hope someone finds out who you are and punishes you!"  The other whiney Black just reiterated "racist".

Neither were prepared to answer me.  Neither could offer a single point of defense against the reality of Black thuggery in America today.

Blacks today, having been bred and fed by a welfare check for three generations, are the most spoiled human species on the earth today.  They represent 50% of all criminals in our prison system and they, and their liberal supporters, use the excuse of "urban poverty" to explain away their heinous criminality.

So, having little to take pride in, having produced so little after being given so much, they must jump at the first hint of racial prejudice.  They must cloak themselves in a victimhood which they neither deserve nor have earned.

I'm coming around to believing that Blacks don't hate the word "Nigger".  Indeed they laugh like hyenas when Chris Rock or some other Black comedian uses it.  And they pray like hell that some idiot White let's it slip off their tongue...even if the slip was twenty years ago...for it is then they rise in grand indignation, ignore all the Black crime and Black sin...and shake a fist and cry "racism!"

Am I throwing all Blacks into that collective cesspool of "victimhood?"  Of course not, in fact I greatly admire the culture that most Blacks have to surmount to achieve success today.  No, it is that very large minority of Black "victims" that wallow in their own misery that I address.

And they are indeed the most forlorn of the human species, having neither pride or self respect to stand on their own two feet and condemn themselves for their own sins...even as they magnify the sins of "the great Whitey".

Post Script:  This morning's news reported that a Black shot another Black while waiting in line for Lebron James' new line of $200 dollar basketball shoes.  Note that not one Black, neither Obama, nor Sharpton, Nor Jessie Jackson, nor the Black community has spoken up and condemned this..."just Blacks being Blacks" big thing...ah, but Paula's 20 year old words are cause for crucifixion.  Sad. Damned Sad.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Republican Pols Dancing "A Little Sidestep"

The great Charles Durning, in The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas plays a corrupt and unprincipled politician totally unwilling to take a moral stand on the issues.   He performs a magical song and dance number called "I love to do the sidestep" as he totally refuses to take a stand.   We are now seeing that same "raise the barriers, ignore taking a moral stance" from Republicans trying to make a mad dash to the "middle" in order to survive their next election.

All concern for doing the right thing, the moral thing, has been thrown to the winds as Republicans begin catering to the liberal left voting blocks in order to expand their "appeal".  Illegal Immigration?  Hey, no longer a problem; let's legalize the invaders.   Another amnesty may lead to even further invasion?  Can't worry about that...have to survive the next election.

How about all that national debt?  Hey, it didn't hurt Obama's re-election so let's just let it slide.  Interest on our national debt now consuming 33% of our entire GDP?  Well...we'll worry about that later.  Raise the debt ceiling?  Hey, we don't want that fight again.  Right or wrong, let's just put that off until May.

Yep, all those "pseudo conservatives" like Jindal and McCain have decided to jump in bed with Obama...if you can't beat em, join em!

Recognizing Republican weakness, the uber liberals in Washington are strutting high and claiming a "huge mandate" from those 51% who sent Obama back into office.  Yeah, "that mandate"; the glomming together of gays, illegal-worshipping Hispanics, the Green Check crowd, all thriving in Obama's orgasmic give-away marathon.

The Tea Party's dead, they say.  No longer relevant.  Well, all I can say is both the wobbling pseudo Republicans and the hubristic socialist wing of the Democratic party may be in for a rude awakening.  Already, as taxes rise, as the cost of Obamacare begins to show up in Americans' health care premiums and as interest rates begin to rise, as the stagnant economy continues, as national employment remains in stasis, let's just see what kind of mandate Big Government has with a "center right" electorate.

We are already seeing signs of "voter regret" from some of those who swallowed Obama's golden rhetoric.  When the full realization of what Obama and the liberals have wrought, you're going to see a sharp swing back to the right.

When that happens many of these pseudo conservatives are going to find themselves out in the cold.  And no rendition of "doing a little sidestep" is going to save them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Civilian To Military; The Great Leap


Two things I came across recently prompted me to write about my initial transition long ago from civilian to military status.  One was a recent video from a military speaker pointing out that less than one percent of the entire population of America is serving in the military service.  And only 8 percent have ever served at all.  That one stat kind of awakened me to the idea that civilians have so little understanding of how great the leap is from civilian to military.

The second prompting was a recent reading of a personal recount of an old friend of mine who reflected how difficult his own experience was in transiting from civilian to military.  He too was Air Force and his flight from home to San Antonio, home of Lackland Air Force Base, center for basic training for all Air Force recruits, and mine were nearly identical.  He wrote of the shock and newness of severe disciplines, of being screamed at sixteen hours per day, to have all notions of tenderness and sympathy withheld for the duration of your basic training, of the uniformity stressed, and individuality suppressed, of the constant effort to form you into an individual who will learn to place the needs of your unit ahead of your own needs, of the learning to sacrifice for a greater good...and finally to learn to love and respect your country, for that is who you are pledging your life to during the course of your service.

The first thing that struck me about my friend's account was our own differing reaction to this startling and frightening leap from civilian to airman.  While I empathized with his stories of 24 hour Kitchen Patrol (KP), long marches, humiliating trash clean-ups, strenuous exercise and obstacle courses, long, long nights scrubbing an old open bay World War II barracks, spending hours getting underwear squared in four inch displays, socks folded such that the "smile" greeted the Training Instructor during his inspection walk through, belt buckles shined, beds made with 45 degree corners and tight enough to bounce a quarter on....all were trying, exhausting efforts to instill discipline and unit commonality.

My friend wrote that he lay in his bunk that first night and sobbed.  I was somewhat taken aback by that.  He was older than me when he enlisted, he had finished four years of college, so had learned to live away from home, and I fully expected that he would have weathered "the great leap" far better than I.  Apparently, not so.  

I did not cry in my bed, though god knows I missed my family and my girl friend...and home.  I succeeded and failed in somewhat the same manner that my contemporaries did.  After three weeks of training we were finally let loose for a few hours, granted the freedom to sit down in a BX cafeteria and have a cup of coffee, or a hamburg and confined were we in the beginning that the most modest granting of personal freedom was reason to rejoice.

And it was just about at that three week point that we all began to grasp the concept of unity, of sacrifice; that helping others made us better people and better airman.  And keep in mind, by helping others learn to spit shine boots, or make their bed or properly display their footlocker, we were likely to hear less hell from our Training Instructor (TI).  Those were the days when TI's  could still yell and harass the recruits.  There was plenty of yelling and harassment so we worked like hell to perform well and get a little less of it.

And so, after weeks of training, after learning to help the other guy, our flight was shocked late one evening, when we were taught still another lesson that seemed to go against everything that we had learned to date.  About midnight, we were all in deep sleep in our open bay barracks when we were rudely awakened by the cries of "oh shit!  So and so has slashed his wrists!".  It seems that one of our fellow airman, a guy who came from a very sheltered childhood, who had difficulty in nearly every phase of training, finally decided to end it all.  Sometime after lights out, he got into his foot locker, pulled out a razor blade from his shave kit, and slashed his wrists.  As soon as he was discovered we all gathered about his bed, slipping on the blood running freely on the floor below, as we grabbed towels and pressure bound his slashed wrists.  Someone had already sounded the alarm and soon the T.I. arrived along with an ambulance.  He joined the medics and they rushed the airman to the hospital.

None of us were able to get any sleep that night so we just sat on our bunks and talked about it, each one of us wondering what would have caused him to want to take his life, wondered what we might have done different to help him, and both empathized and sympathized with him.    Soon the dawn light began to make its way through the dorm windows and we began wondering if we should carry on, get dressed and march ourselves to the chow hall...or wait for further directions.   

Just then our T.I., a Tech Sergeant Carnes, walked in, followed by our fellow recruit with the slashed wrists.  We were shocked to see him back so soon from the hospital.  Apparently, his cuts were more shallow than we thought for here he was standing before us.  Our T.I. then walked over to the fellow's foot locker, pointed at it, and screamed at the top of this lungs for this coward to pack his stuff as quickly as possible and get out!  "I don't want these fine young men to be around a coward!, he screamed.  "You are the lowest form of shit the world has produced!", he yelled into the kid's face.  The kid has tears streaming down his face and we were all in a total state of shock.  The T.I. then appointed someone to help the kid stuff his duffle bag, only with underwear and his reclaimed civilian clothes, as our T.I. attested to his shaming the uniform.

The fellow was given a general discharge and sent home.  We later learned that his mother wrote our T.I. and begged him to take her son back; she was in desperate need for someone to make him a man.  Sadly, we were all up to our elbows in the Vietnam War and no one had the time to rehabilitate those who couldn't hack the regimen.

We all survived that day and went on to graduate and head out to tech schools or unit assignments.  I 
don't know how the others resolved this seeming conflict in organization ethics.  I only knew it was a brutal way to deal with failure.  Later on, after doing a couple of tours in Vietnam I resolved that my old T.I. may have saved the kid's life.  Though he may have later lived a less consequential life, at least he wasn't left, frozen in fear, as a V.C. mortar round came in and took him out...or a stray Ak-47 round heading his way.

After 22 years in the military I learn to face far more brutality than a suicide attempt, followed by a hostile response from our leaders.  But each "hit" I endured, each challenge I faced over those many years came in "graduated response"...after I was more adept at meeting and overcoming those challenges.  But it was the night of the suicide attempt, a night when my head and heart were still a bit too tender, to filled with innocence, when I finally took that first "leap" from civilian to military.  There would be far wider chasms I would be asked to breach during those military years...and I thank God I survived them all...with some residual damage, some PTSD long before I knew what it was...but I'm still here.

But as I look back over the many years I still marvel, am still wondrous about the degree of innocence I carried into the night of the "great leap".    If men did not war the souls of those who must fight them would be far better, far more tender than the world now allows them to be.

And so when I hear Taps, when I see a soldier sent to his rest, I feel chills run down my spine and I am both saddened...and thrilled that a "brother" can put all the wars aside, all the brutality aside, cast off all the old nightmares, and cross back to a land of peace and innocence...a time before the "great leap".

Friday, June 21, 2013

Where To Go When Your Local Emergency Room Goes Bankrupt?"

During the past ten years  84 California hospitals have declared bankruptcy and closed down their Emergency Rooms forever.  Financially crippled by legistlative and judicial mandates to treat illegal aliens have bankrupted hospitals!   In 2010, in Los Angeles County alone, over 2 million illegal aliens recorded visits to county emergency rooms for both routine and emergency care.  Per official figures, the cost is $1,000 dollars for every taxpayer in Los Angeles County.   

This crisis is not limited to California, although, with their "welcoming programs", Californians pay the most; Unreimbursed medical care in California exceeds $1.4 billion, and that is after the state programs have paid in excess of $8 billion dollars in program reimbursements!  In Texas, the estimated cost to treat illegals is $8.5 billion and Arizona is spending approximately $4 billion per year to treat illegals in their emergency rooms.  Even increased hospital charges and the accompanying raising of your medical insurance premiums has not been enough to cover the costs of illegal medical care!

What was, ten years ago, considered a "major irritant" has now become a full blown medical and budget crisis.  Over 50 percent of ER visits in Florida are illegal immigrants.  The trends are exploding as well in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and throughout the Midwestern states.

This crisis is directly attributable to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)implemented by congress and mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court.  The law basically stipulates that no hospital may turn away anyone who appears at their Emergency Room doors for treatment, regardless of their ability to pay for the treatment.   At the time of its implementation no legislator foresaw that this act would be corrupted and used by illegal aliens to receive medical care for nothing, but that is indeed what has happened.  Illegals know the laws that are of benefit to them far better than American citizens, whether it be welfare, wic and food stamps in the name of their American born child, or whether it is using the emergency room for routine colds or the "ER drop and go" methods employed by Los Angeles street gangs when their members get shot up during their nightly street wars.

The latest financial estimates for emergency medical care nation wide exceeds $120 billion dollars (and that does not include state program payments as exists in California and other states).  The costs to the taxpayer is enormous and crippling but that is not what should concern Americans the most; it is the explosive increase in the number of hospitals who are choosing to close their Emergency Rooms altogether.  This crisis has now threatened the very life of your loved one as the time may come when Emergency Room treatment is simply not available to you.

Sure, if you've ever gone to an Emergency Room in the last ten years you know that more than half of them will be populated by illegals going in to get free routine and emergency care.  The wait is long for you, the citizen.  However, how much worse will it be when there is no ER period!

Folks, state governments cannot change this!  City government cannot change this!  But your congress in Washington D.C.  can enact legislation that alters the earlier EMTALA legislation and limits participation to American citizens only!  Keep in mind, only the Congress can override a Supreme Court decision!

Write em!  Write em before you rush to an ER to save a family member's life and there ain't one around!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liberalism Fueling A Second Revolution


I was saddened to read the latest Supreme Court decision that barred Arizona and three other states from enforcing proof of citizenship to vote.  Saddened but not surprised.  American liberals have so poisoned the societal and political well that  I fear violent revolution is now almost certain, and in fact, imminent.

It was the liberal school administrator in the mid-west who insisted that a four year old deaf boy change his signing name because his fingers, when signing, too much resembled "a gun".  The same madness occurred in Pennsylvania when a school district suspended a seven year old child for shaping his pop tart into the figure of a gun.  In dozens of other incidents students have been suspended for bringing water guns to school.  This liberal silliness only serves to raise the political temperature to such an extent that rational people begin to gag on these kinds of restraints.

And there are no limitations to how far liberals will go to suppress free expression.  High school teachers and college professors have been known to threaten students with failing grades for even daring to criticize their anointed God, Barack Obama.

When liberals found banning "kiddie meals" at fast food restaurants not enough, they began legislating the posting of calorie charts at fast food chains, all in an effort to regulate childhood nutrition.  Liberals have pressed the issue further by passing laws that restrict the size a soda can be and are even refusing to license fast food businesses in an effort to enforce 'green eating'.

Liberalism in America now represents lawlessness.  Liberals are most adamant that 30 million illegal invaders be rewarded with citizenship and full rights to America's vast array of social programs.  It no longer matters if legislation is right, or moral, or even effective; if it serves the political needs of liberals then it's good to go.

The problem with all the national liberal silliness is that the vast silent majority of middle America is rapidly reaching a gag factor; they are becoming extremely angry about America's rapid slide into moral and social decay.

And for every action there is a corresponding over-reaction.  It is the imminent "over-reaction" that I fear and that saddens me the most.  When the ballot box is stolen by ineligible voters, by government bribery, and by government intimidation Americans will, sadly,  choose to use extreme violence in an effort to right the ship.  We've seen it dozens of times in world history, most recently in South America during the 50's and 60's when the term 'Banana Republic' became a common term in our news headlines.

I see the same thing happening in America very soon.  The time is not far off when yesterday's Supreme Court decision on abdicating our responsibilities to honor voting proof of citizenship will soon just lead to the assassinations of Supreme Court judges, gunned down in the streets.  We can expect the same sad fate for the President, members of Congress, liberal college professors, ACLU lawyers, school administrators who exceed the boundaries of a community's moral standards, and any liberal who espouses the violation of our constitutional rights simply to dictate what we will believe, what we will eat and drink and how we will think.

The violence will be tragic beyond belief.  But I fear it is now inevitable; the hubris and arrogance of liberalism have put in place the "perfect storm" of circumstances and dictates that moral America can no longer tolerate.  It seems hard to believe now but I would not be surprised to see "hit lists" emerge for Obama and Biden and Pelosi and Reid and Sharpton and all those leading the liberal charge.  I can foresee the liberal bastion of NBC, Rockefeller Center, crumble into a sea of debris as a warning that America will no longer suffer media toadies who fail to honor their constitutional mandate to report the news fairly and objectively.

Yes, I can see anarchy just over the near horizon.  For more than two hundred years Americans have been able to work within our Constitutional system.  However, sadly, liberalism has learned to circumvent and/or ignore the rule of law to further their uber liberal objectives...and now only violent revolution seems to be the only possible consequence.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor..Your Crack Merchant?

Etched in the base of the Statue of Liberty are the magnificent words of Emma Lazarus; Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, your teaming masses yearning to be free......

With respect to American immigration are these words no longer relevant?  Has the current invasion of illegal immigration relegated Emma's words to that of empty slogan?  Is the idea that America wants and needs a replenishing supply of immigrants to refresh the American ideal of freedom no longer valid.?  Don't we need the immigrant to remind us how very special America is, so that we may not take her for granted?

I believe we do need the immigrant..but he must be of the same heart and soul of those who came before; he must truly believe that America is the land of opportunity and only asks that he be given a chance to work hard and succeed.  Sadly, in the wake of massive illegal immigration, we must now ask how to best achieve that vital influx of new Americans. 

Far too many of our neighbors to the south see America as a haven for receiving social welfare, free medical care, free public education and a means to pursue tax-free working salaries.  That is true for the "best" of the illegal immigrant.  The "worst" are those who head north with bales of pot, truck beds teeming with meth and cocaine and heroin and integrate with big city latino gangs to market their destructive wares. 

Contrast that Mexican immigrant profile with those immigrants of fifty years ago.  I grew up in the rich agricultural region of the San Joaquin Valley of California.  I worked along side Mexican families in the grape and peach fields.  The Mexican visitors from that time worked hard for what they earned.  At the end of the summer they were content to return to their homes in Mexico and live on their earnings over the winter.

Then President Johnson began a series of legislation called "The Great Society".  This legislation created generous welfare programs which the CBO approximates reflect several trillion dollars in government giveaways.  Free public housing, free medical care, free food stamps, nutritional aid programs for infants, preferential quota for employment hiring and education grants, all on the public dime.  Many of these programs are worthwhile and served a valuable purpose.  But the unintended consequences of these programs was to create a "victim" mentality for at least three generations of us.  Imagine, three generations of folks who believe it is not necessary to work, or be productive, to draw a check.

Unfortunately, many of these programs were not well administered and these costly benefits were dispensed to millions who were not eligible to receive them.  Enter the illegal immigrant, lured by a national plethora of government freebies under programs poorly monitored.

Even by conservative estimates at least 50,000,000 illegals have entered the U.S. over the last three decades.  Millions have created false or stolen ID and signed up for the free goodies!  Aided by a misguided Supreme Court that mandated no state may deny free education to illegal children, hundreds of billions of federal and state money is expended each year to build thousands of new schools to house the millions of illegal children.  Illegal parents, occupied with gaming the emergency rooms, food banks and welfare offices, show little interest in learning English or even seeing that their children do.  The benefits got even more "choice" when the U.S. Supreme court ruled that no illegal can be turned away from a hospital emergency room so the ER has now become the "routine care" clinic for illegal families.  Facing bankruptcy, many hospitals have closed their emergency rooms completely as a consequence.

Now, the Democrats and some 20,000,000 new illegals currently residing here are demanding "immigration reform" which is the tired old term for "amnesty".  How many of you remember how the last "amnesty" went?  We legalized millions of illegals and the federal government vowed "no mas", no more and would seal the border.  The problem is now compounded by a bastardized interpretation of the 14th amendment which was meant to provide full citizenship to former slaves but is now used as justification for the legalization of any child born in the U.S., whether the parents are legal or not. How's that been working out?  And how can we hope to get a handle on spiraling social spending costs when illegals can carry a copy of a U.S. birth certificate to any social welfare agency and apply and receive all applicable welfare programs based on that bogus birth certificate?

Perhaps, the worst consequence of the illegal invasion has been the failure of the illegal immigrant to assimilate to our core national beliefs, to develop a deep love of country, or even to learn our language.  Again aided by the liberal courts, the U.S. mandated that ballots and official government documents be printed in the illegal's native language. 

The key difference between the "Emma Lazarus" immigrant on Lady Liberty and the "immigrant" of today is that they choose to invade rather than ask permission to enter.   The character of this affront is that they hold neither respect, admiration or love for a nation with a proud heritage of lifting up the downtrodden and protecting those who can't protect themselves.  They vilify the notion that hard work and fair and open opportunities are to be honored.

So Emma, we hardly know ye....


And every day we read stories like this all over the USA.  So who did we give amnesty to? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bankrupt Stockton, CA and The Domino Theory

Yesterday the powers that be in Stockton, California met to discuss their route to municipal bankruptcy.    This central California city of 250,000 people today followed Vallejo, California into the realm of distinction of governmental bankruptcy.  Currently in arrears of payments due in the tens of millions of dollars, the city has debt of nearly three quarters of a billion dollars.

Last year Forbes deemed Stockton as America's most miserable city.  Homes sales have plummeted as productive taxpaying American citizens deserted the city over the last decade and decimated the tax base of that city.  The Gallup group ran a national study of obesity in America.  Stockton took the Blue Ribbon with a 34.5 percent obesity rate.  Illegal Mexicans, armed with Food Stamp cards and tax-free wages, are largely responsible for the crisis.  The combination of heavy Hispanic foods and a newly developed American appetite for Big Macs is the cause.  The University of Connecticut ran another national survey and found Stockton residents to be the most illiterate group in the United States.

When I was growing up in the central valley of California, Stockton was a prosperous medium size, inland port city governed by responsible leaders and peopled by hard-working American citizens.  Their future was bright indeed.

What happened?

Well, for one, politicians gave excessive benefits to their municipal unions in order to secure electoral support.  Now the city is unable to pay those $150,000 dollar a year plus retirement packages.

And, like just about every other California city, Stockton has had to absorb their share of millions of illegal invaders.  The latest official census indicates illegals are now in the majority, pay few taxes and are sapping the life out of municipal services.

Government union greed and an unprecedented illegal invasion has bankrupted California and the state's cities are crumbling one by one.

Get ready America.  Vallejo and Stockton are just the first couple of dominoes to fall.  As Obama and Holder and Napolitano mount an assault on all efforts to protect our borders and deport the invaders it's going to get worse.

America, when Arizona needed you to stand up and fight Emperor Obama too many of you sat on your asses and laughed it all off.  Let's see who's laughing when the invasion reaches your city.

NOTE:  Today, July 11, San Bernardino just announced their bankruptcy.  What does Stockton and San Bernardino have in common?  A huge illegal community and a Hispanic population which represents 70% of all residents.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Hispanic Crime; Political Correctness vs The Truth"


Take a look at the above link.  It is a slide show of mug shots for those arrested during the month of June 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.  You'll find that 80 percent of those arrested were of hispanic heritage.  These percentages are in keeping with any community where hispanics live, whether it be Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Chicago or Dallas.

I'm not saying that hispanics, by nature, are more prone to criminal activity.  (Though I do assert that the hispanic community aids and abets these criminals by allowing them refuge in their communities) And I'm not being 'racist' by offering this information.  I'm simply offering a theory that you might want to consider when the amnesty for illegal legislation arises again in Congress.

My theory is this:  We have granted amnesty twice during the past three decades.  We gave this amnesty to illegals who invaded our nation, thus breaking our immigration laws.  In essence, we gave amnesty and legal residence to a group (llegals)  of people who, by their very nature, are criminals.   This has been proven again and again by the rise of latino gangs, the rise in illegal drug activity, the explosive rise in identity theft and the intentional violation of the 14th amendment through the breeding of "anchor babies" as an entry point for copping welfare, WIC, free housing, food stamps and all other social programs.

These invaders were assisted by the government of Mexico who wish to rid their country of the criminal class and do so by aiding and abetting the illegal migration of same to the U.S. 

This theory clearly shows the lie perpetuated by the liberal open borders folks that hispanics come here for a better life; no they come here to game our social services programs and to participate on the profitable field of criminal activity.

Now try to imagine how many fewer there would be had we not granted amnesty to these criminals twice.  And ask yourself, can your community accommodate another 20 million illegals who are demanding amnesty and full citizenship?

You can call Americans against amnesty "racist" all you want.  You can deny the truth all you wish.  But just take another look at these monthly "mug shot panoramas."  You can look at January or March or October or December; it's always the same, the biggest criminal element are hispanic. We have our share of criminal citizens.  We can't afford to deal with 20 million more.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"America's Obituary; May She Rest In Peace"

Dateline:  Bangor, Maine     
July 4th, 2026, 5:06AM

The United States of America died today.  She was 248 years old.  Born in Philadelphia to a group of patriots who, inspired by the teachings of Locke and Rosseau, had written into law the Declaration of Independence that severed relations with Great Britain, then an authoritarian monarchy.  Twelve years later many of these patriots would, having emerged victorious in war, go on to pen an American constitution that was to inspire the envy of the world and oppressed people everywhere.

Through the championing of individual freedom, the rule of law and the belief that a citizen, if educated properly, given moral guidance and granted the liberty to pursue his unique dreams and aspirations, would form a vast network of achievers that would carry the nation to a supremacy of democracy and prosperity hereto unknown to man. 

These creeds, and America's willingness to defend her borders against all enemies, foreign and domestic, were the keys to America's robust success for over two centuries.  Poets wrote great sonnets to her; "Breadbasket To The World", cried Sandburg, as America indeed fed the world when no one else would.  White crosses spanned the globe where Americans fought and died to fight tyranny and preserve freedom.  Americans from all walks of life created and invented and worked tirelessly to create levels of freedom, security and prosperity that no civilization had ever known.  Oppressed people in the darkest corners of oppression worshipped the words of Jefferson and Lincoln and immigrants dreamed of some day coming to her golden shores to achieve "the American Dream".

Alas, the very success that propelled America to new heights in human civilization, was also her downfall. 

During the last half century of her life America began to crumble under the weight of political corruption and power grabs which took the form of legislating overly generous social programs that were fraught with fraud, waste and abuse.  These programs corrupted the competitive nature of her citizens and literally destroyed the work ethic that had made America great.  Payroll tax revenues declined while government outlays increased to unimaginable levels and the national debt became untenable.  Conditions became even more dire when hordes of invaders from Mexico, lured by the easy promise of U.S. government largess, insinuated themselves into every facet of American life.  Crime rates soared, drug use increased and Latino street gangs became the "enforcers" when law enforcement proved unable to stop them.  Large Mexican barrios formed in every major city, their streets lined with fast food wrappers, used condoms, old tires and mariachi music blaring from every home, with four cars parked on the front lawns.

In the first decade of her third century it became clear that America had neither the political will nor the moral courage to protect her borders.  While many state governments, especially those in the Southwest, alarmed by the invasion's critical impact on the quality of life, tried mightily to stem the tide by implementing local measures to slow the invasion, the federal government and the federal courts threw up roadblocks against every effort to stop the illegal invasion.

When it became clear that America would no longer protect her borders, one hundred million Mexicans invaded America over the last decade of her life.  Augmented by a huge "scout force" of 20 million illegals already in country, the massive invasion was accomplished with little American opposition since political elections were in the hands of 50 million illegals who had been given amnesty, full citizenship and the power of the ballot box.  The last vestiges of opposition by American patriots were swept out of office under the Hispanic motto "oppose us; you are racists", "join us and rejoice in the glory of a New Mexican Republic that runs from the Canadian border to Mexico City, our new national capitol."

In the last decade of her life America witnessed the end of the glory of home ownership, quality education, or the security of a living wage.  American businesses, who once championed illegal immigration in order to secure cheap labor, began to migrate to other corners of the world when it became evident that artificially low wages could not generate sufficient profits in the United States.  "ChinaMart" is now the last large business firm remaining within American shores.

So, it is appropriate, that on this day, here in the far northeast woods of Maine, in what was once a thriving nation, America took her last breath.  It is indeed ironic that, as the new dawn broke early on this historic day, the sun was setting on a nation and a society that was once the envy of the civilized world.  A small band of rag-tag patriots, sitting around a camp-fire, openly weeped for what was, and what could have been, as America breathed her last. 

No funeral services are scheduled.  However, a victory party will be held in the new capitol, Mexico City, complete with mariachi music and a victory parade complete with "low riders", victory speeches by officials of the DC&HSCM (Drug Cartel & Human Smuggling Corporation of Mexico). 

"She lives now only in the hearts of those who once loved her"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Illegal Immigration; Lies and Myths & Facts

There are any number of special interest groups who are touting the benefits of granting amnesty and citizenship for the 11 to 30 million illegals currently residing in our nation.  Democrats assume they will be favored at the polls by Hispanics grateful for the chance to make America the "new" Mexico.  Liberal Democrats figure those additional 30 million Democratic voters will solidify their hold on power in the future.  The militant Hispanic organization La Raza is hoping to achieve a populace majority and suppress "the gringo" for all time.  All true.

Then there are the 30 percent or so of Americans who sympathize with the illegal invaders; they believe all invaders are poor farm workers who are just trying to achieve a better life.  These American "innocents" do not know how much of a burden illegal Mexicans place on our social services safety net, nor do they understand how many "American" jobs are being held by illegal immigrants.  Nor do they understand how American wages are suppressed by illegals working for cash, not paying taxes, and crowding out American citizens who can no longer receive a fair wage sufficient to support their families.  All of these naive beliefs contribute to the confusion.

Fact:  According to Health and Human Services statistics over 75% of illegal immigrants are receiving some form of U.S. government assistance, whether it be WIC, Welfare, Section 8 housing and Medicaid.  HHS acknowledges that some of the aid is secured through Identity Theft but most of the benefits are being accrued through access to these benefits by their "legal" anchor baby.

Fact:  Over the last twenty years America has absorbed ten percent of Mexico's entire population.

Fact:  The majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico's criminal class and those least educated and most poverty prone, thus placing a tremendous burden on America to solve Mexico's crime and poverty problems.

Lie:  Most of the illegal Mexican invaders are poor farm workers.

Fact:  Only 25% of illegals are doing farm work; far more are living off of America's welfare programs and community food banks.  More illegals are working in America's construction industry than those who will accept farm work.  Millions of high paying construction jobs have been lost to American citizens as wage suppression and illegal hiring has destroyed what were once well paid American jobs.

Lie:  The majority of illegals are law abiding citizens.

Fact:  According to prison statistics 50.3 percent of federal prisoners processed last year were Hispanics, most of them illegal and most of them guilty of multiple previous crimes.

Lie:  The new immigration law is tough; it will require that illegals wait for ten years to become citizens and will only be applicable to those already here.  No one will receive amnesty until the border is secure.

Fact:  The new immigration law, as reported just today, is that the Secretary of Homeland Security may deem the border "secure" of her own will, which will then trigger the citizenship process for illegals.

Fact:  The new immigration law not only applies to the 11 to 30 million currently here, but also opens the door or all illegals currently residing in the U.S. to bring in their entire extended family from Mexico.  This could allow for the further immigration of from 40 to 120 million more Mexicans.

Fact:  The only reason Republicans have embraced illegal immigration is because they assume they must capitulate to Hispanics in order to hold their seats in Congress.  

Fact:  If this new immigration law is passed we can all bid adieu to America as we knew it...and expect to live in a poverty driven third world nation with no hope for the future.

Perhaps the biggest lie is what is "not being said".  No one is thinking of the millions of immigrant candidates who have waited patiently in line, playing by the rules.  It is those very people that we want as future citizens.  Congress has told them all to go to hell and have chosen to reward the 'worst of the worst".

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Illegals On Welfare; Robbing Peter to Pay Paulo"

Please read the attached article on American Unemployment carefully.  I have argued tirelessly about the costs of illegal aliens on our social services safety net. The article deals with the long term unemployed American citizen who is nearing the end of hope.   I have said time and again that, when the money runs out, the folks that are hurt the most are American citizens.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to energize enough of you to write your legislators and demand an end to supporting illegal aliens.

 I have detailed over and over the welfare abuses from the feds and states supporting illegals with benefits which they never paid for...but you did!  Now that you need it, it is not available to you.  Is it fair that illegals come here, work for cash, pay no income taxes, send their children to school on your dime?  Is it fair that an illegal comes here, and in ten years has bred half a dozen anchor babies because they can use that anchor baby to receive WIC, Medicaid benefits, free Section 8 housing and even welfare? 

I have detailed statistics that show 76 percent of all illegals receive welfare benefits in some form?

Okay, now that you folks have been unemployed for three years, now that your medical care is threatened, will you continue to sit on your butt and refuse to stop the invasion..and the accompanying social service costs? 

There is ample federal money to take care of American citizens if American citizens will finally rise up and demand deportation, mandatory E-Verify to stop employers from hiring illegals, demand that Congress not pass the Dream Act and demand that Congress initiate the revision of the 14th Amendment which is the "free pass" for tens of millions of anchor babies.

Read these again and then you decide who you want your taxes going to:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Charitable Heart In Search of Poverty


I'm finding it harder and harder to find anyone in America living in real poverty.  And with this discovery, it is becoming harder and harder to have a charitable heart. 

 When I was a kid our neighborhood was a familiar thing; everyone knew everyone else, and when a need was seen we would rush in to fill that need.  And it would be done in the most sensitive way.  A pot of stew might be left at the door of someone needy.  A bag of clothes, a pair of shoes that no longer fit Johnny might be worn by Tommy up the street.  A church might collect a special donation to see a family through a rough spot...or even to bury a parishioner without means.  Any number of charitable clubs held fundraisers throughout the year and donated to the community needs.

The problem with charity today is that the government stepped in....stepped in when they learned they could buy votes with their "charity".  Oh, it wasn't really government charity because, in the end, they now simply raised your taxes in some bastardized form of "fundraising", then gives it away to others.  

I see two big problems with today's forms of charity.  First of all, when the government confiscates your money, then donates it they do a very poor job of ferreting out the "gamers", those who neither need nor deserve charity.  Secondly, by playing "middleman" (or vote buyer), big government has succeeded in denying you the personal and intimate pleasure of giving to someone who really needs your help.  

So, I look around today and I see abuse after abuse of big government charity.  The government taxes me to death to feed "starving school children".  Folks, have you seen these "starving school children?"  Walk or drive down to your nearest school and watch these herds of morbidly obese children forego a half mile walk home and board a bus that will haul their fat rumps the six blocks to home.  And yet, big government insists that we fund free breakfasts and free lunch for these obese juvenile diabetics that can no longer run a mile or do five pull-ups.  Hell, the Armed Forces are now having to turn away 70% of draft eligible recruits because they sport the physical profile of a 50 year old "couch potato!"  

And, as if that weren't bad enough, big government now allows these "poor" obese folks to use their food stamp cards in fast food restaurants!  How silly is that?

Most assuredly the most damaging of big government "charity" has been the explosive expectations of those who receive this aid.  It is impersonal.  It comes through an electronic transfer into the 'poor's" bank account, either for food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, or welfare checks, and neither shame for the failure to stand on one's own feet, nor gratefulness toward the "giver" is neither expected (except at voting time) nor given.

And what is "poor" these days?  Is a family poor if they are driving a late model car?  Are they impoverished if they own a big screen TV, an IPOD,  iPhone, or expensive gaming system?  What level of taxation is expected of us, the "true charity givers?"  Are we to pay more taxes so that the "poor" are left better off than those who pay the taxes?

So, I find it hard to find a charitable cause these days.  Most of those receiving big government charity are living better than me.  When I go to the Food Bank and drop off a few boxes of fruit I see long lines of people lined up for the free grub even as a "volunteers needed" sign in the Food Bank window goes unnoticed and unheeded.

These days I give to St. Jude's Children Research and Cancer Hospital and the American Humane Society.  Little kids with cancer need all the help they can get....and I've never seen an obese dog in my local dog pound.  Little kids can't vote and neither can dogs...or we'd all be out of the charity game completely.