Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump; The Only One Telling It Like It Is


I still have no plans to vote for Donald Trump but I love how he handled Jorge Ramos from Spanish language Univision yesterday at Trump's news conference. Ramos, and his 30 million strong illegal army, is so used to having his ass kissed by the main stream media that he thought he could jump up, demand to be the first to ask a question, then began ranting about his poor illegal alien constituency.  Trump first ignored him, then told him to sit down and shut up, tried to take a question from someone else, then, when Ramos refused to stop ranting, had Ramos escorted out of the building.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Barry's Triumphs


Anybody been watching the stock market this week?  Anyone wondering why, after seven years in office, Obama still can't fix our two percent ultra sluggish growth rate?  Anyone feel all warm and fuzzy about the costs of your healthcare?  How about your job security? 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"You're About To Get "Mooned"


Note to Readers:  I'll be on a two week hiatus from posting and will resume posting on or about the 2nd of September.  Stay cool!

"You're About To Get "Mooned".
Over your lifetime how many times have you gone out, stood in your backyard, and just gazed up at the moon? Did you all scan that golden orb to see if you could find the man in the moon? Well, your days of pastoral moon watching may be coming to an end. 
Our business gods have been busy, trying to insinuate their products into space. Pizza Hut once engineered a vacuum packed pizza and sent it up to the space station. Others soon followed suit. But now the "profit moguls" are stepping up their game. Just read today that a Japanese sports drink company is paying Space X to drop an oversized can of their sports drink on the lunar surface....apparently hoping the next moon explorers will stop and refresh themselves on their product...something called "Liquid Sweat". They're preparing a big advertising campaign to tout the event.
I can see businesses soon falling all over themselves to outdo each other. With new drone technology, and advances in laser beams, how long will it be before Amazon has a drone circling the moon? They'll be hawking their "deal of the day" to moon gazers back here on earth. Starbucks may wish to project a huge laser on to the moon's surface, to be reflected back at us on earth...a sign that promotes their latest latte drink and breakfast sandwich...or how about that Big Mac logo flashing back at you at just about bed time? 
Our days of sitting out in the backyard and peacefully gazing at the pristine image of the moon may soon be over. When profit and beauty collide you can be sure profit will triumph. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Surfin' Phoenix


Remember, back in the sixties, when Howard Hughes bought up thousands of acres of Nevada desert...and half of Las Vegas? Well, you might also remember that he did that because he was convinced California was going to undergo a massive earthquake, tumbling the state into the Pacific Ocean, and he'd be sitting pretty with ocean front land in Nevada. The problem with Howard's theory is that it wasn't based on was just Howard's little crapshoot that didn't pan out.

Well, this morning I read a report that the oceans are rising faster than expected. And I gotta feel good about that because I'm in the perfect place to profit from it. And, unlike Howard, I have all those climate change scientists (funded by our government masters who insist it's a fact) how can I go wrong? I sit in Phoenix and our government masters are saying the Gulf of Mexico will be rising and shooting north, right to where I am in I'm going to own some 13,000 square feet of ocean front property! Eat your heart out Los Angeles and San Diego! When you're swimming with the fishes I'm gonna be renting out one of my two houses to surfer dudes who survived that gigantic climate change "wave of the century!"


Friday, August 14, 2015

Estate Sales; Sad Nirvana


With an average age of 78 years, Sun City, Arizona is the Mecca for folks who have a fondness for modern antiquities.    With demographics like this you can imagine human turnover is pretty frequent.  Two of three things are going to happen within a couple of weeks of when the first responders haul the body away;  1) a "home for sale" sign is installed on the front yards and/or 2) the deceased relatives show up with a U-Haul truck and haul Grandma or Grandpa's stuff away or, more likely, 3) the family just calls up one of the two dozen estate sale companies who thrive in the area.  They'll sell Grandma or Grandpa's most valued possessions and take ten or twenty percent of the take.

When I first moved to Sun City I was a relative "young buck" at 56.  For the first year I went to dozens of estate sales, to find a few things for this "old-new" home, and also finding and buying things that captured my fancy.  I finally had to quit going; these visits just became sad and creepy.  You get in line with other weekend bargain hunters and you begin traipsing through each room in the house.  And you find things that you love and things that you would never buy....a half tube of Ben Gay, or hemorrhoid cream, an enema bag, a toilet brush...those kinds of things.

In the large majority of homes you find outdated furniture, fabric headboards, big heavy dressers, nubby fabric on the chairs, shag rugs and knotty pine.  You find old 33 1/3 albums of Montavani and Lawrence Welk and Mitch Miller.  You see entire libraries of VHS tapes; Season 1through 8 of Dragnet, travelogs of Europe, Mexican sombreros from a trip down to Mexico, coyote figurines, Reader's Digest Condensed Books, an entire Leon Uris collection, Melmac dish ware, Gene Autry lunch boxes, leisure suits from the 70's, a Telly Savalas ornamental dinner plate with the inscription "who loves you baby?"...most likely an anniversary gift from some hubby who knew no better.

And I feel creepy fondling the deceased's precious possessions.  It feels intrusive and I can only imagine the dead dear ones spinning in their grave to see their wonderful Mikasa dish set going for one single "Andrew Jackson".  

But, yes, when I was still going, before I gave much reflection on the practice, before it became depressing, I did buy things.  One recently gone fellow, someone from Chicago, had saved a whole series of newspapers that chronicled the most important events of the war years.  There was the first Chicago Tribune edition announcing the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  And here was one for D-Day, and VJ Day, and one that published the entire text of Macarthur's "old solider's never die" speech before Congress.  After 65 years of saving I picked those treasures up for $5 bucks.  And I was delighted to find that one fellow had every American Heritage magazine published since 1955...and I scooped them up and lugged box after box to my van and carried them home.

Perhaps most poignant, and most representative of estate items, was the belongings of an immigrant from somewhere in Eastern Europe.  He was a photographic hobbyist and his old Leica camera, and beautiful leather case was for sale.  Piled next to his camera gear were stacks of photo albums that had captured this immigrant's life.  There were beautiful photographs of his native mountains, pics of bright, young, vigorous faces, smiling into a camera lens 70 years ago...their whole life ahead of them.  He had chronicled his arrival at Ellis Island, a slavic family standing on the porch of their first home in America. pics of picnics and ethnic festivals and school graduations and anniversary dinners.  Though I found these albums fascinating, I just could not buy them; they seemed to be too personal and much too intrusive.

So, after a year or so of estate sale visits I gave them all up.  I just found them so sad.  And, at this stage of my life, I need to start thinking about shedding possessions rather than collecting them.  But I'm gonna be very pissed in my afterlife if my Rosewood writing desk does not bring a handsome price.  They can let my Lazy Boy recliner go's got a spring loose.  But I've been accused of having a spring or two loose myself.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trump Is Not The Answer To Your Problem


I am totally perplexed by the posts on FB and other message boards championing Donald Trump and demonizing Megyn Kelly for asking Trump about his previous comments on women. If you've posted praise for Donald Trump, I'm sorry but my estimation of you just went way down.

Let's look at the person that is Donald Trump. First, the guy plows through wives like Armani suits. Secondly, Trump is an egoist who cares for no one except Donald Trump. The only reason he's running for President is to sate that massive ego; he is NOT a true conservative....he's supported liberal Democrats and taken liberal positions whenever it suited Donald Trump's interest. Hell, the guy is not even a successful businessman. I wonder how many of you remember that it was Donald's dad who made the family fortune. Then, when Dad retired he let Donald take over the family's $300 million real estate business, saying "Donald, go out and make your fortune" with the fortune he already had. And Donald has taken that fortune and went bankrupt four times. Even Trump's net worth is not what he says it is. Forbes ran an audit of Trump's assets and found him to be worth less than a tenth of what he says he's worth.

We've had people freaks like Donald Trump before...Joe McCarthy labeling war heroes and average citizens as communists, bullies like George Wallace trying to keep Blacks out of school houses...there is an endless parade of Donald Trump types in our history.

What bothers me far more than Trump are the folks who would champion him. Looking at those 20 percent of America who are "Trumpers" leads me to believe we may be doomed. The novelist John D. MacDonald once wrote a little book for the Library of Congress celebrating literacy. The book draws a profile of a person who doesn't read, who doesn't dig down below the surface of issues. He says people that don't read wonder around in a fog of ignorance, making them susceptible to phonies and easy fixes and embracing wild conspiracy theories.

I see lots of those kind of people today, both on the left and right. From the left they are the Kool Aid drinkers who swallow big nanny government ideas, champion or make excuses for urban Black thuggery, refuse to look at the costs of wasteful programs, and hero worship people like Obama and the Clintons who are as corrupt as they come. Conservatives normally have a modicum of moral standards and common sense but the far right wing of the conservatives are as daffy and ignorant as those on the left.

It is those who are embracing Donald Trump. They are angry as how our country is going but they can't express their own anger in an intelligent way so they turn to fanatics like Trump to do their bidding.

Earth to the "Trumpers"; Donald Trump does not care about you. He'd screw you in a business deal in a flash, then call you stupid for falling for his ruse. Donald Trump has no quick fixes for your problems...he's good only at spewing generalizations and hasn't specified a single thing he would do, or explain how it would work.

I just saw a post on FB yesterday that said "if you don't support Donald Trump please unfriend me now.". I thought that post was a bit harsh and overly judgmental. But, frankly, if I keep seeing any of my friends championing Donald Trump, I may have second thoughts on the matter.

Many in the Republican Party are faux conservatives...I recognize that. There's not a single Republican candidate whom I agree with on all the issues. But there are far better people in that lot that Donald a wide margin. So, you Trumpers, you just keep on holding on to The Donald. And if he doesn't win the nomination, you go ahead and urge him to run third party...that will guarantee a Clinton victory and then you can really be angry. Or, as in 2012, when you didn't think Mitt was conservative enough, and you were in the 50% of voters who stayed home in protest...and got Obama again, you keep on pouting, and you can help Clinton get elected......and have eight more years of spewing your frustrated bile.

Trump is as big an egoist, and as mentally sick as the guy currently in the White House. Trump is not the answer to our problems. He is actually a symptom of our current sickness.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Put The Dunce Cap On Hillary...Please!


Hillary Clinton has proposed a $350 billion dollar college tuition program. Barry has already commandeered the Student Loan Program...and run up a trillion dollars in student debt. Hey, you folks that still have a functioning brain; doesn't it just make you tired?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Afterthoughts On The First Debate


1) How many of you had a "deja vu" moment last night watching Donald Trump turning any criticism of his previous positions into personal attacks on him.  Shades of "Tricky Dick Nixon" as lashed out at the moderators for daring to ask him to defend his previous support for abortions, his bankruptcies, and his financial support for liberals.  

2)  The libtard love to brand Fox News as "faux news", yet, as usual, the moderators were fair and balanced.  They asked hard, probing questions of the candidates.  Compare that to the debates run by the mainstream liberal media, where the libtard moderators throw softball questions at their liberal political darlings and, as with the last time, even stuck up for Obama and supplied him and answer!  Don't be surprised to see the same thing in this election cycle.

3)  Love Ben Carson but he's just too nice to run for President.  Too soft spoken, when todays voters want to see red meat.  Poor George Washington would have done equally as bad, as would Thomas Jefferson.  But in our founder's time campaigning for oneself would have been appalling.  Until Lincoln's time Presidential candidates stayed home and let their supporters do the boasting.  If I'm elected I want Ben Carson for my Surgeon General.

4) Carly Fiorina did the best at articulating her conservative principles.  She shone during the afternoon debate and just destroyed Chris Matthews on a post debate interview.  Would love to see her as a VP candidate, not Presidential candidate; not because she's a woman but because she has so little political experience.  The eventual candidate, probably Bush or Rubio, will probably make a geographic pick for VP (for the purpose of carrying the VP candidate's home state), for example, Kasich to carry Ohio this time.  Were it not for that I'd say "go Carly!"  And, hey, if she continues to gain support I could vote for her for President as well.

5) Today the libtard media are already doing their "post mortems" on the debate.  And they are doing a fine job twisting and distorting what was said last night.  We all know they are just boot lickers and not legitimate journalists so we're not surprised.

6) Huckabee was a huge surprise, had the best performance, will move up in the polls, but doesn't have the money support.  Cruz did well.  Bush did far better than the liberal lackeys are saying he did.  He was pompous and loud and mean enough for some but his answers were well thought out and made sense.  (Jeb is far more fiscally conservative than his brother, he proved time and time again in running an outstanding governorship in Florida.)Still didn't like his "act of love" comments about illegal immigration last year.  But Bush would work with a Republican Congress to pass immigration reform that we could live with.

7) Here's my pick for a Bush or Rubio cabinet:

Ted Cruz for Homeland Security

Sheriff Joe Arpao for Attorney General (He'll have those federal thugs in pink underwear, living in tents and cut that annual $44,000 dollars a year to house a prisoner down to peanuts.)

Condaleezza Rice for Secretary of State..

If not VP, Carly Fiorinna for Secretary of Commerce

Scott Walker for Labor Secretary (sorry Union Thugs)
T. Boone Pickens for Energy Secretary
Mitt Romney at Treasury
(Still working on the rest)

Friday, August 7, 2015

"Sowing Beauty and Tranquility"


"Sowing Beauty and Tranquility"
During World War II, when America decided Japanese-Americans were not "American Enough", America shuffled them off to internment camps, Arizona became "home" for many.
Too bad for us; these were the same people who had fed us in their restaurants, did our laundry, grew food to feed the west, and followed their own American dream.
Many of those from California were sent to internment camps in Arizona. And like they always did, those Japanese families created beauty where there was none, maintaining their little government provided hovel to the extreme....setting up waste disposal, worship services, social clubs, schools for their children, building little koi ponds in their yard so that they might have a bit of tranquility amidst the chaos.
When the war was over some of them stayed in Arizona, there homes in California having been confiscated by the government, and having no home to go home to.

A few families simply walked up the highway south of Phoenix and made a new home. They leased little 40 acre plots and began to grow flowers, big colorful flower farms rising from the desert floor and filling the eyes of Arizona desert dwellers with wonder. And, at Christmas, or Easter, or Mother's Day, or for a special anniversary, locals could stop by one of the Japanese roadside flowers stands and buy a beautiful bouquet for a sweetheart for a couple of bucks. 
Soon, interstate travelers began to pass by. And they just had to stop and marvel at these colorful little Edens in the desert. One could actually feel the temperature drop ten degrees as arching irrigators threw precious water over those colorful fields.

From the 40's, all the way into the 80's, these little flower businesses thrived; their flowers soon began showing up on the dinner tables of folks on the east coast.
Alas, they were put out of business by the wholesale flower trade from South America in the late 80's. But for a time, for a long time, a few Japanese families, once scorned, showed how to create beauty and tranquility amidst a drought of humanity.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Alpha Dog; Eight Pounds of Tyranny"


I was awakened this morning by the sound of Rosie snarling at Ginger as she came through the doggie door, returning from her early morning pee. And with that bit of canine snarl I found a sadness far more compelling than the act deserved.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Nation of Takers


Here in Arizona, and in my old home state of California, it's "book bag week."  Corporates like Walmart and Target, and kind hearted individuals donate both money and time to stuff book bags with school supplies, then hand them out by the hundreds.

God help me but I have become so cynical about all these public give aways.  It seems always to be the same people lining up for something free, whether it's free book bags, or the food bank, or free Obamaphones, free school breakfast and lunch tickets, or lining up at the welfare office for a green check and a food stamp card.  

Half of America has become a nation of "takers", feeling no shame in gaming the system whether the need is merited or not.  I can remember when people were ashamed to be on there is no shame and so many believe they are entitled to the freebies, and if they don't get them they're more than willing to riot and raise hell until they do!

A few years ago PBS aired a series about the dustbowl.  Farm families who had lost everything were starving.  Along came President Roosevelt with a subsistence program, and damned if those old farmers were too embarrassed to take a government check!  They felt that taking something they hadn't earned was a shameful thing!

How far we have come from that time of rugged individualism.  Far too many of us have become whining twits who revel in identifying ourselves as a "victim"....even when our circumstances were due to our own personal failings.

So, again, God help me, but I find it very, very hard to be sympathetic to anyone getting charity in any form.  In fact it is damned hard to find anyone who truly deserves my charity.  So I donate to the care of animals and to St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research hospital, and that's pretty much it.  

I no longer pick a star from a store Christmas tree and buy a gift for a needy child...because I've seen to many of those stars belonging to parents who are working for cash under the table, drawing welfare, scoring free school lunches and Section 8 housing vouchers, raiding the food banks, lining up for free giveaways, and living far better than I live myself!  I see people driving up to food banks in late model SUV's, sporting a smart phone on their belt, and augmenting their food stamp allowances with free food at the food bank.  Sometimes I see those same people attending professional sports that I can't afford but they can because they are gaming the system of giveaways so magnificently.

So no book bag donations for me.  Is there a small group of kids that really need a book bag?  Yes, most probably.  But I know for a fact that far too many of those kids belong to families who have learned to game the system for all that it's worth.

Several years ago I looked into joining a group of volunteers who delivered free turkey dinners at Thanksgiving.  At the first meeting to discuss the project I heard story after story of folks who had delivered free Turkey dinner boxes to folks who signed up for them.  They said when they entered the homes people were watching football on big screen televisions, their kids playing games on expensive gaming systems, chatting with family on their smart phones, with a late model car parked out front.  I chose not to participate.

I hear constantly about childhood hunger and all I see are morbidly obese school kids hopping a bus to take them four blocks to their home.  Everywhere I go I see folks lining up for free give aways.  I read about college kids getting free Pell Grants and minority scholarships and eating out at fast food joints on their food stamp card.  

I've just seen too much of the gamers and not nearly enough of the truly needed.  So don't ask me to donate to your book bag drive.  Sad.  Damned Sad.