Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Late And Lamestream Media


There are very few issues that anger me to the extent that my fingers are frozen to the keyboard and I literally can't write about it.  Such was the case over the last few months with the lamestream media peeling the scales from their eyes and finally deciding they were the "fourth estate" again.  

Yes "that fourth estate", the press, the unofficial fourth pillar of government, responsible for objectively reporting on the dirty doings of the Judicial, the Legislative and the Executive.  Sadly, there were thousands of journalists who, like Chris Matthews, nearly pissed down their leg when an African American was elected President.  And for the last four plus years have given Barack Hussein Obama the biggest "pass" any politician has enjoyed in our history.

Oh sure, we knew most journalists were liberal.  How else did the philandering John Kennedy sustain the Camelot myth long after we had learned that he had screwed half of Hollywood, including its queen, Marilyn Monroe.  How else was Ted Kennedy held in such high journalistic esteem even after killing a young girl when in a drunken stupor he drove off that bridge in Chappaquiddick and left her there to drown?  Who but the lamestream press would idolize "Slick Willie" Clinton as he bonked nineteen year old White House interns in the oval office and spread his semen all over the state of Arkansas with Paula and Jennifer, and even given a pass after he raped a young campaign worker in a Little Rock hotel room.

How else did the Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton tax fraud cases end up on the back pages of the New York Times while Mitt Romney's auto garage made the front pages?

But it has been the lamestream media's slobbering adoration of Barack Obama over the last five years that takes the proverbial cake.   And while all of that failure to objectively report political news gripes me to no end, it is not what sends me into frozen states of anger today; it is the liberal media's sudden inclination to once more dig into the Obama dirt and report a smidgen or two of it.

Is there any doubt that, had the main stream media been as aggressive in investigating and reporting on the Benghazi tragedy that Obama would have dropped ten points in the polls last November?  

And just this past week we have seen CBS, CNN and MSNBC posturing and posing as objective journalists as they dig through the Obamacare bill and find out Barry and Valerie and Kathleen knew damn well that millions would lose their healthcare when the program got going?  This week we found Kirsten Dunst, who appeared on Fox as "liberal foil" a hundred times last year, who defended Obamacare, only to to show up this week complaining that her health insurance got cancelled and her Obamacare premiums are three times that of her former policy.  Even NBC, previously deep in Obama's pocket, ran an exhaustive investigation on Obamacare and, in doing so, for the first time actually read the damn bill.  They were "shocked!, "shocked, I say!" to find on such and such a page where it clearly says millions will lose their health care and doctor...this instead of the 10,000 political utterings from Obama who promised otherwise!  Where were these "treasured journalists" last year at any time before American idiots voted this "man-child" in for a second term?  Is it the average Joe's responsibility to investigate every political "dirty-do?"...or should he be able to rely on an independent, impartial press to do the job they are paid to do...with the Constitutional protections rendered them?

Now we are seeing all manner of these liberal press sheep coming out and actually criticizing this President.  We've seen it from Wolf Blitzer for god's sake!  

And does all that make me angry?  You damn right it makes me angry!  But what angers me far more is that all this journalistic puffery is just a sham!  These liberal media idiots knew damn well Obama was corrupt long before the last election!  These pandering poofs knew Obama has never been a leader...but he's a liberal, they are liberal, and damned if they weren't willing to cover for him, to suppress the news, to edit the news, to "carry Obama's water" in the demonization of Mitt Romney! repeat hour after hour the lies about Romney, sprouted and nurtured right out of the Oval Office!

So gag me "ten to the beat" when I hear the entire contingent of lamestream media jumping on the "objective journalism" bandwagon of late.  The damage has been done...we have four more years of socialistic misery and an unknown amount of harm to our country..and you can place a huge block of the blame on a liberal media who knew the truth and refused to air or print it!

Beware America!  If you think these liberal media idiots have reformed you are dead wrong!  If all this dirt had come out last November Obama would be back in Chicago...and if it were last November you wouldn't have heard a single bit of these lies and corruption.  These media loons are simply playing with your sensibilities America, trying to resurrect their reputation, when nothing is at stake!

So when you hear Rachel and Chris Matthews and David and Brian and Charley sniping at Obama, know well that it is all a grand pose...a pandering to the American people...a short respite before the 2014 mid-terms when all things liberal are grand and all Democrats are saints, not sinners!



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Neutering The I.R.S.


Were you bothered just a little when you learned that Barack Obama was able to reach into the very bowels of the IRS and decide who gets to be a political organization, who gets to raise political funding, who gets expedited service, and who gets harassed?  After learning that the government has already got their hands on your phone calls and email records, are you concerned about how oppressive "big government" has invaded your personal lives?

As you planned your family, based on your ability to support it, does it bother you that there are millions of Americans who breed irresponsibly, cannot support the kids they breed, must rely on taxpayer welfare and WIC and Section 8 housing, Medicaid and food stamps to raise their herd, then are rewarded by the IRS with billions in Child Tax Credits?  

The United States Treasury has projected that over two trillion dollars of our nation's Gross National Product escape taxation through the underground "cash only" economy.  If taxed, that two trillion dollars would yield over $400 billion dollars in additional tax revenue.  Does it bother you that you are paying your fair share of taxes while millions of tax cheaters pay nothing?

Does it bother you that there are people drawing welfare who drive a later model car than you..and own big screen televisions and I-phones and high tech gaming systems?  

And what about the rich cats who hire lawyers who are smarter than IRS lawyers so that they can take advantage of tax shelters and pay no tax on their millions in income?

Does it bother you that politicians use the power of the purse, your tax dollars, to "buy" votes?  They do it every day by expanding larger and larger social service programs.  Indeed, with 50% of America paying no taxes at all, the Democrats have cemented in a solid foundation of a voting electorate subject to green check bribes to support the Democratic machine.

What if I told you that you can neuter the I.R.S.  from having any control over your personal life? What if I told you that you could capture all of those tax cheaters and raise huge gobs of tax revenues to eliminate in time our entire national debt?  What if a system was in place that did not reward irresponsible breeding, reduce social program spending by tens of billions, and reduce your personal tax load?  What if I told you that you can keep the fat cats from writing off the cost of their 100 foot yachts and pay their fair share of the tax burden?  What if I told you that you can lay off tens of thousands of IRS agents and keep them out of your personal life?  And, finally, what if I told you that the fix is simple and could be put in place next year?

The fix?  Simply do away with the individual income tax and implement a 15% national sales tax on all product and service transactions, with food and medicine being the only exemptions.  

With a national sales tax you have just captured all that underground money because tax cheaters and drug cartels and gang activity and welfare breeders and illegal Mexicans and, yes, even politicians are swept up in the world of free market commerce and are forced to pay their fair share!

And this national sales tax has been proposed again and again, most always by honest politicians who seriously want to rid the nation, and our nation's capital of the corruption that the current tax system perpetuates.  Steve Forbes and most recently Mike Huckabee have urged the implementation of a national sales tax to replace the income tax.

So, if it is such a good idea why has it not been implemented?  Because thousands of tax lawyers would be out of a job.  The fat cats on Wall Street would be paying huge sums into the Treasury.  Politicians would lose the power to buy votes through social program handouts.  Turbotax would go broke.  Tens of thousands of small businesses would lose their ability to conceal income.

And sadly, unless Americans elect a President that incorporates the adoption of a national sales tax into his election platform, we're not likely to see it happen.  Even should we elect a President who promises to implement the program, it would require massive public pressure to overcome the K-Street lobbyists and the many in Congress corrupted by both the wealthy and the 30 million career tit-suckers who thrive on that huge government gravy train!

Does that mean it is impossible to accomplish?  Hell no!  Talk it up people!  By neutering the IRS, and the President, and far too many fat ass Congressman, enriched beyond measure by the current tax code, you would go far in getting government off your back, out of your lives, and you would force millions of leeches, both rich and poor, to carry their share of the load!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Department of Supreme Happiness


As you all might recall, former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died a couple of years ago, having succumbed to an otherwise treatable form of testicular cancer, but not if you choose to undergo treatment from socialized medicine in Cuba.  You remember Hugo; he's the one that suckered Barack Obama into a full lip kiss at Obama's initial appearance at an Organization of American States meeting back in 2009.  

Well, before Chavez died he hand picked his successor, Nicolas Meduro.  Sadly, Meduro's brand of communism/socialism isn't doing any better than when Chavez was running the country.  The country continues to be plagued with commodity shortages, utility outages, crumbling infrastructure and starving people, this despite huge oil reserves that would seemingly finance a healthy and productive society.  Sadly, not so.

Unable to turn things around, and unwilling to return to a western style democracy, Meduro has hit on a bold new plan to lift the spirits of his fellow Venezuelans!  He has created a new government department called the Department of Supreme Happiness.  Although specifics of the program have not been announced, Meduro conceded that one of the key features of the program will involve calling in citizens who have publicly denounced the government and grilling them as to the source of their unhappiness.

No doubt, these citizen ingrates will be presented with a variety of scenarios that might deepen their unhappiness even more.  The Secretary of Supreme Happiness might query the doubtful citizen as to what would be worse?...spending the next few years in prison or living freely on an empty stomach?
Or perhaps, subsisting on roots and grub worms or being tossed from the top of a high mountain cliff?

You see, a Socialist government can never be wrong.  By it's very nature, socialist government is most wise, sets the rules, and, being always right, simply cannot survive by being tolerant of opposing views.

Like the little Twilight Zone kid that could zap you into the cornfield if you even thought about something he didn't like, Socialist governments must rule with an iron fist and, by god, if they want you to be happy, you'd damn better be all smiles and giggles.

Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama should consider creating his own Department of Supreme Happiness.  In light of Obamacare's massive failures, with NSA scandals, with American labor deserting the work force by the millions, with millions still homeless, with millions of Americans discovering their medical premiums have tripled or quadrupled or have had their old, reasonably priced plan cancelled altogether, it might be time for Obama to call in disgruntled citizens, administer a few psychological "bitch slaps" and make them a few offers they would surely refuse.  After all, he seems to be "staffing for it" as his staff has now incorporated a new litmus tests for promotions within the military officer corp.  As reported by Newsmax last week, military officers are now being asked if they would be willing to fire on American civilians if ordered to do so by their Commander in Chief.  No doubt we saw the first inklings of Obama's new "domestic" policy when he ordered the Department of Homeland Security to purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

Perhaps Obama has finally realized that speech making and demonizing the opposing political party is not working.  Perhaps he has decided to take a sterner approach to the cranky citizenry.  We may see a time very soon when Black Panther thugs, armed with clubs, and standing in front of voter booths will seem mild by comparison to Obama's newer and harsher approach to those who threaten his self imposed emperorship.

Perhaps his Chicago Mafia has finally convinced him that the only thing that will end the rebellion of these citizen upstarts is to "make them an offer they can't refuse".

Be happy...or else.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Illegal Mexican Invader


Dear Mr/Ms.  Mexican invader,

While I'm not in favor of granting you amnesty in any form, I do understand your pain.  You are terribly frustrated with your promised savior, Barack Obama, and are not just a little angry that he's failed to deliver the American citizenship which you aspire to.  Well, let's get that issue out of the way immediately; Barack Obama has failed to deliver on any of his promises, whether it is universal gay marriage, or full employment and a robust economy, or in your case, a green card.  So, let's just call Obama an equal opportunity heart-breaker, huh?

Okay, I know that does nothing to quell your anger.  You see, you come from a country where no laws are honored and obeyed, you come from a country so thoroughly corrupt that, to even get a telephone hookup, or your gas turned on, you've got to pay a bribe to someone.  Your justice system is the best that money can buy; if you have enough you can walk away from murder and mayhem.  And your country is rotten because her citizens, you, gave up on it, walked away...and even imported those same values to this country by buying entry with a pack full of marijuana or a box of kid-killing crystal meth on your back.

We Americans, on the other hand, lived under the rule of least until five years ago when we fell under the spell of a Chicago politico, a politician so skilled and so ruthless and so mean spirited that many of us are wondering if the guy is not the anti-Christ of biblical legend.  Still, America is still peopled by millions of God-fearing, law abiding people who don't believe you allow law breakers like you to be rewarded in any way.  Nearly three quarters of us do not believe you should receive a path to citizenship and, if we had our way, you'd be on mule team caravan headed back to the Mexican border.

Yes, we understand why you parade down our streets and demand amnesty...again you, coming from a land of the lawless, have no understanding of our wanting our immigration laws enforced.  We understand your anger because you can't understand it, you just can't fathom a society where law breakers are punished, and not rewarded!  

I've offered you a whole ton of honesty here; now I would ask for you to return that honesty by admitting the real reason you come here.  It is not to work hard and make a better future for you and your children; it is to game our social service system and fight for your place at the government tit.  Our own Health and Human Services reports that over 75% of you are on some form of American public assistance, be it through the auspices of your anchor baby or through identify fraud.  Last year alone the IRS issued checks exceeding $12 billion dollars in Child Tax Credits for which you were not entitled.  You regularly plunder our food banks, driving up in late model SUV'S and packing I-Phones, all made possible by your underground cash wages and have learned the art of commandeering WIC, Welfare, Section 8 housing, free K-12 education for your children and deeply discounted college tuition rates.

Mr./Ms. Mexican invader, let me offer you a bit of tough love.  You can march in our streets, by the millions, till the cows come home, and you'll not get amnesty.  Had Obamacare not been such an unmitigated disaster, had Obama been willing to agree to cooperate with Republicans to reduce spending, had Benghazi not occurred, had NSA spying not been revealed, you might have had the tiniest chance that amnesty would be argued this year.  Well, sorry, we've run out of time. The rest of this year will find Congress wrangling over another year of sequestration and another 'spring fling" with the debt ceiling.  And as spring arrives the political juices begin flowing in earnest as we enter a pivotal election year....where the budget and chronic unemployment and the doubling of medical premiums will be the hot ticket issues.

So march in the streets, scream if you must, throw the most violent of tantrums...but they will be for naught.  Oh, we might toughen up our E-Verify laws, we might give your children a path to citizenship if they agree to serve in the military or in a nationally recognized community service organization, but the rest of you will be left where Obama always leaves his supporters...on the outs...

Not sad...not sad at all.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Forest For The Trees


Each morning we wake up, open up the newspaper, turn on the television, or fire up the computer, and we will surely read about something that shakes our world a bit...something that goes against the old values we've held for a lifetime.

Too many times we ponder that even in isolation; we say that doesn't make sense!  We question how the vilest of acts could have been perpetrated in the world we knew so well!  I am as guilty of looking at things with too much simplicity as anyone else.

But when you really take a step back, when you think about how that vile crime, or that monstrous attack on human dignity, or that variation on moral behavior, you can more easily understand the world we are living in today.  Sometimes, we must step back from the trees in order to see the whole forest.

And having stepped back, and having pondered today's ever evolving world, I would argue that we are living through the total collapse of our institutions, the code of law and the code of conduct that makes us civilized.

You can see the ravages of our own destruction in the character of our people and the quality of our politicians.  If I may, let me just offer a few examples of how our institutions are crumbling:

Do you recall five years ago when, in order to curry political favor, our politicians began waging an all out war on the banking system?  Do you recall, rather than investigating and prosecuting those banks who violated at least the spirit of the law, the Barney Franks and Nancy Pelosi's and Chris Dodds and the President just threw a wet blanket on the entire banking system?  Do you recall how even the community banks, who had no involvement with CDO trades, were forced to close their doors when the FED tightened reserve requirements?  Do you recall how that deepened even further the housing collapse, since no bank would sacrifice their reserves and take a chance on mortgage lending?

Okay, the government, being controlled by big government devotees, over played their hand and nearly destroyed the real estate market.  But even those blunders were simply dumb mistakes.  What happened next is where we began to undermine the founding principles of our society.

You see there's a little thing called "contract law", written about ten centuries ago, and codified some 500 hundred years ago, and designated as one of the founding pillars of any civilization.  When the honoring of contracts are no longer in force the economy and society begins to break down.  And we saw thousands of breaches of contract law during the past five years.  

For example, a mortgage is a contract, a mutual agreement by two parties to honor the tenets of that contract.  And yet, to curry political favor, the Obama administration browbeat the banks to reduce the principle on loans in danger of foreclosure.  Using the big bank villains Obama time and time again lashed out at greedy banks who refused to cover for home buyers who greedily over paid for housing, or who sunk into debt with 2nd mortgages to finance new furniture, swimming pools, and even European vacations.  In effect, we had the President of the United States advocating for a breach of contract law.  We saw even worse in Kalifornia when both the state and municipalities filed "eminent domain" against banks owning mortgages; the government then took over the house, reduced the principal on the mortgage by having the taxpayer assume the loss, then gave it back to the original tenant owner at a much lower price....and not once did the communistic Kalifornia government question why the resident owner was not making his mortgage payments!

And what kind of effect has that had on housing?  After five years housing prices have still not recovered to the pre-crash levels.  The intervention of the government into the free market, and the reluctance of banks to issue mortgage paper is all due to the uncertainty that those mortgage contracts will be honored in future years.  And sadly, those breaches of contract law permeate throughout our economic system and will eventually destroy us.

Let's look at civil and criminal law statutes as well.  What kind of citizens will we have, how much respect for the law will they have when they see the President himself picking and choosing which laws he wants to enforce and which he will choose to ignore?  Just as he has ignored our immigration laws, and given comfort to Mexican invaders, he has chosen to enforce laws which don't exist!  That's a gunslinger approach to the law and will destroy us even sooner.  How soon till a formerly honest taxpayer just says "screw it" and begins not paying his taxes?

Folks, when we see reports, as we have this week, of a totally corrupt Congress, making their own special laws, and writing their own precious exemptions, in order to gain fame and fortune, what trust can we have that our representative leaders are working for our benefit?  When that trust, now greatly eroded, is gone forever, we'll have chaos and civil war and a breakdown of civilized society.

And it is all of our national institutions that are crumbling; it is the mailman we read about the other day who threw a weeks worth of mail into the dumpster and went home.  Through the years we have placed great value and great trust in the U.S Postal System...and yet, in recent years, we've read reports of mailmen stealing and cashing pension checks!

We see more and more corruption in our public service workers as they ally themselves with politicians to build huge pay and retirement packages.  We see the IRS get deeply involved in our personal politics.  We see government tapping our phone lines and intercepting our emails.  We see the expansive use of drones to further deny us our basic right to privacy.  We see cabinet members and Congressmen cheating on their taxes.  

You see folks, every time we get up in the morning, and we read about the rogue mailman, or the tax-cheating Congressman, we are seeing the "trees"...we must learn to look at these problems more deeply.  We must learn to identify the trends...and we must be deathly afraid of how our institutions are crumbling right before our eyes.

That's one of the reason I despise the massive Mexican invasion.  Those 30 to 50 million illegals cannot be a positive for our nation, already under moral assault.   Do we want our children gunned down by drug cartels?  Do we want a postal system that we can't trust to deliver to us honestly?  Do we want even more political corruption where every member of Congress is open to a bribe?  Do we want our police patrolling our neighborhoods...or back at the coffee shop running their 401k report and calculating when they can retire in ease and luxury!  

Thank God there are many millions of Americans who are still decent and law abiding and moral people.  But beware, millions of us have already flown to the dark side, charmed by a green check or economic expediency....or just a growing disrespect for our laws.  And no one except the good guys can arrest the total breakdown of our laws and our institutions.  

"Alas, the fault dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves."


Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Military; The Last Crumbling Institution


News came out this week that the U.S. Air Force Academy is bowing to an anti-religious extremist group who are demanding that cadets be excused from saying "so help me God" when being sworn into their oath of office.  The pressure group is the fine sounding "Military Foundation For Religious Freedom", an anti-religious group, run by a pseudo RINO conservative named Mikey Weinstein, and promoted by former MASH actor Mike Farrell who has spent his post MASH decades campaigning for every liberal cause dreamed up by California liberals.  Part of their motto is "their is no God in the U.S. Military."  The organization is funded by liberals, and thanks to Valerie Jarrett on Obama's White House staff,  they are now included in the Combined Federal Campaign, and allocated a portion of the charity to divorce the soldier from God.

Oh, I don't know if removing "so help me God" from our oath is such a big thing anymore.  The military has been under attack ever since Clinton introduced "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" into military directives, the first toe hold, the first "nose in the tent" for opening up the military to gays.  They now march in Pride Parades in full uniform and attend political rallies, a privilege never granted to the soldier of my day.  Obama and company has now imposed on the military the almost impossible task of fully incorporating women into the most intensely physical of combat fields.

And really, what does an oath mean these days?  The President took that same oath and has violated the very Constitution he was sworn to protect and uphold.  He lied about the shovel ready jobs and Obamacare and Benghazi and Fast and Furious and NSA spying.  He placed political ambition over enforcing our immigration laws.  So what good does it do to swear an oath?

The Congress is so corrupt that, when they get caught lying, they say they mis-spoke.  They cut back room deals and lie about it.  They vote legislation favorable to their own personal profit.  They too swear the same oath...on a bible..and say "so help me God" and it means nothing.

Our U.S. Postal service dumps our mail in the dumpster and steals personal and federal checks from  folks on their route.

Police and Fire and Municipal workers cut sweet salary and retirement deals with whatever rotten politician whose in office, sending city after city into public trust and institutional allegiance is no longer even a minor consideration.

So why should the military, the last public institution still valued and respected by the public, why should they swear an allegiance to a god, "god" with the small "g" since over half of America no longer holds our creator in high esteem either.  Let's let Mikey and Mike win this one too.  

With any luck, with just a few more years of godless political leadership, if just a few more Americans abandoned even the concept of a God, a creator, we'll all being lying, cheating, corrupt and godless people and there will be no need for a ticket to hell...cause we'll already be there.

I just want to add one more thing about this God thing.  I've had Ak-47 rounds fly right past my nose.  I've had North Vietnamese 122 rockets explode within yards of me and felt the whoosh of flak flying over my head.  I've lay in the middle of rice paddies on listening post duty, with nothing but a "transmit only" radio, I've been struck by lightening while guarding B-52's in lightening storms..and I will tell you first thought was a silent prayer "God, let me live through this!"   

So they can drive God out of the military all they want...but when the shit hits the fan God will be taking the calls from every "field of terror".

"So help me God".

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wage Suppression Depression


I drove over to my local Home Depot this morning as soon as it opened at 6AM.  Had to pick up a part to fix one of my toilets.  A sure sign that the real estate industry is again thriving was the appearance of a contractor truck pulling up in front of a crowd of illegal Mexicans who hang around Home Depot looking for work.

I heard the contractor yell out "eight workers, ten dollars per hour, six hours guaranteed".  As the Mexicans tried to all jump into the back of the truck, the contractor said something to each one, then culled the crowd for his eight workers, loaded them on, then drove off.

One part of Arizona SB 1070 made this method of hiring illegals against the law.  Then the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco nullified this, as well as other features of the law.  That makes it easy for contractors to once again hire illegals, pay them in cash, avoid paying benefits, and most tragic, suppress the wage scale of fully trained and eligible American construction workers.  

I can recall a couple of decades ago when an entry level electrician could command a salary of $25 dollars per hour.  That level of salary enabled a worker to feed and clothe and house his family and live a life of dignity.  He took pride in his work and the ultimate owner of that home being wired could rest assured that the job was done right and he wouldn't be awakened at two o'clock in the morning with his house ablaze due to improper wiring.

I then went into Home Depot to get my part and saw a line at the contractors desk.  Hard working Americans were scouring bills of lading and materials lists for costs; trying mightily to drive a small profit from a small home repair or remodeling job.  Our skilled workers have all evolved into small businessmen as they try to make a living, as they have been crowded out of the large projects by millions of illegal Mexicans.

I then thought about how much worse will it be when Obama grants amnesty and green cards to 30 million more illegals.  How low can you suppress wages until you starve out every American still willing to work?  

In this long history of American labor abuse I did find one moment of satisfaction.  A few months ago I was reading the news and was amused to see that a housing contractor had hired crews of illegals to wire his houses under construction.  It seems everything was going smoothly and his illegal crews had wired dozens of homes under construction....until one morning he showed up at the work site, sans crews.  It seems that the contractor's cheap labor had come in the middle of the night and stripped every foot of copper they had so laboriously installed in the previous weeks.  The Mexicans knew exactly where to go, what to take, and how much they could get for a very large crop of spanking new copper! None of the culprits were caught, most likely safely back in Mexico, and flush with money.

As I read that crime report I was just wondering how jolly that contractor was when he next pulled into a Home Depot to pick up a load of "skilled labor".

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

IRS Brings Note From Home


Americans were shocked to learn that the I.R.S. has announced a two-week delay in processing tax filings as a result of the government shutdown.  I mean, since this is not an election year, the I.R.S staff should not have to bear the burden of snooping on the Tea Party and other conservative tax payers.  They will not have to stonewall conservative political groups or manage the difficult task of funneling federal money to Acorn, The Black Panther Party and La Raza.

And wouldn't you think they'd have more time to process returns now that they've been busted for making comedic videos about how much fun it is to audit and harass taxpayers?  And, now that the iron fist of the federal government has precluded their annual conventions in the Bahamas, now limiting them to party hearty in Miami and Las Vegas, you would think they could spend a little more time in the office.

Oh sure, they had a little problem getting their computers to talk to Obamacare computers, and thus couldn't verify applicant incomes for federal subsidy purposes,  but Obama had already given them the go-ahead to just rely on personal honesty......kinda like the office coffee fund..(And hopefully not like those Walmart food stamp riots last week!)

In light of the I.R.S processing delays I would expect some pretty rough times for American taxpayers come January 15th.  They'll be forking over somewhere between $200 and $2500 dollars a month in Obamacare medical premiums right at the time when they could really use those tax refunds!

But, we really can't bitch about the I.R.S. too much.  After all, at least their computers are allowing citizen access so folks can pay their fair share of our nation's bills.  Is it just me..or does it seem strange to you that, when the government is taking your money, their computers work fine but when you're looking for a refund, or a government service, they just can't get it right.

And being old skeptical me, I just can't buy the excuse that a two week lay off with full pay is going to set back 190,000 I.R.S. employees a like amount of delay.  I remember years ago walking into an I.R.S service center in Fresno, California.  I was applying for a seasonal I.R.S. job.  What impressed me most was the hundreds of desk dwellers in a huge room the size of a football field, all of whom had great senses of humor.  In those pre-computer days, these I.R.S folks would sit back in their chairs, feet on their desk, with a citizen's tax forms in their hand.  They would read down half a page, laugh like hell then make some angry red penciled notations on something they considered imaginative fiction.  When someone found a really good tax write-off they would wander from desk to desk, sharing the laugh with their fellows.

I remember passing the math and language portion of the employment test, and then was shuttled off to a fellow giving the Rorschach test and the tester became more and more irritated when I saw butterflies and not angry dogs and menacing spiders.  I was then force fed ten Henny Youngman jokes, only one of which elicited even a slight smile on my part.  After that they told me they'd let me know..and I never heard from them again.

So pardon me if I'm not buying a two-week delay in processing our taxes.  Like everything else with the I.R.S. these days, something smells funny.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013



The phrase "speaks with a forked tongue" means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner. In the longstanding tradition of many Native American tribes, "speaking with a forked tongue" has meant lying, and a person was no longer considered worthy of trust, once he had been shown to "speak with a forked tongue"

We knew of his duplicity as early as January 2009.  He had campaigned on establishing a government built on honesty and immediately hired cabinet members and staff who had cheated on their taxes.

He vowed to steer his administration toward leading a government of transparency, free of Washington lobbyists.  He vowed lobbyists would never enter the White House grounds.  Then, we learned that lobbyists were visiting the President on a regular basis, and to cover it up, the White House was maintaining two sets of visitor log books.

He vowed that there would be no "red states" or "blue states" only American states...and then as soon as he was elected he began suing more than two dozens "red states" because they didn't agree with his view of states rights, immigration and voter ID laws.

He vowed to get out of Iraq in the first year, yet the last troop left three years later...on George Bush's original timetable.  He vowed to rid Iran of nuclear weapons..and five years later Iran is the most dangerous trouble spot on earth.

He vowed to work with Republicans on legislation...then total shut them out on both both the wasteful trillion dollar stimulus bill as well as Obamacare, both of the them written behind closed doors, with billions in bribes handed out to his liberal friends in Congress to win passage.

He condemned the Patriot act when campaigning.....then continued it after he was elected.

He promised to close Guantanamo and move prisoners for trial in America...when every state in the nation refuse to house the terrorists he kept Guantanomo open and swallowed his "holier than thou" rhetoric.

He promised the American people that, if they let him spend a trillion dollars in stimulus he would restore full employment; and it got it even worse as tens of millions left the work force and millions more were laid off in advance of Obamacare implementation.

He promised to enforce our nation's immigration laws, but when he needed the Hispanic vote to win re-election, he stopped enforcing the laws of the land.

Before taking office he was in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, then when he need the gay vote to win re-election he came out in support of gay marriage.

He promised Obamacare would run smoothly like a fine Swiss Watch and premiums would decline...instead they have risen as much as 500% and his enrollment program lays in ruins.

He vowed to fight the Mexican drug cartels to keep drugs from our youth...then furnished 2,000 assault rifles to the drug cartels, which were used to kill our citizens and our border agents.

He vowed to be honest in his failings and respectful of the Constitution, then stomped the 1st Amendment into the ground by using government operatives to sift through reporters emails and telephone records.

He vowed to honor the personal rights of every American, then ordered the Justice Department to monitor our emails and telephone calls.  He then reached into the very bowels of the IRS to reward his political friends and punish his political enemies.

No...not the paranoid Richard Nixon....he was forced to resign in disgrace....yes, it's the arrogant and paranoid Barack Hussein Obama, schooled in Chicago politics, inspired by radical Muslims, tutored as a teen by the most notorious Communist in American history (Frank Marshall Davis), the Barack Obama who speaks with fork tongue...and god help us, maybe with a pitch fork in hand as well.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Send This Letter To D.C.!


Okay, a couple of years ago you sat on your collective asses, didn't voice your disapproval for Obamacare, and had the massive government intervention into your health care decisions taken over by government bureaucrats.  

You now have one last chance to snatch back control of your lives from a corrupted government that issues green checks to buy political power and caters to the most extreme morally corrupt special interest groups.  Just as we did in 2007 you can overwhelm your Congress with letters, emails and phone calls voicing your strong opposition to rewarding illegal invaders with citizenship.

Don't think for a minute Congress will not listen to you.  Shout loud enough, write often enough, let them feel the depth of your anger and you can be damn sure they'll listen.

First of all, if you have not come to a firm decision on how you feel about still another amnesty bill, I urge you to sit down, set aside your emotions about how wrong it is to reward bad behavior, and just consider whether legalizing 30 million more impoverished Mexicans who have suppressed American wages for the past three decades would be a good thing.

With our Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare programs near bankruptcy, do we really need to further burden those programs with adding tens of millions of illegal Mexicans to the rolls?

Is there anyone left that can recall when our auto insurance premiums were reasonable before Latino gangs drove the costs up by the explosive rise in car thefts?   And in every community where these illegals live the hit and run auto accident rates have risen as much as 500 percent!  Do we need more of that?

Do you really want your sedate and lovely neighborhood degraded by Mexican salsa music blaring from garages and back yards and bondoed low riders parked on front lawns?  Do you want to see your home insurance rates rise due to high rates of property crime?  Are you really prepared for more home invasions, rape, robbery and murders?

Do you really want your property tax rates to continue exploding as K-12 education costs continue to increase because of legislative and judicial mandates that we shove aside American students in order to teach English to millions more Mexican kids?

Are you at least mildly irritated that illegal Mexicans absolutely destroyed professional wage rates  for our once thriving construction industry?  And with 30 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, do you really want 30 to 50 million illegal Mexicans taking the few jobs left to you?

And how do you feel when you see thousands of illegal invaders marching freely in our streets, demanding that they be rewarded for breaking our immigration laws?  Do you really feel sympathy for people so arrogant?  Would the Mexican government permit such abhorrent behavior?


Do you want what's left of "moral and law abiding"  America to disappear?  Do you want to pay graft to your local police or municipal official to receive public service?  Do you want to see your own politicians bow to special interest forces, no matter how wrong, just to win elections?

If you want your government back.  If you want to be heard again.  If you believe illegals should not be rewarded with any form of amnesty.  If you understand that the federal government will never close that border down, and that any amnesty will only encourage further invasion and, ultimately the final destruction of our unique American culture, then copy and paste the following and send it to as many Congressmen and Senators as you can.  Call, email and write and demand our current immigration laws be enforced:

Dear Congressman or Senator:

Every bi-partisan poll has show that 67% of us are against immigration reform as it is being written by the United States Senate.

We believe this legislation is an affront to the integrity of our immigration laws and we are outraged that President Obama has chosen to circumvent the Constitution by assuming Executive powers that belong only to the Congress, that selectively enforcing only the laws he agrees with is an impeachable offense, a breach which Congress has ignored and failed to call him on.

Further, we do not believe this President will ever enforce our border immigration laws.  This belief was further enforced by his recent selection of Jeh Johnson as his next Homeland Security Chief.  We were particularly alarmed when the prospective nominee stated he would shift emphasis from border enforcement to the more generic domestic terrorism program.  

We are particularly sickened by many in the Republican Party who, following the 2012 election, believe that they must pander to Hispanics in order to win future elections.  67% of us warn you that if you cave into this moral depravity, if you bend to the will of Hispanic interest groups, you will lose mainstream America.  

We believe that "immigration reform" are simply code words used by Democrats to make amnesty sound more palatable....and we are fully aware that the Open Borders/Amnesty advocates care more for the idea that they might be giving amnesty to potential voters, while caring not a whit about the detrimental effects wide spread amnesty will have on our nation.

We are prepared to make one exception:  In the case of children brought here by their illegal parents, we say "let's give them a chance for citizenship"...but "they must proved their allegiance to this country and win their citizenship through four years of service in the military or four years of community service.  If they can't commit to that requirement we deem their allegiance as questionable and would send them to Mexico.

We believe in the efforts selective members of the House are doing to improve our immigration laws.  Rather than legislating another huge two thousand word bill, simply legislate mandatory use of E-Verify, impose punishing fines and felony convictions to any employer caught hiring illegal aliens.  Finally, continue to work on border enforcement.  After these tweaks the current immigration laws are still relevant and should be enforced.

Should I find that you voted to give amnesty and a path to citizenship for any of these illegal lawbreakers I will join with any group and support any effort to make sure you are never elected again.


Monday, October 21, 2013

A Fairy Tale You'll Love!


Once upon a time America was blessed by the birth of a young man who would grow up and flourish and, in maturity, become the savior of a 21st Century America teetering with old age, her countrymen angry and dispirited and suffering from a crumbling foundation.

This young man was a celebration of diversity itself, carrying within his DNA the father of African descent and delightfully paired with the DNA of staunch and reliable maternal midwestern roots.  And, though he lived abroad for awhile, he, and we, were fortunate that, like a flower that flourishes under perfect growing conditions, this young man grew up in a lively melting pot of Caucasian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Polynesian that is Hawaii.  And so the young man grew up amidst the ready acceptance of ethnic richness, beautiful diversity...along with the accompanying receptiveness to the ideas of others.

The young man's creator blessed him further.  Growing up in a middle class household, he was miraculously given tuition free education in Hawaii's most prestigious private high school.  

And like every young man at age eighteen, our young hero was unsure of his own future, undecided about what road to take, but determined to become someone who would make the world better.  And so, he "dated the world a bit" attending a couple of universities, exploring the world before at last deciding on a law degree from Harvard.

Law degree in hand, now fully grown, his youth spent freely but well, the young man decided it was time to give back to the wonderful country that had blessed him with educational preferences, low cost loans and even generous grants.  

So he set off for Chicago, believing that he might work as a community organizer in a Black ghetto.  Being so blessed himself, he believed that he could serve as a fine role model for young Blacks to emulate; to learn to value an education, to learn the value of honest hard work, to cast off the false shackles of victimhood and reclaim Martin Luther King's simple and modest dream of "a place at the table".  

The young man worked tirelessly on the South side of Chicago.  He urged Blacks to fore go a life of welfare poverty, a life of crime, a life of deathly drugs, for a life of modest hard work and the pride of personal achievement.  

In those few years in the ghettos of Chicago this young man would change the lives of thousands of impoverished Blacks.  He would serve as a role model; serving his community in grace, in infinite patience and with no reward except the pleasure of seeing lives transformed.

Such was his greatness the young man was soon elected to the Illinois Senate.  While there he witnessed corruption and graft and moral weakness.  Rather than turn away from a challenge, the young man was so well spoken that he took the corruption and the graft "public".  He spoke out against the same old politics; the politics of divide and conquer, the politics of ethnic diversion.  

Soon the young man became known as a champion of the people and was sent forthwith to Washington as the Illinois junior Senator.  Upon arrival in Washington our young savior was once again up against the wicked and the corrupt and wasteful...and deemed to speak out against it.  He voted against raising the debt ceiling to accommodate George Bush's $250 billion dollar deficit.  He proclaimed his love for people, not party; in his mind there would be no red states or blue states...only American states.

Soon this young man, this breath of fresh air, became the subject of talks, of the potential for higher office.  And, as is a prerequisite for those with higher political ambitions, the young man wrote a couple of books about his youth, of his high moral foundation and how he came to build a foundation so magnificent.  His books became million sellers as Americans, thirsty for a savior, bought his books and waited in long lines for his signature and perhaps a handshake.

Soon the adoration reached a fever pitch and he was, with great modesty, thrown into the Presidential arena.  Befitting his near saintly lifestyle he adopted the motto "Hope and Change", promising that, if elected he would conduct our nation's business with transparency, that he would drive the lobbyists from Washington, that he would embrace his Republican opponents as "brother" and get Washington to work together again.  Time and time again he would issue forth with JFK's old saw "let us never negotiate out of fear...but never let us fear to negotiate".  

And so Americans spurned the politics of old, a relic from the Clinton dynasty, and embraced the concept of electing our first African American...and such a fine man he was!  Beyonce would sing "At Last" at his inaugural ball, the double musical entendre being we have elected a man of good will..and we have elected a Black, which will surely heal all the old ethnic wounds and bind us all, Black and White as one.

The now middle aged man began to freshen the Washingtonian air on the first day at work.  He called in the Democrats and Republicans and pledged to work closely with them, said that no one had a patent on "right" and that all ideas would be welcome.  After inheriting a terrible financial crisis he began incorporating the ideas of both parties in formulating a revamp of our financial institutions and preparing a sensible and manageable stimulus program that would reinvigorate business.  When the Democratic wolves of his own party dared to show their fangs he calmed them down and urged cooperation and harmony.    With laser like focus he cobbled together the best ideas of both parties and put together an economic stimulus program that, within a year, achieved full employment for all Americans who wanted a job.

His success in working with Republicans was so impressive that party leaders often began dropping over to the White House in the evening and shooting some hoops and quaffing a beer or two.  This bonding, this camaraderie would eventually lead to the Great American Health Care Initiative of 2009.  A completely voluntary program, fully blessed by both Democrats and Republicans, the new health care law incorporated tort reform, opened up health care marketing across state lines, prohibited discrimination for pre-exisitng conditions, and placed a measure of responsibility for those citizens who received government subsidies for their health care.  These measures included imposing a co-pay for Medicaid, thus insuring citizens had some stake in the game of maintaining their health, it outlawed the use of food stamps at fast food restaurants and made it a felony to trade food stamp cards for cash or drugs.  A new auditing group was established to root out waste, fraud and abuse and rewarded program auditors with bonuses when waste and fraud was discovered.  

Having achieved a miraculous economic recovery, and having successful signed effective and common sense health care legislation, this fine President then began to tackle the problem of illegal immigration. Working with both parties, the President presented immigration reform that was both a pat on the back and kick in the behind.  He announced that we cannot simply reward those who violated our immigration laws by granting amnesty.  But, recognizing that some innocents were involved, he offered to grant citizenship to any 18 to 28 year old illegal if, and only if they served either four years in our military or four years of a national recognized community service.  He then contracted with Mastercard to implement a fool proof E-Verify program and promised to levy million dollar penalties and felony incarceration for any employer found to be employing illegal aliens.  As a result of this legislation, more than ten million illegal aliens self deported, unable to find employment anywhere.  This brought tears of joys to all of those immigrant applicants who had been waiting in line for as long as ten years to be admitted.  

Within two years self deportation was such a success that the national crime rate declined by forty percent, the costs of social service program were cut in half, and America was once again safe from hit and run Mexicans and violent home invasions and the teacher to student ratio dropped from 30 to 1 to 15 to 1 as the Mexican invasion had at last been halted and precious Education resources could now be focused on American kids, rather than incurring the enormous costs in time and money of teaching English to millions of Mexican kids.

When the 2012 Presidential Election came around this fine President won 49 of the fifty states, a feat matched only by Ronald Reagan in 1984.  Citizens registered as Republicans crossed party lines to vote for a man who reinvigorated our economy, installed a cost effective and efficient health care system and brought Blacks and White and Asian and Hispanics together, once again the "melting pot" that brought about our previous greatness.  

While receiving only 60 percent of the Black vote, the President was satisfied.  After all it was he who attended those NAACP meetings and chastised the Blacks who tended to fall back on their ethnic victimhood.  He held himself up as a role model for those Blacks who were willing to educate themselves and go out and make an honest living.  At every turn this President was the first to criticize a senseless ghetto shooting and place the blame where it rightly belonged.  Millions of Blacks were finally listening to the President's message.  Welfare rolls were trimmed, Black high school dropout rates declined and Americans of every skin color were finally on a productive roll.  

Just this past year a corrupt Detroit came to the President seeking federal aid.  This President had the following to say "just like I told the corrupt government in Chicago, you made your bed, now lay in it".  

And now, half way through his second term, Barack Obama is a much beloved figure to millions of Americans who enjoy a bonding with their community and with a Washington transparency that drove out the the "moneychangers" and gave the government back to the people.  

There is talk of putting one more face on Mount Rushmore...and rightly so.

Note:  The tragedy here is that a man of finer character, of less arrogance and more modesty, a man who who was in tune with his greater angels could have made all of this "wonderfulness" come about.  No man and no President had a greater opportunity to achieve greatness, to transform America..the words were "pretty" but the deeds were black, and sadly we are bitterly divided and as close to a 2nd Civil War than we've ever been.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Are Americans Cowardly Automatons?


The above video link is to a Culinary Workers of America Union protest outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.   Now there's nothing unusual about unions protesting outside their place of employment.  They do it all the time..and sometimes it is pretty nasty.  But I have never seen the level of hatred and the horrible invectives shouted at Cosmo customers as they entered the hotel.

These particular protesters were the union bosses themselves, and they called people names, shouted "beached whale" to overweight customers, insulted guy's wives, etc.  And it was hard to ignore because they were all using those portable loud speakers.

Now folks, it wasn't the protester's invective that got was the people walking in, listening to those union thugs personally insulting them, and not one person went over and bitched slapped those throwing out the ugliest of insults.  Has the new generations of Americans just become cowardly automatons?  Because I can tell you this; I'm 65 years old but I would have been in their punching the guy out who was personally insulting me and my family.  Is my generation the last one that refuses to eat all the shit being thrown out today?

Is that why illegal Mexicans get away with marching through our cities, carry Mexican flags and demanding citizenship?  Thirty years ago these invaders would have been beat up or arrested and hauled off to Mexico?  

Is that why 67% of you opposed Obamacare and yet you sat on your ass, didn't write your Congress, as your ready yourselves to pay out a third of your annual income to pay for mandated Obamacare?

Is that why crime is so damn high?  How many of you have written your local county attorney and protested light sentences for felony crime?  I have!

When I saw those folks walking into the hotel I was sincerely hoping that most of them were tourists from California...since I know folks in that state laid down, spread their legs and made themselves ready for the grand liberal fuck long ago.  I kept waiting for someone from Missouri or Oklahoma, or Montana or Texas to show up because I just know those die hard Americans would be out there kicking union way would they accept such a breach in good behavior!

Yep, watching that video just scared the hell out of me.  My hopes for a 21st century revolution, a 2nd Civil War that takes back the America I grew up in, grew quite dim after watching these cowards take the insults without retaliating.  What kind of pride did they have after they walked through those doors after being verbally accosted so violently, and doing nothing about it?

Please let those cowardly automatons absorbing that invective without response be those Kalifornians we've seen alot of in recent years.  Please don't say all of America is like that.  My heart would break if that was so.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Obama's Pitiful Homeland Security Pick


Can Barack Hussein Obama ever get out in front and lead, without tripping over himself?
Just as he poisoned the well with Republicans by ramming through a wasteful stimulus bill, poisoned it further with ramming Obamacare down America's throat, Obama has again sparked a new political war with his pick for the next Secretary of Homeland Security.  

As Obama plots to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal Mexicans you would think he would at least put up a good front and nominate someone for Homeland Security who would espouse to be a "border hawk".  Quite the contrary; Obama has trotted out Jeh Johnson, White House insider, and lawyer specializing in liberal social reform.  Johnson's one claim to fame was his successful campaign to incorporate gays into the United States military.

As both trotted out to the Rose Garden yesterday to announce the news, they were all smiles and giggles.  Then Johnson dropped the bomb right into the center of the immigration reform debate.  He says he'll be shifting the emphasis from illegal immigration and border control in order to concentrate on domestic terrorism.  This is a polite way to say Obama and his new Homeland Security Chief are perfectly ready to signal Congress that all that tough border stuff in the Senate's version of the immigration reform is nothing but puffery, to be forgotten right after green cards are issued to 30 million Mexican invaders squatting on American soil and destroying our education and social service programs.

Once again both stupidity and arrogance has gotten the best of Barack Hussein Obama.  He thinks he can have his cake and eat it too.  That stupidity and arrogance will surely raise the hackles of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress who were earnestly looking for a get tough follow on policy of border enforcement.

Oh, we can expect to hear all the right things as Johnson goes through the nominating process but I'm betting that the 67 percent of America who are opposed to immigration reform (the ones who ask why we can't just enforce the laws on the books now) and a significant number of Senators and Congressmen who won't be buying Obama's most pitiful pick for Homeland Security.

Perhaps Obama is thinking Johnson's success in ramming gay integration through the Joint Chiefs will be seconded when he ignores the newly minted one million Mexican invaders who jumped the fences in the last three months following Obama's promise to deliver them to the promised land that is America.  Perhaps he's got someone now who'll build housing and come up with EBT cards for all those whom Obama has protected from deportation.

But, don't look for any  immigration bill this year...Obama just killed any chance of getting legislation passed, especially when he nominated a border dove for the job.

Always astounded at the "man-child's" arrogance and stupidity.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Obama's Cheers and Jeers


Obama emerged from the White House yesterday morning, sans Royal Robe, descended to the level of the "commoners", and with chin high and air of arrogance, declared victory over those who sought to bring the orgasmic federal spending in line with revenues.  

In that rare moment when Barack rides the Hubristic wax wings soaring toward the sun, some day to see them melt, and plunging him to ruin, Barack declares a temporary victory....once again the credit card recharged and ready to spend like the proverbial drunken sailor.

So, in regal splendor, he basks in the glow of his own personal little political victory, having painted those dastardly Tea Party Republicans as rogues bent on bringing the government down.  And as long as his public is ignorant, as long as they are unable to fathom the vastness of a single trillion, well, those $19 trillion in national debt has no meaning.  As he says with almost mnemonic regularity, "we don't have a debt problem".

And so the budget, Obama's budget, and the debt ceiling, now approved for three more months, will include $800 billion in national debt interest payments, made palatable as long as the Treasury can continue to maintain fantastical interest rates of "0".  And, rejoice!  There is an unlimited supply of green printer's ink to keep those mints in Denver and San Francisco and Philadelphia and Ft Knox well supplied for all eternity.

So Hubris, aka Barack Obama, deigns to fore go a golf match, or a celebratory trip to Martha's Vineyard and opts instead to rub shoulders with his adoring peasantry.  But not without a, today, he must lecture those who dared challenge the limit on his credit card.  A bit more edgy on this morning, perhaps stung a little by the massive failure of his Obamacare software, perhaps peeved a bit that Congress inserted a tad bit of mild language into the Continuing Resolution that suggested the "honor system" might not be the best idea for determining federal subsidies for 30 million career tit-suckers. Perhaps the Walmart riots over the previous week struck a bit of a nerve with the "purse string" folks.  Perhaps those tit-sucker who filled their carts with $700 dollars worth of groceries against a food stamp card balance of .49 cents called for a note of caution.

I will remind those who are still blessed with a moral conscience, those who know what true nobility is, that being in the minority does not make you wrong.  Yes, it makes you subject to being labelled anarchist, and rogue, and "tea bagger" and terrorist....but it does not make you wrong.

Was Jesus wrong to throw the money changers out of the temple?  Was Washington with his meager army wrong against the might of those who outnumbered him 20 to one?  Was Martin Luther King wrong when he faced a hundred years of racial sublimation by a White majority?  Was Democratic Senator William Proxmire wrong when he mounted a one-man defense against raising the debt ceiling to a mere $200 million dollars a few years ago?

And those who lose a battle must learn to understand that the war is not lost.  They must take heart from a once good and decent King...a king who once declared "might does not make right, right makes might!" One must instead take heart that, in a veritable sea of corruption that is Washington D.C., 89 brave representatives stood tall, stood up for their constituents who sent them there, stood proudly, enduring the slurs and slings of the corrupt....and, the arrogant lecturing of a "pretend prince", who wouldn't know a principle if he tripped over one.

Sad.  Damned Sad...but never without a glint of hope that the next glorious revolution is imminent!

"Molon Labe!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Well folks, Halloween is only two weeks away.  Have you firmed up your plans yet?  Gonna stay home and pass out the candy to the kiddies?  Going to a Halloween party?  I was just reading a little trivia news clip that rated the scariest movies of all time.  Tops on the list were "Halloween", the original "Dracula" film from 1939 and of course "The Exorcist".  Lots of folks will stream those movies on Halloween night.

But if you really want something scary go to one of the internet sites that have taken the time to sift through the 2,300 page Obamacare bill, then summarizes Obamacare's main features.  When you see how dramatically it downgrades our current healthcare system you're going to have chills running up and down your back.  

Perhaps most frustrating are the inequalities built into the program.  It reeks with concessions to liberal causes and slays those who may choose to follow a more open and transparent approach, a system that provides the greatest personal latitude for personal decision-making.

Here's a few features that send the liberal "nanny-staters" into intense orgasms.  If you smoke Obamacare automatically increases your health care premiums by 50%..but if you practice irresponsible sex behavior, if have gonorrhea, or herpes or the AIDs virus you cannot be charged a single penny more in premiums than any other healthy adult.  While a smoker has a 15% chance of getting lung cancer, fully 100 percent of AIDs patients will cost the health care system hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctor and hospital costs and a life time of AIDs medicine can cost in excess of a million dollars over an AIDs patient's lifetime.  But, hey, ya gotta take care of those who voted for you, right?

Another problem with Obamacare is the way pain is defrayed until the program is set in stone and can never be repealed.  For example, Obama purposely "front loaded" the benefits and saved the pain for when he's no longer in office.  For example, allowing children to ride their parents health care plan till age 25 was great for some.  Even the first and second year penalties for not enrolling are fairly mild; the first year's penalty for failing to enroll is $95 bucks, or 1 percent of annual income....but look at the fine for not enrolling three and four years from now!  You'll pay thousands of dollars in penalties for failing to adore Obamacare.

Six months ago I wrote about how the software program for Obamacare was proving to be a nightmare.  In the last two weeks as sign up success rates average only one percent of those trying to enroll.  Even worst, the Obamacare program was supposed to run an IRS cross-check when enrolling...however this nearly billion dollar program has never been able to get the IRS computers to talk with the Obamacare computers.  So what did the government do?  They waived it!  Obama has directed that people can sign up for Obamacare, without having their income verified to determine how much Uncle Sam will subsidize your plan!  Obama directed Health and Human Services to "just rely on the applicant's personal honesty!"  Are you kidding me?  Would that be the same "personal honesty" that allowed the Russian Mafia to scam Medicare and Medicaid for over a billion dollars over the last three years?  Will that "personal honesty" be the same one that drove hundreds of Blacks from trying to buy $700 dollars worth of food with a food stamp balance of .49cents this week?  Will it be the thousands of Katrina victims who scammed FEMA for billions of false damage claims?

Note:  The Republicans, in negotiations this week, are trying to add the requirement of "income verification for Obamacare to the the current budget resolution but the Dems are fighting tooth and nail to keep it out....just as they battle to keep "citizenship verification" out of the voting process!

There are dozens of provisions in the Obamacare package that were clearly written with politics in mind, to favor liberal constituents while crucifying those with more traditional American values.  Laws are supposed to be written that provide equality for all...this one doesn't.

Seriously folks, if you think a little girl spewing pea soup is scary, just read a few of the detail of Obamacare!  It'll keep you up nights...hell you might even take up smoking to calm your nerves!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"A Jewish Patron Saint?"


As soon as the weather warmed the summer plague would come sweeping down the mean streets of New York, the shady elm lined avenues of Des Moines and Omaha, the sun baked streets of Phoenix and all the rest of America.  The cruelty of the disease was beyond measure, for it was mostly children who were swept up in its talons and left crippled or dead.

So, like the ancient Israelites, their children sentenced to death, Mothers and Fathers prayed that the evil would pass their door.  In some years as many as 60,000 children would be felled by the disease.  Of those, half would die or be paralyzed for life.  

There was no the little ones unfortunate enough to live, would be shuffled off to a back room so as not instill fear that the child would pass the damnation on to others.   During World War II, at the height of the epidemic, parents would seclude the children for the entire summer, or steal them away to some country place where they might be safer.  

Even as millions of people were being afflicted, a savior was among them.  A man who had spent his entire life in medical research.  A little Irish "Jew-boy", child of destitute Irish Jewish immigrants, was living in the Bronx and had his mind set on a career in law.  His school mates deemed him "Mr. Perfectionist", someone who paid attention to every detail of every process, one who read incessantly, spurred on by a curious mind.

To get into college he had to compete with thousands of other young Jews for the limited quotas allowed them.  Surprisingly, he set out, not to practice medicine; perhaps the sight of blood, or the savagery of surgery frightened him, but to enter the narrow field of medical research.  

After completing his studies he would endeavor to work at a research hospital but he was turned away repeatedly as they all had limited quotas for those of the Jewish faith.  

Finally, he was accepted by the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine and given the thankless task of studying this "summer plague" that had broken so many hearts over the many years.  Soon this young researcher would re-direct his efforts toward finding a vaccine that might prevent the disease.

He assembled a research team and for the next seven years would work toward developing a vaccine that would drive this deadly plague into extinction.  At last, having achieved success in the laboratory, this man and his team of researchers would set about the largest "guinea pig" army ever assembled to test the vaccine.  They enlisted 20,000 physicians, 64,000 school teachers and administrators, and over 220,000 volunteers to administer the vaccine to 1.8 million school children.  

And on April 12th, 1955 the results of the study were released.  It was an immediate and complete success and the beginnings of driving polio from the face of the earth.  And the name Dr. Jonas Salk, Jew-boy from the Bronx, was on every parents lips when they got on their knees in prayer that evening.

Some five years later, during a TV interview, Dr. Salk was asked where the polio vaccine patent was, since it was estimated that it was worth over $7 billion dollars at that time.  Dr. Salk replied "what patent".."we didn't patent it"..."hell, you may as well patent the sun!"

Salk would go on to establish the Salk Institute For Biological Studies in La Jolla, California.  He died there on a June day in 1995.  His last efforts were trying to find a vaccine for the AIDS virus.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1000000000000000000= Trillion


Okay, for one day...and one day only, let's toss politics aside and just talk hard numbers...the only hard numbers we need to worry about for now.  For, in the coming days, a deal will be reached that will approve still another raise in the national debt ceiling.  Both parties can scream all they want but a deal will get done.

And here's why that's a tragedy.  If you go to and read President Obama's own budget, it calls for spending $ 3.6 trillion dollars.  The President has anticipated a GDP growth this year of 3 percent, which, if successful, will generate $2.6 trillion dollars in taxes and fees.  That leaves us with still another trillion dollars in deficit spending...another trillion added to the national debt.  

Okay, I know it's hard to grasp the idea of a trillion is so vast and such an unwieldy thing to get your head around, let's look at it in ways we can understand.

When you break down Obama's budget you see that $800 billion of all federal income this year will go toward paying "just the interest" on the national debt...not a dime of principal.  And during the course of the coming year, we are adding another trillion dollars on the current debt level of $16.7 trillion.  So onerous is this interest that, when you break down Obama's own budget, you see that, come next October 1st, the national debt rises to $18.4 trillion!  And that's if Obama can squeeze 3 percent GDP growth out of an already struggling economy!  What are the odds of that happening?  Well the economists who've been right on so far are saying we'll grow at 2%.  Guess what?  That 1% difference in GDP growth is going to add hundreds of billions more to the current annual deficit!  

So what is a realistic projection of our next October debt level?  Sadly, we have no idea because, while the Office of Management and Budget projects an additional $1.3 trillion added to the deficit will be needed to subsidize Obamacare for some 30 million people, the President's budget doesn't even include these subsidies.  If Obama is wrong and the OMB is right, our national debt next October will be well over $20 trillion dollars!

Now let's simplify this a bit more.  If we are currently spending $800 billion dollars a year just to pay the interest on the deficit, and we have roughly $2.5 trillion dollars in total tax receipts coming in, we are paying 30% of all government income on our "interest only" loan!  To simply that even further, imagine you have an interest only home loan of $200,000 dollars, and you are shelling out one third of all your income to service that debt...and you have no hope of ever being able to pay one cent in principal...what kind of life are you leading?  What kind of future do you see for yourself?

Now back to Uncle Sam and next year's $20 trillion dollar debt.  Now take that same $2.5 trillion dollar in tax receipts and allocate enough money from them to pay the interest on that now monstrous $20 trillion!  Anyone have a calculator?  Cause mine shows by next year we are going to be paying nearly 40% of all tax revenue, just to service the interest on that national debt!

And what does that do to the other government programs?  Where's the money to pay pensions, fund our military, for welfare and education and housing, and yes...Obamacare subsidies!  

If we stopped deficit spending now it would hurt some...but not as much as it's gonna hurt later.
Will politicians ever do it?  No, because government "give-me's is how they stay in power.

Shall I drive you to even greater frustration?  Folks, the national debt is really the only debt that politicians will talk about...but that's only a fraction of our "real debt".  You see, we have a little thing called "unfunded liabilities" and government economists put that debt level at $72 trillion dollars!  These unfunded liabilities are such things as, future medicare, medicaid obligations,  Social Security Trust Fund I.O.U's that have been exploding since the trust fund was robbed beginning in 1965.  Other debt not carried "on the books" are generous pensions for millions of retired federal workers.  And they include trillions on the books of the Federal Reserve as they print paper money without the real capital to back it up!  So folks, what we really have is about one hundred trillion dollars in real debt.     

How will America solve it?

Inflation.. devalue dollar & your savings

Google "Weimar Republic Inflation"

Still think raising the debt ceiling is a good idea?

Still hate those rascally Tea Party Congressmen?

Only Cruz, Rubio, Paul are telling the truth

You buying default fiction? Your loss

Saddest...Damn Saddest.