Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Was Trump Right About Voter Fraud?


"When California Democrats Cancelled Out Your Vote"
Yesterday Donald Trump issued a charge that, without illegal voting in California and other states, he would have won the popular vote. 
Well that sent Chicago's former Mayor, Richard Dailey spinning in his grave. The Dailey's were famous for firing up the old Chicago Machine..and recording the votes of tens of thousands of dead people. His machine workers simply walked through cemeteries and registered the long dead residents there as Democrats.
Things haven't changed much. The Democrats yesterday were outraged at Trump's charge.
So was Trump wrong?
Let's consider California's AB60, the motor voter law California enacted in the spring of 2013. Under AB60 millions of illegal Mexicans can walk into a DMV office and get either a state ID card, or a California driver's license. And under California statutes the names of everyone who gets a driver's license goes straight to Sacramento where they are automatically registered to vote. The only way a name doesn't go to the voter rolls is if the driver's license registrant willfully indicates that they don't want their name on the voter rolls.
California's Democratic leaders say the legalization of voters is protected since Federal voter laws makes it a felony to willfully misrepresent oneself as a citizen.
Let's consider that. Just how "law-abiding" are illegal Mexicans going to be when, by the very act of coming here illegally, they have already flaunted one of our most important laws...the integrity of our border!
But, hold on! California Democrats were deathly afraid that illegal Mexicans might be afraid to be caught violating Federal voting laws. 
To quell the fears of illegal Mexicans being held liable for voting in elections they weren't eligible to do, the Democratic solons in Sacramento passed AB1461. The bill, while full of official gobbledygook, officially gives illegal Mexicans a pass from any penalty for their voting illegally. Don't believe me? 
Here's the actual extract from AB1461:
"Existing law makes it a crime for a person to willfully cause, procure, or allow himself or herself or any other person to be registered as a voter, knowing that he or she or that other person is not entitled to registration. Existing law also makes it a crime to fraudulently vote or attempt to vote.
This bill, AB1461, would provide that if a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote by operation of the California New Motor Voter Program in the absence of a violation by that person of the crime described above, that person’s registration shall be presumed to have been effected with official authorization and not the fault of that person. The bill would also provide that if a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote by operation of this program, and that person votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person’s registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and is not guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote."
So was Trump right? Did millions of illegal aliens vote in this last Presidential election? If you're confused read the actual words of AB1461 again. California hi-jacked your votes, people. It's pretty clear that your Democratic leadership just made your votes null and void...and made it perfectly okay for illegals to vote in your state.

Monday, November 28, 2016

"The Winter of My Discontent"


"The Winter of My Discontent"
That line, borrowed from Shakespeare, purloined by Steinbeck, for one of his novels, and skewed by me on this describe my mood today.
The mood is heightened, or should I say, intensified by the weather.....the sky gray in sadness, a bitterly chill wind blowing in from the west. 
And my Arizona Cardinals have lost still another game...a game for which you wonder just how many players really had their heads in it. 
When their season began hopes were high. Self aggrandizement was permitted. Bragging was allowed. And now, here, after the 11th week of play, the Cardinals stand a ghastly 4-6-1, their chances for the playoff spot as distant as a desert mirage. And yet, back in September, they were strutting about, bragging of the greatness, of all the talent...already eyeing an index finger and imagining a big old gaudy Super Bowl Ring down there. Just as our politicians seek to declare themselves "emperor", holding sway over our fates, these Cardinals dared to declare themselves "great"..before they had even stepped onto the field.
And, as I wallowed in my own personal despair, I thought to equate all that pre-season bragging as the disease that plagues us in all corners of our society.
We Americans, or should I say, a large swath of us, have become "empty braggarts", "all hats and no cowboy". Under the auspices of the electronic keyboard we are all "super-heroes"...capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound...well, you get my drift. And yet our national debt is 20 times what it was when Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon. And our legacy in the world is in tatters. And our jobs belong either to a Chinaman in Bejing, or is being filled by an illegal Mexican in Stockton, or Pasadena, or Phoenix, or Denver. And half of America knows that, and the other half are content with it as long as the fat government tit is never taken away.
I can remember when "modesty" was the mode of they day. One did not brag about success, instead we downplayed it...stayed silent...and allowed our silence to give "breathing space" so that others might praise.
Now we are a nation of people who strut, who announce our own "grandness", who are dead set certain that everything we think and say is right...and any contesting of that fact is met with seething anger and scorn.
So we lose a lot. We lose in the jobs market, we lose our heritage and traditions to the illegal immigrant, we surrender our it for political correctness, we lose our standing in the world..our allies suspicious and mistrustful, and we even lose it on the playing field....everyone content with the awarded blue ribbon...just for showing up.
The sunny and carefree days of summer are now gone, and given way to the clouds that hover over the winter of our discontent.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Democrats Seeing Red And Sick To Their Stomach


For about 50 of my 68 years I was all for eliminating the electoral college.  Racial and cultural dynamics have changed my mind.  Gone are the days when voters voted for what they deemed "right".  The massive 43% riding the government gravy train have proven they'll vote for anyone, regardless of character and ethics, as long as the federal gravy keeps flowing.

The problem is compounded by the "plantation loyalists", the Blacks who always offer 90% of their votes as long as there's a (D) behind the name.  And California Hispanics, trying mightily, and succeeding into turning California into Mexico North, also give their votes to demagogic liberals who whore for votes wherever they can get them.  Same with the polyglot of New York City and the other large burgs about the country.

And usually the "Dims" can cobble enough votes together to stay in office, that likelihood more so every year as the gravy boat gets ever larger.  Those "Dims" can always count on Chicago and Baltimore and Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Atlanta, and Philadelphia, as well as the states of New York, California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois right out of the starting gate, causing it to be more and more difficult for a Republican to win the electoral vote.  This year was just a fluke...Trump got the blue collar, the tax-paying working stiff, and, yes, even the far right wing nuts, to go out to the polls in hopes of stopping Obama's huge Obamacare premium increases and quell the fiction of full employment.  93 million Americans out of the job force seemed to have plenty of time to go to the polls this year.

So, I'm glad the Electoral College saved us this year.  Saved us from more Muslim immigration and Mexican invasion, with all the associated ills that come with that.   However,  were I elected "King", I'd go much further...I would work to take the vote from every swinging dick that ain't paying taxes.  People who have no stake in curbing these massive federal outlays shouldn't determine who gets elected.  And, frankly, after seeing how women fell down and spread their legs for Hillary, just because she owns a vagina, has made me wonder if we shouldn't have been more selective in giving the women the right to vote least the ones on the public dole for life.   And, surely if Blacks can't discriminate between ethical and non, if they can still opt to elect folks like Charlie Rangel and Sheila Jackson, and Barack Obama, with his 40% Black unemployment rate, maybe, while we're amending the 14th Amendment to ban anchor babies, maybe we ought to go back and give the Blacks 3/5ths of a vote...cause they sure aren't helping America with who they're voting for now.

Sound extreme?  So's a $20 trillion dollar national debt.  So's wage suppression caused by 30 million illegal immigrants, and so's the growing aversion to working and paying taxes these days.

It's all sad.  Damned sad.  But I'm glad the Electoral College saved us for once.  And I'm extremely happy to hear the Democrats whining about it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The First Sign To Watch For With Trump's Immigration Program


During the past couple of weeks we've heard from a score of big city mayors and police chiefs that they won't turn over their coddled illegal immigrants to ICE...that they'll continue harboring illegal aliens and continue to be sanctuary cities, flaunting our immigration laws.  And so far Donald Trump has been silent on this mutiny.  And he's already back-pedaling on his pledge to deport the millions of illegal lawbreakers (and anyone who crossed our border illegally is a lawbreaker), focusing on "criminal felons" as his first order of business.  I don't know if that's simply diplomacy or principle.  

But the first sign I'm going to look for when Trump and his Republican controlled Congress take control is whether or not they legislate to withhold federal funding to those sanctuary cities.  The withholding of billions of dollars in federal funds is really the only way that Trump can hope to get all those liberal mayors and governors to pay Como in New York who once said anyone who doesn't love illegals need to get out of New York.  Or the LAPD Chief who said he'll continue to protect his 11 million illegals in Mexifornia South.  Or San Francisco where they turn out illegals on the streets as often as sourdough loafs in Ghirardelli Square.  

We'll have to see.  I was encouraged that Trump appointed Senator Sessions as Attorney General.  Sessions is hardliner on illegal immigration.  If it were up to him I'm sure he'll crack down on the municipal miscreants...but Trump's got to throw politics aside and let Sessions wield the hammer.

And, if Sheriff Joe were not so damned old (84 as of June) I'd love to see old Joe head up ICE, form up the buses, and send them heading south come spring.  

However, Trump's initial foray into the illegal immigrant issue, post election, seems to be a continuation of the coddling.  Will Trump be better than Obama with the issue?  Hell, yeah...most anybody would.  Anything short of throwing the welcome mat out down at the border is an improvement.  

But, to my mind, the first order of business when Trump and Congress begin writing immigration legislation, ought to be the inclusion of a big hammer, nailing those sanctuary cities where it hurts the most..the pocketbook.

We can only hope.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Energizer Bunny


I have no idea whether it will be a good thing, or a bad thing, but one thing you have to hand to Donald Trump.... the guy seems to be tireless.  We saw that in the campaign when he was turning out Tweets at 2 o'clock in the morning, then again he was back on social media when most folks were still snoozing.
And we're seeing that same level of energy as he works to form a cabinet and fill some four thousand Administration slots.   Despite the unending jabs from the liberal media that Trump's transition program is too slow, he's actually ahead of Obama's schedule on that front.

Those who know Trump say he doesn't drink or smoke, and I read somewhere that he doesn't even drink coffee....probably contributing to his overall good health at the age of 70.  (Although I'm a little suspect of those who don't drink coffee).

As to Trump's transition schedule, I think he's doing fine.  And, although I had different picks in mind for his key staff, I see no problems with the folks he's chosen so far.  I've also been very encouraged with how Trump is working to heal the political wounds, the most notable being his gracious invitation to meet with Romney last Saturday.  

So, the fingers remained crossed that Trump's gonna surprise us all...that he'll continue to appoint good people, that he'll actually listen to them, and, unlike Obama, that he'll give them the freedom to do their job.

I can't help but think that, if Trump delegates, if he relies on his experts, if he studies the complexity of problems real hard, then applies that seemingly unbounded energy to the job of President, he just might succeed....and maybe even succeed spectacularly.

I know I'm being overly optimistic here.  I always am as the new man comes in and takes a seat in the Oval Office.  For our nation's sake, let's hope the Energizer Bunny can charge up this nation and get her going again.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Media Has Apparently Learned Nothing


If you thought the liberal mainstream media had learned anything on election night, you'd be wrong.  After stumbling and mumbling for reasons and excuses, after trying to puzzle out the degree of anger of the American electorate, after the ballot box clearly proved Americans weren't buying the electronic Hillary Cheerleading, the media has decided to just double down, or quadruple down on skewing Mr. Trump....and doing that skewing even before he's done anything.

Our headlines are full of the wildest accusation and speculations.  Trump's not "transitioning" fast enough.  Trump's getting ready to march 30 million illegals into death camps.  Trump's selection of an "alt-right" Breitbart hack whose going to destroy America (and after having never uttered a word about Muslim-worshipping socialist Valerie Jarrett who told Obama when he could wipe his ass...or even Hillary's pet Iranian, Huma.)  

The press is mounting "the sky is falling" media campaign unlike anything I've seen in modern political history.  It seems evident that the media moguls are sticking to Hillary's characterization of working, tax-paying Americans as that "basket of deplorables" and decided they'll settle on the "47 percenters" for their viewership.

I still believe that, in the long run, the media are eating their own.  They have been so biased and unfair that they've lost half of America and won't ever get them back.  That's okay....I'll cheer at the funeral.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You're Just Gonna Have To Let Them Cry It Out


My fellow conservatives,
You've sure seen all the protests over our recent election.  I implore you to just show a little understanding.  These people are the bonafide members of America's "victim" class.  Raised by liberal parents, schooled well in the art of the "everybody gets a blue ribbon", a "safe space providing" educational system and a President that has institutionalized victimhood, theses folks are having a difficult time learning any of life's realities.

They've partied hard on liberal student loan money, government grants, food stamps, and welfare, having constantly heard that Obama's gonna eventually bail them out on that debt, they've been spared the obligation of military service, pursued university degrees that will not win them a job, and even been offered the notion that one need not even have a job to do well in Obama's economy......the government will nourish you, medicate you for free, house you, and send you a green check,  in exchange for their vote.

So you're just gonna have to let these folks cry it out.  Like the kid in the grocery store, refused the candy bar, they've decided to fall down in the middle of the aisle and scream bloody murder.  That's okay; show a little compassion my fellows....they know no better.

Burning Trump in effigy?  Burning the American flag?  That's simply this new generation's equivalent of a teen's "I hate you" when the parents insisted they had to be in by midnight.    I suggest a little tough-love here folks.  Let's reimpose the military draft.  That will strengthen their bodies, strengthen their minds, and teach them finally that "we" should always trump "me".

And let's put em to work....six years of 9 semester hour college life is spoiling our youth.  Or roaming Baltimore and Chicago and Philly while clad in basketball togs and $200 dollar Michael Jordan shoes .Let's put both adult and student in the work cutting off the government gravy and make them work if they want three hots and a cot regularly.  

All of this tough-love will eventually drive these miscreants from the streets.  If they get hungry enough they'll go out and find a job and won't have time for "street tantrums".

So, let em cry it out, then apply one good thump on the ass with a dose of reality.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Box Office And Juke Box Poison


We heard a lot from celebrities during this past election season, the vast majority in support of Hillary Clinton.  That's alright; celebrities have as much right to voice their beliefs as anyone else.  However, those celebrities should know that, as soon as they open their mouths, they lose half of their fan base.
They seem not to care.  So, if they don't care, I don't much care either.  I will say that I indeed have my own little personal boycott going.  I wouldn't buy a Lady Gaga record, or a Cher tune, or a Streisand album if you held a gun to my head.  And, when any of the Kardashian sisters, or George Lopez, or Jim Carrey's mugs appear on the TV screen I reach for the TV remote real quick.

And, as biased as anyone else, I freely admit to liking John Voigt and Tom Selleck and James Woods and Bruce Willis, and the small minority in Hollywood who dare to speak out in a Hollywood infested with liberals.  Sadly, the names just mentioned are just some of the few who have managed to survive in a Hollywood that will blackball a conservative celebrity in a heartbeat.

My boycott doesn't matter, but for those celebrities right on the brink of sinking into ForgetYouLand, you would think they'd be smart and keep their politics to themselves.  When you're that close to being forgotten you'd think they'd be smart enough to shut up.  

I also have a theory about how celebrities come to be so god-awful stupid about how the real world lives.  They start out in some small town school theater, their high school drama teacher a little light in the loafers encourages them to "explore their feminine side" and soon being gay ain't so fact, being gay is to be "artiste"....anyone straight saddled with a handicap from the starting gate, the number one handicap being that you're straight and therefore automatically "gender biased".  (And I have no problems with gays...I just don't believed it should be introduced to children before they're ready...or having the lifestyle shoved in my face and forced to accept it....or else!)

Then the children drift off to Hollywood and spend a few months on the Sunset Strip, where women with balls and dick and men with tits are drinking coffee right next to Mr. Hanks at the nearby Starbucks and the kid says "ain't that cool".  Or they head to New York where half the city populace grew up and experienced their first public masturbation in a video booth in Times Square.  And pretty soon alternative forms of self love and alternative methods of achieving orgasm, made bountiful by increasing your date pool by expanding your sexual preferences is cool.

And what down and out musician, or Broadway wannabe, or "struggling thespian" hasn't signed up for food stamps or Guggenheim grants, or if you're really smart and breed some kids, a nice big fat welfare check!  So, after these folks make it big, and after they've ensconced themselves behind iron gated estates, protected by the Beverly Hills Security detail, served croquettes and cocaine by their illegal Mexican maid, they look back fondly on their "salad days" and say "hey, ain't government great...and the bigger the better!"  

And, of course that's when the hypocrisy begins.  They buy themselves a personal jet, then begin to preach about global warming and the sins of fossil fuels.  They advocate for Muslim and Mexican immigrants, yet won't take a single one into their own home...unless it's to clean their toilets and cut the grass...and live above the garage.  

And, perhaps the worst symptom of the celebrity psyche comes when they begin to believe that they are the heroes and heroines they play on the silver screen...when they believe they are superhuman, when they believe they are smarter than all of the rest of us trailer trash out here in the hinterlands.  At this point they become as tiring and uninviting as a Jimmy Swaggart at a Saturday evening tent revival, telling us in grand detail just how we ought to think and how we ought to live.

So, I boycott the bastards.  I suspect many do.  That's fine for most of the big stars.  Georgie Clooney ain't likely to lose his mansion in Britain, or his palatial estate on Lake Como in Italy, and Matt Damon and Cher and Streisand have stashed enough money away to last them forever....if they never crack and actually donate to all the causes they profess to love!  But, if I were an "up and comer"; just breaking into the business, or if I were sliding down the popularity polls greased with Vaseline, I'd shut the fuck up about my political views.

Just saying.  Whoops, Whoopie and Rosie just showed up on the boob tube....where the hell is that remote?

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Bit of White House Trivia


As you watch the news this week, viewing Trump and Obama's first White House meet, the beginning of the grand transition of power, you might be interested to know a tiny bit about both the White House and the first White House transition.
In this very week, 216 years ago, John and Abigail Adams moved into what was then called "The President's House". They would remain there for just four months, before turning over the Presidential reins to Thomas Jefferson.
So, the Adams moved their belongings from Philadelphia, site of the old capitol, got in their carriage and headed to Washington D.C.....where they promptly got lost in the north woods of D.C.! They eventually found it, then had to maneuver their carriage as close to the front door as possible, since the grounds were just a muddy bog.
As soon as John and Abigail walked in they discovered the place was a freezing igloo, workman still banging hammers and sawing wood. Just to bring the temperatures up to above freezing they had to haul a small forest of firewood and fire up the nine fireplaces in the house.
Once they settled in, and Abigail found the kitchen, she boiled them up some hot water for tea and set out doing the weekly wash. She hung the laundry on ropes strung up in the East Room.
History shows the Adams were damned glad to leave The President's House when their term was up. In fact, Abigail hopped in a carriage early and headed home to Massachusetts, and left the mess to John.
So, when it came time for their once best friend, Jefferson, to move in, the acrimony from the 1800 election was so great between Jefferson and Adams, that Adams called for his carriage in the middle of the night, then headed home to Braintree, Mass, refusing to even attend Jefferson's inauguration. 
Fortunately, after several years, Jefferson and Adams made up, corresponded regularly for the rest of their lives, then decided to die hours apart on July 4th, 1825, the 50th anniversary of the day they both signed the Declaration of Independence. 
You're Welcome!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Orders of Business


Okay, after the euphoria dies down we need to look at the first orders of business.
First of all, Congress has no more excuses. The Republicans kept control of the Senate and the House has an overwhelming Republican majority. And now we have a President who at least says he's conservative. So, no more excuses.
1) The first two things Congress must do is kill Obamacare dead...and have a reasonable, cost-effective plan that hands healthcare decisions back to the individual. The second is for Trump to nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court....this 4-4 liberal conservative split will kill any Congressional laws if we don't fix he court immediately.
2) The second stage should be an immigration law that builds that damned wall, boosts the numbers of immigration officers, make E-Verify mandatory for all employers and levy heavy fines for those who hire illegals, cut off federal funds to all sanctuary cities who harbor illegals, refusing to turn them over to ICE. Were I Trump I would put our military on that border with orders to shoot and kill those Mexican and South American invaders, but that probably won't happen. Let Hispanics know that the multi-million illegal parade has come to a halt....and start packing their bags. Amend the 14th Amendment to prevent it from being used to grant citizenship to anchor babies.
3) Initiate tax reform that reduces the corporate tax from the western industrialized high of 35% down to 15%. That will encourage business expansion and solve Trump's problem with companies taking their business overseas....a 15% corporate tax will more than serve for companies to keep their business here in America. Restore the Capital Gains tax to it's previous lows......anyone who is willing to put their money at risk should be rewarded for taking that risk. Enact laws that mandate at least minimum tax payments to big companies....General Electric should never get away with paying no taxes. Quit giving expanded child tax credits after the third one should be rewarded for excessive breeding.
4) Entitlements: Audit the Food Stamp program. Kids getting federal education grants should not be getting food stamps that allow them to order pizza to their dorm room using food stamp cards. Make able bodied people perform community service to receive welfare and food stamp benefits. Force people on Medicaid to at least pay a small co-pay for doctor visits, fines for missed appointments, and no one on welfare or Medicaid should own late model cars, large screen televisions, gaming systems and I-phones. Stop the ridiculous practice of providing welfare for women breeding half a dozen kids, essentially making the taxpayer pay for her sex life.
5) Alert American students that the grand student loan giveaway is over! Economists are predicting that the next financial crisis will be the $2 trillion dollars in student loan debt that they show little means, or intent to re--pay.
(to be continued.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Heroin High


A couple of weeks ago I got my mail in ballot in my mail box.  It sat on my dining room table all weekend, my disgust with my Presidential choices palpable.  Finally, the following week I opened that ballot envelope, marked all my local choices, then sat looking at the scarcity of names up there for Presidential candidates.  Thought long and hard about voting for Gary Johnson, then hurting, voted for Donald Trump...........with the idea of just keeping Hillary from winning a landslide.

This past Monday an old high school classmate passed through town.  We met for coffee.  Both conservatives, we began discussing politics.  When she asked who I voted for, for President, I became tongue-tied, almost not telling her that I voted Trump.  I eventually did tell my friend, but no one else.

So yesterday morning my wife asked me who I thought might win.  I told her that, unless the American people were truly angry enough to go out and vote, The Donald was going to get fried.

So last night Donald Trump.....or rather the American people proved me wrong.  They rose up and smited down all the political pundits, all the liberal media who were soaking in a big warm tub of orgasmic delight over Hillary's sure win, and all the establishment politicians, and former politicians who gain their sustenance from K-Street lobbyists.

I knew something was different when Republican congressional candidates continued to do well in the state races.  Then, when I saw Virginia was so damned close I began to hope that Hillary and her $2 billion dollar war chest just might lose this thing.

And I began to just delight as the Hillary shills over on MSNBC and CNN began to shit their collective pants.  And I hoped like hell that Trump would win and all those Hollywood liberals would keep their promise and leave the country.  (Don't bet on that...liberals love to whine and Trump might give them that chance).

So, I was wrong about Trump's chances.  And last night was like a heroin high....I was so elated in this historic shakeup that I was beside myself.  But, as to the prospects for my country's future, I still have little hope that Trump's the answer.  My old qualms are still there; I don't believe he's a true conservative, I still question his character, I still abhor his behavior, and I don't believe he'll do even a few of all that he's promised he'll do.  And, finally, I remain fearful that Donald Trump will, in the long run, destroy the last vestiges of conservatism...his expected failures giving strength to the socialist wing of the Democratic party...with those socialists winning seat after seat in future elections.  And I'll add a post-script to that:  I mourn the fact that both major candidates are of such poor character.

But, what the hell, I was wrong about his chances of winning....I'm more than prepared to be wrong about his chance of success in governing.  And I champion the American people; all those folks in the small towns of America, who stood up yesterday morning and told Bruce and Lady Gaga and Alex Baldwin, and Whoopi, and most of Hollywood, to go straight to hell.

We'll see.  Right now I'm coming down from last night's "Heroin High" and back to looking at the world a bit more clearly.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today Is YOUR Day, America


I can still remember the time, years ago, when my wife sat at the kitchen table, going over the little history pamphlet that the U.S. State Department gave out to immigrants who wished to pass the citizenship test and become a citizen.
She had studied our history; various historical events and the three branches of government, and why separation of powers was such a great thing.
So here she was that morning, in the kitchen of our home on Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii, doing a last minute review of what immigration officials might ask her.
We then got up, drove down to the American consulate for her to be queried, tested, and hopefully found acceptable as "citizen". The consulate in those years stood just off the harbor, Aloha Tower in the foreground, place where millions of immigrants over time had seen their own first look at America. And as I looked out on Aloha Tower, I thought it most appropriate that she become a citizen here, at a place where the first stirrings of the American dream took place for so many.
My wife met the consular official, was interviewed, and was asked one or two rather simple questions on our history, then was sworn in as "citizen", me beside her in Air Force uniform, symbol for those who had sworn to protect the very Constitution that my wife swore to honor and respect.
In later years, proud of her citizenship, my wife began attending GED classes at night a a local high school. She got her GED, then would later spend hundreds of hours studying for a Cosmetology license, the "life tools" for her now forty year trade.
And she cast her first ballot for President in 1980. I don't pretend to know what was going through her mind as she marked her preferences on her election ballot. But, having grown up in Vietnam, a country where you could be persecuted or killed for marking the wrong block, her delight in this new found American freedom must have been palpable.
Most Americans are fortunate beyond all were born in this country and granted a freedom known to a paltry 25% of the world. You need not experience the trials and tribulations that so many other immigrants faced. And, today, you need not even fight for this country should you choose not to. But you do have the responsibility assigned to every get out there and vote today.
I hope you will.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Capitol Corruption


If I may, I'd like to offer a tiny, tiny illustration showing the depth of corruption that exists in our nation's capitol.  And I won't even mention the union thugs, or the K-Street lobbyists, or the IRS, or Congressmen trading stocks based on inside information.  Nope, the one I offer comes from the mainstream liberal media who seek to influence and control public opinion.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 8th; What Will We See?


As all of my old gang knows, I've been sitting quietly and watching the circus, just waiting to see how the wildest, most unpredictable Presidential race plays out.  That does not mean I haven't been paying attention, and one of those things I've been watching closely is the electoral map.  I'm not one bit moved by those generic poll numbers that are issued by the pundits on a daily basis.  Nope, I'm looking at that electoral map and I see no possibility of Trump winning.