Friday, February 27, 2015

"Play Ball!"


The 1954 World Series, New York Giants vs Cleveland Indians.  It's game 1, the game is tied 2-2 in the 8th inning.  The Giants pitcher gives up a walk and a hit and there are two runners on base.  The Giants manager signals the Giants outfield to play "in" so that anything hit to the outfield gives them a chance to throw the runner out at home.  So there's young Willie Mays, playing maybe twenty or thirty feet behind the second baseman.

Slugger Vic Wertz of the Indians comes to the plate.  He works the count to 2-1, then gets a pitch he can drive.   The ball crashes off his bat.  At the first crack of the bat, Willie Mays turns around and begins running as hard as he can toward the outfield fence.  Because the ball is behind him he can only track the ball with a slight glance over his shoulder.  Incredibly Willie makes the catch some 420 feet from home plate, then spins and throws back to the infield.  The crowd goes nuts and, for time immemorial, the play will simply be known as "the catch."

I've probably watched that play on U-Tube a hundred times.  It signifies to me what baseball was all about.  The "Say Hey Kid" (given that name from his exuberant greeting to anyone he met) would spend the next decade and a half roaming center field for the Giants, in New York and then in San Francisco.  It would be 15 years and 660 home runs, and perennial plus 300 batting averages before Willie would earn a $100,000 dollar salary.   Yes, you read that right.  (And only half a dozen soon to be hall of famers earned that kind of dough).  In fact, the great Giant teams of the 60's had a total payroll of $200,000 dollars, about a tenth of what a mediocre, .220 hitting middle infielder makes today.

Since Willie's catch 61 years ago there may have been more spectacular catches.  But, back then, when baseball was a White man's game, Wille was the best there was.   And no one today can match his combination of speed, power and consistently high batting average.  I miss Willie.  And I miss $3.00 baseball tickets.

If Willie had been born two decades later his name would no doubt be "Willaxer Mohammed" or some such.  He might have brought onto the field his personal gripes and his politics....and he might have been slowed a bit by a chip on his shoulder.   But, back then, baseball was played with joyous abandon and it brought pure joy to a baseball fan's heart.  

So, next week, another season begins.  Some 3,000 millionaires will report to the club house, accompanied by a contingent of hangers managers, bag carriers and personal ass-kissers.  

We here in Phoenix are blessed to host over half of all the major league teams for spring training.  But, if you want a decent bleacher seat you'll pay $20 to $50 bucks to get one.  A hot dog will cost you $7 bucks and a short beer will go for $6 bucks.  And, if you stand on the field where the players enter you might or might not get an autograph, depending on the mood of the player on any particular day.

So I don't go the spring training games.  I subscribe to the Major League Baseball channel and sit at home watching while scarfing down dollar hot dogs and dollar beer.  But I still love the game.  Willie Mays led me to baseball and I miss him terribly.  

So "play ball", guys.  Play it with half the joy that Willie played it and I'll be happy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gagging On Oscar


I've watched the Academy Awards probably twice in the last ten years.  I have a problem watching Hollywood in their narcissistic love fest.  Sadly, having nothing to do last Sunday night, I tuned in.  What a mistake.

I can remember when the stars dressed eloquently, acted like ladies and gentlemen, declined to speak about their politics, and concentrated instead on honoring the art of film.  That's no longer the case.  The Oscars are now the showcase for the liberal propaganda, for promoting alternative lifestyles, and for celebrating the art of "me."

And it's all done in poor taste.  Let's recall a few.  Early in the show we had Neil Patrick Harris speaking of someone who might have to teach their grandma what a "spanking bench" if that concept was clear to the rest of mainstream America.  I myself had to think a bit before I associated the joke with the "50 Shades of Gray" film.  Sado-Masochism is probably big in Hollywood but I suspect tens of millions didn't get the joke.

Then we had NHP give a nod to the Al Sharpton folks out on the street protesting because Blacks weren't given half the award nominations.  Harris first addressed the audience as "the whitest ever", then, later when walking down the aisle of the audience, scolding them for not nominating the English Black guy for not being nominated for "Best Actor."

And, while I'm sure the nation's gays were all atwitter about Neil Patrick Harris sporting an underwear bulge, I found it to be in poor taste.  In fact, I found most of NHP's performance in poor taste.  There was plenty of egocentric smirks as he laughed at his own poor jokes.  And it was absolutely hilarious when he joked about a woman's dress just as she walked off the stage after having spoken about her son's suicide.  What a hoot!

Speaking of suicide, we now seem to celebrate the weak of heart and weak of character.  I noted huge applause when a gay writer, having won a screenplay award, admitted that he tried to kill himself at 16 cause he realized he had a hankering for males.  That's what we do these days; we sneer at mainstream America and raise on high pedestals those who live their life off center.  

Even idiocy was in full bloom Sunday night.  Rosanna Arquette won for best supporting actress and used her time to rally for equal pay for women.  Her speech was so spirited Meryl Streep jumped up and pumped a delicate fist in the air.  Well, folks, the truth is as I wrote it a couple of weeks ago when poring over the U.S. labor report; more women than men are employed today and, except for highly hazardous jobs, are paid as much, if not more than men.   But, hey, everybody has to have a cause, right?  And it doesn't matter if what they are advocating for, or even if the facts are against them, they've got something to hang their frilly hat on.

And of course we had the Mexican director of "Birdland" championing illegal immigration.  Oddly, he doesn't have a thing to say about why he's not making movies down in Mexico....he just doesn't like what we're doing up here.

Did I miss anything?  I'm sure you'll point it out if I did.

So, after the Oscars I took a glass of bicarbonate of soda to still my nausea and went on to bed.  Maybe I'll tune in to the Oscars again sometime around 2025.  For just now I don't think I could stomach another round of Golden Calf worship.

Post Script:  After this blog was written I read that most of America was really upset that the Hollywood libs snubbed American Sniper.  They also pointed out that Sniper made more money at the box office on the first weekend than the other nine movies nominated during their entire run.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Barack and Hillary; Defenders of Islam


The quote above was taken from Barack Obama's book "Dreams of My Father".  If we were to stretch  as far as we could we might be able to give Barry the benefit of the doubt and write it off as someone who is just naive about the dangers of radical Islam.  However, this past week I came across something that should strike fear in every one of us.  It seems someone had posted something about Hillary and Barack's support for an Islamic group called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.  Sounds pretty benign, huh?  Well, when I read in the posting that Hillary and Barack want to make it a crime to criticize Muslims I thought it was just some right wing radical making more of something than is there.

So I did a little research on this Organization for Islamic Cooperation.  Seems the group is real, is funded largely by oil rich Saudi Arabia and has membership representing some of the more radical elements of Islam.  AND...Hillary and Barack are four square behind this group.  As a matter of fact, Hillary was dispatched to Istanbul, Turkey to attend an OIC conference and pledged the Obama Administration's support for enacting universal laws making it a crime to criticize a Muslim.

Further, the OIC says that American media are largely responsible for giving them a bad rap and urged Obama to use his influence to quash news reports that might make Muslims look bad.  They would like, wherever possible, for world governments to introduce legislation that would curb media reporting that portrays Muslims as violent and war-like.  The OIC also proposes that slander laws be expanded so that individual citizens can be sued should they speak critically of the Muslim culture.

In researching this organization I came across an Op-Ed in the LA Times by Jonathon Turley, a former Supreme Court staffer and widely recognized expert on Constitutional law.  Turley says Obama and Clinton's aiding and abetting these folks at the OIC puts the free speech liberties of Amreican citizens at risk and this administration needs to be taken to task for it.

I can only surmise that Obama is holding off on issuing an Executive Order on this because of the barbarity currently occurring in the Middle East.  But I would not put it past him to come out with an EO when the storm dies down, of proscribing your prosecution if you dare criticize a Muslim.  

Who knows?  Maybe you too will not be able to utter the phrase "Islamic Terrorist!"

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, February 20, 2015

How Many Strikes Are ILU allowed?

Like most of you, I've been reading about the strike by the International Longshoreman's Union (ILU) over in Los Angeles.  And, like most folks, I know that the ILU in all of the American ports strike about as often as you and I change our underwear.  What I didn't know was what this particular strike was all about.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama; My Favorite New Cartoon Character


Barack Obama's performance as President has achieved one specific thing; he's become a cartoon figure to most of America...and yes, we can even include Blacks among the folks who don't have the same world view as Barry.

Obama's views are so different than most of us and that, ironically, is how he has managed to last as long as he has.  For six years we've been waiting to see the method to his madness, just as we waited for that $787 billion dollar stimulus bill to produce economic results, just as we waited for Obamacare to make any kind of sense for the working men and women in America, just as we try to understand why he would, choose to pamper some 20 million illegal immigrants.

We keep trying to figure out how admitting 20 million more illegals to the employment rolls will somehow improve the employment picture, or how millions of those same illegals will somehow solve the welfare deficits.

We shake our heads as our President absolutely refuses to use the word Islamic terrorism.  We ponder about his reticence to take a leadership role on the world he dispatches Angela Merkel to meet with Putin over the Ukraine crisis...or why he failed to show up in Paris to stand with the world as one against terrorism.

And how many times has Barack trotted out some new plan to boost the economy, to increase payroll take home, to boost world trade.  All of his plans die amidst an apathetic Congress, both Republican and Democrat, because they know they won't work.

Well, two conservative columnists came out last week and theorized that Barack Hussein Obama is not the bumbling fool, not the cartoon character we think he is.  Instead, they contend that all of Obama's actions to date are made with the specific intent to destroy the American republic so that it can be re-shaped into the socialist society he mosts covets.  And, when he couldn't do it through Congressional legislation he's done it through Executive Orders and through the employment of terroristic czars.

If that's true we're all in a world of trouble.  We've trouble enough with his six years in office...and now many of us are wondering if we can even survive his last two years.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

How The Dems Avoid Mistake Ownership By Re-Writing History


Every liberal newspaper and every Democratic politician are back to re-writing history in trying to explain away liberal darling Brian William's pathological lying problem.  In the past few days literally every liberal publication has explained William's lying as far more acceptable than the lying the Bush administration did when trying to justify the invasion of Iraq.  

As anyone with the ability to read knows Democrats have re-written history time and again with regard to the Iraq war.  From 2006 to 2010 one congressional inquiry after another have tackled the events that led up to the Iraqi invasion.  Not a single piece of evidence has ever been uncovered to indicate Bush and his staff knew any more or any less  than the congressional intelligence committees.  Bush, and every member on that inelligence committees believed that Iraq had chemical weapons as well as the elementary beginnings of a nuclear weapon program.  One can "U-Tube" the hell out of the subject and find Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and any number of Democrats making speeches about the dangers of Sadaam Hussein's chemical weapons program.  And, when it came to the Congressional votes for the invasion, the vote was bi-partisan in favor....including a "yes" vote from your next President, Hillary Clinton.

But, somehow, Democrats have been successful in disowning their past votes.  They even concoct grand yarns about how Bush and his national security staff knew there were no chemical weapons in Iraq and chose to lie about it in order to win approval for the invasion.

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I was against the Iraqi invasion; I did not believe in efforts to democratize Muslim nations...and I was right on that account.  

But the Democrats hypocrisy on this issue is astounding.  And their ability to convince their liberal ilk that they were against the Iraqi invasion from the beginning is even more impressive.  Thus, some 13 years later the Democrats have once again succeeded in diverting responsibility for their own vote to those dastardly Republicans...

So, here they are folks....trying to excuse the horrid lying of one of their favorite media blaming it all on Bush.  Poor guy...too bad that he wasn't raised to blame others...being "the decider" is sometimes more admirable than those who are never responsible for anything.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Open Letter To President of Mexico


Dear President Nieto,

I'm writing to let you know that you have a serious public relations problem here in the United States.  You keep sending us your dregs; the poor, the uneducated, the criminal element, the emotionally and mentally retarded, your child molestors, and those who haven't an ounce of moral turpitude.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why I'm "Insecure" About Homeland Security


I'm not a big fan of Homeland Security.  Here's why:

The U.S. military are taught from basic training on, throughout their career, that we are to always be subservient to civilian leadership, that our greatest responsibility is to defend our nation, and do so as "citizen soldiers" owing our allegiance to the citizenry we swear an oath to defend.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

James Robertson Story Both Happy And Sad


I loved the James Robertson story.  Who couldn't love a story about a guy whose work ethic is such that he'd walk 21 miles a day to and from his work...and never be late or miss a day of work in ten years.  America loved the Robertson story as well.   A young college student set up a "go fund" for James and donations began pouring the current tune of $350,000 dollars.  And a Detroit auto dealer just gave James a new Ford Taurus.  

All of this good will is remarkable, and certainly makes James Robertson happy.  But, like all of life, there is a hint of tragedy in this story.  You see, James Robertson's star shines brighter these days because he's such a rare exception, among his race, as well as the general populace.  The American work ethic has eroded so dramatically that, when we find someone who values hard work, we make a celebrity of him.

One could go back to the Great Depression era and find thousands of folks who would be more than willing to trod those miles for a decent job.  Even as recently as the 60's one could find hard working folks who showed up for work every day and appreciated the chance to make a living.  The Democrats "War On Poverty" programs ruined all that.   Our citizenry learned that if you whine hard enough Uncle Sam would issue you a green check and no effort on your part is required.  And if you could breed children the rewards were even greater; not only did those spermal offal assure you a green check, but you could access free or subsidized housing, food stamps and preferential racial or economic quotas for both education and employment....without ever considering personal merit.

These days, the Democrats having discovered they can buy votes by doling out government largesse, the government goodies have gotten even better.  Thousands in earned income credits and child tax credits and free medical and dental and free all day pre-school and free all day K-12 programs and free school breakfast and free school lunches....and even free school dinners in some school districts...and when schools out one can raid the food banks or chow down at free meals offered by any number of charitable organizations.

So, it seems James Robertson is the "one eyed king in the land of the blind" showing a willingness to work he is a champion cause no one else wants to run the race.  

I'm happy for James Robertson....and very sad to live in an America where James Robertson is such an exception.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weathermen and "Macho Journalists"


The Queen of Liberalism, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd published a scathing indictment of NBC's Brian Williams in her column on Sunday morning.   Dowd apparently used her connections with the NBC hierarchy to report that the NBC news team have been in a dither for years over Williams "inflating his resume" so to speak.  And Dowd wonders why!  As she says, Brian Williams already had owned the anchor desk at the number 1 news show in the liberal main stream media.  She wondered what degree of ego possessed Williams to becomes such a drama queen during his reporting over the last decade.  

Well, now that a bit of light is beginning to shine on Williams, we learned there were no dead bodies floating by his French Quarter hotel room during the Katrina floods...cause the French Quarter was dry as a bone.  And on several radio and late night talk shows Williams chose to embellish his "combat exploits" far beyond credible reality.

Apparently Williams is not the only drama queen at the anchor desks of our liberal main stream media.  David Muir, over at ABC News keeps his support team in stitches as he regularly unbuttons the top three buttons of his shirt to display a manly chest whenever reporting from the field.  

All of this seems pure silliness to those of us who have to plow through our day and hope to create as little drama in our life as humanly possible.  But, that seems not to be true with the pretty boys behind the anchor desks.  

So why do these talking heads go to such lengths to create such drama?  Well, for the same reason weather men and women stand out in hurricanes to give their weather report.   How many times have you seen those idiotic weather people standing in 50 mph winds to tell us a hurricane has arrived?  And how many of us has said "why the hell are they doing that outside?"  "Why don't they just direct the camera through a window and show palm trees bending to the waist?  Well, of course it seems more dramatic if they stand in their weather gear, their network logo pinned to their rain jacket, and sway back and forth as they bravely bring you the weather.

News anchors are no different.  It seems that, once a year or so, these idiots don flack jackets and khaki trousers and Doc Martin boots, and trot out to the war zone to report.  Never mind that the real reporting is done by lesser known journalists who grind it out every day, and are fully capable of doing a satellite remote from Kabul on nearly every evening broadcast.  Nope, the "macho journalists" behind the desk have to go out and create some real drama for the nation's viewers.

Many of us might remember a time when we did have "real" war correspondents with a "real" set of testicles.  Edward R. Murrow was right there in London when the bombs were falling in World War II.  And Walter Cronkite flew those bombing missions, and actually had to man a gun a few times, in order to report on the war.  Other journalists were imprisoned by the Nazi's for a time.  Maury Safer over on CBS was constantly out on patrol in Vietnam as were the other network war correspondents.

Alas, all we have now are pretty boys who trot out to a war zone once a year and exaggerate the degree of danger they are in...just to create a bit of drama...even as most of America have tuned them out and turned over to Fox News for a bit of objective reporting.

Brian Williams will get through this...he just announced he's taking a little time off.  He'll take just enough time for the storm winds to calm, then he'll be back doing his best Ted Baxter impression over at the "lean forward network."   NBC just signed old Brian to a five year, ten million dollars per year contract.  They won't give up that kind of money in trade for journalistic integrity.  Besides, who are they gonna get to replace him?  Al Sharpton?  Chris "piss and tingle down my leg" Chris Matthews?


Friday, February 6, 2015

Gays Are Furious Over "Straight Pride" Movement


Well, the gay community is up in arms again, this time they are absolutely furious over a growing "straight pride" movement blossoming across the nation.  And, alas, gays don't know who to punch in the nose over this one.  Usually gays can point to conservatives to blame, or people of faith....but the straight pride movement seems to growing in popularity across every economic class, social class, and political class.  

Gays profess that the "straight pride" movement is simply another effort to demean the gay community.  Not satisfied with equality, gays are now shooting for "protected and pampered class" and no other group has the right to share that elevated status.

For the most part, gays are winning this least in the courts and with our government masters.  Just recently a community up in Canada decided to have a "gay pride" day.  When a group of "straights" demanded to have a "straight pride" day the city council went along with it, setting the two community celebrations some three months apart in order to properly recognize each group.  However, the gay group decided that, if community leaders chose to allow a "straight pride" day, then they refused to participate in the "gay pride" day because "if everyone is special, then no one is special."  

And at a high school up in Michigan a group of gay high school students decided that they would mark out a special place on campus, marked off in pink ribbon, where gays could go and not feel persecuted, and where "straights" would not be allowed to enter.  One "straight" student felt offended by this and began wearing a sweatshirt to school with the words "straight pride" printed on the front.  When the gays complained the school principle order the straight student to remove the sweatshirt and ordered him not to wear it on campus ever again.  The dispute ended up in court, whereby the judge reversed the principal's decision while stating that these kinds of disputes should never tie up the business of the courts.

Now the gays are battling Face Book because the "straight pride"movement has established a Face Book page which celebrates all things "straight".  No word yet if that too will end up in the courts but that seems likely as well.

It's really sad that our government has time to coddle yet another "pampered class" of people who equate alternative sexual lifestyles with the civil rights movement.  It's even sadder when gays crusade to suppress those who may very well be in support of their right to choose their life path, but absolutely refuse to accord straights with that same freedom of choice.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Generational Madness


Of course, most of us are not old enough to remember these statements, but��  
The following were some comments made in the year 1957: 

(1) 'I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, its going to be impossible to buy a weeks groceries for $20.00.' 

(2) 'Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long when $5,000 will only buy a used one.' 

(3) 'If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ridiculous.' 

(4) 'Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a letter?' 

(5) 'If they raise the minimum wage to $1, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store.' 

(6) 'When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage,' 

(7) 'Kids today are impossible. Those ducktail hair cuts make it impossible to stay groomed. Next thing you know, boys will be wearing their hair as long as the girls,' 

(8) 'I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying 'damn' in 'Gone With The Wind,' it seems every new movie has some bad words in it.' 

(9) 'I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a man on the moon by the end of the century. They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas.' 

(10) 'Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for $75,000 a year just to play ball? It wouldn't surprise me if someday that they will be making more than the President.' 

(11) 'I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They are even making electric typewriters now' 

(12) 'It's too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few married women have to work to make ends meet.' 

(13) 'It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work.' 

(15) 'I'm just afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business.' 

(16) 'No one can afford to be sick any more, $35.00 a day in the hospital is too rich for my blood.'

(17) 'The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously doubt they will ever catch on.' 

(18) 'I guess taking a vacation is out of the question now days. It costs nearly $15.00 a night to stay in a hotel.' 

(19) 'Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government takes half our income in taxes. I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best people to Congress.' 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Best And Worst of Us


Robin Williams died last year.  He left an estate valued at over $100 million dollars.  Now his wife and children are squabbling over the language of his will.  Though Robin distributed tens of millions to each heir, thus assuring that the'll never have to do a day's work for the rest of their life, they are in court arguing about his personal jewelry.

Mahatma Gandhi said "there is sufficiency in this world for man's need...but never enough for man's greed.

Thanks to Robin's talents his family have lived a life of quiet luxury....they have never known hunger, or cold, or worried about how to pay the electric bill.  So, they have built their life ambitions around "more"...more than they will ever need.

And they are emotionally impoverished beyond belief.


Twelve years ago James Robertson's truck broke down.  So James began walking 21 miles a day to gets to his job at an automotive parts manufacturing supplier.  From Detroit, Michigan, a failing municipal bus system simply didn't have the funding to continue on routes that might have brought James anywhere close to his work.  So James Robertson set out four hours early each day and walked those 21 miles to work.  And he's done it for twelve years.  His boss at the auto parts firm says he gauges everyone else's work ethic by that of James Robertson...he's never missed a day of work, nor been an hour late in all of those years.  

The world might not have heard of James Robertson except for a local banker that kept driving by James as he trudged through the rain or snow going to, or coming home from work.  He began offering James rides.  The banker began telling the story of this hard working man....a man so proud that he would let nothing stand in the way of his work.

The story got repeated often enough that the Detroit Free Press ran a story on James Robertson.  Readers were touched....readers were inspired, none more so than a 19 year old kid who read James' story and set up a "go fund" account to help Mr. Robertson buy a used car.  The kid's name was Evan Leedy and his goal was $10,000 dollars.  People responded.  Some offered James a car, others wanted to drive James to work.  As of yesterday the "go fund" has reached $90,000 dollars.

And, guess what.  James doesn't want it.  He says he'd rather the money raised go to upgrading the bus system so that everyone can benefit from a safe and comfortable ride to work.  

The best and worst of us.

Post Script:  As of last night that "go fund" is now $220,000 as more and more people have opted to donate to someone whose really trying to live a worthy life.  No word on what the outcome of this will be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

News & Notes Revisited


Political "Poling"

Just read this morning that Oregon strippers are soliciting the assistance of the Oregon statehouse to promote and protect the civil rights of Oregon pole dancers and strippers.  I didn't know that Portland, Oregon has the highest number of strip clubs, per capita, that anywhere else in the U.S.  Seems they do.  And the strippers are not happy.

The news article said that the average Portland stripper pulls in $100 bucks an hour.  Alas, because the "johns" focus most of their attention, and their cash, on the strippers and pole dancers, the cook in the back that prepares the hot dogs and tater tots, and the bartenders, aren't getting any tips to speak of.  So the strip joint owners require that the dancers share the riches by allocating a share of the dancer's tips with the other employees.    

Well the strippers have had quite enough, thank you.  So they're "working closely" with Oregon's politicians to get a better deal by proposing some civil rights legislation that would enhance the pay and benefits of strippers and pole dancers.  

These adult entertainers are also demanding that strip club owners clean up their act and institute healthier working conditions; things like having someone clean the pole with sanitary wipes between dancers, improving the sound system  and building better stages.  They are also a bit squeamish about having the clientele putting those five dollar bills in their most intimate nether regions....saying there's no telling how many germs are on that Abe Lincoln.

"Taxing their health"

Yahoo Finance is reporting that as many as six million Americans are going to be shocked come April 15th.  Seems there are that many Americans opted not to enroll in an Obamacare program last year.  They said, even with the generous Obama subsidies they couldn't afford to spend $200 per month on health care.  Accordingly, these folks will be paying penalties that have doubled this year and will affect how much they owe in income taxes, or how much money will be subtracted from any refunds they are due.  More than half of those affected say they didn't know about penalties for not enrolling, then asked "how can the government force you to buy something?"  Guess they were all asleep when this got kicked around by everybody from the Supremes to the Tea Party.  

"Red State Rape"

Surely most of you read Forbes Magazine's study of how Obama punished the red states when it came to handing out federal largesse.  Seems that Barry and his minions decided to withhold federal grants and program allocations to those states that keep voting Republican, and giving the extra cash to the blue states who voted Democratic.  That will teach them!

Monday, February 2, 2015

"Hey, Barry...Get A Clue!"


Well today Barack Hussein Obama is going to announce another spending spree; $478 billion for this one.  Barry plans to use that for "roads and bridges."  Anyone remember how that $800 billion dollar pork stimulus plan panned out?  Barry says he doesn't want to raise the gas tax; instead he'll assess more fees for the working stiff... but the big pile he's looking for is from taxing all that overseas money that American corporations have parked over in Ireland and Germany and Switzerland.