Monday, November 12, 2012

Join The Massive State Secession Request Campaign


Post Script To My Blog Readers:

As of this morning 21 states have now forwarded petitions to the White House to request to secede from the Union since last Tuesday's massive fraudulent election results.

I just signed up on the Arizona petition and urge all who believe the current government fails to represent your national interest go to White House. gov and sign the petition for your state.

As you all know I predicted a 2nd Civil War if Obama is re-elected.  (

His goals to evolve this nation into a Union of Socialist Republics of the United States are simply not those of Americans who made this nation great and seek to keep it great.

Here's one of the latest links to these secessionist efforts:

The link to the Secession Requests, by state is here.  Just go to the link and search "open petitions" to see if your state is participating.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodbye, America

The American people have spoken.  Last night the American people said it's okay to take something for nothing; that we no longer need to sow in order to reap, that it's okay for a President to circumvent Congress, appoint "czars", issue edicts, selectively enforce our nation's laws based on how many varied pockets of interest groups who will give him electoral support.  America said yesterday that they will willingly accept the heavy hands of government into their lives in exchange for a government check.

America said yesterday that political expediency is far more important than doing what is morally right. Perhaps morality is now an obsolete idea that no longer has a place in American life.

America yesterday chose the perpetual golden promises of a man who leads from behind, who makes his decisions according to what's popular in the morning polls.

Yesterday, America embraced the dream of a man whose whole life has been directed toward establishing a European type socialist state in which those who produce owe all to those who find producing too much of an ordeal.

I too spoke.  I said that if Mr. Obama was re-elected I would end my blog, having accepted the choice America had made, and finally coming to the realization that my traditional American values no longer have a place on the American scene.  If I ever see over 100 members sign up for this blog maybe I'll resurrect it.  But for now, while only half of Americans opt to vote, and so many Americans are willing to vote their own self-interest, and not the national interest, I'll set out awhile.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said it was for the new generation to command the arena, and for the older generations to step aside.  Jefferson made no judgements on whether the mores and values of that new generation are admirable and worthy, only that they are valid.  Sadly, it was also Jefferson who said that when the times arrive when citizens can vote themselves the bounty of government benefits we will no longer be a republic.

A word to the victors:  Despite the many faults that fall on the shoulders of those who lived in the America of the first two hundred and thirty years, it was they who made America who she was.  It was the Judeo-Christian work and moral ethics which sustained this nation, who built a nation that was once the envy of the world, whose prosperity was shared with all the nations on earth, who gloriously defended human freedom, who charitably fed the world's poor, who stamped out poverty and disease to the extent that she was capable.  It was an America who shouted "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free".  It was an America who first trumpeted the ideal of "the American dream"...and millions flocked to her shores to follow their personal and unique versions of that dream.

Now, as we have done for over 230 years, Americans have voted.  They have turned the wheel to steer our nation on another course.  It is not a course I embrace.  For two decades now I have seen far too many grasping for the wheel and have been alarmed at the direction they want to go.  So two years ago I resolved to write about my concerns.  To sound the alarm.  To give America a wake up call.   Day after day I have written about our nation's problems, of ambitious men and women who live not by principle but by their lust for their own political agendas.  I've seen the world I knew turned upside down, where what we once learned was moral and right has proven to be too hard a line to adhere to, where the tyranny of the minority rules in all aspects of our daily lives.

My blogs have been rather harsh at times.  I've been especially tough on my liberal friends for I perceive them to be totally lacking in rational logic and belligerent in their tactics.  When America's back is metaphorically "against the wall" I have found there's little room for compromise with liberal tyrants who demand that we bow to socialism without a whimper.

Victors Beware!  With all my heart I believe that socialism and political opportunism are failing ideologies.  I believe Obama and his liberal minions will never tame the spirit of those who embrace individual freedom, those who believe in a day's work for a day's pay, who believe in essential fairness.  And I believe that your economic theories are failures as well, and that when big socialist government can no longer be subsided by a shrinking "productive class" the wheels are coming off.  And when they do you're going to see America deeply engaged in a second Civil War.

But, for me, I now cede my share of control of "the wheel".  It is now up to that generation Jefferson spoke of to determine America's course.  I now choose to traverse a more tranquil road.  I don't have a lot of time left on this spinning mud ball so I think I'll use it to write on other things.   To my dear readers; the 500 plus blogs I've written will remain here for your future reading but "that's all she wrote" for me.  This blog ends today.

I intend to keep writing, and invite you to look for a link to my next blog sometime soon.  I'll post a link to this blog when the next one is ready.  Writing has been a life time love affair for me and I couldn't stop writing if I tried.  It just won't be about politics, for now anyway.  For now, Don Quixote is a bit weary of dueling with windmills, his hump-back steed no longer sure afoot on treacherous ground.  And my heart aches a bit this November morning, pining for what was, and is no more.

May God someday shower his blessings on America once again.

Post Script:  I wrote over 500 of these essays in less than two years.  When you write that many, once in awhile you hit the "golden note", where you got it just right.  When that happens I get a short note in my email, or a comment on the blog, that says I've touched someone's heart or soul.  Many of those had nothing to do with politics but are instead musings about some aspect of love and life.  I would like those who might have been touched by something I've written to know how much I treasure the times when they wrote and told me so.  Thanks ever so much.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Citizens: Do Your Duty Today

No electioneering today.  Today is the day average Americans do their duty and go out and vote for the candidates of their choice.  Since 1960 the percentage of eligible voters who actually go out and vote has declined, as barely half venture out to the voting booth.  Many claim they don't know enough about the candidates, while many more complain that their vote won't make a difference.  The only thing true about that thinking is that, if they don't vote, that will surely be true.

Back in 2004 when Iraqis joyously went to the polls to vote for their leaders of choice for the first time in 60 years I was so happy for them.  I admit to shedding tears of joy for those brave Iraqis who walked around sporting those purple fingers, so proud to have the privilege of voting for the first time in their lives.

Americans have been so safe and secure with their voting rights for so long they tend to take that right for granted.  More than half of the world today long for those rights.

Today both parties will go out and make their choices.  Some do so with a great sense of responsibility. Some vote for the least offensive candidate while others are really "amped" to support their candidate.
A few days ago I wrote a blog about liberal media bias and their presumptuous declaration that Obama has already won this race so there was no need for Republicans to go out and vote.  I was sarcastically flaying the liberal poll pundits.  Then I got a comment to this blog from a liberal reader; he/she accused me of trying to use "reverse psychology" to lull liberals into staying home because Obama had this election sewed up!...which might give Republicans a fighting chance!   That accusation made me laugh out loud as the reader was reading more into my blog than was there!  It just shows how spirited both sides are about this particular election.

So, vote or not...that's your choice....but if you don't vote, don't be bitching about how things are going...this is the one and only day that you get to be the boss.  Don't surrender that power to anyone!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Electoral College: Tyranny of The Minority

In 2000 I was still over in Saudi Arabia.  I cast an absentee ballot and followed the election on CNN.  When I heard that George Bush was declared the winner and that Al Gore had won the popular vote but lost, I said to a friend "this is going to come back to haunt us".

What troubled me most was that the electoral college had become an albatross around our neck; it afforded just a rare few states the opportunity to determine who our next President would be.  Until the last decade or so that was not so much of a problem.  But political scientists now recognize that increased mobility has allowed for citizens of like political philosophies to live and work in parts of the country who seem more in line with how they themselves live and think.  For example, California, Oregon and Washington State have become so liberal that they now border on the socialist.  Their political philosophies have become alien even to more moderate Democrats who live elsewhere.  A Democrat in Iowa or Nebraska wouldn't recognize the west coast brand of Democratic politics.

Just as the South switched to the Republican party in the sixties, and formed a solid voting block for any Republican, the West Coast has now formed a solid wall of liberalism, from which no Republican stands a chance in hell of winning.  The same has proven true for the Northeast; New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Massachusetts, all solidly Democratic.

So what we now have in America are bi-polar voting blocks which leaves the rest of the medium and smaller states to sort it all out and determine a winner.

The problem with this bi-polar disorder is that now candidates, especially the incumbent, can buy the election.  When candidates had to deal with all fifty states that would not have been possible.  Now, it is not only possible, these states are being bought by the highest bidder.  Obama bought Ohio lock stock and barrel, with $37 billion dollars of our tax money; rather than allow General Motors and Chrysler go through a normal business bankruptcy, Obama appointed a banker and an auto czar, gave half of the company to auto unions, then saturated Michigan and Ohio and Wisconsin with campaign ads championing their "savior".  Sadly, just a month ago Treasury Secretary Geitner testified that the GM bailout will result in a minimum loss of $25 billion dollars to the U.S taxpayer.    So now, Obama can put Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin in his pocket, all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

When Obama travels through Nebraska and Iowa he walks with confidence, knowing that he cowardly refuses to admit that ethanol subsidies to corn farmers is neither a solution to our energy needs nor a very efficient use of taxpayer money, nor even better for the environment!

Be it Democrat or Republican, the electoral college system has outlived its worth, if it ever had any in the first place.  The electoral college was initially established to give the smaller states an equal say in our government.  But now it has proven possible for a President to lose the popular vote and steal victory from the American people through an electoral college victory.  It has now happened three times in our history and seems to be picking up steam for more occurrences.

Sadly, both of the candidates' election campaigns have more or less ignored 41 of the 50 states, instead concentrating their respective billion dollar campaigns on half a dozen "swing states".  More than likely the folks in Ohio will choose our next President.  That's especially true if one candidate wins the national popular vote but loses the electoral count.  Look at that map up above.  If Obama wins this election he will most likely win it in less than 20 of the 50 states...and it will be Ohio as referee, standing in the middle of the ring to raise the champion's glove.

It wasn't democratic in 2000 and it's not democratic in 2012.  The system is seriously broken and if something isn't done the integrity of our Presidential elections will be seriously degraded.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bill Clinton; Still Dishonoring The Presidency

No one has ever accused Bill Clinton of elevating the office of the Presidency.  From Whitewater to Travelgate, to his rape of a campaign worker, to Jennifer Flowers, to his solicitation of oral sex from young White House intern Monica Lewinsky, to his shameless pardon of imprisoned campaign contributors on his last day in office, Bill Clinton put a stain on the Presidency that is unprecedented.

Fortunately for Clinton, half of Americans are so immorally craven that all was forgiven in their long as that green check keeps showing up in their mail box once a month.  Now, Slick Willie is back in the public spotlight.  He's out campaigning for Barack Hussein Obama, promising America an economic resurgence if only you give Barack another four years.  As with any slick salesman, Slick Willie claims immense success as President.  Not once will Clinton mention that he just happened to be President when Republicans passed Welfare Reform and took away Clinton's big spending checkbook.  Nor will Slick Willie mention that he rode the tsunami of the Internet Boom, which generated trillions for government coffers, and claimed success for himself.

Not satisfied with the stains he placed on the Oval Office, Clinton now stains the pristine traditions of "ex Presidents".  Traditionally, ex Presidents retire to the state of "elder statesman".  Our former Presidents stay out of political campaigns, stay above the fray of political infighting and satisfy themselves with establishing their Presidential library, writing books and attending foreign state funerals.

With the exception of Jimmy Carter, other Presidents have gracefully left the public scene and lived fruitful, productive lives and have willingly departed from partisan politics.

But Clinton is a political junkie that can't live without his "fix".  He must bask in the false glow of a fictional success that never existed.  He must stand at the podium and twist facts and figures to fit his own personal image of himself.  So, like the immoral political whore that he is, Clinton is out making speeches for Obama.  But not really.  Just as a heroin addict must have his daily fix, Clinton has to keep popping up on campaign stages and telling tales that were never true.

If Slick Willie can avoid still another "babe" scandal, win or lose this campaign, he'll be back again in 2016, still basking in the pseudo success that only his degenerate followers believe in.  He has to.  He's the ultimate political junkie that can never be rehabbed.

Presidential Humor

Okay, everybody take a break from angry partisan politics for a few minutes.  The other night on Jay Leno the President was asked "what's this thing with you and Trump?"  The President responded with "well it goes way back when we were growing up in Kenya...Trump was just a lousy soccer player".

Okay, we now have learned that the joke was scripted.  But it was funny, and it got me to thinking about how humor has eased political tension on many occasions, and how it can sometimes take the wind out of the sails of critical attack.

John Kennedy was my favorite.  Once at a Gridiron Dinner, Kennedy was roasted all night, by friends and foe alike, about his family's immense wealth.  After John had been jabbed all night about his billionaire father's financing his political campaign, he soon took his turn at the podium.  He then pretended to take a message out of his pocket and said "I've just received a cable from my father...he says I am not to spend one dime more than necessary to win...says he'll be damned if he'll pay for a landslide.

Kennedy and Reagan both had great press conferences.  Without fail, sometime during the discussion of serious world and national events, both never failed to offer a little nugget of humor to ease the tension so prevalent between politician and press.

I can still remember a bit of one of the Kennedy press conferences in which a very young White House reporter Helen Thomas was giving Kennedy hell about some national problem.  Thomas has always been known to be abrasive at these conferences.  When Helen had finally laid out her long indictment of the President, she asked Kennedy "what are you doing about it!"...Kennedy laughed, paused, then said, "well Helen, I'm sure not enough".

Kennedy and Reagan were the ultimate charmers.  They were able to deflect anger with humor, which often was the key to achieving agreements with their political adversaries.

Bill Clinton wasn't bad either; one lady once asked Clinton in public forum "how can you have the nerve to walk into church on Sunday morning toting a bible after your actions with Monica Lewinski?"  Clinton replied, "well, ma'am, with what I've done,  I don't know anyone more in need of attending church toting a bible".

I miss the times when political humor was funny, and not solely based on anger and hate and sarcasm.  I tire of arrogant politicians with haughty attitudes, who feel they must always be right, always be all knowing, and afraid to be just "human".

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama Delivers "Ballots"..Not Food And Water

During the first two days of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath the Obama campaign saw the devastation as a grand opportunity for some "photo ops" and a chance to win some votes.  Then, as soon as humanly possible, the President flew off to Vegas for another campaign stop.  If you saw that campaign rally you would have seen a joking and smirking Commander In Chief who clearly showed the Hurricane Sandy tragedy had not registered with him.

Now, days later, the people on Staten Island stand in the middle of the streets, still looking for FEMA or a Red Cross truck that might provide them food and water.  The locals are helping each other as much as they can.  A local food truck vendor gathered up what he had left and drove around offering hot coffee and sandwiches.  Strangely, one lady walked down the middle of the street offering up rolls of toilet paper, which was gratefully received.

As New Yorkers wait up to 12 hours for a few gallons of gas, as outlying communities cry out for aid, as victims wake up this morning to bitter cold, and still waiting for FEMA and the Red Cross, Obama releases every twelve hours or so a steady series of cooing and comforting promises to not forget them.

And forget them he hasn't!  We have just learned this morning that the Obama campaign has put in place plans to deliver voter ballots to storm victims.  Many voting centers no longer exist so the Obama team plans to dispatch military trucks equipped with voting machines so that Sandy storm victims won't miss the chance to vote for him.

It is very likely that a "voting truck" will be the first sign of a federal presence on the streets of Staten Island.  While victims wait for food and water and shelter Obama wants to make sure they get what they really need the most; a voter ballot.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

"On Nov. 6th I'm The Boss"

The other afternoon I received my early voting ballot in the mail.  I was eager to receive it.  On November 6th they'll run my ballot through the scanner and I will have taken a stake in our nation's future.  On that day I am as powerful as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or George Clooney.  And every time I mark that ballot I think back on my 22 years of military service and know that I had some small role in insuring Americans can still go to the polls and exercise their free choices.

So, I sat down with my ballot and voting materials.  I reviewed all the local and state propositions, as well as the resumes of the listed candidates.  As I sat there at the kitchen table I remembered Nancy Pelosi holding that huge phallic gavel and smirked as she rammed Obamacare down our throats.  I remember seeing the Republicans in Congress rebuffed as they tried to have some small say in that 2,300 page Obamacare bill, only be told by Obama to "go to hell, elections have lost so screw off!".  I remember Democrats having orgasms over that $787 billion dollar pork stimulus bill that created a couple of thousand jobs at $459,000 dollars per job.

As I looked at the list of Presidential candidates the militant and angry tones of an Obama promoting class and race warfare rang in my ears.  The recent memory of Obama speaking in "ebonics" to a group of the NAACP and literally oozing hate for "Whitey" came to mind.  And, in my mind's eye, I saw Joe Biden's smirks and snorks and giggles and eye-rolling as he bullied his way through that Vice Presidential debate....yes I remembered.  And I remembered all the liberal spin doctors who tried to make me believe that 2 +2 =3.  I remembered Obama rewarding those who made lousy house buying decisions while I made the right one and kept paying my mortgage.  I remembered Cash for Clunkers and a couple of dozen wasteful government programs that did nothing to improve our economy.  I remembered the $90 billion dollars that went to Solar company executives who donated to Obama's campaign, and it all went into bankruptcy.   I remembered Obama standing in front of the Egyptian Parliament and saying America was no more "special" than any other country, and having my heart broken that we have spent tens of trillions of dollars educating, medicating and feeding most of the world at one time another.   I remembered acres of American crosses across the green fields of France and yet "America was not special".  I remember that Obama's first reaction to the murder of our diplomatic staff in Libya was an apology to Muslims.

Being a good citizen, I have faithfully followed national events and I have heard Obama voice the same tired platitudes over the course of 1,569 speeches.  I remember Obama denigrating middle America as "freaks who cling to their guns and their bibles".  Now that we have had him for four years I've had the time to hear Obama's speech in Harvard Square castigating capitalism and "Whitey".  I've seen how Obama refuses to take a leadership role and absolves himself of all responsibility for anything that's happened on his watch.  I saw him cede leadership to Reid and Pelosi for legislative action.  The name "Bush" has been used more in Obama's term than it was ever uttered in Bush's two terms combined, as Obama attempts to cast the blame on someone else.

I've listened carefully, and waited patiently for Obama to explain how and when he was going to stop spending more than a trillion dollars more than we take in every year.  I've parsed his web site to see how he intends to fix entitlements but only see cooing words of "it'll all work out".  I've watched as Obama sat back and watched his party in the Senate fail to even bring a budget to a vote for over three years running.

Yes, I've watched and listened and waited.  And now it is my time to have "my say".  Thank God for that.  It's sad that 50% of my fellow Americans will not vote.  They say one vote doesn't matter.  They just can't understand that, for one day, they are "CEO"; the boss, and the cumulative effect of all those votes have real meaning, for ourselves as well as our children and grandchildren.

So, I sat at my kitchen table, and marked my ballot, signed it and sealed it and took it personally to the post office.  If I die between now and November 6th my vote still counts.  Unlike, so many who have grown hardened by politics, and apathetic about our nation's problems, I have honored all those who gave their lives for my right to vote, and honored our founding fathers who established a government by and for the people.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama's Food Stamp Army Just Got Bigger

Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama just ordered his troops to "fall in" and "line up".  The unemployment rate just edged back up to 7.9 percent, according to the jobs report this morning.  This will be the last jobs report before the election so we can now offer a jobs summary for Obama's entire term as President.

Overall, after that $787 billion dollar stimulus bill, after Cash For Clunkers, after all of those "mortgage reduction programs, the total job growth from the day Obama took office, to today, is -61,000 jobs.  We  taxpayers let the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime spend over $6 trillion dollars, over $2 trillion just on liberal stimulus programs, and we now have 61,000 fewer jobs than when Obama took office.

How did Obama fare with minority employment?  The unemployment rate for Hispanics is 14% and the jobless rate for Blacks is 20%.   In raw numbers over 23 million Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.  Even those who have jobs, many are finding that they're getting only 30 hours per week.

So Obama's Food Stamp and Unemployment army just got a bit bigger.  Obama promised that if we let him spend a trillion dollars on stimulus he'd get the unemployment rate below 5 percent by the end of his term.  Hell!  He even said that if he didn't achieve that rate he would be a one-term President.

With each succeeding year of the Obama Presidency the Gross Domestic Product has declined.  We are now languishing in a four year depression with economic growth stunted at less than 2% annually.

During the last great recession Ronald Reagan championed small business and forced the government to get out of the way and let business lead us into recovery.  Reagan was churning out 500,000 new jobs per month which led to 30 million new jobs created during his two terms.

The Bureau of Labor statistics said we need over 300,000 new jobs per month just to keep up with new Americans entering the work force.  This year Obama has managed to demonize business and throw so many new regulations at them that we are averaging less than 150,000 jobs created per month, not even half of the jobs needed to keep us at 8% percent unemployment.

So, "fall in" America!  Get in that unemployment line and wait your turn.  Get ready to join Obama's 47 million strong Food Stamp Army.  The only thing that might save you America is to get in line next Tuesday and vote to send this Food Stamp General back to Chicago.

Bi-Partisan Politics

Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil was the most liberal Democrat in Congress during the 1980's.  President Ronald Reagan, even today, was the model of Conservatism.  Yet, by working together, these two leaders were able to create 30 million jobs, stamp out 20 percent annual inflation rates, reform Social Security to extend it's life for over 50 years and revive the spirit of an America decimated by the Presidency of an effete and arrogant Jimmy Carter.

Today, Americans are once again more divided than we have ever been.  Congress is frozen by inaction.  While the House has sent three budgets to the U.S. Senate, the Senate has allowed them to die in the graveyard of cowardly politics.  The Democratic controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget bill for three years now and President Obama's budget proposals were so lacking in substance that his own Senate voted it down 97-3 against.

So how were Reagan and O'Neil able to forge agreements that set the stage for the greatest economic recovery in the 20th century?  And why has President Obama failed to achieve that same success?  Let's take a look.

When one sifts through, and discards all the political rhetoric, and simply examines the facts, we can easily see how Obama failed while Reagan succeeded, even with a Democratic majority in Congress.

Let's go back to that first month of Obama's presidency.  (One need not twist facts to fit one's own political views; let's just examine the facts).  When Obama gained office the first thing he did was to cede legislative and political leadership to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Unlike Reagan, who had leaders of both parties up to the White House for coffee or dinner, Obama sat on his throne, crowed that "elections have consequences", basked in his own political victory, and told Republicans "eat shit".

So, Nancy and Harry came up with a massive pork-laden stimulus bill, a bill that funded a $15 million dollar rat preserve in Pelosi's district, a water park in Obama's Chicago, a $6 billion dollar train program for Harry, one that starts in the middle of the Mojave Desert and runs to Vegas, and $90 billion dollars to Obama's Solar Industry campaign contributors, most of which are now bankrupt.  When Republicans protested the obscene pork Obama said "eat shit".

Then Harry and Nancy wrote a 2,300 page, multi-trillion dollar socialist Obamacare bill.  When Republicans tried to offer some alternatives, like tort reform, and opening health care marketing nationwide, Obama said "eat shit".  When 75% of Americans said they were opposed to the Obamacare bill, Obama said "eat shit".

So, unlike Reagan, Obama doesn't bother to invite either party to the White House much.  That's just smacks to much of the egalitarian, and far below the tolerance of Emperor Obama.   While Reagan and Tip O'Neil battled over legislation during the day, that didn't stop them from having a glass or two of scotch in the early evening, and treating each other with friendship and respect.  While Obama loves himself so dearly there's little room for anyone else in his heart, there was once a time when partisans could get along.

Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan.  But he worked with a Massachusetts statehouse that was 87% Democrat and somehow was able to balance the budget and make the state's schools the best in the nation.  Mitt won't be sharing a scotch with Congress but he'll work with them...and perhaps best of all, he won't be telling Congress, and the American people to "eat shit".

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama's 2nd Term Ambitions

As Americans continue to try and deal with gas prices approaching $5.00 a gallon Obama remains stoic and unmoved.  Why?  Because Obama wants gas prices to go even higher.  Just as his Secretary of Energy said "it is not my concern if gas prices go to $7 dollars per gallon", Obama is unconcerned how much gas prices are cutting into the family budget.

Obama, being the supreme egotist he is, believes he is smarter than everyone else, but especially you, the taxpayer.  He believes the only way he can get you to buy those little green cars is to punish you....and if that means $10 dollar per gallon for gas, so be it.

So look for the costs to fill your tank to go higher in Obama's next term.  But even more damaging to your pocketbook will be a tripling of your gas and electric bills.  Yes, it was indeed Obama who said in January, 2009, that under his Cap and Trade bill, you can expect electricity rates to skyrocket.  Why?  Because, at the moment Obama's solar company campaign contributors are seeing their companies going bankrupt.  The only way Obama can make green energy competitive is to punish those who are producing oil and coal.  Rather than let the open market determine the solar and wind winners and losers, Obama insists he knows better than those who invented the business!

Please remember that even the Democrats refused to pass Obama's Cap and Trade bill back in 2009.  Under Cap and Trade every American company would pay a huge tax on energy usage and drive up the costs of everything from a gallon of milk to an automobile as those costs are passed on to you, the consumer.  Even more crippling will be Obama's increased taxes and strangling regulation of the coal industry.  He has openly said that no new coal plant will ever open under his watch because if they try it, they will go bankrupt trying to fight oppressive government fees and regulations.  This despite that fact that America still relies on coal for 70% of the energy needs!

Obama has pledged that, if re-elected, he will resurrect the Cap and Trade bill and if Congress balks, he will simply bypass Congress and initiate action through his energy "czar".  So, if you still choose to vote for Obama please be prepared to pay triple what you're now paying for your electricity.

HEY!  Anyone concerned about that 8% unemployment rate?  Well, get ready for a 20 percent unemployment rate as Obama legalizes an additional 28 million illegal aliens.  He's already promised to do it!  As he has already shown a willingness to do, if Congress won't go along with legalizing those millions of invaders, Obama will simply issue an edict and grant them amnesty from his throne in the Oval office!

Obama has also promised to change the face of our Supreme Court as well.  He has high hopes of being able to appoint at least three liberal judges to add to the four already on board with Team Obama.  Once he has achieved that goal the anointed one will have achieved his dream of turning America into the Socialist States of America.

Does Obama's 2nd term agenda jive with yours?  If so, by all means get out to the voting booth and vote for him.  Just remember when you do, understand fully what you're voting for!