Friday, January 31, 2014

"Behold, Here Cometh The Dreamer"

"Behold, Here cometh the dreamer.  Let us slay him, then see what comes of his dreams".

These words from Genesis speaks of the cynicism of our world.  When Martin Luther King died on the advent of an era of awakening to the vital need for racial equality he was remembered for one whose dream would finally be realized.  When John Kennedy died millions of Americans carried, within their hearts, a dream he espoused of an America as Camelot; where "right"makes "might, where one asks what one could do for their country, rather than what their country could do for them.  And when Ronald Reagan addressed the nation for the last time from the Oval Office he spoke of America as a golden city on a hill, where one's dreams may come true if one works hard enough to realize them.

I have dreams that have rested in my heart for all of my life.  When I was growing up I dreamed of escaping the abject poverty of my youth.  As a young man fighting in Vietnam I dreamed that wars would someday no longer be necessary, freeing our nation's youth for building, and not destroying.  When I watched Dr. King marching peacefully through Selma, Alabama I dreamed that the bigots and their fire hoses and warped ideas would die a natural death.  As a father I dreamed that my children would grow up safely, get a good education and live a life of worth.

An old man now I gaze upon the American landscape and see field after field of broken dreams.  I see millions of Blacks who have both forgotten or forsaken the dreams of that preacher who wrote so eloquently from a Birmingham jail.  I see a majority of Americans who now ask "what their country can do for them, rather than what they may offer of themselves".  I see those same Americans sit grandly in front of a computer, a television, or a gaming machine while corrupt politicians deal from the bottom of the deck.

Despite the cynicism of an uncaring nation I continue to tell the story of the dreamers.  Their hopes still resonate in my heart.  For this I am often slayed by those who dare not listen, lest some remnant of collective guilt cast ruin on their apathy.  Lest they be asked to stand tall and take some measure of responsibility for the slow demise of an America where once dreams became real when one worked to make them so.

The new America is a nation where her citizens believe we can only be roused by crass rudeness, by loud voices, by class and economic warfare.....where everyone, to succeed, must deal from the bottom of the deck.  An America where contract law is derided, where the law itself may be selectively enforced, dependent upon the whims of a politician soliciting electoral support from one favored faction over another.  An America where her citizens believe they must grab a slice of the collective pie, rather than earning it by baking a larger pie.

The dreamers have died and the dreams died with them.  They have been slayed by apathy and greed and corruption.  Perhaps someday, in some far corner of the world, someone may again awaken from a golden sleep and speak again of a place where hard work and high morals rule the day...where "right" makes "might" is again the song that rings brightly in the human heart.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Notes On The Super Bowl


I love the Super Bowl, love all of its excesses, its pomp and its artificiality.  Only in America could a people pump up an event far larger than its real importance.  But I love it anyway.  I love that coverage starts on Super Bowl sunday at 8 o'clock in the morning, fully eight hours before the game actually begins.  I don't watch it all anymore, like I did in my younger days….I find other things to do… but it's nice to know that it's there if I want to watch.  And it's good background noise as I'm reading the Sunday paper and doing my Sunday chores.

And, come Sunday, I'll have all the gooey "excess" treats available in nearly all American households on the special day.  I'll have the pot of chili simmering in the crock pot.  I'll have the French Onion dip and a variety of chips, I'll have Tostitos and a jalapeno Velveeta dip and even a few cold beers on hand, one of the few days that I partake of a beer.  Like Thanksgivings, we are all forgiven for eating to excess….it's almost a sin if you don't.

And I love Super Bowl Week!  For a whole week the media tries to incite some feud between the two teams…they'll goad some dim wit player to say something nasty about the other team…something that can be posted in the locker room to charge up the opposition.  And then there is the "thug factor".  Every team has a few thugs…they are somewhat "lowlife" who spend their off season frequenting strip bars, ingesting drugs, drinking profusely, getting involved in a violent melee in a late night sports bar and beating up their girl friends.  When these thugs get exposed in the Media Week spotlight you normally seeing them hanging around the fringes, wearing dark glasses, and pretending to be aloof to it all.  It's kinda like when you stayed that time with Aunt Mabel and you got up in the middle of the night, turned on the kitchen light and an army of cockroaches are crawling up the walls, then freeze as you turn on the light.  These thugs react the same way when the media spotlight shines upon them on Media Day.  

And the media will always draw up a couple of "legacy stories", drawing players from the two teams and assigning them some heroic role….it might be the aging ball player trying to win a Super Bowl in the fading glory at the end of his career.  Or it might be the aging quarterback against the young buck, or it might be the brave, valiant comeback from career ending la Manning…or it may be two opponents who hate each other and vow to destroy one or the other during the game.

And what would the Super Bowl be without 72,000 idiotic fans willing to pay three thousand dollars for a single ticket, pay $500 bucks for a night at a Motel Six, and sit there in the bitter cold and cheer like banshees for their favorite team!  i will tell you right now that, if Peyton Manning showed up at my door to give me free Super Bowl tickets I'd tell him to take them elsewhere.  I much prefer the luxury of sitting in my own recliner, a cold beer and chip and dip on hand and watch the game on my big screen monster TV…replete with all the slow motion replays and a bathroom ten steps away.

I remember missing the Super Bowl only once since its inception.  It was 1984, the year the 49ers played Miami Dolphins…Montana vs Marino.  Somehow I allowed my wife into convincing me that some social event was "must go" and it was agreed that I would tape the Superbowl, then watch it later…with firm promises that no telephone calls would be answered, lest someone reveal the score.
So off we went to an event so unimportant I can't remember it, then I returned home and the wife went off somewhere else.  I sat down with my beer and chip and dip to watch a game already played.  After too short a time the wife and kids swept through the door and the wife jubilantly asked how I liked the outcome of the game, furnishing me with the final score, even as I watching it "in tape time" in the first quarter.  Need I tell you I did a little cussing?  I vowed at that moment never to miss another Super Bowl "live and in person!"

So I'm ready for the big day!  I'm looking forward to all the commercials; ads that will make me laugh, make me cry, with some making me wonder why they spent $2 million dollars for that 30 seconds of stupidity…but that's what's wonderful about SB day…like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get!

So, dear readers, here's hoping your Super Bowl day is as wonderful as the one I hope to have.  Barring a last minute funeral I'll be right here, eating and drinking to excess while I watch two teams leaving it all on the field for that gaudy Super Bowl ring, bragging rights for a year, and fame that will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will Cyber Terrorism Destroy The American Economy?


Last year I shopped in Target once…about three days after Christmas.  I used my credit card and got caught up in the huge ID theft caper perpetrated by that Russian teen.  My credit card issuer emailed me and notified me of the breech, canceled my old card, and issued me a new one.  I was one of  70 million that got caught up in the mess and I did indeed take advantage of Target Corp's paying for a free year of credit monitoring.  We later learned that prestigious Nordstrom's also suffered a credit card breech.  Still later, we learned of even more breakdowns from other retailers.  Then, just today, the headlines are trumpeting still another breech by the Michaels stores.

What does all this have to do with that personal savings chart shown above?  Well, it tells me that we may be looking toward a huge spike in the personal savings rate in the coming months.  Why?  Because, like me, I'm sure if we consumers begin suffering more of these invasions of our credit accounts we'll be thinking twice about using one with our favorite retailers.  And since consumer spending is about 60% of the economy need I say what level of economic depression we may be headed for?

Ironically, there are simply no credible trends one can gain from looking at our national savings rates.  That's because we sometimes boost our personal savings because we are doing so well personally, or we boost our savings because we fear for what's coming down the line.

For example, if you look at the average savings rates since 1950, you'll see that the average rate of savings hovered at around eight percent of disposable income.  We saw a spike in the 70's as the nation began seeing the effects of inflation brought about by a huge boost in government spending to finance the Vietnam War and Johnson's Great Society programs.  In the late 70's we had Jimmy Carter and the populace, scared out of their minds, began banking on Armageddon and sending the savings rate up to over 12 percent.

After a brief decline in Reagan's first year a vibrant economy allowed Americans to begin again to put something away for a rainy day.  Since then we've seen a steady decline as the middle class simply has nothing left to save.  Our current savings rate is stuck on a stagnant 3.7 percent.

But that may change very quickly!  As I said, if every time we swipe a credit card at Walmart or Target or should I ever be able to afford a pack of hankies at Nordstroms, if my credit accounts become vulnerable to still more Identity theft, I'll confine my buying to what greenbacks I have in my wallet…and that's disaster for retailers.

For those of you who don't know, all of Europe and Asia are well ahead of us with credit card protection.  While we are still using those magnetic strips, Asian and Europe use a computer chip that imparts a variety of code that so far has stumped ID thieves.  Retailers are reluctant to deploy that system because it would require a hardware swap out projected to cost $7 billion dollars nationally.  However, we may see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel…just this week Mastercard told their retailers that, heretofore they will no longer absorb those credit card losses and will assign it to the retailers who allow their systems to be breached.

Until the problem is resolved we might all be a little more cautious with our credit cards.  Although we don't' absorb the losses our credit accounts are up for grabs and that's simply not acceptable.  And since debit card holders ARE responsible for those losses, if they continue to use debit cards for retail transactions, they are committing financial hari-kari.

It will be quite interesting to see what the personal savings rate turns out to be for 2014.  Folks just might tire of using credit and opt to save more in anticipation of a decline in spending, massive retail layoffs and a still struggling Obama economy.  Then, come to think of it, Americans may have little to save after paying those huge Obamacare premiums with those punishing co-pays….the biggest consumer rip off of all.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Short-sighted Illegal Amnesty Whores


This issue of illegal immigration is quickly becoming nothing more than a political issue; all other factors are tossed aside in the wake of an overwhelming army of politicians jumping on the amnesty train.  

Not considered are the burdens these law breakers will put on our already overtaxed social safety net, nor the ethics of rewarding those who violated our immigration laws, nor the punishment inflicted on those who have waited patiently for an immigration quota, nor the already crushing burden we are already bearing to educate, medicate and incarcerate some 30 million illegal aliens here, nor the sure incentive for even more Mexicans to invade and wait out another amnesty grant.

With the exception of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, I know of no other nationally known leader who has not caved into the Hispanic longing for America to be no more than an northern extension of Mexico itself.  We have become Mexico's "toilet", absorbing the most criminal, the sickest, and the poorest dregs of their citizenry, thus taking the burden away from their ruling aristocracy and drug cartels.

So many have now been absorbed into this country, legally through past amnesties, or illegally through invasion, that politicians are now no more than "whores" who cater to a hard-edged electorate of 20 percent or so who can make the difference between defeat and victory in a national election.

Next week Barack Hussein Obama will offer his State of the Union speech before Congress.  He has already indicated that he will tout the granting of citizenship to these millions of illegal Mexicans.  I can guarantee you that he will not bring up the chilling Health and Human Services statistic that shows fully 75% of illegals are now being given government assistance.  He will not mention one instance of home invasions, hit and run uninsured drivers, illegal gangs larger than most country's armed forces, the re-emergence of whooping cough, polio and other diseases that were once extinct within our society…brought about by whole armies of illegals who weren't vaccinated back in Mexico.  Nor will he mention that our IRS issued over $11 billion dollars in Child Tax Credit checks to illegal Mexican families last year, some of whom for children still living in Mexico.

And I can guarantee you this as well; not one Congressman or Senator will protest Obama's soaring amnesty rhetoric with a "you lie"..or even a thumbs down.  Most will cheer to the rafters, one eye on the television cameras in hopes that they are pleasing their Hispanic constituents back home.

I believe illegal amnesty is America's great moral challenge, the great litmus test that will determine if we have any chance at all to stem the tide of a massive Mexican invasion that will destroy any chance for us to restore our past glory.

We can stop this illegal amnesty if we still have the heart for it.  We did it in 2007, even overcoming Juan McCain and George Bush to make it happen.…yes, it took tens of thousands of telegrams, emails, mail and a million telephone calls that blew out the Congressional phone network…but it can be done.  The only question is "do Americans still have the heart and the courage to mount that kind of campaign?"

Only God knows…and only He will be the ultimate judge.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heroes; In Uniform And Out


The other day someone posted on my Facebook page a poster celebrating the nobility of police officers.  The poster said "all men are created equal…and then a few become police officers".  Well, this got my dander up a bit and I commented on that post; I said empty slogans mean nothing because there are good and bad men in all walks of life, citing the example of the NY Police Chief caught trafficking in child porn.  I also posted a picture of a troop plane carrying our troops to the Middle East and dryly offered that "guess these guys are somehow inferior to the police."   Well, that didn't go over well with the police on the board…I attracted no "likes" and was rebuffed by a poster who cited the many challenges a Police Officer faces.  

Well, anyone who has read my blog for awhile know that I have defended and praised the police for what they do.  However, that does not in any way demean folks who are heroes in other occupational fields, including those who wear no uniform at all!  

It seems, of late, I've seen more and more of this "banty rooster" boosterism from cops, fire fighters and EMT's.  Somehow they have begun to think themselves more noble than other folks, than they are somehow above criticism, and that their jobs, above all others, test the very extremes of human tolerance.   It's as if these folks are never caught hanging around a donut house and are constantly dodging bullets and that "joe civilian" all hate him and call him scum.  

Any of my readers here in Arizona will have read, just since the first of the year, of a cop who had sex with a 15 year old girl, of another cop caught stealing pastries from a Quik Stop, of a cop shooting an unarmed man with his hands in the air, and a cop convicted of killing an unarmed man in a wheel chair.  Then this week we find a NY Police Chief trafficking in child porn.  Does this mean all cops are bad?  Hell no!  Most cops are good, but they are all human, and it only proves there are rotten cops and rotten military men and rotten ones in all fields of endeavor.  So when cops are praised just for being cops, that they are all more noble for having chosen that profession, well that's just absurd.

Well lets talk about dodging bullets and what that proves to be worth to our society.  A basic army grunt will average three to five deployments to Afghanistan during his four year career.  He will be dodging bullets, IED's and for that privilege he earns $18,000 dollars a year.  The average Phoenix cop makes over $72,000 a year and when his shift is over he gets to go home to wife and the kiddies.  The military grunt will, if he's lucky, go back to his tent and he'll spend fully half of his service time 10,000 miles away from wife and kids.

If that same grunt decides to make a career of the military he'll retire at half of his basic pay (35,000 a year for a mid-level non commissioned officer), or $17,500 a year in retirement.  That same Phoenix cop will retire with four times that amount.

Cops more noble, face more danger than our military?  I don't think so.  In fact I would argue that a Circle K or 7-11 night clerk in an urban ghetto faces far more danger to his life than many cops…and he does the job for minimum wage and does so unarmed!

And our life heroes aren't necessarily wearing any uniform at all!

My cancer surgeon spent twelve years in pre-med, medical school and internships before she could even lift a knife and cut into me.  She had spent another twenty years honing her surgical skills so that she could recognize and excise my tumors.  And those nurses in the chemo ward all had college degrees and years of training so that they could read white cell counts, steroid levels and red blood cell counts so that I wouldn't go into septic shock at the first injection of the chemo drugs.  Those people were all heroes to me.

And if cops think they are treated badly, if they are offended at being called names, what is it like to be totally ignored as a 20 year old kid is carried back home in a coffin, dropped off at that military mortuary in the dead of night at Dover Air Force Base and pieced back together before he's flown home for burial?  How many of you woke up this morning and said a prayer for, or even gave a thought to who died in Afghanistan last night?

My point is, when people post empty, meaningless slogans, celebrating the special nobility of cops…and suggest that other men are some how less of a hero, it is silly and insulting at the same time.

Racist Voters Breed Congressional Clowns


I was reading this morning's Arizona Republic and learned that Congressman Raul Grijalva owns the record for most missed votes in the House of Representatives.  The dude skipped out on voting for 83 Congressional bills in the last session of Congress.  Good old Raul said it wasn't important for him to attend Congressional sessions and he much prefers hanging around his district and smoozing with his constituents. 

Hmmm…judging from Grijalva's 300 pound girth it would seem he's been hanging around too many Mexican restaurants down in Tucson..and has downed a few too many tacos, rice and bean combos.
Perhaps not attending to his congressional duties is a big plus for Arizona.  After all it was Raul Grijalva who led the boycott against his own state of Arizona when we passed SB1070, the illegal immigration law.  You see, old Raul cares more about illegal Mexicans than he does the businesses and citizens of his own state.  

So how did this clown get to Congress in the first place?  Well, he's fortunate to be in a district heavily Hispanic and votes "ethnic" rather than content of character.  

We have far too many of these racist voters around these days.  Down in Texas one Black district keeps sending Sheila Jackson Lee to Congress term after term…cause she's Black and that's all that matters.


Jackson Lee likes to wear big pink and red plastic cowboy hats and has had to be reminded to remove her audacious hats when entering the Congressional floor, an admonition she considers "racist", though the rules apply to the entire House.  She also lacks the history education of an 8th grader as she has spoke on the House floor of the current "two Vietnams".  She plays the race card well too as she has declared on the House floor that she is a freed slave…but refuses to identify those who enslaved her.
But Black voters vote Black…they could care less if she has an education, or even a brain.

And how can we forget Congressman Al Green.  Not to be unkind but the guy reminds one of a skid row bum.  And seems to have the same mottled brain that a lifetime of alcohol abuse might bring about.  I've seen Green on C-Span as he, as a member of a finance panel, ask Greenspan or Bernake about economic theory that a kid with a lemonade stand already knows.


But that's okay with constituents…he's Black and that's good enough for them.  Still another performer in the circus of clowns that infest the Congress these days.  Keep them green checks coming and the food stamp cards fully loaded and the dude's guaranteed a seat in Congress for the rest of his life.

Frankly, I've seen wiser and more noble souls hanging around a neighborhood bar than these pitiful clowns.  Were any of them from White districts they'd be back home drawing welfare or swinging mops at Walmart.  There are plenty of dumb White voters but there's still enough of us left that won't tolerate missing 83 floor votes and we rarely tolerate those who can't grasp the basics of lemonade stand finance.

Sad…Damned Sad.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Neanderthal Republicans


It's far past time for the Republican Party to join the 21st century.  They are wrong on so many issues that it's clear they no longer have the pulse of the America of 2014.  

For example, these knuckle draggers have simply got to cease this war on women.  It is high time that Republicans understand that women now rule the roost (and in 50 years we'll all be chicks).  First of all, there is no great need to have a man around the house.  Vibrators, dildos and government benefits are all women need these days.  Now that fully half of all families are run by single women they are free to make their mistakes because there are enough city, state and federal programs fully funded to support the children bred from marriage mistakes or unscheduled child births.  And Republicans better get it through their thick heads that when we demand taxpayer funded abortions and free birth control pills, by golly we'd better get them…if we have to we'll make that the seminal issue when we go to the polls and vote.

Hispanics are also bemoaning these hard ass, hard line Republicans who refuse to grant amnesty and citizenship to our illegal brothers and sisters.  There ought not to be any borders anyway.  Pull back the border patrol and hang out a welcome sign and soon we'll all be an entire hemisphere of a laid-back, easy going Hispanic culture that values the free flow of non prescription drugs and generic viagra and a "piƱata in every pot".  Following the collapse of the border we'll all be able to work for cash and tell those auto insurance companies to go to hell.  Then we'll build a football sized emergency room at every hospital and enjoy free health care for all.

And for god's sake, ease up on the LGBT community too, huh?  Let's look at the advantages of the gay and bi-sexual lifestyle, huh?  First of all it doubles your chances of getting a date for Saturday night and it cuts the birth control rates way down.  And, when unwanted children are born, rather than abort them, just put them up for adoption by gay couples.  And, lets face it, if more people were gay we'd all dress nicer and enjoy more primary colors in our living room.

And when will Republicans begin to get a grip on economic basics?  There are too damn many rich people traipsing around the nation; we need to confiscate their wealth and pass it out evenly to every American family.  That way, the government doesn't have to pass out green checks to 50% of us and many of us would be rich enough to actually pay taxes!  And whoever came up with the idea of "economic incentive" has to be the doofus of the century.  Someone will always come along and invent a heart valve or start up a new "Amazon" and we can confiscate the wealth they accrue as fast as we possibly can.  There will always be enough sturdy donkeys for us to ride!  

And what about that $17 trillion dollar national debt the Republicans are always throwing in our faces? Hey knucklehead!…you ever heard of bankruptcy?  We just have the Attorney General draw up the bankruptcy paperwork, file it in federal court, and, voila!…no more national debt!

If Republicans would just get with the program, if they would just get their head straight and embrace the Democratic Party platform we could all live in peace and harmony, smoke a toke or two, mob rob a 7-11 after we get the munchies, and enjoy the fruits of the labor of those sturdy old donkeys that just can't help themselves.

Any questions?

Friday, January 24, 2014

"The Loser"


He was a loser for a good piece of his life.  Oh, he played great football; he could shoot a pass sixty yards, a perfect spiral, and knock a tin can off a fencepost.  He won a scholarship with a southern school that owned a legacy for great football.  But when he got there the team was in transition..a weak crop of recruits that went 15-7 over his last two years.  They would have been far worse if it weren't for his quarterbacking….he passed for thousands and thousands of yards and drew the attention and respect from his college opponents and the pro scouts.  

He gave that college team everything he had, despite suffering the loss of his father to suicide.  But he had his mom, who attended every game he ever played and he vowed that when he had kids he would show that same level of loyalty and dedication.

And yes, the pros came.  And, typically, the worst team in pro football drafted him.  So he lined up at quarterback behind a line as flimsy as saran wrap and he set records for being sacked.  Still, he would get up and take the ball and try again.  It was said that hall of famer Jack Youngblood, playing for the Rams, began feeling sorry for the poor guy.  After piling up enough sacks to get him into the hall, Youngblood ordered the Rams defensive line to go easy on the sacks.

He quarterbacked that sad sack team for a decade, and all he knew was loss and defeat.  The hundreds of teammates that played with him said he never despaired, never blamed anyone else for an entire career of crushing losses.  

The loser married his college sweetheart and began siring sons.  And, true to his word, he made his children his world.  Hundred of hours of backyard football and high school football and he did his best to passed down what he knew about football…and, more importantly, what really mattered in life.

His first son was a world class wide receiver.  Everyone around town said Cooper would be a star in the pros.  Sadly, and in keeping with "the loser's" long tradition of tough luck, Cooper developed Spinal Stenosis and would never play again.

But his second son, who had been tossing those passes at Cooper, emerged as a winner.  He would star in high school, then enroll at the University of Tennessee, become UT's all time passing leader, would win 39 of the 45 games he started and led them to an SEC championship.   Peyton would then be drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and embark on a 17 year pro career that glitters with all time passing records.

A few years later "the loser" would hone and polish another son who would take his team to the Superbowl twice in his first five years.  Eli, like Peyton, would show nothing but class on and off the field, something that made his dad proud.

Then Peyton would incur a career ending neck injury.  Doctors warned that further play could leave him paralyzed.  Peyton began a hard, grinding effort to rehabilitate his injured neck and attempt to regain strength in a "spaghetti arm" that couldn't launch a foot ball ten yards.  And so the first one Peyton called was his dad.  He recruited his dad to catch passes, just as they had done many years ago in the backyard.

Peyton's Colts wrote him off as a has been, forgetting all those victories and all the fame and attention he brought to his team.  They forgot that he filled the stadium in numbers that would allow them to build a new showcase stadium.  So they drafted number 1 and chose Peyton's replacement.

Peyton took a look around and settled on the Denver Broncos.  In his first year he would restore Denver to glory not seen since John Elway retired.  In his second year Peyton would break the all time record for passing yards and a whole host of others.

So "the loser" has spent a lot of time lately up in the luxury booths, watching two sons, two quarterbacks lead their teams like the generals they are.  Come February 2nd Archie Manning will sit up there in the booth, in the warm embrace of family, and watch one of his two sons play in the 5th Superbowl between the two.

No longer "the loser", Archie Manning commands the respect of his family as well as the NFL family.  And his sons carry on with a legacy of living life with great dignity and pure class….a winner in the "biggest game of all".  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frat Boys and Thugs


Okay, this one is gonna get me in trouble.  It's gonna provide ammo for libtards to brand me a sure fire racist…but here goes anyway.

This past week, coinciding with Martin Luther King's birthday, a bunch of dumb fraternity brothers at Arizona State University threw a "Black thug" party in honor of the most popular Blacks in American culture these days.  So they died their hair various colors, donned pro basketball jerseys, or the attire of rap and hip hop artists, then partied the night away.

Word got out quickly and pics of these idiots showed up on Facebook and the outrage began.  "How could these people despoil the legacy of Dr. King by making fun of Black people?"  "How dare they?"

Now keep in mind that this fraternity had already been blackballed by the university, and the party was held off campus.  

So how did the noble and upright Black community react?  The local chief of the NAACP demanded an immediate audience with University Chancellor Crow saying "if he doesn't' meet with us immediately we're going to boycott and march against the university's plan to build a new football stadium."  

Well, this got my dander up a bit.  Says I, "what does the activity of a group of blackballed fraternity idiots have to do with upgrading an 80 year old football stadium?"  "Why should some 200,000 students, players and fans be punished for the behavior of such a small group of idiots..idiots not representative of the community at large.  Let me tell you nobody kisses Black ass better than the university community in Tempe, Arizona!  So what's the deal?

The deal indeed is that Blacks, again, are bullying the large collective white guilt coalition that caters to their constant and enduring whines.  

Secondly, who were these idiots really making fun of?  Are Black urban thugs, Black basketball hoopsters and rap artists worthy of protecting?  Are these people contributing to the betterment of the Black community?  And an even deeper question:  Why isn't the NAACP condemning these vulgar, violent and despicable icons that create a culture of crime and sloth and hate throughout every urban community in our nation?

Nope..being the two faced hypocrites that they are, the NAACP and a whole slew of offended Blacks are up in arms and they aim to slice up a good hunk of the most innocent and the most vulnerable.

Those frat boy idiots weren't mocking Dr. King.  They weren't reciting the "I Have A Dream" Speech…they were mocking the most visible and prevalent cultural influence on Blacks today; the rappers and thugs and hardwood gang bangers in the NBA.

This is the classic example of the duplicity of the new crop of Blacks.  They wouldn't know a damn thing about Dr. King's message but they are damn good at playing the old race card.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obama's Homeless Army


The big news this week in Phoenix has been a renewed focus on the growing homeless in the county.  Thursdays news in the local newspaper was about the thousands of homeless who are being drawn to Glendale's municipal parks, attracted by free nightly dinners furnished by a local church group.  The Church is one of those (pardon this) off the wall "Church for The Liberal Chicano" or some such name.    La Raza smiles upon them because they feed illegal Mexicans…but apparently now have expanded into feeding anyone attracted to a free meal.

So they have taken to Glendale's municipal parks and have apparently crowded out the blue collar, tax paying families that used to use the parks for family recreation.  It seems the once lovely parks are now littered with drug needles, trash, varied piles of human excrement and pilfered shopping carts as the homeless have claimed the parks for their home.  

Of course this has raised the ire of their upstanding neighbors who live in nearby developments.  They claim their streets are now littered with trash and the crime rates are climbing as more and more homeless  migrate to their new source of free meals.  The Glendale Police Department has deployed officers to the park, to pass out fliers showing the locations for the county's many homeless shelters, but so far this grub-hungry army has refused to leave.

To further compound the problem, residents of nearby apartment complexes, apparently able to feed themselves, have also descended on the parks.  They file out of their apartments right around supper time and fall in line for the free church grub.  

And why not?  After all, this is the era of dependency is it not?  This is the Obama years, when "taking" is the norm and "earning" is a sin.  

Then Saturday morning's paper brought news of a whole new homeless army; it is the homeless of the young; those 18-25 years old.  You see, we already had homeless programs for the elderly, for families…and now we have a new homeless program for the young adults.  A local charity called the Tumbleweed foundation cites the need for still another layer of bureaucratic charity because the "young" have special needs; it seems they can't relate to the 'old squares' who don't dig rap, heavy metal or their new age values….and the new homeless youth won't stoop to stay in a traditional shelter because of it.  The article says there are now 1.7 million homeless youth across the nation, driven into the streets by parents who wouldn't accept their Playstation and Bath Salts lifestyle.  According to Tumbleweed, these youth are further oppressed by the Fast Food companies' refusal to pay $15 dollar an hour wages for burger flippers.  So, they'd rather be homeless than work for such pittances.

Remarkably, these charities were surprised to learn that many of the new homeless youth are college graduates who can't land a job in Obama's economy.  One liberal arts graduate, who majored in Philosophy,  has found he can peddle "good karma" at .50 cents a shot and can make more than if he were to clean up and work in a more traditional job.

So, Phoenix is blossoming with a whole new generation of Obama's army; the youth of America.  Tumbleweed has promised to rent out hotel rooms to furnish them shelter, dispatch food trucks to feed them and recruit life counsellors who will seek out what might please and satisfy these new youthful "captains of dependency".  

How "kind and gentler" has our nation become.  I can recall in my youth when, if you wanted to eat, or a bed to sleep in, you took a job, any job.  In an age when 50% no longer pay any taxes and 47% receive a government check, a job is no longer a prerequisite.


Friday, January 17, 2014

White; The New Oppressed Minority

Turn on your TV and navigate to your local Public Television Station.  Now take a look at the programing. After all, you should watch once in awhile since the federal government gives $500 million of your tax dollars to them each year.

And what do we get for that money?  We are shown program after program about Black Slavery (is that old news or what?)...160 years and we're still talking about slavery!    We'll also see a hundred programs a year about Martin Luther King.  We'll see another hundred programs about persecuted illegal Mexicans.  They'll trot out fifty shows about oppressed Chinese laborers, another fifty shows explaining why Muslims hate us and at least a dozen shows about how Vietnam won the Vietnam War.

When PBS wants to show a comedy, they trot over to the BBC and broadcast British comedies, as if everything uttered in a cockney accident is funny.  For serious drama, again they turn to British writers, dead for at least two centuries.

Tavis Smiley is a Black man, a one man Black media empire, who commands two hours of PBS programming each day.  And his shows are inevitably about White on Black oppression and how Whitey keeps Blacks at sub-poverty levels and are the chief cause of the plague of Black crime.

The only time you see traditional American culture highlighted on PBS is when they need to raise money!  Then they trot out music extravaganzas highlighting B-Bop, Lawrence Welk, Music of the 40's, and several specials on the history of American television.

But hey, let's lighten up on PBS...old Whitey is getting shortchanged across the broad spectrum of print and broadcast media.  Bank of America loves to run those soft hearted banking commercials with young Spanish families living the good life, seemingly working with proper papers and paying taxes and building bright futures...and never mention that $500 billion dollars is being sucked from the American economy and funneled back to Mexico each and every year by these illegal Mexicans.

And when is the last time you saw one of those silly commercials where the "boob" role is played by a Mexican or a is always dumb Whitey who has learned something through the wit and wisdom of a Black or Hispanic.

And thanks to racial hiring preferences fully half of the federal work force is either Black or Hispanic....good luck if you're White and you're seeking a federal job.  White's are the new oppressed minority and that's with Blacks making up only 12 percent of the population...and if you count all the illegal Mexicans they make up between 20 and 25 percent of the populace.  Yet they command the attention of liberal politicians and the liberal media even as White culture is being buried under an avalanche of cultural suppression.

Hopefully Whitey will get tired of this after awhile, especially since the Great Whitey is still paying most of the bills.  The 2nd Civil War can't come soon enough.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back-Slapped By "Orphans"


You know those humanity assist commercials where they asked you to send in $19 dollars a month to support an overseas child?  Come on!  You've seen them; they show an eight year old taking care of three or four five year olds, drinking dirty water and cruising trash cans for their next meal.

Well first of all, check Charity Watch or some other reference to make sure the organization sponsoring these commercials are legit.  Most of them are simply fronts for raking in money with as much as 80 percent of the funds they raise are kept in house to enrich these phony good samaritans.

But, that's just an aside.  For those that are legit, it seems to me they take an excellent approach for soliciting donor support.  You send in $20 bucks a month to sponsor the child and every few months you get a picture and a letter from that child telling you how grateful they are for your kindness.  They'll send a pic of a village project where they've put in water filters or freshly dug well.  That has got to be quite gratifying for an American sending in a donation.  It makes the donor feel good and encourages his continuation of this sponsorship.

How different is that from the response we receive from the seventy or eighty million American "orphans" who live off of our tax dollars!      Can you just imagine those thugs in Baltimore and Philly and Los Angeles and Chicago's south side sending us a thank you letter for our sponsorship?  And what pic would they choose to send?  Would it be a pic of their free Obama cell phone?...or would they instead send a pic of their latest $200 dollar Michael Jordan basketball shoes?

And what kind of letter would we get?  Would it begin "Hey honky!  I be tryin to guess why you stupid enough to pay all them taxes to keep us greased!  We be doin fine..mama done had her eighth kid so we been pullin in some serious Jack from Sam.  And when we learn how to trade our food stamp card for booze, beer and broads we be sittin easy!  An we all fly to Vegas every April when that big Chile tax credit check be comein in...ten grand done pay for a lot of broads, booze and one armed bandits, baby!  But fo you start feelin uppity bout sending all that Jack our way ya gotta know it ain't nothin ya don't already owe us for keeping my great, great, great, great grandpappy in chains!  Keep that Jack comin, ya Cracka!

There's an old saying, "give till it hurts"....I think, as a taxpayer, I reached that point a good thirty years ago.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Happened To The "Arizona Boycott?"


When Arizona passed SB 1070, the illegal immigration law, the barrios in Los Angeles exported ten thousand illegal Mexicans to Phoenix to march in the streets and call for a nation-wide boycott of Arizona.    The liberal press jumped on this boycott talk and ran with it for a good three months.  So how did that boycott fare?  

Well, we did lose a few Mariachi concerts..and a few Tejano bands stayed away.  And, as I recall, an international soccer game between the Mexican national team and someone else was cancelled.  Which means Arizona lost about $175 dollars in tax revenue and a few dozen Filberto's had to cut back on their salsa orders.

Here's what happened:  

The one million snowbirds who migrate from the frigid north and mid-west continued to come and stay through the winter.  As they do every year, they spend enough to fund some 7% of our entire annual state budget.

Phoenix hosted as many as three college bowl games, with the Fiesta Bowl being the monster that makes millions for local hotels, restaurants and tourist centers.  

The annual Barrett-Jackson antique car auction is held here every year, generates millions of dollars in profits to the auction and the many hotels and restaurants and bars throughout the city

Attendance at The Phoenix Open grows at least ten percent every year and draws hundreds of thousands over the four day tournament…and that's without Tiger Woods!

Phoenix is the spring training home for a dozen major league baseball teams and, from the 20th of January to the first of April, millions of baseball fans fly in to Phoenix, attend the games, dine in our restaurants, gas up at our gas stations, drink gallons and gallons of beer and wine and liquor, and enjoy their hot dogs and beer and Cracker Jacks in our well turned out stadiums.

Our Grand Canyon is our nation's third most favorite tourist destination.  Hunting and Fishing seasons bring even more folks to our state.  Hikers from the U.S. and around the world hike our thousands of miles of trails and visit our ghost towns and even search for the Lost Dutchman's Mine.

First Solar corporation invested billions into the biggest solar panel factory in the world.  Intel expanded their operations here.  Apple Computer just invested $1.1 billion to open a huge manufacturing complex here.  

Phoenix plays host to four major sports teams and the Cardinals home is such a jewel of a stadium that it will host the Superbowl for the second time in six years….the next one coming in 2015!

The Arts are well attended in Phoenix and every major star has been here, acting, or singing or participating in a major movie or television production here…the pros love it because we don't regulate them to death.

Arizona 1, Boycott 0  Yep…the 67% who opposed immigration reform are well represented here..from in and out of state.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Donkey Class


There are any number of social scientists and government think tanks that purport to know what life is like for the common man; the working, tax-paying blue collar joe who holds no great wealth and lives from paycheck to paycheck.  Bull hockey!  Put away the slide rules and computer models, and just get out and walk a few miles in our shoes.

I liken today's American working class to that of a representative group of folks who climb on an American Airlines flight any morning of any week.

Up front is First Class.  Twenty or so seats reserved for the wealthy, the famous, the privileged.  Before the flight even takes off they are offered French or Sonoma Valley wines and a fruit and cheese tray.  
The Flight Attendant has a list so she can address her little warren by name.  Once in flight warm towels will be tonged out and the brandy and scotch and soda and fine wines begin to flow.  These First Class folks will then recline in wide spacious, down-soft seats, to be awakened later with more warm towels and a gourmet meal, served on real China and with real silverware.  And ain't flying wonderful!  The cost of these seats range from $5,000 to $7,000 dollars, depending on where you're flying….and these fares will not make even the tiniest dent on the privilege's bank account.

One partition back is Business Class.  Thirty or forty seats set aside that provide an extra ten inches of leg room, wide seats, a decent meal and free-flowing booze.  They'll be given little "comfort kits" with toothbrush, disposable razor and little travel sized shave cream, toothpaste and cologne.  Convenient ports for their iPads and lap tops are provided and the movie and music headphones are free.  These seats will go for $3,000 to $4,000 dollars and will be written off as a business expense come tax time.

And then we have "the great unwashed" in Coach class.  You are crammed in like cattle.  Upon landing at your destination you'll bear the bruises of the clown in front of you trying to recline his seat, right into your precious shins and you'll rise to debark from the plane and find your legs have been numbed from five hours being immobilized in a space smaller than you normally occupy when sitting on the toilet at home.  In Coach dwell the screaming babies, the unwashed hippie, the Pakistani man who's kneeling in the aisle, saying one of his five daily prayers while trying to face the general direction of Mecca, the fella from Des Moines with a severe case of the flu, enroute to Miami for a week, all the while spreading a good case of the H1 flu to everyone within ten feet of him.

If those clowns in Coach class get hungry they can pay ten bucks for a turkey sandwich and a small bag of chips and if they want a drink that'll cost them $6 bucks (exact change please)..and that'll be $5 bucks if you want to actually hear the movie, and, god help us, some airlines are now charging to use the bathroom.

And you know what?  If it weren't for those 200 sad sack in Coach, the airplane would never have gotten off the ground!  Those $7,000 dollar First Class seats won't lift it!  Those $3,000 dollar 
Business Class seats won't either!  No, it's those 200 clowns in the back that keep that airplane aloft!  It's those ten buck a seat profits in Coach that makes this plane fly!  And the best you can say about their treatment is "benign neglect"…..most often they are treated far worse!

Folks, that's America today.  You can throw away your social modelers and climb on an airplane..or walk into a grocery store and see who's buying hamburger and who's buying filet mignon!  Or enter a football stadium and see who's in the bleacher seats and who's sitting on the 50 yard line!

And it is these same sad sacks that are footing the bill for Uncle Sam!  The businessman can write off many of the things that make his life pleasant…or pass those costs on to his customer.  The wealthy pay what they want to pay because their tax lawyers will always be smarter than government tax lawyers.  But, sadly, it's the "donkey class", the working class who, locked into a tax table, will pay till it hurts.

And without that "donkey class" big government would never get off the ground.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Can You Spare A Little Change?"


Okay, folks.  We had our three month membership drive, awarded our prize, garnered 20 additional followers (thanks to many in my sweet family), and failed to meet our goal of a hundred followers.  Not a total defeat but not a victory either……but it certainly doesn't warrant my publishing this blog seven days a week, 52 weeks per year.

So, hereafter, let's call this the blog a frog on a log blog…I'll just be a big old frog and sit up on that big old log, and as something appetizing comes my way, I'll stick my big ole tongue out, nab it, and offer it up for you to digest as well.  

When things are particularly tasty I might feed you seven days in a row, and if not we'll let our field lay fallow… the best crops come from occasionally fallow fields.  I suspect we'll be busy when Obama starts his campaign for the illegal folks…that's always been a deal buster for me..if the law is passed and it resembles anything like what came out of the Senate, I believe we will have finally capitulated as a nation in honoring the rule of law.  Everything henceforth will simply be politics, with principles buried and gone.

I'm not ready to write the obituary for this blog…as of this morning I've written 856 blog essays in three years.  They are available for the public and, who knows, maybe some of those who come along later will choose to sign up so that our following expands and again justifies the seven days a week postings.

But, because I cannot "not write", be assured that there will be enough to satisfy all but those few loyals who opened me up every day to see what I had to say.   Most people don't read these every day…and probably shouldn't.  

And don't forget me over at "The Good News Journal".  When I choose to write about the gentler, kinder things, that is usually where I post it.  I currently have nine lonely followers over there so there is  plenty of room to pull up a bean bag chair and chew on whatever evolves from day to day or week to week.

To folks like Carole, who opens me up every morning and uses my blog as something of a digest to see how the world is turning, thank you, my dear.  

To Ken, whose soul I stir to such an extent that he often writes comments longer than my blog, thank you too.  Your comments are always on target and I sometimes find myself going back and re-reading the blog because you have brought a fresh perspective to the subject.  

To Craig, and Trevor and Brian, thank you as well for coming in first every day and giving me feedback on what I offered that day.  Keep those rifles clean and your shirts packed…you never know when the first shot is fired.

To my brother, John, who reads me every day, and still can't figure out how to register a comment, thanks, bro!  I always know you're there because you've always had my back.

Cousin Ralph, you always give me the warm fuzzes, making what I do seem more important than it is.  Keep pimping for me cuz…you fire off enough links to my blog and maybe someday I'll be "broadway", all in lights at the top of the marquee.

Wally, you touched my heart recently when you wrote to ask how you can link up to the site so that you wouldn't miss a single day while you were out on vacation!  What a stand up guy you are!

To all those silent folks who tune in to me every day, the folks I rarely hear from, thank you as well.  
A few months ago someone named Jilly, apparently a reader, but not a regular commenter, was so moved by my blog on "The Death of Testosterone", was so touched in some way she came forward in the comments with Clap…Clap…Clap!  When I read it I had chills up my arm because she thought I had touched on some essential truth and voiced her appreciation with one repetitive but effective word.

I can't thank everybody by name, or this would go on forever.  Just know that you have all given me far more than I ever gave you.  As I've said before, without your taking the time to email me, or to comment, I would just be talking to an empty room.  

Instead, I've made new friends, learned to consider an issue from a different perspective, been given specific examples in your own lives of the truths I offered.  All of it has been worthwhile.

So, dear readers, this old fat frog is fixin to mosey on out, find myself a nice comfortable log, and wait, just wait to snatch something that passes me by…and I'll be sure and pass it around for everyone to have a chew.

See you again, soon!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Consideration: Why God Made A Liberal


Remember Job…the Bible one!  Yeah, for you sectarians, that poor dude that God threw all kinds of calamities at, just to test his faith.  Well, I'm not big on the Old Testament.  Remember it was written by some Middle East religious fanatics who dreamed up 800 year old men, floods and the parting of the Red Sea.  And it's been translated in and out of a dozen languages about a hundred times, so I'm guessing something's been lost in those translations.

But I digress.  Back to Job and all his worldly burdens.  I'm beginning to think that God put liberals on the earth as the burden "normal thinking" people have to carry as a test of their moral strength and patience.  For example, the "well-read" here will surely remember all of those brain studies they did back in the 80's…the one's that showed the chaotic breakdown in those little brain tentacles that connect conscious thought and reason to the temporal lobe or something in liberal brains.   Maybe that's good science and maybe it's not….but, from our own layman observations, we know how liberals massively fail at rational thought….they seem to "emote" endlessly, their thought processes so stunted that they simply can't reason.  Try to imagine a set of porch steps…the normal mind will focus on taking that first step…but, in his peripheral vision, he's able to see steps 2, 3 and 4!  A liberal becomes so focused on step 1 he ends up tripping and busting his ass on step 2!!

Let me give you an example.  The Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic featured a three page spread on the costs to taxpayers for birthing, feeding, medicating and educating an army of babies birthed by unwed mothers.  The article goes on to say that, in 1980 a mere 18 percent of Arizona births was by unwed mothers.  Today that percentage has risen to an astounding 47%!   Annual costs to taxpayers just for the medical bills?  $100 million a year!  The article goes on to say that the costs of welfare, 
WIC, Section 8 housing, taxpayer funded pre-school, kindergarten, free breakfasts and lunches at school, Pell grants, Medicaid, add up to nearly $2 billion dollars a year out of a state budget of $10 billion or so.  Now keep in mind, the Arizona Republic is a Gannett owned liberal newspaper that pines mightily for the poor, whether legal, or illegal!  Also keep in mind that the two billion that Arizona spends on these kids does not include federal dollars!  

Now try to imagine how much greater the spending on the unwed and their offspring that Illinois, or California, or Maryland, Detroit, or New York spend to birth and raise what in a less kind era would have been called millions of little bastards!  

Okay, we laid out the problem.  Let's see how liberals approach it.  While a conservative will say we have a moral problem with that 18% of unwed birthings in 1980 to the unimaginable 47% today.  I mean, really, how is the breeding of six kids, with the full knowledge that you can't support them, that their support will come from the is that any different than someone who goes in and robs a bank?  Hell, the robbery is a hell of a lot cheaper to handle!

And here is the liberal response:  "the growth of unwed births is simply the result of women's liberation"…"it says to society that women have the right to decide what they will do with their own bodies"…."and, though it is expensive, we can't focus on the costs"…"we must think of the kids…the innocent kids who have no fault in the matter".  

Those liberal words have given women a blank check to people the nation with illiterate, drug-taking, violent thugs who infest every city in America.   Every study done has shown that a huge swath of unwed kids, growing up in a one-parent, poverty stricken household will grow up to repeat the same mistakes as their mom, and become still another burden on the taxpayer, via welfare or prison.   Every time the liberals choose to raise your taxes "it's for the children" (and how can anyone deny the plight of children).  

Now, a rational person will think "we have got to stop this…"not only can we not afford it with our massive deficit and $17 trillion dollar debt,  but it is destroying the national character". It punishes the moral and productive and rewards the irresponsible!"  A rational person knows that the only way to resolve the problem is to stop rewarding bad behavior.  As a first step, let's stop supporting an unwed mom after the first one.  Give them "one pass".   After that, the cost of their birth, housing, food, medical care…it's all on the "liberated mom".  If she can't support what she breeds, take the kids away, put them in foster care, put them up for adoption.  They will certainly be no worse off than if this "breeder bitch" raises them! And, if the bitch continues to breed, throw her ass in prison until menopause!   And chase down the "the semen donator" and throw his ass in jail as well!

Now, a liberal will equate the above proposition with massive "inhumanity to man…or woman".  I say it's inhumane for more than half of all local, state and federal taxes going toward supporting an army of bastards.  We can't pay our teachers well enough to recruit good ones, we can't fix our roads and bridges, working families are being taxed to death to support this sloth and that is inhumane to the truly humane.

Time for some tough love for those who "make love" and send us the bill!

But maybe, just maybe God is testing us..maybe we ARE old Job, and maybe God is saying that "if they're not tough enough to knock a few liberals on their ass, if they aren't tough enough to ration out a little tough love to the slothful, maybe they don't deserve what I gave them for the last three centuries."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Liberal Courts Suppress Voice of The People


Lest anyone doubt that America is now ruled by one dictator and an entire army of liberal court judges, we have only to look at the happenings this week to see who's running the store.

The Florida courts on Monday struck down the new law that would have required welfare recipients in that state to be drug tested before receiving state welfare benefits.  The courts ruled requiring welfare applicants to be drug tested violated the "search and seizure" laws in the United States Constitution.  They said asking applicants to be tested for drugs was too intrusive into the personal lives of welfare candidates.  The judges refuse to consider the already sanctioned requirement that workers are routinely tested for drugs prior to being hired.  They considered that a "voluntary act" by the prospective employee and had no relevance to the Florida welfare law.

Several months ago the Mexican Extremist Group, La Raza, teamed with the American Civil Liberties Union to contest Arizona's Prop 100, which denies bail for illegal felons.  While the appeal was struck down by the Arizona Supreme Court, the ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to hear the case on appeal.  The ACLU and La Raza argue that denying bail to illegal Mexicans is a violation of their rights.  The state argues that allowing child molesters, armed robbers, felony hit and run prisoners, rapists, and those charged with manslaughter should be denied bail because of they are high risk to flee back into Mexico to avoid a long prison term.  La Raza argues that illegal felons are no more likely to flee than any other American criminal.

On January 1st the Boy Scouts of America finally relented to unyielding liberal pressure to admit gays into their organization.  Anticipating this decision, over 80 percent of Boy Scout troops who are sponsored by various church groups have seceded from the BSA and formed a separate organization called Trail Life, USA. The newly formed organization will continue to oppose the gay life style.  Headquartered in Florida, Trail Life, USA has already come under fire by the ACLU who are preparing to seek an injunction prohibiting the admission of gays into the new organization.  When an AP reporter queried the ACLU about this, the ACLU stated they will continue to fight sexual discrimination even when these Trail Life troops are sponsored by a religious organization who follow the tenets of the Bible.

Over the last couple of decades it has become quite clear that the courts, and not the voice of the American people, will rule the day and make the final decisions on what we are to believe and how we are to live our lives.  Prop 8, which banned gay marriage in the state of California, was passed overwhelmingly by California voters.  Then, the 9th Circuit overruled the people's vote and told voters to go to hell.  The same thing happened when laws banning driver's licenses for illegals were passed.

Then just last year the United States Supreme Court ruled that our dictator can mandate that a citizen buy a product or service if big government demands it.  Thus, we are now forced by rule of law to buy Obamacare for ourselves…and for 30 million others who can afford a big screen TV, cable, and an I-Phone but aren't willing to pay for their own health care.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Bumbling Hero Passes


I'm going to write about Jerry Coleman today; someone who more than half of you have never heard of.  Your loss.  Jerry was the purest form of love, the most decent human being one could ever hope to meet.  

Jerry Coleman was the baseball broadcaster for the San Diego Padres for four decades.  Jerry Coleman was the worst baseball broadcaster I've ever heard.  His achilles heel was that he loved the game so much, had such excitement for the game, that he would get caught up in the excitement of a spectacular play, or a dramatic score, that he would completely forget to tell you what happened on the field.  When I lived in San Diego and listened to Jerry call a game I have frequently been driven to pick up the radio and throw it against the wall, such was my anger at this bumbling broadcaster who couldn't contain his excitement long enough to tell the listener what was going on.

And then you forgave him his limitations…it was just Jerry being Jerry.  You forgave him his malapropos, clearly as bad as those spoken by Yogi Berra, a former teammate.   You forgave him because of the pristine life that he led.

Jerry Coleman was a young man when World War II broke out.  A slick fielding second baseman in the Yankees farm system, when the war began Jerry joined the Marines and became a Marine aviator.  He flew more than 50 missions in the Pacific Theater winning more than his share of chest lettuce, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.  

After the war Jerry came home and won a spot on the great Yankee teams of the 40's and 50's.  He was selected Rookie of the Year, batted 275, played second base flawlessly, and helped the Yankees win all of those World Series championships year after year.  

At the very height of his career, like the great Ted Williams, Jerry was recalled to active duty for the Korean War.  Giving up his lucrative baseball career, Jerry was again in the Marines, flying slews of bombing missions over North Korea.  He narrowly escaped death a dozen times, surviving flack hits and malfunctioning engines….and he collected three more Distinguished Flying Crosses and another few rows of chest lettuce for his Marine uniform. 

 Having given more than almost anyone to his beloved country, Jerry returned to his Yankees and his second base post.  His teammates said he was so nervous that day that they couldn't talk to him, he didn't even know who they were.  Jerry played a few more years for the Yankees, then served in the club front office for a time.  He would finally begin his broadcasting career, working with the great Mel Allen, and then later with Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese on the weekly Saturday broadcasts nationwide.

Eventually Jerry would end up doing baseball coverage for the California Angels in southern California.  And then, when McDonalds mogul Ray Kroc bought the Padres, Jerry moved into the Padres broadcasting spot, where he would remain for the next forty years.

Jerry became an iconic figure around San Diego.  He never met anyone that he didn't greet with a smile.  Folks in his neighborhood could set their watches as Jerry set out on his morning three mile walks and when Jerry began doing promos for a local bank he felt the need to actually start banking with one that he was promoting so he would often walk into his bank branch and visit as if he owned part of it.  Folks who knew Jerry intimately say he never showed anger and never uttered a curse word.

Jerry Coleman is in the baseball Hall of Fame, respected and admired as both player and broadcaster, has been feted many times by both the Padres and Yankees, always received a boisterous ovation as he showed up each year for Old Timer's Day, but is most proud of his Marine service.  

Right up to his death Jerry, at 89 years old, was healthy and fit, as youthful as someone three decades younger.  Sadly, like the mishaps of many of the elderly, Jerry slipped in the bath back in early December.  In and out of the hospital in the weeks following, he died from those injuries Sunday morning.  He will be missed beyond measure and that San Diego sunshine is just a tad less bright this week.

Rest in peace Jerry.  You've flown your last mission and can now join your creator…and we are all better off for having known you.

P.S.  If you find that I am now moderating comments before they are published, that is because we had a flaming liberal use extreme vulgarity and I deleted him.  He has since posted over 50 times the same rant that I won't let him use this blog for his own personal libtard crusade…thus, I cut his water off.  All comments will now be reviewed before they are published.  I will later change the settings to allow all comments by certified 'followers' only so we know who's inflicting the spam.

Announcing The Kindle Winner!


Good morning dear readers.  As you know, back in October I announced a membership drive, asking that you sign up as a regular member of my blog following..(those folks you see in little squares to the left of my blog).  I asked that you take one additional step beyond subscribing by email, and join me in my efforts to grow my blog.  

While the sign ups were not as great as I had hoped, we did add 20 new names to the Followers group.  I am grateful to those who did sign on.

A part of that three month membership drive was the award of a Kindle E-Reader, a drawing of names to be held on 7 January 2014.  To insure everyone got the word I promoted the drawing through notes at the bottom of some blogs and also posted the blog announcing the drawing over ten times.

Before I announce the winner I would like to thank all of my loyal readers; those who visit me often, those who take the time to provide comments, those who email me and thank me for something I wrote that touched them in some way.  I wish I could give Kindles to everyone of you.

Now, as to the drawing.  I simplified the drawing somewhat.  I simply wrote down the name or nickname of all the followers on bits of paper, then dropped them into a jar, shook em all up, then drew the winner's name.

Now, drum roll please!  The winner of the Kindle E-Reader is:

                                           Ed Jenkins

I hope you enjoy reading on the Kindle as much as I do.  A life long lover of books I thought it would take me awhile to get use to digital reads.  It took me no time at all.  My aging eyes can more easily read on the Kindle with its attractive backwhite display, I can read more quickly, I can store hundreds of books on the little lightweight device, charge it up every few weeks, and take my entire library with me wherever I go.

Amazon also offers millions of books for free.  If you're an admirer of the classics you will especially love adding all of them to your library at no costs.  Amazon also offers hundreds of new books from aspiring writers each and every day.  Plus, you'll be pleased to see that you can purchase current bestsellers at 40% or more discounts from the hardcover or bookstore price.

Ed, if you are reading this today, please email me at and give me an address so that I can send out the Kindle to you.  In case you are not reading this today I will send you a message via the google pipeline.  Amazon will also want a telephone number for delivery purposes.  And good news for you! I'm a member of Amazon prime so you will receive your new Kindle within two days!   It will be delivered directly from since I am purchasing this as a gift.   Please follow the easy Amazon directions for registering your Kindle either directly through your computer or via a WiFi connection.  You can also download books via WIFI or through your computer.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bad News For Your "Great" Grandchildren


Folks, I've got some bad news...and bad news for you today.  After crunching the numbers, and totally up all of Obama's past deficit spending, and projected deficit spending, he's already gone through your children's and grandchildren's money...and is now eating into whatever your great grandchildren hope to earn.

The fait accompli was Emperor Obama's edict last month, without consulting Congress at all, that under Obamacare health care providers must provide the same breadth and depth of medical coverage for mental health that is now provided for physical health patients.  And just to make it crystal clear, he proclaimed that all that costly mental health care is mandated even when the patient's "zombie hood" is caused by recreational drug use.

Now while that might not sound too menacing to you, try to imagine how hard an osteopath today has in confirming a diagnosis of "bad back" when some, let's say unambitious fellow decides that he's tired of working and applies for disability.  Consequently our doctors freely admit that we have literally tens of thousands of healthy adults living off of the disability rolls simply because a "bad back" can rarely be confirmed or denied.  And, encouraged by a President who encourages dependency and victimhood, we have seen an explosive increase in people going on disability during the last five years, more than at any time in our history.

So now our emperor has issued a blank check for anyone who'd care to explore the world of crack cocaine, crystal meth, pot, cocaine, or a bath salts cocktail.  And, it logically follows that those with a drug problem will not be working regularly, or paying health premiums, which naturally places an additional burden on the working stiff to pay even higher medical premiums to pay for an even more generous "cadillac" medical program for more dead-heads.

Should we treat our citizens with mental health problems?  Of course we should!  Should we say to everyone "go out and explore the world of drugs...and we'll foot the bill for getting you cleaned up?" Should we present a thousand new loopholes for exploiting health care plans?  Hell no!

That is what is essentially wrong about the whole Obamacare concept.  We have to foot the bill for birth control, even if we don't agree with it.  We are not allowed to condemn gays..and the accompanying AIDs crisis but we must communally pay for those million dollar a year AIDs patients who chose to practice unsafe sex.  A vegan must pay for the slob who dines on fast food every night and non-smokers will have to foot at least part of the bill (all of the bill for the 30 million tit suckers on Medicaid) for smokers.  

And the program is so damn monstrous that the paying folks don't even know what they are paying for!  The only know that their premiums are tripling and quadrupling!  Well figure it out folks...Obama is demanding all manner of medical care be paid somebody...and that somebody now happens to be your great grand children.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things I'd Like To See Just Once


You see it in the paper or on your morning show just about every day.  Some 90 year old couple are celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  Inevitably they'll trot out the ancient wedding picture, and they'll be asked what's the secret to their long term marriage success.  

Just once I'd like to hear those old folks say "hell, I don't know…mostly it's just living long enough to get this far."  Then Harold chimes in and says "she was a really good lay before we got married, then  soon as the first kid was born she thought sex was nasty and rationed it out once a month or so."
Then old Marge would counter with "well Harold, if you had considered taking a bath more than once a week I might have been more willing to sleep with you!"  To which Harold replies "sleep with me?…hell, we've been in separate beds our entire marriage!"…sleeping in a single bed three feet from the wife…hell, I was more intimate with my army buddies in a bunk closer than that!"  "Well, if you didn't snore like a freight train we might not have had to go to separate bedrooms!"   

Yep…just once I'd like to see the "true shit" revealed cause I know things weren't as rosy as old Harold and Marge are making it out to be.  Hell, they probably stopped slugging each other about the time they became eligible for Social Security…too old and frail by that time to do any real harm, so they stuck it out right into the old folks home.  Just once…..

Just once I'd like to hear a politician, after he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or busted for frequenting a D.C. Madam, or taking "selfies" of his 4 inch manhood, just say "honestly, I'm not sorry for what I did…"I'm just sorry I got caught".  Then, as he stands at the press podium, adoring wife at his side, the wifey pulls out a .38 snub nose and plugs him then and there.

Just once I'd like to see Barry jump into Air Force 1 and tour all the inner city neighborhoods and scold Black thugs for their culture of violence….then go and address every freshman high school class and tell them that half of them will be dropouts before they graduate, that their future will be a life of welfare and dependency and the highest job position they'll ever hold is as a burger flipper at Wendy's.  And all because of the apathy of teacher's unions and their own parents.

Just once I'd like to see Obama walk into a military hospital and, as he's touring  bed to bed, tell the injured vet that VA care is so bad he'll wait six months to get an appointment..and oh, by the way, I'm cutting $80,000 dollars from your pension.

Just once I'd like to see a Democrat tell his liberal constituents that we're $17 trillion dollars in debt…so you're gonna have to go find a job.

Just once I'd like to see every member of Congress who are just itching for our involvement in another Muslim war zone, form the first contingent of troops deployed, along with their adult age children.

Just once I'd like to see Obama speak to a crowd of Americans who represent the entire spectrum of political beliefs, and not the hand picked audience of naive college students, adoring union members, teachers unions or the entire population of San Francisco, California.  I'd like him to hear the full force of America's anger…instead of the ever-smiling glad handed kool aid drinkers that he always mobilizes for one of this speeches.  

And finally, I'd like to see Barry actually work at a real American job, live in the typical American household, budget the family meals, balance the monthly checkbook, and then, after the bills have been paid, explain how that middle class family is going to be able to afford his annual $20,000 dollar Obamacare premiums.