Monday, February 29, 2016

"Don And The Fat Man"


Well, Friday morning Chris Christie wallowed out on the stage and endorsed Donald Trump for President.  Ain't that great?  Let's see; Chris Christie is the epitome of the "one eye-man in the land of the blind is king" syndrome.  Just look at Christie's New Jersey.  New Jersey still has the highest property taxes in the nation, one of the highest state income tax rates and his Newark is a human cesspool that he's never been able to clean up.

Christie came along and, as Governor of New Jersey, and spent less than his liberal predecessor and all of a sudden the guy's a conservative!  Christie is the guy who hugged and nearly kissed Barack Obama!  Christie has so little self discipline and is so weak of mind that the dude ate his way to 400 pounds...then had lap band surgery and is down to a svelte 350 pounds two years later!

And don't you love how Christie helped his New York buddy Trump by taking down Mark Rubio in the eighth debate.  Never mind that he shouldn't have even been on debate stage (he had a voter following as tiny as Donald Trump's brain.)

Now, Christie, soon to be out of a job, is sucking up to Trump big time, in hopes that the Donald will select him as his VP candidate.  If Christie doesn't get VP maybe The Donald will make him foreman on building the wall.  

Whew!  That's all we need for the next four years; two blustering blow hards with pea size brains.  God help us all.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Black-Listing The Oscars"


The Academy Awards will be presented tonight in Hollywood.  A regular viewer for decades, I no longer watch the show...because I no longer watch the movies they now honor.

When I was growing up the movies celebrated the triumph of the human spirit over life's adversities.  Or they allowed us to poke fun of ourselves with humor.  Today the movies are either grand explosions, car chases, or the practice of wallowing in one's own misery.  So I don't go....the last movie I viewed in a theater was Forrest Gump.

Blacks hate the Awards Show this year.  They are throwing their own party where they will be screaming in a grand pout as gloriously as the kid sitting in the supermarket aisle cause mommy won't buy him a candy bar.

I'm not surprised by the Black boycott.  We live in the age of "the whiner".  When one doesn't get your way these days you whine.  That's just the way it is.  Doesn't even to be a legitimate whine....just whine away cause it's the thing to do.

For instance, I just "wikied" the hell out of the winners of the Academy Awards for the last two decades.  And I found Blacks overwhelmingly winning far more awards than the 12% of the population that they represent.......literally hundreds of Oscar wins over the last 20 years.

Past success doesn't matter to Blacks.  They are no longer satisfied with 12% or even half of the awards...they want ALL the awards.  This year they didn't get them.  So they are "Blacklisting" the Academy Awards.  They've got Al Sharpton and Jessie all lined up to offer racist rants...and they've got Chris Rock to host the honkies...and remind them all of White Guilt.

And really, you can't blame Blacks for their pouts and their boycotts.  For nearly fifty years they've been given welfare checks and preferential quotas and have become the "racial divas" of our time.

Maybe Chris Rock can present the Oscar, then slap the shit out of the winners....the only thing to do for not kissing Black cinematic ass this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary showed up at the "Blacklist" party kiss a little Black ass for political gain.  Maybe Bill will appear and utter "I feel your pain".

I won't be watching any of it......I had the unfortunate experience of living in a time when you earned what you got....and were not given it for the color of your skin pigment count.


Friday, February 26, 2016

"She'll Make You Pay"


Hillary Clinton is as close to the psychologically sick Richard Nixon that we have politics today.  Nixon, assured victory in the 1972 election over George McGovern, wasn't happy with just a win....he wanted a landslide.  So he and his henchman came up with the idea of breaking into Democratic National Headquarters, situated in the Watergate complex, in order to burgle intelligence about Democrat party aims.  The rest is history.

Hillary Clinton is Tricky Dick's political twin.  While liberals are perfectly willing to forget Whitewater, or Hillary's "bimbo" defense of Slick Willie, thinking Americans remember just how vengeful Hillary is.  One need only look at Travelgate to understand the extent of Hillary's wrath.  Immediately after Bill's assuming office, Hillary commanded the White House Travel Office to subcontract out all White House travel to some big travel office campaign donors back in Arkansas.  When the White House Travel Office declined to go along with her vice the entire staff was fired.

So, if Hillary wins the White House, there's a whole bunch of people ripe for Hillary "payback".  Those Bernie followers are going to be in big trouble.  Before the paint dries on Hillary's desk plaque she's gonna have a list of Bernie donors and every FBI agent involved in her email and foundation investigations, and she's gonna have an "enemies list" as long as Bill's bimbo list.

And, if the Tea Party and other conservative groups didn't like Obama's employment of the IRS to squash dissent, wait until Hillary gets her claws in.  She'll be auditing the returns of anyone who ever denigrated the Clinton machine.  

Hillary has already promised that she'll prosecute anyone who even dares utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism"...she says it's discriminatory, so she and her Iranian "hit woman", Huma Abedin will make Obama's Iranian, Valerie Jarrett look like Barney the purple dinosaur.  

There's a sickness inside Hillary Clinton...and an arrogance that believes she's above all moral and societal laws.  Her corrupt foundation and her personal email server are just symptoms...the real rot is buried deeper within.   That's one of the reasons why an avowed Socialist is giving her such a hard time....even liberals sense the dark soul within Hillary.

If Hillary wins you might want to raise the drawbridges and gator up the's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

He Says It Better Than I Can

I know my readers are special.  They read more comprehensively than the usual citizen.  This article says it better than I ever could.  This is exactly what bothers me about Trump:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pot Luck


You could stand on just about any corner in Sun City. Arizona, and you wouldn't be more than a stone's throw from a potluck supper. The community's many churches regularly hold Sunday evening pot luck suppers. They help to bring the congregations together, for fellowship, or just to sit down and rub elbows with other folks.
More sectarian groups, like the RV Club, or the Pottery Club, or the Apple Mac clubs also hold potlucks on a regular basis.
Sadly, a few months ago, the FDA's U.S, Public Health Service lords invaded a few of these potluck suppers. Armed with their food thermometers they set about finding miscreants whose potato salad was one degree above the 35 degree recommended temps. Or that the meat loaf was a degree or two lower than acceptable preparation directives. Although they didn't insist on inspecting Aunt Clara's home kitchen, they did grill her on how often she scrubbed her kitchen counters with a clorox solution.
Well, the feds food lords declared pot lucks totally unacceptable and a threat to the health of ....well, of someone. Issuing a "cease and desist" order against these pot lucks, the federal bureaucrats declared that, unless these churches and clubs began hiring certified food handlers the Sunday night pot luck suppers were over. Never mind that not a single case of anyone getting sick was discovered, the feds said "shut em down".
I am happy to report that the Arizona State House of Representatives this week passed House Bill 2341, which authorizes social groups to have as many pot lucks as they wish...and told the FDA and the U.S. Public Health Service to put their food thermometers up there where the sun don't shine. The bill passed unanimously.
The FDA was not happy. The U.S. Public Health Service was not happy. And, no doubt, Michelle Obama would not be happy. These senior citizens are dining on fried chicken, meat loaf, baked ham, cornbread, biscuits, mash potatoes and gravy, scalloped potatoes, potato salad, fudge cakes and marble cakes and home churned ice cream.
And the feds are dining on crow.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Clinton Machine: Super Delegates


Citizenship is hard.  Informed voting is even harder.  As an example, I will bet you that the vast majority of voters do not know that the Democratic Party operates kind of like they did when political lords picked candidates in smoke filled rooms, far away from the voting booth.  This hi-jacking of the Democratic vote comes in the form of what the Dems call "Super Delegates"...and the Dems have lots of them!  These Super Delegates are chosen by Democratic Party leaders and are made up of party hacks and Democratic politicians who have a great deal of control over who gets the nomination.  And there are hundreds of these Democratic Delegates!

Just look at the chart below.  Bernie Sanders tied in the Iowa Caucus and won by over 20 points in New Hampshire.  Yet, as it stands today Hillary has almost all of the delegates!  Yep!  Those Super Delegates that serve as the firewall between who the voter wants and who the Democratic power lords want.


The Republican Party does not have Super Delegates.  They believe the needs of the people are best served when their votes REALLY count for something.

Isn't it ironic that the Democrats are always touting the "power of the people" when it is as far from the truth as it can be.  The party bosses have already shined up the crown for Hillary and they'll be damned if something like the people's vote will deter them from a coronation.

Friday, February 19, 2016

CNN Town Hall; A Stark Contrast


While CNN was presenting the first night of their Town Hall candidate presentation MSNBC was having their own Donald Trump Town Hall over on Liberal Lane.  Fortunately the first CNN segment was Dr. Ben Carson, so I was able to go over to MSNBC to see what The Donald was saying.

At the 46 minute mark Senator Marco Rubio came on.  I was struck by the stark contrast between Trump and Rubio.  The level of issue specificity was amazing over on the Rubio stage.  It seems that Rubio, when not forced to get something meaningful out of a 1 minute long debate bite, performed superbly.  Time after time, in response to an audience question, Rubio was able to describe in detail each solution proposed for a particular problem.  

When I woke up this morning I found most of the pundits agreeing with me.  Rubio was praised time and time again for his grasp of the issues, and given sufficient time to explain his positions, he came out favorably on nearly every one.

Contrast the Rubio performance with The Donald Trump Show; the same tired generalizations, unable to explain a single specific as to how he would carry out his grand dreams.  Anyone with an IQ above 80 could clearly tell the difference between Trump's snake oil and Rubio's carefully considered, highly specific proposals.

Whether Rubio's performance will translate to good numbers on Saturday is yet to be seen.  However, a few things were clarified for me.  First, Dr. Carson did remarkably well in his segment, Trump was "Trump", Ted Cruz appeared just a little greasy to me, a bit too hoakey, a bit unnatural when compared to the natural ease Rubio showed in presenting his positions.

I would love to see more of these Town Halls, with each candidate appearing alone, given the time to answer audience questions. and free of the vitriol that has been so ever present in the debates.

I guess the bottom line for me; my take from these Town Hall meetings,  is that my top choice is still evolving.  I learned more about each candidate and their respective positions; far more than I have learned in those debates.  The only thing I know for sure is that I won't be drinking any snake oil.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Secret Trump-Clinton Deal


Minutes of Trump-Clinton Meeting, 15 April, 2015
Location:  #1 Trump Tower

Hillary:  "Good evening, Donald.  Okay, what's the deal you're proposing".

Donald:  "I love you two...I think you're both terrific."  "And I want to help you win the White House next year."

Bill:  "Hey, Donald, that's huuuge!"  I'm eager to hear more!"

Donald:  "Well, look, this is gonna sound wild...but here's my plan:  I will declare myself a Republican and run for President."  "But, hey, I'm not interested in being two already know my interest is profit and a great deal."    "So what I do, I declare for President, and I rope in all these idiots that are just salivating to swallow some of my snake oil."  "And you're not gonna believe how I sell myself...I'm gonna tell these rubes what they want to hear....whatever they want to hear...and they'll fall for it like the fools they are."

Hillary:  "Well, how does this help us, Donald?"

Donald:  "Don't you get it, Hill?"  "I'm gonna tear apart the Republican Party!"  "I will smear the other candidates with a broad brush...I'll call em "pussies"...I'll insult women, I'll fabricate lies about my Republican opponents...and, best of all, I'm gonna resurrect the old Iraq WMD conspiracy and use all the old liberal lines...but when it's coming out of my mouth, it'll sound true!" By the time I'm finished with the Republicans, whether I win the nomination or not, I'll have damaged any potential Republican nominee and probably the Republican Party forever!  

Hillary:  "Wow!"  "That sounds great, Donnie!"  "But, pardon me, but I have to ask what's in this for you?"

The Donald:  "Gee, Hillary, the way you and Bill showed how well you could funnel foreign donations to your own Swiss bank account, you ought to be able to see what I want!"

Bill:  "How much".

Donald:  "Gonna cost you!"  "Gonna cost you big time!"

Hillary:  "How much Donald!"

Donald:  "I want a billion up front....along with some fringe benefits".

Bill:  (Swallows hard) "Don, how we gonna come up with that kind of scratch?"  "Even Hillary and I don't have that much!"

Donald:  "Oh come on, Bill...I shouldn't have to draw you a picture.  As President, Hillary has access to all kinds of slush funds...hell, just siphon off some of that secret CIA money to pay me off".

Hillary:  "The could be what are the other "fringe benefits".

Donald:  "I want the contract to build Hillary's Presidential Library, I want you to declare "Eminent Domain" for the entire south end of Queens, New York..and turn the land over to me, and I want the contracts to build all Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers across the nation for the next ten years." 
"And, finally, I want the contracts for any urban renewal projects you implement for Baltimore, Detroit and Los Angeles."

Bill:  "Wow, pretty steep price, Donald."

Donald:  "Take it or leave it."  "If I can be blunt, let's face it, Hillary aint' exactly Reagan when it comes to campaigning."  "If you want to guarantee a win, take my deal".

Hillary:  "Okay, you got a deal".

Donald:  "Terrific!"  "Oh, by the way, you two; I'm gonna be slamming both of you pretty hard."  "Don't sweat know I love you two....this will just be my way of roping in all the rubes."  "When it's all over we'll have a big dinner in the White House and you can give me a "Presidential Medal of Freedom Award" or something else really neat.

Hillary/Bill:  "We love you, Donald!"  "You're a great asset to the Democratic Party!"

Donald:  "It's gonna be huuuge!"  "I'm gonna make the Democratic Party great again!"


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Death of A Champion


Sadly, we lost more than a Supreme Court justice on Saturday....we lost a champion of our personal liberties.  Antonin Scalia has been fighting for our Constitutional rights for more than fifty years, 30 or them while serving on the Supreme Court.    Most will not remember that it was Scalia who set our 2nd Amendment rights in stone.  Prior to Scalia's brilliant brief on that issue the court was moving to deem the right to own and bear arms as an antiquated notion no longer valid because we no longer formed "militias" in this country.  Scalia wrote the most succinct and powerful briefs on the 2nd Amendment so that the other jurists were forced to agree with him.

The importance of Scalia on the court...the constant that kept the court more or less divided on a 5-4 ratio in favor of conservative interpretations of the Constitution, is now gone.  One must keep in mind that, when the court disagrees equally on "4-4" votes, the prevailing ruling reverts back to the lower federal court rulings....a federal court rife with liberal judges Obama has been able to install during his long seven plus year tyrannical rein.

Just look at the issues now before the court if you want to see what Scalia's loss will mean.  With a left leaning Anthony Kennedy often serving as the swing vote for the liberals, we will almost surely have many of those "4-4" votes coming out this summer.  Expect the liberals to score wins on defeating voter ID laws, the wholesale killing of infants in the womb, the continuation of racial quotas for employment and education, Obamacare, and deadliest of all, the assurance that Obama's illegal amnesty Executive Actions will be affirmed by the courts.

We are at a critical juncture when it comes to the court.  One only needs to look at how our politicians reacted to Scalia's death.  Within minutes the Republicans avowed to stage a delaying action against confirming anyone Obama nominates to replace Scalia.  Democrats immediately began fund raising, using Scalia's death as "red meat" to ignite the salivary glands of liberals who worship "government as God".  The conservatives only hope is that we can delay another lifetime liberal appointment to the court in the next eleven months, then hope like hell that a Republican can get elected come November.

One thing is clear; if you are supportive of your personal liberties, you might better realize just how important the upcoming elections are if the Constitution as we know it is to be preserved.  A victory by a liberal, and the subsequent appointment of a liberal on the court will be the last nail in the coffin for those who oppose the increasing government tyranny over both states and personal rights.

God help us all.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Most Honest Man In The 2016 Election Campaign


I don't agree a single one of his policy proposals.  In fact, if even one of them was implemented I can see a culmination of our economic collapse.  And yet, he is the only candidate that admits openly what he would try to do if elected.  He is specific, crunches the numbers, and provides them for anyone to review.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arrogance; Hillary's Achilles Heel


The Democratic party bosses will never tell you...but they had a sleepless night last night.  Were it not for winning six of six coin tosses in Iowa (and who really believes that), Hillary would have lost there.   After that dubious Iowa win, Clinton came to New Hampshire, where only six months ago she had a 26 point lead over Bernie Sanders.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Contrast In Quarterbacks


All Superbowl Week long Cam Newton was out and about, parading himself with grand splendor.  At ever turn he used the word "I" when talking about his team's "sure-thing" victory in the Superbowl.  In one pre-game interview Newton said "Man, America and the NFL ain't seen nothing like me...ain't nobody brought the kind of god-given skills I bring to the game".  That was Newton all week; shucking and jiving and talking about how great that ring was gonna feel.  Indeed, he bragged as if he had already won it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Female Evolution


Was just watching the movie "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" on TCM.  At one point in the movie Dina Merrill and widowed father Glenn Ford are on a first date...feeling each other out about the male-female relationship.  Dina says "the man I marry will have to accept me as an equal; I don't want to stand behind him, but beside him".  Glen smirks, then says "well, look, we just gave you the vote...I'm not sure we're ready for your image of wife as equal."

Friday, February 5, 2016

Why We Need A Jed Clampett In The White House


I've spent an inordinate amount of time lately, trying to figure out why anyone would be in favor of Donald Trump's bluster.  I've come to the conclusion that "Main Street" is simply fed up with the Washington establishment, and are desperately clutching at any straw that comes along...anyone who might break the cycle of big government spending, corrupt politicians, and government elites that will do anything to stay in power.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Donald "Trumped"


Last week Donald Trump said he could kill someone and it wouldn't hurt his poll numbers.  Well, as I write this on Tuesday morning, it looks like Iowa Republicans returned to their senses and gave Ted Cruz a victory....with Rubio nearly walking over Trump as a close third (both received 7 delegates so it was, in the end, a virtual 2nd place tie.)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Thoughts On The 2016 Election


Here we are in late January and the electoral process is proving to be the wildest we've seen in recent history.  I confess I have no idea how this is all going to turn out.  On the Republican front I'm frankly scared to death that The Donald might win the Republican nomination.  From the Democrats we have confessed Socialist Bernie Sanders hot on Hillary's heels.