Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama's "Grand Bargain"

Obama; Quite At Home At An Auto Union Rally

Yesterday President Obama stopped by an Amazon Distribution center in Kentucky to take credit for the additional 7,000 hiring positions Amazon is establishing, though he had nothing whatever to do with that decision.

That's okay...we're used to that now.  What we're not used to was Obama's speech yesterday.  He used the occasion to propose a "Grand Bargain" with Republicans with corporate tax reform.  This after five years of Republican cajoling Obama to take action to bring America's corporate tax code in line with rates our foreign competitors are paying.   Anxious not to sink further, from lame duck status, to irrelevance, Obama proposed lowering corporate taxes, from 35% to 28%, and a more favorable rate for manufacturers to 25%.  

On the surface, that doesn't sound half bad, although to be truly competitive in the world marketplace, and to prevent more of American industry being swallowed up by foreigners, we need to match the average world corporate rate, which is 15%.  Let's keep in mind folks that our products and services are taxed all the way down the line, and additional taxes are assessed on corporate profits that are distributed to corporate shareholders (yeah, mom and pop), through taxing dividends.  

But, even as I disagree with the rate structure Obama proposes, it would seem to be a nice first step in bringing jobs back to America, and hiring more of those already here by driving world demand for our products and services.  

And wonder of wonders, Obama, for the first time in five years, is acknowledging that corporate tax reform, (lowering them), will ultimately raise additional revenue by freeing up business to hire and outsell our competition.  Not only would we be producing more in America but we would be collecting income taxes from all the new workers hired!

Here's the real problem I have with Obama's proposal; he wants the additional revenue generated from tax reform to be managed by Big Government.  Dear readers; please cite one government activity that efficiently manages our tax dollars.  (I rest my case).  

And, again, I don't have any problem with what Obama wants to spend that additional tax money on!  He cites the need to improve our infrastructure (roads and bridges and build-outs of telecommunications).  Secondly, Obama wants to allocate that money to improve our community colleges.  Again, no problem!

Just don't let Uncle Sam distribute the money!  Remember the $500 million dollars that Obama designated for public construction signs that said "your stimulus money at work?"  In the immortal words of Cheech and Chong "we don't need no stinkin signs...just do the damn work and forego half a billion dollars in "vanity plates!"  

And, with regard to community college enhancements, does anyone recall Senator Colburn's annual "wasteful spending list?".  On that list was Uncle Sam wasting tens of billions of dollars to send high school graduates back to community college so that they could learn to read and write at the high school level!  And guess what?  We forked out billions of dollars in this effort, and lots of students took the money..and ran!  Less than a third completed the program and are still wandering around with 5th grade reading skills!

No!  Not one more cent should be wasted by allowing government to manage this education money!  God knows we need to educate and re-train the work force...but it can be done in a far more efficient manner.  Here's how:

With respect to rebuilding infrastructure, simply allocate the money to individual states, with strict guidelines on how the funds will be spent.  Finish completion of federal and state highways, rebuild damaged bridges and (hell, this ought to make Obama happy), even finish municipal metro lines.

However, with work force training, private enterprise simply must be involved.  Set up a corporate partnership between community colleges and corporate work centers.  Provide corporate tax incentives for any business willing to send seasoned instructors into the colleges to teach logistics management, welding, production engineering and the like.  Don't waste a cent on native American basket weaving and 16the century Russian literature!  Train these people for the jobs currently in demand...businesses all over America are complaining that the current workforce is not trained for the jobs available!

So, Obama has made his speech....and after five years is now admitting that corporate tax reform will drive the economy.  He is doing it, no doubt, with great reluctance, as this does not adhere to his Socialist model.  However, Obama loves his legacy far more than anything else, and he knows that five years of stagnation is not amenable to a great legacy.   

His motivations matter not.  We can all be a little heartened that he has taken one little baby step toward ending five years of 30% real unemployment.  It remains to be seen if this pretty speech is just another political ploy to make the Republicans look bad...or whether he proves to be flexible enough to listen to business and employ what works.

We shall see.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Liberal Constitution For The 21st Century


        We the people of America, having evolved with greater diversity, and a greater openness toward all manner of human behavior, do hereby declare the Constitution of 1787 null and void.  We hereby reject the requisite ethics and outdated moral standards set forth by our forefathers who wrote the original document, and submit for citizen obeyance this modern 21st Century Liberal Manifesto for the purpose of establishing less stringent mandates for the regulation of human behavior.   On this date we do ordain and establish this manifesto to be the guiding document for all legislative, executive and judicial matters within these Socialist States of America.

Article I

Section 1 (Amended):

All legislative powers vested herein shall be the sole authority of Congress, and Congressional affiliations, as proscribed:  1)  The House of Representatives, 2)The Senate, 3)Public Sector Unions, 4) the AFL-CIO, 5) the Sierra Club and 6) the Green Energy 500 Lobbyists properly registered residents of K Street, The District of Columbia.  Consultive authority is hereby granted to Islamic citizens following Shariah Law as well as the President of Mexico, head of state for what is now America's ethnic majority.

Section 2, Amended:

Effective with the signing of this Manifesto, the Socialist States of America shall adhere to a Parliamentary System whereby all branches of government, and all appointed office holders will hereby consist of one political party only.  That party must have won election and must have majority electoral support of the Lesbian and Gay alliances, the majority vote from secular interests and enjoying provisional support from all five minority ethnic groups, to include Hispanics granted the right to vote in free and fair elections proscribed in the last amnesty.  

Articles II through VII of the original Constitution shall continue to be in effect except for those voting laws proscribed and amended in Article I, Sections 1 and 2.

The Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 through 10, from the original Constitutional document, are hereby amended as follows:

Amendment 1:  

The right to peaceably assemble for the purpose of citizen protest against their government shall be honored, as long as groups seek and secure the proper permits for that assemblage.  However, any group who chooses to stage a protest in support of the old Constitution shall be deemed treasonous and a menace to the well being of The State, and are subject to immediate arrest and death by injection.  Further, any public protests executed to promote organized religion will be deemed a threat to the liberties of the agnostic and atheistic and shall be arrested forthwith and subject to severe penalties up to and including capital punishment.  Further, the citizen shall retain his rights to express himself freely, except in instances where such speech is deemed inflammatory or politically incorrect and likely to foment unrest among the general populace.

Amendment 2:  The right to bear arms and the formation of citizen militias are immediately rescinded under the authority of this manifesto.  Only the military and law enforcement shall have the right to own and bear arms.  Any citizen found to own personal firearms of any kind, whether in their homes, transportation conveyances or on their person will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, except in instances where The State has deemed the gun bearer was deemed a resident of an urban Black poverty zone, at which, the victim shall be deemed a victim of a societal disorder and made eligible for government paid rehabilitation training.

Amendment 3:  Stands as Written.

Amendment 4:  

The right of the people to be secure against illegal search of their homes, their persons or their property shall remain valid, except for those plotting an overthrow of government, or those who promote a return to tenants as outlined in the original Constitution.  Those found plotting against the state shall be subject to all manner of government surveillance, to include phone tapping, drone surveillance and any other means the government deems appropriate to insure national security.

Amendment 5 through 9 shall stand, as written, except for the already proscribed rules of law against unreasonable dissent, politically incorrect speech, or threats to the Socialist States.

Amendment 10;  Amended, as follows;

Any powers not specifically granted to the central government of these Socialist states shall be assumed to belong, not to the citizen, or an individual state, but shall yield to the supremacy of the Socialist States of America.

We the people of the Socialist States of America do ordain and establish this Manifesto, deemed necessary to champion a woman's right to abort, the state's responsible to pay for said abortions or other birth control devices, to champion the wide diversity of lifestyles here existent, to combat the forces of organized religion who choose to promote religious icons in public places, to once and for all put a stop to exposing the secular to Stars of Davids and Christian crosses, to condemn those who accrue excessive wealth, to distribute excessive wealth to those less fortunate and to create a new nation where everyone shares and shares equally in the nation's abundant bounty.

One Nation, no longer under the harsh confines of a mythical god, but free to pursue the rational thought of a liberal, secular nation, where no lifestyle shall be deemed immoral or abhorrent, and free to pursue our own individual interests without the threat of poverty clouding our lives.  We shall turn our weapons into plowshares, lay down our arms and embrace our enemies so that war shall never again be necessary.  Our only enemy shall be those who hark back to old and outdated traditions and all of their outdated ethics and morals.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obama Deals Death Blow To Military Healthcare


Largely going unnoticed this past week was Barack Obama's wield of a death blow to the remnants of reasonable military health care.  As Congress forwarded the Defense Budget to the White House this week, Obama made no mention of the defense costs to move squadrons of fighters and navy destroyers into Africa to give him "extra security" during his African visit.  The $100 million dollars expended to assure the comfort of Barack and Michelle and family wasn't questioned.  What caught Barry's eye in the current Defense budget was Congress' failure to hike medical premiums and co-pays for the active and retired military.  Obama immediately promised to veto the Defense bill unless Congress revises the bill to hike military premiums by the thousands.  

Now, anyone who served in the military in the last fifty years will well remember the old enlistment contract.  In exchange for those $80 dollars a month salaries for new recruits, and $200 a month salaries for mid-level supervisors, Congress promised to provide free healthcare for life as a trade-off.  Congress honored that promised until 1991 when they finally said we just can't afford it anymore.  Over the next decade they dropped 70% of military vets from eligibility for VA health care, converting the program to a "means testing" system; if you made over $24,000 a year you're not eligible for VA care.  During that same decade they began charging premiums for both active duty and retiree health care.

No one before then would have dreamed that our government would break a sacred promise.  Surely, this country would never provide free Medicaid to 30 million welfare trolls while taking it away from our military veterans.  Had our military ever suspected that they would I doubt that the U.S. could have maintained a military while paying them less than minimum wage salaries, without the promise of lifetime free health care.

A few opinions about those broken promises:

"I ...consider the dismemberment of the Military Health Services System as breach of implied contract."General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army, Retired.

"Health care benefits are extremely important to the quality of life for military beneficiaries. The Chiefs and I are committed to providing affordable and accessible care for uniformed members, as well as all retirees who have proudly served the Nation."
General John N. Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"I believe OSD is coming around to understanding the importance of continued medical care for our retiree population. We must continue to make the point that retiree benefits have a profound impact on the Services' ability to recruit and retain quality soldiers. It is a readiness issue. Let me assure you that I, as well as the other Service Chiefs, have agreed that we must collectively strive to protect critical quality of life elements such as medical care, housing, pay and retirement benefits."
General Dennis J. Reimer, U.S. Army, Chief of Staff

I believe very strongly that our retirees have earned lifetime medical care. I think it is critically important to protect those benefits, especially as these senior veterans become 65 years of age."
General C.C. Krulak, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.

"The people --- past and present --- who make up the total Air Force team are the most important thing for our service to focus on. Rest assured, I will continue to do all I can to ensure they receive the benefits [medical care] they have earned and so richly deserve"
General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret), Former Air Force Chief of Staff

"Caring for those who served our country so heroically is not a policy option or a partisan program. It is a national tradition and a national responsibility. We know what we owe them. We must and we will fulfill that promise. I am committed to seeing that pay and benefits [such as medical care] earned through service to this country are not sacrificed in our efforts to reduce the budget."
President Bill Clinton

"One area of growing concern to the military community is medical care. We must remember our responsibilities to the military and that commitments made to the military personnel were earned --- the result of honorable and faithful service. If we do not keep faith with our veterans and retirees, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recruit and maintain the high quality personnel necessary for a strong national defense."
Former Senate Majority Leader and Presidential Candidate Robert Dole

"I believe the promise of earned lifetime military medical care in exchange for service is valid."
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Dr. Stephens Joseph

"We promised people over the past three to four decades that we would be there for them, cradle to grave, with no-cost health care. I believe that in the'60's, the '70's...but in the 90's, as we got smaller, we closed 40% of the Air Force beds. Health care for life, [is] perhaps the most treasured benefit and one of the strongest inducements to military service."
LtGen Edgar R. Anderson, Jr., USAF (Ret), former Air Force Surgeon General

On Tuesday, our Commander in Chief, reneged on a 75 year promise to take careof the medical needs of our military vets and retirees.  The exorbitant increase in military health premiums and co-pays are going to leave millions of vets out in thecold....and all the while, under Obamacare, our President has promised to use taxpayer dollars to provide free health care to 30 million legal and illegal people.

The next time you see Obama doing a photo-op in a military hospital, hovering over a badly wounded soldier, you might think twice about where his concerns lie.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Minimum Wage Jobs; It Ain't Rocket Science

Just about every economic study over the last half century has shown that raising the minimum wage almost always leads to lower employment rates.  So, while it's no surprise that our "business-challenged" President is proposing a $9.00 federal minimum wage rate, I'm still taken aback that so many ordinary Americans don't get it.  And Washington D.C. sure doesn't get it as two weeks ago that ghetto demanded that Walmart pay $12.50 an hour or get the hell out....which is just what Walmart is doing at a loss to D.C of thousands of jobs.

Since 75% of all American business is small business, and since the average gross income for a small business is less than $200,000 a year, it is not hard to see that raising the costs of doing business will cause small business to hire fewer workers, just to keep his costs down.

Since 2004, when the Democratic party gained majority control of Congress, the minimum wage has been raised three times.  And now they are at it again.  During this period minimum wage hikes of 41% surpasses the wage increases of even highly skilled workers.

It seems to me that Washington D.C. needs to refocus on what minimum wage jobs are meant to be.  They create employment opportunities to teenagers just entering the work force.  They provide jobs for low skill, poorly educated workers that can serve as "stepping stones" for higher skilled, and better compensated jobs, provided a worker is willing to work hard and grow into the better paid jobs.

Like almost all liberal legislation these minimum wage hikes actually destroy job opportunities.  One only need look at minority unemployment rates of plus 20% to know this is true.

God knows, when over half of America is on the government dole,  fully satisfied to take a government check in lieu of a job, we need to reinvigorate our nation's work ethic.  This can only be accomplished when enough entry level jobs are available.  Hiking the minimum wage only hurts these efforts.

Liberals will argue that current minimum wage rates are not a "living wage".  Hey, guess what?  It was never mean to be!  Minimum wage jobs are perfect for a teen just entering the work force.  They teach responsibility; require a modicum of effort on how to show up for work on time, how to count change, run a cash register, flip a burger, stock a grocery shelf or sweep the floor.

Minimum wage jobs were not designed to support a single mom breeding any number of children without a thought about how she is going to support them.  Minimum wage jobs were not designed to reward a kid who thought school was a lark and made no effort to get an education.

So why are we trying to reward bad behavior and poor family planning by demanding that a small businessman pay for a worker's failure to develop marketable job skills?  Let's keep minimum wage jobs in their proper perspective.  They are simply jobs meant to introduce our young people to the work force, not simply another "welfare" program for those wanting others to pay for their poor life choices.

This isn't Rocket Science folks!  Rocket Science pays better wages...and it should!  Flipping burgers do not and should not!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

San Francisco; That Once Magical City


The reason I hate my home state of California is because she broke my heart.   In my youth California paired its natural beauty with 7 million hard working citizens and evolved into a virtual paradise.  You could, in a single day, surf at Pismo Beach, have lunch under the redwoods in Yosemite, and have dinner at Fisherman's Wharf.    When I was growing up in the Central Valley we awoke to the scent of orange blossoms, had a crystal clear view of the Sierras, never locked our doors and we attended the best schools in the nation.  And then, in the late sixties, California began to spin wildly out of control....but oh, was it good while it lasted!

San Francisco's fate would be no different, perhaps even more heartbreaking.  That once wide open city was so tolerant it could accept socialist Harry Bridges down at the Longshoreman's Union, the conservative Hearsts at the Chronicle and somehow did so without today's political savagery where brown shirt liberals rule the roost and accept no compromise.

San Francisco had an unspoiled Golden Gate park where one could picnic on a Sunday afternoon without being accosted by thugs or bums.  She fed you lunch of sour dough and Ghiradelli chocolate and allowed you to luxuriate on the catch of the day at Fisherman's Wharf.  And then, dependent on your mood, you could go down and catch Carol Doda flashing her "assets", or wander down to the Hungry I and listen to the crooning of Glen Yarborough or laugh uncontrollably at two brothers named Smothers.

Rod Mckuen was writing his love poems down on Stanyan Street at that time, preparing missives that would lure lovers from all over to make acquaintance with Half Moon Bay and Sauselito.

And if you had one too many the night before Herb Caen's column the next morning would fill you on what was happening around the city...and do so in prose poetry.  

And then in the late sixties half of the world's loonies descended on San Francisco.  They hung out on Haight Ashbury, slept in Golden Gate Park and created a drug culture that was both career and lifestyle.

They brought with them all manner of religion and philosophies and declared a "summer of love" that lasted for years.  

When they finally emerged after tens years of drug stupors they began to codify their Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle whereby anything that required discipline or ethics or tolerance even for moderation was verboten.  And over the decades they said smoking was bad but trolling for coins while high on Purple Crush is acceptable.  Where broad shouldered longshoreman once loaded and unloaded the world's cargo, now dwell stoop shouldered metrosexuals that devote their lives to banning plastic bags and MacDonald's kiddie meals.

San Francisco was once a sweet, tough, romantic and exciting city that could wrap her arms around everyone, regardless of political persuasion.  Now she is a screaming old hag, strident in her philosophies and as afraid to live as she is to die.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Weiner and Billl and Hlllary, Oh My!


A minor setback in the Anthony Weiner political comeback occurred this week as disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has again been busted for sexting and texting various parts of his privates to still another cyberspace bimbo.  

Wiener vows to continue his quest in the New York City Mayoral race.  He said, after consulting his wife Ann, and his close personal advisors, he is more determined than ever to "stick it out" (pardon the pun).

It seems the advisors he's referring to are none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton.  It seems that Anthony and Bill have similar problems, both being addicted to women not listed on their marriage license.  Ann Weiner, who once served on Hillary Clinton's staff is also getting sage advice on how to handle serial promiscuity.  

It was reported that Slick Willie picked up the phone in his Harlem office as soon as he got wind of this latest scandal and called Wiener to offer a few bits of advice.  "Ah, Tony, Bill, here...fella, you're going to have to learn to quit sending pictures of your willie over the net."  "Show it to em in person, I did with that young campaign aide in a hotel room in Little Rock"..."then ya got's her word against yours".  "I did the same thing with Monica...hell we were just sitting around in the Oval Office one day and I just whipped it out and asked Monica if she wouldn't enjoy a little "face time" with the President of The United States"...and she just lapped it up!"  "So cool it with the cyber pics, there Tony" ain't gonna be able to lie out of it with a grand jury when they got the pics of your manhood right in front of them!"

A short time later Hillary was on the phone to Wiener's wife, Ann.  "Hi dear, Hill here...well I guess Tony's pulled another boner (pardon the pun, my dear)"..."Ann, here's the thing ya gotta ask yourself...what's more important, political power or personal pride?".  Hon, if you want the political power, ya just got to write all this personal stuff off, accept the fact that ya got yourself a dickhead, but he's your dickhead and, if he wins, you're back in political shangra la and all it cost you was having America know what your husband's dick looks like."  "And, hey, it isn't like this is Des Moines, ya know..this is the big rotten apple where Charlie Rangel gets re-elected like clockwork, even after defrauding the IRS out of ten million dollars!"  "This is the city of public unions so powerful that their garbage collectors make $200,000 a year!"  "Besides that, dear..there's another fella running in the primaries that got caught dippin his wick regularly in a whore house in Washington, and he's doing okay!"  "Ya gotta really good chance to win here, Annie...go for it!"

Friday, July 26, 2013

War..And Rumors of War..2nd U.S. Civil War


I've written often about the coming 2nd American Civil War.  I became convinced that we'll have that war beginning sometime in the next decade.  And lately, I've seen and read literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of posted messages that are saying the same thing.  More and more people are convinced that the only solution to our problems will come from war, and the ensuing "culling" of career welfare queens, America hating socialists, corrupt politicians on both side of the political spectrum, 30 million illegal Mexican invaders, and a few million Black thugs who create havoc in their runaway crime sprees.

Actually, we are probably in the first stages of this 2nd Civil War.  It became an "undeclared war" just about the time the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime began insinuating themselves more and more into our personal lives and into our wallets.  From the criminal pork stimulus bill that squandered a trillion dollars to the massively intrusive Obamacare bill, big government liberals have, like a Pit Bull, sank their teeth into us and won't let go until they have sucked every drop of blood from us.

Obama is a spoiled man-child who has done more to divide this nation than any leader in our long history.  Having lived the pampered life of "minority teddy bear", coddled and protected and alienated from those who've had to work every day of their life, with nothing given to them, Obama speaks in platitudes as if he were in a courtroom arguing a point of law, rather than connecting with the American people...because he can't.

And having a sick lust for power, and for being worshipped, Obama will always take the easy way, the one that might score the most political points, and in doing so, he foments class warfare, race warfare between Whites and  Blacks and Hispanics and generates massive unrest among the populace.

Aided by henchman like Attorney General Eric Holder, (who declared war on White America from day one when he called them ethnic cowards), Obama has for nearly five years now circumvented the Constitution and Congress through his use of Czars to selectively enforce or not enforce the laws of our land.

In recent weeks Obama has stirred the racial pot by interjecting himself into the Zimmerman court decisions, ignoring the plague of Black violence while castigating Whites for having fear of it.  And all the while Zimmerman is rescuing traffic victims while Obama's Blacks are beating innocents and destroying property.  The racial pot is coming to another terrible boil.

Even worse than Obama's past failings has been his embracing of those on the very fringe of American society, a President not of all the people, but only those who follow all manner of perversion and Obama champions it all in the name of "personal liberty".  And in doing so, he mocks everyone who believes deeply in traditional American values; those values that made us the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world.

Before last year's Presidential election I had hopes that a 2nd Civil War could be avoided.  I thought we could change course and restore the values that serves us well for two hundred years.  But I was wrong.  Obama was able to wage a corrupt campaign of lies, of voter fraud, and a series of green check bribes that bought him another term.

And since last November Obama has declared his intent to continue with the socialization of the Republic.  He continues to demonize and divide, so the only path I see ahead of us is a 2nd Civil War, perhaps more protracted, and certainly as violent as the first one.

So what does a law abiding citizen do about an impending Civil War?  I would suggest there are many things a good citizen might do to prepare for it.  First of all, take a side!  Decide who you will ally with when the first great masses begin forming.

Prior to that, since we will see more frequent and more violent community skirmishes, you might consider joining your Neighborhood Watch.  Find one that would be supportive of personal weapons training.  And if your current Neighborhood Watch is against weapons training, form your own; there's no law that limits the number of NW's in your community.

Then get your Neighborhood Watch allied with a good old traditional organization like the Veteran of Foreign Wars, people who fought for America and are willing to train others in military tactics and weapons familiarization.

After that, broaden the scope and size of your organization by joining up with your local Tea Party to peacefully assemble and protest.  Motivate those who here to fore, have been content to sit at home and grumble and instill in them the necessity to protest in great numbers; in other words put the fear of God in government despots who have, to date, successfully intimidated you into sitting home in fear and frustration.

Boycott Hollywood and the main stream media; it is those very forces who serve to twist the truth to promote their liberal philosophies.  Should war occur rebel war planners will have already established plans to leave the networks headquarters of a simpering liberal media in crumbling ruins.

Study your Constitution; read it well.  Surrender to no one your rights to protect your homes and your communities.  Recognize that the Constitution promises you, the citizen, supremacy over the government.

Go to Costco and buy one of those year's supply of family rations and stock up on bottled water.  Take all precautions to protect your home.

When you have done all of these things, ALL LEGAL!, you will have prepared yourself when that first spark ignites;  all out Civil War in America.

And while you prepare...and while you wait, pray to our creator to intervene, to bless us with a more peaceful resolution of the problems that are currently destroying us.  Perhaps that creator's blessing will come in the 2014 elections when America, having fully reached her "gag" point, turns out the brown shirt liberal Nazi's who are dedicated to the destruction of our way of life.

God bless America.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Americans Blindly Walking Off The Cliff


I've come to the sad conclusion that half of America is made up of dumb, zombie-like "followers", so thoroughly ignorant they will literally fall for anything.   You see it in their empty and meaningless lives; they trudge off to work in a job they detest, then they come home, fill their pie holes, then sit down in a fit of sloth and watch silly meaningless television.

These "follower mice" will succumb to anything shiny and bright.  In the last few days you see them falling all over themselves glued to the TV, awaiting the news of a birth in the Royal family...yeah, that incestuous collection of royals who, because of interbreeding over a thousand years, own an I.Q. a good 20 points lower than the average citizen.  

And when the English royals aren't pumping out babies, these "zombie Americans" grant royal status to  a Black diva like Beyonce whose impressive cleavage and average singing voice draws audiences of thousands and a breathless need to know everything she wears every hour of the day.  The follower mice, make no connection between the duplicity of Beyonce and gangsta  husband spending a million dollars a night for a birthing suite in a New York hospital, all the while identifying themselves with the "street poor" and writing and singing songs about the top 1%, as if they weren't one of them.  Beyonce and all the other "performance whores" will march for "Trayvon justice" and the plight of the urban ghetto while never donating a dime, nor take the time to emphasize the value of an education, even as they bask in the adoration of illiterate Blacks.

The "White Mice" have their own set of idols, usually some freaky Lady Gaga type who dresses strangely, sings badly, voices her disdain for "the establishment" even as she husks millions from the native zombies who view her as "iconic".  

These zombie mice last read a book in the last semester of high school, weren't taught ten minutes of civics so have little knowledge of how government is run, and either mope in frustration with their lives, and with their life, all the while citing the worthlessness of their vote....or they again follow the politician who flashes the brightest with the most interesting toys.  The "voting zombies" re-elected a man child last November because, being totally ignorant, they fail to comprehend just what a massive failure Obama's first term was.

Perhaps most sad is that these zombie mice cannot correlate "act and consequence" so they blindly follow those with the loudest voices; supporting citizenship for illegal aliens ever as it puts their own job in jeopardy, promises to bankrupt the social service safety net, and brings new and more dramatic waves of crime.   

And they are simply unable to grasp what $16 trillion dollars in debt it might effect their own lives.  They are completely blind to the inevitable truths; an economic science that proves current spending levels are not just unsustainable, but will destroy the American economy.

Oh, we have these blind mice on both sides of the political spectrum.  On the left these cretins believe that the government gravy train can roll forever, even as they demand more succor from Uncle Sam, while the far right soil any reasonable discussion of the liberal failings by talking about Obama's supposedly fake birth certificate or whether the U.S. government is secretly being run by a cabal of Jewish bankers in Switzerland; or worry about people who want to mongrelize White America.   The Right Wing Mice follow folks like those southern preachers who spoil any chances of reasonable discussion by making abortion the "make or break" issue on choosing our leadership.  

And if all of these zombies, the worshippers of the "golden calf", are a problem it is all because their knowledge is guided by a wildly liberal mainstream press who broadcast not the facts, but what they interpret as the facts.  And the zombies, being so terribly ignorant, have no choice but to swallow the propaganda of the New York and Washington liberal elite.

When the inevitable  2nd Civil War begins in America these zombies from the right and left will fall into formation and join one side or the other, and march into death, and never know what they were fighting for.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Blacks; The New Aryan Race?

Part 1 of The Entitlement Series
The Nazi Aryan movement of the 30's and 40's was falsely based on the idea that the only hope for the world was for a "superior race" to take control of the world.  This plague was based on the false assumption that one class of people are superior and need not prove it for it to be so.  Sadly, for a century, many Americans also held this view about their fellow African Americans.

In an ironic and strange twist of fate a huge swath of the American Black population seems to have adopted the Aryan philosophy.  It seems that millions of Blacks today now believe that, just for the fact of being born Black, they are somehow immune from living within the rules of a modern civilized society.

While 25% of Whites and Hispanics are one--parent families, we find that an astounding 75% of Blacks are one-parent families.  These one parent families are almost certainly in poverty because two incomes will far more likely pull families from the depths of poverty to middle class status.  These irresponsible "breeders" are rewarded by the IRS tax codes through multiple dependent exemptions and thousands of dollars in IRS rebates in Child Tax Credits.  A welfare mom that is able to breed six kids (with several different fathers) is rewarded with thousands of dollars a year in IRS annual "child bonuses", Child Tax Credits.  Taxpayers fund this breeding orgy and when the kids are ready for day care, pre-school, and grade school taxpayers will foot those bills as well.  A single parent Black will almost certainly qualify for WIC, Food Stamps, Welfare and free Section 8 housing.

All of the irresponsible Black breeding is championed by liberal Democratic politicians who garner their electoral support from these Blacks being "kept" on the "liberal plantation".  And Blacks don't mind it a bit!  They wallow in an orgy of "victimhood" and self inflicted "faux" poverty and have learned to scream racism at anyone who dares to speak against this Black Aryan philosophy.


I often watch C-Span and I see these Black elected Congressional representatives stand up in the halls of Congress and bellow and scream for more "chocolate gravy".  They whine and moan about Black poverty while completely ignoring the failure of their race to stand up and produce for themselves.  They stand at that Congressional podium and continue the false and empty accusations against "the Great Whitey" who, in reality, gives Blacks every benefit of the doubt, and dreams up even more benefits in an effort to alleviate some sort of false collective white guilt.    These Black politicians have evolved into blustery abusive clowns lobbying for more pork.  I suspect there are not a few Black Americans who are shamed by this, and I know there are even more non-Blacks that sit in those Congressional halls and think what they dare not say out loud.  "You people have been pampered to death for four decades now, and like a spoiled child, it only results in your demanding more".  And these so called Black leaders are without morals or courage; how many times have you heard one of them stand up and decry the weekly murder rampage on the South Side of Chicago, or chide the Black youth for their infamous "mob robs".  Never!  And then they have the nerve to shout "foul" because nearly 50% of the prison population is Black.  Earth to the Congressional Black Caucus:  Did it ever occur to you that your crime rate is high because of a government spoiled, permissive culture where your leaders fail to condemn bad behavior?

The national headlines are filled daily with reports of Black "flash mobs" who rob and steal and destroy retail establishments.  Black ghettos are war zones with dozens of shootings every night of the week...and Black leaders ignore these infestations while rising to march on a moment's notice if a White kills a Black, or if they can drum up some phony charge of "discrimination".

Black ethics is so despicably lacking that their "heroes" are tax cheats like Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton and the corrupt Maxine Waters and their cultural icons are gangsta rap thugs.  Too few Blacks today even know of Martin Luther King's teaching, and wouldn't follow him even if they did!

According to a report in the New York Times in 2005 the Great Society Programs have cost the American taxpayer trillions of  dollars in the last 50 years and, despite preferential quotas for college, employment, housing and a host of other federal programs, has failed to lift Blacks up to the "productive citizen" class.  The only thing this "massive giving" has accomplished is to breed three entire generations of "self styled victims" who have developed a massive sense of entitlement!

This sense of Black entitlement has now reached the "institutional stage" where it is now generally accepted that a race of people who make up 12% of the population are now entitled to 50% of every federal welfare dollar!  While the Nazi's battled for six years in an effort to create a "superior race", entitled to all the best the world has to offer, the Blacks were able to achieve that same "superior race" status simply by declaring themselves "victims".

Note:  Now all of you who wish to be apologists for Black "victimhood" can now begin yelling "racist!"  My admiration for Blacks who go against the tide, ignore defeatism and become productive citizens is all the is all too easy to just fall back on the excuse of race and let Uncle Sugar take care.  For those who don't do it I salute you.  For those millions who are guilty, I'm calling it like it is.  Liberals and many moderates, hell, even conservatives, won't dare to speak the truth...but the facts are there for everyone to see:  When 75% of all Black families are one parent families that just tells you how little regard for traditional family values so many Blacks have.  Not giving the White 25% any "out"...but they don't have the excuse of race to fall back on.  The "Black Aryan Race", that is.

Perhaps the worst part of this whole sad story is that Americans have become so god-awful politically correct that they are afraid to call the Blacks on this and say "enough of your phony discrimination bullshit....get on with your lives and quit leaning on us".  "Get a job, be a father or mother to your own kids, make sure they stay in school, do their homework, and begin learning how to develop a little pride in individual achievement.  And quit making excuses; excuses are just a cheap explanation for failure..and we have far too many of them.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Dreaming; If Obama Had Governed LIke He Campaigned In 08


Okay boys and's been a rough couple of weeks, what with the Congressional Snits over Farm Aid and Food Stamps and George Zimmerman, and the continuous barbarity emanating from the Middle East.

So let's indulge ourselves with pleasantries.  Let's revert to our childhood years, throw out all the skepticism and cynicism and let's just day dream for a bit.

Let's try to imagine Obama governing with the same attitudes, the same tone in which he campaigned in 2008!  You remember!  It was Kumbaya, where there were no red states or blue states, no class warfare, no race warfare, no demonizing a fellow cause he's got more money in the bank.  The Obama who spoke kindly of both the rich and poor, spoke not of individual mandates, spoke in favor of deporting illegals who invaded us, spoke kindly of his predecessors, was in favor of civil unions for gays but advocated strongly for the marriage between a man and a woman as central to the advances of American culture.   Hell, he even praised Ronald Reagan as a transformational leader!

Yes, it was Obama who pledged to close down Guantanamo in the first month, only to learn the hard truths; no state would take them and they were too damn dangerous to be let go.  It was Obama who pledged to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home in the first year, only to learn that war is hard and war is hell and kept our troops in Iraq almost as long as Bush did.

Obama in 2008 campaigned against lazy and ineffective teachers and said we have to fire a lot of them because our kids are illiterate.  It was candidate Obama who went before the NAACP and criticized Black parents for not participating in the education of their children, for the dismal 75% rate of fatherless families in the Black community.  

And my, you recall when he said he respected every one's points of view and would always listen to the ideas of the opposition?  Do your recall when Obama promised to bring a new breath of civility to Washington D.C.?  When he pledged not to have any tax cheats, or lobbyists in his Cabinet or on his staff?  Do you remember when he said his administration would be "the most transparent in history?"  

And everyone was hopeful in January, 2009, when Obama took office.  Americans hoped race relations would improve with a Black man assuming the Presidency.  Even those who did not vote for him wished him the best....AND THEN HE DID THESE:

Travelled overseas, grabbed his Nobel Peace Prize after only two months in office, spoke to the Egyptian Parliament, praising Muslims and saying America was no more special than anyone else.

Rammed a $780 billion dollar pork barrel stimulus program through the Congress...did it behind closed doors and would not accept a single input from the Republicans.  Rammed a $16 trillion dollar, 2,300 page Obamacare bill through Congress, behind closed doors, then told both the Republicans and the majority of the American people to go to hell.  Called the Tea Party opponents "terrorists".

Release two thousand automatic rifles to the Mexican drug cartels, allowing them to use them against our police, our border patrol and our own citizens.  Covered up the failure and denied knowing anything about it.  Lied to Congress in follow up investigations.

Hired thugs from Chicago, open Marxists and convicted tax cheats for his cabinet and staff.  

Began attending NAACP meetings and never mentioning the plague of Black violence and crime and, instead, in his best ebonics, began castigating "Whitey" for the massive Black failure to advance their finances, their culture, or their failure to improve and educate themselves.

Before knowing the facts, publicly rebuked a policeman in favor of a drunk Black college professor.  Had to hold a "beer summit" when he found out he was wrong.

Nearly donned black battle dress in taking credit for Seal Team 6's magnificent and brave operation to take out Osama Bin Laden....but froze in panic when four of our best Americans were killed by terrorists...refused to mount a rescue operation for fear of offending his Muslim friends.

Conducted the most corrupt Presidential campaign in our history in 2012, desperately lying about his opponent without a bit of remorse.  Funded grass roots political organizations that won him 115% margins in Black neighborhoods, encouraged his Attorney General to make war on any state that demanded voter ID and pandered to 30 million illegal Mexican invaders to win the Hispanic vote.

Circumvented Congress, and the U.S. Constitution by selectively enforcing, or not enforcing our nation's laws...strictly for the benefit of political favor.

Sued more than a dozen of our states for trying to enact legislation that might have reduced illegal immigration.  Made war with them in the courts, all to buy votes.

I could go on and on...Obama has been a catastrophic failure; race relations today are worse than the sixties, the economy continues to drag with real unemployment over 25%, with more people on food stamps, unemployment and disability than the number who are working.

Perhaps Obama's biggest failure has been his decision to go with the devil and not the heavenly; he has promoted hate between rich and poor, between Hispanic and White and Black and White, between gay and straight, and any other way he could divide us.  America is in a state of great chaos, so divided that many believe a 2nd Civil War will be the only way to resolve the wide chasm between the law abiding and moral and the outlaws and immoral, and violent and undisciplined.

Obama, that "Wizard of Oz", that little man behind the curtain, the one who convinced millions that he was a leader, and not a man-child, has done more to destroy America, to turn citizen against citizen, than anyone in our history.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy; Why YOUR Taxes Are Going Up


Last week Detroit became the largest city in American history to declare bankruptcy.  Last year, five 
California cities, burdened by an upsurge in illegal Mexican residents, also declared bankruptcy.  In 
Detroit's case the road to bankruptcy began fifty years ago when Blacks started burning down their five year old public housing projects in order to voice their disdain for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs.  The explosive Black crime rates drove White tax-paying, law-abiding residents out of the city and into the suburbs and elsewhere.  The flight of Whites from Detroit cleared the way for Blacks to take control of city and county government.  And, as the years passed, these corrupt Black leaders pilfered from public funds to pad their own bank accounts and those of their conspirators.  Soon one Black mayor after another was caught, sent to prison, only to have the Black populace elect another crook to run the place.

We all looked on as Detroit sank into third world status.  We smirked at how badly liberal Blacks proved to be as "leaders".  Same thing with the bankruptcies out in California; we all said, what the hell, if these illegal loving Californians want to commit financial suicide, let them have at it.

Here's the problem with that.  These municipal bankruptcies end up affecting everyone of us.  

When a city needs additional funding they sit down with investment bankers and execute municipal bond transactions which, according to a municipality's credit rating, how they have managed their finances in the past, determines the rate of interest on these bonds.  Once the bonds are set up, a farmer in Iowa, a real estate agent in North Dakota, a waitress in Texas and a million other Americans invest in these municipal bond funds through their money market or investment accounts.  And why not?  Municipal bonds were considered one of the safest investments for Grandma because, for more than a century, cities were run by responsible leaders who knew a municipal bankruptcy would destroy their community.  

That is no longer the case.  For the last few decades our municipal political leaders have begun to institute a system of "bribes" with city and county employees; they hike the salaries and benefits of these public workers to astronomical levels in order to curry political favor and retain their office.  The average cop or firefighter today is paid over $200,000 a year in pay and benefits.  Ironically Michelle Obama loves to talk about being raised by a "poor" water plant supervisor father in Chicago, when in fact her father made over $100,000 a year just to read water meters.  

All of this incestuous corruption between politician and public unions was fine as long as government could just keep raising the property taxes of its citizens to pay for the graft.  However, in Detroit's case, and in the municipal bankruptcies in California, Blacks and illegals don't pay property taxes so that, when the taxpaying citizens flee, the tax base crumbles.  And, as with Detroit, once America's fifth largest city, is now peopled by Blacks drawing a welfare check and shitting in their own diaper with their graffiti and their record crime rates.

So why should you worry?  Here's why.  Municipal Bond guru Meredith Whitney created a panic on Wall Street a couple of years ago when she predicted that hundreds of cities are headed toward bankruptcy.  She cites the large deficits and unpaid and underfunded retirement benefits for public worker unions, more than a trillion dollars at last count.

Again, what does this have to do with you?  Well, again, for more than a century, cities were run efficiently and municipal bond rates were relatively low; a city needing to float a municipal bond to rebuild their sewer systems, or refurbish their downtown district, to build a performing arts building could do so at rates as low as 2%.  However, with the ever increasing number of cities and counties in financial trouble those rates have risen to six or eight or ten percent!

And who pays for that bond interest?  You do!  You pay it in your property taxes and in your local sales taxes.  And even if your city is being run responsibly, the "bad names" elsewhere are sure to drive your property and sales tax higher as cities float new bonds to finance public works!

In Detroit's case, the bankruptcy plan they are presenting would protect those Cadillac quality retirement benefits for active and retired public union workers.  However, the Detroit guru managing the bankruptcies would severely cut back on city services and has no plan to pay back the millions of investors who bought a small part of those municipal bonds.  So you can just imagine how eager an investor is going to be in municipal bonds in the future....unless the interest rates are high enough to justify the risk!

So, when you see your city hiking the local sales tax rates, when you see them raising your property taxes even higher, you can thank Detroit and all those California illegal Mexican havens for their corrupt and horrible management of public funds.

Monday, July 22, 2013

911- Emergency Dispatchers


My sister-in-law is an emergency dispatcher...and she has a combination of almost perfect skills and personality to handle the job.  She's tough, but kind of heart, she's sassy and a bit cocky, (call it confident), she's seen enough of human nature to recognize foolery, and she loves her work.  And through my relationship with her on Face Book, I've made friends with HER dispatcher friends and admire and respect the hell out of what they do.

Unless a dispatcher really screws up you rarely hear of them.  The glory often goes to the police, fire, medical or other first responders who are on scene.  But those first responders know damn well the value of that person back behind the desk with the high tech communication equipment and computer screens.  

These dispatchers have to have the "cool and calm" and the talent for rational thought at a time when the madness and chaos of an emergency would seem to preclude it.  When everyone else is losing their head they must keep theirs.  I know of this personally because I filled that job for over a year in Vietnam.

As a member of the 377th Security Police Squadron, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, in Saigon, I worked in two different command and communication centers.  In our primary office, which we called Central Security Control, there were five of us security comtrollers, each responsible for dispatch and management of over two hundred security policeman.

The job was a piece of cake during routine patrols.  We approved restroom, meal and out of service breaks, logged rotations, maintained a blotter logging medical incidents, suspicious activity and other incidents.  Our Central Security Control (CSC) was responsible for the hundreds of Security Police manning the night shift base defense positions.

Our second Control Center, called the Joint Defense Operations Center, or JDOC, coordinated defense response efforts between the Air Force Security Police with the Army and Air Units who augmented us in keeping the base secure.  For example, when we received mortar or rocket attacks from the enemy, our rocket observation towers took readings on where the mortars or rockets were launched, then we sent up helicopter or C-130 gunships to take out the launch sites.

Both of these centers served a valuable purpose and, needless to say, they only selected folks who could handle emergencies under stress and still get the job done.  And, as I said earlier, the job was not that hard....until the shit hit the fan.

When we came under attack, we in the CSC, or JDOC had five channels of radio call-ins, all squawking for additional ammo, reinforcements, medical attention for the injured, vehicle damage reports, weapons malfunctions, and sometimes just the need for calm reassurance from a few troops frightened by the enemy breaching the perimeters, a bunker exploding from a B-40 ground launched personnel rocket.  

In addition to handling the security forces we would be trying to take calls from squadron and base commanders, alarmed when the base sirens were activated.  It got pretty hectic.  Because all of the communications were recorded I still have copies of a couple of tapes of those chaotic hours.

So, when I think about those hectic hours, and appreciate the "infrequency" that we had to endure them (six or eight times a year), I can truly appreciate what Emergency Dispatchers today have to go through every night of the week, every week of the year.

And the tasks get more difficult every year.  The explosive crime rates, fueled by robberies, mob-robs, rape, domestic violence, auto accidents, DUI's, drug induced erratic behavior, and all manner of human perversions strains the capabilities of our first responders and induces immeasurable stress on those who take that initial call and make the decision on how to best ration the resources to deal with these emergencies.

And that does not include the "silliness calls"; 911 calls for the most frivolous of reasons.  Just in the last few months I've read of 911 dispatchers taking complaints from a "John" who called to complain that his "call girl" showed up for action at his hotel and wasn't as attractive as promised.  I imagine my sister-in-law and her dispatcher friends could write a book delving into the utter stupidity of the calling public.

So, if you never have to call 911, bless you.  But if you ever need too, be glad there are some rock solid folks managing those phone banks.  Only the best know how to do it because those that can't handle the chaos and the stress get culled out pretty damn quick.  Be grateful to those folks at the other end of the phone...they are working to keep you safe...and they serve as brilliantly as the policeman, or fire fighter or medic who shows up at your door...or in the middle of a blood strewn highway.  

And one more thing...after that 911 operator has metaphorically "held your hand", and tried to calm and comfort you until help arrives..before you break connection at the first arrival of that sure and say "thanks"...they've earned it.

Obama; 1st "Gangsta" In The White House


When Barack Obama was asked by CBS's George Karl about his second term goals, he surprised everyone by listing law enforcement reform.  Was Obama talking about finally going into Black thug urban zones in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Newark, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and rooting out where most of the violent crimes occur?

Sadly no.  Obama was talking about reforming the prison system so that, somehow, he could "let his people go" and cull that Black prisoner rate down from 50% to a rate more representative of their 12% of the total population.  

How best might he accomplish this?  Apparently an army of liberal district judges, who slap the wrist of repeat Black felons, granting probation after probation, and allow them to inflict further mayhem on the community, is simply not enough.  Most of the time, when a Black thug finally sees the inside of a jail cell, he's committed a violent felony.  A spoiled child learns nothing from coddling and an aspiring thug, given multiple free passes, will finally commit that one atrocious act that sends him to prison for years.

Nor will liberals ever force a work ethic on urban Blacks.  It is too easy to use the Urban Black as a solid ignorant vote for the liberal ilk; keeping them safely on the "liberal plantation".  The same is true for admonishing Blacks about their 75% fatherless families, or for their total non-interest in securing a quality education.  All of these urban ills contribute to the explosive Black crime rate.

So,  what exactly does Barry mean when he says he wants law enforcement reform?  Well, clearly, he wants to overlook most of it.  When Obama interjected himself into the Trayvon Martin controversy, please note he didn't mention Trayvon's thug past as he painted a profile of Trayvon as someone who just jumped out of Norman Rockwell painting.    He lamented that Whites won't overlook the real danger of the Black criminality and lock their doors around Black men..and try to stay off any city street in America named Martin Luther King Boulevard.  Nor during Obama's bout of crocodile tears, would he mention the hundred plus Black on White "revenge beatings" since the Zimmerman verdict...better to ignore them as if they didn't happen.

So when two Black thugs, wielding billy clubs, stood in front of a voting station and intimidated Whites from voting, Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder staged a massive cover up when it was discovered the voting rights investigation into the matter was quashed by the Attorney General himself.

When Acorn was falsely registering ineligible voters the Obama campaign knew about it months in advance but denied knowing anything when Acorn was busted for voter fraud.  

When Obama was asked what is the most important musical form today he quickly cited the supremacy of rap music....and never mentioned the hundreds of Black rap gangstas gunned down in the last decade alone.

So the only thing I can surmise about Obama's crusade to reform law enforcement is a two-pronged approach...deny that the crimes are committed, deny the massive Black crime plague, find some way to blame it on Whitey and he's found a winning formula.  

One of the biggest fears I have is that Obama will use his power to pardon...and simply pardons a few million Black rapists and murderers, freeing "his people" so that White America can really experience a nation in chaos.

Reform indeed.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

George Zimmerman Could Have Been My Son


George Zimmerman could have been my son.  Whites justifiably are cautious around young Black men.  Since Blacks, with only 12% of the population, commit over 50% of all crime, when we see and read some of the most heinous, violent crime reports in the newspapers, when we see a group of them mob-rob convenience stores, we become cautious when we come into the company of young Blacks, especially if they are dressed like thugs.

When I read of three Black thugs who killed a 90 year old White World War II vet, then turned and raped his 90 year old wife, and in the same week as the Trayvon Martin incident, I immediately question Trayvon's character.  When reporters dig out information that Trayvon broke into homes and stole jewelry, got caught with it at school, that he had been involved in numerous school fights, that he enjoyed his drugs, I tend to sympathize with George Zimmerman who was only trying to insure, as a member of Neighborhood Watch, that his community was safe.  I can understand George's frustration at seeing Black thugs commit repeat crimes, only to be turned out into the community by liberal judges.

Or my son might have been the young man nearly beaten to death this past week by Black thugs as "payback" for the Zimmerman verdict.  "Kill All Whiteys", the Black mob screamed.  Pardon me if I don't have a favorable impression of Black youth when I hear and read this.


Both of these men could have been my sons and I worry for their safety.  

And I cannot be comforted by a racist Black President who strides out into a news conference and cries crocodile tears over a perceived mistreatment of Black men, citing such things as Blacks tending to be monitored more closely in retail stores...thought I:  well, when Blacks commit 50% of the crime I got to watch where the harm is coming from!  

And when I hear a socialist and racist Obama ignore the more than 100 revenge beatings of Whites by Blacks, when I still hear him ignore the mess in his own home town, with a couple of dozen Black shooters mowing down people, how much credibility can Obama bring to the table?

Race relations have never been worse in this country and you can thank a cowardly man child of a President who refuses to speak the truths that Blacks need to hear.

And, as long as Obama is President, I'll continue to fear for young White men, crowded out of employment and education and scholarship quotas by court favored Blacks,  I'll continue to worry about going down to a Circle K at 10:00PM and be caught up in a violent robbery or mob-rob.  And I'll continue to worry about the millions of Whites being persecuted and attacked by ignorant Black cretins,  both in and out of government.

And my would be son, George Zimmerman, won a jury verdict as the mob mentality forced a trial that should never have been conducted at all, and sadly, the Obamas and the Sharptons and other Black thugs, having lost the "prosecution", are continuing a campaign of "persecution"against George Zimmerman.....who could have been my son.

Post Script:  Last summer this little girl was sitting on the front stoop of her home with her mom on the South side of Chicago.

 Her mom had just fixed her beautiful hair.  Around the corner came a car with three Black occupants.  They gunned down this little girl....and Obama and Sharpton and Jackson did not hold a news conference to mourn this little girl's death, nor did they condemn the savagry of these Black thugs...that would have been too "embarrassing"....Millions of non-Blacks suffer from the plague of Black crime...and Obama says we must ignore that and throw aside our caution and our fears...

Sorry, I mourn for too many who could have been my son...or daughter.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Black "Uncle Toms"

                                                            Mia Love

94% of all African Americans will go to the polls this November and vote for Obama and the straight Democratic ticket.  They have done so for fifty years, no matter how the economy is going or how badly is their own economic situation.  It was Democrat Lyndon Johnson, caught on tape, telling his House Speaker "god damn, these Great Society programs will have the niggers in our corner!  We'll own the nigger vote for the next hundred years!"...and he was right!

Then you have six percent of African Americans who will not.  Folks like Mia Love, Allen West, Thomas Sowell.  Who the hell are these "six percenters that dare defy their liberal masters?

Don't these people know that liberal Democrats have succeeded in making sure that Democrats and the Teachers Unions have kept 50% of their children in school?  That liberal education policies have managed to graduate high school students who can read at the 5th grade level?  What wonderful accomplishments!

Don't these rebellious "six percenters" know that Democrats will take care of you from cradle to grave?  Don't these rebels know that Black unemployment is only twice the rate of Whites at 20%.  Don't they know that their liberals have been able to keep Black youth unemployment rates at only 30%?

Don't these Black deserters know that Democrats will keep their neighborhoods safe?  Look at the strongest Democratic urban bastion, Chicago.  Only 19 Black kids were gunned down last weekend on the South side of Chicago!

How dare Allen West and Mia Love and Thomas Sowell ignore the liberal mantras and think for themselves!  How dare they fail to embrace the liberal doctrine of "permanent victimhood?"  How dare they advocate for individual initiative and personal responsibility!  This is treason!

Why are these rebels willing to set aside the memory that Whites supported slavery 150 years ago?  Why are they saying that Blacks should not carry a 150 year old grudge and why are they not advocating for the idea that Whites must maintain a permanent sense of apology for what some Whites did a century and a half ago?  How dare they say "let's everyone get on with our lives and begin taking responsibility for our own actions!

How dare Mia Love condemn the fact that Black women abort their babies at five times that of White women!  How dare Thomas Sowell  state that Black men need to take responsibility for fathering, in lieu of breeding, and how dare he criticize the fact that 75% of Black families are one-parent households!  A Democrat is so much more forgiving and would never insult Blacks like that!

All of these conservative Blacks are Uncle Toms who have forsaken their modern Black heritage!  A pox on them!

The most liberal icon of the Democratic party was Robert Kennedy.  When campaigning in Indianapolis, Indiana one afternoon in 1968, he sat a podium next to a Black mayor and looked out upon an audience of Blacks.  Kennedy turned to the Black mayor and said "what a shame that all America can offer these people a welfare check....we owe them a job".

Robert Kennedy would be run out of the Democratic party for those remarks doubt he was just another "Uncle Tom".

Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama's Justice Department opposes ID Theft Arrests


Yesterday I wrote about so many moral issues that are now upside down in America; what once was moral and lawful is now deemed politically incorrect, thus deserving of selective enforcement of our nation's laws.

Yesterday we saw a prime example of Obama's Justice Department's absolute refusal to enforce our immigration laws, and have now carried it one step forward by choosing not to enforce felony I.D. theft laws as well.

It seems a restaurant chain (appropriately called Uncle Sam's) had been hiring as many as 121 illegal Mexicans with full knowledge that these Mexicans were illegal invaders.  Sheriff Joe Arpao, after a nine-month investigation prompted by an insider employee tip, raided two of the restaurants in Phoenix yesterday, arrested ten illegal Mexicans and pursuing the rest of them.  Because Obama has ordered his Justice Department not to accept any illegal prisoners from Sheriff Joe arrests, the prisoners have been taken to the 4th Avenue county jail and held there.

Since the Justice Department won't take these prisoners and prosecute them, Sheriff Joe's only avenue is to, in effect, execute a form of "citizen's arrest" by soliciting the support of local citizens whose I.D. was stolen, and who have suffered the most from the theft of their identities.  More arrests are expected, and of those under arrest, or awaiting arrests, are also wanted for other offenses, including vehicle theft.   
While the Sheriff's hands are tied on the immigration violations, he will use the power of the abused citizenry to prosecute them for I.D. theft.  So far more than 70 of the American I.D. theft victims, legal citizens, have said they'll testify against theses criminals.

Still, Obama's ICE units have been ordered not to accept these criminals under any circumstances.  

Isn't it ironic that Obama's Attorney General, who did all he could to insinuate himself into the George Zimmerman prosecution, (as did Obama with his "if I had a son" speech), then lost in a court of law, now has opted to "persecute" George Zimmerman by refusing to accept the verdict of a lawful jury, yet, for political purposes, refuses to prosecute Mexican felons caught red-handed with someone else's employment records!  

An army of illegal invaders are planning on picketing outside Sheriff Joe's jail in the coming days.  
They are demanding Sheriff Joe release these illegal "victims" immediately.  (Not a word of sympathy was offered to the victims of these I.D. thefts).  The invaders march without fear through America's streets these days, demanding all manner of citizen's rights and benefits, when, in any sane society, they would be bused to the border and be ordered not to invade again under penalty of being shot on the spot.

Will America ever wake up and demand those in power enforce our laws?...all of our laws, and not only the ones they want to?

Sad.  Damned Sad.