Monday, April 29, 2019

Lost in America: A Rap Artist For President By 2030?

Lost in America: A Rap Artist For President By 2030?:                                                                     On Friday morning Politico revealed their latest Democratic Presid...

A Rap Artist For President By 2030?


On Friday morning Politico revealed their latest Democratic Presidential polling.  Results show that gay South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg has stormed into 3rd place in national polling.  Should we be surprised that a gay mayor, from a failing city, is climbing the popularity charts?  I think not.  Ever since we elected a community organizer in 2008, then re-elected him in 2012, all to disastrous results, America seems to be hell bent on selecting fringe candidates, totally out of the historic mainstream.

No longer do we choose candidates with political experience.  Or ex-generals.  No, for the 21st Century we seem to be all in in picking the least able and the most freakish.  Whether it was the George Bush-Barack Obama duo who singlehandedly increased that national debt from $4 trillion to $20 trillion in less than two decades, or the less than articulate billionaire who now occupies the Oval Office, America seeks some tasty new dish to spice up the palate.

So will our next President bring with him the "First Man" to select the lacy curtains in the Blue Room?  (Should Pete win election I can already hear his detractors tagging him with "President Butt-Giggle") If recent history means anything good old Pete Buttigieg has a real shot at the Oval Office.  America seems determined to celebrate the "fringe" more and more, and less of the "mainstream".

And what exactly does Mayor Buttigieg bring in the way of political success?  His South Bend, Indiana boasts crime rates that are triple the national average.  More than a third of his city live below the poverty level.  And yet, somehow, Democratic voters have nudged old Pete into third place, behind only Socialist Bernie and Crazy Joe.

And we should never forget that rapper billionaire Kanye West has expressed White House ambitions sometime down the road.  He says he can bring an urban ghetto mentality to the Oval Office and fix all our problems.

Maybe we'll work out a deal where Pete Gigglebutt and his significant other can run things for two terms, then turn over the helm to Kanye and his LargeButt lady.


Friday, April 26, 2019

Lost in America: Taxing Times

Lost in America: Taxing Times:                                                                     I suspect when Californians filed the wealthy set finally came he...

Taxing Times


I suspect when Californians filed the wealthy set finally came head to head with their limitations on writing off mortgage and interest on their federal returns. I'm guess that same tax shock treatment was felt in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and other high tax states. Sadly we are seeing the effects of those tax write off limitations over here in Arizona. The local newspaper reported that our own Maricopa County is the fast growing county in the U.S. The paper reports the largest swath of our new immigrants come from California. But Washington state is second, with Texas and residents of eastern states joining the caravan to Arizona.
That's proving true in the rapid rise of real estate prices. In less than five years our two houses went from post recession lows to all time highs. That's good for us but bad for working families trying to find housing they can afford.
The wealthy from elsewhere seem quite dazzled by our prices. Last year Microsoft bought up huge hectares of land just west of Buckeye, where they plan to build a high tech model housing community. And Microsoft corporate just last week gobbled up another 170 acres in Goodyear, their second purchase in that area, where they plan to set down a manufacturing plant and data center.
With all this money flowing the locals seem not to know what to do with their new found lucre. Business is booming, folks are eating out more, attending more concerts, and even Arizona government is so flush they just banked another billion dollar surplus to add to the state's rainy day fund.
Of course our California transplants are saying we ought not be saving that money. That we should give more to the state's "47 percenters" who hold no job but seem to fare better than the average working joe. Those transplants, even as they enroll their children in our dozens of private charter schools, say we ought not to give tax credits to parents whose children attend charter schools. Both those western transplants and the state's teacher's union both agree...perhaps because our private schools are kicking the public schools ass in student achievement.
The economy is also getting a boost from a couple of reliable old sources....the two million snowbirds who arrive every October, then leave every April...and the more than one thousand movies and commercials shot in Arizona each year, owing to reliable weather for filming. Maybe we'll get so big in movie-making George Clooney and Babs Streisand will come over here and straighten us out on our political priorities.
I think when each of our houses hit stupid territory we might have to move out of Arizona. Half of million each for each house ought to buy us a bunker on militia land up in Idaho. I'll sure miss the relatively sleepy Phoenix that was here when I moved here 15 years ago though.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lost in America: Mourning The Death Of Journalism

Lost in America: Mourning The Death Of Journalism:                                                                         I hit the "go" button on the coffee pot on Sunday ...

Mourning The Death Of Journalism


I hit the "go" button on the coffee pot on Sunday morning, then swung open the front door, intent on going out and retrieving the Sunday newspaper. Except out in the driveway was a plastic bagged paper so thin I mistook it for the weekly market trader circular that you find in your local grocer's racks.

Almost turned back into the house to call the circulation department, then thought, while I'm out here, may as well retrieve that market trader circular.

Alas, turns out that bagged newspaper WAS the Sunday paper. Could not believe it. This morning's paper broke all records for tree conservation. Even the Sunday store circulars seem to have taken the week off.

I can remember when the Sunday paper was two pounds of newsprint, with whole sections devoted to book reviews, and movie and play reviews, with a good ten pages of international news supplementing a generous reportage of national and local news.

This morning's paper required only 20 minutes for me to finish reading. And because they no longer care, the editor puts the paper to bed about midnight, so there was no news at all about the Sri Lanka tragedies, nor any overnight crime news. The only lengthy article of substance in the entire newspaper was a full four page spread about the plight of illegal central and south american invaders and how we are not doing enough to make them comfortable. This is not even news anymore. Our liberal Gannett corporation owned newspaper has, for a full decade, been promoting the elimination of our southern border. After the lengthy Sunday morning collective "group sob" the paper will feature at least two other sob stories before this week is out.

I don't expect to have too many fellow mourners here. With fewer readers I know the newspaper business is on its last legs. But I sure miss those newspapers of old that educated our citizenry without an axe to grind, and provided the Sunday reader an entire day of reading material.

I was just startled to realize that there may be more truth printed in those supermarket tabloids than there are in the local newspaper.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Lost in America: "America Eating Her Own Tail"

Lost in America: "America Eating Her Own Tail":                                                                           Kate Smith was a rather large female singer who was wildly ...

"America Eating Her Own Tail"


Kate Smith was a rather large female singer who was wildly popular in America in the 1930's and 40's. She recorded more than a dozen hit tunes, none more popular than God Bless America, which she was asked to sing at many events across our land throughout the 40's and 50's. 
So it was not surprising that the New York Yankees baseball club had been playing Kate's God Bless America recording thousands of times during baseball's traditional 7th inning stretch.
Then, yesterday, someone easily offended pointed out that Kate Smith more than 80 years ago, recorded a song called "That's Why Darkies Were Born". The Yankees organization immediately banned Kate's recording from ever again echoing off the stadium walls.
Someone was offended. And we must always respect the sensitivities of the offended. Kate Smith's character and reputation are now ruined forever....for a song sung in 1931. This despite her wild popularity with G.I.'s during World War II, this despite her many charity deeds throughout her life. She sang a song about "darkies" and must pay the ultimate price.
That is the way it is in America these days. So that none be offended, ever, we must busy ourselves in eating our own tail. We must judge everyone by today's societal standards and not the one in which people lived.
And what's most sorrowful is that "That's Why Darkies Were Born" was a highly complimentary song about the Black culture's ability to teach Whites a thing or two about living exemplary and productive lives, even in misfortune. Kate Smith was singing about a people who had been so terribly mistreated, yet found the strength to sing, about a people who could find happiness in the simplest of things, someone so noble their faith in their God could drive away the devil. Read the lyrics for yourself and see if you don't agree:
"Someone had to pick the cotton,
Someone had to pick the corn,
Someone had to slave and be able to sing,
That's why darkies were born;
Someone had to laugh at trouble,
Though he was tired and worn,
Had to be contented with any old thing,
That's why darkies were born;
Sing, sing, sing when you're weary and
Sing when you're blue,
Sing, sing, that's what you taught
All the white folks to do;
Someone had to fight the Devil,
Shout about Gabriel's Horn,
Someone had to stoke the train
That would bring God's children to green pastures,
That's why darkies were born.?"
Dear World
I apologize for my country. She has never been more ignorant, so immoral, so stupid and inherently weak as she is just now. You see, she is busily involved in consuming her own tail. Soon there will be nothing left of her. Show a little patience world and you won't have to look upon what was once a great country ever again.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Lost in America: Paying For Sloth?

Lost in America: Paying For Sloth?:                                                                         The U.S. Supreme Court has an interesting case on their docke...

Paying For Sloth?


The U.S. Supreme Court has an interesting case on their docket this week. They are being asked to decide whether California is right in declaring a worker is deserving of being paid even in those hours when he is sitting on his ass. 
The case is 18-389, Parker Drilling Mgmt. Services v. Newton.
The suit was initiated by an offshore oil driller who believe his company should pay him for those nonworking hours when he is catching Judge Judy and NFL football in his off hours, or when sleeping. Parker Drilling, subject of the suit, argues that California does not have the authority to regulate labor issues on offshore drilling platforms 20 miles from shore, and under Federal control. California ambulance chasers tried to dig up some obscure 1953 precedent that might allow them to get their claws into still another corporation and wring them dry in favor of labor.
In hearings yesterday both the liberal and conservative arms of the Supreme Court were a bit skeptical of California's say the least. They were also skeptical about forcing a company to pay an employee when he is not at work.

I suspect the hearings went like this:
Justice Roberts: "California, just when are we supposed to draw the line on paying employees? Shall we vote "yes" on your motion and establish further precedent? If actor James Brolin leaves the film set and goes home to wife Barbara Streisand the day after the 2016 election, is the film company responsible for paying him hazardous duty pay while he's at home?"
Justice Ruth Ginsburg: "And shall we offer the First Lady additional compensation during the months she occupies the White House with a spouse who rises at 3AM, tunes into Fox and Friends, then issues a tweet storm of comments on Twitter?"
Justice Kavanaugh: "And should we compensate a Sacramento legislator even when he is not working in legislative session?"
Justice Thomas: "Has anybody on your legal team served a hitch in the military? Do our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq get paid overtime when they get called out to clear an enemy's machine gun nest outside Baghdad?"
Justice Alito: "Should cops be compensated for the hours not on patrol? Since they are "on duty" 24 hours per day, shouldn't we kick in a little extra for those 3AM phone calls?"
Justice Gorsuch: "Should we pay Congressmen and Senators their full pay when they don't report to Congress until Monday afternoon and leave Thursday morning? Or when they take as much as a month off two or three times a year? Oh that's right.....we already do......never mind."
I'm betting California and Mr. Newton lose their ass on this one. Even Justice Sotemayer doesn't think Joy Behar's husband deserves extra pay for having to spend the night in her bed.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Lost in America: Building Liquidity

Lost in America: Building Liquidity:                                                                       Note:  One of my readers connected with me and said he was havin...

Building Liquidity


Note:  One of my readers connected with me and said he was having problems posting comments to my blog.  I have checked my comment settings and they are set to allow comments from anyone.  I suspect (but do not know) that the problem may be due to Google's eliminating Google Plus.  I would certainly appreciate hearing from you on this.  You may write me via my email at and let me know if you too are having problems with commenting.  I can't guarantee I can fix it but I'll certainly raise the issue with Google.

Now, a bonus essay for the week.

You see it every year.  Flooding someplace.  This past year it's been North Carolina, then the midwest.  Now folks down in Tennessee are being flooded out.

I don't care how many people tell me it's not possible.  I will never understand why the federal government does not build pipelines from the water drenched east...and pump it over to the west where water is scarce.  If they can build 2,000 mile oil pipelines from Alaska they can certainly build water pipelines from east to west....and with very little environmental risk.

I think the problem is two fold.  First, I believe we commoditize our water resources and consider them less valuable than they are.  Secondly, we are too short sighted.  We seem not to worry about flooding until it occurs.  Then, cost wise, the government rushes in and spends billions to rebuild flooded communities.  I simply cannot see why we can't spend money up front and build pumps along flooded areas and pump all that excess water over to Lake Mead, which of late always stands less than 50 percent of capacity even after generous El Nino rain years.

We would actually not need to go that far.  Actor William Shatner, who owns a ranch in California's central valley, has proposed building a pipeline from rain drenched Washington state, then send it flowing down to parched central and southern California.    Everyone tells old Bill it's too expensive.  Well how expensive is it when central valley farmers plow up their crops for lack of water?  And how do you like paying $1.50 a head for winter lettuce when Yuma, Arizona lettuce farmers say "sorry, no crop this year".

I look around the world and see so many architectural marvels....from the Dutch holding back the Ocean, to the Middle East's desalination programs.  If America is the world leader in both wealth and technology why the hell can't we solve our long standing water problems by intelligently redistributing it?  I'm sure those midwesterners, and those Carolinians, and those Tennesseans would be quite willing to surrender their second story excess.

Hey look, folks out west aren't looking to take water you folks in the east need.  Just send us the water that is now leaving your homes and businesses and farms submerged in three feet of water!

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"The Rest Of The Story"


You've all read the sob story about ICE deporting that "poor widower" of a fallen soldier. Recognizing the potential for bad publicity they brought him back. But here's the truth that is now just coming out.

The fallen soldier's sister says this illegal invader abandoned his family even before his wife's death in battle. And the twelve year old daughter that he says he cries about; well according to the child's aunt guardian, the illegal hardly ever comes around. In fact he's had a satisfactory shack job for years.

Lesson to be learned here. Don't get out in front of the story just to promote your own politics. Chances are you'll be embarrassed, just as Kamala Harris and Corey Booker were embarrassed when they called the Smollet incident a hate crime...only to find it was totally fabricated.

With this "fallen soldier" story even our Republican governor was mourning the illegal's deportation...says ICE was right to bring him back. The reason we are drowning in illegals is because there are tens of thousands of these type of sob stories that are always at least half pure fiction. And we should never forget that, regardless of the nature of his illegal status, he should never have been here in the first place.

Let's see if the mainstream media airs or prints "the rest of the story". Not only should this dude be deported but they ought to go after that poor soldier's death insurance he collected. Since he's a deadbeat I'm sure the soldier's daughter and guardians could use the money.

Lost in America: "Our Lady"

Lost in America: "Our Lady":                                                                               Almost by chance yesterday morning I flicked on the TV ...

"Our Lady"


Almost by chance yesterday morning I flicked on the TV and sat stunned, watching that massive fire climb high into the skies. Soon one of the spires crashed down on top of the roof of the cathedral, sending sparks and walls of flame again climbing skyward.
I cannot describe what I felt at that moment. Certainly I felt that old familiar ache in the heart when tragedy strikes. But it was even more than that. It was a heaviness of the shoulders that felt like the collective sorrow of a hundred million souls were resting there.
That collective sorrow hit home when I saw the agonized faces of Parisians as they clasped hands in prayer, or kneeled and prayed for the survival of that eight hundred year old edifice that had survived multiple tragedies, including a great secular revolution in which the French seemed hell bent on destroying themselves.
That ancient church took a hundred years to build and it has undergone several renovations since its first inception. And yesterday morning it was once again under attack, it's ancient internal timbers aflame along the lovely waters of the Seine.
I have never been to the Notre Dame Cathedral. But I've always admired it from afar. Once, years ago, while leafing through a photo book of that iconic cathedral, I was touched at seeing a series of sculptures which depicted various events from the Bible. Seems that ancient cathedral was named the "liber pauperum"; the poor people's book. Those sculptures were specifically designed to tell the Bible story for the tens of thousands of devotees who could not read. I always thought that was such a dear thing to do.....making the purpose of the cathedral truly a "poor people's house".
God bless those first responders who did so much to save lives and rescue many of the art treasures located in "Our Lady". And God bless the French people who have already donated hundreds of millions of dollars to resuscitate the grand lady. 
It has been said that a great cathedral, built merely of wood and stone, does not achieve its full majesty until the blood and sweat of sacrifice is invested in a project that won't be finished in one lifetime. Perhaps that's what makes "Our Lady" a stepping stone from earth to heaven.
A building, to be grand, must exemplify so much more than its unique architecture. It must serve as a icon for what the world determines is good. Yesterday, as tens of millions watched and prayed, I could not doubt that "Our Lady" had served that very purpose. For a few hours we were all Frenchman....standing along the Seine, our hearts heavy with grief. Maybe "Our Lady" brought that sentiment home to all of us on that sad day.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Lost in America: Generational Theft

Lost in America: Generational Theft:                                                                         I was watching a group of young Israeli military men and women...

Generational Theft


I was watching a group of young Israeli military men and women interviewed this morning. All were between 18 and 30 and were being asked what they thought about their nation's election results.

Seems that both men and women supported the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu. Not surprising since he's pretty much been their leader throughout their childhood.

It was when they begin to ask these young folks about patriotism and love of country that I felt I was entering a 50's time warp. These Israeli young people were so different than our current crop of American snowflakes. The Israeli kids, readily accepting their military commitments, had no doubts about defending their country. One young Israel woman, when asked about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, said "it's pretty simple....we both want to live in the same space...and our enemies are not willing to share".

I'm pretty sure that young woman has never been given trophies and blue ribbons for "participation". And I'm pretty sure she avoided the liberal indoctrination our unionized teaching militants administer in the U.S. These Israeli young people were willing to sacrifice for a greater good, willing to kick ass if necessary, then move on with their lives when their military commitments were over.

After watching these young Israelis I couldn't help but think that what we've done to our young is no less than generational theft.......the raising of little lemmings afraid of their own shadow and uncertain about their own futures. They are not the sickest of our society but, sadly, these snowflakes represent the slow circling down the drain of what was once a great nation.

Our nation's greatness has never depended on what we had. One need only look at how we geared up from nothing prior to World War II, then went out and won a world war. No, our greatness always has come from an unwavering fortitude that is now largely absent.

Those young Israelis certainly have it. Sadly, our young are intent on seeking out safe spaces and sucking on the public tit.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Friday, April 12, 2019

"Death By A Thousand Cuts"


This was written months ago.  The old AC has since been replaced.  And we did get a small pension raise.  But the story is essentially the same:

You read the papers, or troll the online news sites, and you read about some "notable" going bankrupt.  (Johnny Depp, who earned something like a billion dollars over the last decade is a brilliant example).  And when you read that a member of the filthy rich has gone belly up on his finances, admit it, it's kinda "sexy".  And dramatic as hell.

But most of us poor slobs saunter slowly toward bankruptcy in the most mundane of ways.  Instead of being documented in two inch high, screaming headlines on the entertainment page, we who live on fixed pensions, just seemed to be pulled to our demise gradually, kicking and screaming.  We seem to resemble that old Imperial China practice of death by a thousand cuts.

That has certainly proved true for me as I try to survive on pension income.  Please indulge me as I cite the financial autopsy of a pensioner.  

When I moved into my retirement community my annual association dues came to $320.00 per year.  And even as some 37,000 of us pay those annual dues, our board masters have managed to double those association fees.  So, I dish out the $600 plus for the privilege of living here.  And then, to keep the county off my back, I chip in $640 dollars for property taxes.  

So, pound of flesh extracted from the tax and board masters, I must pay for water, an amount that has also doubled in the last decade.  Even more gargantuan has been the increase in my electricity rates...even with that nuclear reactor 30 miles away.  The gas masters have been more kindly, allocating increases that have raised the gas bill by a mere 50%.  

Ah, but if that were all there is.  In this past decade my auto insurance rates have skyrocketed, even as I sit home, demurely, not out creating vehicle havoc on the local roads.  And, even scarier..while I live in the same 1961 home, my home insurance rates have soared because my insurance company says the "rebuild price" is the demon to be blamed.

And, god forbid that my AC breaks down.  When that happens I have to call in an overall clad gent who charges rates for work that would seem to justify a professional education requiring two or three PHDs!  Same for plumbers and bricklayers and handymen.

Need I go on?  Vet bills?  Doctor's bills?  Museum fees?  TV Cable and Internet?  Dream up anything and you'll find it costs significantly more than it did a decade ago.

A decade ago I could buy eggs for a dollar, hamburger for two dollars, round steak for $1.50.  All have doubled in price.

And I live in constant fear that my 2006 Honda may someday give up the ghost and I'll be confronted with the crisis of having to replace a minimum of $25,000 a pop.  I baby that old actually has a better "health plan" than I, with regular check ups, following the maintenance schedule religiously lest it rebel and leave me "wheel-less".

Inflation right?  Well how could that be when our Federal Reserve Board declares a 2 percent inflation rate?  Sometimes they say prices didn't go up at all!  Which of course means no increase in my pension because nothing went up in price!  For a few years now our masters who determine retired military pay raises have refused to fork out any inflation raises at all.  This year I received a .33 cent per month raise in my pension.

Well, I don't know how other retirees on fixed pensions manage but, as I went online to my bank this morning, to see if my Social Security check registered as a deposit, only to find my insurance company reminded me that my semi-annual auto insurance was due....and by the way, they wanted their money now! That staggering payment, combined with some eye doctor fees, and my $400 dollar electric bill, just wiped out my Social Security deposit.  And, as I sit here wondering how I'm going to pay for my doggie's $700 dollar PAWS healthcare plan (which also increased), I realize that I'm dying that "death by a thousand cuts".    No, you wouldn't know FICO score is 815, which puts me in the elite 1 percent of reliable borrowers.  But, if they only knew just how high I'm climbing the financial "critical list!"

Ergo, I am seriously considering selling my home, buying a rag-tag old RV, and just go out and dry camp in Arizona's vast deserts.  Kind of "Walden's Pond" with rattlers and gila monsters.  Maybe I could eat rattlesnake and pretend it really is chicken, and learn to sprinkle grub worms over my morning oatmeal.

Pardon me if this little essay is written, not with tongue in cheek, but with a sour taste in my old mouth....which by the way, needs about $5,000 dollars worth of dental work.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lost in America: Social Extortionists

Lost in America: Social Extortionists:                                                                           Just watched a black guy on TV. He was pimping his social se...

Social Extortionists


Just watched a black guy on TV. He was pimping his social service organization. Says he identifies as a "social activist".

That provided fodder for thought. These years we have millions of these people who make their living extorting money from others. Be it the most famous community organizer, Barack Hussein Obama, or Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson, they all carry with them a set of tools. And in that tool bag are racist accusations for those who don't chip in, or heartless for those who give too little. And like Barry, who never worked a job in his life, these people were bred and succored to become life-long hustlers.

But it's when these "social activists" yank the corporate ball squeezers out that they really score the serious lucre. Corporations are so damned scared of being labelled "racist" they'll contribute millions to even the most fraudulent and wasteful cause if the Barrys, Jacksons and Sharptons will just go away.

And hey, yeah, those TV evangelists beg for money too. But at least they don't ruin your reputation if you choose not to donate.

And then there's the politicians who beg for your money as well. And they generate promises that they'll craft you a better world if they can just have your vote and your money. But they too will go away if you ignore them long enough.

Not the black "social activists" though. They'll pull the race card on you faster than a rabbit's orgasm if you deny them their lucre.

But I'm in a forgiving mood this morning. I'm ready to rate these "social activists" a half grade higher than his/her stay at home peers, watching Jerry Springer and those half a dozen black court shows. At least the "social activists" are hustling to get your money. The stay at homes just wait for the welfare check and food stamp money gets deposited to their checking account.....then laugh like hell at the honkies who are stupid enough to donate to the "47 percent lifestyle".

Monday, April 8, 2019

Lost in America: Why Dems Are Losing Their Senses Over Census

Lost in America: Why Dems Are Losing Their Senses Over Census:                                                                     You have probably read about the Democratic Party fight to keep a ...

Why Dems Are Losing Their Senses Over Census


You have probably read about the Democratic Party fight to keep a question about citizenship status off the next census. There are very good reasons why the Democrats are up in arms about our Census Bureau asking that question. But before I get to that let's review a little census history.

Up through 1950 the U.S. Census Bureau always asked about one's citizenship as well as foreign births, and if one were naturalized. In 1960 the question was dropped, then resumed in 1970.......before being removed in 2010, during the Obama regime.

The key reason the question is supposed to be asked is that each state's allocation of Congressmen is based on the numbers of bonafide residents in those states....not population, per se. By law, only residents authorized to be here are counted when drawing up the electoral map and allocating the proper number of Congressmen to represent them. The rest, by law, are supposed to be deported.

Now try to imagine what happens to New York, Washington state, California, Arizona, or Nevada if the Census Bureau determines those states have fewer "legal residents" than the declared population! Let's take California for example....a state that is over-represented in the U.S. Congress....pulling that body as far Left as one can stand these days. Since one Congressman is supposed to represent 700,000 legitimate residents, California, with its 11 million illegals, stands to lose as many as 15 Congressman if the Census Bureau starts to pursue the hard numbers of real bonfire residents...and not dwelling invaders. That would bode equally bad for many other states who are harboring large illegal immigrant populations.

So do you get it now, boys and girls? Do you understand why these sanctuary states are fighting so hard to keep the question of citizenship off the next census? At my last look there were no fewer than eleven states joining together to sue the Trump Administration over putting that question on the next census. 

Just heard this morning that the Supreme Court will take up that issue come the June session. Their decision will be critical in determining whether we are to be ruled by law, or whether some 30 million illegal invaders will have a huge say so in how our country is run.

Stay tuned!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Lost in America: Give Him A Time Out...And Let Him Cry It Out

Lost in America: Give Him A Time Out...And Let Him Cry It Out:                                                                           Well our President has backtracked on two major issues this ...

Give Him A Time Out...And Let Him Cry It Out


Well our President has backtracked on two major issues this past week; killing Obamacare and closing the border.  After seeing Trump throw an Oval Office tantrum over the government shut down talks with Schumer and Pelosi...claiming they'd wait until hell freezes over before he would buckle in to their refusal to fund the wall, then cave three weeks later, I thought I was bullet proof against Trump's empty threats.

Then last week, after seeing him down in southern Texas, and promising to close the border this week if those caravans weren't turned away, I thought he really meant it this time.

Alas, he didn't.  It was simply another one of his temper tantrums, threats made as empty as a liberal's head.  This step back takes the cake though; he's giving Mexico a whole year to stop the northern exodus of Central and South America's disease-ridden filth....invading to game America's over-generous asylum criteria.  Except now they are coming in droves....laughing at the Trumpster with every northern mile gained, then invading in droves that have overwhelmed our Border Patrol.  Pretty bad time to back off his professed "hard line".  Trump's "lines in the sand" are about as meaningful as Barry's was.

In the same week Trump proposed we kill Obamacare dead...and right now.  He said at first that the coming budget would have to include an obituary for the Obamacare program which is bleeding us dry each year as we subsidize millions of folks perfectly able to pay for their own health care.  Then of course he backed off of that and said we'll wait until after the 2020 election.  Brilliant!

I have said time and again that Trump is a human tornado.  And we never know when it will touch down, nor what the results will be.  Sometimes he lucks out and we get something good...sometimes all we get are farts in the wind.  

This week The Donald is really stinking it up.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Trump Closes The Spigot; Democrats Say "Let It Run Full"


In response to the armies of Central and South American caravans moving their way toward our border President Trump has pledged to cease doling out tens of millions in foreign aid to those countries.  The Democrats say it's a big mistake...that Trump ought to be doing just the opposite; flooding those countries with greenbacks.  In fact we have contingents of Democrats making pilgrimages to those countries this very moment; telling these countries our President is wrong.

Show of hands, please.  Who has not heard this many times before?  That's the Democrat mantra...throw more money at any problem and it will go away.  

Really?  A few years ago the New York Times calculated that between municipal, county, state and federal, we have doled out $100 trillion dollars to wage a war against poverty since 1965.  These include funds to upgrade schools, build soon to be housing ghettos, given hundreds of billions in scholarship money, allocated urban renewal money, and doled out trillions in welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and no less than a hundred other government giveaways.
And what have we got for those trillions?  Before those programs started 75 percent of Black families were two parent households.  That percentage today is down to 25 percent.  School achievement tests have gotten worse, we suffer from a huge increase in school drop outs, and crime has never been worse in the urban killing fields.  All we have seemed to spawn from all the money we've paid out are a "5th Column" of budding socialists who want more....and want to hate those footing the bill.

And on the foreign front we've spent tens of billions since the 1950's, trying to prop up both dictator and Socialist wanna-bees down in Latin America, only Israel getting a bigger percentage of that loot than Latin America.  And what has it gotten us?  60 million Hispanic invaders since the early 80's, more crime, more payouts to the uneducated and impoverished, crippling stress on our social safety programs.

So, if you believe the Democrat's solution is the right one I've got some time shares that I'd like to talk to you about.  Face it, folks.  As long as the Democrats hold the power in any municipality, or state, or in Congress, we will never solve either our urban domestic woes, nor our immigration problem.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Dear Arrowhead Apple Store


Dear Arrowhead Apple Store,

You almost ruined me for my new IMAC and for any Apple products in the future. Once my new computer shipped from the distribution center you sat on it in your store for five days.

Prior to my ordering the new Mac I had called your store and asked about your once free Data Migration Service...transferring my files and photos from my old Mac to the new one. Your rep told me that this would not be a problem and I would need no appointment for the service when I came to pick up my new Mac. He also never mentioned that there was now a charge for that service.

Once you emailed me and told me my Mac was ready I hurried on down to your store, only to find so many of your reps so busy showing folks who might or might not buy a product that I had to wait around, receipt in hand, waiting for someone to help me. (I was lugging around my old Mac all this time and was still wheezing from the long walk from parking to your store.)

When someone finally deemed it proper to wait on me you stood aghast as I stood with my old computer, happily waiting for you to take it from me, then mate the data with my new Mac. Only then did I learn that Data Migration was no longer free....that there would be a $99.00 charge for that service....and that you would need to keep my unit for 24 to 72 houra. After reluctantly agreeing to those terms I trudged back home and waited patiently for your call. By Sunday afternoon, after not hearing from you, I tried to call you. Sadly, I was either talking to a robot or a disinterested human who kept disconnecting the call I had waited for 20 minutes. Seven times I was transferred to robots, disinterested humans, or 5 minute of phone rings with no one answering.

When I finally got a human voice I immediately said "please do not transfer me to another robot, or another disinterested human." You thought that was funny but did go back into the service room and connect me with someone named Levi who said he had tried to transfer my data twice on Saturday and had given up....and never bothered to call me. When asked how the migration failed he just said it explanation as to why. I angrily picked up old and new unit and went home.

Thankfully Apple was saved by one "Chelsea", a support rep out of Dallas, Texas, who helped me remove what your local tech had put on my computer....the wrong password to access it. After a complete erase and reboot of the operating system Chelsea explained that I could do my own data migration from old computer to new, by using my home wi-fi connection. 

Though my Wi-Fi connection is not as swift as what you folks have in your Apple store I was able to do my own data migration and recover all of my music, photos and all other files without difficulty.....something your "expert" claims he was unable to do.

I suggest you folks work on your business model. Try to have a line folks can form in to pick up devices they've already paid for.

Try not to assume that men and women over 60 are as "Apple Smart" as you guys. (Had I known I could do my own data migration I could have had my new computer up and running last Friday.)

Do not mistake phony smiles and "sorry" for good customer service. 

Try to hire back room "experts" that are smarter than me.

Just Try harder, dammit.