Monday, March 31, 2014

Tucson; Bastion of Liberalism


Last Saturday night students from the University of Arizona in Tucson filed out into the streets and rioted.  Their cause?  Their team lost their Elite 8 match in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I'm not surprised; this is what spoiled liberal kids do....and Tucson has been a liberal mess for a while now.

Keep in mind that Tucson is where greasy and rotund and corrupt Congressman Raul Grijalva hangs out...he's the one that called for an economic boycott of his own state because we want to deport illegal Mexicans.  He's the one that shows up twice a year for some liberal controversial vote, and spends the rest of his time in southern Arizona wandering from one Mexican restaurant to another scarfing down their biggest combination platter.

Tucson is the town that drives working class citizens away by assessing them huge property tax demands to fuel per student school costs that are twice the the rate of any other city in Arizona....$20,000 a year for every illegal Mexican head so that they might learn the English language and join the mainstream to learn how to add, subtract and keep from multiplying too rapidly.

The Tucson school district was so radical that they fostered the infamous "hate gringo" Hispanic studies program that ignored all of American history except for the Treaty of Hidalgo when America stole their land for $15 million dollars.  Radical communistic teachers ignored state issued text books and mimeographed their own little 'hate gringo' syllabuses and the glory of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.  Each day the students exited the class ready to maim a gringo.   It got so bad that the State Secretary of Education threatened to withhold state funding if these hate fests continued.  Eventually the case was settled in court and the Tucson School Districts sins were so heinous that even the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held for the state and halted the ethnic hate courses.

Perhaps Karma does exists.  You see, these liberals down in Tucson absolutely hate the U.S. military. The institution goes against the grain of their slimy little philosophies.  You would think then, that this bastion of liberalism would be all too happy to see their local air force base disappear in the vapors of the desert....not so.  You see,  Davis Montham Air Base provides billions in economic activity down that way.  Between the defense contractors like Raytheon and Boeing, and the air base, thousands of Tucson folks have good paying jobs.  And thousand of military folks buy food, houses, cars, eat in the local restaurants and shop in the local community.

But now, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is hell bent on closing more military bases to reduce the defense budget....and guess who's on the hit list?  Yep, good ole Davis Montham Air Base.  The Defense Department will just drag all those boneyard planes out to the Mojave Desert, or they'll simply contract with a civilian security firm to watch out for all those old airplanes...and shut down all the rest of the base's tenant units.

Guess what?  Tucson is up in arms about this!  Even the "Mexican Combination" aficionado, Raul Grijalva is upset!  How dare these right wingers take away the very tit we hate...but suck on with great gusto!  

Well, it looks like the big "Karma" is getting ready to bite Tucson right in the ass.  And even "Juan McCain" may not be able to save them!  

What then will become of Tucson?  My guess, since they've driven away those who have already left to avoid obscene property tax rates, will be an illegal Mexican barrio that would fit right in with Nogales just across the border.

Two years ago, in a fit of pique over their hate filled "Ethnic Studies" program being killed, Tucson proposed splitting the state in two; with Tucson being the capital of South Arizona.  I know a lot of folks up here in Phoenix that would vote for that in a "Tucson Minute".

So, riot on kiddies!  Sadly, you'll soon be crying over a lot more than the loss of a basketball game.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Great Anomaly; Ukraine's Border, American Border


Does anyone else find it puzzling that Barack Obama is more than willing to disrupt the entire world economy over a breech of the Ukraine's border...but has no problem at all ignoring the massive breech of our own southern border?  Is there any manner of correlation between a few thousand Russians invading Crimea while more than 30 million Mexicans have invaded our own nation?

The National Review just offered an investigative report that details how Obama ordered the Secretary of Homeland Security to put a screeching halt to deporting illegals...and to do it anyway deemed necessary.  So we learned yesterday just how it was done.  It came through an innocuous Homeland Security directive that reads as follows:

Dated December 21, 2012, the DHS directive decreed that "ICE agents could act against illegal immigrants only in limited circumstances--mainly if an illegal immigrant was previously charged with a serious crime or was physically caught crossing the border."

And it seems even that proscription was ignored.  Just last month we learned that over 2,200 Level 1 felons were released by ICE.

So now we know, folks, how those 2,228 high level felons, arrested by U.S. law enforcement, and turned over to ICE, went....right back into our communities.  

After reading this report, Senator Jeff Sessions, seemingly one of the few in Congress willing to deal with the illegal immigration problem, had this to say:

The effect, according to Sessions’s office, has been that many habitual immigration violators and the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the United States face no threat of deportation. “The Administration’s priorities,” Session’s writes, “have therefore provided an executive amnesty not only to the great majority of the 12 million living her illegally today . . . but to those who will violate immigration law tomorrow. It is an open invitation for a future immigrant to overstay a visa, or enter the U.S. illegally, knowing that they will be immune from enforcement as long as they avoid being convicted of a felony or other serious crime once here.”

The report also detailed how, in Texas, ICE routinely releases illegals and, in 2011, an ICE officer was threatened with disciplinary action for attempting to issue an "order to appear" to an illegal immigrant.  The report offers that this is the rule of thumb and not the exception as Obama attempts to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants through Executive Order.

Senator Sessions' staff came up with a truly alarming statistic:  Only .02 percent of illegal Mexicans are actually deported...and even that small number is attributed to the fact that those actually deported were repeat felony offenders.

So, I guess we can only conclude on thing from all this; Obama shows more concern for a border invasion over in the Ukraine than he does about our own southern border.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"California Now 'Three Sheets To The Wind'"

 Reprint:  I thought, in honor of the three Democratic state senators in California who were just busted for ethics violations...and especially for the gun control rep just busted for smuggling guns to Muslims, it would be a good time to just look at what the liberals in Sacramento like to spend their time on:                                              

Good Morning Folks,

Did you hear the latest legislative news out of California?  It seems the Democrats in Sacramento just passed a bill that requires hotels across the state to outlaw flat bottom sheets, and, instead, use fitted sheets.  It seems that the Dems key demographic supporters, unions, are complaining that making beds using flat sheets is making their back hurt.  Hotels across the state opposed the bill, rightly, since their automated laundry presser cannot handle fitted sheets.  The hospitality industry estimates the change out will costs several million dollars which will have to be passed on to the consumer in higher hotel rates.

The Democratically controlled State House worked on this bill for three weeks, an all consuming effort to pacify the hotel service worker unions.  Never mind that California has a 13 percent unemployment rate, a $20 billion plus budget deficit, soaring crime, a crumbling education system and yet they spent three weeks passing a bill to mandate fitted bottom sheets in hotels.

Not surprising, some of the small hotel chains are threatening to leave the state because they can't afford to buy expensive pressing equipment to satisfy the state mandate.  No doubt some of them will join the caravan of businesses who have departed for Phoenix and Austin and Dallas and other points east.

So, let's look at the State Dems' legislative triumphs this year; they demanded that Home Depot build recreation areas around the store, with picnic tables, water fountain and rest rooms for illegal day laborers and banned flat sheets for the maids.  Meanwhile, the state continues to wrestle with the biggest economic decline since the Great Depression.

I once had a relative who was known to enjoy a "touch of the grape".  After coming home loaded, the stories would fly that said relative was "three sheets to the wind last night".  I can say no less about California's reigning Democratic legislators.

Three Sheets To The Wind Indeed.

Note:  This just in: 
A California bill working its way through the state legislature providing more protection for transgender individuals in the workplace could allow for cross-dressing employees to wear whatever they want to work, despite workplace dress codes.
AB 887, which passed through the state's Assembly on May 16, is causing a stir among critics who feel it's raising the identity of a transgender individual to the same level as one's ethnicity or gender

Friday, March 28, 2014

"What If 50 Million of Us Stop Paying Taxes?"

Reprint....just in time for tax season!

The U.S government states that there are 12 million illegals here (Most say there are more than 30 million) and sending them home would be impossible, even though they costs us $300 billion a year in Welfare, WIC, Section 8 Public Housing, Food Stamps, free public education and free medical care, plus the cost to incarcerate the large hispanic criminal element.

Following that logic, there are approximately 50 million Americans actually paying all of the taxes which run our government:  What would happen if, next April 15th, the entire 50 million of us just sat on our checkbook and refuse to write a check to the IRS?  Would the government then say "oh, there's too many of them, we can't do anything about it". 

Keep in mind that, of the 300 million Americans, only 50 million are paying all the bills.  The others are enjoying a total free ride.  Sixty million are now on food stamps and many of them have been on food stamps for their entire lifetimes.  Millions more collect welfare, WIC, free public housing, have never paid a dime in premiums for their free medicaid coverage and actually use free medicaid coverage to have even more babies to up their government take!

The IRS kicks in even more "welfare" through child tax credits; the IRS ponies up thousands of dollars per "poor" family even though they paid not a dime in taxes for the entire tax year!

Most of the working 50 million still paying taxes can no longer afford to take their kids out for fast food but the "poor" use their food stamp credit cards at fast food chains every day of the year!

While the "poor" pay no premiums for their medicaid coverage the working 50 million pay out a $1,000 dollars a month for their health care...if they can afford it!  Medicaid even pays for dental care for the "poor" while the working 50 million can't afford it!

And the government refuses to even audit these "poor" to see if they are driving a late model car, have an I-Phone and a large screen TV!

So, think about all of this come next April when the IRS is awaiting your check.  If the government is incapable of finding the fraud, waste and abuse in social service programs, if they can't deport 12 million, or 30 million illegals, what chance do they have if 50 million taxpayers say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" and  just refuse to pay their taxes!

At the very least it will make the government start looking to see if there just might be some "cheating" going on in our social service programs.

Post Script:  According to the Organization for Tax Fairness, if Obama were to tax all millionaires at 100 percent of their income it would only pay 6 percent of Obama's deficit spending.

WORSE:  According to the Organization for Tax Fairness, if the Federal government taxed everyone who makes over $250,000 dollars at a 100% tax rate it would only pay for 38% of Obama's deficit.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dr. Benjamin Carson For President


I first heard of Dr. Benjamin Black while listening to him give a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast two years ago.  He spoke about the vast overreach of big government and equated Obamacare to slavery...and he did it not ten feet from the man who the program is named for.  Liberals were up in arms and severely berated Dr. Carson for saying things critical of Barack Obama, something the main stream media just won't do..nor put up with.

Well, I gave sufficient kudos to a man brave enough to speak out on the issues he believes in.  However I was put off by the Republicans and conservative media types just slobbering unmercifully over Dr. Carson's speech.  First, I thought it "tokenism", a brazen effort to employ a Black man to do battle with another Black man.  It was if all the conservative types were trotting out a token Black man to show that they were not racist, that they could embrace the political philosophies of a Black man in order to counter the age old liberal branding of racism in the conservative movement.  

No doubt there was some tokenism, at least in some corners of conservative land.  But I was probably not being fair to fair minded conservatives who truly value the worth of a Black man who has lived his life with truth and virtue.  Still, it wasn't enough for me personally to jump on the Carson bandwagon...Barack Obama had poisoned the well for me to ever again consider electing a Black man to the Presidency.  I had seen the innocuous Barack Obama, friend to all America, loving both the red states AND the blue states and, after election, ready to heal the racial wounds of the last sixty years or so.  Then, having to watch Obama, after election, install a liberal mafia in the White House, declare racial and class warfare to divide us, and watch him talk in Ebonics at those NAACP affairs, all the while blaming the great White Honky for the ills of Blacks.  

So no way was I ready to buy anything Dr. Carson was offering.   I have written on this blog before that Obama had poisoned the well for any future Black Presidents and I didn't think America would go for another Black in the White House, at least for a century.

And then I began to learn more about Dr. Ben Carson.  I learned that he overcame the challenges of growing up, raised by a single mom, educated in a Detroit high school, overcoming those obstacles and winning a scholarship to Yale University.  I learned that Dr. Carson was the youngest Chief of Surgery at John Hopkins University, that he was considered the most gifted surgeon in his field in the world, that he had penned six books, two about his own incredible life.     I began to read about his politics, the value he places on individual effort, this deep love for America, his willingness to criticize his own race for their sloth and victimhood.  And most of all, I learned that Dr. Carson has led his life in conformance to those principles.

And I guess I like that Dr. Carson has been equally critical of both parties, citing the corruption and dishonesty of our current crop of politicians, all the while offering sound, reasonable and logical solutions to heal our nation's ills.

So, should Dr. Carson find away to work his way through the contrived and superficial pathway to securing the nomination for the Republican party in 2016 I would have no qualms voting for him.  And I suspect he'd get a at least some of the Black vote.  No, not the kool-aid drinking, blind Black followers who covet free cell phones and welfare checks...but certainly a good portion of those Blacks in a Detroit cafe who, following Obama's State of The Union Speech, said of him, "he's not for Blacks...he cares nothing for our 30% unemployment rates."  So Dr. Carson would garner a slab or two of the Black vote; the working class and the professional middle class of Blacks who see Obama as a "pampered Oreo" who has never held a job and hasn't a clue how to create one.

And who knows?  Maybe Dr. Carson will win the Presidency and do so well for all races, and for all economic classes, that he can cleanse the poison for the well that few middle class Whites would drink from.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Coming 2nd Civl War; Prime Target NBC

For the past two years I have written of the inevitable 2nd Civil War.  It's coming folks.  We in America are split down the middle and the half of us that are obeying the laws and paying the bills are gagging on Obama and his millions of liberal minions and special interest groups glowing in the post-coital ecstacy of screwing working America in 2012.

The Obama victory was bought and paid for by the liberal mainstream media and the first angry shots of the 2nd Civil War are going to have to be directed at a liberal media who hide behind the Constitutional protections of the 1st Amendment while abandoning objective reporting of national issues.  This past election year the liberal media went far beyond twisting truths; they began to withhold and censor the news when it was unfavorable to Obama's election chances.

So the rumblings from the disgruntled hinterlands hint at million man armies marching on Washington and dragging the Liberal Socialist Dictator and his Congressional toadies out of the White House and hanging them from the lanyards in Lafayette Park.

I beg to differ.  There are no doubt some old military war planners even now out there hatching battlefield scenarios for the 2nd Civil War.  Those old war horses know that, to win this war you're going to have to take out the huge Obama/liberal propaganda machine.  Stalin had his Pravda and Obama has the three main stream broadcast networks.

Taking these propaganda machines out will have to be the first order of war business.  If I were drawing up plans for this my first order of business would be taking out 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Bring that Sodom and Gommorah edifice down in a hail of crumbling glass!  Sounds brutal but war is war.  First of all you would take out NBC News but the grand prize would be taking down the ultra liberal slobbering crowd at MSNBC.  I would simultaneously mount a second attack at NBC Master Control located at Englewood Cliffs New Jersey.

I can think of no bigger wake up call than the destruction of 30 Rock.  Their destruction alone may be enough of a signal to the surviving CBS and ABC to start reporting on Benghazi and the Chicago Style muggings being doled out by the White House as well as Obama's instigations of race wars and culture wars to achieve his Socialist agenda.

So, if the 2nd Civil War planners are gearing up all their operational war annexes they'll do well to emulate the terrorist tactics of Menachim Began in the fledging early Israel and Nguyen Van Giap, masterful executor of terrorist victory during the Vietnam War.  

Consequently, once 30 Rock is taken down, I would advise the National Liberation Front for The Restoration of America to send a demand note to the rest of the media.  It should be worded as such:

From this day forward we expect all print and broadcast media to report the news in a fair and objective manner.  All media will report the news totally free of their own personal political biases.  We do not need liberal or conservative editorials but a straight reporting of the facts.  Further, since our national debt is the single most critical issue this nation's faces, all networks will place in the top right corner of their broadcast screens a "debt clock" showing the "million dollar per minute" debt this government is accruing for our children and grandchildren to pay.  Further, the pandering of minority whinings using the mainstream media will cease immediately!  Accordingly, Blacks, who make up 12 percent of the populace will be allocated 12% of the news coverage and not the traditional 50% they are now allocated.  Gays make up 1% of the populace so they will be allocated coverage of 1% and not the current 25%.  Hispanics make up 15% of the populace and should be allocated a like amount of coverage.  Illegal Mexicans are illegal criminals and will not be allocated a single minute of coverage.
The remaining 72% of available news coverage will be devoted to hard working, tax paying, law abiding Americans who keep this country running every day of the year.  Failure to abide by fair and balanced journalistic standards will result in your imminent destruction.  A corrupt press is no better than no press at all.

This first initial battlefield foray against the liberal media may be enough to convince the print and broadcast media to confine their reporting to "the facts", and when Americans get a chance to see the truth, unfiltered by liberal socialist punditry they just may throw the scoundrels out and prevent the far greater violence of a 2nd Civil War.

Post Script:  How many of you remember when the evening news hour always concluded with an editorial?  CBS had Eric Sevareid, NBC had John Chancellor after he retired from broadcasting.  ABC trotted out one too in the last two minutes.  One night they would skewer Democrats, the next night Republicans.  That was back when the News was reported objectively and, when an editorial was offered, we knew that part was "opinion".  Now nearly ALL news reporters are just flapping their lips in accordance with their own personal liberal political preferences.

Note:  I do not advocate for the violence as depicted above.  Rather than raining death and destruction, to include many innocents, I would prefer a boycott of news organizations who no longer practice objective reporting.  My point here is that the next civil war will begin with small groups of terrorists who, frustrated by a firmly embedded corruption of national institutions, will wreak havoc in order to draw attention to their cause.  The 2nd Civil War will not begin with a million man march on Washington to protest gun owner rights, or excessive taxation, or in opposition to our moral decay.  Instead it will come first in small waves of violence meant to exert some manner of reform.

I'm too old for such violence.  I no longer have the stomach for war, although I believe it is inevitable.  I would much rather see change and reform affected at the ballot box.  But I fear there are now so many special interests, so many on the government dole in some manner, so many who would impose their will in suppression of personal liberties, that the only viable means of change will prove to be revolution.

God help us all.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tea Party Hellraising


Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican, from Kentucky is facing a tough uphill fight to maintain his Senate seat come November.  He currently trails the Democratic challenger and is being tested in the party's primary by a Tea Party conservative.  This weekend, in a stark illustration of someone "whistling in the dark" McConnell voiced his extreme hate for Tea Party Republicans and Libertarians by saying "we'll crush these Tea Party extremists in every election across this nation".

To which I say "good luck, Mitch".  Hey, I'm not saying that the Tea Party will win every election come November.  The TP may vey well have minimal impact this year.  But for every RINO, like McCain and McConnell, who believe they can just continuing rubber stamping Obama's agenda, I say you're in for a rude awakening.  And for every liberal Democrat who believe the Tea Party is dead, I say "you ain't seen nothing yet.  

Why?  Because Obama is driving us into a deeper ditch than that one they accuse Bush of orchestrating.  Just this past week we saw the OMB project a national debt of $25 trillion dollars by the time Obama leaves office.  Get out your calculator folks; even at the Fed's current suppressed interest rates you're going to see over 40 cents of every tax dollar firmly committed to paying just the interest on that kind of massive debt....doesn't leave much for Defense, or Medicare/Medicaid, or Obama's massive welfare expansion, does it?  And when Americans finally begin to ask what happened...and when they get their answer, they are going to be rushing toward a Tea Party that has screamed for smaller government and fiscal responsibility for a decade.

And the Democrats and the RINO's will be on the run.  For every vote that brought about Obamacare, for every vote that approved a rise in the national debt, for every yes vote that rewarded illegal immigrants with $11 billion dollars in child tax credits, for every vote that funded 30 million more people on the Medicaid public dole, these liberals and RINO's will pay a terrific price.  And even their favorite lobbyists and even their plump campaign chests will not save them from being run out of town on a rail.

So John and Mitch and John, just keep calling yourselves conservatives, just keep calling the Tea Party a group of terrorists, just keep voting for annual massive tax expenditures for programs fraught with fraud, waste and abuse...your time is coming....and those times will prove ugly.

And that grand Tea Party will prove to be as triumphant as the first one was...yeah, the ones led by Washington and Adams and Franklin and Jefferson.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama Gave Unions License To Kill

Okay, you knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  You knew it as soon as Obama gave away half of General Motors to the labor unions and didn't ask for a penny from them.  You knew you'd be screwed with bailout losses, and you the tune of $14 billion dollars.

And you knew those liberal-coddled UAW workers (yeah the ones that tried to unionize the auto makers down south...and failed) would turn out products not fit for the American highway.  First, we had the grand failure of the Chevy Volt, even after Obama used taxpayer money to pay for a third of it's $40,000 dollar price tag, and you knew when they caught those auto workers drinking quarts of beer and smoking pot on their lunch break that no good could come from this.

So last week we learned that twelve Americans have died, burned to cinders by exploding ignition switches.  And it wasn't the new Obama chosen GM CEO has announced a massive recall going back three or four years...all of this buried until too may people just started exploding behind the wheel of a Chevy.

As a preventive measure, GM is instructing owners not to put any other keys on their Chevy key ring and be very gentle when turning the key.  Obama Motors has said the problem is so massive it might take them seven or eight years to fix those millions of chill out and be damn careful when you turn that key!

Alas, last Monday GM piped up with more bad seems all the crossovers SUV's and even the top of the line Cadillac XTS is subject blow up on you.  

But hark!  What's that I hear from Washington?  It seems Barack and Nancy and Harry are lamenting the fact that they were a bit stingy with Obama Motors....they should have given them more than the $100 billion so that they could put out a better product!

Obama is recommending that GM retrofit their cars with those Tesla batteries because they don't explode nearly as frequently as GM ignition switches.  Nasty Nancy is drawing up a bill that would provide a taxpayer funded line of credit to raise GM Union Pay to $75 dollars an hour because workers are distracted over their family budgets, trying to live on $50 bucks an hour.  Harry Reid wants to grant all GM Union Workers with "rolling leaves of absences" and sending all GM workers to a Production Safety Seminar to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boris And Vlad; For The Money They're Glad


Note:  Thanks to the NSA Obama was able to tap Vladimir Putin's phone.  Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (and a brother in law in the NSA) I was able to get a copy of one of Vlad's conversation.  "Interesting!"

Boris:  "Comrade Putin?...."this is Boris.

Putin"  "S'up Boris?"

Boris:  "My liege...invading the Crimea was a stroke of genius!"  "I've been hanging around Washington as you asked me to, and good news!"  "Those American idiots are going to borrow another $4 billion from China and send economic aid to the Ukraine!"......

Putin:  "Wonderful!  Wonderful!"  "Do we still have those secret Gasprom accounts over there?"

Boris:  "Sure do, Vlad"..."we'll siphon off those funds before Obama even knows what happened!"  "After all, you saw how easy we siphoned off those billions in Iraq and Afghanistan"..."this is even easier, we don't even have to change banks!"

Putin:  "Okay, Boris...but hold off on transferring that  money, just now"..."I'm thinking about a bigger haul"..."what say I invade the rest of the Ukraine?"..."that ought to be good for another $10 billion or so."  

Boris:  "Brilliant Comrade, Brilliant!"..."tee hee".  "But aren't you worried that Obama might get his feathers up about this?"

Putin:  "Hell no!"  "Don't you remember our summit over in Korea last year?"  "When Barack promised me he could be more flexible after his re-election?"  "What the hell did you think he was talking about?"  "He also promised that he would never let Georgia and Poland into Nato...and that I could have both of them if I'd just play it cool until he won another election."

Boris:  "Gazoots my liege!"  "When are we going to invade those two little snot countries?"

Putin:  "Cool your heels, Boris.....Obama still has two more years left on his term..there's plenty of time to take anything we want."  "Actually, I'm waiting on an even bigger prize!"

Boris:  "Vlad, what do you have up your tricky little sleeve now?"

Putin:  "I just told my ass licker in the my news agency to threaten to nuke America and leave it in ashes!"

Boris:  "You're not worried about Obama's response to the threat of nuclear war?"

Putin:  "Nyet"..."Obama is a socialist...and we're Communist"....Know the difference between a Socialist and a Communist, Boris?"  "A socialist likes to sit around in loose clothing and sing Joan Baez and Bob Dylan songs, and hope for the best."  "A Communist has a big set of balls and invades where he damn well pleases!"

Boris:  "Comrade Putin, how did you become so wise?"

Putin:  "I just studied how Comrade Brezhnev screwed the pooch with Jimmy Carter...and found out Obama is an even easier ''lay"

Boris:  "Vlad, what was it that you whispered in Obama's ear at last year's summit?"

Putin:  "I just told him that I thought his Obamacare program was brilliant."

Boris:  'Tee hee!"..."wait until Rocky and Bullwinkle hear about this!"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Obamacare Affordable


Emperor Obama was gracious enough to appear before a Hispanic panel last Wednesday.  Viewers from 7 major Hispanic television and radio networks were all wired in to see what "the anointed one" would say about today's national concerns.


Before they got to a discussion about how Obama has failed to legalize 30 million illegal invaders, the hosts found the economy, and particularly the high costs of Obamacare were what was on the forefront of the audience's minds.  

So one of the Hispanic hosts read Obama a letter from someone in the audience.  The letter writer wrote that he makes only $36,000 dollars a year and has to support a family on that salary, and how was he expected to pay out thousands of dollars in Obamacare premiums and still feed and shelter his family.

Obama pondered the question for a moment, stroked his chin, and offered this.  "Well, you'll just have to find ways to cut your living expenses.  Here are a few of those cuts Obama recommended (in priority order):

Obama's "hit list".  Here, in priority order, are the things "the emperor" recommends you cut so you can afford his health care plan:

1) Give up Cable TV and Internet

2)  Give Up Your cell phone

3)  Cut back on dining out

4) If you bowl, or golf, give them up, stay home more and play board games with the kids.  Golf memberships and course fees can get very expensive and bowling inevitably leads to having a few beers and a tray of cheese nachos which adds to the cost of your night out.

5) If you have a gym membership, give it up and exercise at home.  Walk around your neighborhood, and, for weight training, you might get a couple of copies of the 2500 page Affordable Care Act and use them as dumb bells; you'll be toned in no time.

6) Cut out vacations.  Stay home. Consider playing in the yard sprinklers and set up a tent out in the back yard and count the stars.  Vacations are probably your biggest annual expense.  Staying home will go along way toward being able to afford your healthcare premiums.

7) Eliminate beef in your diet, opt for chicken or spam.  And Michelle can provide you with a whole host of vegetarian meals that are both healthy and affordable.

8) Cut back on your heating and AC use.  In the winter wear an extra layer of clothing and in the summer take cold showers to cool down.

9) Cut out driving- Bike to work (See giving up gym membership)

10) Make liberal use of food banks and soup kitchens

Whew!  What a have all those answers pouring out of our dear leader.  Sadly, Barack had to cut the session short....he was late for his golf date.

If you want Obama's sage advice on cutting back on your budget, you can watch it here:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bubble Wrap


Yesterday I talked about my lust for the road, always dreaming of once again hitting the road to visit old haunts and discover new vistas.  The why of it prompted me to chew on that notion most of the day.  Upon further reflection I believe it is a natural rebellion from the old age domesticity that we can often drown ourselves in  if we allow it.  

But it's much more than that.  You see, all my life I've had to face challenges; fear in combat, loneliness at some remote port of call, hunger and poverty as a child, and, strangest of all, the two months I spent as a homeless man, sleeping in city parks and foraging for beer and soda cans to poke into the recycle machine to get enough money for a hamburger supper.  So when all those challenges are gone you become absurdly bored with the soft ennui of warm bed, padded chairs and clock work meal times.  You begin to feel that your life's purpose has ended and, like a bad actor, who hangs too long on stage, you feel like a third leg, a fifth wheel, no longer a "player" on the stage of life.

The warm home, the full pantry, a life free of debt, a laughably poor bank account, but enough that I'm not dining on Alpo or hanging around freeway interchanges with a sign that proclaims "WILL WORK FOR FOOD".  Folks, it's all this "bubble wrap" that surrounds me, nearly suffocates me at times, that sends me yearning for the open road and a quiet place to rest my head after a long exhausting day.

If I may digress a bit, it is sad that so many of our countryman, young and old, find comfort in a 'bubble wrap" life.  Lazy and slothful and illiterate youth now demand $15 dollars an hour to flip a burger, societal payback for..for what?  For not being able to make them stay in school, to study, to do homework, to aspire to a higher calling?  And how about the gays?  Where once they may have been scorned and even jailed for their homosexuality, it is not enough now that we no longer scorn or, we must champion their lifestyle, even when we do not agree with them!  Blacks began to party just about the time the Great Society Give Away programs started...they set off on an orgasmic ride on the train of "victimhood" and surrendered all responsibilities for living productive, values driven lives.  Atheists are now so offended by a plaque of The Ten Commandments, or even a simple cross, they insist that all displays of faith be removed from their eyesight!

These are all victims of the bubble wrap many of us must be cradled and enveloped by a layer of bubble wrap air lest we crawl to the nearest hole and die.  It's all so sad.  Where our grandparents weathered a decade of crop destroying dust storms, economic depression that threw 40% of them out of work, fought a world war that took the lives of 50 million people, hacked out a civilization and tamed the vast west in the span of a hundred years, we Americans today are so weak that we must be protected by a nanny government all too willing to assume the role.

So, this old man rebels.  He angrily tosses the pad on his rocking chair against the wall and spreads out maps on his dining room table and plots his breakout from a bubble wrap lifestyle.  He awakens as the train passing down Grand Avenue blows its midnight whistle and wanders out to the back yard and whimsically yearns for a seat on a pile of hay on the last boxcar.  And he rants and raves in protest of the "bubble wrap lifestyle" on an obscure blog like some decrepit Don Quixote who knows no better.

Robert Frost, in "The Road Not Taken" celebrates his choosing one road over another, never regretting the road not taken at a fork he encountered long ago.  I too have few regrets for the road I chose, for I learned so many of my life lessons down that long road.  But I still want the road to remain a bit "uphill" and revel in having to climb over rocks and slippery crags once in a while.

May all your roads be those you have chosen without regret, and more power to all of you who have chosen to shuck the bubble wrap and are breathing the fresh air of a life fraught with challenge.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Rocky And Me; Dreams of The Road


I now know that I will never fulfill my dream of running a marathon.  I won't even be taking those ten mile early morning walks anymore.  But, like the kid whose heart soared at the roar of trains, planes and automobiles, who longed to be on that night train that rumbled through town as I lay in my bed at night, I still have wanderlust.  

I once owned a little Winnebago Rialta.  It got 20 miles to the gallon and it was outfitted with everything a large RV has, including, stove, refrigerator, microwave, a comfortable bed and even a bath and shower.  It carried me thousands of miles, to places I'd never seen before.  It provided shelter and sustenance on the blue highways of America, those secondary highways away from the roar of the big interstates, to villages and towns where people were friendly enough to welcome me as a stranger....admiring my little four wheel magic carpet and the lazy stretch of time that allowed such freedom of travel.  The folks I met, the waitress, the mailman, the store clerk, the teen at the fast food window, the old guy on the park bench, would all stare at me, look at my little rig, and then stare down the road as if they were hearing some ancient siren calling out to them.   Their thoughts were so intense, their lust for wandering so evident, you could almost hear the whisper of "some day...some day."

So, even at this late date, I am still inflicted by a lust for the road.  I miss my little economic Rialta and, these days, I find myself scouring Craig's List for a cheap little RV that I might again drive out to the hinterlands, perhaps this time just to say hello to all the fresh faces, new to me, and goodbye to all the people and places I hold dear.   I have no illusions that time is still a luxury.

I always travelled with my two Chi's.  Ginger, my oldest, has never been much of a traveler.  She simply tolerates it, is polite enough to not make trouble for me on the road.  Instead, it was my little dog, Rocky, who, like me, lusted after the road ahead.  All it would take to send him into fits of nirvana would be for me to pull my little rig into the drive way for a vacuum and a wash.  Rocky would hop into the RV as soon as I opened the door and park himself in some cozy corner and wait for the trip to begin.  Even after he suffered from degenerative disk disease, and his back legs would "cha-cha" to and fro, giving him little support, he would use his powerful front legs and chest muscles to "monkey bar" up the twelve or fourteen inches needed to climb into the Rialta.  And he would not leave until I convinced him that this was just a dry run, just a bit of upkeep on our magic carpet.  Sometimes I'd actually have to close the door and leave him to sit in silence in the RV before he would finally believe that we weren't going anywhere.

When we did set out on a trip he loved to sit high in the passenger seat and look out at the blurring landscape as we whisked our way to new adventures.  If we came to a red light stop, he would turn his head and look at the passengers in the other cars, as if to say, "aren't we special!".  People would look back at him, gesture to someone else in the car as if to say, "look at that cool dog".  Rocky took the admiration in stride but I was often tempted to get him a pair of cool sunglasses, so magnificent was his profile when he knew he was being admired.

Rocky left me on the 2nd of October of 2009.  Despite my tears he set off on foot, across the "rainbow bridge" and he has, no doubt, walked every meadow and back road his creator provides in reward for administering seven short years of unconditional love to various and sundry humans who were fortunate enough to know him.

So every day I awake, rebel at the domesticity of senior life and, in protest, begin scouring the ads for a reliable old RV that might carry me over roads not yet travelled, bridges not yet crossed, and meadows not yet walked.  If I ever find one I fear I'll climb in, find a cozy corner, and they'll play hell trying to get me out again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary Kitty


Fifty years ago tonight Catherine Susan "Kitty" Genovese left the club where she worked, got into her little compact car and drove to her home in Queens, New York.  It was about 2:30 in the morning.  As she exited from her car and stepped up to her well lighted apartment door, a Black thug named Winston Mosley grabbed her and stabbed her with a knife.  Kitty screamed at the top of her lungs to all that would hear that she was being killed.  

Police would later discover that 38 people in Kitty's apartment building heard her cries for help.  A number of them went to the window and looked out on the attack...and did nothing.  One fellow actually opened the window and yelled out to knock off the noise.  This prompted Winston Moseley to cease his attack and flee down the side walk.  But when he saw that no one would come to Kitty's rescue he came back and renewed his attack, stabbing her time and time again.  He then brazenly raped her right there on the sidewalk, finally leaving Kitty to die there, on an urban island of apathy, where no one wanted to get involved.

So 29 year old Kitty Genovese would die a horrible, ugly and violent death..and she would know in her final minutes the human capacity for apathy, something that many of us know all too well today as we witness the urban hell holes of Baltimore, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and the South Side of Chicago.

Kitty Genovese, had she lived, would have been 79 years old today.  Given the rising average life span for a female, Kitty would have been able to build a lifetime of memories, of joy and sadness and could have reveled in the simple act of living, had she been given that chance.   She might have cooked huge pots of pasta and meatballs for a huge Italian family party.  She might have hugged a dozen grandchildren.  She might have served in the Peace Corp and taught human hygiene to native Africans.   She might have opened a pizza parlor and been called Mama Kitty by her patrons.  Thirty-eight people denied her that chance.

But the Black thug, Winston Mosley is still with us.  He resides in prison where taxpayers have paid an average of $50,000 dollars a year to feed, house and medicate him over his long life.

Caught just two weeks after killing Kitty, while in the commission of another crime, Mosley was brought to trial and sentenced to death.  But, as with so many in the judicial world, a lenient judge, a member of Earl Warren's liberal army of judges, ruled a year later that Mosley should have been able to more strongly plead insanity in his own defense.  After all, one would have to be crazy to have committed such a heinous and violent crime, no?


While Kitty's story ends here, Winston Mosley's does not.   On March 18, 1968, nearly four years to the day that he had murdered Kitty, Mosley escaped from prison and fled to a vacant home.  When the couple who owned the home entered their home Mosley held them at gunpoint, tied the husband to the chair and brutally raped the wife.  

Mosley would again be caught and sent to Attica Prison where he would participate in the infamous Attica prison riots at that facility.  

Eerily, Mosley would go on and pursue a college education in prison; he would eventually earn a BA degree in Sociology from Niagara University, all on the taxpayer's dime.

In 2013, during Mosley's annual parole hearing he professed to be a "victim".  He told the parole board that, when they make a mistake in the outside world, the consequences only last a minute, or an hour...but when he made a mistake he's forced into paying for it for his entire life.

I'll let you, dear reader, decide who paid the most.  Winston Mosley is still being fed and cared for in prison...and little Kitty Genovese will forever be a young and wistful 29 year old with her whole life ahead of her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Funeral Dirge


When it comes to holding out hope for my country I'm like the kid that's always wishing for that pony for Christmas, no matter how far fetched the dream, there remains hope in my heart.  But, sometimes I despair when I watch and read of national events that seem to point to the death of the America I grew up in .  If you've ever attended a loved one's funeral, it's that moment of stark realization as they begin to lower the coffin....that moment when you realize you will never see that loved one ever again.  Well, when I despair, that's what I see as my country descends into chaotic immorality and lawlessness.

The things that got me down this week were not momentous; they were just unsettling, irritating, kinda like a grain of sand that gets under your eyelid and gives you minor fits.  Such as:

Yesterday a little news bit caught my eye because it originated near where I grew up in the central valley of California.  The news item, accompanied by a photo, showed a Fresno County Sheriff's helicopter that landed safely on either a public park or public school ground.  Apparently witnessing the clop..clop..clop of the descending chopper, local school teachers chose to make this a teaching moment and herded a couple of hundred elementary school kids to where the chopper sat.  As I gazed at the photo my heart sank as I looked at fully a couple of hundred brown faces and not a white face among them.  I had a similar experience back in December when I looked on a photo in my home town paper of a teacher in the class room...capturing a special moment in the life of that class.  Again, every single student was Hispanic.

So, okay, brand me a racist...though I'm not.  It's just that the totality of all those brown faces, and not a single White, so clearly tells the story of the nearly complete Mexican invasion of the place I grew up in...a place where, like communities in the East, Hispanics existed in numbers more representative of the native populace..and not comprised of foreign invaders.  

And I find no comfort in looking at those sweet innocent Mexican faces because I know, standing behind them back home, is a whole slew of impoverished Mexicans who suppress our wages, saturate our Emergency rooms, game our welfare system with anchor babies, drain our food banks, breed latino gangsters that leave graffiti on every available surface, dump their mattresses and oil cans on the side of the road...and live like the third world heathens that they are.

So the coffin with my beloved America is rapidly descending to the grave.

And then this week I read the numbers of a poll that shows 67% of America has a high regard for Hillary Clinton...and that some Republicans and many Independents might join with Democrats to elect her as our next President.  God, how that sickens me for it is not just that I disagree with Hillary's politics, but that so many are blind to the fact that her character is that of ambitious slime. She is tainted by her tolerance for Bill's peccadilloes, she is tainted by White Water and Travel Gate, and most horribly, by Benghazi.  

And if 67% of America is ignorant and immoral enough to consider her fit for the Presidency what does that say about America in 2014?  And the coffin descends a bit deeper.

And then i read that Obama is getting away with releasing 2, 228 illegal high risk felons, or that he's further destroying America's image abroad, or that he's allocating further tens of billions of dollars toward rewarding the sloth and crime-ridden urban slums, essentially rewarding failure and punishing productivity...or that Obama is pressing on with ordering federal attorney generals in each state to begin the process of affecting the early release of millions of Black drug felons....and the coffin descends a bit deeper.

I read of these things and I greatly despair for my country.  And days like today that pony under the Christmas tree seems impossible indeed.  Instead I hear the funeral dirge from a dozen bag pipes as my country sinks into deathly oblivion.

Sad.  Beyond Sad.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Big Union Deplores Obamacare!


One of the nation's biggest unions is up in arms over Obama and his infamous and fatally flawed "Affordable Care Act".,,, hereafter called Obamacare.  Unite Here, made up of over 265,000 restaurant, warehouse, food service and casino workers, are crying foul as employers have begun reducing their work hours to 30 per week, or withholding over $5 dollars per hour from their pay to cover their health care premiums under Obamacare!  More will lose their jobs entirely with the remaining workers expected to do more to cover the loss of manpower at their assigned work places.

Much of the pain is being felt in Las Vegas with those tens of thousands who toil in some manner of the casino trade.  Nevada's Culinary Union Local 226 is threatening to strike, with the key grievance being Obamacare.  Members said they'll hold out for stopping Obamacare and go back to when they got free health care and had forty hours per week, instead of their current 30 hour work week.

Sadly, there is little the workers can do.  Obamacare is the law of the land the employers are simply complying with the Obamacare laws in all their complex mutations.  When Obamacare ended all tax subsidies for employer paid health care that ended the free ride on the gravy train.

Unite Here has already voted to strike in a valiant effort to reject the costly Obamacare premiums they are being forced to pay and want their lost pay and work hours restored as well.

According to Alex Torres in the National Review, workers at all levels are furious with their new working conditions.  And rightly so.  In the 2012 Presidential election Obama carried Nevada by 7 percent, and in Clark County, home county for Las Vegas, Obama carried that county by a whopping 17% over Mitt Romney.  

It seems that the Obama kool aid has worn off and the unions feel betrayed.  It seems things are not quite as rosy as Obama portrayed them on the stump before the 2012 elections.  Hispanics have "doubled down" on their anger since Obama promised them free health care and citizenship for their illegal brethren, neither of which has come true.  Ironically, Mitt Romney told them what would happen during his many campaign stops in that state but voters were too drunk on the Obama kool aid to listen...they branded him a liar.

Newsmax yesterday reported that Nevada Senator Harry Reid is trying desperately to appease his home state workers.  He's joining with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Senate Democratic leadership to attack Republicans on the issue of "income inequality".  And what did Unite Here union members say about that?  Here's their own words on the matter:  "The Affordable Care Act will heighten income inequality as our union workers are forced to work harder, with fewer hours, less pay, and for health care premiums that we cannot afford".

Pardon me, dear reader. I simply can't go on.  My crocodile tears are blurring the keyboard and I find myself unable to write another line.

Oh, maybe two more lines..."if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it"...and "ladies, how do you like paying for abortions and birth control pills for yourself, and the 30 million who pay nothing at all?"...remember that war on women? just found out who your real enemy was on the war on women and it's biting you in the ass big time!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Government's Extreme Greed Cost You Your Job


Remember when Barack Obama got his big tax increase on the rich last January?  Well guess what; he wants more.  This week Robin Hood Obama wants another $100 billion dollars by closing "corporate tax loopholes".  And what does Obama want to do with that extra $100 billion?  Yep, he wants to reward his voting block, those 30 million tit-suckers who already enjoy their welfare check, their food stamps, their free Section 8 $2500 dollars a month housing allowance, their generous earned income tax credit, their $2400 dollars per brat child tax credit, their free all day kindergarten, their free child care...and last but not least, their free cell phone.  

And handing out that money won't do a damned thing for the economy...but it'll buy Democrats some more votes.  

And it will cost more jobs.  You see, it's not enough that ten million folks have given up looking for work and left the work force.  It's not enough that Obama's executive order on minimum wage hike will cost a million or so jobs, it's not enough that the CBO warns that Obamacare will cost another two million,  Obama wants to send even more American corporations packing...and with it, your job.

Here's a few facts for you to chew on.  The United States has the highest corporate tax of all industrialized nations at 35%.  After companies have forked that over to Uncle Sam, they then shell out a huge chunk to the state.  New York, New Jersey, California, Vermont and Rhode Island will grab as much of 7%, with the other states taking in slightly less.  Let's not get into the city and county taxes because it's all so confusing but I think you get the picture.  Suffice it to say that, before a dime is paid out to corporate shareholders, fully half will be paid out in corporate taxes.  (And it's almost laughably sad that, after all those corporate taxes are paid, Uncle Sugar taxes you on any dividends that corporation sends to you as a shareholder of their stock) they get even more of the loot.

Now Obama has been very good at demonizing "the fat cats" much so that wide swaths of "know-nothings" are all too willing to trot out the "fab 14", the G.E.'s and Verizons of the corporate world who paid no taxes for a couple of years.  In order for me to explain that I'd have to explain corporate report, investment tax credits, equipment tax credits, capital loss carryovers, etc..and I know you don't want me to get into all that.  

What I am saying is that American companies find any number of reasons to leave the U.S.; high union labor rates, restrictive EPA regulations, OSHA regs that one needs an interpreter to fathom and a general environment not friendly to business, something Obama is champ at creating.  And now he wants to tax them right out of the country.

So, corporations are leaving in droves...and with it, your jobs.  And Obama's latest cash grab will only hurt the economy and cost those still willing to work, their job.  The only winners under Obama are those that suck at the public tit and vote Democrat.

So, folks, get ready to wave goodbye to more American companies.  Get ready to wave goodbye to more American jobs.  As I wrote about yesterday, we lost 21.6 million of them since NAFTA was signed.  Add the job losses Obama has created with minimum wage hikes and Obamacare...say goodbye forever to the ten million jobs lost in the last five years and cry just a little that you elected a man-child who knows nothing about the economy and everything about Karl Marx.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Post Script:  Since this was written we've learned that Obama is not asking for $100 billion, he's asking for one trillion more!...he spreads it out over ten years.  Also saw an CBO report that said Obama will have run the national debt to $25 trillion by the time he leaves office.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, NAFTA!


From 1981 to 1989 Ronald Reagan was able to implement programs that created 23 million jobs.  Such companies as Walmart, Cisco Systems, Apple and Intel began to blossom in an environment that encouraged the formation of business capital and the expansion of national commerce. And during that period the economy grew at a faster rate than at any time in our history.  Reagan brought down the inflation rate from 20 percent under Jimmy Carter to less than six percent when he left office.

And four years later Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement and sent 21.6 million jobs to other countries, almost the same amount that Reagan created during his two terms of office.  Of course businesses will trot out any number of business sponsored studies that claim NAFTA created jobs...but the big lie is that most of the new jobs created in the last twenty years were created by Silicon Valley and would have been a huge net plus had we been able to keep those 21.6 million manufacturing jobs at home.

You see NAFTA insured that America would never be able to again reign supreme in global business.  Union salaries, restrictive EPA policies which says it's okay for India and China and Vietnam to use prison labor and process foods under unsafe conditions, American corporations must wade through some 11,000 federal regulations in order to do business.  Mexico can make Coca Cola and breakfast cereal and flour and just filter out the dead rats and insects, and that's okay.  And China can sell us tainted baby formula and tainted dog food that kills babies and dogs and get a slap on the wrist....but not our good old American companies.  

Am I advocating that our companies be able to sift out bugs and rats from our food processing?  Of course not.  I just believe foreign companies should have to meet the same labor and health standards that we impose on ourselves.  Our lax trade laws as outlined in NAFTA has put us at a competitive disadvantage that has at least partly been responsible for the loss of tens of millions of American jobs.

And let's please be fair here; the blame belongs equally to both Republicans and Democrats.  Democrats voted for it because they're stupid and Republicans voted for it because they are free traders, neither of which are good enough reasons to justify the loss of American jobs.

A couple of days ago I was reading a breakdown of the various economies in the Americas.  While Canada's economic base was nearly even split between manufacturing and the service sector, the U.S economy is comprised of over 80% in the service sector and a pitiful 20 percent in the manufacturing sector.  And even Adam Smith 300 year ago postulated that a nation without an industrialized base cannot prevail for long.

I have travelled extensively in my lifetime and one of the things that most countries have most in common with each other is the protections they implement to protect their own workers.  Whether it be Japan or China or India or South Korea, or the UK, or Germany, it is damned hard to get a job that a native worker wants to have.  The U.S.  seems to be the lone exception.  In fact, the callous treatment of the American worker is almost criminal.  We import a million foreign workers a year just for high tech.  We have another two million illegal Mexicans who come in each year, establish fake ID and take our construction jobs, manufacturing jobs and most of our service jobs....and they suppress the wages so low that most Americans can't afford to take them-they won't support a family!

So Happy Birthday NAFTA!  Our "real unemployment rate" is over 30 percent as some ten million Americans have given up trying to find a job that will support a family, and we'll import another million or so to take even more this year, and when the Democrats legalize those 30 million illegal Mexicans sometime in the near future we can a all go home and crawl up and die.

Pardon us if we don't celebrate your birthday, NAFTA.  Start the party without us.

Note:  Tomorrow I'll address the other major issue that is costing America her jobs.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lawless Obama


We all know that Barack Hussein Obama is a lawless rogue.  He's abused and ignored the Constitution for his entire time in office.  He's employed his mighty Czars to ignore both the judicial and the legislature to execute his socialist plans.

Then, this month, he ordered his Attorney General, white-hating Eric Holder, to find a way to release the majority of Black prisoners because their 50% representation in our federal prisons is an embarrassment to their race.  

And Obama has granted amnesty to over two million of his "dreamers", many who show up in crime logs throughout the nation.  And as recently as January, during his State of The Union Speech, he promised to go rogue even more if Congress won't give him what he likes.

Now, we've learned that over 2,200 illegal dangerous offenders were released by ICE, almost as quickly as they were arrested by our nation's law enforcement officials and turned over to ICE.  We also learned that a great many of those illegals arrested were Level I offenders; the murderers and drug dealers and rapists of the world.

The Senate and the nation's governors are demanding the names of those criminals set free so that they can track them in an effort to keep our citizens safe.  Obama has ordered a freeze on the release of names, presumably because these lightning fast illegal releases prove beyond all doubt that this President cannot be trusted to enforce our illegal immigration laws.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain have been especially aggressive in seeking out these names.  Over 300 were released back into the Arizona populace to wreak havoc on our citizens.  The stone walling continues.

Anyone who has any concern about the safety of their families should be concerned about Obama's maniacal determination to win the Hispanic and Black vote, no matter how many people are robbed, raped and murdered.  And anyone who has considered supporting the Democratic controlled Senate's immigration amnesty bill ought to think twice about that decision.  Obama has proved beyond all doubt that politics is far more important than the rule of law.

God help us all.

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Real" Racial Profiling


Unlike California, where the Mexicans have pretty much taken over, we don't have that many Hispanic state senators or representatives.   And we've got two Mexican Congressman; I won't say Hispanic-American because they've shown time and time again that their priorities are with illegal Mexicans and open borders Hispanics.   One of them is Raul Grijalva down in Tucson...he's the fellow who called for an economic boycott of his own state because we passed SB1070 and were arresting too many illegal Mexicans.  He shows up a couple of weeks a year in Washington and spends the rest of his time hanging around Mexican restaurants and eating the enchilada combo.

Our other Mexican congressman is Ed Pastor.  He represents the biggest Mexican barrio in Phoenix..a place called Maryvale where home invasions, murder, rape, lawn parking and Mariachi music is the thing.  Ed Pastor has been able to get illegals into Section 8 housing, voted to give illegal Mexicans child tax credits, gives clinics on how to game the Social Security and Welfare offices in the name of their anchor babies.

Well, this week we got clear confirmation that those illegal Mexicans, when finally given citizenship, will be strong and true two-faced liberals like the rest of the Democratic party.  Back when Sheriff Joe was busting business that hired illegals, and jailing illegal Mexicans for drunk driving, or hit and run, the Mexicans were in an all-fired uproar over "racial profiling".  

Well, here's a little "real" racial profiling.  Old Congressman Pastor is gonna retire and either open up a shop making phony ID's, or start up the 2,028th Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.  And all of a sudden the Mexicans crawled out of the holes in the walls like cockroaches and began lusting after Pastor's congressional seat.  As said already, his district is 90 percent Mexican (with many of them pulling the voting lever with fake ID) and as safe a seat for a liberal open borders Mexican as you're ever going to see (except in California).  

Well, hold on here Pancho!  The most liberal Democrat that Arizona has ever seen holds a Congressional seat over in mid-town Phoenix.  Her name is Krysten Sinema and she used to be a Democratic state senator in our statehouse, and she singlehandedly was able to double the time any bill was debated just to be ornery.  Well, Ms Sinema's district is not so safe as she must play always to the center with her votes in Congress in order to keep her seat in a district that has a number of large businesses.

                                                       Krysten Sinema
                                                       "Folks......I'm talkin White"

So when Ed Pastor announced he was leaving, lily white Krysten Sinema let it be known that she would move over and run for Pastor's district where she could own the seat for life.  But hold on!  Let the racial profiling begin!

Also coveting Pastor's seat is his daughter, a Mexican liberal carry a honky name of Mary Rose Wilcox, and a big illegal lover named Steve Gallardo.  So the Mexicans all got together and recruited La Raza (the race), Chicanos por La Causa (the cause being amnesty) and a whole slew of Mexican groups and wrote an open letter to Lily white Ms Sinema and more or less told her if she didn't back away and let a Mexican have the seat, the'd boycott her.

Well, what else could Congresswoman Sinema say?  She backed out today and left the seat to be filled by a Mexican.  One of them, Mr. Steve Gallardo, coveted the seat so badly that, yesterday, in an effort to ride the "Gay train" announced that he's "coming out" after forty plus years and loves rainbows and gay bars as much as the next fella!  

                                                      Mary Rose Wilcox  
                              She took that "gringo" name before it was cool to be Hispanic

Another one, the previously mentioned "faux honky" is Mary Rose Wilcox who was busted a decade ago for procuring contracts for her private business while she sat on the city council....but what the hell..all is forgiven if you're carrying the blood of that "rich cultural heritage", right?

So fret not illegal Mexicans in're Section 8 housing is safe, your welfare check is crank up the Mariachi music and party hearty!

Need I say it?  Sad. Damned Sad.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Democratic Senator Attacks Vets "Sense of Entitlement"


Democratic Senator Mark Prior, Clinton buddy, from Arkansas, said this week that military vets such as his opponent in this years Senate race, seem to have a sense of entitlement.  This week he viciously attacked former vet, and opponent Representative Tom Cotton.  Very strange.

Career Politician Pryor has been nursing on the public tit for over 20 years.  His annual salary is $174,000 dollars a year with rich benefits.  For example, while a military vet can retire after 20 years (if he lives that long), Senator Pryor earns retirement after only five years of service.  The average military vet gets about $25,000 a year in retirement and if he dies, unless he surrenders half his retirement pay, his spouse gets nothing.

Senator Pryor gets free lobbyist paid travel to Asia and Europe and the Bahamas to play golf.  He gets government paid travel as well, along with very generous per diem.  Senator Pryor never buys a stamp because he gets free franking privileges.  Senator Pryor gets his haircuts in the Senate barbershop, has free use of a luxurious Senate fitness center, dines out on the lobbyist dime and last year spent over $300,000 dollars so his staff could enjoy Starbucks coffee and breakfast pastries.  Yes, I said $300,000 a year for donuts and coffee, more than a vet can earn in decades of retirement.

When Senator Pryor was sucking on the public tit as a U.S. Senator, veteran Tom Cotton was serving two tours in Afghanistan and earning a Bronze Star for Valor.  Senator Pryor never served in the military; that was too far below his sense of dignity...instead he was lawyering and sharing drinks with Bill and Hillary down in Little Rock.

Now Senator Pryor is in big political trouble back home...the folks in Arkansas don't like Obama's Obamacare and they don't like his socialist ways, so Pryor has been backtracking away from Barack and moved quickly to the political center in a desperate move to protect his seat of power in the Senate.  And now he's in a real panic...he's hearing the footsteps of an American military hero so he lashed out in frustration.

Senator Pryor voted for that huge trillion dollar Obama Pork Barrel stimulus program.  He voted against a law that would have made it unlawful to burn the American flag.  He voted to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" act and championed the right of military gays to march in gay pride parades.

And now Senator Pryor has attacked and vilified a million veterans living in Arkansas...veterans that will never enjoy the "entitlements" this career politicians has enjoyed for 20 years.

The polls say Senator Pryor is in big trouble back home.  Let's see if Arkansans feel he's "entitled" to six more years of Senate luxuries.