Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan Pick Assures Obama Victory in November

I like Paul Ryan...alot.  He is, by far, the smartest guy in Congress.  There is no one I'd rather see on the Sunday morning talks shows defending the conservative argument for fiscal sanity in government spending.

Having said all that, Paul Ryan is not a great orator; the problem with that is that Romney isn't either.  So, when the liberal attack dogs began assailing Republican policies there's no one with enough fire in the belly to fight back with both indignation and eloquence.

I have no idea why Romney decided to announce his VP pick on a Saturday morning while half of America was asleep but then that seems to me to be just another poor Romney decision.  What I do know is that neither Romney nor Ryan have the "street fighter" skills of a Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and certainly not the thug President from Chicago that learned his lie, smear and destroy tactics from the best and most corrupt political machine the world has ever seen.

Que up the "grandma in the wheelchair being pushed off the cliff ad".  With Medicare and Medicaid the biggest drain on the federal budget Ryan's budget reduction plan includes a voucher program which would eliminate much of the fraud, waste and abuse, but provides the liberals fodder for accusing Republicans as being heartless.  Lost in that argument will be Obama's theft of $500 billion dollars of Medicare money, to be used to fund more health care freebies for Obama's welfare army.  And most Americans can't understand that when Obama lowered Social Security taxes for American workers he further depleted funding dedicated to the support of the elderly.

No, I fear the liberals will wipe the floor with the Romney/Ryan duo because there's no Chris Christie or Marco Rubio to push back and give as much as they get.

Readers, you will never know how much I hope I'm wrong....but I've seen this before.  Bob Dole ran for President in 1996.  Bob Dole was greatly admired in Congress.  He was a great "mechanic", pushing bills through the Senate and respected on both sides of the aisle.  That was Dole's problem; he was a great mechanic..and a lousy speaker and he got creamed when voters went to the polls.

Please let me be wrong but I fear today's poorly timed and poorly chosen Romney pick seals the deal for four more years of Obama misery.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Even Mitt's secret underwear won't be able to vanquish the Randian goose-step of Paul Ryan.

Ghost of Alan Greenspan Past said...

øbama is being abandoned, left and right. Or rather 'left and further left'. Where are his 2008 supporters?? crawling under rocks, one by one.

His re-election campaign is one disaster after another; just like his presidency.

People who want change, go vote (see Kennedy '60, Nixon '68, Carter '76, Reagan '80, Clinton '92, øbama '08). People who don't, don't; especially if you're a welfare recipient.

Finally, a Randian will be one-heartbeat away from the Leader of the Universe. John Galt just curled a smile somewhere in Colorado...

Let's just hope the Clinton's don't pull a Dem. Convention surprise, and reveal Franklin Marshall Davis as øbama's DNA-proven father...

...cuz it is HILLARY you should be really worried about!!