Thursday, August 2, 2012

America! Stand Up For Nipples!

Well Yahoo News has just reported the latest scandal from the Olympics!  It seems that last night, during the women's water polo match, carried live on NBC, the underwater camera caught a competitor having  the top of her swim suit coming down and revealing a nipple!  Yahoo is reporting that U-tube is afire with desperate searches for the event coverage so that the offending nipple might be "viralized" on the net.

Good grief!  Am I the only one that thinks about how silly America is about "nipple coverage?"  In America every day we see a woman wearing a top where 80 percent of her breast is bared.  But, as long as that nipple doesn't show it's "a-okay".  Even the legal powers that be says an exotic dancer is in conformance with nudity laws if she pastes two stars over her nipples.  And, a lady may consider herself appropriately dressed as long as a thin, wispy layer of silk is covering those rubbery protuberances.  

Most nipples of both men and women are nearly identical; yet we see men's nipples every day of the week...and that's okay.  

Doesn't anyone else see how insane all this is?  I doubt that the nipple scandal got much coverage in Europe; they seemed to be a bit more mature about all of this than we are.

Okay, enough of this.  I just wanted to keep my loyal readers "abreast" of what is going viral on the internet today.



Anonymous said...

this site sucks.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, anon. I hope to one day have a talent for brilliant repartee such as yours.

Laz said...

Pic is good even if the site isn't. lol. Just kidding, keep it up. Ya gotta start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well, what does one expect in a country that was settled by Puritans? Remember the whole Janet Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction'? Weren't congressional hearings held about that?

In Europe this, like just about anything else sexual would be a non-issue. But not here in the U.S., oh no.

Anonymous said...

"rubbery protuberances"? I liked that. Nipples remind me of the ear plugs we had in the Air Force, you know the pink ones that you had to squeeze and then roll to get them in your ear.?

I hadn't thought of those earplugs in years, but rubbery nipples, now that's something I think about every day.

A Modest Scribler said...

yeah, anon, I remember those ear plugs, looked like half a wad of bubble gum. Hadn't thought about those in years either. Yeah, I don't think a day goes by when a guy hasn't thought about breasts. They're wonderful things! :)

Anonymous said...

I like nipples.