Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MSNBC's Banner Day!

MSNBC had a banner day yesterday.  A Republican went skinny dipping in Israel.  Disgrace!  Never mind that their Hollywood darling, George Clooney hosts skinny dipping parties at his palatial estate on Lake Como in Italy on a regular basis; they think that's dear....but dear god, deliver us from seeing a naked Republican!

The other Republican disaster was far more serious and far more harmful to Republicans.  The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri gave an interview to a local Missouri television statement and spewed some idiotic nonsense that abortion for rape was unacceptable and that, somehow a woman's body would shut down, thus denying birth from a rapist.  It was sanctimonious and arrogant and supremely ignorant.  This is bad news for Republicans because it falsely paints all conservatives as neanderthals on women's issues and that's not true.  Most conservatives just don't believe that women should use abortion, nor should we have to pay for it,  as a repeatable form of birth control, except for rape, incest or the health of the mother.  Many conservatives have no strong opinion on this matter at all but Dems will demagogue this issue, thanks to one idiot.

Anyway, MSNBC finally had something "real" to talk about yesterday.  Instead of having to twist truths, or posture, they had something to really chew on.  On Morning Joe, old token "Uncle Tom" Republican Joe Scarborough said "Boy, Romney better condemn this in the first 30 minutes of this day, or he's in trouble!"

And Romney did condemn the abortion comments right off the mark this morning.  He said it was stupid and wrong.  Alas, that didn't stop MSNBC from dedicating their entire broadcast day to a stupid remark from a mid-west neanderthal and a skinny dipping incident from a year ago.

When Anthony Wiener posted his penis to a Facebook friend MSNBC spent about 2 minutes and sixteen seconds covering that story.  When a loony left wing liberal shot the guard at that Washington D.C conservative think tank last week they didn't cover the story at all.

Poor Bill Clinton; had he been President these days he could have slipped the Monica Lewinski Oval Office sex scandal right under the nose of liberal worshiping MSNBC.

It's said that "every dog has its day"; yesterday belonged to MSNBC.  How appropriate.

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