Sunday, June 1, 2014

Obama; Multiple Tentacled Monster

Note to Readers:  This is a re-print from last November when I tried to sound the alarm.  Read today's headlines and don't say I didn't warn you...I was hoping more folks would write Congress and the Whitehouse and stop this...too late now.

Alas, dear reader, this is another one of those blogs I had to wait on for a couple of days, to give myself a chance to cool down so that I could write rationally about it.

First of all, be forewarned!  Come next July you're going to do more than watch fireworks; you're going to be creating a few of your own.  It will come with your June utility bills.   Here's why.

Do you all recall a time three years ago when Obama tried to pass the Cap and Trade bill?  That was the bill that pretty much banned the use of coal based energy, imposed an energy surtax on every phase of manufacturing and would have tripled your home energy bills.  Both Democrats and Republicans refused to support such a bill, citing the massive inflation that would be infused into every product and service, and further citing the fact that 70 percent of our energy comes from coal, and, to date, America has no substitute for coal based energy.  

Well, I try to stay up to date on what Obama's big government is doing, but I was a bit shocked to learn that , once again, Obama has circumvented Congress and ordered his Environmental Protection Czar to begin imposing fines, fees and surtaxes on all coal based energy beginning 1 June 2014.  (My source is Saturday's Business Section of The Arizona Republic...and not getting media attention because of the Obamacare fiasco) This was again ordered by Emperor Obama without even bothering to consult our Congressional representatives!  

This latest edict was issued despite the coal industry's massive multi-billion dollar revamp of systems to reduce coal emissions.  Our nation's utilities have been trying to work with the Obama administration, to no avail.  For example, after having expended billions to upgrade coal emission handling, the utility companies have told the EPA that they can't have it both ways; if the EPA intends to impose massive fines beginning next June, they should at least grant tax credits for the billions already spent on upgrades.  The utilities say they cannot possibly absorb the massive costs of their recent upgrades and then manage to absorb the massive fines and fees the EPA intends to implement beginning in June.  Some utilities will be forced into bankruptcy and even those that survive will only survive by tripling the consumer's energy bills!

Obama has ordered the EPA to remain steadfast as he believes by punishing coal based energy he'll achieve his dream of enriching his campaign-donating solar pals.  And be assured Obama has already picked his next group of "winners".

Folks, we have often complained about big government intruding into our lives...but Obama is like a multi-tentacled monster who, while completely skirting Congress, while completely ignoring the wishes of the American people, just continuously insinuates a slimy tentacle into our every day lives!  And despite the unconstitutional aspect of Emperor Obama's  "Czarist Dictatorship", how can he walk up to those teleprompters and proclaim that he wants to help the Middle Class?  The Middle Class is already being crucified with massive increases in health care costs...and now he's going to triple your energy bills next summer!  And no doubt, Obama will impose still higher taxes to pay the increased energy bills for his army of 30 million tit-suckers and welfare queens!  And sadly, what scares economists the most is that these EPA imposed fines and taxes could add as much as ten percent inflation and destroy an already sick economy as literally every product and service will carry a higher price tag to pay for those increased energy costs.

Folks, whether it is the recent purging of our military leadership to accomodate a more "politically correct military", the Obamacare disaster, the auto industry bailout that costs us billions, banking, student loans or energy production, Obama has got his tentacles into everything, and in every phase of our life, and doing a bad job of managing any of it!  And if even a few of these edicts are fully implemented the destruction of our economy and our way of life is assured.

Folks, it is so frustrating!  You busy yourself fighting off one of those creeping tentacles and forget about all those other tentacles working toward your destruction.  What to do?  You have to cut the head off this monster as soon as possible! ....and pray it's not too late!

Note:  If you are as surprised by this as I was, there are dozens of articles on this on the net.  Just google "EPA Imposed Carbon based energy tax to go into effect in June"


Jerry Carlin said...

Here I am as the designated "Liberal", agreeing with you again!
I love coal!!! China likes coal too and I want the same air quality as China! Coal is cheap and plentiful and I love the smell! While we are at it I also want the water of Mexico! God gave us the rivers as natural sewers and they should be used this way! The Oceans are huge and can take our garbage for thousands of years! It is our God Given right to devour this Planet!

Craig said...

Time for impeachment then a televised hanging. obummer is truly a traitor of the highest order.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry….me thinks you too, too clever…today's blog is not opposed to environmentalism…it is about the means with which this monster has tried to achieve it! Instead of giving out taxpayer money to solar companies (AND CHOOSING BADLY) why not put in place tax credits for those who really know how to achieve solar expansion! As to coal, both parties are wrong for not pushing cleaner coal processing sooner….but you don't punish a nation into bankruptcy trying to get it done in one fowl sweep! When 70 percent of your energy needs come from coal, carbon based technology…you don't decide you can do away with it without great pain.

Jerry Carlin said...

Well, gee whiz, I'm from Oreygun!
Our energy is from water! I thought fracking and natural gas was the answer to our problems?? Did you know, by the way, under the Obama Administration, our imports of foreign oil is at an all time low?
Did you know that the EPA was a Republican Idea, started under President Nixon? See, I like some Republicans! IF you want to gain favor with THIS liberal, don't be so negative. All I'm asking (give peace a chance! ha!) seriously, if you don't like Obamacare: make it better, fix it. If you don't like what Obama is doing (like peace with Iran, God forbid!) then find a reasonable alternative candidate, not some God ingested whacko nor someone only representing the wealthy. Heck, I'd even vote for Reagan! It is really simple, just find a better way! We will follow!

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, you are suffering from selective amnesia; perhaps you don't recall the hubristic arrogant Reid and Pelosi telling Repubs to get fucked as they enter those closed doors and wrote that 2300 page behemoth.
Secondly, I'm not sure you would accept my solutions. (I've written about this before). I'm a free marketer that believes, though faulty, they will always do a better job than big government. I smile every time liberals trot out the VA Medical and Medicare and Medicaid as government triumphs…the VA has probably killed more vets than all wars put together; through neglect and bad practice. Medicare and Medicaid is so fraught with fraud waste and abuse both are in a constant state of "red" and are gamed to death by professional "takers".
I will take you point somewhat; if Republicans had been more proactive on dealing with pre-existing conditions, if they had pushed harder for marketing policies across state lines, and if Dems didn't protect their lawyer lobby we could have seriously death with frivolous lawsuits.
As to Republicans coming up with a better plan, they have! Their failure is not with not suggesting alternates…it is their abject failure to promote it…to get out a lasting message. Of course, they are handicapped because we now are comprised of 50% "takers" who could give a shit less about fraud, or the long as they can get something cheap or free…and it's hard to overcome that!
As for the tricky dick and the EPA, I was never a fan of tricky dick but am a fan of the EPA, within reason! I lived in the era of Pittsburgh rivers catching fire and massive industrial pollution while local, state and federal government looked the other way…but like so many government bureaucracies, if you allow them too, they'll end up being your master and not your servant.
And finally, on my negativity…Jerry, I am 65 years old, I'm nearing the end, I could sail off into the sunset and say "let these idiots sit in their own soiled diaper…but I detest what the liberal monsters are doing to our personal liberties, all in the name of "a better world". Better worlds never derived from government mandates and there is always massive collateral damage when big government gets involved.
Finally, if it were in my power I would impeach Obama/Pelosi and Reid because I believe with all my heart that they are enemies of the people. They are arrogant egotist, tyrannical beasts that worship the idea of a huge controlling government entity.

Jerry Carlin said...

What a cool conversation! Thanks for the introduction! I'll tell you a little of me. I am older than you!
I will be 67 in 2 weeks! Self employed all my life!!! Never worked for "the man" or anyone else. Never got a dime off the Government until now (Social Security). Paid both sides of the SS all my life, 15% not the 7 % most people pay. Never got free medical, housing assistance, food stamps, heating or nothing!
Total absence of government is Somalia. Total control by government is Hitler or Stalin. 2 extremes. I want neither. I also don't want corporate American.
Basically, I want our greatest "American Right" I want to be left alone. I am interested in the issue of Health Care simply because I went through (successfully!!) the cancer thing and it cost only $130,000 to cure me! Lucky me, I had great health insurance! cost me a total of $1,000 and insurance paid the rest. I saw people, men mostly, hard workers all their life, good jobs with benefits, get cancer, go into treatment, get too sick to work...lost their jobs...lose their insurance and get kicked out of treatment. Simple as that.
I am not out defending the scum on the street, people who self abuse, but something is not fair and I believe in fair play.
In addition, there is the simple math. We had a broken system before. USA pays (that's us!) 18% of our GDP in healthcare, the highest of any country. We get the least for it. American pharmaceuticals are cheaper outside this country than here at home. We don't live longer, have a higher rate of infant mortality, etc.
I do not like Obamacare. There I said it. I have advised my 2 daughters to pay the fine this year. I think what policies are offered are horrible and way too expensive. I like the idea of Obamacare, as I like the idea of taking care of our veterans (thank God for democrats there because Republicans block every dime for those who have served our country!) I like the idea of Social Security and medicare. I don't like the idea of a Somalian type non government. Can these ideas be better? Heck yes! Get rid of them? no thanks.
I would actually do well in a isolationist society. I have done well on my own, thank you, but I have friends who wouldn't, I have neighbors who wouldn't, I know veterans who wouldn't. I prefer a society that is more helpful, even altruistic. and you know from experience what industry will do if left to their own devices.
Happy Thanksgiving, man. I like you and you write well, an inspiration!

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, you began these postings as a self appointed "designated liberal"…I don't think so…our positions are not that different. I believe there are government programs worth keeping too…but i want them audited all to hell with the free market idea that you give bonuses to those who ferret out the waste and make the programs workable. The problem with that is few politicians are interested in auditing waste.

Don't know if you're familiar with a book titled "This City". Written by an insider it details the level of corruption in D.C. (by both parties) and pretty well suggests we'll need some radical solutions to clean up the mess.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Jerry Carlin said...

I do actually like the Chinese method of dealing with corruption, whether corporate or political. It gets the point across. I will read this book, thanks for recommending it. Yes, we agree on a lot of things and what we don't agree on I will defend your right to them! Glad you appreciate that the corruption is on both sides! It is discouraging voting for the lessor of two evils!

A Modest Scribler said...

Correction, Jerry; the book is title "This Town"..

Anonymous said...

Here's the big question...
WHAT is anybody going to do
about the fukd up fiasco???

Jerry Carlin said...

Why "Anonymous"? Probably nothing will happen if we don't speak up and be recognized. One of the best things about this country and our greatest downfall, is we move pretty slowly. Nothing happens fast and our government was designed this way on purpose. We have a systems of laws with checks and balances. God forbid if we ever get ruled by the majority! Our laws attempt to prevent that very thing, guaranteeing the rights of the minority (me!). It will change in time and due course, the question is not "when" but which direction? In the meantime it would help a lot if we read more, actually studied what is going on and participated in the democratic process. Something is scary when more people vote on "American Idol" than vote in a National Election!

Anonymous said...

Yes Jerry, You are right! But I think we all are not looking at the "BIG" picture!!!

Ken said...

Once again you have brought attention to another disaster on its way to everyone's front door. It is too bad. People always call out the agencies and laws put in place by the republican party (epa, era, , end of slavery, women's right to vote and on and on and...)What I don't hear too often is the abuse of these once great initiatives by liberal democrats with very clear agendas motivating all they are trying to accomplish. The EPA is clearly the most abused leaving behind destruction of monstrous proportions. When obama and his dear wife campaigned they said things like “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Why oh why has our great country become so damned empty headed as to hear something like that and still vote for it. "Change our traditions, change our history" WTF?!? That is frightening talk, those are talking points directly from hitler. Why didn't the republicans jump all over that. Well here we are, five years later and, has the conversation changed or what? How could we have let an evil of this sort sink its ugly tentacles so deep into our flesh? Remarkably, a poll from CNN found that approximately 53% don't find obama "honest and trustworthy". The frightening part of the poll was that after nearly six years 46% of Americans still find him to be honest and trustworthy. How could this be possible when even the overwhelming evidence is to the contrary and that evidence is now published by some of the staunchest liberal sources in existence??

The sad ignorance of our young generation accompanied by their enormously inflated opinion of themselves, thanks to the PC method of teaching, has created for obama and future socialist/communist politicians of the democrat party, a huge voting block of idiots who will vote for whomever they are instructed to vote for. Further, these knotheads, with their superior inferior knowledge of all sciences pertaining to "the environment" will not entertain the notion that there may exist another idea or another more accurate study with more complete answers regarding man made carbon dioxide in our atmosphere proving their "opinions" wrong. The answers I have heard are, "well that's just your opinion", or "where did you hear that, on Fox?", etc..Debating an ignorant person such as this is futile. We are going to lose and they are not going to be around long. They will fall victim of their own stupidity. Sadly, that will only be after they have destroyed the greatest country to have ever been on the face of this planet.

I don't like feeling this way at all but I just don't see anything else happening. Do you?

Jerry Carlin said...

Yes, I do.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I don't share Jerry's optimism…I'm scared as hell that we're clinging by our fingernails at this very moment.

As to liberal arrogance…oh they arrived at that very quickly…and have taken it to a whole new level.