Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"And Then They Came For You"

For one hundred years after we fought the Civil War, a century after over 600,000 soldiers died in a cause to proclaim that a man cannot enslave another, Blacks were beaten, abused, hung by the neck in trees, buried in oil barrels at the bottom of a river, denied the right to vote, forced to endure separate bathrooms and water fountains, denied their place at a drug store soda fountain counter, America turned a deaf ear and looked away as folks were denied their personal liberties.  You see, they weren't Black...and no one was coming for them.

In the 1940's Adolph Hitler exterminated 7 million Jews.  Americans knew about it within the first year, after a million had already been sent to the ovens, and after Himler was turning out lamp shades made out of human Jewish skin.  And America turned away and denied it was happening, even as a boatload of refugees docked on our shores, told of the ongoing Holocaust and were turned away from our shores, denied refuge from the most vile of human tragedies.  But you weren't Jewish...and no one was coming for you.

In the early 1950's anyone who had, rightly or not, believed that Karl Marx might have written a truth or two in "Das Capital",  anyone who had attended a communist gathering between 1930 and 1950, were hauled before a Congressional committee and crucified on the cross of a demigod named McCarthy.  But, because you hadn't attended, and you weren't a Communist, you turned your head as thousands of Americans were blacklisted and denied employment because they had once read a commie pamphlet in some American reading room.  After all, no one was coming for you.

And when big government outlawed smoking everywhere except your home and your car, when they banned it on beaches and city parks and even on city sidewalks you didn't raise your voice because you weren't a smoker...and they weren't coming for you.

And when big government was allowed to force you to buy a service, as with Obamacare, as the Supreme Court allowed the government to change their Obamacare argument from a fee base mandate to a tax, you didn't say much because you didn't understand the complexities of it, so you rolled over and called the only ones fighting this assault on our Constitutional liberties "TEA-BAGGERS".  And since you were getting care for free, or since government was giving you a subsidy to pay for yours, you said to hell with all those who had to pay higher premiums to pay for yours...and, after all, no one was coming after you.

So a couple of weeks ago the World Obesity Federation And Consumers International, an adjunct organization feeding off the United Nations, met to set new rules and new taxes on foods that make you fat.  Well attended by Obama's army of "czars" the two organizations are working toward making world governments impose strict new guidelines on the amount of sugar and salt in our food products.  They also want the industrialized nations to impose heavy taxes on fast foods and sugary drinks and snacks.  (Michelle Obama seems to be leading the way as she has worked to impose brown rice and broccoli lunches in our public schools.)  Finally, like those black lung pictures on cigarette packs, both the WOF and CI are demanding that pictures of obese people and pictures of diabetes driven foot and leg amputations be prominently shown on fast food wrappers and bags. That way, when you accede to paying an exorbitant "punitive tax" for that hamburger and fries, you'll know why you're paying it!

Both organizations are driven toward extending the lives of the world's citizens...so that they can be transformed into automatons at the beck and call of some national and world bureaucrat.  No doubt, citizen apathy toward the protection of personal liberties (including the right to die sick) will result in drone monitoring of every conceivable human behavior and we'll all learn exactly what's expected of us.

And there will be no one left to fight...as they finally come for you.


Jerry Carlin said...

Yep, a Nanny State! "We are from the Government and are here to help you"! The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Jerry Carlin said...

Yep, a Nanny State! "We are from the Government and are here to help you"! The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

A Modest Scribler said...

Sadly true, Jerry. Frankly, I don't want to live in a world where I am told what to eat, drink, what my political philosophy SHOULD be, forced to like alternative lifestyles I don't agree with (but am more than willing to tolerate), and finally I don't want to watch Americans turned into a bunch of zombies who oh so willingly fall into line and drink the Kool Aid because some mesmerizing "savior" says they must drink it. There is little difference between Jim Jones and Barack Obama...both have their agenda and anyone who opposes them must die.

Jerry Carlin said...

Did you read about heirloom garden seeds in Europe? "They" want to outlaw them! Only approved GMO seeds allowed! Monsanto has done that to our farmers already, now they are after the rest of the world and even private gardens! It is not JUST the government is my point. We are surrounded by idiots! Yes, I would protect my tomatoes with a shotgun!

A Modest Scribler said...

Careful Jerry...soon they'll be hacking your TV and sending you subliminal messages across the bottom of the screen that says your garden tomatoes are deadly!

I wish that was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there is a much more sinister 'hidden' agenda here.

Under the disguise of 'looking out for our well being', the 'food police' will misuse the FDA/EPA/etc. to 'regulate' salt/sugar/etc. by redefining them as toxic substances in order to GET CONTROL OF THE FOOD SUPPLY so they can starve us into submission like the despots do in Africa.

This is my analysis, and I'm sticking to it (unless someone else has a story better than this one.)

The people behind this agenda need to be hunted down like big game and have their heads mounted to the museum walls (where they belong).

I'm now beyond the point of pissed off to the degree that joining a militia group is not an option, but starting a new one IS.

Ken said...

It just makes no sense, none of it from any angle I look at it. The idea that the wisdom of michelle be forced upon me to help me lead a better quality of life, healthy and long. Then the same crew of leaders tell me they have spent all my social security and those who destroyed all my retirement have been repaid all their losses, recouped by more obama family largess at our expense. Now I'm told by the same monsters that all the money I was forced to pay into that social security account is gone and no longer is called a payment but an entitlement that didn't belong to me but was given to me by the goodness of this government's heart. This entitlement I am told is now to be greatly expanded to help support the new ignorant population produced by our children and those millions of illegal brown people coming over the borders unchecked.

So now I am living in this once great country that was taken from me without firing a shot. They have taken all I've earned after a life of building homes for more than forty years (a job BTW that americans no longer want to do). They have figured out how to keep me alive for a hundred years but took away my ability to pay my way at sixty. What am I supposed to do. I think I'll go down to Burger King and eat till I puke and dream of the day obama and his wife are reported lost in some plane crash over Indonesian waters, never to be seen again.I remember like it was this morning the day that negro was elected to second term. All I saw was a very dark future for this country and sadly I was dead on with that prediction. It will be interesting to watch the suicide rate in this country over the next several years.

Ken said...

I like anonymous's idea up there. Where are you, I'll sign right up!

A Modest Scribler said...

anon, your theory is as good as any. Good luck with that militia thing...I like it!

Ken, except for that "negro" thing, you've never written better; succinct, since, and to the point! The irony of our predicament is simply magnificent.

Craig said...

Michelle can take her brown rice and broccoli roll it up in a gluten free tortilla and stuff it where the sun don't shine on all these czars etc.,they would need to remove their heads first.If all else fails grill up the libtards and put a generous slice of heirloom on top and enjoy.Telling people what to eat might lead to a lead diet, very unhealthy for them.