Friday, October 18, 2013

Obama's Cheers and Jeers


Obama emerged from the White House yesterday morning, sans Royal Robe, descended to the level of the "commoners", and with chin high and air of arrogance, declared victory over those who sought to bring the orgasmic federal spending in line with revenues.  

In that rare moment when Barack rides the Hubristic wax wings soaring toward the sun, some day to see them melt, and plunging him to ruin, Barack declares a temporary victory....once again the credit card recharged and ready to spend like the proverbial drunken sailor.

So, in regal splendor, he basks in the glow of his own personal little political victory, having painted those dastardly Tea Party Republicans as rogues bent on bringing the government down.  And as long as his public is ignorant, as long as they are unable to fathom the vastness of a single trillion, well, those $19 trillion in national debt has no meaning.  As he says with almost mnemonic regularity, "we don't have a debt problem".

And so the budget, Obama's budget, and the debt ceiling, now approved for three more months, will include $800 billion in national debt interest payments, made palatable as long as the Treasury can continue to maintain fantastical interest rates of "0".  And, rejoice!  There is an unlimited supply of green printer's ink to keep those mints in Denver and San Francisco and Philadelphia and Ft Knox well supplied for all eternity.

So Hubris, aka Barack Obama, deigns to fore go a golf match, or a celebratory trip to Martha's Vineyard and opts instead to rub shoulders with his adoring peasantry.  But not without a, today, he must lecture those who dared challenge the limit on his credit card.  A bit more edgy on this morning, perhaps stung a little by the massive failure of his Obamacare software, perhaps peeved a bit that Congress inserted a tad bit of mild language into the Continuing Resolution that suggested the "honor system" might not be the best idea for determining federal subsidies for 30 million career tit-suckers. Perhaps the Walmart riots over the previous week struck a bit of a nerve with the "purse string" folks.  Perhaps those tit-sucker who filled their carts with $700 dollars worth of groceries against a food stamp card balance of .49 cents called for a note of caution.

I will remind those who are still blessed with a moral conscience, those who know what true nobility is, that being in the minority does not make you wrong.  Yes, it makes you subject to being labelled anarchist, and rogue, and "tea bagger" and terrorist....but it does not make you wrong.

Was Jesus wrong to throw the money changers out of the temple?  Was Washington with his meager army wrong against the might of those who outnumbered him 20 to one?  Was Martin Luther King wrong when he faced a hundred years of racial sublimation by a White majority?  Was Democratic Senator William Proxmire wrong when he mounted a one-man defense against raising the debt ceiling to a mere $200 million dollars a few years ago?

And those who lose a battle must learn to understand that the war is not lost.  They must take heart from a once good and decent King...a king who once declared "might does not make right, right makes might!" One must instead take heart that, in a veritable sea of corruption that is Washington D.C., 89 brave representatives stood tall, stood up for their constituents who sent them there, stood proudly, enduring the slurs and slings of the corrupt....and, the arrogant lecturing of a "pretend prince", who wouldn't know a principle if he tripped over one.

Sad.  Damned Sad...but never without a glint of hope that the next glorious revolution is imminent!

"Molon Labe!"

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Craig said...

Just seeing that arrogant lying pissbag makes me angry. When does the impeachment start? The is a band "Corb Lund", I think, has a tune"Gettin' Down On The Mountain" worth a listen.Have a great Friday.