Monday, October 7, 2013

Kindle Giveaway!


Several hundred folks read my blog every day.  Many of them navigate to the site by typing in "Lost in America blog".  Others find it through referenced links and recommendations from my readers.  Finally, about a hundred of you have signed up as subscribers through email; each morning my blog automatically appears in your email box.  While not "followers" readers have subscribed to my blog by signing up to receive my blog by email...that's found on the right side of this text.

However, for one reason or another, only 26 readers have signed up as "followers" of my blog.  Just to clarify, if you look to the left side of this text you will see a list of "followers".  Followers use either Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or some lesser known sites to register as my blog followers.  

As an encouragement to get some of you yahoos to sign up as a "follower", I am giving away a brand new Kindle Wi-fi with 6inch screen!  I will announce the winner of the Kindle on 7 January and will gift the Kindle to you during that same week.  

Heres' what you have to do:  While many sign up for email delivery of my blog, your personal info and email is blind to me so I cannot enter a name into the contest for email subscriptions only.  To enter the contest please sign up as a follower, then send me an email at ""....Your email should read something like this:  I am ________________(your name or pseudo name, or blog address) and I just signed on as a follower.  Please notify me if I win at the following email address:  ______________.

I will then cross check you name on the "follower" list, then enter your name and email address into the contest.  I will announce the winner through my blog on 7 January.  I will not email every single entrant so watch for my 7 January blog to find out the winner.  Caution:  If your name does not appear on the "Follower List" you will not be eligible for the contest!

Note:  If you are already a "follower" you are also eligble to win so either send me an email with your email address so that I can enter you into the contest!

Amazon offers nearly a million free books for the Kindle Reader.  They also offer significant discounts for your favorite newspapers and magazines.  Plus, you'll find it a pleasure to read your favorite books at significant discounts to the hard copy.  I'm hoping that whoever wins the Kindle will use it to read great historical biography, some great treatises on today's politics and social movements....and, sigh, if you use it to read Danielle Steele, well that's okay too.

Note:  To assure fairness, no member of my immediate family are eligible to enter this contest (parents, sister, brother, spouse, sons or daughter).  Distant family and friends will be eligible since they have supported this blog from day one.  I will print this blog contest information at least ten times before the contest ends to make sure it is disseminated widely and give everyone a chance to win! If you're the winner I will email you to get an address for Kindle delivery.


Rebecca said...

I'm following: I didn't before bc I forgot my password (again.)

A Modest Scribler said...

Rebecca; I put your name in the drawing but sometime before the drawing date of Jan 7th send me your email address at so that I can contact you and get shipping details.

Good luck!