Friday, October 4, 2013

Crucifying Sheriff Joe Apraio


Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been under liberal assault since he first took office more than twenty years ago.  The libs hate Joe's "harsh" treatment of prisoners, housing them in tents, feeding them baloney sandwiches and Kool-Aid.  When the prisoners complained about having to drink Kool-Aid, Joe took away the Kool-Aid and made them drink water.  He makes every prisoner wear pink underwear to let them know committing crime doesn't make you tough.  Sheriff Joe says he doesn't want criminals to be coddled; he wants them to "feel the pain" of incarceration as an incentive not to return to his jails.  

But of all of Joe's actions, the one that bothers liberals most has been his commitment to enforcing our nation's immigration laws.  It is not uncommon to see a crew of Sheriff Joe's deputies deploying at dawn to some local business and busting them for hiring illegals and nailing dozens of illegals using stolen citizen I.D.    Sheriff Joe's raids have been just enough to irritate those illegals who have been successfully gaming our immigration laws for decades.  Consequently, the Hispanic community, desperate for a massive Mexican invasion that will boost their political power, hate Joe.

Unable to defend their own lawlessness, Hispanics turned to Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder and cried "racial profiling", and since Obama desperately needed the Hispanic vote to cobble together enough special interest groups to win re-election, he sent an army of Justice Department prosecutors into Phoenix to file discrimination law suits against the Sheriff's office.

Unlike so many other Sanctuary cities, Sheriff Joe ventured into communities where illegal crime is the highest.  Through work site raids and traffic stops Joe was able to round up hundreds of illegal aliens  and send them on a one way trip to the border.  Obama's federal minions claimed Sheriff Joe was targeting Hispanics and was guilty of racial profiling.  Sheriff Joe responded that he goes where the crimes are being committed, and doesn't turn his back and ignore it the way the Phoenix police department does.

As with so many other libtard cities, the Phoenix Police Department, run by a Hispanic Chief, chooses to ignore the concept of crime prevention and, instead, "responds" AFTER a heinous crime has already been committed.  For example the Phoenix PD has 3,000 plus cops on the force.  They have eight precincts to patrol.  Of those eight precincts the worst two in the city are rife with crime from Black or Hispanic gangs.  They are the Central District and the Maryvale District.  Maryvale, though it is far smaller in territory than the other precincts, constitute the largest criminal activity.  Why?  Because that once middle class community is now a Mexican barrio populated by illegal Mexicans.  The morning news here always bring reports of rape, assault, armed robbery, home invasions and murders, almost invariably from Maryvale.  The Phoenix PD allocates almost a third of their entire force to this Mexican hellhole but because there are no preemptive efforts to round up illegal Mexicans,  the Phoenix police spend all of their time putting out fires.

Sheriff Joe has worked for years to work to resolve the root of the problem; the tens of thousands of illegals who represent 80% of our crime here.  But, like so many liberal bastions, the powers that be have determined it is politically correct to look the other way and pretend the illegal crime problem doesn't exist.  

This week a liberal federal judge ruled that Sheriff Joe must have a "monitor" to keep an eye on Sheriff Joe and his make sure when they see Hispanic crime, to look the other way.  It hasn't helped that, under Obama's orders, Joe, even when he catches illegals during the commission of a crime, ICE will not accept them...and when they do, they turn them loose so that they can inflict more harm to the Phoenix community.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Craig said...

Sheriff Joe is a true Hero.If people would look honestly at crime, welfare fraud, etc. they would see we have a "color problem". The problem is any color other than white is considered off limits when it comes to enforcement of any kind. More like Sheriff Joe, please.

Anonymous said...

joe sucks

Anonymous said...

boo joe

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, Sheriff Joe colored all the male and female prison inmates underwear PINK, to stop the inmates from giving "STEALING" the underwear to all of the inmates "VISITORS" families.
Sheriff Joe for Attorney General.
Sheriff Joe is one of our 3,200 best Sheriff's and a man to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Joe Arpio is a blatant biget and has no business in law enforcement.How dare he play the American hero card when we know he stand for the beliefs of the KKK,Nazis,And is the a law breaker by denying people their Civil Rights,he is to Hispanics what George Wallace and Bull Conners was to Blacks.Arpio hope you burn in HELL...

BlueMax said...

People who come here illegally have no Civil Rights, as they are not citizens of the United States.
When I was a Deputy Sheriff in California back in the 70's, the federal said it was a FELONY to be in the United States illegally. I arrested over 40 illegal aliens, but only 1 was from Mexico...the other 39 were from Asia, Europe, Pacific Islands and the majority of them were white. Wait until the amnesty bill passes and over 40+ million come forward. Does anyone have any idea how we can afford to give just half of them Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, Welfare, Food Stamps, SSI, SS Disability and so on? You guys that are all for it, raise your hands to be counted to personally pay for the cost.
Sheriff Joe is only upholding the law that some of you think we should be able to just pick and choose to enforce. How about we not enforce speeding, or shoplifting, or anything else that you don't like?

A Modest Scribler said...

You tell em, bluemax...there are only three kind of people opposing Sheriff Joe, liberal open borders advocates, illegal Mexicans and someone who had to spend time in pink underwear.

Ken said...

Sad to see the majority of comments coming from the left wing. The toilet flushes USA further down to its new home in the sewer. Where the hell is that second civil war or at least some civil unrest?