Monday, July 28, 2014

Beans And Bullets


There's this place over in Rifle, Colorado (yes, it's true!) that has an eatery called "Shooter's Grill".  They specialize in American and Tex Mex fare...and the 2nd Amendment.  All the waitresses are packing heat, several of them "gunslinger style" with their hog leg tied firmly at mid thigh.  As in Arizona, it is perfectly legal to open carry any kind of gun you fancy.

As you walk in the door you see a sign that announces guns are welcome, but politely ask that you keep them holstered unless the need arises.

Once you step inside you'll encounter the scent of gun oil and leather and bacon and home fries.  You'll be greeted by a smiling hostess who will see you to a table, where she'll tap the table top with the barrel of her rifle and bid you to "take a seat pardner."

The lady that owns the place, Ms. Lauren Boebert, said she just wants to offer a place where gun owners feel comfortable exercising their Constitutional rights.  She even offers weapons training courses on her own range and for $75 bucks she throws in bullets and dinner.  And you might not be surprised to learn that Ms. Lauren's restaurant has never been robbed.

Now, if I were a liberal just passing through Rifle, Colorado, and I happened to stop in to Shooter's Grill, I probably wouldn't raise the issue of gun control.  Hell, I don't know if I'd even complain to my waitress about overdone steak or undercooked eggs!

And if I were planning to stage a gun control protest outside Shooter's I'd want to google the maximum effective range of a Ruger .357 Blackhawk Revolver or a good old Colt. .45!...and I'd give both employees and customers all the space they needed!

Ah..sometimes the stories are happy ones!


Craig said...

Thank you for the uplifting Monday morning read.If there was a place like this near me in Kalifornia I would probably never cook again.There is a truck stop in the valley on 5 where the waitresses wear short skirts and tell dirty jokes, wonder if they would add sidearms?

A Modest Scribler said...

Wow, Craig! You mean there's still a place in California where one can have a little fun? Where your behavior and speech is not censored and comes without a fine?

That's good Monday morning news too!

Carol said...

Sounds like a place we'll visit next time we're passing through Colorado! Our kinda eatery!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Me too, Carol! Now I'm anxious to visit it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the interest and support! God bless you all! Visit our website at

-Lauren Boebert

A Modest Scribler said...

You're welcome, Lauren. I am wondering how you found my modest little blog about you.

Wally said...

A better web address for them is