Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Barack Supports "Human-Horse" Marriage Rights Group


President Obama took time out during his visit to Denver on Tuesday to attend a "human-horse" marriage rights rally in downtown Denver.  Obama shook hooves and hands with hundreds who were protesting Colorado's law that makes it illegal for a human to marry a horse.

Obama took the stage to voice support for human-horse marriages, saying as a child he had often become horny watching Trigger in those Roy Rogers movies.  Obama admitted that he often held all night viewings at the White House of National Velvet and Sea Biscuit and had nothing but admiration for those who chose to marry horses.  He told the crowd that he feels their pain and hoped that, in the coming years, he could issue an executive order that would permit human-horse marriage and end their "night-mare"of frustration.

One gracious lady offered to allow Obama to ride her "stud" husband down to the border but Obama graciously declined.

The President could not stay long as he was due at a brunch honoring the Society of Lesbian and German Shepherd legal defense fund.

As he turned to leave Barack yelled himself 'hoarse" with "saddle up ladies" as he jumped in his limo and departed the "neigh" borhood.  

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