Monday, December 23, 2013

A Desert Storm Christmas



Note:  Anyone who served in the Middle East can testify of the spectacular night time display of the heavens.  I don't believe I've ever seen a more dramatic setting, especially at Christmas time.  One can easily imagine three wise men long ago traversing these same lands enroute to a manger in Bethlehem.

I was in Saudi Arabia at Christmas, 1990.  Inspired by the calm serenity of the desert night, and longing for home, I wrote the following poem as a gift to my children.  By the way, this is the only thing that has ever been published; it was published in the book "A Heroes Keepsake; Memories of Christmas at War"

           A Desert Storm Christmas

A desert moon rises on a cool December night
And every star in the sky shines down their brilliant light
As I look north I see the night time sky adorned
A star stands out above the place
Where Jesus Christ was born

In the serenity of the moment my dreams and thoughts take flight
Across ten thousand miles to home where memories are bright
I think on Christmas moments, shared with family and friends
The joy and the lucky I have been

My mind's eye sees so clearly a wreath of Christmas holly
And in the window, reindeer, and a Santa Claus so jolly
Trimmed out in regal splendor, a fir scented Christmas tree
Bespeaks a Yuletide welcome for everyone to see

Scented spices from the kitchen provide a timeless pledge
Of cake and apple pies cooling on the window ledge
And the sound of Christmas carols echoes through the home
The phone calls offer news of sons and daughters coming home

All these thoughts bring me pleasure in this place of sun and sand
Even now I'm close to you in this far and distant land
As long as I can travel through these pathways of the heart
How could I ever say that we are ever far apart

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Christmas 1990

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