Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama's Henchmen To Walmart Front Door?


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Hugo Chavez' successor to the Venezuelan Presidency, Nicolas Meduro, creating a new government cabinet department named the Department of Happiness.

It seems the folks in oil rich Venezuela are a little put out by high utility rates, soaring inflation and general starvation.  So, to boost citizen morale Meduro established the Department of Happiness.  While we don't know all the details, apparently Meduro's henchman call in a irate citizen and allow him to voice his gripes about empty stomachs, crumbling infrastructure and roving power outages.

We can be sure those complainers were given an offer they couldn't refuse; freedom of movement on an empty stomach or government provided bread and water in the government gulag.  Apparently most left the Department of Happiness "happy!"

But hold on!  It appears the Socialist Meduro was listening to those complaints about the soaring runaway inflation that has priced Venezuelans out of bread and milk and galaxies away from being able to afford a stereo or a TV set.

So day before yesterday Meduro dispatched a few army divisions to the front doors of the nation's largest retailer, Daka stores.  Armed with assault rifles the government goons demanded that Daka stores discount their big screen TV's by 75%!  Made aware of this "government dictated sale" citizens flocked to the Daka stores and walked out with electronics goods at "below wholesale".

Inflation solved!

Well, kinda.  We saw these government mandated pricing schemes before; in Peking, Moscow, Havana, etc.  Somehow it just doesn't work.  Strangely, the pipeline of consumer goods eventually dries up when businesses are not allowed to make a profit!  Weird, huh?

So, is it inconceivable that Barack Obama some day deploys the National Guard to Walmart stores?  Will he trot out to the Rose Garden, teleprompters in place, and announce "folks, you want to see a "roll back", just go down to're gonna find fantastic bargains!"

For those who scoff at this, please keep in mind this is the guy who jawboned the banks to take a loss on home foreclosures to please his voting base.  This is the guy who is now telling doctors how much they can charge and what and who they can treat...and what they can't!  This is the guy that demonizes the oil companies and decries the horrible idea of free markets.  He's the guy who took taxpayer money to give $5,000 dollar rebates if they were bold enough to buy a car, even as their jobs were disappearing.

So, don't be surprised if, at some future date, Obama orders the National Guard out to Walmart..or perhaps he'll sub-contract the job out to those Black Panthers, billy club in hand,  who proved so effective in suppressing the White vote in the last two elections.

Inflation solved!...until Walmart closes it's doors, a victim of "falling prices".

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Unknown said...

explain the kiss!

Unknown said...

explain the kiss!

A Modest Scribler said...

The kiss was actually the creation of Benneton Mills, the italian sweater maker...they created photos of all the world leaders kissing each other...said they were promoting peace among nations...

no, not real...even with Obama...

Unknown said...

Lol. I thought it was some strange custom or something.

I want one made of me kissing Channing Tatum, lol! (Just kidding)

A Modest Scribler said...

Shame on ya, girl!

Unknown said...


Ken said...

I loved that creation of the department of happiness. I think we talked of that back then. I see something like that here very soon. Originating right here in good old San Fran by DiFi and Nancy P. Too bad that we have come to a place where we see that as a possibility.

Obama on price controls, YOU BETCHA! He's been on it since day one! "See that big screen over there for $1600, well that's just too fuckin high!!" Day of the death of the USA is here real soon