Saturday, November 2, 2013

Generation X; The Worst Parents In History


Well, the case is becoming even more clear; Generation X have got to be the worst parents in generations.  Today the College Board released the same sad statistics; only 23 percent of American high school students were able to pass all four segments of the SAT, which qualify them for math, science, reading and english courses in college.  Only 43 percent passed even one of the SAT categories.  The College Board reports those passing at least one SAT category have remained stuck on that 43% for the past five years.  

It appears to be getting even worse as the SAT data does not take into account the nearly 50% of students who drop out of school and are not even counted since they opted out of SAT testing.  Alas, the sad sacks that are taking the SATs are the "cream" of a very bad crop!

The famous saying "those who will not take a stand will fall for anything" seems to be proving true with Gen X, Y and Millenials as they drift along in relative ignorance, swallow gallons of liberal Kool-Aid and elect Socialists like Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the same generation that is trying to make a career in fast food since they have no other skills, other than flip, squirt and wrap hamburgers.  And now they want $15 dollars an hour to work at Burger King because they suddenly find, at 25, they are unable to make a living flipping burgers and need the public to subsidize their modest career goals by paying $6 bucks for a Big Mac.

So dumb are Gen Y and Millenials that they failed a quiz this week on naming the first four Presidents. All these cretins seem to be able to do is slobber over Miley Cyrus and Beyonce and Barack Obama and ingest bath salts and Ecstasy while playing Grand Theft Auto on their Play Station.

But take heart, like monkeys, they have developed their digital skills by texting nonsense to each other much of their day.  They are heartened by the abbreviated text language since it does not require them to actually spell words...since they can't.

"With our country struggling to compete in a global marketplace and millions of skilled jobs left unfilled here at home, it is essential to ensure that our students are prepared for college and careers," the College Board report says.
Don't bet on any improvement in those SAT scores.  These last two generations seemed to have the ambition of a sloth and the brain stem of a shark and you can put a big chunk of the blame on Gen X who seems to have bred and raised a whole lot of societal losers.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

I think you have misidentified Generation X. I am 41 years old, born in 1972, and am what is called a member of Generation X.

A Modest Scribler said...

Not really, anon...I'm putting fault on gen x parents for raising such a generation of stooges. if a gen x got married at 22 he would about now be turning out those 18 year old num nuts.

Of course I'm generalizing; my youngest daughter is gen x and she is raising a couple of gems who are great students.

By the way, i used to think the greatest generation were the worst parents and we baby boomers were the worst kids...but at least boomers are one of the last generation of kids who actually received a good education.

Unknown said...

In all fairness the failings of America happened on the "boomers" watch.

A Modest Scribler said...

Up until a couple of years ago I would have agreed with you Brian...(I wrote a blog about this a couple of years ago...let me find it...) but the staggering illiteracy and stupidity and "precious" laziness of this new generation has me stumped....they drink the kool-aid from a President more corrupt than any except for Lyndon Johnson.

On my blog, go to the search block and type in "boomer scourge"...

Unknown said...

I agree with you to a point, as I think there is an overwhelming bias against my generation (I'm 25). I've been met with the "oh an Obama voter" or "occupy wall-streeter" title a few times and I have laugh for two reasons:

1. Who would logically vote for Obama? An unimpressive resume and with a small amount research, anyone could see he is neither a leader nor businessman. I only hope that people don't vote for Hillary or even worse, the rumors of Chris Christie. Trust me when I say this, he's done nothing good for the state, but people fall for his presentation ability.

2. I hate the occupy wall street people, they painted such a bad picture of my generation that I've faced this bias during interviews. I used to drive to an hour and half to Atlantic City just to work because it was the only thing I could find.

The majority of my generation is not the small percent of clueless, liberal drones who are quick to express their illogical "views" to people and the media. I personally work a FT job and a PT, while trying to join the Coast Guard at the same time, so I do everything in my power to separate myself from the minority of people in my generation.

Sorry for the rant/wall, found your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it during my break. Can't say this enough, thank 100 times over for your past service to this country.

A Modest Scribler said...

Trevor, first, thanks for your thoughtful, well expressed response. And, as I alluded to in previous comments, no one deserves to be arbitrarily assigned to a particular set of unpleasant generational qualities. My blog is admittedly unfair in that regard because it is, by necessity, generalizing.

Just as I am assigned to the baby boomer generation, I went to war and did not run off to Canada or burn my draft card, or protest in the streets, nor did I live an entire decade under the influence of some illegal drug.

But, like you, I have to swallow hard and accept the inevitable charge that my generation ruined our country. In fact, I write a far more critical blog on Baby Boomers in an earlier blog. (at the search block on my blog type in "the boomer scourge" to see what I have to say about my own generation.

I wish you success in getting into the Coast Guard...I still believe military service is a special calling that will instill discipline and teach us the glory of serving others.

Henry said...

I think most generations suck. But, as an X'er, I would assert that my life has been pretty much stacked against me. Baby boomers, like my parents, are draining the life out of families and the world around them. My parents will drain all of grammy's money if they outlive her (might not). But let's not expect anything at all to be passed on from baby boomers, hell no! They whine, vote us into the gutter, vote for inflation, vote for wars, tell you to enlist, all because they want their little handouts. The greatest gen?? and boomers had it easy compared to now. House for a couple thou, jobs, no debt. These kids nowadays might as well join up in groups, share a house and play video games..what the hell else are they gonna do?
Just the other day my BB dad showed me a paper from his Vietnam days where he was toting agent orange around in barrels. He concluded that this may be why he has stiffness, aches etc. Gee, ya think? He's going to ask for financial support from the VA. Then he told me that I could expect problems from it too. Thanks PA!

Anonymous said...

Probably a baby boomer trying to divert attention away from his sorry assed generation.However this generation of kids are the most careless,hateful and entitled kids Ive ever seen in all my years.You have this beating homeless to death for fun.knock out game that's running around.Now kids call bullying and running their mouths (trolling) rewording being an asshole to where oh its ok he was only trolling.Like its something to be proud of because they got a response.Kids saying fuck Jesus,police should die and fuck the troops.Hanging pets and taking pictures by them smiling.Killing their parents, killing children at schools and classmates.
This generation is the most Godless of any generation and claim its because they are thinkers........really? Or is it because you think it will alleviate responsibility for your actions.I don't mind an atheist as they are people like anyone else its the intolerant aheist and go after faith like its the enemy.No its the hypochristians that aren't truly Christians they are evil but its pasted on every person with faith as the oppressive and evil.Hatheist I guess you could say.I say eacyh to shi own and you find your way through this life wether with or without faith.But don't attack your fellow human being for his beliefs or lack thereof.
But however that's beside the point about how this generation is.Just speaking honestly here and yo cant group everyone as (the same) as every seems to want to do with the USA that we are all warmongers yada yada.Its just the average is very high that a good percent are just lost and not being taught the morals and manners that the older generations grew up with.Its chaos now that you nearly cant even discipline your children like I had done to me.A little spanking or grounding never hurt anyone now tis I'll take your computer or cell phone away.Enough said and if its because of my generation (X) then so be it but something is really wrong with this generation.OP your still an ass though

A Modest Scribler said...

anon, like so many of my wise readers, you said it well... God help us.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought that maybe it is not Generation X to blame for SAT scores? Maybe the scores are so low is because there are so many immigrants from other countries that can't even speak English. A lot of these kids parents were not even raised in this country. It may also be because a lot of these kids are raised in single parent homes and have no guidance.

If you want to find out who is to blame, you need to ask yourself what Generation opened the boarders, and what Generation gave us "no fault divorce" making it easy to destroy marriages and families? Generation X had nothing to do with the polices that have destroyed America's families and schools.

Anonymous said...

Check the author's profile, an angry redneck racist that's into pregnant chicks. Take this guy as seriously as his Commander In Chief, not at all.

Anonymous said...

Gen X and Gen Y parents
born 2000+

Gen Y:
Baby Boomer parents
born 1982-1999

Gen X:
Baby Boomer parents
born 1965-1981

Baby Boomers:
Greatest Generation parents
born 1947-1964

Gen X and Gen Y were both born and raised by Boomers.
This is due to a two major factors.

1: A majority of Boomers putting off growing up, the rest putting it off forever.

2: Boomers making life a lot harder for every generation after them, due to their own immaturity and ignorance. Thus decreasing reproduction in every generation after.

Baby Boomers ARE factually the worst generation ever. Their only saving grace is innocence, they were engineered to be the most abysmal failures of humanity.

Unknown said...

Wrong anonymous. My parents are the silent generation.

Lori Zambito said...

This is correct.

Lori Zambito said...

You are dead wrong. No GenXer got married when they were 22. I am born in 72 and my kids are 8 and 11 years old. They haven't even taken their SAT's. You have the wrong group of people.

Anonymous said...

I am Gen X, and my parents are from what is called the 'Builder' generation that immediately preceded the Baby Boomers. My parents WERE NOT BOOMERS. Like a few others who have commented, I have nothing good to say about the Boomers who preceded me. Because of the size of this group, they were a culture unto themselves, able to usher in huge social changes that have set things up in this country the way they are today. (I wonder to myself if there were people or organizations who used the BBs, and they were just dupes 'back in the day', and they are unwilling to admit they were wrong about no-fault divorce, illegal drugs, or a whole host of other things. But I digress.)
Did you know that soldiers returning from the Vietnam War were briefed, and sometimes had to have counseling because the culture of their own country had changed so much in the few years they had been away? America changed that radically in the sixties and seventies; we are a very different country than before the BBs. Do you think that our country as it is now could make it through the Great Depression and win WWII? The Boomers and their children are godless and narcissistic, who think they are owed their own kingdom. How do you 'build a community' out of such people? All you really have is a plundering mob led by whoever promises them the stuff they think they deserve.
Just to take an example, the actuarial tables show that the leading cause of death for a Millenial is distracted driving from texting, (which takes your eyes off of the road for an average of 20 seconds.) How many of the rest of us are the innocent victims of their carelessness? But do you think that killing others or dying is going to change their behavior? Not a whit! because they DON'T CARE about anything but entertaining themselves. How many of us have not been the victim of a Millenial's narcissistic driving habits? With their aggressive tailgating and then, once they have passed you and cut you off, how they slow down and weave dangerously all over the road while they text their friends to complain about you? Why do many of us business owners not hire them? Because they are 'entitled', untrustworthy, juvenile, illiterate, rude to customers--why hire them when I could hire someone who cares?!
I wish I could be more generous. The part of being a parent that terrifies me is the gigantic influence you have on your children; most of what children do later in life has been determined by the attitudes instilled in them by their 'home of origin.' Well, we can thank the BBs for the attitudes of their children! I really think the poisonous BBs and their children are the death of our country; they are a huge group, its a done deal, its only a matter of what comes after. The thing that makes me most fearful is that the kind of government most suitable to a godless and narcissistic people is a tyranny. Prepare for the Pax Romana.