Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love Binds Us Together


Of all the miracles our creator gifted us it is love that is the most wondrous.  Love is like spun gold that mutually binds us to the hearts of our loved ones.  A single strand has no value, but collectively, their value is beyond measure.  And how precious and how gracious do these golden threads tie us together without ever strangling us, allowing our hearts to soar to great heights, limited only by our own hopes and dreams.

Think of a tiny and fragile bird.  Once God immortalizes them with the yet unborn, with the first stirrings of the embryo, the mother bird will fly about selecting and collecting a single bit of straw to build a nest.  They will toil all of their daylight hours building a strong nest for the birth and nurturing of their coming young.  When finally completed they will have built a nest, a warm sanctuary for the blossoming of the new life.  And all the while both parent and young will have weaved a wondrous strand of gold, of love, around each of their tiny hearts.


And God graces man with even greater and wondrous ties.  He blesses the mother's womb as the perfect "nest", creating a warm and nurturing place where the unborn child will begin to be aware of the outside world long before he is ready to make his own appearance in it.  The unborn child will hear the music of a thousand voices, the deep voice of the father, he'll hear sounds of conflict, he'll instinctively feel the sadness or joy of the mother, and he'll feel the gentle hands gliding over the baby bump in which he dwells.  And all the while parent and child will busy themselves spinning those golden strands that will not be broken, even in death.

Oh, those golden strands do not mean we cannot be angry with each other, or that , being human, they do not protect us from hurting each other.  And when we disagree, to the point of anger, folks, that is just our minds in rebellion, never our hearts.  Those golden strands are eternal, for while we can be angered, or hurt, or disappointed, or ashamed of a loved one's behavior, the love never diminishes.

And would God be so selfish as to restrict the bindings of love to that of blood ties?  Of course not.  When we meet that special love, or that special friend, our hearts are enriched by the mutual bindings of that wonderful spun gold..with the ties eased sufficiently so that, though we sometimes travel vast distances from one another, our love is not diminished and is replenished with each joyful reunion.

And finally, when we pass on to our next great journey, know that we will not be forgotten, nor will the love dissipate...for we carry those wonderful golden strands wrapped gently about our be treasured for all time.  And, with each new day, with that first golden slice of dawn, and with that spectacular golden sunset, just know that it's God's "Post It Note" reminding us that nothing has been lost.


Ken said...

That is probably the most beautiful column I have seen from you! Thank you for posting it here. I wish my family felt those golden strands, seems we got angry and have forgotten how to forgive. Maybe someday.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, there is often alienation in our relationships; I carry some of that baggage myself...but that will never diminish can be suppressed by the intellect, but there are just too many of those golden strands for anyone and anything to sever.

And when reunion is once again achieved you will soak it up like a man who has thirsted long in the desert.