Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Golden Door Swings Both Ways


The Wall Street Journal reported last Wednesday that another 3,000 Americans have turned in their American passports and renounced their American citizenship.  The Journal further reports that this is a 30 percent increase over last year and represents a growing trend since 2009.  

The Journal wished to concentrate on the "wealth factor", the rich deserting the ever increasing taxes on the wealthy.  However, Numbers USA and other organizations cite the exodus of the middle class as well.  Departing citizens cited oppressive government and the growing government intrusion into their personal lives.  The Middle Class seemed particularly abused by higher local, state and federal taxes on the working man to pay for a growing dependent class and a corrupt hierarchy of government employees feeding unceasingly at the public trough.  

Why surrender citizenship?  America is the only major industrialized nation in the world that continues to tax citizens even if they choose to live elsewhere.  Being unable to escape the increasing tax burden the only alternative for these folks is to surrender their American citizenship.  Ironically, this seems to be the key reason for expatriating as most do not take up citizenship in their newly adopted country!

And there seems to be no particular age group who have opted to leave.  Seniors, citing the rise in health care premiums often flee to countries who offer good basic health care on a pay as you go basis.  They find the costs far more reasonable and drug costs that are often as much as 90 percent lower than drug costs in this country.

I found one personal testament that was particularly touching.  He cited the irony of growing democracies and expanded personal freedom breaking out around the world, even as America was rooting freedom out and destroying it with each oppressive government mandate.  He cited the Emma Lazarus poem at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty and said "sadly, we are learning that the golden door swings both ways and a lot of folks are heading OUT that door."  

My own personal standpoint on this issue has always been made quite the great Mexican invasion continues, and as explosive Latino and Black crime increases, the quality of life in America is sinking.  Our crumbling infrastructure cannot be addressed because nearly all tax revenue is being employed to feed the fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes and take some form of government assistance, and feeding the Defense Department's need to fund trillion dollar foreign wars.

As far south as South America, as far East as Thailand and Singapore, these expatriate Americans are finding native students beating out American test scores by wide margins.  They are finding more civilized societies where they are safe in their home and in their newly adopted communities.

Though I'm saddened to see hard working, productive American citizens deserting their native country, I guess someone has to go to make room for those 30 to 50 million illegal Mexicans who are squatting here and refuse to leave until they have sucked the last drop of life from a rapidly crumbling American society.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

"Racist, fascist, right-wing rhetoric"....I'll sum up the naive replies that you should expect from CA sheep. Taxes, smaxes, I think people are leaving for opportunity. There is no opportunity here: if you get a good job, you'll most likey be laid off withing three years. If you go solo, you'll make enough just to survive, as anything more will be taxes away from your 'greedy' hands.

Then there are threats of lawsuits, spying and imprisonment.

Finally, the Political Correctness is far beyond anything I can tolerate. I've been looking at other countries, but think emerging market is the only way as the 'industrialized' are all socialized and politically correct.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to getting out of this oppressive society.

Rebecca said...

Good morning - letting you know that I'm still here and a big fan of yours. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and just read or I'm simply to lazy to participate/comment.

I agree with everything you've written here. In fact, I can't think of anything you've written that I don't agree with!

Yes, the taxes and burden of the welfare class is ruining this country. If Obamacare doesn't sink us entirely, I believe that amnesty most certainly will. Maybe some may see this as pessimistic; i think it's realistic.

Carol said...

I, too, agree with Rebecca in more ways than one. I am a daily reader of your blog and in total agreement with your writings but don't comment often.

And, yes, this sinking ship just keeps getting more weight strewn upon it constantly!

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, I sympathize with you folks out in California; i can't think of a worse place for an American citizen to find work than Kalifornia. Your statehouse is rife with people who seem to hate American citizens

Rebecca and Carol, you are both giving me warm fuzzes and I thank you for that. Rebecca, i feel for you on the password thing...every few weeks I have to go digging for some password I've forgotten. I don't know why google makes it so darned hard to register as a follower.

Craig said...

Renounce your citizenship, work under the table for the same employer, never have to even move.When it completely collapses,you will have saved enough money to retire in another country, possibly Mexico since all the mexs will have moved north.Have a good weekend.