Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obamacare; He Really Is Good At Killing People


In the new book "Double Down: 2012", Halpirin and Heilman's sequel to "Game Change",  the authors quote Barack Obama as saying during a cabinet meeting last year, "I'm really good at killing people" in referring to this country's drone program.  As in everything, Obama takes all the credit for achievement, and hides in the shadow's with failures.  

However, even I have to admit, with respect to Obamacare, he really is good at killing.  Just this week we learned that millions more have lost their insurance policies....millions more have had their premiums quadruple and are now priced out of healthcare altogether.  Sadly, we also learned this week of a South Carolina man named Bill Elliot, suffering from cancer, had his policy cancelled and seems now to be priced out of healthcare.  He has made a life changing decision to just go ahead and die. We have all read similar stories this past month of folks who have lost their health insurance and have been left on the side of the road to die.  And after three weeks of denying he ever said it, Obama has finally apologized to those who he promised could keep their health care.

So, indeed Obama is really good at killing...and he's about to kill millions of Korean, Vietnam and Gulf war veterans.  Just announced yesterday, Obama is all set to kill Tricare, the health care plan now used by millions of veterans.  He plans on making the premiums so prohibitive, quadrupling the costs, that veterans simply can't pay them.  

Keep in mind, this was the same health care policy that was part of our enlistment contract we mutually signed with the government when we first entered service.  This "free lifetime health care" was the explanation for paying us far below public worker salary levels.  This was what justified paying a mid-level military supervisor a $200 a month salary...every time someone complained about pay that "free lifetime health care" was thrown at us.  Then, in the mid-1990's Congress, in a fit of honesty, said "we can't afford that anymore...but if you'll pay a premium we'll give you Tricare..and so we did pay.

But now Obama is determined, by Executive Order if necessary, to quadruple our Tricare premiums..never mind that healthcare was once promised as an entitlement, not a granted benefit.
While I can't speak for every veteran, I can tell you that I can't pay that higher premium.  While I am on Medicare now, my drug prescriptions were paid for by my military Tricare for Life policy.  And there are far more veterans who make far less than I do who cannot pay it either.   I'd like to see Obama squeeze a quadrupling of medical premiums from a veteran making $1,000 dollars a month in pension.

I suspect, instead, millions of vets will do like me....give up our prescription medicines and not wait for Obama's 15 man death panel to do their dirty work.

Yes, Mr. President, you are indeed good at killing people.  And its sad that those who wrote a blank check, up to and including their life, when they went to war, will die not on a foreign battlefield, but at the hands of their own Commander in Chief.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


A Modest Scribler said...

Readers: I always know when I have achieved a highly effective "slam" against is when the kool aid drinkers, having no defense on the issue, become very angry. Here's the first of my private emails this morning. This is from a Tony Johnson from Phoenix:

Stop posting your illogical and poorly conceived thoughts online. We all understand, and realize you are lacking in intellectual, logic, and thought forming skills. Stop showing the rest of the world how far behind you are. I'm so sorry genetics were not more kind for you, but you've been dealt a bad hand, no reason to play your hand poorly. I'm so sorry.

Unknown said...

Careful he will call you a racist next, that being the liberal exit strategy. Why offer an argument when they can just name call.

A Modest Scribler said...

That will surely come sometime today, "nasties" are always sent via private email.

Anonymous said...

Argumentum ad hominem, the first bastion of the kool aid drinkers.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Obamassiah care will not survive too much longer. The website failure is the visible symptom of even more failures yet to come. I would give it somewhere between 90 to 180 days(3-6 months) before it finally breaths its last.

This may have been designed to fail so the anointed one can try to get "single payer"... Government run healthcare.And we know how well the government runs anything... It can't!

Keep up the pressure on this and shine the bright light of day on it.

Thank you for your service to our country, and thanks to all who are serving our country! Your service is very appreciated!