Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gay Men Join Welfare Queens To Amp Up Medicaid Freebies

                                       15- KID WELFARE MOM: "SOMEBODY OWES ME!"

Obama's army of welfare queens have been waging war on conservatives for the latter's opposition to funding multiple abortions as as means of birth control, free birth control pills under Obamacare, etc.  Conservatives, while opposed to killing unborn children except in cases of the health of the mother, or incest, are not opposed to women using birth control pills.  They just think those who use them ought to have to pay for them.

Obama needs those welfare queens to go to the polls next November so he recently issued an edict that all health care providers must pay for free birth control for the masses.  No sweat; the rest of us can pay the bills through higher medical premiums.

Today we just learned that gay men now want to take a new pill that might ward off Aids should they choose to participate in risky sex practices.  It seems that the new drug called Truvada has just been approved by the FDA and will go on sale soon.  Cost of the preventative drug is $1200 dollars per month and there is a growing outpouring of support among the gay community that the taxpayer should foot the $14,000 annual bill for any gay man who wishes to take it.  Apparently Obama agrees; during an Aids conference this week the government indicated they are willing to incorporate these costs into the Medicaid program.  For those of you who don't know; Medicaid has no co-payments and is fully funded with your tax dollars.  So, beginning in 2014 you can begin to pay about three times what you pay now in medical premiums and pay again for a Medicaid program that rewards the jobless, the clueless and those who enjoy risky behavior.

Note to Gays; a dozen prophylactics will run you $5.00.  Hell, I'll even vote for medicaid to pay for them.

Anyone working on a drug for extreme nausea brought about by the explosive socialization/communization of America?  I'm going to need one soon.


Ken said...

You say, "Sad, damn sad" from time to time, I think now, Weird, damn weird, applies here. I never would have thought an issue like this would even be considered seriously much less a president passing laws catering to it. We are told now we are going to be forced to pay for someone's deviation from a normal lifestyle. I know this president doesn't believe it is right, we all know because of what he has said in the past and his voting record, not to mention his islamic upbringing. Anything for a vote. I really don't know what else can be said short of, this is just disgusting. If I was gay I would be truly ashamed of myself right about now.
It is all just becoming so damn strange, not my home anymore. On another but just as weird topic, over at another blog, that I hold in very high regard, it was suggested that the FBI and the justice department could possibly be behind the weekend "Batman" shooting. Now before you fly off the handle and tell me I'm full of it, go over and read it at Maggie's. I was at first very skeptical, then it occurred to me, this is not the first thing that has happened around this same subject (gun control) with similar scenarios. I just don't rule out anything anymore, I have lost all faith in this county's leadership and it's ability to forsake all things sacred to further whatever it is they want. I am wondering, if obama wins how long it will be before he begins efforts to toss out term limits on the presidency? Chavez didn't waste much time.
SAD, DAMN SAD, (hope you don't mind) Thanks again

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I don't believe the medical thing is that complicated. I just don't think Obama cares how much any program or any medical procedure, or drug, costs as long as he can preserve Obamacare. As with most liberals no one ever seems to want to total the bill and/or figure out how to pay for it.

As for the FBI thing; no I would find that not credible.

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