Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Microsoft/Gates File Divorce Papers With MSNBC Radicals


Well, the news is out!  Bill Gates at Microsoft finally decided he too had reached his "gag factor" with MSNBC.  Yesterday Microsoft announced that they'll be divorcing themselves from the left wing radicals and perverts over at MSNBC.  Microsoft announced that they want to develop their own news website using more "objective" news sources and abandon the left wing propaganda machine that MSNBC had become.  Being a businessman I'm sure Gates didn't appreciate losing over $7 billion dollars over the past decade with MSNBC because of "viewer drought".

I can just imagine what that Microsoft board meeting must have been like as they decided to cut the cords with Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC).   The MSNBC talent pool could not be something that stirred excitement.

Chris Matthews; he of the loudmouth who can't do an interview without interjecting in the middle of answers, screaming liberal invective and slobbering over Barack Obama.  Remember it was Chris who said "I'm getting chills down my leg" as he watched Obama take the oath of office.

Rachel Maddow:  She seems far too busy projecting a macho lesbian butch image to do any real news reporting.  When she does the news is presented as left wing editorial.

Larry O'Donnell:  Spent his entire career being paid to pimp left wing politicians.  By far, the most socialist of the MSNBC socialists;  Hosts a show called "The Last Word" but never lets anyone but him have the last word.

Ed Schultz:  A big fat liberal who's show "ED" sounds like a Viagra commercial.  Erectile Disfunction is probably big Ed's smallest problem.

Al Sharpton:  Hosts a show called "Politics Nation"; a show meant to crucify "Whitey" for all the ills of Black Americans.  MSNBC, by giving Sharpton his own show, rewards tax felons.  Sharpton still owes the IRS millions of dollars after his attempt to hide income fails.  The show often requires replacement hosts as Sharpton must leave at a moments notice to attend a protest march against "Whitey".

Joe Scarborough; Co-hosts "Morning Joe", a left wing show that parades out a host of liberals to pimp all the liberal causes.  MSNBC pays Scarborough well to serve as the "token Uncle Tom Republican" who is not Republican at all.  Never allows a show to conclude without mentioning his short Congressional career.  Is a pure toady for the liberal elite.

So, Bill Gates finally severed ties with the liberal elite and said it was time for Microsoft to abandon the propaganda business and return to the news business.  One of the caveats tied to the deal is that Microsoft must continue to carry MSNBC reports for the next two years.  Not to worry, Microsoft said they intend to supplement MSNBC reports with "real news" from real news sources.

When the Microsoft money stops flowing to MSNBC I suspect many of these liberal propagandists will be looking for work.  Have no fear; they've been pimping adoration of Obama for four years.  Obama will likely give them a job.  After all, he's had them in his pocket all along.

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