Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why China Is Kicking Our Ass


Chinese leaders are in a panic these days.  Their economic growth rate may shrink to 6 percent.  The U.S. would invade a foreign country to get that kind of growth rate.  Our current 2 percent growth rate won't even service our current government obligations.  Forbes just reported last month that, if we don't get our GDP growth above 5 percent there's going to be some serious societal upheaval as baby boomers retire and begin collecting social security and making Medicare their prime source for health care.

Let's assume China fore goes using prison labor to shove out their egg beaters and Lenovo computers and applies a more human approach to human labor.  Maybe Chinese employers will only require 60 hour work weeks and boost pay to a buck an hour.  That will still enable China to kick our ass because no one in America will ever want to work that hard.  

USA Today just reported on Monday that Millennials are demanding greater and greater work benefits in exchange for their psychology and gender studies degrees.  They want six months of both maternity and paternity leave every time they have a kid.  And they would like the privilege of working out of the home at least two days per week until the child reaches five years of age.  Were that all, it would be problematic but not unsolvable.

Nope.  The Millennials also want free lunches, work place massage, putting greens, ping pong tables and free child care on the work site when they do have to drag little Joanie and Johnny along with them to work.

They also want to go to medical appointments on company time; scheduling medical appointments on their personal time is just too stressful and might cause them to miss "Ellen" or Rachel Maddow.  

I used to feel sorry for those Millennial kids living in Mom and Pop's basement, unable to find work.  Stats show half of them have been relegated to living with mom and pop after securing that coveted "Social Psychology of Old White Men" degree and working the drive-thru window at McDonalds.  Now, after reading their job demands I don't feel sorry them so much.

The article today says Millennials will dominate the work force by 2025.  I'm guessing just about that time is when pampered Millennials will undergo a huge attitude adjustment.  China will no doubt own much of American business and they won't be taking kindly to demands for work place massages and putting greens.  And there won't be any free lunches....there never has been.


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