Monday, February 25, 2019

Exploitation For Fun And Profit


I've been thinking hard lately about how it became possible for Blacks to game the system for more than 50 years now.  Charge me of overthinking this issue if you will.  But hear me out.

First of all, anyone my age will attest to the fact that Blacks have made huge strides toward the advancement of their race.  (No, I'm sorry, but I'm not buying the 21st century version of Black oppression.)  There are far too many Blacks holding down high positions in this country to claim they are victims.  From the Congress, to the hundreds of municipal, county, state and federal bureaus Blacks populate those government hives in droves....well over representing their relative percentage of the populace.  They were almost always awarded those positions through a quota preference system that has long outlived its usefulness and fairness.

Blacks are also well represented in our most prestigious universities, of both the multiracial oasis of the Ivy League as well as their own Black colleges who pretty much accept only Blacks......a reverse discrimination that they get by with through the employment of the race card.

And on the religious front we have Black "Elmer Gantrys"...charlatans all, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Reverend "God Damn America" Wright, and good ole Louie Farrakan who longs for another Jewish holocaust.

And in the urban jungles of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, South Chicago, and Cleveland, and newly deemed "thugville"; Milwaukee, Black thugs rule the night streets, wreaking havoc on humanity and, when caught are nearly always given three or four "get of of jail passes" by liberal judges, before they finally go to prison, where they are well represented......constituting 50 percent of the prison populace from their miserly 15 percent of their ethnic representation in the general populace.

This society's elevation of Blacks to sainthood has always had me perplexed.  And I've given a lot of thought as to how they achieved their prosecutorial immunity.  And I've come to believe that a nearly perfect climate of opportunity came along that allows Blacks to achieve success with less effort than Whites, how they are continually forgiven for a multitude of sins, and how they have now convinced half of the American populace that they must bear the burden of  "White Guilt.

Let's chew on a few things here.  Let's first go back to post Civil War America.  Oh my, did Blacks have reason to bitch back then.  The North fights and wins a war for your freedom, and Abe signed an Emancipation Proclamation, and all kinds of federal laws were put in place to assure you your rights....and damned if the KKK and other miscreants didn't oppress the hell out of you in your "freedom years".  That must have hurt.  That must have stirred up a great deal of resentment......resentment so strong it was passed through your DNA to your off spring.  But you persevered.  Your children attended inferior schools, you couldn't eat or drink or even go to the bathroom in facilities reserved for Whites.    So let's an old car with a water pump problem, the steam was ready to blow off the old radiator cap.  And it should be noted that, just as America rallied together after Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, Blacks were unintentionally united behind the idea that they had something coming from a hundred years of oppression.  

So in the 50's came Malcolm X and his Muslim minions.  And on a kinder, gentler side came a Martin Luther King, who preached for peaceful change...but change never the less.  And in the midst of King's preachings came a pretty boy and his pretty wife from Massachusetts, and the Kennedys were Camelot, John the once and future king.  But, alas, there was an "Iago" lurking behind the scenes.  A lout from Texas who attained public office through ballot stuffing, who was ugly, who was mean as a snake, who probably wasn't even really loved by his wife and children.  

So, when the King died LBJ sauntered into the White House, and he sat at the Churchill desk, drinking cowboy coffee and eating Texas barbecue, and pondered on his condition of being unloved by anyone.  So even though he had been a "nigger hater" all his life, he called the Speaker of The House and he said "let's do something for the niggers".  And he came up with a series of programs called the Civil Rights Act an admirable one), and then he coaxed Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren to rule favorably on racial quotas for jobs and education, and then he brewed up a mix of programs that ladled out government gravy like it had never been ladled, aimed it straight at those "niggers" and called it the War On Poverty.  

And damned if that did not set off the next half century!  As Lyndon Johnson once said to his House Speaker "By god, these programs will have niggers voting Democrat for the next hundred years."  And so they do!  Blacks will give 90 percent of their vote to the lowest snake in the den if they have a (D) behind their name on the ballot.   And during this last half century every Black has been given a gold embossed race card to play when he runs into any opposition, or gets in trouble.  And Black men were freed to father six or eight babies, his name on the birth certificate with six different women....with Johnson's War On Poverty picking up the check!   And the pre-War On Poverty rates for families with a man in the household dropped from 80 percent to less than 25 percent today!
It seems to me that LBJ bred three generations of less than noble, game playing, race card bearing Blacks who not only rule the societal roost, but dominate the entertainment media, large pockets of government, boss the urban mean streets, of all....have convinced half of America that they must carry White guilt as readily as they carry a wallet.

So is the exploitation of others for fun and profit just a Black thing?  Hell no!  George W. exploited our post 9/11 patriotism to invade Iraq!  30 million illegal Central and South Americans are now copying the Black model and demanding equal favoritism.  They have joined the Blacks in their crusade to make Whites feel guilty if they want a protective border.  Gays long ago joined the fray and say if you oppose gay marriage you are homophobic.  And of late Socialists have joined the crusade, proclaiming that they deserve half of what a Blue Collar worker makes...and all of what a rich man has.  Add them all up, boys and girls and you now have a majority of America claiming victimization, each interest group citing their own personal and specific struggles for social and economic nirvana.

And why not?  Exploitation means never having to take responsibility for anything.  And it is more profitable than the margins Howard Schultz rings up on a single cup of his cappuccino!    The finale to this exploitation extravaganza has now arrived with bells and whistles and a 100 piece band, ushering out more than a dozen politicians who say they too are victims of exploitation.....Warren with her Indian headdress, Sanders for his age, Hillary with pant suit haters, Kamala Harris for her adultery with a man old enough to be her grandfather, Corey Booker for his race, and the Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota whose catching flak for wishing for this century's Jewish holocaust.  And all of those politicians seek to be your champion for even more exploitation of those who are just trying to live and make a living in a world where no quotas for them are available....nor race cards to pull out when they fuck up.

Exploitation for fun and profit!  It's the latest's designers the Blacks who once swore they only wanted equality.  But when they got a taste of "immunity from fault", with a glittering sprinkle of sainthood, well, who can resist?  So, sadly, now everyone wants to get into the game!

Sad.  Damned Sad.


TheRandyGuy said...

One of your better pieces, and all of yours are good. The USA has always claimed to be a nation of opportunity: Work hard and it will pay off in the resulting success. Notice the prerequisite to success is hard work. In 1965, with his Great Society program, Johnson fundamentally changed that notion of work for success. In the succeeding 54 years, the taxpayers have spent more than 23 trillion dollars on those efforts to "lift he black man out of the specter of slavery" (not the only purpose, but one of the ones Johnson stated). That attempt to make the black an equal to the white has been perverted by so-called "black leaders" into the claim of systemic racism or inherent racism, meaning even when you can't identify racism, it's still there and operating. So, the result is perpetual reliance on the notion the black will never get a fair deal, and government must do even more for them. It all comes down to money, and money will never redress the truth that far more blacks prefer to merely subsist on taxpayer money than get out and work for a better life.

A Modest Scribler said...

And, Randy, we have a caretaker government quickly driving us toward national bankruptcy and still it is never enough. Jefferson was so right in predicting the end of the Republic arrives when the majority of the electorate begin to vote themselves benefits they haven't earned. And it was Adams who said who kind of wistfully proclaimed that democracy, including our republic, is fleeting.

Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

If you saw the Academy Awards last night(first time for me in 30 years), they should have called it the "Minority Academy Awards". This is payback for all those "White Years" where it was mostly Whites running it and winning the awards. Even the commercials were dominated by Minorities. Needless to say I'll be dead before I watch another "Award" show. It was a sad spectacle.