Thursday, February 7, 2019

An Important Alert For My Blog Readers -2nd notice


Dear Loyal Reader,
For reasons not fully explained Google is doing away with Google Plus beginning April 1st.  While that will not effect the existence of my blog it will present a few problems for those who navigate here via Google Plus, as well as those who signed on as "followers" via Google Plus.  First, my "followers" logo, positioned to the left of my blog will go away.  Secondly, any comments from those who are linked to the blog via Google Plus will be rejected.

Google has apparently jumped the gun and, as of today, removed the Google Plus logo from my blog, thus eliminating my ability to send Google Plus signups an email announcing the arrival of a new blog.

Accordingly, I would advise that, if you still wish to both read and comment on my blog, you do so via Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.  (There are a couple more links whose logo I do not recognize).  

Again, why is Google doing away with Google Plus?  Some experts, who assuredly know more than I about such things, say it is because Google is embarrassed that their Google Plus ap has only a couple of million users (versus hundreds of millions for Facebook and Twitter).  

Google has chosen not to do away with Google Blogs because they profit from blog ads that appear on those blogs.  So, for now, my blog is safe from elimination. (Although I hear that comments from readers who wrote them using Google Plus affiliation will be eliminated).

Please don't ask me to explain this stuff.  I am neither a web designer nor an expert on blog layout.  I may have to someday elicit professional support and set up my blog elsewhere (Go Daddy or Word Press, etc) but for now, like you, I'll just have to wait and see how well Google will continue to support my blog in the future.  From what I've heard one of the first supports to go is my ability to send out an email to you, announcing a new blog entry.  I do not know that for sure.

If I hear any more about this I will keep you posted.  And I will try to run this alert a few times, to give everyone a chance to learn about these changes.

To all of those who have been with me for years I thank you for your loyalty and support.  Hope to keep meeting with you here  in the future, God willing.


Darlene said...

So you will be posting via Facebook?

A Modest Scribler said...

No, I will still post my blog on Google. But you can only connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. But, if you are asking if my blog link will appear on FB, the answer is yes....just as it will on Twitter and Pinterest.

Ralpheboy said...

I'm right here with you Cuz. Through thick or thin. Just keep these stories rolling.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, cuz.