Monday, May 18, 2015

Worse Than A Red Hot Rectal Thermometer!


I was out running errands yesterday.  Had my radio tuned to National Public Radio.  I like to listen to NPR because, though I know any issue discussed is going to end up with a liberal solution, at least someone's discussing the issue in-depth.

But what I heard yesterday made my blood run cold and seemed worse than a red hot rectal thermometer.   Seems that medical insurance providers, led by John Hancock, are preparing to give out those little fitness bracelets to all their customers, for "free".
The only requirement is that you take off your bracelet each night and plug it into your computer and connect with John Hancock's web site to download whatever data the fitness bracelet has recorded throughout the day.  John Hancock says they want to "help" you in achieving your health goals and they're willing to give you a small discount to wear their bracelet and fork over your monitoring data.

Well, here's why I have a problem with those generous people at your wonderful health insurance company.  First of all, nothing comes free.  I guarantee you that, eventually, those who refuse to submit their monitoring info are going to pay more for not falling in line.  Secondly, I don't want some medical bureaucrat monitoring my heartbeat and asking me to explain why my heartbeat increased last Tuesday night when I had sex....nor do I want to explain why my cholesterol and blood sugar count surged after those morning donuts at the donut shack down the street.  Finally, like so many other things, I can see how this monitoring could stop being an option and quickly becoming mandatory if you don't want to pay twice the premium rates for those willing to hook up to the medical provider's giant tit.

Obamacare has already invaded your once personal medical life.  Barry's push to digitize records and the forced sharing of your medical records (along with the accompanying hack attacks...we just had a report where 37,000 medical records got hacked up here in Deer Valley) are an invasion of privacy.  What with Obama's bureaucratic death panels,  this "fitness monitoring" is right down our Government Master's favorite alley.

So dear medical insurance provider.  I will not wear your bracelet on my wrist.  I will not allow you insight as to when I eat a T-bone steak, or bacon with my morning eggs, or whether I'm taking those morning walks you urge me to take.

So please buy yourself an anal probe and put it where the sun don't shine.


Unknown said...

Chilling for sure, I suspect we'll only see things get worse. The worst part is most will gladly take it as money is an issue for so many.
It's hard to not believe this is by design. Break the financial backs of the people then offer monetary reprieves with liberty, privacy and freedom as the real price to be paid.
I could go on and on but must get ready for work so some low life doesn't have to. Have a great day, we've got a stretch of beautiful weather here in the valley.

A Modest Scribler said...

Chilling, for sure, Brian. Go toil for the masses...and have a good week.