Friday, May 8, 2015

Ten Billion Here, Ten Billion There!


$10 billion here, $10 billion there...soon you're talking big money!

Good morning boys and girls.  Here's your friendly personal tax expert urging you to go to your local post office and get yourself a 1040X and submit an amended tax return!  I can guarantee your tax bill will be less..or your tax rebate check will be more!  Here's how:

The USA Today just reported this morning that the IRS has been awarding $5.6 billion in fraudulent tuition tax people who never set foot in a class room!  It's seems the tax cheats, always ahead of our porn watching, conservative-persecuting IRS clerks have no way of knowing if you attended college and thus rightfully claim tuition tax credits!  Haven't a clue!  So file that 1040X and save big, people!

And, people, the tuition tax credit fraud is in addition to the $12 billion in child tax credits the IRS gave out to illegal Mexicans last year...and every year since 2002!  Sweet, huh?

Oh, and it doesn't stop there!  In January we learned that our home grown cheats, coupled with some of the earliest Mexican invaders have been collecting $6.5 billion in social security payments for people who have been dead for fifty-two years!  Yeah, you got that right!  Those stolen Social Security numbers are not just for illegal hires; the cheats have learned to go all the way and "retire" on someone else's dime!

Oh, and could it get any worse?  Sadly, yeah.  The cheats have been stealing your personal data and filing tax returns and claiming all kinds of fanciful tax credits.  Last year alone the IRS gave out $5.8 billion dollars to people who fraudulently "borrowed" your personal info!

Now, please let me hear it from the liberals!  About how we need to pay higher taxes!  That the government really needs more of your money!

Okay, don't tarry; get your ass down to the Post Office, buy yourself a Forever Stamp and get that damn 1040X in the mail ASAP!  Thank me later!


Craig said...

Having a conscience and being an honorable person I can not refile. 9% tax no loopholes no freebies for lawbreakers.

A Modest Scribler said...

Too many that aren't honest anymore, Craig.