Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama; The Incredible Shrinking Man


Obama and his Democratic minions love thinking small.  While Ronald Reagan baked us a huge economic pie and created some 23 million jobs, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime want to crush business, then fight over a piece of the much smaller pie.  Each time the labor force shrinks by another million workers, as millions of folks have given up looking for jobs, Obama trots out to the Rose Garden and boasts of a lower unemployment rate.  To show you how far we've declined, Gallup surveys in the 1960's (before Johnson's Great Society giveaways) showed over 90 percent of American males participating in the labor force. Today that number is 58 percent, the lowest since the Great Depression.

Then last week we learned that Obama's Executive order to raise the minimum wage will costs the nation well over 500,000 jobs...and Obama decreed "that's good".  And when the Congressional Budget Office projected over 2 million Americans will lose their jobs under Obamacare, Obama and Pelosi and Reid all sang in unison "good!...that means more folks staying home and tucking in their kids.  Of course none of the three explained how those unemployed are going to have a home to stay in..or even how they'll be able to afford the kid's bed...but "thinking small" is the new liberal battle cry.

Oh, and when Obama appointed military hating Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense he got just what he wanted; a man who will destroy the American military.  Just this week Hagel and Obama announced that they will cut the military down to its smallest size since the pre-World War II era...yeah..that era when recruits drilled with wooden rifles.  The military, already so small we can no longer fight a major war, is getting smaller.  Of course, Obama and Hagel didn't explain how we'll deal with our many foreign enemies, or how we'll counter China's huge military build out, but then.."small is good". 

And if you think Obama's love for small economic policy and small military strategies is good, you ought to take a look at his small energy policy.  The dude loves solar...loves it so much he's given billions away to bankrupt solar companies!  Well we like solar too..but it only meets two percent of our energy needs!  (SMALL).  If we want to eat, warm and cool our homes, and get to work, we still need that 98% of coal and fossil fuels that fill the bill!  But Obama's got his EPA closing down coal mines left and right, shuttering utilities that run on fossil fuels and getting ready to implement an executive order that will impose massive fines on coal mines, utility companies and factories using fossil fuels! Obama wants "small"....a small economy that will generate just enough fossil fuels to fly him to Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii and to his never-ending campaign stops.  Small.

It seems the only "big" thing liberals love are big budgets and big deficits.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Craig said...

The one "small" thing they falsely report as "huge is CO2 rise, and the coal fired plants being the major culprit.Since 1945 the leve of CO2 has risen an incredibly small .008 of 1%. (.030 to .........038). Dr. Easterbrook, long but informative: Keep up the great info.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the info, Craig.