Monday, February 24, 2014

Criticize Obama At Your Own Peril!


In 1798, during the term of the 5th U.S. Congress, John Adams and the Federalists who controlled Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Act.  Adams had bought into Alexander Hamilton's philosophy that the "all seeing, all knowing" Federal government knew best...and everyone else was just wrong.  The Federalist were seeking such control over American citizens lives, seeking the kind of royal power that the mother country's King George had wielded over his own people.

Adams and the Federalists were particularly bothered by all the citizen criticism they were receiving for a series of bad foreign policy and domestic economic decisions made by the Federalist party, in particular, John Adams.

So they came up with the Alien and Sedition Act which promised to punish both recent legal immigrants as well as American citizens themselves.  And so the Federalist legislation called for deporting any legal immigrant with less than fourteen years of American residence for any remarks they expressed in opposition to Federalist law....or for any political expression that might hold the Congress, or the President in contempt.  And American citizens who dared to criticize the government were subject to two years in prison and a monetary fine that would have bankrupted the average citizen.  And, indeed, a significant number of citizens were rounded up and thrown in prison for daring to oppose "big government".

Fortunately Thomas Jefferson was alive and fighting against these all-controlling tyrants.  Jefferson, always fearful of the growth of government power, mounted fierce opposition to this maniacal power grab.  The acts proved so unpopular that the Federalists lost thousands of party members who fled to Jefferson's Republican party.    American anger was such that Jefferson and his Republicans were swept into office in the election of 1800 and Jefferson and the Congress promptly ended the Alien and Sedition Act and restored the individual freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Sadly, Barack Hussein Obama, just two generations removed from a Kenyan heritage, has chosen to, by executive order, implement many of the deplorable aspects of the Alien and Sedition Act.  So massive is his ego that he cannot stand to have his decisions questioned, either by the Judiciary, the Congress, or the American people.  At every opportunity he has chosen to chastise the Supreme Court, and totally ignore the will of Congress.  Aided and abetted by a Democratic Party that revels in legislating both political and social desires, Americans are once again under the thumb of an oppressive big government.

However, the threat to today's Americans is far greater than when Thomas Jefferson walked the earth.  Obama has used the NSA to ferret out his critics.  Whether they be the Tea Party, whom he and his VP label as terrorists, or senior citizens who protested the federal heist of Medicare funds, whom he called "nut jobs", or simply the average joe who dares to slam Obama on a message board, Obama's got your number...and your address, and your phone number.  

Obama and his racist Attorney General have used that information to squash you.  Whether he uses federal agents or the power of the IRS, you are under Obama's destructive thumb.  And aided and abetted by a print and television media that refuses to tell the truth, Obama and his cohorts are making rapid progress toward achieving the Socialists States of America.  And those members of the media who don't go along with his program soon found their phones bugged and their email messages  pirated, as with the Associated Press incident last year.

Sadly, we no longer have a Thomas Jefferson to fight our battles.  And, tragically, we no longer have an American electorate still instilled with a quest for liberty, as those first Americans were two hundred years ago.  So it looks like a displaced Kenyan will be our egoist man-child shall be your all of you may as well get used to "who's your daddy" cause your liberties are rapidly circling the commode.

My blog traffic stats clearly shows I've got some federales monitoring what I write here so what ever goose I have is already cooked.   But I suspect that many of you who have ever dared to criticize Obama have had your names captured for some time in the near future when big government deems  that we can only be rehabilitated with a little time in prison.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Modest Scribler: it helps to realize that many of freedom loving America is already marked, in other words, "we are dead". It makes it much easier to focus!

Craig said...

I know I must be on some list for my remarks and views of obummer and thew rest of the socialist pieces of dung.Since the nsa is monitoring everyone who needs to backup their computer, just give them a call and have them send a printout of your recent activity, free of charge since we pay their salary. Hey watchers:if you get hungry you can toss my salad.